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City of Oakland
Public Works Agency Call Center
Service Request 147372
Assigned To LUSTER, GAY

Service Request Information
Request Number: 147372
Description: Tree - Request for Removal
Problem Address: ALVARADO RD / TUNNEL RD
Category: TREES
Date / Time Reported: 1/5/2007 8:44:39 AM
Service Priority: 3 - Medium
Submitted To: LUSTER, GAY
Status: Closed
Associated Cityworks Project:
Council District:

Caller Information:
Name Home Phone Work Phone Other Phone Cell Phone Date & Time Of Customer Email
1/5/2007 8:44:39

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Q&A & Comments:
REQUEST FOR TREE REMOVAL - of an Oak tree located on a storm drain easement at the Claremont Hotel.
Resident states that there is a crack at the base of the tree and it is leaning at a 45 degree angle. Citizen spoke with
head of Building & Grounds at the Claremont, and he can explain the exact location of the
tree. 1/5/07 MB.
Resolution: Inspected 1-10-07 per MT...On resort property-NWR by City Infoed
Initiated By: PWA CallCenterTemp
Submitted To: Gay Luster
Closed By: Gay Luster

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