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Medical Terminology Course Syllabus

Rivera Early College High School

Instructor: Ms. M. Soriano

Room #: F216
Phone #: 956-698-3096
Conference: 2nd period

Course Description: Medical Terminology is designed to educate students on the word

origin and structure through the introduction of prefixes, suffixes, root words, plurals,
abbreviations, and medical specialties/procedures.

Expectations: Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to distinguish the
three word parts that make up a medical word (prefix, root word, and suffix). The student
will also recognize the basic terminology used for the different body systems.

Projects/Activities: Students will be assigned projects throughout the semester. Activities

and projects will consist of individual and/or group work. Each student is responsible for
their participation and accountability during group activities (each person is to contribute).

Materials Needed: Students will need the following materials for this class.
1 1 3 Ring Binder 3 x 5 Index Cards
4 dividers for Binder Dry Erase Marker
Notebook Paper Color Pencils
1 70 page spiral notebook Black or blue pens

Binder: Students are responsible for bringing their binder to class on a daily basis. First
page of the binder will be the COVER page which will include the following centered
Subject (class)
Teachers Name
Class Period
Second page: Course Syllabus
Third page: Classroom rules/consequences/rewards
Medical Terminology Course Syllabus
Rivera Early College High School

Each binder must include 4 dividers:

1. Unit Notes
2. Daily Work
3. Unit Reviews
4. Project Work

The spiral notebook will be utilized for the writing activities we will do in class and will be
kept in the binder. All assignments will be kept by the instructor throughout the unit of study
and will be handed back to the student upon completion of the unit. All assignments must
be written in black or blue ink. Any assignments written in pencil will not be accepted
unless otherwise instructed to do so.

Homework: Homework will be given at the discretion of the instructor and must be turned
in at the beginning of the class period on the date specified in class. Assignments received
after the due date will not be accepted. It is the students responsibility to turn in homework
even if the teacher does not remind you to do so.

Absences: Please refer to the 2016 2017 Student Handbook for attendance policy. All
excuses must be turned into the Attendance Office on your own time, not during class. It is
the students responsibility to ask for any assignments, notes, test, quizzes, etc.
missed during their absence. If you are absent for a test review, or on a test date,
you will be required to take the test on the day you return. Advanced notice about
tests is given to the student so that they can plan accordingly.

Make-Up Work: It is the students responsibility to make up assignments as soon as

they return from an absence.

Retest: Retesting will take place upon student failure and student request. As per BISD
policy, retesting must occur within 5 school days after the student has received the failing
grade. The student may raise his/her test score only to a maximum of 70 by taking the
retest. Should the student fail to appear to the scheduled retest appointment, they forfeit the
chance to pick up their grade and will retain the failing grade.

Grading: Refer to the 2016 2017 Student Handbook. A minimum of 3 major and 5 minor
grades will be given per Six Weeks.
Medical Terminology Course Syllabus
Rivera Early College High School

Information Regarding the ATC Program: Advanced Technical Credit Program

The Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) Program is an advanced placement program for
students interested in preparing for college and a technical career that requires
postsecondary education. Any student who successfully completes statewide-articulated
secondary courses such as this one is eligible to receive articulated credit from any
participating public two-year college in the state that offers the corresponding college
You are enrolled in an ATC course that will apply towards a college major as part of your
high school graduation plan. As a result, this ATC course is a special version of a normal
high school course that covers college-level material, and therefore carries a higher level
credit towards your GPA and will be reflected on your high school transcript. This course
may also be noted with the letter A- on your high school transcript to identify the high school
course as an ATC course. Nevertheless, to qualify for college credit through the ATC
Program, you must meet the following requirements upon completion of this course:
Complete this ATC course with a minimum grade of 80 (B or better).
For Freshmen and/or Sophomore Course Note: Since this is a Sophomore ATC
course, you must take additional ATC courses as a junior or senior to qualify for
the college credit in this course.
For more information regarding ATC you may visit the ATC website at, or visit with you campus CTE Counselor.
Medical Terminology Course Syllabus
Rivera Early College High School

Classroom Rules/Discipline Plan for Medical Terminology

Ms. M. Soriano, F216

Classroom Rules
1. BE PREPARED: come to class with necessary materials and completed

2. BE RESPECTFUL: treat others as you expect to be treated.

Do not interrupt lectures
Respect others property


Electronics should be stored when not in use.
Should you be caught using them when you are not supposed to,
they WILL be confiscated.


Cheating during a test/quiz gives you an automatic ZERO!!
NO chance to make up test/quiz
Parents will be notified

5. NO food/candy/drinks will be allowed in classroom.

6. The Instructor dismisses the class, NOT the bell!


1. Verbal Warning

2. Student/ Teacher Conference

3. Call to Parent

4. Student/Teacher/Parent Conference

5. Referral to Assistant Principal

6. In some cases, Security will be called.

All of the above will be documented in the students file.

*Serious offenses can, at the teachers discretion, result in more severe consequences
regardless of previous steps taken.
Medical Terminology Course Syllabus
Rivera Early College High School

Attention Parents/Guardian:

Please take a few minutes to review the course syllabus for Medical Terminology
2016 2017 with your son/daughter. You can contact me at any time during my conference
period and through email. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have. I look
forward to being your childs Health Science instructor this year. Please sign and return this
document to me.


Ms. M. Soriano

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Print Student Name Student Signature/Date

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Print Parent Name Parent Signature/Date