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air-conditioning controllers

programmable controllers

Makes DC inverter technology available

integrated solutions
for high efficiency units

I n t e g r a t e d C o n t r o l S o l u t i o n s & E n e r g y S a v i n g s
High efficiency solutions by CAREL: a great Makes DC inverter technology available

opportunity for our customers

CAREL offers the market the highest performance solutions for maximum seasonal
energy efficiency, the result of significant economic investments in research and
development : 7% of consolidated R&D and 18% of personnel.
Makes DC inverter technology available
Fieldbus to EC fans and pumps

With the European Energy Package, the The new criteria for calculating efficiency
Reduce dependence on EU has established targets to be met by require manufacturers to provide the Wired/wireless
2020: 20% reduction in carbon dioxide, a average seasonal performance coefficients
non-renewable sources gas responsible for the greenhouse effect, for the units in specific reference
User interfaces DC inverter compressor drive
20% increase in renewable sources, 20% conditions (Energy Efficiency Ratio - EER):
Increase seasonal energy increase in energy efficiency. The RES the factors that have weight in such GPRS
Directive (Renewable Energy Sources) has calculations assume unit operation at part
performance defined the binding national objectives load for a considerable amount of time.

for Member States, which by 30 June 2010

must present national action plans for To reach the predefined seasonal
renewable energy. performance target requires the use of
advanced control algorithms and cutting-
Weighting factors for SEER calculation (*) Within this context, evaluation of the edge technology to ensure effective
Time energy efficiency of air-conditioning control of the refrigerating unit at part
40% and heating units has evolved with the loads: for example, DC inverters for the
30% introduction of the Seasonal Performance control of variable speed compressors and
Factor (SPF), which takes into consideration electronic expansion valves.
different seasonal climatic conditions. EEV sistema and sensors

Part Load
25% 50% 75% 100%

Typycal COP curve for DC compressor Software programming tool

COP and application libraries
3.5 Compressor - COP

pCO sistema+: the complete solution and different thermal loads throughout
2.5 made-to-measure for new generation the year;
RPS high efficiency units. serial communication optimises
20 40 60 80 100 120 the introduction of variable capacity operation of the new smart actuators
compressors featuring DC inverter that complete such high efficiency pCOsistema+
(*)The above weighting factors are defined for an technology allows manufacturers units (EC fans, variable flow-rate pumps,
average European Climate Profile and an average of refrigeration units to make that etc.) and allows integration of room provides manufacturers
building load representative of residential applications.
Most of the time the units are required to operate at part technological step forwards that current comfort control, further boosting the
load conditions. (Ref. prEN 14825 for water chiller) standards and market needs now level of performance and reliability of
DC inverter technology to
dictate; the system; improve the performance
this conviction has guided CAREL in pCOsistema+ also includes a wide
the development of the new power+ range of colour graphic user interfaces of their units and increase
inverter, designed especially for with touchscreen TFT technology;
integration between
residential HVAC applications; remote system accessibility (via web,
the use of electronic expansion valves GSM, etc.) allows the use of innovative components, units,
becomes essential in order to exploit remote control and maintenance
the modulation capacity of these services, as well as providing the end systems, installers,
compressors; user highly effective functions. maintenance personnel
Maximum energy efficiency Optimised performance Connectivity integrated control of these two key
The most innovative technology Efficient control of all unit Wide range of solutions for components of the refrigerant circuit and users
applied to save energy and protect the components: compressor, EEV, fan, communication, supervision and helps ensure an efficient and effective
environment. pump, system integration. remote management. response to different climatic conditions
Solution for high efficiency heat pumps The library of standard software modules
continues to grow in terms of both size
and reliability, thanks to collaboration
pCO sistema+ optimises the control of heat pumps and systems in typical with leading compressor manufacturers.
residential applications.

The CAREL solution for the control of high and climatic conditions throughout the Connectivity and supervisory Programmability: research and Ready-to-use technology
efficiency ground source heat pumps year. The added possibility of exploiting
ensures significant energy savings in the serial communication to control smart systems protection of knowledge
entire system, guaranteeing a high degree actuators (pumps, fans...) represents a
of adaptability and integration between further step forwards in the development
heat generator and system. of more reliable and efficient heat pumps. CARELs integrated solutions are designed The CAREL solution is based on With Smart HP, CAREL offers ready-to-use
and developed to interact with a variety of programmable controllers using the 1tool application software that integrates all
Management of variable speed different supervisors and communication development environment. the options provided by pCOsistema+,
compressors with DC inverters, together systems. This on one hand guarantees the including:
with the use of the electronic expansion The wide availability of protocols over possibility to continually improve the water and room set point control
valve in fact allows the widest heat output many types of networks means the technological aspects of the heat pumps, residential heating and domestic hot
modulation capacity currently available,
ENERGY SAVING CAREL offering for heat pumps ensures a keeping up-to-date with advances in the water (DHW)
maximising performance of the unit in communication system that is open to the state-of-the-art, while on the other ensures outside temperature compensation
response to the changing thermal loads
Integrated management of world. maximum protection of company know- management of inverter-driven
DC inverter compressors and how. compressors
management of CAREL electronic
the electronic expansion expansion valves (CAREL EXV sistema)
dedicated room terminal.
valve ensures very high
energy savings compared to
a traditional solution.

Makes DC inverter technology available

Driving solution for high efficiency heat pumps Integrated home system management
exible I/0 architecture
serial communication
Strategy Library View
Atoms v1.0 Atoms_ET v1.0 Macroblocks v1.0 Macroblocks_ET v1.0 -User-
wide range of user interfaces
Compressor type Mod_Belim... Mod_Check.
... MOD_CON MOD_COOL...MOD_DAM... Mod_Defros... Mod_DST MOD_EXT... Mod_Fans Mod_Freeze Mod_Humid... Mod_HWS...


Macroblocks v2.0 Mod_S_Stor...

Mod_Set_S... Mod_Temp... Mod_Test_... Mod_Test_... Move_BT_10



Copeland Programmable electronic controller
Digital and user interface
**Compatibility is system dependent and must be veried by the purchaser

Bitzer DC Inverter compressor driver

Envelope Normal Envelope
Transient Envelope

Siam Compr.
HP unit

condensing temperature (C)




40 T evap 2.0
Hanbell T cond 45.0


-30 -25 -20 -15 -10 -5 0 5 10 15 20
evaporation temperature Temperature Sensor


Expansion Valve
Combined Temperature and
Pressure Sensor
Software suite & libraries for system design
Home clima touch control
pCO5: the heart of the system One single development suite for
designing the complete application,
from control of the unit to interaction
The new CAREL programmable controller designed for multiple air-conditioning and with the environment.
refrigeration applications

pCOsistema+ has been developed around All in addition to the rationalisation of New completely Specific libraries for HVAC/R Compressor Manufacturer
to the new range of pCO5 programmable costs and spaces in the electrical panel,
controllers, increasingly powerful and incorporating into the controller several programmable touchscreen applications Approved: technology
enhanced with specific new functions important functions that were previously TFT displays available
for improving the efficiency of HVAC/R managed by external devices.
systems, such as:
All the displays in the new CAREL range CARELs know how, acquired in more than Collaboration between CAREL and
integration of electronic expansion valve Special attention has also been paid
can be programmed using 1tool. This 35 years of specific experience in HVAC/R, the leading international compressor
drivers; to developing a new range of latest
allows development of interfaces that is synthesised in a complete library of manufacturers guarantees high quality
integration of ultra cap technology, used generation user interfaces.
are increasingly easy to use, intuitive and functions, from the simplest to the most of the control solutions and optimum
to close the electronic expansion valve
attractive. The range of touchscreen TFT complex, and ready to use. management of the compressor
in the event of power failures; Finally pCO5 guarantees perfect hardware USB CONNECTION displays allows the combination of several throughout the life of the unit.
5 serial lines; and software compatibility with the pCO3
colours and layers using Alpha Blending
Host and Device USB ports; range of controllers, so as to protect and Direct accessibility to the technology.
special interface for setting the network guarantee the investments of CAREL
address. customers. controller.

These features increase the possibility Touch

of serial connection with the actuators EASY ADDRESS
on the unit, at the same time simplifying
installation in the field.
Dedicated interface for
setting the network address.
Inverters for DC compressors

power+ is a special inverter that can control compressors with permanent magnet
brushless motors (BLDC/BLAC)

Integrated into pCOsistema+, it brings DC INVERTER technology also Main features

significant energy savings by modulating
compressor speed and consequently the allows: sensorless motor control technology;
cooling capacity of the unit. Variations custom acceleration ramp;
more precise control of water
in load are managed precisely and with wide operating range, up to 60 C
temperature even in response to peaks
constant control of the compressor ambient;
in request, reducing or avoiding the use
envelope. low noise due to the high switching
of water storage tanks;
This makes significant increases in unit frequency, up to 8 kHz;
higher heat exchanger efficiency at
COP possible during operation at part load, safety torque off input;
part load, allowing operation at higher
giving higher seasonal performance factor compact design Compressor type
suction pressure and lower condensing Macroblocks v2.0

values (SPF). pass-through assembly (heat sink

pressure. As well as the undeniably
outside the electrical panel) or wall Hitachi
positive effect on COP, this also means
mounted. Samsung
power+ is easy
the outdoor coil ices up less, reducing Digital
to install:

**Compatibility is system dependent and must be verified by the purchaser

the need for defrosts on air/water HPs. 70
Envelope Normal Envelope
Transient Envelope

Siam Compr.

thanks to the gasket and

condensing temperature (C)





T evap 2.0
T cond 45.0 intelligent bracket system.

The heat sink can be

-30 -25 -20 -15 -10 -5 0 5 10 15 20
evaporation temperature

located outside the

electrical panel.
power+ is currently
being approval tested

Siam Compressor Ind.
Complete integration in
For information please contact your pCOsistema+
local distributor.
envelope control;
integrated electronic valve
quick inverter setup using preloaded
table of parameters based on
compressor type.

Compressor speed






230 Vac 10.5 A - 16A 400 Vac 18 A - 22 A t

single-phase three-phase
The most complete range of electronic valves Solutions for supervision and remote maintenance
and control centres
EXV sistema is the advanced and versatile solution for optimum superheat control pCO Web, PlantVisorPRO, remotepro, & remoteValue
that maximises the performance of air-conditioning and refrigeration units. solutions for remote management and communication

EXV sistema, thanks to the wide range integrated flow sight glass (except for The CAREL solution for local and remote remoteValue
that covers cooling capacities up to 2000 E2V and E3V); 100%
monitoring and supervision of units using
remoteValue responds to the need for

Laminated flow
kW, guarantees maximum precision in efficient and gearless motor; 80% pCO sistema+ is complete and reliable at
the modulation of refrigerant flow in all movement on stainless steel ball all levels, and is a secure and reliable tool advanced functions to manage a vast
60% linear
HVAC/R applications. bearings; for controlling sites in different locations. network of systems or to operate call
tight when valve closed thanks to Teflon
40% equipercentage centers, enhancing the tried-and-tested
gasket and compression spring; For example, remotepro Remote remotepro platform with new standard
Main features

flow in both directions; maintenance manager offers the or custom functions. A team of experts
external stator replaceable without equipercentile variation of refrigerant Steps 100% opportunity to be immediately alerted of is available to help, from configuration
dismantling the valve; flow-rate. others any unit malfunctions and provides all the to support for customised remoteValue
removable motor mechanism (except tools required to resolve problems in the solutions.
for E2V) to simplify installation and EQUIPERCENTILE field directly from the service centre. ETHERNET INTERFACE for
replacement without unsoldering the PROFILE remotepro Centralised data management
valve; acquires reports, graphs and statistical
The equipercentile profile, calculations on the information sent by the
local supervisors. BACNet ;
thanks to fine control of
SNMP v1, v2, con TRAP;
refrigerant flow at part
Modbus networks over IP;
loads, is ideal for operation
Embedded WEB server;
Software for remote centre management

Electronic Expansion Valve with variable capacity

Embedded FTP server;
Capacity kW


High pressure
Data log acquisition;
E-mail management;
Per formance Update pCO via Ethernet.
E2V 40 kW E3V 140 kW E4V 280 kW NEW E5V 600 kW E6V 1300 kW E7V 2000 kW

Software for remote centre management

Geolocalization Statistical analysis Cost KPIs

+3000021EN - 1.0 - 01.03.2010
Demo unit equipped with pCO Sistema +

Control of compressor operating conditions (pressure


CAREL reserves the right to modify the features of its products without prior notice.
Real time control of the refrigeration cycle
The demo unit is used to analyse the as well as controlling modulation, safety
performance of a Scroll compressor with functions and the compressor envelope
brushless-sensorless permanent magnet DC Power+ inverter: compressor driver
DC motor controlled by the CAREL Power+ E2V expansion valve: electronic expansion
inverter. valve with stepper motor.
By exploiting the possibility to modulate temperature and pressure sensors to
the compressor speed, the increase in measure the related variables.
performance (COP) of a hypothetical heat
pump with similar control technology can
be estimated.
It also highlights the optimum operation
of the CAREL system made up of:
pCO sistema+ controller to manage
Modulation of cooling capacity and monitoring
and coordinate the various components,
of related values

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