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Christian Marc C. Alayon, Jezaniah M. Lapuhapu, Evan Jane

D. Gacott, Norlane Jane Y. Hao, and Krisha Ace T. Padogdog
(2016). Larvaecidal Property of Eucalyptus globulus (Blue Gum
Tree) Leaf Extract on Culex spp. (Mosquito). Southwestern
University - PHINMA.
Adviser: Eleanor D. Apita, RMT

The study aims to produce an organic larvaecide out of Eucalyptus

globulus leaf extracts by identifying its larvaecidal efficiency.
Distinguishing new and organic larvaecide is beneficial to everyone in
order to help lessen the continuously increasing number of mosquitoes
that are vector agents which carry disease causing viruses and
parasites that are susceptible to man.
Eucalyptus globulus is a specie of Eucalyptus. The trees scent has
been known to drive away mosquitoes around the area it stands. This
research tests the trees leaf extracts for its toxicity to Culex mosquito
larvae. The research specifically sought to discover if there would be a
difference between different treatment groups of the said trees leaf
extract. The larvae mortality was tested with three different solutions
of the leaf extract at 25%, 50%, and 100% concentrations
respectively and was observed after 10, 20, 30, and 60 minutes for
three trials.
In this study the Eucalyptus globulus leaf extract showed great
mortality rate to the larvae tested. The different concentration showed
that the more larvae are killed when it is exposed to higher
concentrations and in a longer period of time. Thus, exposing larvae at
a 100% concentration of the extract in a long period of time would
display the highest mortality.
The result of the analysis of variance demonstrates that there is a
significant difference between the different treatment groups used in
the experiment reveling that longer time of exposure and higher
concentration of the extract, the greater mortality is displayed. Thus,
proving that Eucalyptus globulus leaf extract in 100% concentration is
the most effective in killing the mosquito larvae.