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Repentance & Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a concept that is connected to the work Yeshua did on the Stake (Cross).
People think that forgiveness is something you just receive from YHvH and all you have
to do is to receive it. !s forgiveness conditional? Does YHvH's forgiveness mean that !
am saved? The aim of this study is to answer all these questions and to put it into
perspective with YHvH's Word.

1. The Beginning and the End

The Sacrifice of Yeshua was done at the END of His Ninistry during His First Coming and there
was something that He did in the BEG!NN!NG of His Ninistry; He preached the same message
that John the Baptist preached; ¨.Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand!"

Mot g:1-z In those dcus 1ohn the ßcptist ccme precchinq in the uilderness o[ 1udec, (z)
cnd scuinq, Repent, [or the kingdom o[ Heooen is ot hond.

Mot a:1¬ Irom thct time Yeshuc beqcn to precch cnd to scu, Repent! 1or the
kingdom o[ Heooen is ot hond.

Yeshua said in the Book of Revelation that He is the Aleph and the Tav, the beginning and the
End; in the same way you should start your walk at the Beginning through Repentance, to
receive the benefit of Forgiveness and Salvation at the End. The work He did in the beginning is
just as important as the work He did at the end, and we need to put the same emphasis on
repentance as we do on salvation and to be forgiven; the one is dependant upon the other.

We will now look at the Beginning, which is Repentance, and then at the End, we will look at
Forgiveness and salvation.
2. The Beginning - Repentance

As we have seen from the Two House study, !srael was divided and scattered and broken off
because of unbelief, not listening to the !nstructions of YHvH and they were not faithful to His

Rom 11:1o-1¬,zo 1or i[ the [irst[ruit is holg, the lump is olso holg: ond i[ the
root is holg, olso the hronches. (:;) And i[ some o[ the hronches uere hroken
o[[ (scottered 1sroelJ, ond gou (CentilesJ, heing o uild olioe tree, uere gro[ted
in omong them, ond hecome o SHARER O1 THE ROOT ond the [otness o[ the
olioe tree uith them, (zo) Well, hecouse o[ unhelie[ theg uere hroken o[[, ond
gou stond hg [oith. Do not he high-minded, hut [eor.

Yeshua came for the scattered House of !srael to bring them back again under His Ruler-ship and

Mott 1g:za "I cm not sent except unto the lost sheep o[ the house o[ 1sroel.

The House of !srael will be restored if they ¨belief" and no longer dwell in ¨unbelief". Belief or
Faith is based upon Repentance as we have seen in Natt +:1/ and they have to REPENT from the
things that caused them to be scattered in the first place. FA!TH STARTS W!TH REPENTANCE!
The Gentiles were already in !dol worship and the same message applies to them if they want to
become part of His Kingdom of YHvH (House of !srael).

Eze 1a:o There[ore sog to the house o[ 1sroel, So sogs the Lord Yohueh:
REPENT ond TURN [rom gour idols, ond turn ouog gour [oces [rom oll gour

Eze 1S:go There[ore 1 uill judge gou, house o[ 1sroel, eoergone occording to his
uogs, sogs the Moster YHVH. RETURN gou, ond TURN YOURSELVES [rom oll
gour tronsgressions: so iniquitg sholl not he gour ruin.

The Apostles and the Disciples preached this same message after Yeshua left the earth to be in
the presence of The Father.

Act z:gS Peter scid to them, "REPENT, ond he hoptized, eoerg one o[ gou, in the
nome o[ Yeshuo the Messioh [or the [orgioeness o[ sins, ond gou uill receioe the
gi[t o[ the Holg Spirit.

Act g:1o "REPENT there[ore, ond TURN ogoin, thot gour sins mog he hlotted
out, so thot there mog come times o[ re[reshing [rom the presence o[ YHVH,

Act S:zz REPENT there[ore o[ this, gour uickedness, ond osk Elohim i[ perhops
the thought o[ gour heort mog he [orgioen gou.

Act S:zg Ior I see thct uou cre in the qcll o[ bitterness cnd in the hondoge o[ iniquitg."

Act 1¬:go-g1 ((o) The times o[ iqnorcnce there[ore God oterlooled. But nou HE
COMMANDS ALL PEOPLE eoerguhere should REPENT, ((:) hecouse he hos
oppointed o dog in uhich he uill judge the uorld in righteousness hg the Mon
uhom he hos ordoined: o[ uhich he hcs qiten cssurcnce to cll men, in thct he hcs rcised
Him [rom the decd."

Do not be ignorant of what wickedness, iniquity and sin is, for He that died for our sins is the
One that will come and judge the world in righteousness. The time of being ignorant is over.
You cannot repent if you do not know what to repent from, and if you do not search
the Scripture, you will stay ignorant of what sin is and will not be able to repent. YHvH said
in Hos +:6 that His people perish because of a LACK OF KNOWLEDGE. The pre-warning is not to
be !GNORANT of YHvH's Word, and to REPENT as you get knowledge of what YHvH despises so
that you might wash yourself and become clean as you search His Word, and be ready when He
comes again.

Eph g:zo-z¬
thct He might soncti[g ond cleonse it (gouJ uith the uoshing o[ uoter hg the
Word, (z;) thot He might present it to Himsel[ os the glorious church, uithout
spot or urinkle or ong such things, hut thot it should he holg ond uithout

A Spot is linked to leprosy and a leper is a physical manifestation of a sinful person if you
could see in the spirit. The spot is found on someone that is in the world and led by his
fleshly desires. A Blemish is linked to sheep, which represents someone who believes and
follows the Shepherd. The Hebrew word for Blemish also means truth and integrity, and if you
have a "blemish" it implies that you as a believer has truth mixed with lies.

3. What are the things we need not to be ignorant of?

Rom 1:zo-gz beinq [illed uith oll
unrighteousness, [ornicotion, uickedness,
cooetousness, moliciousness: heing [ull o[
enog, murder, quorrels, deceit, eoil hohits,
hecoming uhisperers, ((o) hockhiters, hoters
o[ Cod, insolent, proud, hroggorts, inoentors
o[ eoil things, disohedient to porents, ((:)
undiscerning, per[idious, uithout noturol
o[[ection, un[orgioing, unmerci[ul: ((z) uho,
knouing the righteous order o[ Cod, thot
those procticing such things ore WORTHY O1
DEATH, not onlg do them, hut HAVE
PLEASURE 1N those procticing them.

Col g:1o-z1 Nou the WORKS O1 THE 1LESH ore cleorlg reoeoled, uhich ore:
odulterg, [ornicotion, uncleonness, lust[ulness, (zo) idolotrg, sorcerg, hotreds,
[ightings, jeolousies, ongers, rioolries, dioisions, heresies, (z:) enogings,
murders, drunkennesses, reoelings, ond things like these: o[ uhich I tell uou
be[ore, cs I clso scid be[ore, thot theg uho do such things SHALL NOT 1NHER1T

!n general, we need to repent from the following:

• Fornication, casual sex, pornography (fornication in the heart 10
Commandments Ex 20:1+, Lev 18:20, Lev 22:20-21,Nat 5:28)
• Wickedness, unbelief (1
Commandment - Ex 20:2, Lev 18:1/)
• Covetousness, lustfulness, sex, food, pleasures of the world, money, possessions,
evil or sinful habits of the flesh (10
Commandment Ex 20:1/, Rom /:/, Nat 6:19, 2+,
• Naliciousness, Fighting, Ouarrels (Pro 6:1+, 2 Tim 2:1+)
• Envy, jealousy, causes disputes slander and lies (Pro 1+:30, Acts 13:+5)
• Murder & hate, anger (6
Commandment - Ex 20:13, Nat 5:21-22)
• Deceit, dishonest, stealing, cheating (8
Commandment -Ex 20:15, Lev 19:11)
• Whisperers, talking behind someone's back, slandering (Lev 19:16, Ps 12:2-3)
• Backbiters, two faced (Ex 20:16, Lev 19:16, Ps 12:2)
• Haters of YHVH and His Ways (1
Commandment - Ex 20:2, Deu_6:5, Joh_1+:15-23)
• !nsolent, cheeky, rude, proud (Pro 15:25)
• Proud, arrogant, braggarts, boasting (Ps 12:2-3)
• Inventors of evil things (Pro 15:28)
• Disobedient to parents, not honoring parents (5
Commandment - (Ex 20:12)
• Undiscerning, not set apart in your ways, be Holy (Lev 11:+5, 1 Pet 1:16)
• Perfidious, lying, dishonest, disloyal (9
Commandment - Ex 20:16)
• Without natural affection, homosexual (Deut 22:5, Lev 18:23,
• Unmerciful, revenge (Lev 19:18)
• Adultery, cheating your mate (/
Commandment - Ex 20:1+)
• Uncleanness, taking part in things that YHVH called unclean, kosher? (Lev 11)
• Idolatry, pagan worship, mixing YHvH's things with pagan things (2

Commandment - Ex 20:+, Deut 13:16-1/, Lev 20:23, Lev 19:26)
• Sorcery, consult mediums, magic and related things (Deu_18:10-11 Lev_19:31)
• Causing divisions in the Body of Nessiah, withdraw from them doing this (1Ti 6:+-5 )
• Heresies, false doctrine, man made traditions, adding to or take away from the Word
(Deut +:2)
• Drunkenness, parties, seeking worldly pleasures (Pro 20:1)
• Revelings, feasting with noisy loose jollity, ( 2 Pet 3:3)

As we have seen, most of these Commandments (over /0¾) are quotes from the Torah and
92¾ comes form the TaNaK, so that question ! would like to ask is; has the Torah fallen away?
The problem with people that believe that The Torah has fallen away or was replaced by the
Spirit, they read Laws that sound far fetched and use these to say how ridiculous the Laws are,
and they then use this to prove that the Torah CANNOT be valid any more because you cannot
see anybody of a right mind doing such things, ¨its barbaric".

Are we the judges of YHvH, are we appointed to rule over His Word and tell which things are far
fetched and which are not, which things we think are practical to do and other things are not?

1Co g:1S-zo
Let no one deceite himsel[. 1[ ongone omong gou seems to he uise in this uorld,
let him hecome o [ool so thot he mog he uise. (:o) 1or the uisdom o[ this
uorld is [oolishness uith Cod: [or it is uritten, "He tokes the uise in their
oun cro[tiness." (zo) And cqcin, "YHVH knous the thoughts o[ the uise, thot
theg ore ooin."

Read through all those verses again and see for yourself if it is true; if they really come from the
TaNaK and if Paul quoted them. Paul made the same statement in Rom 1:32 when he said that
you are worthy of death, and he found that also in the TaNaK. There are two aspects to salvation
(or not missing the Kingdom), and that is firstly; to be WASHED !N THE BLOOD OF THELANB,
and then to be WASHED !N THE WATER OF THE WORD, both these came from the side of
Yeshua when He died on the Cross and you need both to enter the Kingdom of YHvH, as Paul
stated in Gal 5:21. Also read Rev 12:1/.

!n the last days the emphasis is on repentance when John prophesied over the Seven Churches
in the book of Revelation. Each one of these churches represents a group of people with
certain attributes in their way of worship, and YHvH is not pleased with all of them, this let one
Reo z:g Rememher there[ore [rom uhere gou hooe [ollen, ond REPENT ond
DO THE 11RST WORKS: or else 1 om coming to gou sui[tlg, ond uill mooe
gour lompstond out o[ its ploce, unless gou repent.

What ore the first works? The things you did when you were passionate about YHvH and His
things and His Ways. This is quite common among believers when they have been on the path
for a long time; they get used to it and grow cold in their hearts.

Reo z:1a-1o (:a) ßut I hcte c [eu thinqs cqcinst uou, beccuse uou hcte there some uho
hold the tecchinq o[ Boloom, uho tought Bolok to throu o stumhling hlock
he[ore the children o[ 1sroel, to eot things socri[iced to idols, ond to commit
sexuol immorolitg. (:=) So uou clso hcte some uho hold to the teoching o[ the
Nicoloitons lileuise. (:ó) REPENT there[ore, or else I cm cominq to uou quicllu, cnd 1
uill moke uor ogoinst them uith the suord o[ mg mouth.

What is the teaching of Balaam? !t was when the prophet could not speak a curse over !srael
because they followed YHvH's Commandments. He advised to send their daughters (pagan) to
mix with the men of !srael and introduce their idols and their ways. !srael fell for the trick and
learned the ways of the heathen and YHvH cursed them because they N!XED pagan things with
His Ways. Two prominent areas that are normally targeted are the same things mentioned in
Acts 15; unclean food and sexual immoral living and mixing in of idol worship. REPENT from
MIXING pagan things with YHVH's thingsllllll

Reo z:zo-zg (zo) ßut I hcte this cqcinst uou, thot gou tolerote gour uomon,
Jezehel, uho colls hersel[ o prophetess. She teoches ond seduces mg seroonts
to commit sexuol immorolitg, ond to eot things socri[iced to idols. (z:) I qcte
her time to repent, but she re[uses to repent o[ her sexucl immorclitu. (zz) ßehold, I uill
throu her into c bed, cnd those uho commit cdulteru uith her into qrect oppression,
unless theg REPENT o[ her uorks.
(z() 1 uill K1LL HER CH1LDREN W1TH DEATH, ond oll the ossemhlies uill
knou thot 1 om he uho seorches the minds ond heorts. 1 uill gioe to eoch one
o[ gou occording to gour deeds.

Jezebel married one of the kings of !srael (Judah) and killed the prophets of YHvH and taught
!srael to worship Baal. She hunted down Elijah and he had to flee for his life. Elijah was the
prophet which is named at the times of the First Coming and the Second Coming of Yeshua. He
preached repentance and John the Baptist came in the spirit of Elijah to prepare the way for the
Nessiah. He will also be the prophet who will preach repentance (people with the spirit of Elijah)
and they will be hunted down by the Religious Spirit called Jezebel who are among people
who operate in the spirit of the Anti-Messiah, hunting down the people of YHVH who
preach repentance. These two groups will be heavy in conflict with each other in the last days
just before the Second coming.

Reo g:a-g You hcte c [eu nomes eoen in Sordis uho hooe not de[iled their
gorments. And theg uill uolk uith Me in uhite, [or theg ore uorthg. (=) The
one uho ooercomes, this one uill he clothed in uhite clothing. And 1 uill not
hlot out his nome out o[ the Book o[ Li[e, hut 1 uill con[ess his nome he[ore
Mg 1other ond he[ore His ongels.

These are the people who, in the last days, have not defiled their garments (actions}.
They have not defiled it with the teaching of Balaam or the Nicolaitans and have not fainted
under the spirit of Jezebel who oppressed them and persecuted them. They will be clothed in
white and their names will not be blotted out from the Book of Life. The choice is yours, weather
you want to be part of the people of YHvH who live their lives set-apart according to YHvH's
Ways, or do you want to go with the flow and follow the false prophets like Balaam and Jezebel.

Mot ¬:1g-1g Co in through the norrou gote, [or uide is the gote ond hrood is
the uog thot leods to destruction, ond mong there ore uho go in through it.
(:a) ßeccuse norrou is the gote ond constricted is the uog uhich leods to li[e,
ond there ore [eu uho [ind it. (:=) Beuore o[ [olse prophets uho come to gou
in sheep's clothing (JEZEBELJ, hut inuordlg theg ore rooening WOLVES.

Eze zz:zg-z¬
A plot bu her prophets is in her midst, like o rooring lion teoring the preg. Theg
hooe deooured souls: theg hooe token the treosure ond precious things: theg
multiplied her mong uidous in her midst. (zó) Her priests hooe hroken Mg
Lou ond hooe de[iled Mg holg things. Theg hooe put no di[[erence hetueen
the holg ond the pro[oin (commonJ, cnd hooe not tought hetueen the uncleon
ond the cleon, cnd hcte hidden their eges [rom Mg Sohhoths, cnd 1 om de[iled
omong them. (z;) Her rulers in her midst ore like uoloes teoring the preg, to
shed hlood ond to destrog souls, to get unjust goin.z8 And her prophets hooe
douhed themseloes uith lime, seeing oonitg ond dioining lies ([olse doctrineJ
to them, soging, So sogs the Moster YHVH: uhen YHVH hos not spoken.

The wolves are the false prophets that:

• They have broken YHvH's Torah and His Commandments.
• They call His Holy things profane (food, Feasts, Sabbath, people)
• Do not distinguish between clean and unclean (food)
• Do not keep His Sabbaths or Festivals
• Put words in YHvH's mouth and prophecy things people want to hear.

Be careful for these people, REPENT from their ways and focus on YHvH and His Ways and
honor Him and not man. Who do you worship, man of YHvH?

4. The End – Forgiveness & Salvation

Yeshua’s Ministry had a Beginning and an End; it started with the Message of Repentance
and Ended with His death on the Stake (Cross), which is the Forgiveness and leads to our
Salvation. We will first look at where Forgiveness is used first and what the Hebrew meaning of
the word is to get a full understanding of what forgiveness is and what we are forgiven from.

5. What does Forgiveness mean?

Forgive, To bear, To carry - Forgiveness - “nesah” – - to lift, bear up, carry, take,
array, support, sustain, endure, to make a rising, to forget, deprive, make an insurrection, to
beguile, deceive, to lend on interest or usury, be a creditor, debt, something lifted up, one
lifted up, chief, prince, captain, standard, signal, to test, try, prove.

First used in Scripture: Gen_4:13

This is the story where YHVH cursed Cain after he killed his brother and the curse YHVH gave
him was to heavy for him to bear. What was the curse? That the land will no longer produce and
that he would be a fugitive and people would kill him when they find him.

Cen a:11-1g
And nou gou ore cursed more thon the ground uhich opened its mouth to
receioe gour hrother's hlood [rom gour hond. (:z) When gou till the ground, it
uill not ogoin gioe its strength to gou. And gou sholl he o oogohond ond o
[ugitioe in the eorth. (:() And Coin soid to YHVH, Mg punishment is greoter
thon 1 con BEAR (nesohJ.

The load was to heavy for Cain to Bear and YHVH showed mercy to Cain and gave him a mark
that he would not die, and that he would not bear the load of death. This is a prophetic picture
that man would receive a mark (sign) so that man would not die and YHVH would carry the
burden of death. The mark YHVH gave Cain is the word “oth” (aleph-vav-tav ) and we see
the Aleph-Tav with a “Vav” in the middle; The “Aleph-Tav” (Alpha & Omega) represents the
Messiah [Rev 1:8] and the “Vav” represents man in Messiah. [Rom 3:24, Rom 8:1]. The result of
his sin (death) would be Carried by the One Who will Bear the sins of the world; and you have
to be in Messiah, Who bore the sign in His flesh, to receive forgiveness or redemption. [Lev
16:22, Heb 9:28]

Heh o:zS so clso the Messioh, hooing heen o[[ered once to BEAR THE S1NS o[
mong, sholl oppeor o second time, oport [rom sin, to those uoiting [or Him,
unto solootion.

5.1 He paid the price – He Redeemed us: To be forgiven means to be redeemed. Yeshua
redeemed us and to redeem means to pay our debt we owed because of sin and He carried
the burden (death) in our place. What is the debt we owe Him? We have to pay with our lives
because we have sinned, and the penalty for sin is “death” [Rom 6:23], death is the curse that
hangs over every one that is born into this world.

Rom g:1z There[ore, eten cs through one mon (AdomJ sin entered into the uorld,
ond deoth hg sin, ond so deoth possed on oll men incsmuch cs oll sinned:

Rom 1:gz uho, knouing the R1CHTEOUS ORDER O1 COD (His stondords -
LouJ, thot those procticing such things ore uorthg o[ DEATH, not onlg do
them, hut hooe pleosure in those procticing them.

The price for sin is death, and sin is defined in the “Righteous order of God” (His TaNaK) and if
you do things that are defined as “sin”, you are worthy to receive the “curse” and penalty for sin,
which is death.

Col g:1g Messioh REDEEMED US [rom the CURSE O1 THE LAW (deothJ, heing
mode o curse [or us (He diedJ [or it is uritten, "Cursed is eoergone hooing heen
honged on o tree":

As we have seen from the previous verses, the curse that entered into the world is death,
because of sin, and is defined in “the righteous order of YHVH”, which is the Law or Torah.
People tend to misinterpret this verse as to say that the “curse of the Law” is the Law, but Paul
did not say that; the curse of the Law is DEATH! That is Why Yeshua had to DIE to redeem
us from this curse. If the curse was the Law (Torah), then He would only have to announce
from the Temple’s roof that the Torah is no more and spread the “good news” that the
Torah is no more. No! The “Good News” or gospel message is to REPENT and He DIED to
take the CURSE (DEATH) upon Himself to PAY or to REDEEM us from this CURSE by
CARRYING THE BURDEN OF DEATH ON HIMSELF. Does the Torah stand? Yes, because
Paul used the Torah’s “Righteous Order of YHVH” to define sin, and sin is still sin even after
Yeshua’s death and resurrection and ascension into heaven. Yeshua’s death did not take sin
away but took the curse away, which resulted from sin, which is death. If He took away sin, why
do we as believers still sin?

Tit z:1g-1a loolinq [or the blessed hope, cnd the cppecrcnce o[ the qloru o[ our greot
Cod ond Sooior Yeshuo the Messioh, (:a) uho gooe Himsel[ [or us thot He
might REDEEM US 1ROM ALL 1N1QU1TY ond puri[g to Himsel[ o speciol
people, zeolous o[ good uorks.

He gave us the “Power” to break loose from the bondage of sin and we can be purified and
loosened from the bondage sin had over us, and be zealous in our actions (good works) that are
now in line with His Torah (Word). He gave those who believe His POWER, which is His Spirit in
our hearts, so that they can live out the “Righteous Order of YHVH” (His Torah), which are good
works prepared for us so that we could walk in them [Eph 2:10].

5.2 Forgiveness is Reconciliation: We were enemies because of sin, not because of His
Torah. Who needs to change, man or YHVH? We fell from His Glory and standard and became
enemies (separated form YHVH) and needs to undergo a transformation (rebirth) to be accepted
back in the presence of YHVH.

Rom g:1o Ior i[ uhen ue uere enemies, ue uere reconciled to Elohim through
the deoth o[ His Son, much more, beinq reconciled, ue shcll be scted bu His Li[e (Spirit).

His Torah is the standard we fell from and we have to be reconciled back to His Standard and He
DIED so that we can be reconciled back to Him and start the process of PURIFICATION through
WASHING by the WORD in the POWER of HIS SPIRIT so that we can BECOME like Him and be
restored back in His presence (Garden of Eden state). He died so that we can receive His Life
(Spirit) so that our Standard can be raised and that we will no longer be enemies with Him but
become children of Him. You are redeemed and forgiven when you accept Him as your Savior
and accept His Spirit’s power to help you through your purification and restoration process back
unto Him. He has the SIGN in His flesh and we have the SIGN of the Spirit in our hearts that
we are redeemed and have received His Life and that we belong to Him and are His

6. Forgiveness is Conditional

Forgiveness is not something you get by chance, you have to know the one Who
possesses this Gift and submit under His authority to receive it. There are three things
you have to do to receive forgiveness from Him for your sin:

6.1 Admit your Guilt. First of all, you have to admit that you have sinned; you have to confess
your sin before YHVH and repent from the sin you did and ask YHVH to help you not to do it

1Jn 1:o-1o
1[ ue con[ess our sins, He is [oith[ul ond just to [orgioe us our sins, ond to
cleonse us [rom oll unrighteousness. (:oJ 1[ ue sog thot ue hooe not sinned, ue
moke Him o lior, ond His Word (Righteous OrderJ is not in us.

You can only confess your sin if you know what sin is and you will only know what sin is if you
know His Word (TaNaK & NT), which defines sin.

6.2. Repent: We have looked at this topic last time; you have to repent from the sin you have
and NOT WANT TO DO IT AGAIN. True repentance is a new outlook and attitude towards the
things you know that are contrary to the Will of YHVH and His Standards for your life as stipulated
in His Word. Repentance is a lifestyle and you need to stay sensitive to sin.

6.3 Forgive Others: Once you have received forgiveness for your sin through true repentance,
you have to change your attitude towards your fellow man; forgive them for everything you have
against them because you are forgiven. Just as He forgave us, we should forgive others.

¨Ior i[ uou [orqite men their trespcsses, uour hectenlu Icther shcll clso [orqite uou. (:=)
¨ßut i[ gou DO NOT 1ORC1VE men their tresposses, NE1THER sholl gour 1other
1ORC1VE gour tresposses.

If we do not forgive one another, He will not forgive us. These are heavy words and is a
salvation issue because your Salvation is dependant upon you forgiving others so that
you can be forgiven by your heavenly Father. But, what if this specific person does not repent
and do bad things to me all the time? Surely then I have the right to hold a grudge because that
person encourages it through their actions and I am only the victim?

Then Peter ccme to Him cnd scid, ¨Moster, hou o[ten sholl mg hrother sin ogoinst
me, ond 1 [orgioe him? Up to seoen times?¨ (zz) Y'shuo soid to him, "1 do not sog
to gou, up to seoen times, hut up to seoentg times seoen.

Our advice from Yeshua is to forgive them for every time they do the same thing to us, over and
over and over and over…

How do I forgive someone that did something very bad to me and still have not repented
from it?

This is a very important question that we need to answer because there are so many people in
the world that walks around with past hurts that have not been dealt with and a lot of these people
carry the burden of un-forgiveness with them and they stand the chance of being shown away
from entering the Kingdom because they refuse to forgive. Lets see what Yeshua had to say in
this regard:

Mot 1S:zg-gg
There[ore the linqdom o[ Hecten hcs been compcred to c certcin linq uho desired to mcle
cn cccountinq uith his sertcnts. (za) And uhen he hcd bequn to count, one ucs brouqht to
him uho oued him ten thouscnd tclents. (z=) ßut cs he hcd nothinq to pcu, his lord
commcnded thct he, cnd his ui[e cnd children, cnd cll thct he hcd, be sold, cnd pcument be
mcde. (zó) Then the sertcnt [ell doun cnd uorshiped him, scuinq, Lord, hcte pctience
uith me cnd I uill pcu uou cll. (z;) Then the lord o[ thot seroont uos mooed uith
compossion ond releosed him ond [orgooe him the deht. (z8) ßut the scme sertcnt
uent out cnd [ound one o[ his [ellou sertcnts uho oued him c hundred dencrii. And he lcid
hcnds on him cnd tool him bu the throct, scuinq, Pcu me uhct uou oue. (zo) And his
[ellou sertcnt [ell doun ct his [eet cnd beqqed him, scuinq, Hcte pctience uith me cnd I
uill pcu uou cll. ((o) And he uould not, but uent cnd ccst him into prison until he should
pcu the debt.

If you were without sin, surely you had the right to refuse someone else forgiveness for their sin
(against you). The point I would like to make is that you owed so great debt to the King because
of your sinfulness, and He was willing to forgive you, WHO ARE YOU to refuse someone else
forgiveness if they are just as sinful as you? All sin weigh the same because they have the same
penalty; which is death! Murder is no greater than gossip and rape is no greater than stealing.
We think that sin is classed different because of the effect of some are greater than others, that is
true, but the penalty is the same and the end result for rape, or murder, or gossip or stealing,
each one of these, is worthy of death [Rom 1:29-32, Gal 5:19-21].

If you hold a grudge against someone who molested you, do you gossip? If someone murdered
someone you know, did you steal something in your life? Forgive because you have been
forgiven! It says that the King had COMPASSION on the servant because he saw that the servant
did it out of weakness and he repented. Maybe the person who molested you was molested
himself or something bad happened to him. Satan likes to use pain inflicted on someone to be
transferred to someone else, because he knows, SOMEONE HAS TO PAY and he encourages
revenge. The person who did the bad thing needed someone to pay the dept owed to him
because he had not forgiven what was done to him. Through his/her un-forgiveness, this cycle
of pain gets inflicted on someone close to him/her. You have to put a stop to the domino
affect and FORGIVE everyone who did bad things to you. You can forgive by having
compassion on the person who hurt you who carried thir pain onto you which they received from
someone else. The key to forgiveness is compassion! Compassion means that I have to
take my eyes of my self and look at the other person and understand his hurts and forgive
him through pity and compassion. This is a very humbling and liberating experience and
YHVH wants us to face our fears and our hurts and FORGIVE!

Mot_1S:gz-gg ((:) So uhen his [ellou sertcnts scu uhct ucs done, theu uere teru
sorru. And theu ccme cnd told their lord cll thct ucs done. ((z) ¨Then his mcster cclled him
cnd scid to him, `Wicled sertcntl 1 [orgooe gou oll thot deht seeing gou hegged me.
((() `Should gou not olso hooe hod compossion on gour [ellou seroont, cs I clso
hcd compcssion on uou?' ((a) ¨And his mcster ucs uroth, cnd delitered him to the
torturers until he should pcu cll thct ucs due to him. ((=) ¨So olso Mg heooenlg 1other
sholl do to gou i[ eoch o[ gou, [rom his heort, does not [orgioe his hrother his

In this story we see that the person who was forgiven by the King went and demand revenge on
the debt owed to him. The king heard this and reversed His compassion and it turned to anger
because of the servant’s arrogance and ungrateful loveless act. The end result is; if you do not
forgive those who does bad things to you, no matter how bad it may be, if you do not forgive

Paul could easily forgive others because he killed people who served Yeshua and he called
himself the chief of sinners. Do we need to murder to understand what the grace of YHVH really
means or can we just believe it and act upon it? You with petty sins, you two need to forgive
those who sin against you, even if you think that the price Yeshua had to pay for you is not that
big because you are a righteous person. We all have sinned and fell from the Glory of YHVH
and he who says that he has no sin is a liar.

zCo z:1o-11
But to uhom gou [orgioe ongthing, 1 olso [orgioe. 1or i[ 1 [orgooe ongthing, [or
gour sokes 1 [orgooe it to him in the person o[ Messioh: (::) so thot ue should
not he ooerreoched hg Soton, [or ue ore not ignoront o[ his deoices.

Eph 1:¬ in Whom ue hooe our redemption through his hlood, the [orgioeness o[
our tresposses, occording to the riches o[ his groce,

Do not make misusage of YHVH’s Grace, it is a Gift and not something you can demand through
your arrogance after you live a reckless life.This is not something to be taken lightly and yet we
see in our everyday lives, so many people having the luxury of un-forgiveness. Don’t they know
the seriousness of this fact that you can loose your salvation if you hold a grudge against others?

7. Salvation and Forgiveness

Salvation is the fact that you are forgiven and you receive forgiveness form the One Who paid the
dept (death) that came upon man because of sin. You are saved when you are forgiven and you
are forgiven if you also forgive. In other words, you can only receive something if you are willing
to give it to others. Receive His Forgiveness through forgiving others and work out your salvation
with fear and trembling as people offend and mistreat you.

To be saved is to be grafted into the Root, into the Olive tree, which is Israel through faith in the
work of Yeshua, the Messiah and the cleansing power of His blood. His blood is the “currency”
He used to pay for our debt, which is our death. His blood cleansed us from all iniquity and
washed our garments clean and white.

Reo ¬:1a And I scid to him, Sir, uou lnou. And he scid to me, These ore the ones uho
come out o[ the greot trihulotion ond hooe uoshed their rohes, ond hooe
uhitened them in the hlood o[ the Lomh.