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A Semester at College

As I sit in my dorm, alone, on February 14th recollecting memories from my first

semester at college, I cant help thinking about one question. Why did absolutely
nothing prepare me for college life? Dont get me wrong- I had a successful
semester. I managed to pass all of my classes, learn tracks for all of the Jets in West
Side Story and then perform, and I even managed to better myself in dance a ton!
The thing is, I didnt have a gradual transformation from high school to adulthood. I
was dumped into adulthood. When you get a pet fish, youre supposed to put the
bag with the fish water from the pet store into the tank before you let the fish swim
in the new water. The fish needs to adjust. Nope, there was no easing into the
water for this fish. I, along with my classmates were fully submerged in the icy cold
water of college right away and told to swim.

There came a point, probably three weeks into school when I was so busy I had to
decide between eating and studying. I truly believe that I had negative time. 8 and
7 AM classes everyday paired with rehearsals until 11 left me sleep deprived.
Classes all day made time for socializing extremely difficult.

Ultimately, the polar plunge made me a much better person, but I just never had
someone warn me. Nobody was like, Hey, dude, I think you should know that