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Note4students @IAS Prelims 2017 Other CD Listicles

1. This is for static portions of Indian History - Very important and crucial aspect of your prelims preparation
2. UPSC has been quite fond of asking 1-2 questions and most of the students get wrong
3. Make sure you remember these VERY carefully
4. If you wish to read in greater details - check out the multiple part series on Art & Culture

Quick reference table on what to expect in the listicle sheet

Dynasty Monument
Bharhut stupa
More than one Pithalkoda caves
Pundareekapuram temple
Brideshwar temple
Brihadeshwara temple
Shravanbelagola, Karnataka
Ganga Dynasty Lingraj temple
Surya Mandir,Odhisa
Gupta Period
Dashavtar temple
Hoysalas Chennakeshava temple

Mauryan Period Amravati

Nayikas Meenakshi temple

Pallavas Mahabalipuram
Mahishasura Mardini Cave,
Post Gupta Period Sarnath
Rashtrakuta Ellora
Rashtrakuta Elephanta caves
Bharhut stupa
Sanchi Stupa
Sungas Sanchi
Vijaynagara Lepakshi temple
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deo explainers
Famous Sculpture/ Painting Era/ Dynasty Monument
Bodhisattva Padmapani Gupta Period Ajanata
Mahakapi Jataka Sunga Bharhut stupa
Torso of Vishnu Gupta Period Mathura
Stupa worship Bharhut stupa
Yakshini Bharhut stupa
PaintingMaya's dream
of Yashodahara,Rahul & Bharhut stupa
buddha Gupta Period Ajanata
Seated Buddha Post Gupta Period Sarnath
Standing Buddha Kushanas Gandhara
Mara Vijaya Ajanta
Maheshmurthi Rashtrakuta Period Elephanta caves
Shiva chasing boar Vijaynagara Period Lepakshi temple
Shiva killing Tripurasura Thanjavoor
Dakshinamurthy Vijaynagara Period Lepakshi temple
Ladies attending parvathy Vijaynagara Period Lepakshi temple
Krishna playing flute temple
Sheshashayana Vishnu Gupta Period Dashavtar temple
Vishnu in Nara-Narayan form Gupta Period Dashavtar temple
Arjun Penance Pallavas Mahabalipuram
Statue of Suparshvanatha Pallavas Shravanbelagola,
Statue of Gommateshwara, Ganga Dynasty Karnataka
Durga withYakshi
eight arms shown in Mauryan Period Mahishasura Mardini
the act of defeating Mahishasura, Pallavas Cave, Mahabalipuram
Ravana Shaking Mount Kailasha Rashtrakuta Ellora
Nandi bull Cholas Brihadeshwara temple
Kalyana Sundara murthi Rashtrakuta Ellora
Nayika Ganga Dynasty Lingraj temple
Nataraja Cholas Brideshwar temple
Manjira player Ganga Dynasty Surya Mandir,Odhisa
Mohini Hoysalas Chennakeshava temple
Pillars with horse rider Nayikas Meenakshi temple
Worship of Bodhi tree Mauryan Period Bharhut
Animals worshipping Bodhi tree Sungas Sanchi
Yakshini Sungas Sanchi
Taming of Nalagiri elephant Mauryan Period Amravati
Head of Buddha Kushanas Gandhara
Seated Buddha Kushanas Mathura
Dwarfish Yaksha Pithalkoda caves
Five Ratha Pallavas Mahabalipuram
Vrikshika Sunga Sanchi Stupa
Buddha's Great
Indra flying amiddeparture
clouds togather Kushanas Gandhara
with celestial nymphs Gupta Period Ajanta