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The Myth of PDWiki

PDWiki Mini Unconference 2008 [ We Were Massively Caffeinated ]
By preciouskhyatt,

By preciouskhyatt,

By Randy Son of Robert,

The Myth of PDWiki...

To create an community editable wiki of information about creative works public domain status.


Does a complex collaboration agreement allow actual collaboration?


No Community of Support


Creating the world’s largest digital library

Success =

Open Library Wiki Technology Community Portal Internet Archive Storage 20 Million+ Records about works


Creative Commons Legal Expertise Copyright and PD <code /> 46 International Jurisdictions


Wikimedia Foundation Thousands of Wikipedians Wiki Technical Expertise Open Library Wikipedia Plug-in


Rockefeller Foundation Initial grant to realize this project


Public Users of the system Organizations to use API Organizations to contribute records Developers to contribute code



<Code />



{{ cite book | last = Atack | first = Jon | authorlink = Jon Atack | year = 1990 | url = tack/index.html | title = A Piece of Blue Sky | publisher = Carol Publishing Group | location = New York, NY| id = ISBN 0-8184-0499-X }}

Open Library Model Noncommercial / Free / Open License CC Zero Registration Optional

Connotea Free and Open (custom license) Commercial Required

CiteULike Free Service Commercial Required

BibSonomy Academic / Unclear Academic/Com mercial Required

Scope Global index, all User-based media, abstract index, Scientists and FRBR system clinicians, web content Positives Lists Live, license/copyrig import/export, ht status, supports provides standards DOIs copy/paste and OpenURLs, citations for code is GPLd for Wikipedia site Negatives Not established, Too specific, no WM* integration integration, no not complete social review, reputation, no entity relationships

Social, bookmarking, social academic-style, bookmarking journal-focused Live, userfriendly, web 2.0, plug-in system, tagging, support bibtex No integration with WM*, software not, no community discussion open,no entity relationships Live, userfriendly, web 2.0, supports bibtex

No Integration with WM*, no API, copyright not clear, no entity relationships

Open Library Model Noncommercial / Free / Open License CC Zero Registration Optional Scope Global index Positives Lists copyright status, allows debate about source quality, and provides copy/paste citations for Wikipedia

LibraryThing Commercial Custom Required Individual libraries Finds similar libraries and suggested reading

WorldCat Commercial All Rights Reserved. Optional Global index Aggregates reviews and allows exporting citations in standard formats

Negatives Not established, no entity WM* integration relationships not complete

no entity relationships

Open Library Model FRBR License GPL (src), CC BY (content) Registration Will connect to WM * authorization (once out) Scope Global service (+WM *) Positives Copyright experience, large data dumps, jurisdiction rules baked in, slightly external to overloaded WMF

WikiCat FRBR GPL (src)

WikiCite Noncommercial / Free / Open GPL (src)

Citation templates Nastay Templates GFDL

Subject to WM * Subject to WM * Subject to WM *

WM * Excellent basis for system, tight planned integration

WM * Tight planned integration

WM * Implemented, understood, simple for current users

Negatives New, not public Not done yet

Not done

Complicated, high barrier for entry



Canadian Access Copyright Creative Commons Canada Wikimedia Foundation

Future Jurisdiction Front-ends Open Knowledge Foundation (UK) Public Domain Works project and their UK + EU code (in-progress) CC Netherlands! (Bjorn)


(legal + python)

(Your unique skills!)




1. Make Documentation as Public as Possible

2. File bugs on public trackers now

3. Assign or Assume responsibility for bugs and roadmap items

#openlibrary on

Roadmap Overview (Who and When?)


Launch PD Code on Open Library

Launch OL + Wikipedia

Future and Growing Usage

Before August :)