Vaastu endows peace and prosperity to all mankind. A house, big or small, built as per Vaastu makes the life pleasant and prosperous. Vaastu is believable, because of its universal efficacy. 1. CONSTRUCTION PROCESS 1. A small site with Vaastu potential — proves to be most beneficial. 2. Correct the site first and erect the house — enjoy the life better with the loving spouse. 3. Laying foundation in northeast – Acquiring the natural powers to the best. 4. Construction of compound wall – Gives protection for ever and all. 5. Set the southwest to setsquare – Obtain riches from everywhere. 6. Excavate foundation from the northeast – Construct the house at the earliest. 7. Laying of foundation from southwest – Proves to be auspiciously best. 2. WELL OR BOREWELL OR WATER SUMP 8. Well in the east – An everlasting pleasure resort. 9. Well in southeast of the house – Always detrimental to women in the house. 10. Well in the south – A doom to loathful female death. 11. Southwestern well – Path to Hellenic drift. 12. Well in the west – A hell in the life of the host. 13. Well in northwestern portion – Leads to perennial litigation. 14. Well in north – An arm of benediction and warmth. 15. Well in northeast – Unparallel benediction almost. 16. Constructing the house with the water of the well in northeast – Makes the house a golden resort. 3. WATER TANK, SUMP WITHIN COMPOUND 17. Water sump in east and eastern northeast – Pumps the health into house, abreast.

18. Underground water tank in north and northern northeast– Is a scheduled bank for income, chaste. 19. Storing water in southeast in a tank above the ground – Evolving peace and prosperity around. 20. Storing water in tank above the ground in south and west– Hoisting the flag of peace and rest. 21. Water storage in southwest and northwest, above the ground – Blessed with unique prosperity abound. 22. Storing water in southeast and southwest underground – For prolonged illness and death, unsound. 23. Storing water in south and in west, below ground level – The death is on the anvil. 24. The northern northwest and western northwest underground water sumps – Hit the public relations and the power stumps. 4. OPEN - YARD 25. More open yard in east than in west – Showers glory and fame to males behest. 26. More open space in north than south – For the spouse, brings in health and wealth. 27. More open place in west than east – Suppresses the capabilities of male to the least. 28. In south more open yard than in north – Is the root cause for all kinds of dearth. 29. No open space in northeast – Amounts to suffocation in the chest. 30. The house built in intermediate directions with equal open space in southeast and northwest – Hails the name and fame of the family all against. 31. To the house built in inter direction with Southwest more open than in northeast direction – Leads the host towards all around perfection. 32. Annexation of eastern plot – Appreciation of glory and wealth a lot. 33. Annex not the southeastern plot – Tribulate not the troubles on spot.

34. In south, do not annex a plot – Lest your protection, may become naught. 35. Annex not a plot in southwest though gifted – Do not allow your joy get drifted. 36. Annexing the plot in west – Putting the health under test. 37. Annexing the site in northwest – Losing the peace of mind and rest. 38. A plot in north most preferred – Prospers in all the tasks ventured. 39. Acquire a plot in northeast – Obtain prosperous life and feast. 40. Land in northeast lost – Bid adieu to riches fast. 5. CELLAR 41. Cellar in the east and eastern northeast – Is a bountiful chest. 42. Cellar in the south – Lessens the life line beyond synth. 43. Cellar in the west – Never ending struggle with the worst. 44. Cellar in the north and northern northeast portion – Proves for women to be a lucky adoration. 6. DOORS 45. Opening eastern door at dawn – Acquiring health as a boon. 46. Doors in east and north bring in pure air in the house – Help the lineage prosper and bloom like a summer rose. 47. Eastern entrance – Is a bountiful concurrence. 48. Door in eastern southeast – Endangers health and leads to theft and unrest. 49. Entrance in southern southeast – Helps the female spouse almost. 50. Southern entrance – Showers fortunes in abundance. 51. House with a door in southern southwest – More frightful for woman’s rest. 52. Door in western southwest – Is more damaging to the life of the host. 53. Western entrance – Improves the householder's happiness. 54. Western northwest entry – Showers a series of glory. 55. Northern northwest entrance – Enhances instability and menace.

56. Door in the north – Golden Gate to progressive path. 57. Door in northern northeast – Enhances health of female and financial prosperity of the host. 58. Eastern northeast door – Sanctions worthy children and fame adore. 59. Exit in east to northeastern room – Showers upon the host a favorable boom. 60. Eastern exit to south eastern room – In debilitated position of the house, brings doom. 61. An exit to the southeastern room in southern south east – Brings prosperity to women fast. 62. Southern exit to the room in southwest – In debilitated position of the house, for woman folk it’s deadliest. 63. An Exit in west to southwestern room, in debilitated position of the house – Health condition confusing for the spouse. 64. Exit to northwestern room in west – Establishes name and fame, foremost. 65. Exit to northwestern room in north - In debilitated position, the peace of women folk is in dearth. 66. Northern exit to northeastern room – Engraves wealth like hilarious boom. 7. INTERNAL PASSAGES 67. East to southern southwest movement – Is inauspicious to female inhabitant. 68. East to western southwest movement – Bewitches the male host as agacant. 69. Doors from east to west in line – Ushers precious glory to the host benign. 70. Movement from east to western northwest – Causes illness to the whole family aghast. 71. Movement from eastern southeast to west – Leads the host to detriment. 72. From southern southeast to northern northwest movement – Causes quarrels and troubles every moment. 73. From southern southeast to northern northeast movement – Glares the house like a Dreaming Grove.

74. Passage from south to northern northwest – Damages female character at the most. 75. South to northern northeast passages – Privilege to the women’s enjoyments. 76. Passage to north and northern northeast from west – Assures success and victories at the best. 77. From west to eastern northeast movement – Bestows male progeny and intellectual development. 78. Movement from north towards south – Ushers immortal riches and growth. 79. Passage from north to southern southeast – Infuriate rivalries and unrest. 80. Passage from north to southern southwest in a house – Penetrates ill omens to the female spouse. 81. A house having yards in west and east – Adorns the spouse with fame and feast. 82. A house with yards in south and north – Enhances chances for prosperous growth. 83. A shop facing south, better have an exit in north – To keep fit in all walks of life henceforth. 84. A shop facing west, better to have a door in east – It condemns forlorn to make the best. 85. A door to the east is a must – Lest it drag away the life of the host. 86. Towards west, a door must be – Lest it mar the life of she. 87. A site, set to compass may have doors in NEWS amass – Begets the households into a benevolent class. 8. BED ROOM 88. Prefer the bed in east on exigency – Enjoy sound sleep and boon bonjoury. 89. Bed in southeast for the second – Enjoying feasts all the year round. 90. Bedroom in south – Ensures permanent good health. 91. Master's bed in southwest – Ensures success as the best. 92. Bedroom in west – Is a safe sail for life earnest. 93. For the third, bed in the northwest – Assures peace and prosperity abreast.

94. Bedroom in north for the young – Paves way to success enthrone. 95. Spouse sleeping in northeastern room – Invites deadly diseases and doom. 96. Placing the head towards east – Ensures health at its best. 97. Placement of head towards south – Improves health and bears growth. 98. Placing head towards west – Causes restless sleep and unrest. 99. Placement of head towards north – Preferring fatal diseases and death. 9. HEARTH 100. Face east while cooking – Make the house a place of happy living. 101. Arrange hearth in southeastern part – Enjoy happy life and riches apart. 102. Facing towards south while cooking – Brings financial troubles and suffering. 103. In exigency arrange hearth in southwest – Victor Thou should be, thousands stand against. 104. Cook not in east or north room - Bring not your fall and doom. 105. Hearth in west or south - Drains riches and females health. 106. Face west in northwestern room while cooking – Enjoy success against many binding. 107. Hearth in northern northwest – Proves most fatal as arm in the burst. 108. Face not north while cooking – Avoid catastrophies and suffering. 109. Prefer not a hearth in northeast – Lest, it will invite the dreadful beast. 10. GODOWN 110. Northeastern godown – Never brings adoration upon. 111. Store in southwestern outhouse – Ever lasting bounty to amusing spouse.

112. Godown in east of the southeastern kitchen – Blessed the household with adoration. 113. Stores in south and west – Permanent seats for the richest. 114. Store room an aggravator of Vaastu in the north – No rest, no peace, all face dearth. 11. DEITY ROOM 115. Deity's corner and side is not cared – Devotional fervour is mostly craved. 116. Permanent niche in northeast wall – Dwindles Vaastu to the least and fall. 117. Permanent niche in south and west – Showers boons of delight on the nest. 118. Face east while praying – Embrace health and wealth as blessing. 119. Prayers offered facing west – Boomerangs an era of the worthiest. 120. Sun is the soul of life on earth – East and west praying enriches birth.. 12. BATH ROOM 121. Eastward bath room – Is peaceful life's boom. 122. Bathroom in south sans pit – Keeps in riches and fit. 123. Bathroom in west sans pit – Enlarges family and keeps well knit. 124. Bathroom in north – Paves way for comfort bequeath. 13. TOILET AND SEPTIC TANK 125. Face not east in toilet – Lose not health and become unfit. 126. In the east the septic tank – Proves beneficial as a scheduled bank. 127. Toilet in southeast – Is a healthy financial aspect. 128. Toilet in southeast with pit – Mars the health dam nit. 129. Face the south in toilet – Be happy with health locket. 130. Septic tank in southern part – Makes life insecure as boding chart.

131. Toilet in southwest with pit – Decreases health beyond doubt. 132. Sit not in toilet facing west – Pin not health to the crust. 133. Septic tank in west – Allows diseases to play the worst. 134. Toilet in northwest – Proves beneficial as cataphract. 135. Toilet in northwest with pit – Breeds never ending litigations and covet. 136. Septic tank in north – Encourages financial growth. 137. Face north in the toilet – Usher prosperity and health a lot. 138. Toilet in northeast – Always proves a negative catalyst. 139. The northeastern septic tank – Spouts disease at every bank. 140. Toilets adjacent to east and north ends – Spitting everlasting fire agents. 14. ATTIC 141. Attic attached to eastern wall – Creates a lot of panic in all. 142. Attic bearing with southern wall – Most beneficent to women and all. 143. Attic resting on western wall – A seat of prosperity and scroll. 144. Attic on the northern wall – Most fatal to inhabitants, a fall. 145. Attics on the northern wall – make the house glare with enjoyments. 15. STAIR CASE 146. Stairs from east to west – Glorious boon to the host. 147. Stairs from north to south – Pave way to financial growth. 148. Stairs in northeast or southwestern room – Drag the peaceful life towards doom. 149. Stairs in southern or western room – Drive away the doom and bring in bloom. 150. Stairs in northeast truncates the directions - Bearing heavy hinders innovation. 151. In southwest build not stairs - Make not hollow as a catalyst of pains. 152. Rooms under southern southwest landing outside the house-Lower the southwest and arrest joys of female spouse. 153. Rooms under western southwest landing outside lowering the direction deplete the host as maid.

154. Room under the landing outside the house in northern northwest envisages a pillar on par of the house in northeast – Crashes out poverty and brings in wealth foremost. 155. Room under the landing of stairs outside in eastern south east envisages a pillar on par of the house in north east – Makes the abode thrilling with joys and feast. 16. SLANTING PROJECTION 156. An eastern slanting projection – Improves the health of males to perfection. 157. A southern slanting projection – Destroys female folk and wealth without hesitation. 158. Slanting projection in west – Kills the health of the male and makes unrest. 159. Projection slanted towards north – Improves health of the female folk and wealth. 17. ROOMS UNDER PROJECTION 160. Room under eastern projection in southeast – Peace and prosperity booms a-mast. 161. Room in southeast under southern projection – Sweeps off the happiness of females, a broom function. 162. Room in southwest under southern projection – Brightens the star of females for perfection. 163. Room under western projection in western southwest – Proves to be beneficial to men's interest. 164. Under western projection, a room in northwest – Banes male folk of their zest. 165. Under northern projection, a room in northwest – A boom for female fold capital interest. 166. Under northern projection, a room in northeast – Bruises the happiness of women to the least. 167. Room under eastern projection in northeast – Hits at master's progressive crest. 18. UPSTAIRS 168. Upstairs in the east – Hits bad the host.

169. Upstairs in southeast – Unbearable burden upon chest. 170. Southern upstairs – Enhances wealth encore. 171. Upstairs in southwest of the house – Brings boons and gifts to spouse. 172. Upstairs in the west – For the male chances are best. 173. Upstairs in northwest – Permanent Pandemonium in the nest. 174. Upstairs in the north – Averts growth of wealth. 175. Upstairs in northeast – Ruins the lives to the least. 19. OVER HEAD TANK 176. In east the overhead tank – The power of males will not rank. 177. Overhead tank in southeast with a higher structure in southwest – Enhances age to rank first. 178. Erect overhead tank in south – Enhance the choices of prosperity and growth. 179. Overhead tank in southwest – Overwhelms with wealth abreast. 180. Overhead tank in west be provided – Health for the whole family be invited. 181. In northwest the overhead tank with high structures in southeast and southwest – Drives off disease and pain and knock out theft. 182. Erecting overhead tank in north – No doubt it drives out all the wealth. 183. Northeastern overhead tank – Leads out the host to penury rank. 20. CONSTRUCTION ON BOUNDARIES 184. Right on eastern boundary construction – Leads pleasures and comforts to destruction. 185. Construction of house along the road right on southern boundary – Obtains good omens beyond worry. 186. Construction of house along the road right on elevated boundary in west – Attracts name and fame behest. 187. Construction right on the northern boundary – Drains avenues of female happiness and prosperity.

21. OUT – HOUSE 188. Out-house in southeast away from eastern com- pound wall – Is most beneficial to females all. 189. Out -house in southeast intact with the east compound wall – Determines the ladies fall. 190. Southwestern aloof out-house – Adorns with celestial amuse. 191. An out-house in northwest on northern compound wall – Checkmate to the fortunes of all. 192. Out-house in northwest away from northern compound wall – Provides pleasures and fortunes at every call. 193. Northeastern Out-house – Damn it, ate an abuse. 22. HEAVY ITEMS 194. Heavy items in eastern part – Keep wealth and glory apart. 195. Items heavy in south – Enhances physical and financial growth. 196. Heavy items in west – An era of peace and rest. 197. Heavy items in north – Cause mental tension and feverish dearth. 198. Northeast side is heavy – Dearth of revenues and avenues curvy. 23. CUPBOARDS 199. Cupboard in eastern portion of a room – Depicts income and brings on doom. 200. Cupboard in southeast – Continuous source of exhaust. 201. Cupboard in south of the room – Enhances financial boom. 202. Cupboard facing north in southwest – Endows bountiful wealth abreast. 203. A chest in southwest facing east – Symbolises an everlasting financial feast. 204. Almirah, facing east, in west – A permanent source of financial boost. 205. Almirah in northern northwest – A source of financial unrest. 206. Iron chest in north – Causes constant money dearth. 207. Almirah in northeast – Makes dearth even for breakfast. 24. PILLARS

208. Low - level pillars in east – Blessed the household with zest. 209. High-level pillars in east – Most fatal to the male host. 210. Pillars in southeast more elevated than southwest – Cause concern about household health and rest. 211. Pillars elevated in south – Improve prosperity and health. 212. Pillars in south, less elevated – Financial growth fastly arrested. 213. High-level pillars in southwest – Positive catalysers for growth and rest. 214. Elevated pillars in west – Ushers an era of rich harvest. 215. Pillars in west, less elevated - Drag away towards ruin unarrested. 216. Pillars, less elevated, in western northwest – Negative catalysers for wealth and rest. 217. High-level pillars in north – Drudge up females happiness and health. 218. Pillars less elevated towards north – Bless the host with “Best Health”. 219. Elevated pillars in northern northeast – Engrave the happiness of the females almost. 220. High level pillars in eastern northeast – Drain out the glory of the host against. 25. BASIL PLANT 221. Basil plant in eastern-down – Keeps up the health of female benign. 222. Basil fort in south – A super protection to female’s health. 223. Erect a basil fort in west – Ensure the healthy life for female a lot. 224. Basil fort in north elevation – Hopes of wealth are only a conviction. 225. Basil fort in northeast – Never keeps the female at rest. 26. PLANTS AND TREES 226. Grow not the trees in eastern part – Waste not the Vaastu potential and suffer a lot.

227. Growing flower plants in eastern southeast – Blessed the habitants with greater amusement. 228. Trees growing in southern southeast – Inmates enjoy health and feast. 229. Trees grown in southern portion – In all respects its a complete protection. 230. Trees in southern southwest – Embalm the health of female, the choicest. 231. Trees in western southwest – Contribute a lot for the health of host. 232. Trees grown in west portion – Preserve health and provide perfect protection. 233. Growing trees in western northwest – Bearing golden wings for weathering heights the highest. 234. Flower plants in northern northwest – Fortune stumped upon with growing zest. 235. Growing of trees in north – Day by day, drains the wealth. 236. Trees in northern northeast – For the women folk, a bite of venomous serpent. 237. The eastern northeast trees – Poison the health of the male at ease. 27. LAND GRADIENTS 238. Gradient towards east – Offers health and happiness behest. 239. Southeast more gradient than northeast – Reign health aberrations more in the nest. 240. South gradient – Growth hindrance is imminent. 241. Gradient towards southwest – Head under serpent's crest. 242. Gradient towards west – No hopes! Happiness also is lost. 243. Northwest more gradient than northeast – No- where the hopes are high, loss at last. 244. Gradient towards north – Chances are bright for financial growth. 245. Gradient towards northeast – Enhance all round development never to lose. 246. South east, northwest and northeast more gradient than southwest – Cheerful life bounce the heart.

28. LAND ELEVATIONS 247. Land elevation in east – Fatal to health and wealth at the last. 248. Land elevated in south – Bearing star of health and wealth. 249. Land elevated in southwest – Establishes the host as the first and foremost. 250. Elevated land in west – Turns up household into golden chest. 251. Northwest more elevated than southeast – Suppresses down the house-hold to the lower crest. 252. Land elevated in southeast, northwest, and north-east more than southwest – Down fall of the host to lose his might. 253. Elevated land in north – A root cause of dismal dearth. 254. Land elevated in northeast – Saps off riches to the least. 29. FLOW OF WATER 255. Flow of rain and sewage water towards northeast – Welcomes blessings from all around very fast. 256. Flow of water from northeast – Causes prosperity of the host. 257. Towards east let the water flow – With fortunes, let the household glow. 258. Flow of water towards south – Blows out female health. 259. Flow of water from southern southwest – Throws out health of females, no doubt. 260. Rain and sewage water flow through western southwest – Knocks down the health of the host. 261. Flow of water towards southwest – Proves to be the deadliest. 262. Flowing of rain and sewage water towards west – Pumps down the health of the host. 263. Flow of water towards north in a house – Contributes to the health of female spouse. 264. Flow of water towards northern northeast – Makes the female spouse enjoy the health to the best. 265. Drainage pipe in east – Peace and prosperity to the host. 266. Drainage pipe in eastern south east – Proves baneful to the children most. 267. Drainage pipe towards south – Severs peace and pace from house forthwith.

268. Drainage pipe in southern southwest of house – Deteriorates the health of female spouse. 269. Drainage pipe in western southwest – Baneful to the welfare of the host. 270. Drain pipe towards west – A snake which saps all the best. 271. Drain pipe in northern northwest of a habitation – A perennial source of long litigation. 272. Drainage pipe in the north – Brings home the benign growth. 273. Drainage pipe in northern northeast – Ensures proper placement of wealth at crest. 274. Drain pipe in eastern northeast – Ushers health and wealth to males foremost. 30. WALLS 275. Western wall higher than that of east – Happier the inmates with riches aloft. 276. Eastern wall higher than that of west – Unhealthy to the residents almost. 277. Higher northern wall than that of south – The finances of house are at dearth. 278. Southern wall higher than that of north – Ushers the chances for amazing wealth. 279. Awry eastern wall – Worries the male in all. 280. Awry southern wall – Makes the female health fall. 281. Awry western wall – Affects happiness of one and all. 282. Awry northern wall – Drenches finances and dreads females as well. 31. GATES 283. Eastern gate – Ensures regular feast. 284. Gate in eastern southeast – A spear in the chest. 285. Southern southeast gate – Ushers in fortunes as agape. 286. Southern gate – Opens the highway to the fortunes and accommodate. 287. Southern southwest gate – Venomous serpent's bite. 288. Erect in western southwest a gate – Bring untimely death agate.

289. Gate in west – Glorious front to the host. 290. Western northwest gate – Auspicious stands by foremost. 291. Gate in the northern northwest – Day-in and day-out make the worst. 292. Gate in north – Envisages always mirth. 293. Gate in northern northeast – Showers happiness, the dearest. 294. In eastern northeast gate install – Invite peace and prosperity to all. 295. A gate in south is a must besides east to a southeastern block – Make the household enjoy the life amok. 296. To a southwestern block put the gate in south or west as possible – It will enhance mirth to women ensemble. 297. A gate in west besides north to a north western block – Prosperity and peace always assemble in that block. 298. Gates in east and north to northeastern block are a must – Worries drenched, the women and children enjoy the worthiest. 32. BIO – GAS PLANT 299. Biogas plant with a pit towards east – Riches and happiness comes in like a grant. 300. Biogas plant with the pit in south – Brings misery and baneful dearth. 301. Biogas plant with the pit in west – Starts a baneful disastrous account. 302. Biogas plant with the pit in north – Befits the in –mates with health and wealth. 33. DIVERGENT STRUCTURES ('L' SHAPE) 303. Southeastern divergent structure – Rages robbery and fire bunker. 304. Southwestern divergent structure – Augurs fortunes premature. 305. Divergent structure in northwest – Proves to be a sheer waste. 306. Divergent structure in northeast – Results in utter disgust. 34. CONVERGENT STRUCTURES ('U' SHAPE)

307. Opening in the east to the convergent structure – Makes men the most influenced living creature. 308. Convergent structure with an opening in the south– Provokes women's ill-health. 309. Opening in west to convergent structure – Dwindles men's health and makes caricature. 310. Convergent structure with an opening in north – Improves women's health and bounces wealth. 35. EXTENSION IN CORNERS 311. Eastern southeast extension – Boosts turmoil and pervertion. 312. Angular extension in southern southeast – Breeds quarrel and insult. 313. Extension of southern southeast away from the road in right angle – Benedicts the glory of the male. 314. Extension of southern southwest – Deludes joys of female rest. 315. Western southwest extension – Hosts lifeline contraction. 316. Angular extension of western northwest – Indicates frivolous nature of host. 317. Away from the road angular extension of western northwest – Rejuvenate the joyous life to the best. 318. Northern northwest extension – Lineage of the host moves unto contraction. 319. Extension of northern northeast – Expansion of wealth riches in the chest. 320. Extension of eastern northeast – Engroves life prosperous and zest. 36. CHOPPED CURVES 321. Chopped curve in southeast – Drives far away the insult. 322. Southwest chopped curve – Arrest the holocaust move. 323. Chopped curve in northwest – Binds one closest. 324. Debilitate not the northeast – Decelerate not the lineage next. 325. Chop not a corner unnecessarily – Opt not a brain teaser willingly.

37. CLOSURE 326. Closure in the east – Endangers males most. 327. Close not eastern southeast – Enflame not the avenues of peace and be upset. 328. Road - side closure of south – Prosperity of female is an ensured truth. 329. Close the road - side southwest – Enjoy the riches abreast. 330. Closure of west by the road – Rouses the glory of the host abroad. 331. Closure of northern northwest – Rules out the chances of rest. 332. North is closed – Finances are drained. 333. Closure of northeast – Closure of 'life-line' account. 38. UNCOVERED 334. Uncovered east – Hoists mast to the glory of the host. 335. Uncovered south – Brings female suffering and death. 336. Leave not west uncovered – Expose not betterment unguarded. 337. Uncovered north – Propose perennial growth. 39. HOUSES PROJECTING INTO STREETS 338. House projecting into eastern street – Makes the host a leader, none to beat. 339. House projecting into southern street – Is an abode where the unfortunate meet. 340. Into Western Street when a house projects – Becomes a seat of ill luck and neglects. 341. House projecting into northern street – Kubera greets him at every meet. 40. STREET THRUST – STREET TRUST 342. Eastern northeast street trust – Improves power and authority of male host. 343. Street thrust in eastern southeast – Beats at the sources of wealth and rest.

344. Southern southeast street trust – Encourages the host towards financial crest. 345. Southern southwest street thrust – Hits at the health and wealth of female most. 346. Street thrust in western southwest – Punches the destiny of male as a ghost. 347. Western Northwest Street trust – Enthroves forward to be the leader of trust. 348. Street thrust in northern northwest – Piercing lance to the pleasures of women, just. 349. Street trust in northern northeast – Enhances avenues for happiness of females the richest. 41. LAY OUT OF ROADS 350. Road running down towards east – Keeps in happiness the residents of that area most. 351. Road running down towards west – To the inhabitants causes unrest. 352. Road gradient from south to north – Ushers prosperity, and wealth without dearth. 353. Road running down towards south – Source of all kinds of dearth. 42. ADD – YARDS 354. Add-yard in southeast – Makes one an epicurean fast. 355. Early construction in southwestern add-yard – Makes the host early, a happy lord. 356. Add-yard in northwest – Litigates and fuse unrest. 357. Add-yard in northern northeast – Makes the host the richest. 358. Add-yard in northeast – Brings in bounty into the nest. 359. People having add-yards in eastern northeast – Earn unparallel name and fame fast. 360. Elevated add-yards in northern and eastern north east – Derail the life towards holocaust.

43. HEAPS 361. Heaps of stones and waste material in east – Fume away wealth and health to the least. 362. Waste material and heap of stones in south – Adorn the life with precious wealth. 363. Heaps of stones and waste material in southwest – Pearls of financial growth to host. 364. Heaps of stones and waste material in west – Envisage an era of the first and the best. 365. Stones and waste material in north – Bring in strains and of money dearth. 366. Heaps of stones and the waste in northeast – Enflame all the avenues of rest to the least. 44. REDUNDANT PRACTICES 367. Crow enters inside a house, not a bad omen –Entertaining such idea is superstition. 368. Beehive inside the house – Cause not trouble, but not amuse. 369. Coal and bone under the ground – Is harmless and sound. 370. Breakage of stone under the threshold – Breaths no fowl air to the household. 371. Mushroom in the compound – Makes nothing unsound. 372. Not the number of passages but exalted movements are imperial – Enhances wealth super natural. 373. Presence of multitudes does not dilute Vaastu – Lest it lead to hell impromptu. 45. CUNNING MYSTICISM 374. Srichakra does not enrich the buyer – Such a sale surely enrich the seller. 375. Believe not in Matsya and other yantras – Spend not wastely on those jantras. 376. Talismans check not Vaastu defects – But provoke cheats to drain prefects. 377. Kubera amulet – Buy not even an omelette.

378. Spousage and lineage amulets – Despair life with barren amorets. 379. Charms, spells and talismans – Are all selfish political boomerangs. 380. Mahalaskhmi and like charms of riches – Barren the buyer with selfish rackets of sellers. 46. GENERAL GUIDELINES 381. Face east or north while managing – Ensure success in every undertaking. 382. Caste based soil – Leads to whole turmoil. 383. Doctrine of dimension – Causes tremendous confusion. 384. Apply turmeric and white washing the house – Kill insects cockroaches and mice. 385. Hawkers of Talismans and Yantras – Should face Realists and prove their Incas. 386. Every building, on earth, needs Vaastu – Apartments exempted is impromptu. 387. Two minutes Soorya Namskars - Enthrobs life through all hours. 388 .Vaastu built construction –Proves to be a super benediction.

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