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3/24/2017 CentralExciseInstructionNo.



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Date 24Dec2008 Issuing Authority Central Excise

Instruction Number 04/2008 Authority Type Instruction

Subject Duties, functions and responsibilities of Range Officers and Sector Officers





The functions, responsibilities and duties to be performed by Range Officers and Sector Officers under the Central Excise Act, 1944 and the rules made

the responsibility of the Range Officer to ensure that all the Sector Officers carry out the prescribed functions properly. It would be the duty of the Divisional


4. The duty list may be circulated to all the field formations. A feedback may also be given to the Board regarding the duty list, in case there are any


S.NO Subject SectorOfficersDuties RangeOfficersDuties
1.1 Post facto verification of the genuineness of ToassisttheRangeOfficerforverification. He will verify the genuineness of the
address and declared premises for registration of address and declared premises along
manufacturer, delaler, 100% EOUs and with Sector Officer within 5 working
warehousewithinfiveworkingdays. days of receipt of duplicate copy of
application for registration along with
copy of Registration Certificate. He
will also verify the documents to
ascertain whether the premises is
owned, leased or rented and this
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3/24/2017 CentralExciseInstructionNo.04/2008|DutiesfunctionsandresponsibilitiesofRangeOfficersandSectorOfficers
information is to be included in the
verification report which will be useful
at the time of recovery of arrears if
1.2 Preparing/updating Assessees profiles in Entering /Feeding the information in compute for To verify & certify the correctness of
computer database on the basis of information developing assessees profiles within 5 working days assesseesprofiles.
containedinRegistrationApplication. of receipt of registration certificate as per the format
1.3 Sending report of major discrepancies/deviations ToprepareandsubmitthereporttotheRangeOfficer. Toverifyandforwardthereporttothe
noticedduringverification,suchasfakeaddress, Divisional Asst. / Dy. Commissioner
nonexistence of factory, nonexistence of within 3 working days of detection of
manufacturingfacilityetc.totheDivisionalOffice. suchshortcomings.
1.4 Database of Temporary Registration Numbers To keep record of all Temporary Registration To take steps to convert Temporary
with details of steps taken to convert them to 15 Numbers. RegistrationNumbersto15digitPAN
digitregistrationnumbers. basedRegistrationNumbers.

1.5 Receipt of declaration of stoppage of certified To receive the declaration and certify the correctness To certify the correctness of the
activity. of the declaration and that no government dues are declaration as reported by S.O and
pending against the registered person and that no forward the same to the Asst./Dy.
case is pending against the registered person. Make Commissioner within five working
relevant entries in records and submit the application days of its receipt for cancellation of
oftheRangeOfficer. Registration Certificate. He will also
recommend for audit of the unit
immediately after surrender of
1.6 Receipt of intimation about loss of Registration To enter the details in records, verify the same and Toforwardtheapplicationwithinthree
Certificate. submittotheRangeOfficer. working days of its receipt to the
jurisdictional Asst/ Dy. Commissioner
for issue of a duplicate Registration
1.7 Record of details of electronically maintained This fact be prominently indicated in the assessees To verify this fact as indicated in the
records or returns, invoices or other documents, profiles. assesseesprofiles.
2.1 ScrutinyofER1/ER2/ER3Returns. Toensurethatthesereturnsareenteredindatabase. To ensure data entry of returns and
To carry out preliminary scrutiny of ER1/ER2/ER3 preliminary scrutiny of returns by the
Returns within a fortnight of receipt & submit the S.O.aspertheguidelines/instructions
same to the Range Officer along with his contained in the Return Scrutiny
observations.Thepreliminaryscrutinyistobecarried Manual. He should also take
outonthebasisofguidelines/instructionscontainedin necessary action for recommendation
ReturnScrutinyManual. of units for detailed scrutiny and to
carry out detailed scrutiny as per
guidelines/instructions contained in
2.2 Cases of default in duty payment discovered To enter the details of default in the register and To verify the default cases, as
throughER1/ER2/ER3Returns. submitreporttotheRangeOfficer. reported by the Sector Officer, and
initiate recovery proceedings. He will
also furnish the report of defaulters to
more than 30 days, the RO has to
enforce the provisions contained in
2.3 Completionofscrutinyofreturns. Each Return, selected for detailed scrutiny, to be To record the fact of completion of
endorsed that the same has been subjected to scrutinyonallcopiesofthereturnand
scrutiny and found in order. Shortcomings, if any, be also details of action initiated for
specifiedalongwithactioninitiated. shortcomingsnoticed.
2.4 MaintenanceofScrutinyRegisterspecifiedunder To enter the details of all Returns in the Scrutiny To certify the entries in Scrutiny
ReturnScrutinyManual. Register. Registereverymonth.
2.5 Submissionofcertificateofcompletionofscrutiny TopreparestatementsofERI/ER2,ER3Returns To ensure accuracy of the statement
of Returns to the Divisional Asst./Dy. scrutinizedandsubmitreporttoRangeOfficer. and forward the required certificate to
Commissioner along with a statement of ER AC/DCwithin15daysoftheduedate
I/ER2,ER3Returnsscrutinized. prescribedforcompletionofscrutiny.
2.6 ER7Return To maintain registers. To compare the annual To ensure analysis and submit report
capacity declared by a unit and the actual production to AC/DC for abnormal variation
reported as per ER1/ER2/ER3 returns filed. To cases immediately. If permitted by
reporttheabnormalvariationstoR.O. AC/DC,toverifythemachinesandits
2.7 ER5&ER6Return Toensurethesearefiledbyalleligibleassessees.To TomonitorscrutinyofreturnsbyS.O.
examine the return to confirm that details given are Incaseofnonfilingofreturns,submit
correct.Tocompareinput/outputratiodeclaredbythe draft SCN to AC/DC. Report the
unit matches with other units manufacturing similar cases where abnormal variations are
goodsorasperSIONissuedbyDGFT. noticed.
2.8 Record of Cenvat invoices received for To maintain proper record of all such invoices and To certify the verification report as
verificationfromotherRanges. submit verification report to Range Officer within five prepared by the Sector Officer and
daysofreceipt. forwardtotheconcernedRangewithin
2.9 Receipt of Annual Financial Information To enter the details in data base, to carry out To ensure that ER 4 return is
StatementinER4. study/analysisofinformationprovidedinthereturnas studied/analysed by the S.O. and to
perdetailedguidelinesgivenintheAnnexureMofthe examine the report of the Sector
CentralExciseAuditManual,2008. Officer and forward copies of ER4 to
2.10 ScrutinyofDealersReturns Tocarryoutscrutinyaspertheguidelines/instructions Complete the scrutiny and endorse a
givenintheReturnScrutinyManual. certificate to this effect on each copy
2.11 ProvisionalAssessmentRegister Toenterthedetailsinprovisionalassessmentregister, To verify the details as reported by
enter the bond amount and ensure that corresponding Sector Officer and ensure thatBack BondTo Top 2/7
3/24/2017 CentralExciseInstructionNo.04/2008|DutiesfunctionsandresponsibilitiesofRangeOfficersandSectorOfficers
securities are sufficient to cover the differential duty. amount is sufficient to cover the
To keep track of the validity of bonds, sureties and differential duty. To keep track of the
securities. To verify the documents produced for validity of bonds, sureties and
finalization of Provisional assessments and quantity securities,ifany.
up to R.O. for further check and submission to
3.1 Details of annual letter of undertaking furnished To enter the details in the relevant register. To verify To verify the register on monthly
bythemanufacturerexporterandacceptedbythe thevalidityperiodofL.U.T.(oneyear)ofexportersand basis.
Dy./Asst.Commissioner. report to R.O. for taking action for execution of fresh
3.2 Details of Bond B 1 furnished by merchant Toenterthedetailsinrelevantrecords. To verify the register on monthly
exporters / manufacturerexporters and accepted basis.
3.3 Montoring of exports made under bond procedure Toenterthedetailsinrelevantrecordsandmonitorthe To verify compliance with relevant
throughselfdebit/creditbyexporter. debit/creditentriesasperdepartmentalguidelines. proceduresforeachclearance.Ensure
that proof of export has been
submitted by the exporter within
3.4 Compliance with the conditions of the letter of Verify records to ensure compliance with the Verify the report of the Sector Officer
undertaking and the procedure for acceptance of conditionsofletterofundertakingandsubmitreportto andinitiateactionforrecoveryofduty
proofofexportbymanufacturerexporter. theRangeOfficer. incaseofdefault.
3.5 DetailsofCT1certificates To maintain details of CT1 certificates obtained by To verify on regular intervals. Ensure
merchantexportersforprocuringgoodsfromafactory that all the goods procured by
or warehouse. To identify the cases wherein proof of merchantexporterhavebeenexported
export not submitted and report to RO for initiating and proof of export submitted as per
actionforrecoveryofduty. Rules.
3.6 Examination and sealing of export consignments On being deputed by the Range Officer visit the To depute the Sector Officer or
underCentralExciseSeal. specified premises for examination and sealing of himself carry out the process of
export consignments and prepare examination report examination and sealing as per
as per relevant departmental instructions. Duly relevant departmental instructions. To
completed examination report must accompany the ensure that in the case of free
export goods as per instructions / circulars on the shipping bills, the assessee has to
subject. mandatorily opt for self sealing of
circular No. 860/18/2007CX dated
3.7 VerificationofARE1/ARE2forexportofgoods. To verify the identity of the export goods and also He may also verify the identity of the
verify the particulars of assessment and correctness export goods and particulars of
ofdutypaidorpayableindicatedonARE1/ARE2. assessmentonrandombasis.Ensure
compliance with the procedure
specified in Notification. No. 19/2004
CE (NT) dated 19.9.2001 or in
Notification No. 42/2001CE (NT) and
any other relevant notification /
3.8 Intimations of goods cleared for export under To receive the intimation, enter the details in relevant To ensure that at least 5% of such
Bondbutnotactuallyexportedandreceivedback records and carry out verification with the permission intimations are verified by the Sector
inthefactoryofmanufacture. oftheRangeOfficer. Officerand/orRangeOfficer.
3.9 Recovery proceedings in case of failure to To submit report to Range Officer for demand of duty To initiate proceedings on receipt of
produce the proof of export in the prescribed and prepare draft Show Cause Notice, where ever report from Sector Officer and send
manner. required. draft SCN, if required, to the
3.10 Receipt of Monthly Statement (Annx.19 ) or To maintain the details on the basis of To monitor the monthly/quarterly
quarterly statement( Annx. 20) as per Chapter 7 monthly/quarterly statement and initiate necessary statements and initiate necessary
PartIII 3.3.1 of the Central Excise Manual, filed action where proof of export not submitted within the action where proof of export not
bytheexporter. prescribedtimelimit. submitted within the prescribed time
3.11 Record of units availing the procedure under the To maintain proper records and ensure proper To monitor records periodically and
Central Excise (Removal of goods at procedure is followed. To scrutinize the monthly ensure compliance with rules and
Concessional Rate of Duty for manufacture of returnfiledinthisregardandtomonitorwhethergoods prescribedprocedure.
excisablegoods)Rules2001. procuredareusedforspecifiedpurposes.
3.12 Record of exporters as per Circular No. To maintain proper records and ensure proper To monitor records periodically and
579/16/2001CX. Dated 26.6.2001(warehousing procedureisfollowed. ensure compliance with rules and
provision)issuedunderRule20. prescribedprocedure.
3.13 Maintenance of Exports Register and details of To maintain Exports Register and allot serial number To verify the Register on regular
theARE1/ARE2. onARE1/ARE2received. intervals.
3.14 ExportsunderDEEC,DEPBandDrawback To examine and verify export goods as and when To examine and seal the
deputedbytheRangeOfficer. consignmentsandsignthedocuments
and ensure strict compliance with
4.1 Issue of DemandCumShow Cause Notice in Topreparedraftdemandcumshowcausenoticeand To finalise the draft of demandcum
accordance with Sec 11A of the Act for recovery submittotheRangeOfficer. show cause notice and send it along
ofdutynotpaid/shortpaid. with relevant document to the
Divisional Asst./Dy. Commissioner.
To ensure that the draft of demand
cumshow cause notice reaches the
competent authority well before the
4.2 Unconfirmed Demands Register and 335 J To maintain Unconfirmed Demands Register and 335 To verify the registers on regular
Register. J Register on regular basis. Registers must be intervals and certify with signatures.
updatedwithoutanydelay. The registers must be reviewed at
4.3 ReliedupondocumentsandSCN. Allreliedupondocumentsshouldbereferredtointhe To ensure that proper referenceBack
to allTo Top 3/7
3/24/2017 CentralExciseInstructionNo.04/2008|DutiesfunctionsandresponsibilitiesofRangeOfficersandSectorOfficers
SCN while preparing the draft SCN. Copies of all reliedupondocumentsisincorporated
relied upon documents should accompany the draft inthedraftSCNbeforesubmissionto
SCN. thecompetentauthority.
4.4 Returnofunreliedupondocuments. AfterissueofSCN,allunreliedupondocumentsmust To ensure that all unrelied upon
bereturnedtothepersonfromwhomitwasreceived, recordsarereturnedintime.
5.1 Applications / intimations received regarding To maintain proper record of all such applications / To verify the details by himself or
excisable goods lost or destroyed by natural intimations and immediately submit the same to the throughtheSectorofficerandforward
causes or by unavoidable accident or claimed as Range Officer. To carry out verification on being the application/intimation along with
unfitforconsumptionorformarketing,atanytime deputed by Range Officer and prepare and submit theverificationreporttotheDivisional
beforeremovalfromthefactory. verificationreport. Asst./Dy. Commissioner. To ensure
that verification is carried out at the
5.2 Remissionofdutyanddestructionofgoods. To verify the details as provided in Chapter 18 of the Toexaminethereportandtakeaction
Central Excise Manual and submit report to Range as per relevant instructions on the
Officer. subject.
5.3 Supervision of the actual process of destruction As permitted by the competent authority supervise To supervise destruction of goods
of excisable goods on which duty has been destructionofgoods,wheredutyinvolvedislessthan involving duty of more than Rs.5000/
remittedbythecompetentauthorityand Rs.5000/,submitreporttoRangeOfficer.Theofficer but not exceeding Rs.20,000. The
supervisingdestructionmustalsosendacertificateto officer supervising destruction must
his immediate superior, countersigned by the factory also send a certificate to his
manager immediately after destruction of the goods. immediate.Superior, countersigned by
Toensurecompliancewithallrelevantinstructions. thefactorymanagerimmediatelyafter
destruction of the goods. To ensure
compliance with all relevant
instructions. To forward the reports to
6.1 AuditRegistersforCERAobjectionsandInternal To enter the details in the relevant Audit Register To ensure that replies to audit
Auditobjections. immediatelyonreceiptofauditreports.Toprepareand objections are sent within one month
submitreplytoRangeOfficer. ofreceiptoftheauditreport.TheR.O.
must review Audit Register on
6.2 Demand SCN bases on admitted CERA TopreparedemandShowCauseNoticeandsubmitto To examine the details of draft SCN
objectionsandInternalAuditobjections. the Range officer within 20 days of admitting audit and forward to Asst./Dy.
objection. Commissionerwithinonemonthofthe
6.3 Protective demands on the basis of CERA Examine CERA objections within 20 days of receipt Examinetheissueandsendreporton
objection not admitted. The matter should be and submit reply with a clear recommendation, along proposed action, in line with the
immediatelyreferredtothehigherofficers. with relevant instructions or circulars issued by the relevant instructions or circulars
CBECtotheRangeOfficer.ProtectiveSCN(evenfor issuedbytheCBEC,totheDivisional
objectionsnotadmitted)mustbesubmittedforissued Asst./Dy. Commissioner within one
bycompetentauthority. month of the receipt of the audit
report. Ensure issue of protective
6.4 Closureofauditparas On receipt of intimation of closure of paras of Tomonitor/verifytheentriespertaining
IAR/CERA points, details to be entered in the toclosureofparas.
7.1 ReceiptofAdjudicationOrders. To enter the details in confirmed demand register and Ensure correctness of entry in the
335J and take action as per guidelines and initiate register. The registers should be
Action for recovery of arrears of revenue as per reviewed every month and a
guidelines specified in chapter 18, PartIII of the certificate to this effect be endorsed
CBEC'sCentralExciseManual. whilepreparingmonthlyabstractinthe
7.2 Issueoflettersforrecoveryofarrearsafterexpiry To prepare demand letter for recovery of arrears of To issue letter for recovery of arrears
ofappealperiod. revenue within 5 days of expiry of appeal period and of revenue within 7 days of expiry of
submittoRO. appealperiod.
7.3 Recordofappealspreferredbyassesses. To make entry in the appeal register and confirmed To ensure regular upkeep of registers
demandregisterassoonasacopyofsuchappealis throughmonthlyreviewofrecords.To
received in Range Office. To prepare draft parawise finalize draft comments and forward
commentsontheappealfiledbytheassessee. themtoAC/DC.
7.4 Actionforrecoveryofarrearswhereappealisnot Tokeeprecordofallsuchcasesandsubmitdetailsto Toinitiateactionforrecovery.
decided within six months from the date of stay RangeOfficerforfurtheraction.
7.5 Recordofappealspreferredbythedepartment. Tomaintainrecordofallsuchappeals. To monitor the progress of appeals
and ensure timely submission of
information required by the appellate
7.6 Vacationofstayobtainedbyassesses. Tomaintaindetailsofallcasesofstaygiveninfavour To examine all stay orders and
ofassesses. recommend further action to higher
7.7 Recovery of arrears under Section 11 of the To initiate process of recovery of arrears as per To ensure initiation of process within
CentralExciseAct. procedure laid down in Chapter 18, Para III of the one month from the due date of
CentralExciseManual. paymentofduty.
7.8 Recovery of arrears of revenue by invoking To assist the Range officer for initiating action under To initiate action for recovery under
provisions of Section 142 of the Customs Act, Section 142 of the Customs Act and collect all Sec. 142 of the Customs Act, 1962
1962asmadeapplicabletoCentralExciseunder possibledetailsofproperties/Assetsoftheassessee and provide all details to tax recovery
Sec.12oftheCentralExcise from the relevant authorities, banks or any other unit or other appropriate Unit in
appropriatebody/instituion. Division/Commissionerate.
7.9 Information about assesses owing arrears of Tokeepabreastofanydevelopmentregardingclosure All such information received directly
revenue. or transfer of operations by assesses against whom or through Sector Officer be
arrearsofrevenueareoutstandingandinformallsuch immediately conveyed to the
relevantdevelopmenttotheRangeOfficer. Divisional Asstt. / Deputy
Commissioner Back To Top 4/7
3/24/2017 CentralExciseInstructionNo.04/2008|DutiesfunctionsandresponsibilitiesofRangeOfficersandSectorOfficers
7.10. Writeoffofirrecoverablearrears. Toidentifysuchcasesaftermakinginquiriesaboutthe To process the cases fit for write off
propertiesofdefaultersandpreparerecommendations andsubmitreporttoAC/DC.
7.11 Provisionalattachmentofproperty To identify cases (after issue of SCN), which are fit To recommend such cases to the
for invoking the provisions of section 11DDA of the AC/DC.
Act as per instructions contained in Circular No.
8.1 Revenuemonitoringonmonthlybasis To maintain revenue statistics of all units for To continuously analyse trends of
monitoring growth / changes in PLA and Cenvat. To production, price behaviour and duty
examine production trend as compared to last year paidonordertodetectanyleakageof
anditsrelevantimpactonrevenuebehaviour. revenue. To analyse cases of
abnormal increase in CENVAT
availment and to take necessary
action. Any anomaly noticed should
be immediately brought to the notice
9.1 Studyofimplicationsofbudgetproposals To identify units/commodities, affected by the budget To examine the report submitted by
proposals and estimate the revenue implications. In S.O.
case of changes in rates of duty, the assessee may
9.2 BudgetrelatedReportsrequiredbytheBoard(Tax Tocompilethereports. To ensure accuracy and timely
ResearchUnit). submissionofreports.
9.3 Surveyofnewassessesasperbudgetproposals. Toobtainlistsoffactoriesfromotheragenciesandby To take initiative in locating potential
survey and prepare information about potential assesses in the light of budget
assesses. proposals.
10.1 PhysicalPresence To be present in the factory to ensure that no goods To ensure that he/ Sector officer or
areremovedwithouthisauthorisation. both are present in the factory round
the clock. He must ensure that the
S.O. should not leave the factory
without reporting of subsequent
10.2 Assessmentofdutybeforeremoval,SurveyBook To assess the duty before removal of goods as per To assess the duty before removal of
in prescribed form, Supervision of operations in proceduregiveninCigaretteManual.Theotherduties goods as per procedure given in
the cuttobacco store, manufacturing room or to be performed as per the instructions contained in CigaretteManual.Theotherdutiesto
manufacturing hall, finishing and packing and CigaretteManual. be performed as per the instructions
clearance, Examination of finished goods in containedinCigaretteManual.
storeroom, To maintain following records as
3. Appendix C Cigarette Manufacturing
Record and disposal of waste cigarettes and
waste tobacco, Receipt back of finished goods
11.1 Toverifynumberofmachines,typeofmachines, On receipt of application form, as per direction of To verify the details of machines etc.
natureofproductmanufactured,capacityetc. Supdt./AC/DC,heshouldverifycorrectnessofdetails given in the application form, as per
givenintheapplicationform. directions of AC/DC or instructions
issued. To submit the report to

11.2 Sealingofmachines On receipt of intimation for closure of machines, to To supervise the sealing as per
seal the machines, as per directions of R.O. and directions/instructions issued. To
submit report of sealing on same day. To enter the verify report submitted by S.O. and
detailsofsealingintheregister. countersign on the report and register
11.3 Monitordutypayment To ensure payment of duty by the due date. In case Tomonitordutypaymentbyassessee
ofnonpayment,toinformtheR.O.immediately. byduedate.Incaseofnonpayment,
MaintenanceofRangerecords,suchas: To maintain records / registers and update them ToassignworktoSectorOfficersand
1. Register of Inward Dak received in the Range periodicallyandpreparemonthlyabstractofeachone ensurethatrecordsaretoexaminethe
andDispatchofDakfromtheRange. andsubmittoRangeOfficerwithdatedsignatures. records / registers on monthly basis
2. Record of Misc. Information regarding and append a certificate to that effect
Jurisdiction(335C) onallregisters.
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3/24/2017 CentralExciseInstructionNo.04/2008|DutiesfunctionsandresponsibilitiesofRangeOfficersandSectorOfficers
8. Record of overtime application received and
11. Register showing comparative figures of
12. Register Showing the position of demands in
arrears (Confirmed demand and Unconfirmed
19. Record of Appeal and Revision Application
20. Record regarding Remission / abatement of
13.1 Maintenanceofdataandrecordsincomputers. Tomaintaindataandrecordsincomputers. To ensure maintenance of data and
records in computers and regular
updation of the same. To keep back
up of all database in removable
13.2 Profilesofassessesoncomputer. Tomaintainprofileofallassessesoncomputers. To ensure proper maintenance of
14.1 ReconciliationofT.R.6Challans. To prepare monthly statements of TR6 Challans To cross check the reconciliation
received from assessee and reconcile the same with statement prepared by Sector Officer
copiesofchallansreceivedformBank and sent duly signed reports to
14.2 Intimation of receipt of duty paid goods received To receive the intimation and submit the same to To ensure compliance with prescribed
backforrepair,remade,orforanyotherreasonin Range Officer and enter the details in the proper procedure.
termsofRule16ofCentralExciseRules,2002 register.
14.3 VerificationofRefund/Rebateclaims. To complete the Scrutiny of Refund/Rebate claims To verify Refund/Rebate claims and
and enter the details in proper records as per the forward verification report, to the
procedure and time limit prescribed in the CBEC's AC/DC, as per procedure and time
ExciseManual. limitprescribedintheCBEC'sCentral
14.4 VerificationforBrandRateofDrawback. To conduct verification within 5 working days and To examine the report of Sector
submitreporttoRangeOfficer. Officer and forward the same to
14.5 Statutoryintimationssubmittedbytheassesses To maintain proper record of all statutory intimations TomonitortheworkofSectorOfficer.
14.6 Paymentofdutyunderprotest. Toenterthedetailsinproperrecordsandsubmitreport To ensure compliance with prescribed
toRangeOfficer. procedureandconditions.
14.7 Periodical verification of surety Bond and Bank TomaintainproperrecordofsuretyBondsandinitiate To undertake periodical verification of
Guarantee. periodical review to avoid expiry of the same. To Bonds and Bank Guarantees as per
maintainproperrecordofBankGuaranteesandinitiate Chapter 14, Para 11.1 of CBEC's
periodicalreviewtoavoidexpiryofthesame. CentralExciseManual.
14.8 EndusebasedCustomsBonds To maintain proper record of all such bonds and To ensure compliance with enduse
ensurecompliancewithenduseconditions. conditions and initiate necessary
action for failure to comply with such
14.9 Register of units availing General SSI To maintain register of units availing General To supervise the work of Sector
Exemptions. Exemptionsbasedupondeclarationfiled. Officer.
14.10 Drawal of samples of manufactured goods or To draw the samples as provided tin Chapter 11 of To ensure prompt response and
inputs to ascertain correct identity or CBECsExciseManualandenterthedetailsinproper compliancewithprescribedprocedure.
classificationoreligibilityofanyexemptions. register.
14.11 Replytoapplications,lettersandrequestsmade Toreceiveapplications,lettersandrequestsmadeby Toexaminethematterandissuereply
bytheassesses. the assesses and prepare reply for R.O.s approval within 10 days and ensure that the
within5daysofitsreceipt. same is recorded in Receipt Register
14.12 PeriodicalReports. Tokeepacalendarofallperiodicalreportsandprepare To ensure correctness and timely
periodicalreportsasperthecalendar. dispatchofallperiodicalreports.
14.13 Miscellaneousandadhocreports. To prepare miscellaneous and ad hoc reports as and To verify correctness of report and
whenrequiredbyhigherformations. ensuretimelysubmission.
14.14 Help and assistance sought by assesses in To extend all possible help and assistance sought by To extend all possible help and
relationwithtaxcompliance. assessesinrelationwithtaxcompliance. assistance sought by assesses in
relationwithtaxcompliance. Back To Top 6/7
3/24/2017 CentralExciseInstructionNo.04/2008|DutiesfunctionsandresponsibilitiesofRangeOfficersandSectorOfficers
15.1 Anyotherdutiesandfunctionsspecifiedunderthe To carry out duties and functions as mandated under To carry out duties and functions as
relevant statutes, rules, notifications, circulars therelevantstatutes,rules,notifications,circularsand mandatedundertherelevantstatutes,
anddepartmentalinstructions. departmentalinstructions. rules, notifications, circulars and
15.2 Any other duties and functions assigned by Tocarryoutdutiesandfunctionsassignedbysuperior To carry out duties and functions
superiorofficers. officers. assignedbysuperiorofficers.
15.3 Efilingandepayment To guide the assessees and monitor efiling and e Tosuperviseefilingandepayment.
15.4 Customs(Import of goods at concessional rate of ToassistR.O.toundertakethephysicalverificationof To visit the unit and undertake the
duty)Rules,1996. stock imported under the scheme immediately on physicalverificationofstockimported
receipt of information of receipt of the said goods by under the scheme immediately on
themanufacturerimporter. receipt of information of receipt of the
said goods by the manufacturer
15.5 Maintenance of trade notices, circulars, tariff Generalmaintenance. Periodicalreview.
15.6 Publicationofnamesofdefaulters Toidentifycasesandinitiateactionintermsofsection To monitor the action to be taken in
37EoftheActasperinstructionscontainedinCircular thisregard.
15.7 Anyotherworkassignedbysuperiorofficers. Any other work assigned by superior officers in Any other work assigned by superior
additiontoworkmentionedinthislist. officers in addition to work mentioned

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