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UNIT PLAN 2014-2015 Colegio Granadino

Unit Title: Full Movie Sound Production part II

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Teacher Germn Camilo Salazar
Grade 11
Subject Music
Quarter/Trimest Third

Stage 1 Desired Results

Students will be able to independently use their learning to
Standard 5 Knows and applies
proper criteria to music and The student will be capable to appreciate and understand any
music performance artwork with clear aesthetic and technical criteria; he will
MC9.5.1 Understands aesthetics and
develop creative skills to find solutions, break models and
styles from the different historical
paradigms and open his outlook to the surrounding world; the
ages in music
MC9.5.2 Identifies and judges sensibility acquired will help him to asses and value the work
technical features in academic music and effort made by others and to work in a team. The developed
understandings will have an evident impact in his motor skills,
Standard 6 - Understands the coordination, sense of aesthetics, use of space and time, abilities
relationship between music and and mastery of public speaking. The cultural and technological
history and culture. knowledge and understanding will enable the student to be in
MC9.6.1 Identifies historical facts in the forefront of the social, academic and scientific progress, this
music and establish relation with being a cornerstone in the training of a leader
current events
MC9.6.2 Knows and understands the
historical background of music
across the ages
MC9.6.4 Understands the
relationship between music and arts, UNDERSTANDINGS ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS
UNIT PLAN 2014-2015 Colegio Granadino

politics, economics and society. Students will understand that Are all the elements in a
What are the BIG IDEAS? movie planned or theyre
Standard 7: Develops ear skills just random.
MC9.7.1 Identifies easy technical
Sound as well as music, is Do we need astronomical
elements of music by listening to
one of the dimensions of budges to create a quality
MC9.7.2 Identifies musical reality and can define the production?
instruments from the academic whole context on a
music by listening to them experience.

What specific
understandings about them
are desired?

- Understands how sound is

fully planned and designed
for a video production (films,
tv, music videos)

What misunderstandings are


-use of video and audio edition

software could be a little confuse
to the students.
Students will know Students will be skilled at
What key knowledge will What key skills will students
students acquire as a result acquire as a result of this
UNIT PLAN 2014-2015 Colegio Granadino

of this unit? unit?

The students will learn media The students will develop creativity
concepts such as timeline, and skills to design and create the
Storyline, Foley, how music and sound in a video production
sound is designed for a production
and how is it made.
What should they
What should they eventually eventually be able to do as
be able to do as result of result of such Knowledge?
such Knowledge.
They will be able to create the
They will have the elements to sound environment with technical
appreciate with critical sense a and aesthetical criteria using
sound production within a movie, everyday elements and design
or media issue. the soundtrack on a production
out of already created music

Stage 2 Evidence
Evaluative Criteria Assessment Evidence
By what criteria will PERFORMANCE TASK(S):
performances of Full movie sound production Part II (ambiental sounds): the
understanding be judged? students will use the movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood
- Accurate performance of Prince and will replace the full sound production.
exercises. In the second stage, Students will create a sound atmosphere
- Quality and Complexity of recording real sounds and mixing them with the scenes of the movies
the exercises created by and the voice recording created on the third quarter
the student.
- Effort evidenced in the
results of their tasks
UNIT PLAN 2014-2015 Colegio Granadino

Through what other evidence ( e.g quizzes, tests, academic
prompts, observations, homework, journals) will students
demonstrate achievement of the desired results?
The student will create their own elementary productions over already
existing videos
How will students reflect upon and self- assess their learning?

Those exercises will be uploaded to youtube and exposed to the

granadino community.
Stage 3 Learning Plan
Summary of Key Learning Events and Instruction
What learning experiences and instruction will enable students to achieve the desired results? How will the
W : Help the students know Where the unit is going and What is expected? Help the teacher know Where
the students are coming from (prior knowledge, interests) ?
H : Hook all the students and Hold their interest?
E : Equip students, help them Experience the key ideas and Explore the issues?
R : Provide opportunities to Rethink, and Revise their understanding and work ?
E : Allow students to Evaluate their work and its implications?
T : Be Tailored ( personalized ) to different needs, interests, and abilities of learners?
O : Be Organized to maximize initial and sustained engagement as well as effective learning?

W : Teachers explanation and practical demonstration

H : Sensibilization games, Critical Music Audition
E : Individual Coaching- ensemble practice.
R : individual feedback and Adjustment
E : Video Assessment
UNIT PLAN 2014-2015 Colegio Granadino

T : Special exercises, designed for skilled students with higher complexity

O : Creative Project designed in different stages, Consolidation Class Work with the topics and elements
studied developing the ability to identify each one by listening to it.