June 6, 2017

VIA ELECTRONIC MAIL, theodorams@aol.com
Ms. Theodora Scarato

Re: Maryland Public Information Act Request regarding Milestone status reports
Our File No.: 17-99-0034

Dear Ms. Scarato:

This letter is written to finalize our response to your request for the following under the
Maryland Public Information Act:

Please tell me who reads these status reports?

Response: The reports are sent by Milestone Communications to the
point of contact, Mr. Sam Stefanelli, Director of Building Services.

Who are these sent to?

Response: The reports are sent by Milestone Communications to the
point of contact, Mr. Sam Stefanelli, Director of Building Services.

Does the Board see these?

Response: The reports were not provided to the Board.

Why aren't these shared with parents?

Response: A dedicated web page is being developed to post the
updates from Milestone Communications. In the meantime, this
information remains publicly available to parents upon request.

Whose job is it to read these weekly status reports from Milestone to

Response: The reports were reviewed by Mr. Stefanelli.

How are these status reports shown to the Board? by email? in

Response: The status reports are not shared with the Board.
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Ms. Theodora Scarato
June 6, 2017
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What staff specifically is the agent of the CEO making decisions on cell

Response: Mr. Stefanelli is the primary point of contact.

Please send me the name or names of this "person who decies weather
to send or not send the "leeter to proceed" from PGCPS.

Response: Mr. Stefanelli forwards the letter to proceed to the CEO
for signature.

The documentation you sent me has a column stating "Board
notification" with the words "complete' under various schools. Please
send me all documentation of this "completed" notification be it emails,
letters or notes.

Response: The document was prepared and maintained by Milestone
Communications. The column “Board notification” and the status of
“complete” is Milestone’s record of events as they track their status.

Please explain to me the process by which the Board is "notified".

Response: The CEO receives a letter from Milestone Communications
titled “Authorization to Proceed with Zone Application and Ground
Lease for: [The name of the school site is listed].” The CEO provides
notification to the Board in a weekly update under Chief Operating
Officer's Report.

Please send me all school board "designee" "letters to proceed" from
PGCPS on all the towers which exist (I see reference to this going back
a few years so simply send all documentation of this.)

Response: A copy of Authorization to Proceed Letters is provided for
the following schools:

Benjamin Tasker MS Buck Lodge MS
Charles Carroll MS Charles Flowers HS
Croom Vocational Eleanor Roosevelt HS
Green Valley Academy James Madison MS
Kenmoor MS Oxon Hill MS
Ms. Theodora Scarato
June 6, 2017
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Walker Mill MS

Has the lease for Roosevelt been signed yet? If so please send me the
Roosevelt lease.

Response: PGCPS will not enter a lease for a cell tower at Roosevelt
High School at this time. No documents are available for this request.

Also, Please send me copies of all the checks that Milestone has sent to
PGCPS concerning these towers for the last 5 years.

Response: Please refer to the response provided to your Public
Information Act request on May 16, 2017.

If you have further questions regarding this response, please contact this office.

Very truly yours,

Demetria T. Tobias
Associate General Counsel


cc: Kevin M. Maxwell, Ph.D.
W. Wesley Watts, Jr., Ed.D.
Mr. Sam Stefanelli
Ms. Elizabeth Davis
Robert Johnson, Esquire
Shauna Garlington Battle, Esquire