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1. He was constantly ____ (urge) her to go up to the Marsh ranch, ____ (insist) that his
father was anxious to have them confirm the news in person.
2. We _____ many major problems while working on this project (had).
3. Japanese _____ one of the most popular courses at the university since the Asian studies
program was established (become).
4. The film ____ for ten minutes yet, but there's a commercial break already (not run).
5. Why has Lisa _____ her English?(not practise)
6. Babar ____ Rana Sanga at Kanwaha (defeat).
7. When my dad reached home, I ____ (always do) my homework.
8. Men ________ (never manage) to abolish wars up to now, but may be they _____ (find) a
way in the future.
9. When Mr. Mukerji _____ (come) to school in 1995, Mr. Anand ____ (already teach)
there for five years.
10. We arrived at work in the morning and found that somebody _____ (break) into the office
during the night. So, we ____ (call) the police.
11. Hurry up! The programme _______start(about to)
12. She has bought some cloth. She _____ herself a blouse (will make/ is going to make)
13. I am going to_____ (be study) and he is going to_____ dinner (be make).
14. Bob's going on a world tour next year. By December, he ____ six countries.(visit)
15. Make sure youre quiet when you get up tomorrow. The kids will still ______(sleep) in
their bed.
16. Two young athletes _____ (work out) for hours by the time one of them finally gives
17. They ______ (arrange) a time to meet, but both of them forgot about it.
18. I ______ (think) that I was an only child, but I recently discovered that I have a
19. Nicklen _____ (grow) up on an island in Northern Canada, where he _____ (learn) all
about the outdoors from his Inuit neighbors.
20. How many friends have you _____ (make) since you started studying here?


1. aboard
2. On board of; onto or into a ship, boat, train, plane.
We all went aboard the ship.

3. about

1. above

1. abreast

2. abroad

3. absent (law)

4. across

cross (archaic)

5. adjacent (US, rare)

6. after

7. against

'gainst, gainst (poetic or archaic); again, gain (archaic)

8. along

'long (abbreviation), alongst (archaic)

9. alongside


amidst, mid, midst (poetic or archaic);

11. among

amongst (poetic or archaic)

'mong, mong, 'mongst (abbreviations)

12.apropos (rare for apropos of)

13.apud (formal)

'round, round (abbreviations)


@ (abbreviation)

18.atop, ontop


afore, tofore (dialectal or archaic)

B4 (abbreviation)


ahind (dialectal or archaic)


ablow, allow (Scotland)


'neath, neath (poetic)




atween (dialectal or archaic)


ayond (dialectal or archaic)


30.chez (rare)


c., ca. (abbreviations)


dehors (law)


spite (abbreviation)





4 (abbreviation)







nearer (comparative), nearest (superlative)

anear (archaic)

46.notwithstanding (also postpositional)


o' (poetic or eye-dialect)





outen (archaic or dialectal)



o'er (poetic)

55.pace (formal)


57.per (often hyphenated)

59.pre (often hyphenated) (often hyphenated)

61.qua (formal) (often used with colon)

63.sans (formal)

sauf (archaic)



sithence (archaic)


thru (abbreviation)


thruout (abbreviation)

2 (abbreviation)

71.toward, towards





'til, til, till (abbreviations)



'pon, pon (abbreviations)



vs., v. (abbreviations)


81.vice (formal)

82.vis--vis (formal)


w/, cc(abbreviations)

w/i (abbreviation)


w/o (abbreviation)


Multiple words[edit]

Two words[edit]

1. according to

2. adjacent to

3. ahead of

4. apart from

5. as for

6. as of

7. as per

8. as regards

9. aside from

10.astern of

11. back to

12.because of

13.close to

14.due to

15.except for

16.far from
17.inside of

18.instead of

19.left of

20.near to to

22.opposite of

23.opposite to

24.out from

25.out of

26.outside of

27.owing to

28.prior to

29.pursuant to

30.rather than

31.regardless of

32.right of

33.subsequent to

34.such as

35.thanks to

36.up to

Three words[edit]

1. as far as is one example of the many expressions which can be analyzed

as as+adjective+as rather than a multiword preposition

2. as opposed to

3. as soon as
4. as well as

Preposition + (article) + noun + preposition[edit]

English has many idiomatic expressions that act as prepositions that can be analyzed as a

preposition followed by a noun (sometimes preceded by the definite or, occasionally, indefinite

article) followed by another preposition.[1] Common examples include:

1. at the behest of

2. by means of

3. by virtue of

4. for the sake of

5. in accordance with

6. in addition to

7. in case of

8. in front of

9. in lieu of order to

11. in place of point of spite of

14.on account of

15.on behalf of

16.on top of

17.with regard to (sometimes written as "w/r/t")

18.with respect to

19.with a view to
Archaic or dialectal[edit]

See also archaic forms of modern prepositions listed above.

1. abaft (nautical or archaic)

2. abeam (nautical)

3. aboon, abun, abune (dialectal)

4. afront (dialectal or archaic)

5. ajax (Polari)

6. alongst

7. aloof

8. anenst, anent (rare, U.K. dialectal)

9. athwart (nautical or archaic)

10.atop, ontop

11. behither

12.ben (dialectal)

13.betwixt, atwix (dialectal or archaic)

'twixt, twixt (abbreviations)

14.bewest (dialectal or archaic)

15.benorth (dialectal or archaic)


17.ere (poetic or archaic)


18.forby (dialectal or archaic)

19.foreanent, forenenst (dialectal or archaic)

20.foregain, foregainst (dialectal or archaic)


22.fromward, froward, fromwards

23.furth (Scotland)


25.imell (dialectal or archaic)

26.inmid, inmiddes

27.mang (Devon)

28.mauger, maugre

29.nearhand (archaic or dialectal) (archaic for next to; originally superlative of nigh)

31.nigh, anigh, anighst (poetic or archaic)

32.outwith (dialectal)

33.overthwart (archaic or dialectal)

34.quoad (formal)

35.umbe, umb, um (archaic or dialectal)

36.unto (archaic or poetic)



1. ago

2. apart

3. aside

aslant (archaic)

4. away

5. hence
6. notwithstanding (also prepositional)

7. on

8. short (also prepositional)

9. through

10.withal (archaic)

1. Prepositions of Direction

To, towards, for, along, against, across, up, down, into

1. He is going to the station. (Destination)

2. He is going towards the station. (In the direction of )

3. He is leaving for Delhi tonight. (Destination)

4. He walks along the road (on the road) and she walks along the bank of the river.

5. There is a ladder against the wall. (Opposite)

6. One must not go against the law of the country. (In the contravention of)

7. My best friend lives across the river. (On the opposite side of)

8. A bride is laid across the river. (From one side to another)

9. He threw his luggage across his shoulders. (Both sides)

10. Rita and Ravi were going across the field.

11. When I was going to the market, I came across Mohan.

12. I suddenly came across him.

13. I came across with him.

14. He claimed up the tree.

15. Mani claimed down the tree.

16. A dog fell into the well. (Motion towards inside)

17. She went into the room.

2. Prepositions of place/position:

At, in, on, above, below, over, under, between, among, amongst, amid, amidst, before, behind

1. He lives at Samstipur.

2. They are at home.

3. I live in Kolkatta.

4. The books are lying on the table.

5. There is a cap on his head.

6. The aeroplane is flying above the clouds. (level)

7. He is above thirty.

8. This work is below my dignity.

9. There is a fan over your head. (Vertical position)

10. A cat is sitting under the table.

11. Sunita is sitting between Morizan and Meera.

12. Distribute the sweets between the two children.

13. He is sitting between you and me. (between objective case)

14. He should be there between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. (between conjunction)

15. between the boys( each boy and the next) or the girls (noun plural) / between these boys

16. between them (pronoun plural)

17. between each boy / between every girl

18. There is an alliance between these three countries. (Reciprocal action or relationship- can be

used for more than two things or persons)

19. There is a treaty between these four countries.

20- There does not seem much difference between the three of them.

21. The chief Minister distributed the blankets among the poor.

22. Among the boys or amongst the boys

23. Among for consonant sound and amongst for vowel sound

Among them, among you, among his friends,

among your brothers

Amongst us, amongst our friends.

24. Amid among / amidst - amongst

Raghu is sitting amid his friends but kishore is sitting amidst us.

25. Kalpana is sitting before you.

26. She was running behind her brother.

27. She hid herself behind the curtain.

3. Preposition of Time:

at, on, for, since, before, after, within, in, till, by, during, from

1. He came here at 8 o clock. (Time) at dawn, at day, at break, at sunrise, at noon, at sunset, at

night, at midnight

2. on day or date

1. You should come here on Monday.

2. He will open the shop on 22nd October.

3. on is used before morning, afternoon, evening, night on Monday evening, on the

following evening

On the evening of May the first but in is used in the morning, in the evening

4. He has liver here for a month. (Period of Time imperfect(continuous) Tense

5. They have been working in this office for two years.

6. He is reading for an hour.

7. She is sleeping for five hours.

8. He has been absent since May.

9. He has been living in America since 1998.

10. you left London after your result. (past tense point of time)

11. Jaya returned this book after a month. (period of time)

12. I will complete this work before october. (point of time)

13. He will do it after a week. (period of time)

14. She will inform me in a month. (future after in)

15. We will manage everything within a year. (future before within)

16. You are to stay in bed until / tlll next Monday. (Point of time)

17. By Sunday, I had been exhausted.

18. John will have reached America by next Tuesday. (point of time)

19. During the war, many people suffered hardship.

20. What will you do during the summer vacation?

21. My friends lived with me from September to November. (Past point of time)

22. He will start coming here from next month. (Future point of time)
4. Some other prepositions

1. about He was talking about you.

2. I am about to go.

3. He is off duty. ( Separation)

4. A button has come off.

5. Miss. Priyanka comes of a rich family. (origin)

6. He died of cholera. (cause)

7. The plays of Shakespeare (relation)

8. all his brothers are addicted to drinking.

9. you prevented me from doing it.

10. I take delight in working hard.

11. They were fined for being late.

12. He will go there tomorrow.

13. Yesterday evening, yesterday afternoon, this morning, tomorrow morning in

Last night at

14. leave out the preposition before phrases last, next, this, that, also before today, yesterday,

tomorrow // I will mention it next time, I see him.

( The phrases at this/that time, on this/that occasion are normal)

15. Bring somebody or something home go, get, arrive, reach

16. For possessive case use preposition I went to his home.

17. No preposition for Transitive verb discuss, describe, reach, order, tell, demand, attack,

resemble, redicule

18. Say, suggest, purpose to (obective case) I said to him.

19. Speak, reply, explain, complalin, talk,listen, write to objective case

He did not reply to me. You never write to me.

5. Noun based prepositions:

1. affinity with something 2. affinity between two 3. alliance with a person

things or state
4. allusion to something 5. alternative to a 6. analogy of one thing

method/ something with another

7. analogy between two 8. animosity against 9. antidote against

things somebody infection

10. antidote to some 11. apprehension of 12. approach to(step

poison danger towards) anything

13. arrival in a country 14. arrival at a place 15. assault on a person/

16. attack somebody 17. attack on a country 18. attraction to or towards

a thing
19. authority over a person 20. authority on a subject 21. aversion to a person or

22. candidate for a post 23. care for somebodys 24. care for his health

25. charge of murder 26. charge with theft 27. claim on or against

28. claim to property 29. compact with a person 30. comment on

31. comparison of 32. By/in comparison with 33. compassion for

somebody with somebody

34. competition with 35. competition for 36. complicity in a crime

somebody something
37. compliance with a 38. condemnation to death 39. confidence in

request somebody
40. conformity with 41. conformity to rule 42. compensation for a

anyones views loss

43. connection with a 44. connivance of guilt 45. consideration for

person or thing somebody

46. contact with 47. contempt for a person 48. a contrast between two

somebody/something or thing things

49. controversy on or 50. contribution to a fund 51. contribution towards

about something some project

52. conersation with 53. decision on some case 54. decision of some

somebody dispute
55. decline of an empire 56. decline in moral/price 57. degradation from rank
58. delight in music/in 59. descent from ancestors 60. desire for wealth

61. desirous of something 62. disgust at meanness 63. dislike to a person or

64. distaste for 65. doubt of or about a 66. duty to a person

mathematics/somethin thing

67. encroachment on/upon 68. engagement with 69. entrance into a place

ones rihts somebody

70. enmity with someody 71. esteem for somebody 72. exception to a rule
73. (Make) an exception of 74. excuse for a mistake 75. failure fo electricity

somebody or

76. failure of somebody in 77. faith in somebody or 78. familiarity with a

something something person or thing

79. freedom from care 80. freedom of action 81. glance at a person or

something thing
82. glance over a wide 83. gratitude for a thng 84. gratitude to a person
85. grief at an event 86. grief for a person 87. guess at the

88. harmony with anything 89. hatred of or for 90. hatred of a thing

91. heir to some property 92. heir of somebody 93. hindrance to

94. hint at some reward 95. hope of or for better 96. hostility to a person or

luck cause
97. identity with 98. immersion into water 99. implication in this

somebody/something crime
1. implication on 2. imputation against 3. incentive to a worker

someone somebody
4. inclination for 5. indifference to help 6. influence over or with

sport/something others somebody

7. influence on anyones 8. inquiry into 9. insight into

action/decision circumstances/a case something/sombodys

10. intercession with a 11. intercession for a 12. jurisdiction in a

superior friend lawsuit

13. justification of or for 14. key to understanding 15. liability to an illness

crime of the problem

16. libel against his 17. liking for non- 18. longing for luxury/

character vegetarian/ something something

19. lust for life/something 20. malice an enemy 21. neglect of duty
22. neglect in doing a 23. nomination of a 24. nomination to a

thing member position

25. opportunity for going 26. partnership in a thing 27. power over a person

abroad/ doing

28. precaution against 29. preface to a book 30. preference fro
infection something
31. preparatin for 32. proof against 33. proof of guilt

examinations/somethin somebody

34. qualifaication for a 35. quarrel with 36. readiness in

post somebody/ something responding

37. readiness for a 38. refernce to a person or 39. with regard to that

journey\ thing matter

40. regard for a person 41. relation between two 42. realtion with

things somebody
43. remonstrance against 44. remonstrance with 45. reply to a query / a

somebodys conduct somebody person

46. request for a thing 47. resemblance to a 48. in respect ot some

person or thing quality

49. rivalry with a person 50. rival in something 51. search for or after

52. in search of wealth/ a 53. share in the property/ 54. share with somebody

job etc something

55. sin against god/ 56. sympathy with or for 57. temptation to evil

mankind/ humanity somebody

58. temptation in diet 59. trespass against the 60. warrant for

law somebodys arrest

61. with a view to 62. witness of or to a case 63. wonder at somebodys

behavious/ something
1. abound in or with 2. accrue to somebody 3. accrue from something

4. accuse somebody of 5. acquit a perosn of all 6. acquit a person in a

theft charges crime

7. adapt to new 8. adhere to a plan/ a 9. agree to a proposal

surroundings rule/ a principle

10. agree with a perosn 11. agree on some matter 12. aim at a target
13. aim at doing 14. alight from a bus/ a 15. allude to a fact

something train etc

16. answer to a person 17. answer for 18. apologize to somebody

misconduct/ something
19. apologize for 20. appeal to the judge/ 21. appeal against a

something somebody sentence

22. appeal for mercy/ 23. apply to a person 24. apply for some post/

something something
25. appoint a person to a 26. argue with a person for 27. arrive at a conclusion

psot or against a point

28. arrive at a station/ a 29. arrive in a country 30. ask for assistance

31. ask of somebody 32. associate with a group 33. blame a person for

34. blame something on 35. blush at ones own 36. lush for somebody

somebody mistake whos is at fault

37. border on a place 38. borrow of or from a 39. break the news of

friend/ somebody somebodys death

40. break through restraint 41. break ill news to a 42. break (dissolve

friend/ to somebody partnership) with

43. bring a thing to light 44. bring a thing under 45. burst upon (suddenly

notice invade) a country

46. burst into laughter 47. burst into tears 48. call at a place
49. call on a person 50. call for(demand, 51. call something

requier) something in( order or request the

return of)
52. canvass for votes 53. care for (attach value 54. care about (feel

to) a person or thing interest, anxiety or

sorrow) something
55. challenge a man to 56. charge a man with a 57. charge payment to a

combat/ fight crime person

58. coincide with ones 59. come about(happen) 60. come across ( to meet

opinion suddenly)
61. come after 62. come into fashion 63. come by

somebody(follow) something(obtain by

64. come of a rich family 65. commence with a thing 66. communicate a thing

to somebody
67. communicate with 68. compare somebody 69. compare something

somebody with somebody with something

70. compare to(dissimilar 71. compensate for loss 72. comete with somebody

things) for a prize/ something

73. complain to somebody 74. complain against 75. complain of about

somebody something
76. conceal facts from 77. concede to some 78. concur with a person

somebody demand
79. concur in an opinion 80. condemn a person to 81. conform to a norm

82. conform with ones 83. congratulate somebody 84. cosult wth ones

opinion on his success friends

85. consult a person/ a 86. contribute to a fund 87. converse with a person

lawyer / a map/ a about a thing

88. cope with a situation 89. correspond with a 90. correspond to

person something
91. cure a man of a disease 92. cure for a disease 93. cut a thing in or into

94. cut a thing in half 95. dash against a wall/ 96. dash into a shop
shore/ something
97. dash over anything 98. deal in somethimg 99. deal with a person
100. deal with a person 101. 102.

deber from doing anything decide the issue in

somebodys favour
103. defer to a later date 104. 105.

degenarate into a obsession/a defraud a preson of his money

lower position
106. demand a thing of a 107. 108.

person depend on a person or a thing deprive a person of a thing

109. desist from an attempt 110. 111.

despair of sucesss deviate from a certain course

112. differ with a person on 113. 114.

a subject differ from anything disress from the path

115. diagree with a person 116. 117.

on some matter disapprove of something dispute with a person about

118. dissent from a opinion 119. 120.

dissaude from an action distinguish between two

121. distinguish one thing 122. 123.

from another dwell in some place embark on the right path

124. embark in business 125. 126.

enlist in the army enter a house

127. enter into a new era 128. 129.

enter upon a career entrust somebody with

130. entrust something to 131. 132.

somebody escape from a cage excell in something

133. exchange one thing for 134. 135.
another exchange something with a exempt a person from a fine

136. exonerate a person 137. 138.

from blame fail in an experiment fail in something

139. fall into a well 140. 141.

fall among rotten apples fall in with something

142. fall on the enemy 143. 144.

fall in love with a person feed on milk

145. feed up 146. 147.

fight with or against poverty fill with anything

148. get at the facts 149. 150.

get to journeys end getover an ailment

151. get on with a person 152. 153.

get out of trouble glance at a picture

154. glance at an event 155. 156.

guess at something hanker after money

157. hear of an event 158. 159.

hide a thing from a person hope for good

160. import goods into a 161. 162.

country import goods from a country impress an idea on sombody

163. impress a person with 164. 165.

an idea impute blame to a person indorse with signature

166. indulge in undesirable 167. 168.

activities indulge oneself with signature infer one fact from another
169. inflict pain on a person 170. 171.

infringe on ones rights inquire of a person about an

172. inspire a man with 173. 174.

courage interfere with a person in his intersect with each other

175. intrigue with each 176. 177.

other introduce a man to others introduce into a story

178. intrude on somebody 179. 180.

invest money in education invest a man with authority

181. jump at (eagerly 182. 183.

accept) an idea jump to a conclusion live by honest means/labour

184. live on somebodys 185. 186.

charity/diet/fruit/juice live within ones look after(watch) ones

budget/means children
187. look into (closely 188. 189.

examine) a case look for something lost look over (examine) an

190. look through (examine 191. 192.

carefully) a report look upto lust for wordly possession

193. make to (approach) a 194. 195.

person make some meaning of a marvel at some sight or report

196. match one thing with 197. 198.

another meditate on an issue merge into one

199. mourn for the dead 200. 201.

murmur at or against anything occur to ones mind

202. pass from one thing 203. 204.

into another pass for a clawn pass over a passage

205. pass through by his 206. 207.

gate pass for ones mistake penetrate into something

208. perish by the sword 209. 210.

perish with proverty point at a person

211. point to some result 212. 213.

pray somebody for something pray to God for success

214. prepare for the test 215. 216.
prepare against disaster proceed against (prosecute) a

217. prohibit from doing 218. 219.

something protect from disaster protest against injustice

220. provide for ones 221. 222.

family provide against the rainy day provide oneself with

223. rail against some body 224. 225.

reconcile to situation reconcile with an opponent

226. recover from ailment 227. 228.

rejoice at the success of a rejoice in ones own success

229. relapse into idleness 230. 231.

relieve of or from duty remind somebody of

232. repose on a bed 233. 234.

repose confidence in friends

235. reprimand a person for 236. 237.

a fault result from a situation result in a consequence

238. retaliate on 239. 240.

upon/against somebody revolt against authority rob a person of something

241. rule over a country 242. 243.

stand against (resist) any stand by (support) a person

244. stand on formalities 245. 246.

take after somebody take upon oneself to do a thing

247. think of or about a 248. 249.

person think over a problem trespass against rules

250. trespass on 251. 252.
somebodys privacy trspass in a persons company wait at bus stop
253. wait for a person or 254. 255.

thing warn a person of disaster warn a person against a fault


1. Absorbed in study 2. Acceptable to a person 3. Accessible to strangers

4. Accessory to a crime 5. Accomplished in an art 6. Accountable to a

7. Accountable for a 8. Accruing to a person 9. Accused of theft

thing from something

10. Accurate in his 11. Acquainted with a 12. Acquitted of a charge

statistics person
13. Addicted to 14. Adequate to a persons 15. Adverse to a persons

gambling/smoking wants interests

16. Affectionate to a 17. Affection for 18. Afflicted with pain

person somebody
19. Aggravated at a thing 20. Aggravated with a 21. Akin to a person or

person thing
22. Alarmed at a rumour 23. Alien to a persons 24. Alienated from the

character party
25. Alive to the problems 26. Amazed at a persons 27. Ambition for

behavior something
28. Ambitious of 29. Amused at something 30. Angry at a thing

31. Angry with a person 32. Annoyed at a remark 33. Annoyed with a person

for saying or doing

34. Answerable to a 35. Anxious for his safety 36. Anxious about the

person for something result

37. Appalled at the sight 38. Apparent to everyone 39. Applicable to a
40. Apprehensive of result 41. Apprised of a matter 42. Appropriate to an

43. Apt in a subject 44. Apt for a purpose 45. Ashamed of ones

46. Assiduous in ones 47. Associated with a 48. Associated in some

studies person business

49. Assured of the truth 50. Astonishing to a 51. Astonished at ones

person rudeness, misconduct

52. Averse to hard word 53. Bereft of qualities 54. Born of rich parents
55. Born in city 56. Charged to ones 57. Charged with anger

58. Charged with forgery 59. Close to a person or 60. Clothed in mist

61. Clothed with shame 62. Committed to a course 63. Common to several

of action persons or things

64. Comparable to 65. Compatible with ones 66. Competent for certain

something temper work

67. Composed of materials 68. Commune with ones 69. Concerned with

friends something/somebody
70. Concerned of ones 71. Concerned in some 72. Conducive to a

welfare business situation

73. Conscious of a fault 74. Contrary to rule 75. Covetous of other

mens goods
76. Creditable to ones 77. Cured of a disease 78. Customary for a

judgment person
79. Deprived of rights 80. Derogatory to ones 81. Designed for a purpose

82. Desirous for success 83. Destitute for money 84. Dexterous in or at

doing something
85. Disappointed in a thing 86. Disappointed with a 87. Disgusted with a thing
obtained person
88. Disgusted at or with a 89. Disqualified for a post 90. Disqualified from

person competing
91. Doubtful or dubious of 92. Eager for result 93. Eager in the pursuit of

intension knowledge
94. Effective for a purpose 95. Eligible for apost 96. Eminent for ones

97. Endowed with natural 98. Engaged in some work 99. Engaged to a person

100. Envious of 101. 102.

anothers achievement Essential to happiness Estranged from afriend

of success
103. Exempted from 104. 105.

a friend Exhausted with running Exonerated from blame

106. Exposed to 107. 108.

light Faithful to a person Familiar with a problem

109. Familiar to a 110. 111.

person Favorable to ones Fearful of consequences

112. Fertile in 113. 114.

resources Fit for a job Free from errors

115. Fruitful in 116. 117.

resources Fruitless of results Gifted with qualities

118. Glad of ones 119. 120.

success Grateful for kindness Greedy of or after or for

121. Guilty of 122. 123.

murder Honest in ones dealings Horrified at a sight

124. Hostile to 125. 126.

conducive situation Ignorant of something Ill with fever

127. Impertinent to 128. 129.

something Incumbent on a person Indebted to a person

130. Indebted for 131. 132.

some goodness Indebted in huge sum Indebted in a person or

133. Introduce into a 134. 135.

place Introduced to a person Invested with full power

136. Invested in 137. 138.

business Involved in crime Irrelevant to a topic

139. Jealous a 140. 141.

somebody Liable for payment Liable to error

142. Moved to tears 143. 144.

Moved at the sorry sight. Moved with pity

145. Moved by 146. 147.

requests Neglectful of ones interest Negligent of duty

148. Negligent in 149. 150.

ones work Obliged for some help Obliged to a person

151. Oblivious of 152. 153.

the past Obnoxious to a Occupied with ones

person clients
154. Occupied 155. 156.

in writing a story Offended with a Offensive to a

person at person

157. Overwhelme 158. 159.

d with grief Overcome with Painful to ones

sorrow. feeling
160. Peculiar to 161. 162.

person or thing. Pertinent to a Polite in manners

question/a topic
163. Polite to 164. 165.

all Profitable to a Prodigal of

company expenditure
166. Profuse in 167. 168.

ones offers Profuse with ones Ready at action

169. Ready with 170. 171.

excuses Ready in ones Related to a person

172. Relevant to 173. 174.

a statement Replete with Requisite to success

175. Requisite 176. 177.

for a purpose Resolved into its Resolved into its elements

178. Resolved on 179. 180.

completing the work Responsible for an Responsible to a person

181. Sanguine of 182. 183.

success Satiated with pleasure Satisfactory to a person

184. Satisfied of 185. 186.

(concerning) a fact Secure from harm Secure against an attack

187. Sensitive to 188. 189.

criticism Shocked at the sad news Shocking to all

190. Silent about a 191. 192.

matter Solicitous of a reply Solicitous for somebodys

193. Startled at 194. 195.
somebodys behavior Strange to a person Subject to change
196. Suited to the 197. 198.

occasion Suitable for ones income Suitable to the occasion

199. Suited to the 200. 201.

occasion Suited for a post Thankful for past favours

202. Vexed at a 203. 204.

thing Vexed with a person for Worthy of praise

doing something


Directions: Find out the error in each of the following sentences, if any. If there is no error, your
answer is E.
1. Nobody can deny(A)/ that Gandhis idea(B)/ are different than (C)/Lenis (D)/No Error.
2. He was very much engaged (A)/ in his work when the thieves (B) / entered into his house
(C) / and took away a lot of things (D) /No Error (E).
3. While she was returning (A)/ from college (B)/ a ruffian attacked (C)/ on her with a
dagger (D) /No error(E)
4. The decline of his moral (A)/ was caused by a lot (B)/ of factors that were (C)/ once
fascinating to him (D)/ No error (E)
5. Two of my intimate friends (A)/ called on me (B)/ on yesterday when I was (C)/ away
from home (D)/ No Error(E)
6. Simmi took me to a hotel(A)/ and ordered for (B)/ two cups of coffee(C)/ which the
waiter brought in no time (D)/ No error (E)
7. The students complained (A)/ to the principal against (B)/ the warden and the (C)/ poor
management of the hostel (D)/No error (E)
8. Without considering (A)/ for a moment he (B)/ entrusted me in (C)/all the important
work.(D)/ No Error (E)
9. Somebody reported to me (A)/ that Suman had fallen in (B)/ the well and nobody had
(C)/ tried to save him.(D)/No Error (E)
10. There are certain animals (A)/ that can live without (B)/ any effort both (C)/ in water and
land(D) / No error (E)
11. The plan was to go for (A)/ the cinema but (B)/ owing to certain hindrances (C)/ it failed
(D)/ No error (E).
12. The angry boatman(A)/ threw the cracked oar (B)/ into the river (C) / and returned home
(D)/ No Error (E)
13. My friends proposed me (A)/ that we should go to (B)/ the movies and then have (C)/
dinner at a hotel.(D)/ No Error (E)
14. She became able (A)/ to free herself (B)/ with her debts by(C)/ working day and night
(D)/No error (E)
15. My brother said that (A)/ he preferred the white (B)/ shirt than the black one (C)/ which I
usually wore.(D)/No Error (E)
16. He always insists (A)/ that he prefers (B)/ to go home (C)/to stay anywhere at night(D)/
No Error (E)
17. Glimpses to (A)/the religious side of his (B)/ nature appear in(C)/ the majority of his
plays (D)/No Error(E)
18. Hardly had we settled down(A)/ for the nights rest when (B)/ we were started (C)/ by the
loud noise being made outside the house(D)/ No error(E)
19. There appears (A)/ to be very little (B)/ liaison among (C)/ the two wings of the party
(D)/ No error(E)
20. Sedimentary rocks (A)/ largely comprised of (B)/ minute fragments derived from (C)/ the
disintegration of existing rocks (D)/ No error(E)
21. Found guilty(A)/ on murder, the accused (B)/ men were sentenced (C)/to life
imprisonment(D)/ No Error(E).
22. Today be revealed (A)/ the fact that he was (B)/ angry on me because I(C)/ had not
helped him (D)/ No error (E).
23. He looked upon me(A)/ level eyed for a (B)/ few moments before he (C)/ started
speaking (D)/No error(E)
24. The girl said (A)/ that she preferred (B)/ the blue gown than (C)/ the black one (D)/ No
error (E)
25. The smuglar yielded (A) / for the temptation (B)/ and fill into the police trap from (C)/
which escape was impossible (D) / No error (E)
26. Numerous people in India (A)/ are dying from hunger (B)/ but the Government seems
(C)/ to be ignorant of this fact (D)/ No error.(E)
27. The man who(A)/ was blind with the right (B)/ eye was a(C)/ notorious criminal of this
area (D)/No error(E)
28. Some persons (A)/ get jobs even if (B)/ they are not worthy (C)/ for them(D)/No error(E)
29. The post describes about (A)/ the beauty of a landscape (B)/ in a very (C)/ attractive way
(D)/ No error(E)
30. During his tour(A)/ to the north he visited (B)/ not only to Delhi (C)/ but also Agra
(D)/No error