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CIO Choice Award

v ET Best Tech Brand

a. Data Centre Transformation Services
b. Integrated Data Centre Solution
c. Managed Network Services Best Enterprise Data Center


Assessment Questionnaire
1. Customer Information

Company Name MPS Limited

Address HMG Ambassador Building, 137 Residency Road, Bangalore-


Industry Publishing Service

Primary reference for the company Name V Nagendra Naik

Title Mr.


Phone 7676987858

1. Which are the products you Books and Publising Services Auxillary services
manufacture OR services you deliver?
Please explain the operations in brief

2. What is the annual revenue? Will Discuss

3. Number of plants (manufacturing 5

plants/stores), locations

4. Number of company codes (legal 4

entities, at which level balance-sheet
and P&L are prepared) & which use

5. What is the current SAP version? ECC 6.0 Release EHP0

Provide EHP details too.

6. Which are the SAP modules FI, CO, MM, SD


7. What is the tax procedure configured in TAXINN

SAP? (possible answers TAXINJ or

8. If the Tax procedure TAXINJ is being We are not Using TAXINJ

used, how many company codes are
using it?

9. Do you have any timelines in mind to As soon as the Dates are finalised by Government of
go Live on SAP-GST? India

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Implementation Assessment Questionnaire
10. Do you want to utilize this opportunity Yes we would like use this Oppurtunity
to implement some new modules/sub-
processes/enhancements in SAP? If
yes, please elaborate

11. In future, do you want to migrate your Na#

entire SAP landscape to Sify Cloud to
enable you lower your TCO & avail the
entire spectrum of services under one
roof, right from Managed Services
Support (includes OS, DB/storage,
Security, Backup, Network Connectivity
support) & SAP AMS (functional +
Technical) support?

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Implementation Assessment Questionnaire