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Mexico News Update

Upcoming events: July/August

~ VBS in Saltillo – August
2010 Sankey
Marc & Melodie
~ Campmeeting in Saltillo Jordan, Cameron and Logan
– August 11-15
~ VBS events – in several Bible Methodist Missionaries in
churches in August Mexico
~ Church Anniversary Thank you, Weavers!
and Revival in Oaxaca So many times, “thank you” seems
City – early September inadequate, doesn’t it? Well, it certainly
~ Mexican BM General does this time! We want to thank the
Assembly and Bible Weaver Family for their wonderful ministry
Institute Classes – here in Mexico this summer. From the very
October 18-24 beginning, they were involved in work and
ministry projects and were such a blessing
Weaver Kids’ Section not only to our family but to Mexico Bible
Methodist Missions!
In our last newsletter, we shared with
you about the first project they led – the La
Boca Project. That was a great success and Myranda helping with the ladies’ activity/
the church and property look much scrapbook class; pictured here with Sis. Sylvia,
improved. Nathan was also instrumental in pastor’s wife in Saltillo
. Treyton played the piano for traveling to and advising in another workconcrete to help control the huge amount of
offertory during one of the services. project in Galeana. The project with whichrecent rainfall and also building a rain shelter
His thoughts: "I loved playing with he was able to use his carpentry skills the for some outdoor appliances – both
the kids (even though we didn't desperately needed!
understand each other's words),
Myranda ministered to the ladies here in
eating 30 tacos, watching my dad
help the people there & being with
Saltillo by teaching a scrapbook class and
my family. Mexico is awesome; I helping the ladies learn how to preserve their
can't wait to go back." family photos.
The Weavers also ministered in song,
testimony and special music during the
services. The people so enjoyed them being
here and were so amazed at the very blonde
hair and very blue eyes.  At the end of their
visit, the church people here in Saltillo gave
hugs and handshakes to say goodbye and
asked them to please come back again! We
hope they’ll agree!
Thanks, Weavers, for being a blessing and
for following the call of God to donate a
The Weaver kids enjoying their month of your summer to Mexico
popsicles at the market most was the building of tables and benchesBMMissions!
for the church in Saltillo as well as the
missions in the desert villages of
Zacatecas. Two other projects here at the
Saltillo parsonage included pouring of
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Prayer Requests
~ Bible Institute
President Eli Balderas and
~ Conference President
Our Address: Dolores Hernandez and
2112 W University Dr. #1122 family
Edinburg, TX 78539 ~All of our national
pastors and their families
Phone: ~ God’s protection on our
(956) 566.3929 family as we travel and
Jada and Jackson (the twins) singing with labor in dangerous
Our Website: their Sunday School class. They sang Jesus
circumstances here in
Loves Me in English and their classmates
E-Mail: sang it in Spanish – so cute! Mexico. ~ New pioneer church plants in different areas
Mexico Blog: in Mexico
mexicobiblemethodistmissio ~~WeThe Mexican
are so BM
grateful for a very generous
Facebook: Marc Sankey, donation from the Alabama Conference;
Melodie Sankey with this donation, we plan to replenish the
Pastors’ Emergency Medical Fund, with the
cooperation of the local churches here in
Mexico, help fund some remodeling
Sankey Family Highlights: projects on existing properties and
~ We so much enjoyed being able buildings, and more! Thank you!
to attend and participate in the Nathan working on one of the Saltillo
~ Pell City BM Chr. School gave a
Heartland BM Youth Camp again parsonage projects. Yes, he was very high
sizable donation for Spanish Children’s
this summer. Both the older boys in the air in this picture.  literature.
were campers this year. We ~ The Heartland Conference contributed
soaked in the sense of God’s towards church planting and the purchasing
presence and His help in the of Spanish tracts for evangelism. Those
services and being able to worship have been purchased and are ready to be
in our own language.  given out.
~ Another highlight was being ~ The Great Lakes Conference gave a
that not only will their bodies be healed and
able to be present for Melodie’s helped through our cliniceffort but that theirlove offering to Pastor Desiderio – thank
parents 40th Wedding Anniversary hearts will be touched and you so much!
Celebration on July 24. What a ~ Many of you have given to Student Aid,
special occasion and it was so which is reserved and used for our quarterly
wonderful to see lots of family Bible Institute Classes.
and friends there, too! The Weaver Family ministering in song ~ Several ladies have sent boxes of
~ First Day of Sankey during one of the services. scrapbook supplies for our ladies in
Homeschool ’10-’11 – August 16! Mexico.
~ We are looking forward to a Thank you, also to those of you who ~ The Oklahoma City BMC sent lots of
visit from Marc’s parents in partnered with the Weavers to help themawesome VBS supplies for our churches –
September as they celebrate 50 raise their full support for their time inthey’re being used now. Than k you!
years of marriage! Mexico. They were able to travel here andGod bless each of you for your generosity
back and care for their own expenses while to Mexico BMMissions!
here and at home. That is because God Marc & Melodie Sankey
supplied and you gave! Thank you! Jordan, Cameron and Logan

Recent Blessings on the Field