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Code Debugging in 3.

Debugging update/transfer rules If you suspect that there is a problem in update rules or
transfer rules (example: Expected transformations are not taken place). In which case go to the
data load monitor in BIW and select the data package you like to debug as shown below. Right
click and select Simulate update .

Following dialog will appear:

Choose update rules/transfer rules for debugging. You can also choose the specific records you
like to debug. Once you are ready, select Perform Simulation and enjoy the debugging of the
transfer/update rules. Debugging Start routine Above process cannot be used to debug start
routines, which get executed before the update rules are called for each data packet. And this
start routine is called in the background process. Even statements like BREAK-POINT are
ineffective in breaking the execution process. You can use the following trick in this case: Have
an infinite loop in the start routine: ** for debugging purpose WHILE sy-subrc EQ

the data load process and the process will go into inifinite loop. You can see the process in
transaction SM50 (process overview). Select the process and debug. Once you reach the while
statement, change the sy-subrc to 1 and proceed with the debugging of start
routine. CAUTION: Dont forget to delete the infinite loop once you are done with the