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byGram May 2017

The Newsletter for the European PCCN calibration and EPE community

WHEN? - 7th July 2017

WHERE? - Ford Sports and Social club in Basildon
HOW MUCH? - Tickets 2.00

On sale in May from your local LL6 hero/heroine

hero/heroine (Management
supplemented price)

Tickets enter prize draw (Prizes to be announced)

.. well, 7th July it will be
Bar will be open for drinks
5-a-side football & softball tournaments referees required
Non sporty games/challenges
Want to be involved?
involved? Speak to Craig Bickerstaff

Toughbook Replacement Jon Saville and Dave Kinghorn

A new specification laptop has landed at Warley, soon to be re-patriated to Dunton Cal team for a pilot user. This mystery user will be
announced later so that you can all pounce on him for feedback on how it is working out. Oops, theres a clue, hes a he.

It is a slight delay to the original timing but its felt better to be later with the right solution that on time with the wrong one.

Remote Data
Data Access Dongles Gareth Maxwell

Trials have been successful and the 3G dongle works. It allows up to 4 WiFi connections with the intent that data can be shared ont eh
move particularly useful for trips and PVP drives. The team are now approaching Simon to get some more 3G SIM cards.

Cracking News Jon Saville

The Calibration Tools Team would like to introduce Kalai Shanmugham as the ATI resident
engineer at Ford Dunton. Kalai is your in-house point of contact for all ATI-related issues for
VISION users, including support, issue tracking, feature suggestions and general feedback on
Accurate Technologies products.

Aside from his calibration tools expertise, Kalai excels at cracking leather against willow as a
renowned and award-winning batsman in the Ford Cricket Club. In this capacity he was lucky
enough to attend the Surrey County nets session at Kia Oval, coached by one of the best, Mr.
Alec Stewart - the Former England Captain. Currently Kalai is opening the Batting for BPCC 1st National cricket Knobbly knees competition
Team in the Shepherd Neame league Essex. winner with Kalai

Finally, Kalai also hopes to break a Guinness World Record this month for Most joints Email:
cracked continuously. His qualifying attempt was made about 4 months ago and took 4 Phone: +44 (0) 1268 404667
witnesses, 2 time keepers, 1 audio engineer and a camera crew (6 members) to capture the
Official record attempt on 12th March 2017. Although nerve racking, the witnesses and crew Location: GB-15/2A-N08 - B
confirmed that he broke the record by cracking joints in 25.7 seconds. The evidence has been ATI
submitted to the GWR team for final review. So please stop by to ask Kalai whether he has
added a World Record to his list of accomplishments!