reduced-speed tape recorder for unattended use. It comes complete with a headset and connector cable for use with a voiceactivated.RX101 CRYSTAL-CONTROLLED RECEIVER REF: SU195 The RX101 is a crystal-controlled receiver which has been designed for use with our covert transmitters. It can be supplied either in a single channel or a two-channel version. The RX101 Receiver provides extremely high quality sound definition. The RX101 Receiver’s small size and light weight make it ideal for covert use. Size: 56 x 115 x 20 mm Weight: 210 g Power Supply: 9V SDMS SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT . and can be supplied in any VHF or UHF frequency.

5 MHZ BNC SDMS SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT . The equipment is extremely ruggedly constructed and its small size and signal antenna enables it to be covertly positioned for unattended use outside a ‘target’ location. A separate receiver for the ’boosted’ repeater signal is required. It receives the signal from a nearby transmitter and ’boosts’ the signal range with a selectable power output of between 1 and 5 watts. the signal can be ‘boosted’ over a range of many miles. The Portable Signal Repeater receives the signal on the same frequency as the transmitter and then repeats it over a different frequency to a receiving station. Size: Frequency range: Power output: Supply voltage: Weight: Separation: Connectors: 2l8mm x 118mm x 79mm VHF or UHF 1 to 5 watts selectable 12V 2 kg +/.PORTABLE SIGNAL REPEATER REF: SU193 The Portable Signal Repeater has been designed specifically for use with our covert transmitters. Depending on the output power chosen.

WFM. The AR3000A offers the widest frequency coverage on the market today. As of January 1997.2 Kg 100 KHz . over 70. The AR3000A Receiver will allow listening on any mode: NFM. with an extremely high level of performance and versatility through shortwave.2036 MHz 400 50 channels / second SDMS SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT .95 Hz for the TV and VHF broadcast bands. thus eliminating the need for a dedicated receiver for each transmitter. Size: Weight: Frequency Range: Memory Channels: Scan Rate: 138 x 80 x 200 mm 1.000 units have been sold worldwide. VHF and onward to the upper limit of UHF and SHF. LSB and CW. AM.AR3000A PROFESSIONAL MONITOR RECEIVER REF: SU175 The AR3000A is a top-quality scanning receiver used by many security professionals to monitor covert transmitters. USB. Tuning rates are selectable from ultra-fine 50Hz steps for SSB and CW right the way up to 999.

but the similarity ends there.AR8000 HAND-HELD SCANNING RECEIVER REF: SU204 The AR8000 is a highly sensitive hand-held scanning receiver covering a wide frequency band from 500KHz to 1900MHz It is ideal for portable audio surveillance applications. Size: 152 x 69 x 40 mm Weight: 350 g SDMS SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT . The AR8000 is equipped with almost every conceivable operating feature but operation remains easy thanks to a massive new microprocessor. negating the requirement for a receiver with a dedicated frequency. At first glance the AR8000 may look no different from any modern hand-held scanning receiver. The high visibility LCD is of a new dot matrix format which enables many new facilities to be used.held design. many of which have never been seen before on a hand.

SDMS SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT . The system can accommodate up to 10 separate audio channels and one telephone interface.MICROPHONE AUDIO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM REF: SU233 * * * * * * 10 Microphone channels available Telephone Interface option Cable link can be up to 1 mile Excellent audio quality Uninteruptible power supply Simultaneous recording of up to 11 channels The hard-wired Microphone Audio Surveillance System is widely regarded as being one of the most secure methods of audio monitoring. It’s high specification. ultra-miniature microphone/pre-amplifier modules are linked to the audio amplifier and cabling can be as long as 1 mile. as detection of microphones by most electronic countermeasures equipment is extremely difficult.

low impedance unit designed for very low frequency vibration monitoring. The accelerometer element is a high performance. probe microphone. The Wall Amplifier System comes as a kit complete with high-sensitivity accelerometer. Performance is excellent.WALL AMPLIFIER SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM REF: SU144 This system has been designed for Police and other professional surveillance operators for audio monitoring through walls. minature microphone. floors and ceilings. SDMS SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT . The system can be monitored with either the headset provided or recorded on a voiceactivated. reduced-speed tape recorder. power supply and high-gain amplifier contained in its own case. The probe microphone includes four inter-changeable probe lengths and the miniature microphone is contained in a rugged nylon block for maximum flexibility on installation. with clear audio pick-up through over 40cms (16") of a typical solid wall structure.

An audio compressor ensures good capture of all sounds within a room.MCX-06 SIX CHANNEL MAINS CARRIER AUDIO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM REF: SU157 The MCX-06 Mains Carrier System is a low frequency mains transmitter that uses standard AC electricity power cables as a transmission path and as a source of power.06 Transmitter as standard. The system is supplied with a 2-wire active microphone assembly which may be extended if desired. The MCR-06 Six Channel Receiver has been designed to complement the MCX-06 Mains Carrier Transmitter. The system is supplied with one MCX. Transmitting time is indefinite since power is derived from the mains power cables to which the unit is attached. but up to six transmitters can be used with the MCR-06 Receiver. The microphone input stage is compatible with both 2 and 3 wire active microphones and medium impedance passive types. MCX-06 Size: 33 x 67 x 21 mm MCR-06 Size: 190 x 140 x 50mm SDMS SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT .

Size: Weight: 123 x 55 x 22mm 205 g SDMS SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT . amplifier or telephone. voice-activated mini-cassette tape recorder can be selected to operate at half its normal speed without any distortion in sound quality. precision-crafted recorder is ideal for surveillance applications where it can be left unattended to monitor audio signals received from a transmitter.LOW-COST SURVEILLANCE TAPE RECORDER REF: SU150 This low-cost. The high quality.

* Separate microphone on cable with clip-connector for body-worn applications * Variable control voice-activation * Dual speed-2 hour maximum recording * Remote connector plug Size: 73 x 52 x 20 mm Weight: 90 g SDMS SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT . L400 is the smallest microcassette recorder currently in production. and is ideal for covert surveillance operations.L400 MICROCASSETTE RECORDER REF: SU192 The ultra-compact. The recorder comes with a microphone with clipconnector which makes it particularly useful for body-worn applications.

voiceactivated facility which automatically starts the recorder as soon as a signal is received from either voice. The Sony TR6 6-Hour Recorder contains a variable-gain. and then stops when the signal ceases. Size: Weight: 130 x 91 x 33mm 300gm SDMS SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT . microphone or telephone intertace.SONY TR6 6-HOUR SURVEILLANCE TAPE RECORDER REF: SU151 The Sony TR6 6-hour voice-activated mini-cassette recorder has been specifically modified for use in surveillance operations where it can be left unattended within a building or vehicle for long-time surveillance use.

It can be connected in seconds by simply disconnecting the telephone cable from a standard telephone and plugging it into the Tetephone Handset Recorder. * * * * * * * * Replaces existing handset Plays back while on or off-line Connects in seconds 2 speed recording Variable speed playback Up to 3 hours of recording with MC-90 cassette Compact and lightweight One year warranty SDMS SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT . The equipment is ideal for use in the office or at home when the necessity to be able to instantly record telephone conversations may be required.TELERHONE HANDSET RECORDER REF: SU237 The Telephone Handset Recorder contains an in-built recorder which provides crystal-clear recording capability.

either telephone or fax . The E1000 is remarkably simple to install and use. Smaller systems which monitor 8. SDMS SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT . with the hard disc providing 275 voice hours of recording and the two back-up tapes can record an additional 550 voice hours each.are recorded simultaneously in three separate places – on a hard disc and on two Digital Audio (DAT) tapes.E1000 DIGITAL TELEPHONE & FAX MONITORING SYSTEM REF: SU209 For very good reasons the new E1000 Digital Telephone and Fax Monitoring System is the recognised leader in its field and represents the most flexible and cost-effective system currently available. 16. one digital cable will link it to the telephone system. 24. 32 and 40 telephone/ fax lines are also available. All calls . The E1000 can record a combination of up to 48 telephone and fax channels simultaneously. The dual DAT drives are made with a reassuring mean time between failures (MTBF) or 200.000 hours and even if a backup tape is damaged or faulty. With the choice of analogue or digital interfaces. the data is fully protected.

a GSM cellular interface.proven Automatic Vehicle Location system. depending on the sophistication required. as well as fleet operators. Each Tracking System is tailored to meet the precise requirements of a client and takes advantage of the latest advances in satellite navigation. speed and fuel level . A number of vehicles can be tracked at the same time and. the system is also used for the protection of prominent VIPs. SDMS SURVEILLANCE EQUIPMENT . to identify the exact location of their vehicles. radio communications.GPS-BASED VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM REF: SU236 The new GPS-Based Vehicle Tracking System uses the most upto-date satellite navigation technology and high definition digital mapping software to provide constant information on the location of a “target” vehicle without visual contact. This system also makes use of signals from GPS navigation satellites. The same technology can be used to track high value articles as well as individual personnel. The Tracking System consists of a specially-developed micro Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) receiver which is the size of a matchbox. or other personnel. and is currently in use with UK and overseas government agencies. (see PE 144 on page 81). much information regarding the status of the vehicleincluding the vehicle’s location.can be relayed back to the receiving station. power supply unit and a lap-top computer incorporating a digitised colour mapping system of the local area or country. as well as computerised digital mapping technology. When incorporating an emergency button. who could be vulnerable to attack. The system is based on a well.