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1. r&1
X Grant o

Voluntary Contribution
U.S. Department of State
.,. ,:.~
o Cooperative Agreement
2. Award Number
3. Award TiUe I Purpose 4. U.S, Share of Cost
"Fostering Media Freedom in Venezuela" 5. ReciPient's Share of Cost
10. IOia- y0$1
7. Acc;ountJng and Appropriation Data 8. Type of Recipient - ChfCk one (hat applies
1900-2007-~009·19_7911210000- lOS I-I 0518858608-DRL-4121 o Foreign educational Institution o Foreign NGOIPVO
9. Issued By o pubrlC International Organiza~ton (PIO) o Foreign Government
llS. Department ofStale.AlLM/AQ~. PO Box 9115. Rosslyn Station
ArlingtO~ Virginia 22219 o Foreign Individual o U.S. Individual
o U.S. Commercial Firm o U.S. local Governmer
10. Project Period (mtrJo-dd-yyyy) o U.S. Educational Institution o U.S. State Govemmen
From 01-07..200S Thcough 07..()6·1010 00 U.S. Non-Ptofit Organization (501(c) (3))
11. Recipient Name. Address and Contact I"formation 12. Progl8m CFOA Numbe,
t'an I\mencan uevelopmenr t'ounaauon
1889 F Street NW, Washington, DC 20009 00.000
13. Recipient Federal Tax I.OJDUNS Number 14. Send Requests for Reimbursement to: 16. Notice of Award· (Check all that apply)
a) ~ Award Specifics
TIN: 52--6054268 See # 5 oftbe Award Specifics document
DUNS: 07-781-1172 (notice ofaward)
b) ~ BureauIProgram Specific
15. SlatutOf'y Authority Requirements
I Authorization I I Appropriation I 0 Posl Specffic Requirements
~ FAA (Foreign Assistance Act) 0 EeE (Educ. and CulL E.xch.)
0 FH (Fulbright-Hays) 0 ESF (Economic Support Funda) c) ~ Standard Domestic Terms
o SM (Smith-Mundt). 0 FSA (FREEDOM SuppOl1 Act) and Conditions

0 GHAI (Global HIVIAIOS InlNatlve) 0 Siandard Overseas Terms I

I Appropriation l 0 INCLE (/nrt Narc. Contr. Law Enfon;eIMnf)

and Conditions

0 CSH (Child SutVlvaiand Health Progmms) 0 MRAIERMA (Migration and Refugee AsS/slancll) d) 0 PIO SpeciflCSlRequln!ments

0 O&CP(PO) 0 NADR (Nonprolif. An'J..TelTOf., Demin., Related)

e) 0 property Spedf.csIRequlrements
0 OA (Development ksislanctJ) 0 SeeD (Supporl for E.Eur.D#lm)

lID OF (Democracy Funds) 0 Other

- 17. Agreement The recipient agrees to execute the work In a<:eardanco with the Notice of Award, the approved application incorporated herein by
reference or as attached, and the apprlC8ble rules checked below and any subsequent revisions.
[ID OMS Circular A·133 o 2 CFR 225 (A-an 00 2 CFR 230 (1\-122) o Award is not subject tt) OMS Circulars
o 2 CFR 220 (A·21) ~ 2 CFR 215 (A-l10) o 22CFR 135 o Approved AppJication Attached

18. Redpient Name. Title and Signature 19. Grants OffICer Name. Tille and Signature

John Sanbrailo William C. Zehnder

Name Name

- ~ Signature
~ l~ .
Executive Director 07·14-2008 Grant Officer ~.Cfi . .2cC~
Title Date (mm-dd-yyyy) Title ate (mm-dd-yyyy)
20. ~
By signing this agreement. the recipient assures that it will comply with lhe terms and conditions of this award. Recipient is required to sign and
return this document Within 10 days of the signature of the Grants Officer to the following address:
Sec Block No 9, Attn: Latoya l.arker. Sth floor. or E-mail: or Fax: 703-875-7370

DATE/CASE ID: 15 MAR 2010 200902451

.. -,


Award Specifics
U .8. Department of State

assIstance awar s.

1. Standardized Assistance Instrument Identification Number: S-LMAQM-08-GR- ,

2. Amount of Award: $699,996 B4
3.. Purpose/Scope of Award: "Fostering Media Freedom in Venezuela" (See Statement
of Work, Attachment 1)
.~ .
4. Grants Officer Contact Information:

The Grant Specialist'S name, ~ddress, and telephone number are:

Telephone: 703.875,5257
Fax: 703.875.1310


U.S. Department of State U.S. Department of State
International Programs Division International Programs Division
AlLM/AQMlIP - SA 6 -5th Floor AlLMlAQMJIP, SA 6
P.O. Box 9115, Rosslyn Station 1701 North Ft. Meyer Dr., 5th Floor
Arlington, VA 22219 . Arlingto~,. V A 22209

The Grant Officer's name; address, and telephone number are:

William C. Zehnder
Telephone: 703.815.6653
Fax: 703.875.7370
E-mail: Z~hnder WC2(@,

S. Payment Method: Payment Management System


DATE/CASE ID: 15 MAR 2010 . 200902451 UNCLASSIFIED­

Payments under this Agreement will be made through the U.S. Department of Health
and Hwnan Services Payment Management System (PMS). The Payment Management
System instructions arc available under the PMS website and can be access at the
following address: If you need any further assistance, please
contact the Program Officer or the GOR identified in the agreement. Recipients should
request funds based on immediate disbursement reqwrements and disburse fUnds as
tiS Id jLh: Lp ElailihuliiW (hi ,edeE;" ,mob as HAhd tIS steAMeD ",th is: PCI" CI
established by the U.S. Treasury Department and mandated by the OMB Circulars.

6. Post-Award Compliance:

Department Of State Standard Terms and Conditions for Federal Assistance Awards
are incorporated by reference and made part of this Notice of Award. Electronic copies
containing the complete text are available at:, under
"resources select Notice of Awards (T&Cs) to access the domestic terms and conditions.

The Recipient and any sub-recipient, in addition to the assurances and certifications
made part of the Notice of Award, must comply with all applicable tcnns and
cond.itions during the project period.

7. Authorized Budget (See attached detailed Budget, Attachment 2):


8. Reporting and Monitoring:



S-LMAQM~08 ..GR-586

Financial and Performance (Technical) Reports must be submitted according to the

schedule indicated below. Failure to submit required reports in a timely manner may
result in 1) withholding payments under this award, 2) deferring the processing of new
awards, amendments, or supplemental funding pending receipt of the overdue report(s),
andlor 3) establishing an account receivable for the difference between the total Federal
share of outJays last reported and the amount disbursed.
1 ( . I iit ±:I t i I'llin" pfQQljfn )1EUifHfi'i reDREw .Aa FhUleeUU rPipriW9 en fl
quarterly basis to both the Grants Officer (Grant Specialist) and the Grants Officer'S
Representative. Reports must be submitted no more than 30 days following the end of
each calendar year quarter (March 31 s'4 June 30th, September 30th, and December
31 st). Reports should be compiled according to the objectives/goals of the project as
outlined in the, proposal and the statement of work provided in the grant. For each
objective/goal, reports should include:

-- significant activities of the period and how activities reflect progress toward
achieving goaJs/objcctives;
e¥aluatien afprogress aft gealslebjeetivcs with qtlantitati'Ve and qualitative data:; as
-- any problems/chal1enges in implementing the program and a corrective action plan; .
-- evaluation of accomplishments with quantifiable information on goals and
objectives to date as available
-~ an update on expenditures during the quarter;
... supporting documentation or products related to project activities (such as articIes~
meeting lists and agendas) manuals, etc.}

Quarterly progress reports should reflect the grantee's continued focus on measuring
project impact on the overarching goals or problems the projects sets out to address.
Assessment of overall impact and/or in~remental impact, as appropriate., should be
included in each quarterly progress report.

The Department of Health and Human Services' Payment Management System (PMS)
reqUire~ that grantees submit el~ctronic q~erly financial reports (psC 272 reports).
Grant~ sh~ul<J ~l:1bIl!it ¢e q~~~ly ~SC_l72 .IeP.9Jt in. ~Q.dition_ ,to .the_required. __
quarterly SF~269 financial report and quarterly progress report.

A final SF~269 financial report shall be submitted within 90 days after the expiration
date of the grant award. A final project summary report is due 90 days after the grant
expires. DRL encourages grantees to include an in-depth impact assessment and/or
project evaluation in the final project summary report. 'Ine project summary should
include quantitative and qualitative data relating to the project's goals and objectives,
project outputs and overaH project impact.

DR I. reserves the right to request any additional programmatic andlor financial

program information during the grant period.


Bureau/Program Specific Requirements
U.S. Department of State

t. Su6stantiallnvolvcment: NIA

2. Pre..Award Costs: N/A

3. Program Income: NI A

4. Cost::Sharing: $122,000

It is understood and agreed that the Recipient must provide the minimum amount of
cost sharing as stipulated in the Recipient's budget approved by the Grants Officer.
Cost sharing may be in the form of allowable direct or indirect costs. The Recipient
must maintain written records to support all allowable costs which are claimed as being
its contribution to cost participation, as well as costs to be paid by the Federal
Govenunent. Such records are subject to audit. The basis for detennining the value of
cash and in-kind contributions must be in accordance with 2 CFR 215.23 (OMS
Circular A-1l 0 (Revised), Subpart C. 23 Cost Sharing and Matching). In the event the
Recipient docs not provide the minimum amount of cost sharing as stipulated in the
Recipientls approved budget, the DOS's contribution will be reduced in proportion to
the Recipient's contribution.

s. Sub-recipients:'Ine grantee will issue subgrants to Espacio Publico and Instituto

Prensa y Sociedad.(see-budget and budget narrative).

6. Acknowledgement of DOS or USG involvement:

All Department assistance awards should acknowledge the involvement of the USO.
However~ for awards authorized by the Foreign Assistance Act (FAA) of 1961 or
funded by an annual Foreign Operations Appropriations Act (FOAA),
acknowledgement of the USG is only required "to the extent practicable." The Grants
Officer or Principal Officer has detennined that for the purposes of this award, the
recipient is not required to publicly acknowledge the support of the U.S. Department of
State in any aspect of the program resulting from this award.

7. Publications for Professional Audiences Waiver

DATE/CASE ID: 15 MAR 2010 200902451

Provision 15 of the Standard Tenns and Conditions for US Department of State

assistance awards, requires that all publications must aqknowledge the support of the

U.S. Department of State. However, for the purposes of this award the, Grants Officer,
Grants Officer Representative, or Principal Officer has determined that for the purposes
of this award the Grants Officer has dctcrmined that the recipient is not required to
publicly acknowledge the support of the U. S. Department of State, where it is
htlt) I'!"'di!d * hi elil pa~li aei", fd I i rrsE£1lfRenlliIEBEa!~J!ijWtlft======:;=====;;:

8. Additional Bureau Specific Requirements:

Grants Officer'S Representative:

'Ilte Grants Officers Representative (GOR) for this Grant will be Isabelle Zsoldos.

The GOR is responsible for the programmatic, technical, andlor scientific aspects of

this award. Any correspondence related to programmatic issues should be directed to

the folloWing address:

Isabella Zsoldos
U. S. Department of State

2100 C Street N.W.

Washington, DC 20037

Phone: 202 647-8298

Fax: 202-647-8324

E-mail: ZsoldosIA(@,state.uov

Recipient Administrator:
The Recipient Administrator to be contacted in regard to this Agreement's Terms and
Conditions is:

Name: Gerardo Arabe

Phone: 202-458-3969


9. Special Award Conditions ( includes high risk reeipients and/or other special


10. Deviations (this includes additional reporting or statutorily mandated

requirements): N/A



AttachmeDt 1
Statement of Work: PADF requests assistance in the amount of $699,996 for a program
to support the development of independent media in Venezuela. PADF's program will
focus on journalism via tnnovative media technologies and investigative journalism.
PADF will partner with two local Venezuelan NOOs to conduct a series of trainings for
benl iWliiif,r IS £ it'!it iii dw 'tAlpl *ml iUa ;1811,4 SiBil i at ietemet 6e,·1' I ""'B ::
investigative reporting. The program will engage a wide range of Venezuelan media
organi7..ations and news outlets, including 4 university partners. Finally, PADF will create
two journalism awards for iIUlovative reporting and investigative reporting and will
disseminate the winning content online and to selected independcnt media audiences.

Short-Term Goals:

Innovative M~dia Training and Technical Support:

1. Conduct five training worksbops on Internet reporting technologies, two training

workshops on the use of Internet technologies for investigative reporting, and one

workshop OR stJ:ategies for Intemet athoeacy and coirteut dissenliualioll for a roml

of ISO participants trained.

2. Conduct two national-level journalism forums with participation of 40

organi7.ations total.

3. Conduct a technical needs assessment on Web technologies among program


4. Hire a communications technician and establish a technical support help desk for

program participants.

5. Provide continued assistance, via the help desk, to participants on Internet

technologies throughout the program.

Innovative Media Journalism Awards Fund:

I. Create and disseminate selection criteria for proposals from journalists focused on

Internet-based reporting fonnats.

2. Hold 2 competitions, one per year, for.a total of $25,000 in funding awarded to at

least 10 proposals.

Investigative JourilB:fism Training ~d Technical Support:

1. Cond'uct a three-day workshop for the basics of investigative reporting, a two-day

training on investigative radio journalism techniques, a three-day workshop on

logistics and publishing of investigative reporting, and a two-day seminar on

implementation of investigative reporting focused on identifying and managing

information sources for a total of 195 participants trained.

2. Establish an investigative reporting and editing help desk with two international

media experts and three Venezuelan media experts.

3. Partner with four Venezuelan universities to establish one course per school on

investigative reporting.

Investigative Journalism Awards:

1. Develop contest procedures and award criteria.



2. Conduct promotion campaign about the awards with the goal of 40 submitted
entries total for the program.
3. Hold 2 competitions, one per year, for a total of$20,000 in funding awarded to at
least 6 entries. Winning entries are distributed online and to selected audiences.
Conduct a three-day workshop on logistics and publishing of investigative_
reporting. Create youth website!blog

Long-Term Goals:­
1.. Increased use of new media technologies and investigative reporting techniques b
Venezuelan journalists.
2. Increased capacity of Venezuelan journalists to conduct independent, unbiased
reporting on issues of democratic practices and values.
3. Increased access for Venezuelans to independent news and information.

.;... ..... ~-