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0 Introduction
On June 13, 1958 the first Pizza Hut Restaurants opened. By September it was grossing
$700 to $800 a week, by December, over $1,000 a week Pizza Hut restaurants number two and
three soon followed.
Franchising began in 1959 when Dick Hassur, Manager of Pizza Hut Unit No. 3 signed the
first Franchise Agreement. For a fee, he would have the right to use the Pizza Hut name and
secret recipes. He also would receive management assistance from the Carneys.
Pizza Hut Restaurants were patterned for growth. In 14 years (1958-1972) franchise and
company Restaurants numbered 1,000. In the next three years (1972-1977) they numbered
Home delivery is a fast growing segment of the pizza market worldwide, and Pizza Hut Delivery
was developed in 1985 to compete aggressively in this highly competitive market.
Today, Pizza Hut is the largest pizza chain in the world with more than 12,000 Pizza Hut
Restaurants and Delivery Units operating worldwide.
1.1 Marketing objective
It has emerged by keeping some marketing objectives in mind. The marketing
objectives are as follows:
To make an effective marketing plan so that it can draw attention of the customer and grab a
substantial portion of customers in Bangladesh.
Grow and retain current customers by taking various promotion activities.
Diversify the service offering to insulate the business against fluctuations in any one component of
the revenue stream.
Build customer loyalty by providing quality foods, excellent environment and quick service
Maintain a staff of enthusiastic employees excited to serve the customers.
Build the new product to the point where it becomes a household name in Bangladesh.
Increase market share in local market segment by 15% in 3rd year.
Reduce marketing costs by 20%over next year.
1.2 Methodology
The study requires a systematic procedure from selection of marketing planning topic to final
report preparation. To perform the study information sources are to be identified and collected,
they are to be classified, analyzed, interpreted, and presented in a systematic manner and key
points are to be found out. This overall process of methodology is given below in the form of flow
chart we have followed in the planning.
2.0 Over View Situation
Pizza Hut opened its doors to the Bangladeshi market on the 6th of December, 2003 and
ever since then it has been one of the most popular fast food outlets in Bangladesh.Currently
there are three outlets, two in Dhaka and one in Chittagong.
The outlets in Dhaka are in the posh areas of Dhanmondi and Gulshan. While the one in
Chittagong is situated at GEC Mor.
Another 2/3 outlets are set to start operations soon. All foods served in the outlets in
Bangladesh are halal.
Pizza Hut Bangladesh has an annual all you can eat offer during the Islamic holy month of
The outlet in Gulshan has 220 seats and at 6000 sq ft. is one of the largest Pizza Huts on
the Indian subcontinent.Pizza hut in bangladesh now offer pizza in 300 to 1200 range.
Pizza hut now launch new item o f pizza that is the vegetable pizza which is the totally
new concept in fast food with the perspective of bangladesh. It is clear that any fast food maker
organization does not produce this kind of pizza. It will be given in a moderate price in TK 175.
3.0 Current Market situation
Here data presented on the target market. The size and growth of the market are shown for
several past years and by market and geographical segments. Data on customer needs,
perceptions, and buying behavior, trends are also presented.
Pizza hut the primary buyers are middle class consumers as like as couple, ages 20 to 35 who
want to reasonable price with better pizza but do not want not invest in expensively. They want to
buy a better pizza produced by a name they can trust.
In Bangladesh Pizza hut and dominos pizza both are the market leader.
Pizza hut approximately cover 36% market share, dominus is same and other organization
covers the rest of the share.
3.1 Market share
Below this graph we have found that pizza hut covering 36% market share, dominus
30%,shawrma 16% and others 18%. So, we can say pizza hut capture large portion of market
4.0 Marketing Strategy
Here is the new product development that means Vegetable Pizzas plan:
Target Market:
Middle class generation most probably age 20 to 35
The best quality and the most reliable food
Product line:
Add one most qualityful but lower prices food
Price somewhat above competitive quality
Distribution outless:
Its fastast delivery within 30 minutes from order
Sales forces:
Expand by 10 percent and introduce a new product in our country
Quickly and widely available food
Sales promotion:
Develop a new product that support the positioning strategy
5.0 SWOT Analysis
5.1 Strength
Despite of competition pizza hut has numerous strength.
1. This type of pizza is first for Bangladeshi middle class people.
1. At first we ca say that we find this product with reasonable price.
2. Middle class generation easily take this product.
3. It is also very attractable for vegetarian.
4. Quick home delivery
5.2 Weakness
In this product have many weakness.
1. May people doesnt like only vegetable pizza.
2. Taste will be not high quality able.
3. Though it has less price people will think it is high price.
5.3 Opportunities
The main opportunities facing pizza hut line are as follows:
1. Consumers are showing interest more in pizza hut
2. Pizza hut will get more popularity and many people will go here.
5.4 Threats
The main threats of pizza hut are as follows:
The main threats of pizza hut is their competitor,
Dominus pizza,
Shawarma restaurant and
Others restaurant.
6.0 Pro-forma financial statements and budgets
6.1 Marketing budgets
The marketing management budget consists of selling expenses, advertising and other promotion
expenses, product cost and other costs. The overall marketing budget of new product on the
1st year of operation is 3600000 taka. The various parts of marketing budgets are described
6.2 Selling expense:
The selling expenses of new product include the direct production costs, transportation costs, and
other variable costs. It has estimated selling cost of 3600000 taka in the 1st year of business.
6.3 Advertising/promotion expense:
New product will take massive promotion activities in the 1st year of operation. The total
estimated promotion budget for the 1st year is 3600000 taka. Among this money 100000 will be
used to give discounts to customers on various occasions. The management will also spend
100,000 taka to present customers with some gifts. The rest of the money will be used for
advertising on television, newspapers, flyers, banners, etc. to attract more customers.
6.4 Budgets for promotion in 1st year:
Promotion Items
1st year
Other Promotions
Total Budgets

6.5 Product cost:

The product cost consists of production costs and storage costs. The organization will store
various vegetables on the store room. It has estimated a storage cost of 1, 20,000 taka in the
1st year.
6.6 Others cost:
Management has some miscellaneous costs. The total anticipated amount is 120000 taka.
6.7 Pro forma annual profit and loss statement (1st year)
The pro-forma annual profit and loss statement of new product for 1st year is given below:
Pro Forma Income Statement for 1st year:

Sales 6300000

Gross profit 2700000

Operating expenses

Rent 100000

Salaries and wages 150000

Depreciation and other cost 590000

Total operating expenses 740000

Profit before taxes 1960000

Taxes (15%) 294000

Net profit 16,66,000

7.0 Action Programs

Before and after lunching our vegetable pizza we will make an excellent marketing campaign and
monitor our competitors activities.
Here is how we will carry out its marketing strategy according to month by month, so that
everything would be under our control.
In March, We will lunch our vegetable pizza firstly in Dhaka, Chittagong, all out let. Promotion
director has the responsibility over the position. He will handle this project at a planned cost of
8.0 Conclusion
It is known to all pizza hut always provides high quality type pizza and it is the largest
pizza producer company from the beginning of the company.
Pizza hut main goal is to achieve a better and reasonable market share and
profitability in the cosmetics market. We create a new product plan for increasing market share.
Our competitor is Dominus, Shawrma and others every competitor offers various products in
different segment for increasing market share but they do not produce this kind of product.
Middle class younger, coupe or vegetarian is our target surely we will ahead from our
competitors by this unique product.