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A dating site for finding a 2nd (or 3rd) wife
Sheikh Abdul Khaleq Buhaisi, an-
other official with the Sharia Council,
which has authority over weddings, said
he preferred more traditionally ar-
Digital service in Gaza ranged marriages, often through a khat-
taba a woman who pays home visits
helps the territorys many in the company of the grooms mother to
war widows find a husband search for brides.
The khattaba inspects the prospec-
BY MAJD AL WAHEIDI tive bride: body shape, skin color, teeth,
hair and other physical features. Tradi-
He was looking for a woman with partic- tionally, the polite way for a grooms
ular attributes, hopefully a widow of a family to signal a proposal request is to
man killed in the struggle against Israel, ask to go to the brides familys house for
without children, between 25 and 30, a cup of coffee.
from southern Gaza. Her requirement With the Wesal service, a prospective
was no less important: She was looking groom receives a womans address
for a married man. when the two have exchanged likes
For Majdi and Ghada Abu Mustafa, online. The man then has 48 hours to
their simultaneous search for a spouse propose, something still typically done
turned out well, and the pair are now over the traditional coffee at her home.
married. Kholoud Sobouh, 27, said she got tired
She is beautiful and a widow of a of being shown to men who knocked on
martyr at the same time, Mr. Abu her door with their mothers to propose.
Mustafa said, using the word preferred Through Wesal, she and her fianc met
by Palestinians for a killed fighter, often in less than 24 hours. She requested an
a terrorist to Israelis. She is the second educated man who didnt smoke and
of his two wives. who could secure a home in Gaza. Her
When I get wealthy, I will marry the fianc, Tareq Ms. Sobouh did not want
third wife. to give his surname, for fear of being
The couple met on Wesal it means criticized for meeting her spouse online
communion or reunion in Arabic a said he wanted a tall, light-skinned
first-of-its-kind matchmaking website woman with religious manners. It will
in Gaza. It has been successful, and not be the first marriage for both.
just because Tinder and other dating Wesal service is the best discovery of
apps are banned or severely frowned on my life, Ms. Sobouh said. I am the one
here. who will get married, not my family or
Its founder knows his demographic the society.
well: residents of the religiously conser- Mr. Sheikha, Wesals founder, says he
vative Gaza Strip, with its culture of re- wants the site to challenge longstanding
sistance. Some 1,400 men have been customs surrounding matchmaking in
killed in the three wars with Israel since Gaza, and to give women more agency
2008, leaving many widows who would in the process. Our website encourages
like to remarry. Tradition, however, can them to search for husbands by them-
make it difficult for them to wed. PHOTOGRAPHS BY WISSAM NASSAR FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES selves, to truly choose and say what
Mr. Abu Mustafa, 34, a math teacher, Rami Shatali, with three of his four daughters, found his new wife, who was also divorced and with a son, on the Gazan matchmaking service Wesal. they like in the man, he said. We also
said he had no specific reasons to get fight old traditions that say divorced
married again, but said he did wish to women should not get married.
give dignity to a widow. Ms. Abu But while Mr. Sheikha is in favor of
Mustafas first husband died during the more options for women in the selection
conflict between Hamas and Israel in of a spouse, he is not a strong supporter
2012. of the choice to remain single. In addi-
Islam permits a man to have up to tion to helping widows and the divorced
four wives. find husbands, he said he hoped the site
Our men fight wars and die. Women would also address an increase in the
stay alive, said the sites founder, Ha- number of spinsters in their 20s and 30s.
shem Sheikha. This is why my project The Arabic proverb says living in the
supports polygamy. shadow of a man is better than living in
Mr. Sheikha, 33, a Palestinian born in the shadow of a wall, which means that
Saudi Arabia, said the site has led to 160 having a husband is better than staying
weddings since it started in March, he unmarried.
said, and more than half the marriage Mr. Sheikha said he was looking for a
requests involved men seeking a second second wife himself and that he pre-
or third wife (though not yet a fourth). ferred she be a widow.
We want to spread joy and connec- The site has also found favor among
tions between people and help them divorced men.
with finding love and peace after going Rami Shatali, 38, works in a biscuit
through a lot of suffering, he said. factory, earns less than 1,000 shekels a
Women who lost their men during month, or not quite $300, and has four
the last three wars have difficult lives daughters living with him in the Al Ma-
and few options, said Reham Owda, a Palestinian couples celebrating at a Hamas ceremony. Part of Wesals success appears The Cinderella car in Gaza City is rented out for marriage ceremonies. While mar- ghazi refugee camp from an earlier mar-
Gaza-based writer and analyst of to be how closely it hews to Gazas religious and conservative traditions. riage rates over all have been on the decline in Gaza, the practice of polygamy is rising. riage that ended in divorce.
womens issues. In most cases the hus- His new wife, Majd Shatali, 26, also di-
bands family pressures the woman to vorced and with a son, found him on We-
marry the brother in law to control her Wesal facilitates marriages not only entertainment. This website is disgusting. Women to an increase in peoples religious incli- sal in March.
life and seize any financial aid she re- for widows, but also for the divorced and What Wesal does not have is profile are not a sack of onions, said Lina Zein, nation, especially after Hamas took About 400 hundred people attended
ceives. those who have never married. photos or any online chatting functional- 25, a single woman from Gaza City, ex- power in 2007, Ms. Seyam said, refer- their wedding. The first dance was the
Ms. Owda added that if the widows Part of Wesals immediate success ap- ity, to protect the privacy of women and plaining that Wesal felt too transac- ring to the militant group that rules over couples slow one.
husband is affiliated with a political pears to be how closely it hews to Gazan because both would be considered tional in its approach to arranging wed- Gaza. The grooms daughters, along with
party, it might intervene and pressure tradition, despite the digital medium. haram, or forbidden under Islamic law, dings. It limits my ambitions in mar- Marriage rates over all have been on the son of the bride, danced happily.
the woman to marry a man from the When completing an application, people Mr. Sheikha said. riage to someones income. the decline in Gaza, and divorce is on the From time to time, relatives of the
same group, and she will often agree be- must address several questions impor- We are the halal version of American Amal Seyam, the head of the rise because of high poverty and unem- groom sprayed glitter and wedding
cause she is struggling financially and tant to those looking for a spouse here: dating websites, he said, using the word nongovernmental Gazas Women Af- ployment rates, said the head of the Su- snow in the air.
the group will pay her a salary. place of residence, occupation, salary, that connotes what is acceptable under fairs Association, said the service ap- preme Sharia Judicial Council in Gaza, I felt like I was the happiest man in
This matchmaking service is pos- marital status, number of children. And Islamic tradition. peared to have come at an opportune Sheikh Hassan al-Jojo. Hamas itself has the world on my wedding day, Mr.
itive because it encourages these wom- there are some traditional terms that us- Though popular, with some 100,000 time to take advantage of changes in been trying to encourage marriage by Shatali said, because I found a woman
en to choose the potential husband with- ers must accept: I swear by Allah the visitors in a population of two million Gazan society. paying the equivalent of $1,500 to any who madly fell in love with me, the one
out fear and pressure in this religious Great that all my information is accu- people in Gaza, the website is not uni- Polygamy has hit high rates in Gaza male who memorizes the Quran, a bit of who could make me forget all about my
and patriarchal society, Ms. Owda said. rate, and that I wont use this website for versally liked. over the few past years, seemingly due cash to help finance the next step in life. pain.

On social media, election news from Cambodias monks

Facebook. Previously, they just showed willingness to chat and banter about
the good things on television. The vio- politics in public, the type of open dis-
lence against people, the land abuses, course that once made many people un-
BY JULIA WALLACE the forest clearances and the corruption comfortable.
they did not show on television. The people are eager to see change,
Wearing an orange robe and speaking The government of the ruling Cambo- Mr. Nee said, adding later, People are
calmly into his smartphone, the Venera- dian Peoples Party operates or has in- very engaged, and people are not feeling
ble Luon Sovath eased his way through fluence over all of the countrys televi- intimidated.
the throngs of people gathered outside sion stations; the opposition Cambodia Unusually large crowds gathered in
Polling Station 867 in Phnom Penh, the National Rescue Party has spent years Phnom Penh on Sunday afternoon to
Cambodian capital. trying to get a license to operate its own watch the votes be counted, and late in
He paused his monologue only to ad- channel, without success. the day the National Election Commit-
just his cellphone, talking for hours to So those like Luon Sovath who tee announced that turnout had been a
his Facebook followers about what he wanted to bring greater transparency to record 85.7 percent of 7.8 million regis-
saw and heard as Cambodians went to Cambodia sought inexpensive and ac- tered voters.
the polls Sunday in nationwide elections cessible ways to connect with people People are more enthusiastic, are
of local officials. many in poor villages outside the gov- more interested in observing the po-
In a democracy, the people own the ernment-controlled networks. litical process, and they wanted to wit-
country and have an obligation to come The Cambodian Peoples Party has ness the election, said Preap Kol, exec-
and vote, he said during his Facebook many television stations and facilities utive director of Transparency Interna-
Live broadcast. This obligation included already, so we are helping people who tional Cambodia, an anticorruption or-
participation by Buddhist monks like dont have anything, who are poor, ganization.
him. Monks are also people, he added. Luon Sovath said. Late Sunday, before all the results had
Luon Sovath, 37, is the most promi- When a government critic was assas- been tallied, a government-aligned
nent member of a group of monks who sinated last year, another monk with a news outlet reported that the Cambodi-
have become citizen journalists, moni- wide online following, But Buntenh, an Peoples Party, led by Prime Minister
toring political events and human rights tracked down the killer and where he Hun Sen, had won 1,163 of the local ad-
conditions in Cambodia on social media. lived, breaking the news online before ministrations, while the Cambodia Na-
Their efforts are part of a growing cam- the police or journalists arrived. tional Rescue Party gained control of
paign by Cambodians who are using the On Sunday, Mr. Buntenh was posting 482, or around 30 percent, up from 3 per-
internet to get around the governments updates on Twitter from polling stations cent. A spokeswoman for the opposition,
stranglehold on mass media and civic and broadcasting election results on his Kem Monovithya, said the Cambodia
life. own Facebook Live stream. National Rescue Party believed it had
Facebook, news apps and political The monks Election Day videos in- NEOU VANNARIN won 520 local posts and 46 percent of the
memes have allowed the monks and the cluded descriptions of polling The Venerable Luon Sovath broadcasting on Facebook Live on Sunday outside a polling station in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. popular vote.
countrys nascent political opposition to procedures, interviews with voters and The official results are to be an-
connect directly with Cambodians who exhortations for Cambodians to get out nounced no later than June 25.
have scant access to independent news and vote. At one point during his broad- posting emojis on his live stream. the Cambodia National Rescue Party, a political foothold, it is still believed to Observers are watching the returns
media. cast, Luon Sovath was expelled from a Previous elections for local officials newly formed opposition at the time, have significant support among voters. closely as an indicator of what to expect
Facebook changed communication polling station by police officers and have not generated much interest be- performed well in the 2013 national par- Meas Nee, a political researcher in in national parliamentary elections
and politics, because whatever poli- threatened with legal action. Thousands cause the governments political ma- liamentary elections, setting off waves Cambodia, said that in recent travels scheduled for next year.
ticians did, we all knew, Luon Sovath of people viewed the encounter online, chine has been so dominant that the re- of street protests. Though the opposi- through rural areas of the country, he
said. Good or bad, we could know by showing their support for the monk by sults were a foregone conclusion. But tion has struggled since then to gain a noticed a marked increase in villagers Neou Vannarin contributed reporting.


U.S. offers
Killings dredge up a legacy of racist laws help on Arab
states rift
For decades, Oregon
was a volatile place where
with Qatar
extremists found a home SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA


The fatal stabbing of two good Sa- Unraveling in the Mideast

maritans who intervened when a man
on a commuter train shouted slurs at
could threaten American
two women both African-American, efforts against terrorists
one in Muslim dress has reawakened
bitter memories of this states past and BY GARDINER HARRIS
revived a debate over what people here AND MICHAEL R. GORDON
call the two Oregons, where islands of
tolerance abut places awash in frustra- Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson of-
tion and rage. fered on Monday to help resolve an in-
Oregon hasnt resolved its history, tensifying dispute between Qatar and
said Dani Ledezma, the interim execu- four Arab countries that threatens to
tive director of the Coalition of Commu- complicate the Trump administrations
nities of Color, a group based in Port- effort to mobilize coalitions against Iran
land. And the harsh language and tone and terrorist groups in the Middle East.
of national politics, she said, are now ex- We certainly would encourage the
acerbating old wounds. The xenopho- parties to sit down together and address
bia, the racism, the caustic narrative these differences, Mr. Tillerson said,
that has been fomented at the national adding a reference to the Gulf Coopera-
level are also having an impact here and tion Council, a group of Persian Gulf
adding to that legacy here in Oregon, countries. If theres any role that we
she said. can play in terms of helping them ad-
The Pacific Northwests historical at- dress those, we think it is important that
tic is full of artifacts that residents would the G.C.C. remain unified.
just as soon forget, like the lash law. Mr. Tillersons remarks came on the
The legislation was passed in 1844, when heels of dramatic announcements by
the Oregon Country, as it was called Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the
then, was bigger than Texas encom- United Arab Emirates that they are sus-
passing what is now part of five Western pending diplomatic ties, as well as air
states. The law said that any black per- and sea travel to and from Qatar, poten-
son, free or slave, would be whipped tially choking off access to a crucial
twice a year until he or she shall quit the United States ally. In its statement,
territory. Later, leaders prohibited Saudi Arabia urged all brotherly coun-
black people from coming to the terri- tries and companies to do the same.
tory. Qatars Foreign Ministry issued a
Until the early 2000s, Oregons consti- TERRAY SYLVESTER/REUTERS statement calling the decisions unjusti-
tution still contained language exclud- A makeshift memorial in Portland, Ore., for two men who were killed on a commuter train last month while trying to stop another man from harassing two young women. fied.
ing blacks from residency, though its le- The split came two weeks after Presi-
gal clout had been eliminated decades dent Trump visited the Saudi capital of
earlier. The template from the early She added that alcohol, drugs and men- tian come about, said Mr. Blazak, who is hind, at 66.3 percent white. The nature of radicalization is Riyadh to offer a tight embrace of the
days helped foster a volatile political cli- tal illness often played a role in the inter- also a professor of criminology at the Its economic, its criminal justice, its changing, said Oren Segal, the director kingdom in hopes that Saudi Arabia
mate in which extremists of all kinds actions she investigates. University of Oregon. segregation, said Ms. Ledezma, of the of the Center on Extremism at the Anti- could help lead fellow Sunni Arab na-
could find a home and pick a fight. Along But she and other experts said that at On Sunday, thousands of Coalition of Communities of Color, de- Defamation League, a national civil tions in a fight against extremism and,
with racists, utopian communities were the same time, there is less and less evi- demonstrators gathered in downtown scribing the legacy of racism in Oregon. rights group. People are borrowing, with Israel, present a united front
drawn to the region, advocating every- dence that any extremist group old or Portland, some for a long-planned rally If you look at the housing patterns, picking and choosing elements of vari- against Shiite-led Iran.
thing from socialism to free love, and new is shaping the messages that are by supporters of President Trump, and there is this lasting legacy of disparity ous extremist ideologies and tactics and Indeed, Mr. Trump became so en-
they found converts and hiding places in being expressed. Free-form self-radical- many more for a counterdemonstration. thats been essentially baked in. movements or what have you, and cre- amored of the Saudis that he cast them
remote coastal coves and mountain ization, picking this or that from the Fearing violent clashes, Portland po- Law enforcement agencies have be- ating their own sort of worldview. as the centerpiece of a possible peace
reaches. In the 1920s, Oregons Legisla- heaping smorgasbord of hate on the na- lice officers were supported by the Ore- gun looking at the ways that hidden ra- International terrorist groups also deal between the Israelis and
ture, dominated by members of the Ku tions plate, is becoming the norm. gon State Police, county sheriff deputies cial attitudes can spill out. Police officers use social media and other digital tools Palestinians. But such a deal relied in
Klux Klan, barred Japanese immigrants The suspect in the train attack, and federal agents. Tensions ran high in Seattle track encounters that on the to influence and recruit followers, but
from owning or leasing land. Jeremy Joseph Christian, 35, fits no ob- through the afternoon, and at least 14 surface do not appear to be about race or the stark difference with what some
By the 1970s, groups like the Aryan vious mold in the white-supremacist people were arrested as the opposing religion, like traffic accidents that grow scholars have called postmodern hate, There have long been fissures
Nations had arrived, spinning out the world. Last year, Mr. Christian ardently camps jeered and chanted at one an- to include bias elements as tempers is that there is no unifying philosophy to between the nations.
idea of a mythic Cascadia where the old supported Senator Bernie Sanders of other across a street barrier. Officers flare. The number of these events, police draw from.
flames of racial purity would be kept Vermont, a socialist-leaning Democrat, confiscated numerous weapons, includ- figures show, is up. Instances of hateful Todays hate is splintered, said Bri-
alive and multiculturalism kept at bay. in the presidential primaries, according ing sticks, knives and bricks. But the two graffiti are on the rise, too. Portland an H. Levin, a professor of criminal jus- part on the Arab world uniting behind
Anarchists dug in, too, and still have a to his Facebook posts, before turning to groups were kept separate, and mostly residents reported more bias-fueled tice and the director of the Center for the the Saudis as an interlocutor, a prospect
deep presence, regularly turning out support President-elect Trump in De- dispersed peacefully when their rallies vandalism in the three months after the Study of Hate and Extremism at Califor- made far less likely by Mondays events.
black-shirted and usually masked to cember. On the train and after his arrest, ended. presidential election than in any other nia State University, San Bernardino. There have long been fissures be-
denounce and often clash with the po- according to a police affidavit, Mr. Chris- At a moment in which many immi- similar period in at least five years, ac- People are dipping in the ladle and tween Qatar and other Sunni Arab na-
lice. tian raged against immigrants, Saudi grants and Muslims feel uneasy, here cording to figures compiled by the city. scooping out what they want. tions. Qatar, for example, provided fi-
While many Americans may think Arabia and liberals, and he called him- and across the nation, and racial slurs The short explanation, said many The geography has shifted, too, he nancial support to the Muslim Brother-
first of the South as the region where the self a defender of free speech who could spew across social media, the attack on people in law enforcement and civil said: The rise of the alt-right the rac- hood in Egypt, which led the former gov-
burden of racial strife weighs heaviest die in prison a happy man. the train has put a broader discussion of rights groups who track hate crimes, is a ist fringe movement with online roots ernment in Egypt and opposed the
on the nations soul and psyche, recent He was all over the map, said Randy race in the Pacific Northwest back on collapse of inhibition. More open hate has destabilized the old extremist Egyptian militarys takeover as an ille-
events in Portland serve as a reminder Blazak, the chairman of the Oregon Co- the agenda. Of the nations 30 largest cit- speech in politics, street groups that once flourished in the Pa- gal coup. Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E.,
that old battlefields are everywhere. alition Against Hate Crime, a partner- ies, Portland remains the whitest, ac- demonstrations and social media, they cific Northwest by disavowing the idea which consider the Muslim Brother-
The lid is off, said Detective Eliza- ship of community groups and govern- cording to the Census Bureau, with 72.2 said, loosens the floodgates, diminish- that geography matters. Their mes- hood a threat to stability to the region,
beth Wareing, the bias crimes coordina- ment. There isnt really a flow chart percent of its population classified as ing the sense of impropriety or social ta- sage has been, Why do we have to settle supported the Egyptian militarys take-
tor at the Seattle Police Department. that fits how people like Jeremy Chris- non-Hispanic white. Seattle is not far be- boo. for one region? Professor Levin said. over.
Mr. Tillerson and Defense Secretary
Jim Mattis, who appeared in their first
joint news conference, in Sydney, after

Bushs climate pact withdrawal holds lessons for Trump

talks with their Australian counter-
parts, insisted that the rupture in rela-
tions among the Arab states would not
undermine the fight against the Islamic
Im willing to immediately work with Senate for a nonbinding resolution op- State group, also known as ISIS or ISIL.
WASHINGTON Democratic leaders to either negotiate posing an agreement like it. I am confident there will be no impli-
our way back into Paris, under the terms But Mr. Bush had not prepared the al- cations, Mr. Mattis said.
that are fair to the United States and its lies for what was coming, feeding the But the escalating confrontation be-
16 years ago, abandoning workers, or to negotiate a new deal that impression of a go-it-alone attitude that tween Qatar and other Sunni Arab
protects our country and its taxpayers, would haunt him for years as he sought states, in fact, presents a fresh and un-
Kyoto Protocol cemented Mr. Trump said in his speech announc- international help in Afghanistan and welcome complication for the United
perception of unilateralism ing the decision last week. Iraq. The way they did it was just flip- States military, which has made strenu-
Mr. Bush did none of those things, and ping the bird to the rest of the world, ous efforts to forge a broad military co-
BY PETER BAKER his advisers rued that he did not, con- Christine Todd Whitman, his E.P.A. ad- alition against the Islamic State.
cluding that he paid the price for the rest ministrator, later said. Adding to the difficulties, American
The new president decided that the in- of his presidency. Whether any of that Mr. Bush resisted the most expansive forces have important commands dis-
ternational climate change agreement makes a difference for Mr. Trump re- proposals to fight climate change for the tributed across the feuding nations.
negotiated by his predecessor was a job mains to be seen. Even with a more elab- rest of his presidency, and government The American-led air war command
killer that sacrificed American orate, inclusive process and an ex- scientists felt muzzled during his admin- in the fight against the Islamic State, for
sovereignty. So he pulled the United pressed willingness to consider alterna- istration. But he invested tens of billions example, is at Al Udeid Air Base in Qa-
States out while much of the world tives, he does not seem to be winning of dollars in developing alternative fuels tar.
jeered. over many of his opponents. and clean energy technology, and he Qatar is also the host for the forward
For President George W. Bush, the That may be because they question convened summit meetings of leaders headquarters of the United States Cen-
withdrawal from the Kyoto Protocol in his sincerity after his years of denounc- from major economic powers to collabo- tral Command, which oversees all
2001 proved to be a seminal moment, ce- ing global warming hoaxsters. Since rate on reducing emissions. American military operations in Af-
menting a perception of unilateralism Mr. Trump announced the pullout from Over the course of his tenure, he be- ghanistan and the Middle East.
that alienated overseas allies and fur- Paris, his aides have largely ducked AL DRAGO/THE NEW YORK TIMES came more convinced by the science of Bahrain hosts the United States
ther pushed away domestic critics. In questions about whether he still consid- President Trump before announcing the American withdrawal from the Paris climate climate change. In his State of the Union Navys Fifth Fleet, while the United
the end, even his top advisers came to ers climate change to be a hoax. accord last week. Mr. Trumps aides said they had not studied the Kyoto precedent. address in 2006, Mr. Bush, a former oil Arab Emirates provides air bases that
regret the move, not so much because of Pressed repeatedly on that question man, declared that America is addicted are used by the American-led coalition.
the merits of the decision, but because of on Fox News Sunday, Scott Pruitt, the to oil, and in the address a year later, he
the way it was handled. administrator of the Environmental even through different means, however. impose an undue burden on the energy called climate change a serious chal- Anne Barnard contributed reporting
Sixteen years later, another president Protection Agency, said: The president Just as Mr. Trump came to office after industry, he drafted a letter to Congress lenge. In his final two years in office, he from Beirut.
has withdrawn from another climate has indicated that the climate changes. President Barack Obama had sealed the renouncing both Kyoto and the carbon imposed tougher fuel efficiency
change pact only to endure another Its always changing. Ive indicated the Paris pact, Mr. Bush was inaugurated cap. Mr. Bush agreed to sign it without standards on automobiles to reduce
chorus of catcalls from overseas. For same. But he did not say whether Mr. after President Bill Clinton had agreed first consulting his secretary of state, tailpipe emissions, and came around on CORRECTIONS
President Trump, Mr. Bushs experience Trump believed that human activity to the climate change accord negotiated national security adviser or E.P.A. ad- the idea of a market-oriented cap-and-
offers cautionary lessons some of contributed to that, or whether it should in Kyoto, Japan, in 1997. Unlike the Paris ministrator. trade system, suggesting in a speech An article last Wednesday about the
which Mr. Trump and his staff seem to be curbed as a result. deal, which is a nonbinding agreement When Condoleezza Rice, the national that he would be open to it. evolution of beauty misspelled the mid-
have internalized already, even though On CNNs State of the Union, an- that did not require Senate ratification security adviser, found out, she called It came too late in his presidency, and dle name of a scientist who came up with
aides said they had not studied or other adviser, Nikki R. Haley, the Ameri- but included all but two of the worlds na- Colin L. Powell, the secretary of state, at ultimately Mr. Obama proposed and the theory of evolution at the same time
thought much about the Kyoto prece- can ambassador to the United Nations, tions, the Kyoto accord was a full- his office. Alarmed, he told her, Slow failed to pass just such a system. Still, as Charles Darwin. He is Alfred Russel
dent. gave a fuller answer to the same ques- fledged treaty that did not include big this thing down until I get there, and greenhouse gas emissions, which had Wallace, not Russell.
By coincidence, then, Mr. Trump, in tion. polluters in the developing world like rushed downstairs to his car to race over risen significantly before Mr. Bush came
moving away from the Paris accord, has President Trump believes the cli- China and India but imposed binding to the White House. to office, stabilized during his eight An article on May 30 about Russian
taken steps to manage political fallout mate is changing, she said. And he be- limits on the United States and Europe. By the time he made it the few blocks years and began falling shortly after he proxy support for fringe political figures
that Mr. Bush did not. Mr. Trump gave lieves pollutants are part of that equa- Mr. Bush had never supported the to the West Wing, it was too late. Mr. left, as Mr. Obama took over. in Central and Eastern Europe mis-
foreign allies, domestic advocates and tion. She added: He knows that the deal, calling it flawed because it did not Cheney had left to hand-deliver the let- Still, Mr. Bush and his aides stated the surname of an analyst who
his own advisers a chance to make their U.S. has to be responsible with it, and include China and India, but as a candi- ter to Capitol Hill. Its gone, Ms. Rice eventually concluded that the way he criticized extensive Russian media cov-
case directly to him before he made his thats what were going to do. Just be- date he had promised to impose a cap on told Mr. Powell. backed out of Kyoto was a mistake too erage of a small pro-Russia demonstra-
decision. He announced the move cause we got out of a club doesnt mean carbon emissions. Less than two Mr. Powell snapped at the president. defiant and negative without offering an tion in Prague. He is Roman Maca, not
openly, in front of the cameras, and ex- that we dont care about the envi- months into his presidency, in the midst Youre going to see the consequences of alternative. While he was right on Ky- Mica.
plained his thinking. Immediately after- ronment. of an energy crisis that produced rolling it, he said. oto, we were just wrong on the way we
ward, he called some of the more ag- None of Mr. Trumps other actions brownouts in California, Vice President Mr. Bushs rejection of Kyoto in some did it, Stephen J. Hadley, then Ms. An article on May 29 about Florida
grieved foreign leaders to try to contain since taking office, including a move to Dick Cheney managed an end-around to ways did not really alter American pol- Rices deputy and later her successor, misquoted a lyric from the song Talla-
the damage. And he suggested that he cancel power plant regulations drafted reverse that pledge and formally aban- icy, since even Mr. Clinton had not sub- said years later. We lived with that one; hassee, by the Mountain Goats. It is
was open to negotiating a new agree- by the Obama administration, suggest don Kyoto. mitted the treaty to the Senate for ratifi- that is really where this Bush unilater- What did I come down here for, not
ment. an interest in tackling climate change, Arguing that new restrictions would cation, mindful of a 95-to-0 vote in the alism starts from. What did I come done here for.


Troop surge dilemma

now vexes Trump
AFGHANISTAN, FROM PAGE 1 mended to Congress in February, the
affirm Americas commitment to mutual United States would send 3,000 to 5,000
defense. additional troops, including hundreds of
Trump has made it harder, not easier, Special Operations forces.
to follow the U.S. lead, said Douglas E. Such a deployment would allow
Lute, a former ambassador to NATO American advisers to train and assist
who advised both Mr. Obama and Presi- more Afghan forces, and it would place
dent George W. Bush on Afghanistan. American troops closer to the front lines
Questioning U.S. leadership makes it at lower levels in the chain of command.
more difficult for the allies to send For both General McMaster and Mr.
troops into harms way. Mattis, a retired four-star Marine Corps
While the parallels between the general, Afghanistan was a profound ex-
Trump and Obama administrations are perience but in different ways. Gen-
striking, there are important differ- eral Mattis commanded a brigade in the
ences. early days of fighting after the Sept. 11,
Mr. Trump has shown his generals 2001, terrorist attacks. He earned a repu-
more deference than did Mr. Obama. In tation as a swaggering warrior who
2009, Hillary Clinton, Mr. Obamas sec- would turn up in a foxhole with his
retary of state, had a significant voice in troops.
the debate, though she formed an alli- General McMaster headed an anti-
ance with the defense secretary, Robert corruption task force that worked
M. Gates, and the regional commander mostly out of the capital, Kabul, after Mr.
at the time, Gen. David H. Petraeus. Obamas troop surge. He quarreled with
Now, current and former generals all Afghan officials and warlords in an of-
but monopolize the debate. The White ten-futile effort to make sure billions of
House has also delegated military deci- dollars in American aid went to the right
sions like the recent order by the top places.
American commander in Afghanistan, Running an anticorruption task
Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr., to drop the force in Afghanistan makes being Don-
most powerful conventional weapon in ald Trumps national security adviser
the American arsenal on Islamic State look easy, said John A. Nagl, a retired
fighters in a tunnel complex there. Army lieutenant colonel and an expert
The troop numbers under considera- in counterinsurgency strategy.
tion are far more modest. In 2009, Gen. Both Mr. Mattis and General McMas-
Stanley A. McChrystal, then the top ter are steeped in counterinsurgency
commander in Afghanistan, recom- doctrine the strategy that helped lead
PHOTOGRAPHS BY ASHLEY GILBERTSON FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES mended 40,000 to Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama to order a deployment of
Bootlegged Nigerian music and thousands of other counterfeit CDs are sold at the popular Alaba International Market in Lagos. And Mr. Trump did not run for office 30,000 troops to Afghanistan in 2009.
promising to turn around the war in Af- But Mr. Nagl said both had reason to
ghanistan, as Mr. Obama did. In fact, Mr. be more cautious this time: Mr. Mattis

Playing for fame, but little else

Trump said next to nothing about the Af-
ghan war during the 2016 campaign. His
views on the subject are best gauged
through his posts on Twitter in 2012 and
2013, when the war was a much bigger
had scars from the heavy losses borne
by the Marines there, while General Mc-
Masters exposure to rampant corrup-
tion would rob him of any illusions that a
few thousand new troops could turn
Nigerias economic malaise as a rallying news story than it is today. around Afghanistan.
cry, arguing that legitimate sales not It is time to get out of Afghanistan, He understands how arduous, how
only benefit musicians, but they could Mr. Trump wrote on Feb. 27, 2012. We grinding, how interminable this is going
also help an economy that has plunged are building roads and schools for peo- to be, Mr. Nagl said. But what is the al-
into recession amid low oil prices. ple that hate us. It is not in our national ternative?
Were no longer getting revenue interests. That question is echoing again in the
from oil, so were arguing that content is Why are we continuing to train these hallways of the West Wing and the
the new crude, said Aibee Abidoye, Afghanis who then shoot our soldiers in people asking it have Mr. Trumps ear.
general manager at Chocolate City the back? he wrote on Aug. 21, 2012. Af- Mr. Bannon, who was a powerful force
Group and 5ive Music, which seeks roy- ghanistan is a complete waste. Time to behind Mr. Trumps decision to leave the
alties on behalf of three Lagos-based come home! Paris climate accord, has recovered
record labels. I agree with Pres. Obama on Af- some of his influence in the wake of that
In recent decades, music from abroad ghanistan, Mr. Trump said on Jan. 14, debate. Jared Kushner, Mr. Trumps son-
mainly American and British hip-hop 2013. We should have a speedy with- in-law and adviser, remains a crucial
and R&B often dominated the Ni- drawal. Why should we keep wasting voice, despite his troubles over reported
gerian scene. Yet international music our money rebuild the U.S.! links to Russia. Though he has not taken
distributors largely ignored the nation But Mr. Trump is discovering, as Mr. a position on troops, his aides say he
and its nascent middle class as a poten- Obama did, that extricating the United views his role as making sure the presi-
tial market. With few ways of buying the States is harder than it appears. General dent gets genuine options.
overseas music that was so popular McMaster and other advisers warn that Other officials may weigh in, too. John
here, illegal sales flourished. without reinforcements for the Afghan F. Kelly, the secretary of Homeland Se-
American artists would come here to Army, the security situation in Af- curity and another retired general,
do a show and were stunned to find thou- ghanistan will get even more precarious holds weight with Mr. Trump. His son
sands of people singing their songs back than it is now, potentially creating more was killed in combat in Afghanistan.
to them, said Efe Omorogbe, owner of sanctuaries for Al Qaeda and the Is- Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson may
Now Muzik, a local label. lamic State. be exerting behind-the-scenes influence
The open piracy, and few meaningful Currently, the international security already. The debate over Afghanistan
efforts to stop it, left little incentive for force assisting the Afghan Army has abruptly slowed down after officials at
anyone to set up legitimate music sales about 13,000 troops, of which about 8,400 the State Department expressed con-
or invest in streaming services. Local are American soldiers. Under an initial cern that General McMaster was jam-
musicians, struggling to be heard above plan, which General Nicholson recom- ming through a troop decision.
the international competition, often
gave away their work.
The music industry has been its own Seyi Shay during a show at the luxury Eko Hotel. She and other big names performed free, hoping to be exposed to a new market.
biggest enemy, said Mr. Omorogbe, a
business partner of the musician 2face
Idibia. Its descended to a point where Mr. Seyi, whose stage name is Sam-
people who use your material almost Seyi Yango, has paid music blogs to fea-
feel like you should celebrate them. ture his songs, and spent $16 this year to
Theyre doing you a favor. be allowed onstage to perform before a
The appetite for Nigerian music is small audience.
clear. International labels such as Sony Im paying my dues, he said. You
Music Entertainment are setting up cant expect them to pay you a million
shop in Lagos. Musicians like Ms. Shay, dollars when youre not a superstar.
who spent much of her childhood in Brit- Across the water, on the affluent Vic-
ain with her Nigerian parents, are being toria Island, already famous artists
lured back. were getting ready to perform in a chan-
Last year, Wizkid, one of Nigerias deliered banquet hall at the luxury Eko
most popular artists, reached the top of Hotel. Some of Nigerias biggest music
the American singles chart for an stars gathered in the green room: Har-
Afrobeats collaboration with the Cana- rysong, Falz, Lil Kesh, Vector and the
dian rapper Drake. They released an- hip-hop duo Skuki.
other track this year. None of them were being paid, even WAKIL KOHSAR/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE GETTY IMAGES

But for many artists, the more popu- though the audience included hundreds American Marines raising the flag in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. A Pentagon
lar they become, the more their music is of paying fans. proposal to deploy up to 5,000 additional American troops has run into resistance.
stolen. Bootlegged Nigerian music is The local comedians onstage were the
stacked alongside the thousands of big draw, and the musicians agreed to
other counterfeit CDs at the Alaba Inter- perform for free, hoping to be exposed to
national Market in Lagos. Sam Seyi, right, and Robin Emmanuel, left, his manager and producer, en route to a a new market.
There isnt exactly a proper struc- recording studio on Snake Island in Lagos. Im paying my dues, Mr. Seyi said. Upstairs in a hotel room, a makeup The 34th Oxford Analytica Conference 20-22 September 2017
ture for us to make money, said Falz, a artist was layering foundation on Ms. Global Horizons 2017 Christ Church, Oxford UK
Nigerian rapper and songwriter. Shay, the room a mess of glittery blue
Apple Music offers streaming in Ni- laptop at Computer Village as fabric of Lagos. What has changed is the eye shadow, shimmery lotion, fake eye-
geria, but the service has been plagued customers lined up behind him for songs ability to monetize it, said Richard lashes and a pair of Oscar de la Renta
with problems because of the nations
currency crisis. Even concerts, prof-
from local artists like Tiwa Savage,
DBanj and Ms. Shay. Then people
Iweanoge, general manager of con-
sumer marketing at MTN, considered
flowery high-heeled shoes carefully po-
sitioned on a shelf. She sneezed inside a
Who needs experts anyway?
itable for artists anywhere, are being come to me and give me money for the largest distributor of online music in tiny cloud of powdered makeup.
pared back here as corporate sponsors them. Nigeria. Its a privilege for us as a Ni- Even Ms. Shay has paid to be heard, Businesses and governments face greater
feel the pinch of the souring economy. Henry Onunary, another vendor of il- gerian company to support local forking over cash to various music
In Nigeria, musicians have rarely legally downloaded music, explained artists. blogs. She once allowed one of her songs exposure to geopolitical and macroeconomic
sought royalty payments. Artists com- how the musicians might benefit, if at But the copyright society has accused to be used for free as the soundtrack for risks than ever.
plain that even the nations film indus- all. What they get from us, he said, is MTN of not giving artists a fair cut from a popular video game.
try, known as Nollywood, routinely uses popularity. the sales. MTN officials acknowledged But now fans fawn over Ms. Shay
songs in movies without permission or The Copyright Society of Nigeria has that the company recently renegotiated when she walks into a nightclub, taking Join decision-makers
payment. filed lawsuits, staged protests, hosted ringback deals to better favor the selfies and cooing over her. She lives in for three days of
When you create your content and conferences and handed out fliers to artists. an apartment in a gated community, and
put it out, its scattered, said Har- businesses explaining copyright law. Its Things change, Mr. Iweanoge said. a driver ferries her around town. intensive sessions with
rysong, a Nigerian singer known for his leader, Mr. Chukwuji, said the group was Its always in our interest to make sure Her entourage includes a personal as- our experts and get to
hit Mandela. currently battling the nations major the artist gets a fair share. sistant who calls himself a body
Many musicians pay to have their mu- mobile phone company, MTN, which Plenty of musicians in Lagos are still man and a wig stylist. She recently the heart of the risks
sic heard. Popular music blogs like pays artists to use snippets of their willing to sacrifice money to get noticed. flew to South Africa for performances that matter to you. and songs. Across a polluted channel from the La- and has scored an endorsement deal
collect as much as $120 from unknown Mobile phone use in Nigeria has ex- gos mainland, past a sugar refinery with a Chinese telecom company. Her
musicians to promote a single song. ploded in recent years, and ringback belching smoke, is Snake Island, a ser- face has been on Pepsi billboards along
Budding musicians also pay to have tunes the few bars of music paid for pent-shaped piece of land dotted by tilt- main roads in Lagos. Not long ago, she
Request an invitation for
their songs featured on latest mix CDs by customers that play while a call is be- ing tin huts. was signed to the British-American la- Global Horizons 2017:
hawked on the streets. ing connected are hugely popular. As Inside one of them, Sam Seyi, 24, was bel Island Records.
A collection called Mega Mix con- a result, MTN, with its skyscraper head- dreaming of stardom, sitting on a bed Trying to relax at a Tex-Mex restau-
tained new pirated songs from well- quarters in Lagos, has become one of with Winnie the Pooh sheets as he sang rant in Lagos after a recent show, Ms.
known musicians such as Davido and the biggest sources of revenue for Ni- into a microphone. Friends filed into his Shay was sipping a margarita when a
Wizkid, along with songs from 43 less- gerian artists. In fact, Nigerian ringback generator-powered bedroom studio as bartender interrupted repeatedly to ask
known singers. tunes like Harrysongs Mandela are babies screamed and chickens clucked how his music could get noticed. She
The sellers of pirated music know the more popular than songs by Snoop just outside the open window. told him to email her a demo.
artists receive nothing. Dogg or other American artists, accord- Youve got to believe in yourself, he You have to put in the work, Ms.
To get the songs off the internet, its ing to MTN. sang, eyes closed and arms pumping. Shay advised. Nobody is going to do it
free, said Ola Mide, who stared into his Music has always been part of the This is my time to make it. for you.


An Iraqi special forces soldier firing on Islamic State militants in western Mosul. The jihadists seldom seem to pass up the chance to use storms or other heavy weather, when coalition aircraft cannot target them, to press the fight.

On Mosuls front line tion and was shooting at vehicles as they

crossed the road. He fired at a large
group of fleeing civilians, narrowly
missing. The shot flew over their heads,
As Iraqi forces battle hitting an upturned car behind them.
The crowd was split, with half running
militants, street fighting back to where they had come from.
leaves no block unscathed There was no other way for them to
get to safety, so they waited for a mili-
PHOTOGRAPHS AND TEXT tary vehicle to cross the road and used
BY IVOR PRICKETT the dust it kicked up as cover to make a
run for it. Women carrying children, rel-
The Islamic States grip on Mosul has atives carrying the infirm all moved
shrunk to a tighter circle of neighbor- as quickly as they could. Somehow, they
hoods in the western part of the city. But made it out unhurt.
many civilians are still trapped in those Little has been left unscathed in these
areas, and the militants are giving no neighborhoods. Coalition airstrikes are
ground easily. still being called in frequently in the
As we traveled with Iraqi forces middle of densely populated neighbor-
through the Rifai neighborhood last hoods, and the civilian toll has been
month, evidence of a brutal street fight enormous. But the Iraqi forces have
was all around. The destruction was im- seemed reluctant to advance at all with-
mense, and it seemed not a single house out the air support.
was free of bullet holes or worse. When asked why the men didnt just
While clashes still raged in the last re- engage the militant fighters more di-
maining pockets of Islamic State control rectly themselves rather than risk more
in Rifai, displaced people began to civilian lives by using airstrikes, one
trickle out at dusk. The number of peo- young soldier said they wanted to finish
ple who are managing to flee their the fight with no casualties on their side.
homes seemed much lower than during Maybe this way of thinking points to
earlier parts of the battle for the west. the high rate of attrition the Iraqi forces
After laboriously clearing Rifai, Iraqi have had over the last few years of fight-
special forces soldiers took up defensive ing the Islamic State, including a huge
positions and waited for their next or- toll on the elite counterterrorism forces
ders. Then came the Islamic States over the past few months of urban fight-
counterattack. ing in Mosul. Or maybe its an indication
Under the cover of a sudden sand- of a fight so bitter that utter destruction
storm, the jihadists fought the troops for is acceptable as long as the enemy is
hours before being driven off. The mili- beaten.
tants seldom seem to pass up the chance Ahead lies Mosuls Old City, and per-
to use storms or other heavy weather, haps the worst fight yet. Some of the sol-
when coalition aircraft cannot target diers, as well as one resident who had
them, to press the fight. managed to flee, spoke of jihadist fight-
On the front line the next morning, the ers trying to round up people still living
soldiers there told how intense gunfire in the area and forcing them to retreat
during the battle had set their sandbag with them toward the Old City. Its a
walls on fire. They seemed amazed that chilling thought, and horrifyingly con-
the Islamic State remained well sistent with how the Islamic State has
equipped and capable. fought this battle for months. The mili-
At one junction on the edge of Rifai, an tants last stand may well take place be-
Islamic State sniper had taken up a posi- hind a wall of civilians. Civilians fleeing across a junction that an Islamic State sniper was targeting in the Rifai neighborhood. It seems that not a single house is free of bullet holes or worse.

Iraqi special forces soldiers treating a girl who was injured when her house was hit by Islamic State fighters reportedly killed in a coalition airstrike in Mosul. Airstrikes are Iraqi soldiers moved through houses in the recently retaken area of Al Saha. Iraqi
an airstrike. The civilian toll from the fighting has been immense. still being called in frequently in the middle of densely populated neighborhoods. forces have had a high rate of attrition over the last few years of fighting.

Building a comeback
on virtual border wall
erties are registered to more than a half-
After leaving Facebook dozen companies that can be traced to
Mr. Luckey through public business
amid political criticism, records. Many of their names, like
tech exile has new start-up Fiendlords Keep, Black Omen and
Wings of Time, relate to a video game
BY NICK WINGFIELD called Chrono Trigger.
Mr. Luckey, 24, lives in a 78-year-old
Palmer Freeman Luckey was the kind of mansion in affluent Woodside, Calif.,
wunderkind Silicon Valley venerates. with a group of friends, according to
When he was just 21, he made an public records and Facebook posts by
overnight fortune selling his start-up, a his roommates. One of his roommates is
company called Oculus VR that made his girlfriend, Nicole Edelmann, who
virtual-reality gear, to Facebook for $2 has received attention for her support of
billion in 2014. GamerGate, a loose online movement
But the success story took a sideways that has sought to push back against so-
turn this year when Mr. Luckey was cial progressivism in video games.
pressured to leave Facebook months af- Mr. Luckey and Ms. Edelmann are
ter news spread that he had secretly do- devotees of cosplay short for costume
nated to an organization dedicated to play in which people dress as charac-
spreading anti-Hillary Clinton internet ters from games and comic books. In
memes. May, they posed for photos at a cosplay
While Mr. Luckey slammed inaccura- conference in Japan dressed as a char-
cies in the articles, the reports proved acter from the game Metal Gear Solid,
toxic in Silicon Valley, where hostility to complete with identical bikini tops,
President Trump is as pervasive as ripped black tights and ammunition
overpriced coffee. belts.
The spokesman for a new medium A person who knows him described
virtual reality briefly became an ex- Mr. Luckey as a casual prepper, some-
ile. one who prepares for societal collapse,
Now Mr. Luckey is back. Unburdened though another person said he was sim-
by a big companys culture, hes more ply a military buff.
freely sharing his politics on social me- Among his assets is about 85 acres of
dia. He also contributed $100,000 to Mr. property in upstate New York, including
Trumps inauguration, through one of a luxury home built atop a decommis-
his companies, according to Federal sioned Atlas missile silo. Tax rolls for
Election Commission records. Clinton County, N.Y., list Oculus VR and
And he has a new start-up in the Black Omen which Mr. Luckey owns,
works, a company that is developing according to California records
surveillance technology that could be among the owners of the properties.
During Marissa Mayers five-year run at Yahoo, internet users shifted attention to Google, Facebook and other rivals. The company will be absorbed by Verizon in the coming week. deployed on borders between countries Tenants live in the home.
and around military bases, according to He owns a second property in Chico,
three people familiar with the plan who Calif., with decommissioned Titan 1 mis-

Was she worth it?

asked for anonymity because it is still sile silos, according to records.
confidential. They said the investment Mr. Luckey also owns several military
fund run by Peter Thiel, a technology vehicles and, through various compa-
adviser to Mr. Trump, planned to sup- nies, three helicopters, and he received
port the effort. a student pilots license last year, ac-
In an emailed statement, Mr. Luckey cording to Federal Aviation Administra-
confirmed that he was working on a de- tion records.
had been stumbling for years. lion, that it received as part of a deal interests. fense-related start-up. While Mr. Luckey became a tech icon
When Ms. Mayers early efforts to struck in 1996, shortly after Yahoo was Ms. Mayer, who oversaw search at We are spending more than ever on for reviving interest in virtual reality, his
turn around Yahoos business and spin founded. Google, also assigned more than 1,000 defense technology, yet the pace of inno- politics burst into view in September
off the Alibaba shares failed to bear The surging value of those invest- people to Yahoos search products, vation has been slowing for decades, he when The Daily Beast published an arti-
Marissa Mayer made fruit, another hedge fund manager, Jeff- ments not any brilliant business which it had largely abandoned in 2009 wrote. We need a new kind of defense cle saying he had quietly funded a pro-
rey C. Smith of Starboard Value, led a moves by Ms. Mayer is why Yahoos when it sold its search operations to company, one that will save taxpayer Trump nonprofit, Nimble America.
$239 million in presiding campaign to push for her ouster. Mr. shares went up. Its like someone com- Microsoft. The team was asked to pur- dollars while creating superior technol- After the article ran, Mr. Luckey said
over Yahoos decline Smith eventually garnered four board ing into an oil company, and all of a sud- sue her great white whale: a per- ogy to keep our troops and citizens on Facebook that he was sorry his ac-
seats so he could keep the pressure on. den oil prices go up and the stock goes sonalized search product that could safer. tions were hurting Oculus. He said he
BY VINDU GOEL Yahoo declined to comment for this up, said Charles M. Elson, the director leapfrog Apples Siri, Googles Assistant The new business is the latest note in had given the nonprofit $10,000 because
article, citing the shareholder vote on of the Weinberg Center for Corporate and Microsofts Cortana. Little came of the charmed and very unconventional he believed it had fresh ideas on how to
When a withered Yahoo is absorbed by Thursday to approve the Verizon deal. Governance at the University of Dela- the effort. life of Mr. Luckey. He stood to receive communicate with young voters
Verizon Communications in the next Ms. Mayer and the board chairman, ware. Was the return based on what Yahoo did acquire advertising tech- hundreds of millions of dollars from the through the use of several billboards.
week or so, it will be the end of an era for Maynard Webb, who approved her pay she did? nology and built a new ad system from sale of Oculus to Facebook, he said in He said news articles, some of which ac-
one of the pioneering names of the inter- packages, also declined interview re- Still, managing those investments scratch, but marketers never embraced court in January during a trial involving cused him of funding the creation of rac-
net age. quests. So did Mr. Smith. was a key reason that Yahoos board it. a dispute between Oculus and a game ist memes, had distorted his views.
It will also conclude the remarkable hired Ms. Mayer. Mr. Loeb had accused publisher. The precise amount he left the He was gone from Oculus by March.
five-year run of Yahoos chief executive, MS. MAYER HAS come under more scru- Yahoos previous leaders of mishandling YAHOOS BOARD recognized Ms. Mayers company with is unclear. An Oculus spokeswoman said Mr. Luck-
Marissa Mayer, who was paid nearly a tiny than most Silicon Valley chief exec- both their core business and the Alibaba failure to meet business targets and He has accumulated a lot of toys with eys departure had not been connected
quarter of a billion dollars a generous utives, in part because of the Super- relationship. When he and two allies docked her bonuses and stock awards in that Facebook money. Most of his prop- LUCKEY, PAGE 8
sum even by Silicon Valleys lofty woman image she cultivated in an in- gained seats on the board in 2012, they four of the five years she was in charge.
standards while presiding over the dustry dominated by men: the Stanford- wanted a new chief executive who But under terms of her original employ-
companys continued decline. trained computer scientist and tireless would fix both problems. ment agreement, it also granted her
Ms. Mayer, now 42, was hailed as a manager who still wrote code for fun Ms. Mayer delegated the Alibaba is- new shares annually, easing the sting.
savior when she left Google for Yahoo in while raising three young children and sue, hiring an experienced dealmaker, The biggest financial price she paid
2012. But during her tenure, Yahoo was looking stylish in Oscar de la Renta. Jacqueline Reses, to be the companys for her mistakes came this year, when
hit by two of the biggest privacy She was an attractive, high-visibility principal liaison to Alibaba and its lead- she gave up her cash bonus for 2016 and
breaches in history. Advertisers, Ya- C.E.O. trying to bring some excitement ers, Jack Ma and Joseph Tsai. Ms. Reses equity awards for 2017 about $14 mil-
hoos bread and butter, fled the service. and glamour to Yahoo, said Martha Jo- helped the Chinese company navigate lion as a penalty for managements
Users shifted ever more attention to sephson, a senior partner at the recruit- its initial public offering. She also failure to act on evidence of the theft of
Google, Facebook and other rivals. Ya- ing firm Egon Zehnder, who helped Ms. data from 500 million accounts in 2014.
hoos staff shrank by almost 50 percent. Mayer find several of her top execu- That incident, along with the 2013
The company ended up so weakened tives. As hard as the job was, she didnt By Wall Streets most basic breach of one billion accounts,
that its board had little choice but to sell. get a break. If she were an ugly man, yardstick, she earned every prompted Verizon to renegotiate its
Everyone acknowledges that it was shed be a hero. penny she got: Yahoos share original purchase agreement with Ya-
a difficult situation to come into, said On July 16, 2012, the day she was hired, hoo, shaving $350 million from the $4.83
Brian Wieser, an analyst at Pivotal Re- Yahoos share price was $15.65. On Fri-
price more than tripled during billion price.
search who has studied Yahoo for years. day, it closed at $50.60. The stocks per- her tenure. Even Ms. Mayers handling of the Al-
But the company was not run well un- formance has topped other venerable ibaba investment came in for second-
der her tenure. tech companies like Microsoft, Oracle guessing. Yahoo spent so much time de-
So why did Ms. Mayer receive more and Cisco Systems, and matched the renegotiated an agreement, struck just vising its original plan to spin off the
than $900,000 a week? The answer, like gains of Alphabet, the parent company before Ms. Mayer arrived, that would stake in a tax-free transaction that the
so many things about Yahoo, is surpris- of Google, Yahoos most direct competi- have forced Yahoo to sell an additional Internal Revenue Service changed its RAMIN TALAIE FOR THE NEW YORK TIMES

ingly complicated. It is rooted partly in tor. 122 million shares in the offering. Those views on such deals, forcing the com- Palmer Luckey, a founder of Oculus VR, demonstrated a virtual reality headset and
the never-lose structure of modern ex- As Yahoo shareholders profited, so extra shares are now worth $15 billion. pany to start over. controllers during a media event in 2015. He sold the start-up to Facebook in 2014.
ecutive compensation packages, but did Ms. Mayer. By the time the deal Ms. Mayer, meanwhile, focused on Given those missteps, was Ms. Mayer
also in two farsighted investments made closes, she will have made about $239 turning around Yahoos internet busi- overpaid?
long ago by one of Yahoos founders, million, based on Fridays share price, ness. It had missed the mobile revolu- For the existing amount of compen-
Jerry Yang. according to calculations by Equilar, a tion and was experiencing steady de- sation, could Yahoo shareholders have
By Wall Streets most basic yardstick provider of executive compensation clines in its display and search advertis- done better? Mr. Wieser of Pivotal Re-
Yahoos stock price Ms. Mayer data. ing. There, her record is decidedly search said. Or for the same outcome,
earned every penny she got. Yahoos Such stock-heavy compensation mixed. could they have paid less? Ultimately
share price more than tripled during her structures are the norm in corporate Yahoo had no real strategy for reach- its a hard question to answer.
tenure. After the $4.5 billion sale to Veri- America, where boards of directors seek ing customers on mobile devices when Peter Monaco, who was a vice presi-
zon, shareholders will still own an in- to align an executives financial incen- she arrived a sure route to obsoles- dent for engineering at Yahoo for three
vestment company with $57 billion of tives with gains for shareholders. cence as smartphones became the prin- years before leaving for Facebook last
stock in two Asian internet companies, To lure Ms. Mayer from Google and cipal internet device for most people. September, said Ms. Mayer does not get
Alibaba Group and Yahoo Japan. compensate her for options she forfeited Through a combination of acquisi- enough credit for transforming Yahoos
Ms. Mayers pay was mostly in stock there, Yahoos board offered her a lucra- tions and hiring, she vastly expanded culture.
and stock options, and she reaped the tive employment agreement. She ini- Yahoos mobile team, which initially She eliminated the dead wood, drove
rewards alongside the other tially received restricted stock worth produced some buzzy hits like the Yahoo out the politics, put in place compensa-
stockholders. $35 million and stock options worth $21 Weather app and Yahoo News Digest, tion policies that rewarded high achiev-
The only sign you can point to when million, based on 2012 stock prices for along with more prosaic updates of core ers and energized people to create great
evaluating a company over a long peri- Yahoo, along with a cash salary and bo- Yahoo features like fantasy sports and products again, he said.
od of time is how shareholders have nus. Although she gave up a portion of email. Yet Ms. Mayer largely failed in Arguably, Yahoo was unfixable. The
done in the exchange, said David Wise, those stock grants after failing to meet her quest to make Yahoo a daily habit companys DNA and technology were
who heads North American sales at performance targets, the rise in Yahoos for more users in online video, search built around its original identity as a
Korn Ferry Hay Group, a firm that ad- share price more than offset the losses. and messaging. web portal a powerful position in the
vises companies on executive pay pack- She received further stock grants in lat- Ms. Mayer also made a bold bet on so- early 2000s but increasingly outmoded
ages. Over the last five years, Yahoo er years, adding to her overall compen- cial media, buying the money-losing in the mobile era, as apps and phone
shareholders couldnt have done a lot sation. blogging site Tumblr for $1.1 billion in platforms like iOS and Android became
better than this. Yet most of Ms. Mayers paycheck ul- 2013. But she did little with the acquisi- the gateways to the internet.
More than most chief executives, Ms. timately came from the gains in Yahoos tion and was eventually forced to write Given the hand she was dealt, I
Mayer was working for those Alibaba and Yahoo Japan investments, down much of the purchase price. doubt anyone could have done a better
shareholders. over which she had little control. Thanks One of her biggest mistakes was hir- job transforming the culture and
She was essentially hired by one to an investment made in 2005, Yahoo ing a former colleague from Google, making Yahoo healthy again, Mr. Mon-
hedge-fund manager, Daniel S. Loeb, had a 24 percent stake in Alibaba, which Henrique de Castro, to be chief operat- aco said.
who got her predecessor fired and won today is Chinas leading e-commerce ing officer and oversee Yahoos advertis- Ms. Mayer, who once made the trek to
three seats on Yahoos board in 2012. Mr. company. ing efforts. But Ms. Mayer fired him just the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africas
Loeb was particularly interested in find- When Alibaba first sold shares to the 14 months later, resulting in a $58 million highest peak, said last year that fixing
ing a way to unlock the value of Yahoos public in 2014, Yahoo sold 140 million severance payout. All told, he received Yahoo was like climbing a mountain. InterContinental London Park Lane
stake in Alibaba, which was already shares in the offering. It hung on to 384 about $108 million, according to court Its a tall mountain to climb and we
shaping up to be one of Chinas leading million shares, which are now worth documents. Two lawsuits have sought to started, obviously, very low on the October 1719, 2017
internet companies. He pushed the about $48 billion. recover some of that money, arguing mountain, she told Charlie Rose.
board to recruit a star like Ms. Mayer to Yahoo also owns about 36 percent of that Ms. Mayer and the board overpaid Unlike Kilimanjaro, though, the Ya-
get people excited about a company that Yahoo Japan, now worth about $9 bil- him and failed to protect shareholders hoo challenge proved insurmountable.


How the 67 war came home to me

begin. What I remember from those is easily the most hard-line, racist ad- though I have a Jerusalem ID, it takes
ARTHUR OCHS SULZBERGER JR., Publisher A.G. SULZBERGER, Deputy Publisher Hanan Ashrawi days is my parents generations sense ministration in the history of Israel. me at least an hour to travel through
DEAN BAQUET, Executive Editor MARK THOMPSON, Chief Executive Officer
of collective loss and insecurity. The results are evident in East Jeru- several checkpoints from Ramallah to
JOSEPH KAHN, Managing Editor STEPHEN DUNBAR-JOHNSON, President, International
What took place nearly 20 years later, salem, which has been subjected to a Jerusalem to visit family. This used to be
TOM BODKIN, Creative Director PHILIPPE MONTJOLIN, Senior V.P., International Operations
in 1967, was not the Naksa, or setback, as triple siege of settlements, military a 15-minute trip.
RAMALLAH, WEST BANK On June 5, 1967, I the leaders of other Arab countries checkpoints and a separation and an- Resistance comes at a high price.
SUZANNE DALEY, Associate Editor JEAN-CHRISTOPHE DEMARTA, Senior V.P., Global Advertising
was a student at the American Univer- called it, but a resounding defeat, an- nexation barrier that is, in effect, an Nonviolent and peaceful protests are
ACHILLES TSALTAS, V.P., International Conferences
JAMES BENNET, Editorial Page Editor
sity of Beirut majoring in English litera- other disaster of tremendous propor- apartheid wall. As Israel pushes out the met with violent responses and pun-
CHANTAL BONETTI, V.P., International Human Resources
JAMES DAO, Deputy Editorial Page Editor
ture. That morning, I woke early to tions. June 1967 ushered in half a cen- citys Palestinian residents by har- ished by excessive prison sentences. In
CHARLOTTE GORDON, V.P., International Consumer Marketing
finish a research paper on James tury of oppression, injustice and the assing them, confiscating their IDs, the five decades of occupation, many
HELEN KONSTANTOPOULOS, V.P., International Circulation
Joyces Ulysses. As had been my captivity of an entire people. For me, the demolishing their homes and denying hundreds of Palestinian civilians have
HELENA PHUA, Executive V.P., Asia-Pacific
habit, I turned on the BBC News. I occupation brought with it an immense them services, the whole history of been killed, even children, when they
SUZANNE YVERNS, International Chief Financial Officer
discovered, to my horror, that war had burden, but equally a sense of challenge Palestinian presence in Jerusalem is stand up to soldiers with guns.
broken out back home. and responsibility. being systematically erased. Palestinians desire peace, but peace
Word soon reached me and my sister My own return to Ramallah via Jor- The Gaza Strip has been turned into a cannot exist as long as the occupation
Nadia, who was also a student in Beirut, dan in 1973 was an ordeal, culminating huge prison camp, where 1.8 million and the denial of Palestinian rights
that our house in Ramallah had been in a prolonged interrogation, a strip Palestinians are subjugated in dire continue. We have been engaged in a
MORE AGONY IN BRITAIN shelled, and the fate of our family was search and the confiscation of my be- living conditions. peace process since 1991, when we first
unknown. For a week, we were gripped longings by the Israeli Army. I arrived Although Israel met with Secretary of State James
These are trying times for Britain. Two grotesque with shock and anxiety, alleviated only to discover that the landscape had For every withdrew its Baker. In that first encounter, the Pales-
The latest terror attacks within two weeks. An important and when our sister Muna, then in the changed and the mind-set of the Palestinian occupying forces tinian delegation raised a host of issues,
outrage has United States, was able to contact the people with it. Under a harsh regime of touched by in 2005, it main- including human rights abuses and
unexpectedly close election Thursday on how to exit American Consulate in Jerusalem and military checkpoints, arbitrary arrests, tained a suffocat- settlement construction. Secretary
not disrupted Europe. The issues involved stopping terrorism relay the information to us that our deportations, home demolitions and the conflicts ing blockade by Baker assured us: Begin negotiations
the democratic without sacrificing democratic values, ending a long family was safe and our house was still sheer intimidation, Ramallah was no aftermath, the air, sea and land. and the settlements will stop. Neither
process or relationship with the least damage to both sides standing. longer the bride of Palestine, as it had occupation Gazans have his, nor any American administration
Like other parts of historic Palestine, once been known, but a violated city. is personal. endured a series since, has made good on that promise.
democratic would be enough for any nation, much less one as however, our hometown was then occu- In those days, Israel had banned the of Israeli military From its inception, the peace process
values. emotionally battered as this one. pied by the Israeli military. It took my Palestine Liberation Organization from assaults that served to promote Israels interests and
The latest outrage, the attack in central London, father more than six years to get the the occupied territories, but those of us have left thou- security, not to recognize the Palestin-
family reunification permit that enabled who participated in the political leader- sands dead, a majority of them civilians. ian peoples rights and humanity, nor to
provoked strong reactions from both candidates. me to return home. ship of the first intifada, which began in The occupation has imposed on guarantee an independent state. During
Enough is enough, said Prime Minister Theresa That week in June marked the start of 1987, prepared a document calling on the Palestinians a system of economic my negotiations with the American
May, adding that there had been far too much toler- an intensely personal journey, linking P.L.O. to take the initiative and detailing dependency, with all transactions sub- delegation, I heard repeatedly that the
our parents story to my own trauma of a peace offensive based on interna- ject to Israeli whim. Israel also controls special relationship between Israel
ance of extremism in Britain. All communities must
1967. In the war of 1948 that led to the tional law. During a meeting in Algiers all the natural resources of the West and the United States would always
come together, declared the Labour leader, Jeremy founding of Israel, my parents along in 1988, the P.L.O. agreed to the principle Bank, including the water supply, and prevent any kind of accountability for
Corbyn. Both said that the election should proceed with thousands of others, all Palestinian of partition. Not long afterward, the allocates just 14 percent of the aquifers Israel, let alone the adoption of any
and that the attacks could not be allowed to disrupt Muslims and Christians had been organization settled for 22 percent of water to Palestinians, while the rest is sanction. We Palestinians, on the other
driven out of their home in Tiberias, on historic Palestine in hope of peace. The appropriated by Israel and its settle- hand, constantly had to prove our seri-
the democratic process. the western shore of the Sea of Galilee, enormity of the sacrifice, and the magni- ments. While most Palestinians in ousness of intent, and often faced
That both Mrs. May and Mr. Corbyn have not simi- where my father was then stationed as a tude of the compromise, have never towns, villages and cities like mine can threats and blackmail.
larly politicized these horrible events is reassuring. doctor in the Palestine Army. been fully appreciated by the interna- barely get drinking water, let alone We asked the Americans for their own
In total, about 800,000 Palestinians tional community. water for their crops, Israeli settlers vision for peace, but we never saw any
Surely the temptation to do so is there. were dispossessed and expelled. Be- Today, Palestinians are left in control lounge by swimming pools and on wa- American document before it had been
Yet despite the provocation, it is essential that nei- cause of the Nakba, or catastrophe, of of barely 18 percent of the occupied tered lawns. cleared with the Israeli delegation.
ther candidate succumb to the temptation of pledging 1948, those Palestinians and their territory which means just 18 percent We Palestinians must also contend Ultimately, Israel got incentives and
or imposing the sorts of draconian measures sug- descendants are refugees scattered of that 22 percent of historic Palestine with daily humiliations and inducements rather than blame when it
across the region and the world, dream- because of continued Israeli settlement inconveniences caused by the restric- undermined the process, reneged on
gested by some commentators, such as locking up ing of their right to return. Many still construction and land theft. There are tions of movement and services im- agreements or redefined the parame-
Muslims. Disrupting democracy and undermining its have the keys and deeds to homes in some 650,000 settlers now living on posed by Israels control of borders and ters by creating new facts on the
values is surrendering to just what the terrorists Palestine. Palestinian land, in violation of interna- the settler-only roads and infrastruc- ground.
My parents briefly took refuge in tional law. Some of them are among the ture that carve up the West Bank. The As President Trump takes on the
want. Amman, Jordan, before returning to my most radical and violent elements of majority of Palestinians who do not challenge of making a deal, he must
The political fallout for Thursday remains to be fathers ancestral home in Ramallah, Israeli society, yet they are powerful have Jerusalem IDs are forbidden to draw the proper conclusions from the
seen. The prevailing wisdom when Mrs. May called where my earliest childhood memories partners in a coalition government that enter occupied East Jerusalem. Even failures of the past. That involves a
recognition that ending the occupation
the election on April 18, reversing her earlier insist-
and respecting Palestinians inalienable
ence that she would not, was that she would win by a rights are central to any peace agree-
landslide over a disjointed Labour Party. And what- ment.
ever the outcome, there is little likelihood that Britain As I recount this history, I am re-
minded of an incident during the first
will reverse position and stay in the European Union. intifada in 1987. As I was leaving our
But her lackluster campaign, a flip-flop on social pol- house in Ramallah with friends to take
icy and failure to participate in a political debate, part in a demonstration against the
occupation, my daughter Zeina, who
combined with a better-than-expected performance
was 6 at the time, asked if she could
by Mr. Corbyn (of whom awfully little was expected, come. I refused, explaining that it was
to be sure) have steadily trimmed her partys margin too dangerous and she was too young.
in the polls. But by the time I grow up, she
pleaded, the occupation may have
The Tories are still expected to come out ahead, ended and therell be no more
though the failure of so many pundits to anticipate the demonstrations.
victories of Brexit or Donald Trump have made many Instead, my experience of living
under occupation has become the reali-
people understandably chary of predictions. ty, too, for my daughters, and even my
Add to these uncertainties a new wild card ter- grandchildren. The Israeli authorities
rorism, and a shaken citizenry. One week ago Mrs. revoked both of my daughters Jerusa-
Mays prospects looked certain. But as a former prime lem IDs, which prevented them from
living in their homeland and deprived
minister, Harold Wilson, once famously noted, a week me and our family of the joy of being
is a long time in politics. part of our grandchildrens lives.
Every Palestinian generation inherits
the yearning for freedom from the
previous generation and the struggle
to achieve it. We will continue to seek a
ROCKETING TO THE SUN AND ITS SECRETS just peace that will provide future gen-
erations with the historic redemption
Like the countless stars that come and go, flaring and that should be theirs.
NASA is dying across the universe, the sun still holds many
launching the mysteries. That should change markedly next year HANAN ASHRAWI, a Palestinian lawmaker
first satellite when NASA launches the first satellite aimed at our
and a member of the Palestine Libera-
tion Organizations executive commit-
aimed at own star to reveal the secrets of the suns atmosphere, tee, is the author of several works of
our own star the corona.
literary criticism and the memoir This
to uncover Palestinians surrender to Israeli soldiers in June 1967 in the occupied territory of the West Bank. Side of Peace: A Personal Account.
The corona is where supersonic releases of energy,
the mysteries called solar winds, burst forth and disrupt activities
of its on Earth, from farmers fields to electric power grids.
atmosphere. The corona fuels primal questions that scientists
yearn to answer soon from 92.96 million miles afar.
How can the sun generate these million-miles-per-
hour winds powerful enough to escape its gravita-
Making ignorance great again
tional pull? And how can the corona, at 3.5 million form, and try to devise a plan that were even more dire than those from tive; the magic of the marketplace can
degrees Fahrenheit, be a far more infernal presence made sense? Of course not. In fact, the C.B.O.) solve all problems. But then they claim
than the surface of the sun below, at a mere 10,000 House leaders made a point of ram- But Mulvaney and his party dont that these magical markets would roll
ming a bill through before the Congres- study issues, they just decide, and over and die if we put a modest price
degrees? sional Budget Office, or for that matter attack the motives of anyone who on carbon emissions, which is basically
That defies the laws of nature, stressed Nicola anyone else, could assess its likely questions their decisions. what climate policy would do. This
Fox, mission project scientist of whats called the impact. Which brings us back to climate doesnt make any sense but its not
Parker Solar Probe. Its like water flowing uphill.
Paul Krugman When the budget office did weigh in, policy. supposed to. Republicans want to keep
its conclusions were what you might On climate change, influential con- burning coal, and theyll say whatever
For answers, she said, humans must reach and touch expect: If you make huge cuts in Med- servatives have for years clung to helps produce that outcome.
the sun through the seven-year, 24-orbit mission, icaid and reduce subsidies for private what is basically a crazy conspiracy And as health care and climate go,
insurance all so you can cut taxes on theory that the overwhelming scien- so goes everything else. Can you think
seeking solar secrets at the furnace door. Donald Trump just took us out of the the wealthy a lot of people are going tific consensus of any major policy area where the
No astrophysicist is more curious about the an- Paris climate accord for no good rea- to lose coverage. Is 23 million a good that the earth is G.O.P. hasnt gone post-truth? Take
swers than Eugene Parker, the brilliant pioneer of the son. I dont mean that his decision was estimate of those losses? Yes it Climate is a warming due to budgeting, where leaders like Paul
heliosphere who was laughed at when he theorized
wrong. I mean, literally, that he didnt might be 18 million, or it might be 28 casualty in the greenhouse-gas Ryan have always justified tax cuts for
offer any substantive justification for million, but surely it would be in that war on truth. emissions is a the rich by claiming the ability to
the existence of the solar wind in 1958. But Dr. Park- that decision. Oh, he threw around a range. hoax, somehow conjure up trillions in extra revenue
ers work envisioned nonstop torrents of charged few numbers about supposed job So how did the administration re- coordinated by and savings in some unspecified way.
losses, but nobody believes that he spond? By trying to shoot the messen- thousands of The Trump-Mulvaney budget, which
plasma particles and mammoth magnetic fields knows or cares where those numbers ger. Mick Mulvaney, the White House researchers around the world. And at not only pulls $2 trillion out of thin air
complex stealth dynamics eventually confirmed by came from. It was just what he felt like budget director, attacked the C.B.O., this point this is effectively the main- but counts it twice, takes the game to a
early satellite research. doing. declaring that it did a miserable job stream Republican position. new level, but its not that much of a
And heres the thing: What just of forecasting the effects of Oba- Do G.O.P. leaders really think this departure.
To withstand 2,500-degree temperatures in its
happened on climate isnt an unusual macare. (It got some things wrong, but conspiracy theory is true? The answer, But does any of it matter? The presi-
sweeping orbital loops between the sun and Venus, case and Trump isnt especially overall did pretty well.) He also ac- surely, is that they dont care. Truth, as dent, backed by his party, is talking
the satellite will be shielded by an eight-foot-wide disc unusual for a modern Republican. For cused the office headed by a former something that exists apart from and nonsense, destroying American credi-
todays G.O.P. doesnt do substance; it Bush administration economist chosen in possible opposition to political con- bility day by day. But hey, stocks are
made of carbon composite. At a distance of 3.9 million
doesnt assemble evidence, or do anal- by Republicans of political bias, and venience, is no longer part of their up, so whats the problem?
miles from the suns surface, it will operate seven ysis to formulate or even to justify its smeared its top health expert in partic- philosophical universe. Well, bear in mind that so far Trump
times closer than any previous space device . policy positions. Facts and hard think- ular. The same goes for claims that trying hasnt faced a single crisis not of his
As the probe takes on a grand cosmic question of ing arent wanted, and anyone who So, Mr. Mulvaney, wheres your to rein in emissions will do terrible own making. As George Orwell noted
tries to bring such things into the assessment of Trumpcare? You had economic damage and destroy millions many years ago in his essay In Front
how stars work, the only certainty is that the sun will discussion is the enemy. plenty of resources to do your own of jobs. Such claims are, if you think of Your Nose, people can indeed talk
prove to be anything but unremarkable. Consider another huge policy area, study before trying to pass a bill. What about it, completely inconsistent with nonsense for a very long time, without
Im sure that there will be some surprises, pre- health care. How was Trumpcare put did you find? (Actually, the White everything Republicans supposedly paying an obvious price. But sooner
together? Did the administration and House did do an internal analysis of an believe about economics. or later a false belief bumps up against
dicted Dr. Parker, patient as ever about the suns its allies consult with experts, study earlier version of Trumpcare, which After all, they insist that the private solid reality, usually on a battlefield.
yielding its secrets. There always are. previous experience with health re- was leaked to Politico. Its predictions sector is infinitely flexible and innova- Now theres a happy thought.


Learning fairness from monkeys

The data on inequality is, of course, widest gaps in income, including the
staggering. The top 1 percent in America United States, generally have worse
owns more than the bottom 90 percent. health, more homicides and a greater
The annual Wall Street bonus pool alone array of social problems.
is more than the annual year-round People seem to understand this truth
earnings of all Americans working full intuitively, for they want much less
time at the federal minimum wage of inequality than we have. In a study of
Nicholas Kristof $7.25 an hour, according to the Institute people in 40 countries, liberals said
for Policy Studies. And whats becoming C.E.O.s should be paid four times as
clearer is the fraying of the social fabric much as the average worker, while
that results. conservatives said five times.
Payne challenges a common percep- In fact, the average C.E.O. at the
Monkeys were taught in an experiment tion that the real problem isnt inequal- largest American public companies
to hand over pebbles in exchange for ity but poverty, and hes persuasive that earns about 350 times as much as the
cucumber slices. They were happy with societies are shaped not just by disad- average worker.
this deal. vantage at the bottom but also by in- Presented with unlabeled pie charts
Then the researcher randomly of- equality across the spectrum. Address- depicting income distributions of two
fered one monkey in sight of a second ing inequality must be a priority, for we countries, 92 percent of Americans said
an even better deal: a grape for a humans are social creatures, so that they would prefer to live with the mod-
pebble. Monkeys love grapes, so this society becomes dysfunctional when we est inequality that exists in Sweden.
fellow was thrilled. see some receiving grapes and others Republicans and Democrats, rich and
The researcher then returned to the cucumbers. poor alike all chose Sweden by simi-
second monkey, but presented just a The dysfunction affects not only those lar margins.
cucumber for the pebble. Now, this offer at the bottom, but also the lucky ones at Inequality affects our actions and
was insulting. In some cases the mon- the top. Consider baseball: Some teams our feelings in the same systematic,
key would throw the cucumber back at
the primatologist in disgust.
In other words, the monkeys cared
deeply about fairness. What mattered to

To be great, be good
them was not just what they received
but also what others got.
Monkeys arent the only primates
instinctively offended by inequality. For
example, two
ment, putting us at odds with virtually aggressive action in the South China Inequality scholars exam-
Susan E. Rice the entire world. Europe and China Sea, threatening our Asian allies as drives all ined data from
stand together on the Paris accord, well as our own freedom of navigation, millions of
primates nuts.
while the United States is isolated. will our Western allies risk the eco- flights to identify
This last, disastrous decision is the nomic repercussions of confronting what factors
WASHINGTON Four and a half months is coup de grce for Americas postwar China to stand beside an America resulted in air
not long, but President Trump has global leadership for the foreseeable First president who refuses to affirm rage incidents. One huge factor: a
accomplished an extraordinary future. It was not taken from us by any our NATO commitments? first-class cabin.
amount in a short time. With shocking adversary, nor lost as a result of eco- Our friends profound disappoint- An incident in a coach section was
speed, he has wreaked havoc: hobbling nomic crisis or collapse of empire. ment with the United States is a meas- four times as likely if the plane also had
our core alliances, jettisoning Ameri- America voluntarily gave up that ure of the damage already done to a first-class cabin; a first-class section
can values and abdicating United leadership because we quit the field. Americas global standing by this increased the risk of a disturbance as pay players much more disparately predictable fashion again and again,
States leadership of the world. Thats a How consequential is this choice? administration. Most Americans surely much as a nine-hour delay did. than others do, and one might think that Payne says. Inequality divides us,
whole lot of winning for Russia and The network of alliances that distin- still see the benefits of the United When there is a first-class section, it is pay inequality creates incentives for cleaving us into camps not only of in-
China. guishes America from other powers States being the strongest, most at the front of the plane and economy better performance and more wins. come but also of ideology and race,
This work began promptly on Jan. and has kept our nation safe and trusted and respected country in the passengers typically walk through it to In fact, economists have crunched the eroding our trust in one another. It
23, when the United States withdrew strong for decades is now in jeopardy. world. So, we must take steps now to reach their seats, but in some flights the data and found the opposite is true. generates stress and makes us all less
from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, We will see the cost when next we recover and regroup. boarding is in the middle of the plane. Teams with greater equality did much healthy and less happy.
need the world to rally to our side. Congress must insist, on a bipartisan The researchers found that an air-rage better, perhaps because they were more Think of those words in the context of
leaving key allies empty-handed, fear-
Contrary to the view of this White basis, that the United States continue incident in coach was three times as cohesive. politics today: Doesnt that diagnosis of
ful of the strategic benefit that will
House, we do not live in a zero-sum to play its traditional leadership role, likely when economy passengers had to Whats more, it turned out that even stress, division and unhappiness strike
inevitably accrue to China. Then the
world. We live in a world where our by fully funding both defense and our walk through first class compared with the stars did better when they were on a familiar chord?
secretary of state made plain that
security and foreign assistance programs. Congress when they bypassed it. teams with flatter pay. Higher inequal- So much of the national conversation
American values now take a back seat
prosperity are should ensure the United States meets Keith Payne, a professor of psychol- ity seemed to undercut the superstar now is focused on President Trump, for
to security interests, even though The president maximized when its obligations to the United Nations. It ogy at the University of North Carolina players it was meant to incentivize, understandable reasons. But I suspect
those interests are enhanced by our has given up others enjoy the must also scrutinize foreign military at Chapel Hill, tells of this research in a which is what you would expect if you that he is a symptom as well as a cause,
partnerships with democracies that
respect human rights and undermined
the United same. Todays sales to align our policies with our brilliant new book, The Broken Lad- believed that the chief effect of pay and that to uncover the root of our na-
States world threats terror- values. der, about how inequality destabilizes inequality was to reduce cooperation tional dysfunctions we must go deeper
by regimes that repress their citizens. societies. Its an important, fascinating and team cohesion, Payne notes. than politics, deeper than poverty,
leadership. We ism, nuclear Congressional delegations, gover-
Witness the brutal crackdown on oppo- read arguing that inequality creates a Something similar emerges in na- deeper than demagoguery, and confront
must rebuild it proliferation, nors and mayors can reassure our key
sition elements in Egypt and Bahrain public health crisis in America. tional statistics. Countries with the the inequality that is America today.
disease, climate allies that the American people still
after President Trump told their lead- and fast. change, violent value them and that we do not intend
ers that the United States no longer cartels are not to cede our global leadership. We must
cares how they treat their people. amenable to make clear to our foreign partners that
The presidents budget would slash simple military solutions, nor can they this present policy is an aberration, not
funding for the United States Agency be tackled by any one country acting the new normal.
for International Development and the alone. They require effective collective American corporations and civil
State Department by nearly 30 per- action, and thus, willing partners. society groups can assist by demon-
cent, rendering our embassies vulnera- When the United States called after strating that the United States remains
ble to attack and shuttering vital pro- the Sept. 11 attacks, NATO answered, committed to its integration into the
grams that advance our interests. The and for nearly 16 years the alliance has global economy and to our democratic
budget would also starve the United fought alongside us to defeat Al Qaeda principles. In the absence of White
Nations and its peacekeeping opera- and strengthen the Afghan govern- House leadership, the American people
tions of essential support. This will ment. Over 65 countries joined the should act as informal ambassadors,
condemn the United States to pariah fight against the Islamic State, and we via contacts through tourism, study-
status at this important, if flawed, rely on their enduring commitment to abroad programs and cultural ex-
institution, where our leadership has roll back terrorist havens. And when changes.
been unrivaled. Russia illegally annexed Crimea and We can all contribute to showing
At NATO, the presidents reckless invaded Ukraine, the United States led other nations that we hold dear Ameri-
refusal to reaffirm our commitment to the effort to impose sanctions on Rus- cas place at the forefront of moral and
the defense of our allies under Article sia. political leadership in the world. And
5, while hectoring them publicly about It wont be long before a fresh crisis we must remain steadfast until, once
their military spending, made our arises. In 2014, I saw President Barack again, we have a president willing to
allies conclude they must go it alone. Obama successfully coax our allies to lead in accordance with American
Nothing could have thrilled President help contain and eradicate the Ebola interests, traditions and values.
Vladimir V. Putin of Russia more, or outbreak in West Africa. If there is a
done more damage to the strength and flu pandemic that requires a similar SUSAN E. RICEwas the national security
unity of the Western world. And now coordinated international response, adviser from 2013 to 2017 and the
the president has pulled the United will our European friends heed Presi- United States ambassador to the
States out of the Paris climate agree- dent Trumps call? Or if China takes United Nations from 2009 to 2013.

On the other side of terrors boom

KAYYEM, FROM PAGE 1 aftermath of the Boston Marathon policy of sanctuary cities, it will be
The measure of success in counter- attack, when the identity of the irrelevant at the panicked moment
terrorism efforts is not simply whether assailants was unknown, investigators when you are looking for your daugh-
an attack occurred or not. Another sought pictures and videos from the ter or husband after an attack.
measure must be whether fewer peo- public to try to piece together who had The scale of the problems we contin-
ple died or were harmed because of the placed the explosive backpacks at the ue to face from terrorism like the
actions of police, fire fighters, emer- finish line; within a few hours, London strategic question of how to eradicate
gency managers, public health officials officials were crowdsourcing the inves- violent extremism over time or the
and the voluntary efforts of the public. tigation, providing instructions to the tactical question of how to stop a van
Based on that standard, was the Bos- public on how to upload photos of the on a busy road from plowing down
ton Marathon attack a success? Yes, scene to a secure website. pedestrians on any given weekend
from the viewpoint of the terrorists. Challenges remain, but each event night will require coordinated di-
But only three people died at the finish provides valuable insights to prepare plomatic, intelligence, law enforce-
line; not a single person of the 100s for the next event. Any successful ment, military and first responder
taken to area and out-of-state hospitals terror attack is efforts.
was lost because of the quick reaction going to elicit And it will require communities to
of those on the ground. Success, in Right of boom fear, but fear is expose radicalization in their midst
some ways, from the viewpoint of the planning can intensified when and companies to limit the spreading
city and country. seem defeatist the conse- of hate on their platforms.
Right of boom policies are not or less quences of the Right of boom planning is no more
merely luck; they are the product of aggressive than attack are not fatalistic than aggressively treating the
sophisticated planning and heeding the saying that minimized and growth of a cancer cell or building a
lessons learned from previous attacks. managed effec- sea wall as the oceans rise. They are
Many of those lessons were imple-
we will stop tively. Admitted- all an acknowledgment that the harm
mented on Saturday night. The all the terrorists. ly, right of boom has happened, but that we ought to try
coordinated attacks in Paris in 2015 It shouldnt. planning can to command the depth of the loss. Our
showed that authorities needed to seem defeatist or efforts to stop all bad things from Were there to be only one
more effectively communicate with less aggressive happening noble in theory, unrealis- Toric Chronomtre
citizens about ongoing attacks; the than saying that we will stop all the tic in practice must always be mir- Manufactured entirely
quick notifications by the Metropolitan terrorists. It shouldnt. rored by our efforts to respond suc-
in Switzerland
Police Saturday night informed the Prime Minister May will need to cessfully and learn to do better the
public of a dangerous situation and answer questions about how her aus- next time.
urged them to get to safety. The 2016 terity planning as Home Secretary in Because there will be a next time.
Orlando Pulse attack, after which David Camerons government reduced And our success will be judged by how
distraught family members spent police presence on the streets. In the well we prepared for the other side of
hours looking for those who may have United States, those response capaci- the boom.
been in the bar, forced a new emphasis ties are also at risk as the Department 97 Mount Street, Mayfair Miami Design District Jardins du Palais Royal
on the importance of family unifica- of Justice takes aim at cities that pro- JULIETTE KAYYEM is a former assistant London W1K 2TD 140 N.E. 39th Street, PC #108, Miami, FL 125 126 Galerie de Valois, Paris 1er
tion; almost immediately, London vide sanctuary to unlawful immi- secretary of homeland security at the Tel. +44 (0) 20 7495 5172 Tel. +1 786 615 96 56 Tel. +33 (0) 1 40 13 93 93
police directed those who had been out grants. The Trump Administration is Department of Justice, a lecturer at the
that night to contact family and friends seeking to limit first responder mone- Harvard Kennedy School and the au-
so that they would not place unneces- tary support to mayors who support thor of Security Mom: My Life Protect-
sary burdens on public safety. In the safe-havens. Whatever you think of the ing the Home and Homeland.


Drone, at $499,
good for beginners
automated motion sequences for shoot-
Tech Fix ing some neat drone videos. You select
a subject (like a human or a dog) to
record, choose a QuickShot mode and
tap a button to commence the se-
BY BRIAN X. CHEN quence.
One QuickShot mode called Circle
If you thought those drones buzzing makes the drone automatically circle a
around on the beach were annoying, subject while recording video of it. My
just wait and see what happens when favorite QuickShot mode was Rocket,
they become cheaper than iPhones. which caused the drone to lift dozens
Whether you like it or not, con- of meters into the air while continuing
sumer-market drones miniature to shoot video of me and a friend from
remotely controlled aircraft may be overhead. The recording was a delight
on the cusp of going mainstream as to watch and share on Instagram.
they plummet in price. DJI, the worlds Typically, you would need a lot of
largest consumer drone maker, based skill flying drones to shoot these types
in Shenzhen, China, will soon release of videos adequately. By including
Spark, its first $499 drone. Thats these automated video-recording
roughly half the price of the most sequences in its app, DJI has made
popular drones on the market, or Spark very accessible as an aerial
three-quarters the cost of an iPhone, photography tool.
which starts at about $650. There are downsides, of course. One
I tested Spark over several days this of the QuickShot modes, called Helix,
week and found it surprisingly capable did not work properly in my tests.
for a low-cost drone. Unlike most ex- Helix is supposed to cause the drone to
pensive drones, which operate with a fly upward and spiral around the sub-
physical remote control, this machine ject.
was designed to work primarily with a But in three different test locations,
smartphone app; you can also make activating Helix caused the drone to fly
hand gestures to move Spark or make upward and so far away that it lost its
it take your selfie. It shoots superb Wi-Fi connection with the smartphone.
high-definition video, weighs about a (This may have been related to inter-
quarter of a pound and is so compact ference caused by nearby Wi-Fi
you could stuff it in a tote bag. routers.) The drone is programmed to
MICHAEL HESSION / THE WIRECUTTER I was able to confidently fly Spark, return home, or land where it took off,
Clockwise from top left: Qualcomm Quick Charge USB-C; Anker PowerPort 4; Anker PowerDrive 2; and the iClever Dual USB Travel Wall Charger. the first drone I had ever used, after whenever it loses connection with a
several sessions, a testament to its smartphone but nobody would
overall ease of use. blame you if you chased after it out of

Keeping your phone juiced

Unsurprisingly, Spark isnt perfect. anxiety.
Its app can be tough to grasp without
reading an instruction manual. The
battery lasts only about 15 minutes,
and there are some bugs in the soft-
nologies arent quite ubiquitous yet. around that price, but we like Ankers Anyone who has ever had a busted ware that could send your drone flying
Ask the Wirecutter because of the companys 18-month cable will appreciate being able to get off erratically.
I LUG MY CHARGER AROUND. COULD I CARRY warranty and the little status light that it swapped out without hassle. Yet I wouldnt hesitate to recom-
IT IN MY POCKET? WOULD IT WEIGH DOWN A lets you know when it is plugged all mend Spark for people who are curious
PURSE OR BAG? the way in. IVE USED SO MUCH SUGRU FIXING THOSE about trying drones for taking aerial
The PowerPort 4 would fit in a bag, but THINGS. photography or for experiencing the
it might be just a hair big for a pocket. YOU GUYS LIKE A LOT OF ANKER PRODUCTS. Ive seen plenty of that, and plenty of sheer joy of flying an object. Consider-
We cant live without our cellphones, We like iClevers Dual USB Travel Wall WHAT ABOUT AMAZON BASICS OR MONO- people who just let the exposed cabling ing how small and lightweight this
and they cant live without battery Charger as a more portable option. It PRICE? show through. The strain relief the drone is, Spark will also make a great
power. So how best to keep them has only two ports, but its only about Anker has really been knocking it out part where the cable itself meets the stocking stuffer this holiday season.
charged? Nick Guy, senior staff writer an inch and a half square by just over of the park for the past few years with plug end on these cables is stronger Heres what you need to know about Downside to the Spark drone: Some
for The Wirecutter, The New York an inch thick, so its pretty compact. powerful, well-designed stuff thats than most. Anker says it can withstand what youre getting from a budget control functions can be hard to master.
Timess site that evaluates products, really affordable. up to 5,000 bends. drone.
plugged several phones into chargers I RECENTLY READ THAT PUBLIC CHARGING Amazon Basics and Monoprice, an
and came up with some answers. STATIONS CAN BE DANGEROUS TO USE BE- American maker of electronics and HOW DO YOU TEST THE CHARGERS? EASY SETUP, ROUGH START By far Sparks most annoying fea-
CAUSE THEY COULD SUCK DOWN DATA. IS accessories, both tend to have good, Thankfully all the testing has been There are a few basic components to ture is its carrying case. The case
WHEN I TYPE WALL CHARGER IN AMAZON, I THAT A CONCERN? inexpensive products as well, but when straightforward. Plug it in and it Spark: propellers, motors, a camera snugly fits the drone, two batteries and
GET 32,819 RESULTS. HELP ME SORT IT OUT. I dont see it as a huge concern, but it comes to cables they are often, if not charges at full speed or, rarely, it does- and a battery. To set up the drone, slide some extra propeller blades, but it
The huge number of options out there yes, its certainly possible for people to always, white-label products that the nt. No sparks or smoke. Of course we the battery into the bottom of the lacks room for the propeller guards,
for chargers can seem overwhelming. transfer information to or from your seller simply slaps its name on. We take considerations such as port device. Then install the smartphone which are essentially bumpers that
But its not so bad once you know what device from a public USB port. Having used to recommend Monoprice cables, positions and overall design into ac- app on your phone, scan a bar code on help prevent the spinning propellers
to look for. your own charger definitely eliminates but the models would change too fre- count, too. A charger doesnt need to the carrying case to register the drone, from cutting people or objects.
Our top pick for a wall charger is this concern, because that information quently; you might order a cable one be a design piece, but why settle for an turn on the gadget and connect to it via DJI said that because the propeller
Ankers PowerPort 4. It has four USB cant travel over a power outlet alone. day and see a different design in the ugly one? Wi-Fi. From there, you use the app to guards are optional accessories that
ports, each of which can provide up to And you get the added bonus of store the next. change settings on the drone and make are sold separately, the compact case
2.4 amps. charging multiple devices at once WHATS THE STRANGEST ONE YOUVE SEEN? it take off. has no room for them. But to me, this
Most devices you own cant draw without being that person at the air- YOU EVEN HAVE A RECOMMENDATION FOR There are a few clever car chargers Inside DJIs app for controlling was an oversight: Any beginner should
more amperage than that, so this port hogging all the outlets. THE CORD THAT CONNECTS YOUR CHARGER that have charging units on the end of Spark, there are virtual joysticks for equip the propeller guards, and they
charger will charge most devices at top TO A DEVICE? a long cable, so they can reach to the making the drone rotate or move up, should be part of the overall package
speed, including larger phones and WHAT CAR CHARGERS DO YOU RECOMMEND? Yes! Again, we pick Anker here. Its back seat and keep your passengers down, forward or backward. Initially, and fit inside the case.
tablets. Our pick is Ankers PowerDrive 2, PowerLine Lightning and Micro USB charged. I dont have kids, but I imag- the app may seem confusing to use. It That brings up another issue with
The exceptions are newer devices which has two high-speed 2.4-amp cables are strong, inexpensive, come in ine that could be superuseful for when took me three sessions, or 90 minutes Spark: The $499 price tag is mislead-
compatible with USB-C PD and Qual- ports and is only $10. There are ac- a number of lengths and colors and, theyre watching videos and playing of flight time using two batteries, to get ing when you add the extra accessories
comm Quick Charge, but those tech- tually a fair number of good chargers once again, theres that warranty. games. the hang of it. The app buttons are not you are likely to need. After buying the
intuitive about what they do or how to propeller guards ($19), you probably
use them. In the end, I had to flip also need at least one extra battery
through a 50-page instruction manual ($49) and the battery charging station

A living room on wheels

to learn how to better operate Spark. ($69). In the end, youll probably spend
There is an option to skip using the roughly $640 just to make flight ses-
app altogether by enabling PalmCon- sions last half an hour, given the de-
trol, a mode that lets the drone re- vices 15-minute battery life.
sign, transportation and graphics. To take cost, brand reputation and con- When you reverse the seats you can in- spond to your hand gestures. To enable Even so, $640 is still cheaper than an
As driverless cars develop, fuel their discussions, specialists in the sumer acceptance into account. duce motion sickness, Mr. Hampf said. this, hold your palm flat toward the iPhone or a high-end Android device
fields of sound composition, olfactory Panasonic is one such company, and it Panasonic and BMW are far from the camera, and the drone will lock in on like the Google Pixel (also priced at
companies and designers reaction and even animal behavior were is considering ideas like altering a vehi- only companies developing the future of your hand and follow it around as you about $650), which makes it a compel-
are dreaming big brought in. Visual strategists from cles internal lighting depending on its automobile interiors. move. You can hold out your thumbs ling potential gift for tech and photog-
NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory paid occupants moods or allowing a child Valeo, a France-based automotive and index fingers to form a frame raphy enthusiasts. Spark is a solid
BY ERIC A. TAUB a visit as well. passenger to start a search to find a supplier to General Motors and other around yourself to make the drone product for a relatively low cost, and it
The proposals, which were reviewed nearby parking spot. companies, has 14,000 engineers work- automatically take a selfie of you. seems inevitable that drones will be-
Swiveling seats? Movies projected by executives from the carmaker BMW, Like students at the ArtCenter, Pana- ing on future vehicle projects, drawing Wave your hand at the drone and it come more commonplace at parks,
across the windshield? Social media the electronics firm Nvidia and IBMs sonic is also looking at using the wind- in employees from its visibility, comfort will ascend and fly backward. beaches and tourist attractions.
feeds on the windows? As driverless car Watson artificial intelligence division, shield as an overlay for additional infor- and driving, and thermal systems Spark was ultimately inconsistent Perhaps the most intriguing ques-
technology develops, companies, de- varied wildly. mation or advertisements. The com- groups to reimagine interiors. It spent with reacting to hand gestures. Some- tion is whether a new etiquette will
sign institutes and researchers are ask- In one concept, social media feeds pany declined to say how much it was 1.6 billion euros, or $1.75 billion, on such times it responded quickly, but often form around these flying cameras,
ing the question: What does the car of were displayed on the windows and an spending on researching vehicle research and development last year the drone failed to recognize the ges- which may be noisy and intrusive of
the future look like on the inside? all-glass roof, creating what is known as interiors, but said it was a substantial alone. tures and continued to hover. peoples privacy.
With companies like Google, Uber an augmented reality projection, pro- amount. The company wants to use light to There was one thing I learned the
and others racing ahead to develop fully viding contextual information on pass- BMW is experimenting with keeping alert and affect passengers a glowing PROS AND CONS hard way: Dont fly a drone at a dog
autonomous vehicles, the era of the ing landmarks and approaching sights. instruments at a low height. When nec- orange light on the right-hand side of the Spark has several features that make it park. While some dogs enjoyed chas-
driver hunched over the steering wheel As the vehicle would drive by a restau- essary, the driver or responsible party vehicle would point passengers to an on- well suited for those who are new to ing Spark, the drone frightened two
may eventually give way to a living rant, reviews of the eatery would be dis- would interact with controls through a coming danger, while a blue light would drones. The killer feature is a menu of pups so much that they darted into the
room on wheels. But with long develop- holographic projection that would ap- combine with air-conditioning to help shortcuts called QuickShot: These are street.
ment lead times, designers are already pear to hover closer to eye level in make the interior feel cooler.
thinking about how such technology will Windshields could become space, meaning they would not need to Using artificial intelligence, a vehicle
change the interiors of cars. displays for movies, and take their eyes off the road while adjust- would learn its passengers preferences
When people are in an autonomous windows could show information ing the temperature or changing radio in terms of language, climate and enter-
vehicle, their expectations will shift, stations. tainment and then modify itself accord-
said Hakan Kostepen, executive direc-
about passing landmarks. To confirm that a command was regis- ingly, said Guillaume Devauchelle, Va-
tor for strategy and innovation at Pana- tered, the driver would receive haptic leos vice president for group innovation
sonics automotive systems unit, a ma- played and an online reservation form feedback transmitted in space, but while and scientific development. The car
jor industry supplier. They will want would appear on the building. it would feel as if one were touching a could potentially even understand that a
their personal space to become one of Video games would be integrated into button on an Android smartphone, the passenger had just been to the gym and
smart mobility, connecting them and the passing environment. Players could user would not physically be touching adjust the cabin temperature accord-
relevant information to act upon. fire digital weapons at buildings, and anything. ingly.
When cars are fully autonomous, how then, via a projection on the glass, see When the vehicle is in fully autono- Similarly, Bosch, a major German au-
we sit, inform and entertain ourselves the structure go up in digital flames. mous mode, the windshield could be tomotive supplier, believes cars will
will be up for grabs. If steering wheels Another group envisioned a vehicles turned into a wide-screen display, allow- eventually be shared rather than indi-
are no longer needed, how do we best interior as a constantly changing envi- ing passengers to watch a movie; the- vidually owned, and so the company is
configure seating positions? What ronment, using variable lighting and ater-like seats would vibrate in sync working on systems that will allow vehi-
should be done with the space now occu- temperatures to fit the evolving moods with sound effects. cles to automatically personalize them-
pied by a dashboard, once a vehicle han- and desires of each occupant, as deter- Speakers embedded in each seat selves.
dles all driving tasks and even decides mined through a sensor analysis of would also include noise-cancellation An eye scan, fingerprint or smart-
when it needs to be serviced? physiological and emotional states. technology to ensure that only the per- phone connection will signal who is get-
Those are all challenges being taken A third proposal contemplated the use son watching could hear the soundtrack, ting into the vehicle, so that it can adjust
up by the automotive industry and the of virtual reality and motion-sensing music or phone call in progress. When its climate, seating position, favored ra-
schools that supply them with the next seats to give occupants the feeling of the driver has to take control of the vehi- dio stations and other attributes auto-
generation of designers. driving a sports car, even when they cle, rear seat passengers could be enter- matically.
At ArtCenter College of Design in Los were simply riding in a tame autono- tained using a large screen lowered One major question, however, is al-
Angeles one of the worlds premier mous vehicle. from the roof. ready being confronted: While much is
automotive design schools 14 stu- The concepts are not wholly pie in the In an autonomous vehicle, we can doable, should it be done?
dents recently worked on creating new sky graduates of the ArtCenter have push technology into the background On paper, it seems great that I can
concepts for a vehicle interior whose oc- gone on to design vehicles like BMWs i3 and only make it present when its read email on my cars window, but will
cupants would no longer be shackled by electric car and Teslas Model S but needed, said Holger Hampf, BMWs we actually want it? Mr. Kostepen of
the need to drive. nevertheless are a step beyond what is head of user experience. Panasonic said. A car has to maintain PHOTOGRAPHS BY DJI

Participants were picked from multi- being developed by vehicle One thing the carmaker does not envi- its brand DNA even when it is fully au- Michael Perry, an executive at DJI, the Chinese company that makes Spark, at a prod-
ple disciplines, including product de- manufacturers and suppliers, who must sion: swiveling, rear-facing seats. tonomous. uct introduction event for the relatively low-cost drone in New York last month.

Sgt. Pepper turns 50
time to think and tinker. Yet they still
A new deluxe version worked amazingly fast, harnessing the
eras primitive technology to pack wild
of the Beatles album is ideas onto four-track tape. Each Sgt.
still full of joy and whimsy Pepper song creates its own sonic
realm, far removed from the live Beat-
BY JON PARELES les two guitars, bass and drums.
They gave themselves a usefully
A half-century after its release, the loose concept. They would become Sgt.
Beatles Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band,
Club Band is a relic of a vanished era. setting aside all outside expectations of
Like a Faberg egg or a Persian minia- the Beatles and treating the album as a
ture, it speaks of an irretrievable past, performance complete with canned
when time moved differently, crafts- audience reaction: a theatrical, dis-
manship involved bygone tools and art tancing device.
was experienced more rarely and with While the Beatles had traveled the
fewer distractions. world, only Within You Without You
Its an analog heirloom thats still flaunted the exotic. Mostly, Sgt. Pep-
resisting oblivion perhaps because, pers band was almost provincially
even in its moment, it was already British: wandering London in A Day
contemplating a broader sweep of in the Life, telescoping an entire mid-
time. The music on Sgt. Pepper dle-class English life (complete with
reached back far before rock as well as prospective grandchildren) above a
out into an unmapped cosmos, while music-hall bounce in When Im 64.
its words seesawing between Paul Stalwart British brass answered the
McCartneys affability and John rowdy distorted guitar in Sgt. Pep-
Lennons tartness offered compas- pers Lonely Hearts Club Band;
sion for multiple generations. Shes Leaving Home is a stately
We simply cant hear Sgt. Pepper waltz set to a harp and parlor orches-
now the way it affected listeners on tra that might have accompanied high
arrival in 1967. Its innovations and tea. One of the Beatles paths forward
quirks have been too widely emulated, led through an expanded embrace of
its oddities long since absorbed. the past.
Sounds that were initially startling They rejected any generation gap.
the Indian instruments and phrasing of The album cover set the 1967 Beatles,
George Harrisons Within You With- with their mustaches and shiny mock
out You, the tape-spliced steam-organ band uniforms, alongside their suited,
collage of Being for the Benefit of Mr. mop-topped pop-star wax statues so
Kite, the orchestral vastnesses of A recent, yet so distant and cultural
Day in the Life have taken on a figures like Karlheinz Stockhausen,
patina of nostalgia. Sgt. Pepper and Sonny Liston and W. C. Fields, a right-
its many musical progeny have blurred ful claim to adult significance. But the
into a broader memory of psychede- LP was also packaged with cardboard
lia, a sonic vocabulary (available to cutouts a mustache, military stripes
current music-makers via sampling) like something for children. While
that provides instant, predigested the Summer of Love nurtured hippie
allusions to the 1960s. Meanwhile, the dreams of creating a new world, the
grand lesson of Sgt. Pepper that Beatles reminded listeners of how
anything goes in the studio has long entrenched the old one was, and how
since been taken for granted. comforting.
Sgt. Pepper has been analyzed, But at the same time, Sgt. Pepper
researched, oral-historied and dis- gazed forward in sound and sense. The
sected down to the minute differences Beatles and their producer, George
between pressings, and because the JOHN PRATT/KEYSTONE, VIA GETTY IMAGES Martin, concocted eerie, unforgettable
Beatles industry never misses an Above, the Beatles (clockwise from top left, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, John Lennon and Paul McCartney) promoting Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967. Below, sounds from hand-played instruments
anniversary, it has been repeatedly from left, a recording session for the album at Abbey Road studios in London and the LPs cover. and analog tape tricks; Strawberry
reissued. The 50th-anniversary deluxe Fields, which miraculously inter-
version is exhaustive. It has been weaves two arrangements of the song
remastered once again to give the in two keys, remains a marvel of inter-
album a broader soundstage and nal disorientation. And despite all the
crisper detail, giving more separation vintage references, Sgt. Pepper
to individual voices and instruments. situated its songs in the present: some-
(For the older blend, it also includes times a rushed, workaday world and
the mono mix from 1967.) The new box sometimes a mind-altered escape. The
rightfully incorporates Strawberry albums magnificent, sobering finale,
Fields and Penny Lane, the master- A Day in the Life, understood and
pieces recorded alongside Sgt. Pep- anticipated the ethical and emo-
per but released before the album. It tional ambiguities of a world perceived
also has outtakes, comprehensive through mass media, even back when
reading material, video clips from 1967 the news media was just newspapers,
and a documentary about making the radio and television.
album. (The anecdotes are now famil- Sgt. Pepper had an immediate,
iar because the film was done for the short-lived bandwagon effect, as some
albums 25th anniversary.) late-1960s bands sought to figure out
Sgt. Pepper was not universally APPLE CORPS LTD how to make those strange Beatles
adored when it appeared. The New sounds, and others got more studio
York Times panned it, not entirely Yet for the Beatles, that instant of time and backup musicians than they
incorrectly, as busy, hip and clut- cultural innocence was a strategic needed. Artistic pretensions also
tered. As pop tastes have swung artistic opening. By 1967, the Beatles notched up. And the pendulum started
between elaborate musical edifices and were by no means ingenuous. They its long-term swings: progressive rock
back-to-basics reactions, Sgt. Pepper had already been through exponen- and corporate rock would be swatted
has been by turns embraced, reviled tially expanding pop stardom, endless back by punk and disco, hair metal
and simply ignored. screaming crowds and the fierce would be blasted by grunge and hip-
But now that rock itself is being American backlash against Lennons hop. The studio artifice that Sgt.
shunted toward the fringes of pop, its flippant 1966 remark that the Beatles Pepper daringly flaunted has long
a good time to free Sgt. Pepper from were more popular than Jesus now. since become commonplace.
the burden of either forecasting rocks After three years of hectic touring Yet while Sgt. Pepper has been
eclectic future or pointing toward a and recording, and of jaw-droppingly both praised and blamed for raising
fussy dead end. It doesnt have to be rapid development as songwriters the technical and conceptual ante on
the most important rock & roll album APPLE CORPS LTD amid the tempest, the Beatles decided rock, its best aspect was much harder
ever made, as Rolling Stone declared to get off the road, where they couldnt to propagate. That was its impulsive-
in 2012, or some wrongheaded counter- Lovely Rita and Good Morning album brand-new in 1967, Sgt. Pep- pop and rock provided a short-lived hear themselves play, and to focus on ness, its lighthearted daring, its will-
revolutionary coup against real rock Good Morning. Two of its most re- per remains inseparable from its era. but euphoric diversion from conflicts making studio albums. They took five ingness to try the odd sound and the
n roll. Its somewhere in between, markable songs, Strawberry Fields It was released on June 1, the begin- that would almost immediately resur- months an eternity at the time, now unexpected idea. Listening to Sgt.
juxtaposing the profound and the and Penny Lane, arent even on the ning of the Summer of Love. It was a face: the Vietnam War and Americas barely a pause for a new wardrobe and Pepper now, what comes through
merely clever. album. But with 50 years of hindsight, time of prosperity, nave optimism and racial tension. Sgt. Pepper remains sponsorship deal to record the Sgt. most immediately is not the pressure
Although the album as a whole is Sgt. Pepper remains a joyful, whim- giddy discovery, when the first baby tied to that brief moment of what many Pepper album, Strawberry Fields the Beatles put on themselves or the
synergistic, song by song its a mix of sical and revelatory experiment. Even boomers were just reaching their 20s boomers remember as innocence and and Penny Lane. With Revolver, musicianly challenges they sur-
milestones, like A Day in the Life and the albums slightest songs are full of and mind-expanding drugs had their possibility the feeling captured they had embraced studio surrealism mounted. Its the sheer improbability
Within You Without You, with me- musical and verbal twists. most benign reputation. perfectly in Getting Better, even as and partly jettisoned love songs, and of the whole enterprise, still guaran-
ticulously wrought baubles like For people who, like me, heard the In 1967, candy-colored psychedelic Lennon taunts, It cant get no worse. for its successor they would have more teed to raise a smile 50 years on.

Salma Hayek and the horrible dinner

The film stars John Lithgow as Doug its not that were living in these times havent even gotten to the right ques- a good life, where there is love and
The actresss lead role Strutt, Beatrizs pompous adversary, because of him. No, I think its the eye tions. And its a very primitive thought family, and where I dont need to im-
who cares not a whit about the envi- opening of an America that was not that a wall is going to keep you safe, press anyone with my beauty to get
in her new film was ronmental havoc he and his projects clear before. because history has proved that it the things that I want. I already have
written expressly for her wreak. When he first meets Beatriz, he doesnt. Id like to think that there my husband, and we are in love 11
assumes she is part of the wait staff. And the casting of John Lithgow? would be a greater level of so- years. I have my baby, which for some
BY KATHRYN SHATTUCK As he gloats about killing a rhino, I was like, But John is the most lov- phistication. time I thought I was not going to be
displaying the carcass on his phone, able human being! Have you ever met able. I have my wonderful stepchil-
If the new movie Beatriz at Dinner her placid demeanor cracks and a war him? Its ridiculous. Sweet. [Makes You appear to be wearing no makeup dren, my animals. You know, what do I
about a Mexican-born masseuse and of wits ensues a tangle of race, kisses.] Hes almost Mexican. And hes in the film. Did that make you anx- care? I want to look pleasant for them,
healer invited to dine at her rich inequality and immigration at its core. so big, but hes so angelic and lovely ious? I want to be healthy. But if I dont work
clients home, where the guests include Ms. Hayek, 50 who divides her and kind and generous and a gentle- No makeup, and they would like me again, I had a good life.
a billionaire real estate developer with time among Paris, London and a Wash- man. And Miguel had a point. You ugly on purpose. And only tall girls.
a passion for big-game hunting ington State ranch with rescue animals dont want somebody that moves like a Miguel put them in high heels, so that I Whats it like being 50 in Hollywood?
seems tailor-made for Salma Hayek, is married to Franois-Henri Pi- villain because its not about demoniz- am even shorter. It was cold at night When I was young, I read a play by
thats because it was. nault, the chairman of Kering, the ing that other human being, who also shoots, and I had on so many layers Henrik Ibsen called A Dolls House.
Two weeks before her birthday in French luxury goods company, with has a belief system. underneath that the costume could And I thought, Its interesting, but
September 2015, Ms. Hayek spent the whom she has a daughter, Valentina, 9. barely fit me. I loved it. It relaxed me, what I really want to know is what
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Feasting on the bounty of the Adriatic


From Venice to Trieste,

the Italian coast features
seafood in class of its own

Has anyone ever traveled to Italy to go

on a diet? Like every cartoon, the notion
of the oft-romanticized country as the
tourists pigging-out destination it
provided the Eat in Elizabeth Gilberts
memoir Eat, Pray, Love has some
basis in reality.
Still, the evocation of Italy as one glut-
tonous infinity of pasta, prosciutto, Gor-
gonzola, gelato and bread lasciviously
dunked in saucers of olive oil overlooks
two interrelated facts. First, Italians
have an enviably low adult obesity rate
(10 percent, compared with 34 percent of
Americans). Second, even the most
landlocked villages in Italy are less than
300 miles from a shore, and thus from a
bounty of frutti di mare, or fruit of the
For those pitiable souls suffering from
a lifelong aversion to seafood, I propose
Italys Adriatic coast as the place to get
over it. Many times over the past two
decades, Ive navigated the trek from
Venice to Trieste, two of Europes most
bewitching cities. It was along this arc
that I came to appreciate how Italys
core culinary principle a reliance on
the freshest of ingredients extends to
the sea. Anyone who thinks that ancho-
vies (alici) taste fishy, or that calamari is
palatable only if its fried, or that the
only worthwhile fish on an Italian menu
is sea bass (branzino), needs to feast on
Adriatic cuisine for a proper disabusing.
Inveterate seafood lovers traveling
along this roughly 100-mile stretch of
coastline have their own educations in
store. Here is where you take a pass on
the familiar medleys of clams, scampi
and swordfish. Gravitate, instead, to Clockwise from above: the Port of Grignano in Italy; dishes from Ristorante Slauko in Contovello; and Mara Raddi, an owner, in the kitchen of Trattoria Alla Laguna Vedova Raddi in Marano Lagunare.
Adriatic delicacies like finger-length
mackerel (sgombri), small spotted
brown octopus (moscardini), turbot shimmering seascape, the interior is de- pasta and a sprinkling of parsley. creamy feather fluttering down my Ill know better: In Marano Lagunare,
(rombo) and a succulent if unsightly terminedly plain though no matter in As I perused the main courses, Mr. throat, leaving me in a kind of fugue come for the seafood, stay over for the
mud-burrowing crustacean known as summer, when the seating is outdoors. Raddi put his hand on my shoulder and state. lagoon cuisine.
mantis shrimp (canocchie). Hardly by There is no wine list, only a dozen or so gently but firmly insisted that I select After departing Vedova Raddi for Trattoria alla Laguna Vedova Raddi, Pi-
coincidence, the perfect accompani- bottles of excellent Friulan whites in the the Adriatic sole for its exceptional Venices airport, I learned that another azzetta Garibaldi 1, Marano Lagunare,
ment to such dishes is from the neigh- lobbys display refrigerator. Nor have I freshness. I did so. Youve had sole be- local restaurant, Tre Canai, specializes 39-20-50670302, Dinner
boring vineyards of the Friuli-Venezia ever seen a menu in my half-dozen visits fore, and so have I this was more like a in grilled eel on wooden spits. Next time for two without wine, about $130.
Giulia region, where the countrys best to Slauko. The proprietor, a scruffy but
white wine originates. affable fellow, stands at the table and
tells you what he has available. (Its pos-
ANTICHE CARAMPANE sible to call the day before and request
Among the dozen or so stellar restau- that he look for particular items at the
rants in Venice, the rigor with which this
34-year-old culinary landmark has de-
voted itself to Adriatic frutti di mare is
Trieste seafood market.)
Still, everything at Slauko hits the
mark, largely by staying out of the way
Book your 3 day pass 20%
off on your
second to none. I received my first con- of its chief ingredients. During my most
firmation of this one morning in 1996, recent visit, the antipasto of grilled ra- pass
when I dropped by to secure a lunch res- zor clams and scallops was on par with a
ervation and found the proprietor, Piera three-star Michelin delicacy. Accentuat-
Bortoluzzi Librai, hunched over a bowl ing the flavors was the olive oil that the
filled with the tiny local shrimp known owner said he had produced himself
as schie, which she peeled with her own from the rocky Carso hills nearby. The
fingers. Ive eaten here at least 20 times next dish, a lobster risotto of epic rich-
since; not one meal has been less than ness, required no adornment in the

outstanding. slightest. From the days catch, I se-
Situated a stones throw from the Stua
canal, a zigzagging 10-minute walk from
the Rialto bridge in the San Polo neigh-
lected a grilled whole San Pietro, or
John Dory fish possibly the most un-
sightly flatfish the Adriatic has to offer,
borhood, Antiche Carampane is now run but light and submissive in the mouth,
by Pieras son Francesco Agopyan. requiring only a little parsley and lemon
While there is no such thing as an un- to bring out its gentle brininess. The ac-
discovered Venetian restaurant, this companying roasted potatoes and as-
always-full, 16-table place attracts an paragus could not have been more basic,
equal proportion of residents and dis- or appropriate.
cerning tourists who have been prop- Service at Slauko is, to put it charita-
erly admonished by the No Pizza, No Above, a seafood medley at Antiche bly, leisurely. Or so Ive been told by
Lasagne, No Menu Turistico sign be- Carampane in Venice. Top, ravioli at other diners. From my perspective,
side the front door. Tavernetta Al Molo in Grignano. staring out into the yawning azure gulf
Meals invariably commence with a with razor clams and a glass of Malvasia
complimentary butcher-paper cone is an experience not to be rushed, or
filled with schie, gently fried. After this producers of local white grapes like Vi- even ended.
come agonizing decisions. From the tovska and Malvasia Istriana that pair Ristorante Slauko, 453 Contovello, 39-40-
well-curated wine list, I chose the ele- brilliantly with fish. The misto marinato 225393. Dinner for two without wine,
gant white blend Arbis Blanc made by antipasto included a carpaccio of about $90.
the famed Friulan brother-sister winery branzino that was so fresh it might have
Borgo San Daniele. The antipasti here leapt directly out of the sea and onto my TRATTORIA ALLA LAGUNA VEDOVA
are a must: During my most recent plate. For this reason, I elected for my RADDI
lunch, I forewent the tempting array of main course to stay with branzino Everything about this lagoon-side
crudi for a delicious plate of grilled octo- grilled whole and then filleted and restaurant is a revelation, beginning
pus and artichoke. But its the seafood- was not the least disappointed. with its locale, in the remote and relent-
based pastas at Antiche Carampane As with Antiche Carampane, howev- lessly picturesque town of Marano La-
that have no peer in Venice. Deviating er, the star was the pasta course. gunare. Before even walking into the
from my standard choice, the tagliolini Though the bristling February evening trattoria one early Sunday afternoon, I
in spider crab sauce, I opted for one of called out for Al Molos well-regarded eyed the handsome Roman architecture
the restaurants justly famed dishes: Zuppa della Tavernetta (made with along the town square and the fleet of
spaghetti in cassopipa, a rich shellfish clams, mussels, scampi and monkfish), I fishing boats docked in the lagoon and
sauce laced with anise, cardamom and gravitated instead to the ravioli stuffed determined that I would be back for an
other spices. with spigola (a cousin to branzino) be- extended stay. Then I stepped inside,
Objectively speaking, this was a meal, neath a ragout of scampi, tomato and and the question became, How soon?

JUNE 15-16-17 / PARIS 2017

yet not enough of one, not when the parsley. Coupled with the stony Vi- Vedova Raddi has been a family-run
Adriatic soft-shell crab known as tovska of Edi Kante, the dish repre- restaurant since its opening in 1938, and
moeche were available as a secondo. In sented the quintessence of Italian sim- among its guests in the 1950s was Ernest
any other meal, the sweetish, lightly plicity. Hemingway. Why its not famous today
sauted crustacean dish would have
been the standout. Here at Antiche
After the Crema Catalana dessert a
divine apocalypse of custardy richness
can be explained only by its obscure lo-
cation, almost exactly halfway between
Carampane, it was merely delicious. I stumbled out to the dock (molo) and Venice and Trieste, several miles south
Antiche Carampane, San Polo 1911, observed the stars flickering over the of the national highway.
Venice, 39-41-5240165, antichecaram- quiet sea. I also noticed the outdoor ta- It is both elegant and unstuffy, and its Something big Entrepreneur France and its vibrant ecosystem Dinner for two excluding bles where, some warm evening, I fidelity to seafood both from the Adri- is happening is a French word of startups will be the Silicon
wine, about $150. would surely find myself. atic and the lagoon is total. The pro- in France Eric Schmidt, Valley of Europe
Tavernetta Al Molo, Riva Massimiliano e prietor, Decio Raddi, whose grand- Alphabet Inc John Chambers, Cisco
Mike Butcher, TechCrunch
TAVERNETTA AL MOLO Carlotta 11, Grignano, 39-40-224275, tav- mother founded the place, showed me to
There is not a lot to see in the coastal vil- Dinner for two without my table overlooking the water, where I
lage of Grignano, about 15 miles north of wine, about $100. settled in for what I knew would be a full
Trieste. But on a winter evening, the afternoon of maritime self-gratification. ORGANIZERS PLATINUM PARTNERS
spectacle of this dockside trattoria with RISTORANTE SLAUKO The antipasto of breaded and broiled
its lights on was more than enough. The Curiously, Triestes most distinguished shellfish included a delectable smooth- JUNE 15-16-17 / PARIS 2017

back page of the handwritten menu of- restaurants tend not to take advantage shelled bivalve, fasolari, I had never en-
fers a few items for those who dont of the citys window onto the sea that of- countered. It appeared as well among
love fish, just as the wine list concludes fers their most crucial ingredients. For the pasta dishes, along with tiny shrimp
with some reds. The bias here is plain: such a vista, drive a couple of miles from the Gulf of Trieste and the tiny
You do not come to the Adriatic for beef- above the city limits to the village of Adriatic clam known as peverasse. But I
steak and cabernet. Contovello, where this honest trattoria elected to go with the linguine and
Tavernetta Al Molo is a casual and un- commands an unsurpassed view of the canocchie, which I love for its chewy
hurried respite from city dining, one Gulf of Trieste. richness but tend to avoid when its not
where the seafood offerings are Slauko presents the Adriatic culinary already extracted from its tenacious
straightforward but also precise. Its experience at its most stripped-down. In shell. This was the way to eat it, peeled
wine list includes many nearby contrast to the heavenly expanse of and cut into small bites with homemade