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Developmental Milestones: Birth to 5 years!


Lifts head/chest when Eyes track past the ! Alerts to sound!

2 mos.! prone! midline!
Recognizes parent!
! Social (reciprocal) smile!

! Laughs! Orients head to direction

4 mos.! Rolls front to back! Grasps a rattle!
of a voice!
! Soothed by parents voice!

! Babbles!
Sits with little or no ! Reaches with one hand!
6 mos.! Developing stranger Feeds self!
support! ! Transfers objects!

! Developing immature
! Says mama/dada
pincer grasp! Plays gesture games"
9 mos.! Pulls to stand! indiscriminately!
! Bangs two objects (e.g., pat-a-cake) !
! Waves bye-bye!
! One word other than
12 mama/dada!
Stands/walks alone! Fine pincer grasp! Points to desired object!
mos.! ! Follows one-step
commands with a gesture!

15 ! Uses spoon and cup!

Stoops and recovers! Scribbles in imitation! Uses 35 words!
mos.! ! Turns pages in a book!

Runs well! Builds a tower of 3 cubes! Points to 13 body parts! Helps in the house!

! Speaks in 2-word
24 ! Throws ball overhand! Copies drawing a line combinations! Removes an article of
mos.! ! Kicks a ball! with crayon! ! > 50-word vocabulary! clothing!
! Parallel play!

! Speaks in 3-word
36 sentences!
Pedals a tricycle! Copies a circle! Brushes teeth with help!
mos.! ! 75% of language is
intelligible to a stranger!

! 100% of language is
48 intelligible to a stranger!
Hops! Copies a square or cross! Knows 4 colors!
mos.! ! Plays cooperatively with a

60 ! Defines simple words!

Skips! Copies a triangle! Dresses self!
mos.! ! Uses 5-word sentences!