Circuit Training Workout # 3 Push Muscles Plus

Need: Weighted Plates, Dumbbells

Side Jump Planks 30s Left Side TO (jump out into side plank, stand up, repeat on other side) TO Resisted Single Leg Switch 1m (press 3 count, switch) TO Side Jump Plank 30s Right Side

Plank Tricep Light Weighted Tricep Kickbacks 30s Each Side TO 8 Count Body Builders 1m TO Sumo Squat Overhead Tricep Exts 1m TO Tricep Overhead Exts 30s

Front Deltoid Weighted Plate Raises 1m TO Weighted Plate Overhead Tricep Extensions 1m TO Weighted Plate Upright Rows 1m

Bent Arm Dumbbell Lateral Raises 1m TO Plyo Plank 30s (hop legs up side to side) TO Tricep Low Plank Held Alternating Leg Lifts 30s TO Alternating Dumbbell Shoulder Press 1m

Alternating 1 Legged Wide Push Ups 1m TO Alternating Side to Side Lowers 1m TO Dumbbell Tricep Push Ups 1m (hold lower 5 count)

Held Bridge Dumbbell Chest Press 1m TO Half Burpee Sprawl 1m (low squat jump back an lower to ground in sprawl, lift, jump forward to repeat) TO Weighted Plate Seated Twists 1m

Weighted Plate Wood Chops 1m Each Side TO Weighted Plate Sumo Deadlifts 1m TO Weighted Plate Swing Thru Squats 1m

Cross Feet Lift & Switch Abs 1m (switch top foot on lower) TO Inching Elbow Plank Ups 1m (inch feet up to pike then back to plank, lift and lower, repeat inch) Lunge & Press 1m Each Side

Weighted Single Leg Sit Up 1m LEFT SIDE TO Heel Back Toe Front 1m LEFT Side TO Weighted One Legged Bridge Hip Lifts 1m LEFT Side TO Repeat Row on RIGHT Side

Side Plank & Reach 1m Each Side (reach as leg raises) TO Plank Jacks Push Up 1m (complete 5 jacks, lower and lift, repeat) TO Side Stepping Alternating Curtsey Lunges 1m

Bicep Curl with Knee Tuck 1m Each SIde TO Twist & Reach Squats 30s Each Side TO Light Weighted Plate Tricep Kickbacks 1m Each Side (step opposite foot on low stpe)

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