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Top 10 Journal Titles For Human Resources analysis, trends and

1. Human Resource Management: Human Resource Management is one of the
premier journals in the business bridging research and practice and features
thought provoking articles on innovative strategies and methods for the human
resources management profession.

2. Human Resource Management International Digest: Human Resource Management

International Digest is a publication that collects some of the best articles to do with
HR management and brings it all together in one package.

3. Human Resource Management Review:The Human Resource Management Review

publishes scholarly articles, including research driven, conceptual and theoretical
articles covering many of the major fields of Human Resources Management.

4. Journal of Human Resources: Published by the Wisconsin University Press, the

Journal of Human Resources a quarterly journal that publishes scholarly papers
based on rigorous empirical study.

5. HRM The Journal: HRM The Journal was started by Dr. Theresa M. Welbourne
with the goal of facilitating the dissemination of collaborative research about people
at work and what management techniques are the most effective.

6. Workforce Magazine: Workforce Magazine is a monthly publication devoted to

sharing the most successful and innovative HR trends and tools you need to benefit
your business.

7. International Public Management Association Publications: Members of the

International Public Management Association for Human Resources gain access to
its publications including HR News Magazine, Public Personnel Management, and
HR Bulletin, all of which serve the HR community in distinct ways.

8. Human Resources Management Journal: The Human Resources Management

Journal is a scholarly journal that seeks to advance and support the understanding
of both practitioners and academics in the HR field.

9. The HR Director: The HR Director is an independent strategic publication in the

HR field. The Magazine is devoted to keeping HR directors and senior managers
informed on advancements within the field.

10. International Journal of Human Resource Studies: The International Journal of

Human Resource Studies is a quarterly, internationally refereed journal published
with the aim of promoting new techniques and enhancing current techniques and
methodologies within the HR industry.

HR Associations in India

1. Ministry of Human Resource Development: National governing body that designs and
develops rules & regulations for the development and functioning of human resource in the
2. National HRD: Around 28 years ago, National HRD was created as an autonomous, non-
profit yet professionally managed association that aimed at grooming Leaders for tomorrow by
enhancing the capability of HR professionals nationwide.
3. SHRM India: SHRM India is a subsidiary of worlds largest non-profit professional human
resource association SHRM. With over 285,000 members in 165 countries, SHRM supports
global HR community by providing certifications, collaborations, industry data resources &
research, development opportunities, academic associations and consultative services.
4. HR Sangam: Formed in 2006, this association aims towards creating a networking and
knowledge-sharing platform for the HR fraternity via events, monthly meetings, seminars, expert
interactions, seasonal workshops etc.
5. HR Association of India: A national level association of India with over 22,000 members
from India and abroad aims to promote understanding in the Human Resource Management
domain by providing an array of professional development opportunities and collaboration
6. Executive Recruiters Association: This association represents executive recruitment firms
within India and works towards establishing professional and moral values for its members. It
also works towards upgrading their industry knowledge by providing media information and
market rules of executive recruitment.
HR Publications in India

13. Bible HR: Publishes labor law resources especially HR acts, rules, employee monetary rules
& regulations, labor laws in India, HR regulatory & amendments, maternity benefits, women
compensation plans etc.
14. HRM Guide: Formed in 2000, HRM Guide is an autonomous online platform publishing
information related to at HR practitioners, researchers and students across the world.
15. Human Resource: An open platform that caters HR professionals with latest
industry updates, guide and how-to articles worldwide.
16. Labour Law Reporter: An online publisher that aims to provide quality data related to
Employee-employer relation, Indian labor law and key judgments of Indian Courts with regards
to human resource management.
17. HR: An open platform that caters the need of human resource professional
worldwide. It also provides a discussion platform covering topics such as HR Technology,
Sourcing, Legal Compliance, HR Management, Corporate Governance etc.
18. HR Katha: An online platform that shares regular industry updates to keep an HR
professional updated. HR Katha aims to collaborate HR data such as best practices, culture,
tools, training and development methods, initiated and practiced by the Indian HR professionals.
HR Magazines in India

19. People Matters: One of the leading HR media platforms, People Matters is a community
that fosters unification of ideas among HR managers, HR service providers and CXOs.
20. Business Manager: Formed in 1998, Business Manager is primarily focused on HR/IR
issues targeting HR managers, management professionals, industrialists, academicians,
management institutes and management students.
21. Perfect Professionals: A monthly magazine published by TVRLS network, Perfect
Professionals mainly focusses on talent management and organizational development domain.
22. Human Capital: Formed in 1997, Human Capital is said to be Indias first business
magazine focusing HR domain. Along with HR magazine, it also caters HR professionals with
the online library, case studies, e-magazine and mobile application.
23. IUP Publications: Formed in 1994, IUP brings out a collection of publications comprising
27 journals covering domains such as management, finance, economics, science & technology
and arts & humanities.
24. The Human Factor: A magazine published by Indian Institute of Planning and Management
(IIPM) covers updates concerning human/governance/corporate management niche. IIPM with
the help of these journals aims towards the development of quality of leaders, entrepreneurs and
managers in HR domain of India.