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May 3, 2007 Vol. 12, No.


Testing under way on KSC part of joint hurricane

Dawn spacecraft exercise beginning May 7

ELV Update: tions Center, or EOC, and organizational closed to all personnel except those au-
The "command and data hurricane coordinators; and reviewing thorized to be within those sites. These
handling" portion of the and updating supporting plans, proce- areas are hazardous, with dangers from
Comprehensive Per- dures and checklists. heavy equipment, demolition debris, haz-
formance Test was com- Real-time involvement includes ardous material abatement, energized
pleted on the Dawn staffing the Spaceport EOC and notifying equipment, etc. In addition, please be
spacecraft April 19. Ad- hurricane coordinators who will report aware that all property within these areas
ditional comprehensive performance tests their organization's status back to the is government property and any unau-
are in progress. Thermal control system, EOC. Other than communications, all thorized removal of such will be prose-
attitude control sub-system and fault pro- other actions will be simulated. cuted to the fullest extent, including
tection testing continues. This exercise gives us the opportu- dismissal. Suspicious activity around
Dawn's mission will mark the first nity to dust off our plans and procedures such sites should be reported immedi-
time a spacecraft will orbit two planetary and prepare for what is expected to be a ately to the Duty Office at 853-5211.
bodies on a single voyage: asteroid Vesta busy hurricane season.
  Help the Sea
and the dwarf planet Ceres. NASA's Professional Development Semi- Turtles — The sea
Dawn spacecraft is managed by the Jet nar — Tools for Technology is a full day turtle nesting season
Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. of workshops on May 17 sponsored by officially began on
NASA's Launch Services Program at the Society of Women Engineers. The May 1. The season runs until Oct. 31.
Kennedy Space Center and the United workshop will be held at the Radisson Adults have already begun nesting
Launch Alliance are responsible for the Resort at the Port in Cape Canaveral. on our beaches at KSC. Be aware that
launch of the Delta II. The keynote speaker is Nancy Stewart, artificial exterior lighting is harmful to
Joint Hurricane Exercise: senior vice president of Wal-Mart. Come both nesting adults and new hatchlings.
KSC, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station learn about global warming; is there Artificial lights, such as those on struc-
and the 45th Space Wing will participate really an "inconvenient truth"? Learn the tures near the beaches and even the KSC
in a simulated hurricane event from latest in nanotechnology and what is new Industrial Area, will disorient the turtles
May 7 to 11. The exercise will be run in for the unmanned systems in future de- away from the ocean. So please, turn off
conjunction with the state's exercise, velopment. There are sessions on Lean all unnecessary exterior lights. Let's give
"Hurricane Tolbert," a strong Category 4 and CMMI for the continuous process the turtles a break.
hurricane that threatens the Space Coast. improvement, as well as how to balance For more information, log on to the
The primary objectives of the exer- your life. Registration information is Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation
cise are coordinating HURCON declara- available at or contact Judy Commission Web site at
tions between the 45th Space Wing com- Kersey at 783-4644.
mander and KSC center director; estab- _Course.htm.
Construction Sites Off Limits —
lishing a communications network be- Several new construction and demolition Countdown is published every Tuesday & Thurs-
tween the Spaceport Emergency Opera- projects have begun and there has been day for NASA KSC employees. Deadlines are
evidence of unauthorized entries and theft 10 a.m. Mondays & Wednesdays. E-mail news to
of property at the sites. KSC and CCAFS For questions or
Mark Your Calendars — The Black employees and contractors are reminded information, e-mail or call 321-867-2815. You can
Employee Strategy Team BBQ will be held that construction sites (including demoli- also find Countdown on the Web at
at KARS I from 3 to 6 p.m. on June 22. tion sites) and abandoned facilities are