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,+k . How to get are goodfood.

Also eat -plenty

- of vegetables
DIUNK plenty of water every day. Three
/ everything you &arts a day ti not too much.-
KEEP active;. exercise.-But dont exert
yoomsyond the level to which you are

need for DRINK aicoholicbeveragesonly in moder-

ation.This doesnot meanstopdrinking,Dr.
Pauling says.After all, alcoholis a food.A

41 cents a day coupleof drinksa day can increaseyour sense

of well-king, and thats important
DONT smokecigarettes.

- AVOID stress.If possible,id a job you like

happy relationshipswith your
R, By Jock Veitch
vitamh supplementsand a few simple
health practicescould idd 85 years to your &e,
saysDr. LinusPauling,winnerof two Nobelprioes. larger doses,he stressesthe imp&ance of taking
And,a11the vitamin and mineral supplementshe them daily, not at random.
takeseachday costlessthanan averagecandybar. Thefour vitamin andmineral tabletsDr. Pauling
Dr. Pauling is 85 and feeling fit and full of en- takeseach day are one 8804Uvitamin-E capsule,
ergy. In his new book How to Live Longer atad At 8S, I hdgM-oyed Dr. Unua Ruling waara onesuper-Btablet, onevitamin-and-mineraltablet
Feel Better (W.II. Freemanaud Company,87.85). by uitamin C and hb mimpk nubitkn ptan. andoue25,080-IU vitamin A-capsule. He takesthem
he saysthe yearsaddedthroughhis simple health intheeveniqg.HetakeshisvitamhCbeforebreak-
guide are good years, and that even peoplewho fast - three level teaspoonsof pure crystalllw
wait until late in life to start can live 15to 20years vitamin E everyday.VitaminE delays the agSngof ascorbicacid either dissolvedin orangejuice oi in .
longer than otherwise. cells and helps the body absorboxygen. waterwithasmallamountofbakingsodaaddedto
AlthoughDr. Pauling takeslarge dosesof vita- TAKE one or two super-b tablets every day. make the drink elfervescent.
mins,theycostonli 41centsa day.And they canbe They help body growth, keep the nervoussystem The discoveryof vitamins three-quartersof a
taken in just four vitamin tablets plus vitamin C working,form and regeneratered bloodcells and centuryagoandthe recogaltionthat theyare wsen-
crystals mixed with orangejuice. extend the lives of cells. tial elementsof a healthydiet was oneof the most
Theso-callednaturalvitaminsare no better than TAKE a 25,OOMUvitamin-A tablet every day. importantcontributionsto healthever made,says
lessexpensivesupplements, he says.Just learn to Vitamin A helps build resistanceto colds and gu Dr. Pauling.
read labels,shoparoundand get the cheapeatyou and helps shortenthe duration of diseases Of equal importaacewas the recognitionabout
can Bnd,he advises.The Atod and Drug Aminis- mKE a mineralsupplementeveryday,suchas a 20 yearsago that o timum intakesof severalvita-
tration requiresthat contentsbe statedon the label. .Bronsonvitamin-mineralformula, which provides mins, far larger Jan the usually recommended
You dont need to pay a lot for vitamins. 100mg of calcium,18mg of iron, 0.15mg of iodine, Makes, lead to further improvementin heal&
Here is Dr. Paulingssimplevitamin guidewith 1 mg of copper,25 mg of magnesium,3 mg of The optimumdaily amountsof vitaminsare far
his tips for living a long life: manganese,15 mg of xinc, 0.015of molybdenruq larger than thosethat can he obtainedin food,even
TAKE six grams to 18 grams - 8,080to 18,000 0.015of chromium and 0.8815of selenium. by selectingfoodsfor their high vitamin content.
milligrams(mg)- of vitamin C daily. Dontmissa KEKP your intake of oMinary sugar (ticrose, The only way to obtain the amounb of vitamins
single day. Vitamin C feeds the particles in the raw sugar,brown sugar,honey),to 50 lbs. a year, tbatputyouinthebestofhealtbbtotakevitamin
body that bind cells together.It is essentialfor which is about half the current US average.. supplemenb.Ib obtain the 18,008mg of vitamin C
vision,bonesand maintenanceof skin tissue. EX!EPT for avoidingsugar,eat what you likq that I take every day, I would have to drink more
- TAKE400,800or 1,500IU (int4!mationalunita)of butnottoomuchofanyonefood.Eggsandmeat than 200 large glassesof orangejuice: 0