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Daria Jordan


English IV


Which sport nutritions can help me be the best athlete I can be ??

Basketball is very important to me and i want to be the best i can be since Im trying to
play at the next level ,so the reason i asked this question is because At first i was considering
making a question based on athletes which was is gatorade better for athletes and then i figured
out that the question has an answer basically to it and so I narrowed down to a question thats
personal to me and it can benefit and help me in the future. This question is different from asking
google because if i would of put it in google i would have said an athlete but i made it personal
and said me. Before I began this question I really didnt know too much about sports nutritions,
but i did know that you have to eat and drink the right stuff before a game to perform well. I
assumed when i researched this question i will learn about it and it will become very helpful to
me. Also before this research I planned to research for sources online on youtube and look at
some of the drills and programs they have for a point guard and shooting guard. I planned to
interview Mr.Miller for advice about what programs and stuff i could do to get better as an
athlete. The experience that I plan to help me answer my question is me going to the gym or
working out so i can be the best athlete.

When I began my search I found a source called 8 gameday Nutrition tips for young
athletes and in this source this author is Jill castle and this source was published on June
3rd,2015. The intended source is for athletes. This source is relevant to my search because it
talks about what is important to do before game days and i think that is very helpful. I think the
author is reliable because she talks about the nutrition tips before a game as if she were an athlete
herself. According to Castle, Jill. 8 Game Day Nutrition Tips for Young Athletes., 3 June 2015,
-tips-for-young-athletes. Accessed 15 May 2017.
It gave me some good information about how to start the day with a breakfast containing
carbs (such as whole-wheat bread or cereal) and a source of protein (such as eggs, yogurt or
milk). And opting out of a light lunch such as a salad or skipping lunch altogether will leave
you light on your feet, but instead, it may leave your tank empty at game time. Also about
Saving the sports drinks for an energy boost during endurance sports or training sessions lasting
more than an hour. Greasy, fried foods and fatty desserts are filling and may leave you tired and
sluggish on the courts. This resource helped me out a lot because often times i would eat fast
food before a game and that would have me tired but i thought it was because i wasnt drinking
enough water or keeping myself hydrated. Also i learned that hydration results in poor

According to, This source

doesnt have an author but it does say it was developed by OConnell Media. This source is
relevant to my search because it gives me new information like how many Carbohydrates should
athletes eat each day?? And i havent came across that yet and this source also tells me do
athletes need vitamins and minerals. The intended audience is athletes who want to eat and take
the right things for their body. I dont think this source is reliable because it doesnt say when it
was published but it does have good and helpful information. This source told me about how
Snacks after games or training includes Good choices include low-fat milk, fruit with yogurt or a
homemade milkshake. Carbohydrate, are usually digested immediately as they enter the body
and are broken down to provide energy within the stipulated time. This source helped me out a
lot because it also included about training a meal needs to contain healthy fats, like avocado and
proteins, in large amounts for the restoration of muscles and, additionally, adequate amounts of
carbohydrates to replenish the depleted fuel.

According to Purcell, Laura K, and Canadian Paediatric Society, Paediatric Sports and
Exercise Medicine Section. Sport Nutrition for Young Athletes. Paediatrics & Child Health, Pulsus
Group Inc, Apr. 2013, Accessed 11 May 2017.
The author is Laura K Purcell. This author is qualified as a reliable source because this
person worked with the Canadian Paediatric Sports and Exercise Medicine Section.This source is
relevant to my search because it talks about all the nutrition,energy requirements,protein,and fats
for a young athlete.This source was published on April 18th,2013. This source is not reputable
and the intended audience young athletes and for athletes. In this source i found that Nutrition is
an important part of sport performance for young athletes, in addition to allowing for optimal
growth and development. Basic nutrition is important for growth, achieving good health and
scholastic achievement, and providing energy . Sports nutrition enhances athletic performance by
decreasing fatigue and the risk of disease and injury; it also enables athletes to optimize training
and recover faster. Carbohydrates are the most important fuel source for athletes because they
provide the glucose used for energy. Proteins build and repair muscle, hair, nails and skin. This
resource helps me in my search because this source tells me all the nutrition,fluids,and what kind
of vitamins i need as a young athlete.

According to Gavin, Mary L., editor. Feeding Your Child Athlete. KidsHealth, The
Nemours Foundation, Jan. 2015, Accessed 11
May 2017.
The author is Mary L, Gavin. This author is reliable because she worked with the Nemours

foundation on January 2015. This source is relevant to my source because nutritional needs for
young athletes like protein,vitamins and minerals, and also it talks about athletes facing
pressures. The intended audience is for young athletes. This source stated that Calcium helps
build strong bones to resist breaking and stress fractures. Calcium-rich foods include low-fat
dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese, as well as leafy green vegetables such as
broccoli.Iron helps carry oxygen to all the different body parts that need it. Iron-rich foods
include lean meat, chicken, tuna, salmon, eggs, dried fruits, leafy green vegetables, and fortified
whole grains. Unhealthy eating habits, like crash dieting, can leave kids with less strength and
endurance and poor mental concentration. This source is helpful with my search because it tells
me why young athletes need plenty of fluids and how It's important to feed your child healthy
meals and snacks consistently, even during the off-season. This will provide a solid foundation
during times of competition.
According to Jeukendrup - Trusted Sports Nutrition Advice & Exercise Science News,
Accessed 11 May 2017.
The Author is Asker Jeukemdrup. This author is reliable because he have real numbers like
2%about adults as if he will experienced it and he has also got more information from other
sources.This source was published on February 21,2016. This source is relevant to my source
because it tells me why hydration is important and why i need to stay hydrated and carbohydrate
and fat.This audience is intended for young athletes. In this source, Young children preferentially
use fat as a fuel and the capacity to use carbohydrate tends to be lower. Sweat glands are less
developed and therefore it may be difficult for children to sweat and get rid of heat.Growing
children have slightly elevated protein needs. Also athletes who expend more energy will eat
more and will automatically increase their protein intake. This source helps me out with my
search because i learned about hydration and that is very important because you need fluids and
liquids in your body.

According to
The author is Christian Thibaudeau. This source is relevant to my search because i want to know
how i can be the best athlete and this reading shows me a variety from dieting to strong. This
source was published March 4,2016. The intended audience is for anyone who wants to become
stronger.This source is showing me how i can become a lil bit more muscular and how i can be
fast and what i need to do.For example it says to jump high and far, run fast, and throw things
along the way like basketball ball or weigh balls. Also it tells me how to keep my diet in order
and how to stay energetic for a long period of time.This source helped me out alot because i
know what i can do to become stronger since thats what i need to play at the next level.

According to
This video is intended for girls because the title says female athletes. This source is relevant to
my search because i am a female athlete who wants to get better.This video basically is focusing
on working on the lower body of women because in the video the lady is doing exercises on the
floor like sit up and push us and then underneath the video there is directions to work on the
same thing but with some light weights.This source helped me out because by me being a girl i
cant lift some weights.

According to
Gregg Marshall ~ Skill Development Workout for Basketball Point Guards.

This intended video is for anyone but mainly i think point guards because the drills that
they are doing are for point guards.This source is relevant to my search because i am a point
guard and i want to learn to do some of the drills in that video. In this video there were point
guards and they were doing drills around cones like crossing over with the jump shot and then
they were working on dribbling when you get doubled teamed by the defensive.And also they
did one on one drills.This source was very helpful because they showed a lot of stuff that
happens to me in the game.

For my experience, The sources that I have read helped me out with my question because
my experience of when i went to the gym and I played basketball and I noticed that I needed to
stay hydrated,so that I can perform at my best ability. Also I learned that having a good breakfast
in the morning pays off and has an affect on you playing.