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Tomaso Marchetti-il primo libro

dintavolatura della chitarra spagnola

(1660) facsmil
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This Italian Maestro of the baroque guitar and theorbo was probably born in the university
town of Bologna, also Francesco Corbettas place of abode at the time. He describes
himself as Bolognese on the title page of his first guitar book and di Bologna on the
title page of his second.

His early career was probably spent in Florence possibly in the service of Jacopo Salviati,
Duke of Giuliano (1607-1672), for whom he dedicated his first book Libro primo di
chitarra spagnola which was published 9th August 1640. In the early 1650s Angelo
Michele Bartolotti was invited, as a member of a small troupe of Italian musicians, to work
in the Court of Queen Christina of Sweden. He continued in the employment of the Queen
until her abdication in 1654, and followed her south, finding a temporary patron in her
erstwhile host on her travels, Archduke Ferdinand Karl in Innsbruck. Queen Christina
ended her journey of exile in Rome in 1655, the same year in which Bartolotti published his
second book of guitar solos Secondo libro di chitarra , which was dedicated to Christina
and bore her family coat of arms and was evidently published to regain royal favour. It
appears that he failed in this endeavour and he moved to France where he was feted for his
theorbo playing in the royal court. Bartolotti lived out his the rest of his life in Paris, and
died there sometime before 1682.

Angelo Michele Bartolotti two volumes of guitar works are significant in the development
of the guitar, particularly as during this era the guitar was overshadowed by the lute in
popularity. The first book, published in 1640, contains a cycle of passacaglias in all major
and minor keys featuring Giovanni Paolo Foscarini inspired battute (strummed) and
pizzicato (plucked) right-hand styles. Additionally there is a ciaconne (chaconne), a folia
and six suites each comprising an allemanda (allemande), corente (courante) and sarabanda
(sarabande). In 1655 some of the most spectacular guitar music of the 17th century was
published in Bartolottis second book. This book was is more french-influenced than the
first, featuring intricate lute derived textures and precise indications for various playing
styles and ornaments culminating in some of the most carefully notated guitar music of the

Tomaso Marchetti-Il primo libro dintavolatura della chitarra spagnola (1660)

Italian guitar tablature.
Includes instructions for playing from Italian guitar tablature.

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Il primo libro dintavolatura della chitarra spagnola (1660)