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MioPocket Changelog

** MioPocket 4.0 (Release 68) - Dec 6, 2010 ** (Osprey)

1. Helpful error messages will now display when an app is run via a shell icon and
doesn't work. This is because a new utility (by TroNik) automatically runs when you
press an icon, checks for all of the app's dependencies (much like EXE Check) prior
to launching the app and displays error messages for any dependencies that are
missing. Unlike EXE Check, it can identify exactly which dependencies (ex. which
.dll files) are missing. As before, you will still need to either supply the
missing files or run EXE Check to actually correct the problem. Section 5.9 of the
Readme has been updated with instructions on exactly what to do for each type of
error message. (credit to TroNik)

2. Fixed an issue from R67 whereby paths weren't getting fixed when MioPocket was
installed to a drive named other than Storage Card, resulting in "Cannot find
<filename>.mscr" errors, among others. Also fixed a few paths in icons.Defaults.xml
that caused the same problem for a few of the games introduced in R67.

3. Ole32.dll and Oleaut32.dll are no longer copied to \Windows if the device comes
with them. This has the potential to fix Explorer-related issues on some devices.
(credit to TroNik)

4. Fixed a rounding error that slightly affected free space checking during
installation. (credit to TroNik and jwoegerbauer)

5. Fixed a toolhelp.dll problem that could cause MortScript to crash on CE6

devices. (credit to jwoegerbauer)

6. The Orion service (which tends to interfere with getting satellite lock in some
GPS apps) is now disabled on startup for devices that come with it. If this happens
to *cause* problems getting satellite lock, search for "Orion" in
MioAutoRun\Scripts\Initialize.mscr and add a # in front of the "Run" line.

7. Fixed an "Icon editing is disabled" error when using the Old Skins Add-on and
trying to enter Icon Edit Mode on an old skin.

8. Fixed a "LoadPage" error in MioPocket Settings when using the Old Skins Add-on.

9. Fixed the startup menu not showing the correct menu options for SD installation.
Also, the startup menu now recognizes magellan.exe as a possible Magellan
executable name. (credit to mr.nonobservant)

10. Added to startup for 320x240 devices a question asking whether to adjust the
font size, since the procedure has been known to hang some devices. Also, now, the
procedure occurs only on the very first startup.

11. Fixed a small scripting bug in checking whether the device has a hive registry
or not. (credit to jwoegerbauer)

12. Compressed all PNG files, saving about 1.5MB. (credit to jwoegerbauer)

13. Fixed Skin Changer and Lockscreen not working.

** MioPocket 4.0 (Release 67) - Nov 8, 2010 ** (Osprey)

1. Added GSFinder, a file manager which features tree view, drag-and-drop, context
menus (tap and hold), copying to the clipboard, Open With, zip support, file search
and more.

2. Added three games: Reversi, Rubik Disc and Traffic Jam. Reversi replaces GoMoku
(which is rather unplayable without a stylus, but is still available via the start

3. Replaced the Rubik game with a different one that looks slightly better,
controls slightly better and doesn't require that the screen be rotated (meaning
that it loads a lot more quickly).

4. Added the ability for installation to import registry files specific to any
resolution. Just create a folder named <screenwidth>x<screenheight> under
MioAutoRun\Registry (ex. MioAutoRun\Registry\640x480) and copy registry files
there. If the folder name matches the device's resolution, the registry files in it
will be imported during installation. This addition is mostly for people who wish
to extend MioPocket or use its scripts and folder structure in their own projects.

5. Fixed the SIP (Software Input Panel) keyboard on CE4 devices.

6. Fixed the MiniBar becoming hidden after changing the volume via the MiniMenu
while a Flash-based game is running.

7. Fixed "ProcExists" error on some devices when using the startup menu.

8. Possibly fixed error with choosing "Run MioPocket" from the startup menu simply
closing and re-displaying the menu.

9. Fixed a few "Sub must not be in control structure" errors in rare cases when
trying to install MioPocket.

10. Tweaked the "Media Player" icon to better match the app's skin.

11. Replaced MioAutoRun\Programs\MortScript\MortScript.exe with the compressed

version (the way that it was a few releases ago), since some devices have some
problems with the uncompressed version.

** MioPocket 4.0 (Release 66) - Sep 26, 2010 ** (Osprey)

1. Fixed the shell icon text being too small on 320x240 devices.

2. Fixed shell startup prompting about replacing new icons and settings even after
the user answered No on a previous startup. Now, a No answer will move the new
files to a backup named "New Icons and Settings" under Skin Changer's "Backups and
Defaults" menu. Also, restoring any backup will backup the current icons and
settings to a backup named "Old Icons and Settings." Finally, the question about
replacing icons and settings now makes it more clear to the user that their changes
will be lost and points them to the "Backups and Defaults" menu if they should ever
want them back.

3. Tweaked AlReader's configuration so that finger swiping can be used to change

pages and bringing up the menu is easier to do by tapping.

4. If the My Documents path is defined in MioPocket.ini, but doesn't exist on the

drive, it will now be created.

5. Removing MioPocket via the script will now import the backed up USB settings, if
they exist.

6. Fixed Calc98 rotating on 320x240 displays when it's no longer necessary (due to
the change in R64).

7. Fixed multiple "MioAutoRun\System\Extra" paths being added to the SystemPath.

** MioPocket 4.0 (Release 65) - Sep 20, 2010 ** (Osprey)

1. Fixed ActiveSync on many devices.

2. Fixed playing of .flv files in Media Player, as well as, maybe, fixed crashes on
running the app for some users.

3. Tweaked the XP Silver and XP Royale taskbar skins by removing the word "Start"
so that the graphics are not larger than the actual, clickable area. This "fixes"
the issue of the start button not responding when the right half of the graphic was
clicked. Also, dithered the Windows 7 skin graphics to look a little better.

4. Fixed the "Disable/enable animations" and "Enable/disable 12-hour time display"

options not appearing in MioPocket Settings.

5. Fixed the shell leaving a gap at the bottom of the screen (where the minimized
taskbar would be) when exiting certain apps (like AlReader) and rotating back to
landscape mode. Also hacked AlReader to not display the taskbar.

6. Copied two SIP DLLs to MioAutoRun\System\FlashDrive so that they're copied to

the flash drive during installation.

7. Uncompressed some EXE and DLL files to save some memory when they're loaded.

8. Fixed copying of netui.dll for devices with WiFi cards enabled.

9. Added option to MioPocket Settings to disable/enable Windows CE's Bluetooth

service. This might save help battery power on devices that don't have Bluetooth or
for users that don't use Bluetooth. It's automatically disabled on some devices
that don't have Bluetooth.

** MioPocket 4.0 (Release 64) - Sep 15, 2010 ** (Osprey)

1. Added MMCE, a powerful image viewer that supports gestures (swipe left/right for
next/previous image and up/down to zoom in/out).

2. Added World Clock, an app for viewing times around the world, as well other
useful information (like sunrise/sunset times, country calling codes, area codes
and airport codes).

3. Upgraded Opera Mini to v5.1.

4. Added larger MiniBar and MiniMenu skins for 800x480 displays.

5. Fixed MioPocket not auto-launching after exiting a nav app when "Close MioPocket
during nav apps" (default) is enabled.

6. Fixed the "Set Language" menu option in MioPocket Settings not saving the

7. Fixed Control Panel being empty on CE4 devices.

8. Fixed navigation app launching on some devices.

9. Fixed installation hanging on "Configuring skin..." for some 320x240 devices.

10. Fixed startup issues on some devices.

11. Possibly fixed Task Manager not showing its main menu bar (which includes the
exit button) on some devices.

12. Fixed Pocket Uno crashing with a "BadImageFormatException" error on some


13. Soft resetting the device will now also try a fourth reset method if the first
three don't work.

14. Reduced screen rotation time by about 5 seconds, including when portrait games
are run.

15. Enlarging and shrinking text on the Main Icons page of Skin Changer will now
enlarge or shrink the icon spacing. Also, set the default icon spacing to something
slightly larger so that there are only 3 columns of icons in portrait mode at
480x272 (to fix text overlapping).

16. Fixed installation hanging in Device Emulator when trying to reset. It will run
the shell without reset, instead.

17. Tweaked Calc98's layout on 320x240 displays to display all buttons without any

** MioPocket 4.0 (Release 63) - Sep 6, 2010 ** (Osprey)

1. Added options to the Skin Changer to increase the size of icons and text.

2. Sharpened the appearance of the bottom bar icons. Also tweaked a few mainscreen

3. Added the ability with SDfree installation to put the Media folder on an SD
card. If the folder is found on the flash drive or the SD card, it will be used. If
it is not found in either location, the user will be prompted for the drive where
it will be created.

4. Added to the startup menu a utilities sub-menu and an option to remove

MioPocket. Both should be useful if the user needs to remove a failed installation.
The utilities sub-menu has options for running CE Commander, FileManCE, Regedit and
a couple of utilities.

5. Added Microsoft's NetCFCfg utility for configuring .NET Compact Framework,

including an icon on the Settings page.

6. Added a "Processes" icon to the Tools page that runs CEProcessV.exe (which has
been in MioPocket, but not exposed via icon). CEProcessV.exe is simpler for killing
processes than Task Manager and allows for seeing the exact path of the dependent
DLLs that are being loaded. Some other useful information about the DLLs and the
system in general are viewable.

7. Added an option to MioPocket Settings to toggle the new shell's time display
between 24-hour and 12-hour modes.

8. Added an option to MioPocket Settings to toggle the new shell's launch animation
(zoom effect when clicking on icons). This can sometimes cure problems with apps

9. Added TroNik\Suspend.exe to MioPocket Settings' "Configure Standby" sub-menu.

10. Added a GoPal icon and launcher script. (thanks to jwoegerbauer)

11. Fixed issue preventing .NET CF apps from running on some devices. (credit to

12. Fixed issue preventing Flash (including all Flash-based games), XnView, Map24
Mobile and possibly more from running on many devices.

13. XnView's window will now expand to fullscreen.

14. The MiniBar's close/X button will now close the volume control.

15. Solved issue with paths not being fixed in many files, including start menu and
desktop shortcuts.

16. Fixed fonts being hard to read on 320x240 devices. Installation of fresh copies
of MioPocket will now set a larger default font size and space the icons out more
to accomodate it.

17. Fixed "Disable regular registry backup" in MioPocket Settings not saving the

18. Fixed the Command Prompt and MiniBar icons on the Tools page pointing to
Storage Card.

19. Reduced startup time by a few seconds by re-ordering the startup code.

20. Installing the JOTKBD and Transcriber drivers now backs up the old drivers
and/or registry settings to MioAutoRun\Backup.

21. Fixed an error deleting registry values in the "Remove MioPocket" script. Also
fixed the original nav app filename not being re-named back with an SDfree
installation. Also, fixed the status messages overwriting each other.

22. Fixed problems with minimizing iGO via the NavMinimize triangle.

23. Edited GAPI so that it no longer shows the taskbar when run.

24. Undid a keyboard registry change that affected power button usage some devices.
(thanks to TroNik)

25. Fixed SD card drives named "SDMMC" getting renamed to "SDMMC2" because of
Application Data redirection (a similar issue that occurred and was fixed with My
Documents redirection). (thanks to rickgtx)
26. Running nav apps through their scripts (ex. through the start menu) when
MioPocket's shell is not running will no longer launch the shell when they exit.

27. Closing MioPocket will now kill the "AlwaysRunning" script, which will free up
some more RAM, especially useful when running nav apps.

28. Hearts will now automatically enter a player name for you and will also save
in-progress games across hard resets.

29. Fixed the wallpaper choice getting overwritten during installation if the user
chose it from the desktop directly or from Control Panel (i.e. not from MioPocket

30. Launching the Control Panel will now display the MiniBar if it isn't already
running, so that some of the applets can be closed. Also, edited the Terminal
Server Client Licenses applet to now display properly. Also, re-wrote the
versioning of many Control Panel applets (and ctlpnl.exe) from 5.0 to 4.0, possibly
helping them on CE4.

31. The MortScript.exe in the same folder as MioAutoRun.exe and MioAutoRun.mscr

will now be overwritten with the one in the Programs folder if it's an old version
(i.e. if the user neglected to update it). This should prevent "Couldn't create
directory '\<drive>\MioAutoRun|Backup'" errors.

32. Removed the GAPI splash screen and prevented GAPI from displaying the taskbar
when launching and exiting.

33. Removed the GetSystemPowerStatusEx function from WisBar.exe (the taskbar

skinning app), since some devices don't support it. (credit to TroNik)

34. Removed eVB (Embedded Visual Basic), since nothing was using it anymore.

** MioPocket 4.0 (Release 62) - Aug 22, 2010 ** (Osprey)

1. Added Koule, another "connect the bubbles" game.

2. Fixed issue with installation not starting on CE 4.2 devices. (credit to TroNik)

3. Fixed a few bugs preventing Media Player from loading. Also replaced old plugins
(which caused some errors) with updated ones. Also fixed errors with playing
Windows Media files. Also disabled GAPI, meaning no more splash screen, slightly
faster loading and no need to select a GAPI device when first loading the program.
(credit to TroNik for a few of the bug fixes)

4. Changed the Volume and Bluetooth icons to ones that graphically indicate their
states (ex. zero sound waves next to the speaker if the volume is muted, four if at
100% and so on).

5. Fixed an issue in CE6 where the start menu and Explorer would freeze.

6. Fixed killing user-specified apps at startup (using the AppToKill method).

7. Fixed "Sub SetMiniBar not found" error during installation on some devices.

8. Fixed registry settings that may've contributed to problems running Flash.

9. Fixed the "Command Prompt" console window being displayed for certain, rare

10. When running a nav app via its script, MioPocket's shell and apps are now
closed before the app is run, in case the app does a memory check.

11. Added some settings to allow JOTKBD to work on more devices. (thanks to euy)

12. Tweaked NavMinimize to work better. Also made it so that pressing the triangle
a second time restores the nav app.

13. The MiniBar is no longer killed when Nitrogen runs.

14. Configured the Flash-based games to start up with quality settings that seem
best for each one. Most use high quality, but a few use low quality for performance
reasons. Also configured their scripts to use MioAutoRun\Scripts\Flash.mscr so
that, if one should ever need to, a different Flash player could be used with the

15. Switching between "TopBar Icons" in Skin Changer now slightly adjusts the
vertical spacing of icons to accommodate the new height of the TopBar. Also spaced
out the icons a bit more in the default configuration.

16. Set the startup menu to scale the font size to the device's resolution
(particularly making the fonts and buttons easier to read and press at 800x480).

17. MioPocket Settings now remembers your main menu choice

(General/Skin/MiniBar/System) and highlights it when you return to the main menu,
making it easier to remember which sub-menu you were just on and to return to it.

18. Minor icon changes, such as adding a MiniBar icon (same as on the BottomBar) to
the Tools page and tweaking the GAPI image.

19. Added XN Resource Editor, another resource hacker, to Extras\Win32.

20. Lowered the required CE version number of a few apps from 5.0 to 4.20,
*possibly* enabling them to run on CE4.2. The apps are Skyfire, IE, Pocket Mail,
Remote Desktop, the shutdown app and a few insignificant others.

21. Fixed a registry importation error in the "Remove MioPocket" script. Also moved
the line that deletes the "MioPocket" registry key to earlier in the script so that
it is sure to execute even if the rest of the script encounters a problem.

22. Moved and added a few DLLs to possibly help CE4 devices.

23. Added a "Toggle Bluetooth" option to the Bluetooth menu (that is displayed when
a recognized device was not found). Also added a WiFi icon to the Settings page for
the few people with WiFi cards.

24. Magellan-only: Added a "Magellan Mode" option to the USB Mode menu that runs
USBScreen.exe, which some Magellans need for USB.

25. Moov-only: The Device Settings icon on the Settings page should now run the
Moov Settings app on more Moov models.

** MioPocket 4.0 (Release 61) - Aug 08, 2010 ** (Osprey)

1. Updated uBook to v2010r1.

2. Changed the font in the iPhoneToday shell to one that supports anti-aliasing.

3. Disabled the screen tap sound when scrolling. Also, changed the default tap
sound effect. Also added a sound effect when changing pages (credit to TroNik for
the new feature).

4. Added a new "Navy Glass" preset, along with the associated wallpaper and bar
backgrounds. Also set the "Pro Glass" and "Aluminum Glass" presets to use the Dark
Lines Diagonal wallpaper. Also tweaked the Dark Lines Diagonal and Blue Diagonal

5. Fixed MortScript scripting errors during installation. (credit to TroNik)

6. Fixed the taskbar not working with the new shell. (credit to TroNik)

7. Fixed volume icon not working all of the time and changed the icon on the
Settings page to display the volume on the icon. (credit to TroNik)

8. Fixed some .NET CF registry settings when MioPocket is installed to flash drive.
Users who have already installed MioPocket will likely need to manually run
MioAutoRun\Scripts\FixPaths.mscr to apply the fix.

9. Fixed the shell being both visible and clickable when an app is in portrait
(rotated) mode. Also sped up rotating. (thanks to mathwiz314 for the "visible"

10. Fixed error with SDFree installation when choosing "Run <original nav app>"
from the startup menu.

11. Enabled ClearType on text inside special icons (battery, RAM, clock, calendar).

12. The context menu that displays when tapping and holding on the shell now
displays to the left and above the tap point, no longer behind your finger. (credit
to TroNik)

13. Fixed a bug with restoring backups/defaults in the Skin Changer, as well as
with switching away from the iPhone preset.

14. Fixed a bug with redirecting the Application Data shell folder. (thanks to

15. Added an invisible button to the top of the third MiniMenu pane (where the
"More" button is on the first two panes) to close the MiniMenu. The button on the
MiniBar is still the standard way to close it; this is just an extra way.

16. Removed settings that set GAPI to the Mio c320 definition by default. (thanks
to TroNik)

17. The taskbar is now hidden when Task Manager is launched, the MiniBar is longer
toggled on when Task Manager runs (when it was off beforehand) and it's no longer
toggled on when Task Manager exits if the user has disabled use of the MiniBar
through MioPocket Settings.

18. Switched the positioning of the "Hide/Show Windows" and "Switch Windows"
buttons on the MiniMenu, since "Switch Windows" has greater relevance when more
than one window is open, while "Hide/Show Windows" is just as relevent with one as
with more than one.
19. Fixed the startup menu not displaying on the first installation.

20. Fixed a few errors and status messages during installation when using a device
with a persistent, hive-based registry.

21. When run under a device emulator, installation now copies DLLs to \Windows and
no longer attempts to optimize memory.

22. Resetting USB settings to their defaults (via the USB Mode menu) now moves the
USB-*.reg files back to the Exclude sub-folder so that they are not imported during
installation, which might've created a problem if automatic registry backup were
turned off.

23. Fixed MioPocket Settings sometimes getting minimized when entering menus and
displaying questions.

24. Re-arranged the "Manage System Apps" option in MioPocket Settings to be a

little more straightforward.

25. Fixed "Free RAM" icon showing "Used RAM" (thanks to mathwiz314)

26. The USB Mode menu now kills SmartST_CE.exe on Moovs. (thanks to Carpenter940)

27. Fixed an issue that may've been needed for ActiveSync connectivity on some
devices (repllog.exe not being added to the CE notification table).

28. Fixed relative path issue that may've been causing problems launching apps on
CE 4.2 devices. (credit to TroNik)

29. Fixed numerous CE6-specific bugs, especially one that caused MortScript to
cracsh with an "illegal operation" error. (credit to TroNik)

30. Mio only: After a Mass Storage USB connection terminates, the device soft
resets, since the system unusable until that happens.

31. Added back ability to turn off the NavMinimize triangle for certain apps. Open
the script for the nav app that you want to disable the NavMinimize script for (ex.
iGOLauncher.mscr) and change CallScript("AppLauncher.mscr", appFolder\appEXE) to
CallScript("AppLauncher.mscr", appFolder\appEXE, TRUE)

32. Added XVI32 (a hex editor) and UPX (a .exe/.dll compressor) to Extras\Win32.

33. Fixed NavMinimize not working when "Close MioPocket during nav apps" is enabled
(which is also the default).

34. Added CE6-specific folders for DLLs and registry files to allow for treating
such devices differently than CE5 ones.

35. Made a handful of minor icon changes (spacing, placement, images, text, etc.).

36. Removed the old shell, SystemInformation, along with all of its skins (freeing
up 32MB). It's now available for separate download in the MioPocket 4.0 Old Skins

** MioPocket 4.0 (Release 60) - 07/30/2010 ** (Osprey)

1. Added and made default a new shell, called iPhoneToday. Its key features are
scaling to any resolution, touch scrolling, customizing of all elements (wallpaper,
icon spacing, etc.) and built-in icon management (use tap and hold). Also created a
new visual skin changer to make swapping wallpapers and other elements of the new
shell even easier. Also re-organized the skin folder, mainly by creating a
"SystemInformation" sub-folder and moving all folders related solely to MP 3.0 and
earlier skins (which used the "SystemInformation" program) to it. (credit to
TroNik/tronikos and, originally, MiToNiOeS for iPhoneToday)

2. Created a new, shorter MiniBar that consists of a keyboard button and a menu
button. The menu button opens a new feature, called the MiniMenu, which has all of
the icons that were on the older MiniBar, as well as a dozen more useful commands.
The added commands make working with application windows even easier than before.

3. Added an iPhone-like lock screen that displays whenever returning from the
"Display off" or "Standby" power modes. See MioPocket Settings->Skin->"Disable lock
screen" to disable it. Also configured the PowerButton app to run MioPocket's
"Display off" script for all defined devices so that the lock screen is used when
pressing such devices' off buttons. To set it back to the old behavior, open
MioAutoRun\Programs\TroNik\PowerButton.ini, find the correct line for your device
and change it to equal "off" (no quotes).

4. Added taskbar skinning. See MioPocket Settings->Skin->"Taskbar skin" to switch

skins or disable skinning. Skinning uses ~0.6MB of RAM when the taskbar is visible
(and none when it's not visible).

5. Updated Media Player (TCPMP) to a new version that introduces skinning support
and created skins for all resolutions. The right skin for the resolution and
orientation will be automatically selected. Also, GDI is now the default video
mode, so that videos can be played without first having to set up GAPI.

6. Replaced Opera Mobile with Opera Mini, which has a very different interface that
is more finger/touch friendly.

7. Added AlReader, another book reader that rivals uBook, but without the demo
screens. Also set the MioPocket Readme to open in it, rather than Opera.

8. Added TascalSearch, a file search tool. (thanks to jwoegerbauer)

9. Added 14 new games: Pocket Uno, 3210, Binary, Blackjack, Connect 4, Crosswords
(Scrabble), Duck Hunt, Flash Chess, Mahjong, Missile Strike, Pong, Royal Poker,
Spider Solitaire and Sudoku. Due to time and space reasons, they are added only to
the new MioPocket 4.0 skins. Also, removed Doom, which will now be in the Old Games

10. Replaced the Caisses game with a different Sokoban clone, called Warehouse Guy,
that has much better controls (especially for fingers).

11. Updated the Task Manager app to v3.3, which is a complete re-design of the
interface for touch-friendliness.

12. Consolidated the SD and SDFree scripts (MioAutoRun.mscr and MioMap.mscr,

respectively) into one script, MioAutoRun.mscr. This means that the SDFree folder
is no longer needed and SDFree installation now involves copying and renaming
MioAutoRun.mscr. Also consolidated the SD and SDFree startup menus into a single

13. Copying a new MioPocket release over an old one will no longer overwrite the
existing MioPocket.ini (which contains most MioPocket settings). Also, if any
settings needed for the new release are missing in the old MioPocket.ini, they will
be written to the file. Finally, the icons and settings for iPhoneToday (4.0) skins
will not be overwritten.

14. Installation will now convert any free space on the "\" drive to available RAM.
This will maximize the amount of RAM available on devices, increasing it by 0-3MB,
depending on the device (though most will probably see 0-1MB).

15. Re-wrote the code that handles what happens when resetting after installation.
It will also now copy coredl2.dll to \Windows and create more room there, if
necessary, for that and the other DLLs if resetting doesn't work. Also, Explorer
will now be killed and re-launched to activate certain changes that otherwise
wouldn't happen without a soft reset, particularly MioPocket's replacement of the
Windows CE desktop wallpaper (meaning such devices will now get to see that

16. Re-wrote how MioPocket's apps are killed (then re-run) when launching nav apps
(like MioMap and iGO). Now, the same script that backs up the registry every 10
minutes also checks every 15 seconds whether a nav app is running and kills
MioPocket's apps. This means that it's no longer necessary to launch nav apps
through MioPocket's scripts (like iGOLauncher.mscr). A user may map an icon
directly to iGo8.exe, for example, and MioPocket will automatically take care of
freeing memory. Still, it's recommended to continue using the scripts because they
free up about 1MB more memory, which is also 1MB more than could be freed up in
previous releases. Also, made "Close MioPocket during nav apps" the new default

17. Added the ability (in MioPocket Settings->System->Manage Startup Apps) to list
a couple of apps to kill while MioPocket is starting up, as well as a couple to
run. This provides an easier and safer way to kill or run OEM software at startup.
The older, more advanced method is still available, but is now blocked for devices
with persistent registries, for safety reasons. Also made it so that choosing
Cancel in any of those sub-menus throws you back to previous menu, not to the root
menu of MioPocket Settings.

18. Upgraded MortScript to v4.3b15. This could improve compatibility on newer, CE6

19. Updated nPOP (the e-mail client) to v2.14.

20. Updated SpreadCE to v2.04. (thanks to jwoegerbauer)

21. Replaced the volume control utility with one that has a mute button and removed
the muting behavior when it's launched.

22. Added program for setting backlight, volume and more on Mio Moov devices and
set the Device Menu and Device Settings icons on the Settings page to run it.
(credit to Hellrayser)

23. Added Pocket Tweak (an app for tweaking system settings) to Control Panel.

24. Updated Task Switcher (MioPocket's alternate task switcher app) to v1.6.

25. Replaced the CE wallpaper with one that takes up quite a bit less RAM. Also
added a second wallpaper that can be chosen via MioPocket Settings.

26. Installation will now create a "Backup" folder on the flash drive and store the
pre-installation registry backup, init.txt (renamed to StartupApps.reg) and
StartupApps.reg there. If MioPocket is uninstalled via the "Remove MP" icon on the
Settings page, those backups are moved to a "MioPocket Backup" folder on the
installation drive so that they're not deleted along with the rest of MioPocket and
may be used to manually fix the device if uninstallation is unable to.

27. Installation no longer applies USB registry settings, since USB is an important
lifeline for failed installations and changing its settings can break it on some
devices. As a result, the USB mode ought to be the same as it was pre-installation,
which is Mass Storage mode on most devices, and the user will need to manually
change that to ActiveSync via the USB Mode icon on the Settings page if ActiveSync
is what they prefer. Also, running the USB Mode menu for the first time backs up
the registry settings that get changed and an entry is added to the menu to restore
them in case the settings included in MioPocket for "ActiveSync" and "Mass Storage"
mode fail to work with the device.

28. Fixed footer icons not showing pressed effect on the Windows 7 Ultimate 800x480

29. Manual registry backup on devices with hive-based registries should display the
standard prompt and success message now.

30. Repllog.exe will no longer be added to the CE notifications table on startup

unless ActiveSync USB mode is set. This might solve freezing when connecting the
device to a non-Windows computer (as long as ActiveSync USB mode is not set).

31. When using the "Remove MioPocket" script on a device with a hive/disk-based
registry, the registry value that enables MioPocket to run at startup is now

32. Deleted VirtualEarthMobile.exe.config to fix a .NET error when running Virtual

Earth Mobile on some devices (probably related to pre-existing .NET installations).

33. Added TapRight.exe to MioAutoRun\Programs and a shortcut to the CE desktop.

It's a handy little tool for displaying a right-click (context) menu anywhere. To
use, run it and then tap on the element that you want a right-click menu for. This
is particularly handy for interacting with the CE desktop.

34. Added TroNik's ToolbarHide.exe, ToolbarShow.exe, ToolbarToggle.exe and

ToolbarMove.exe to manipulate the toolbar in apps. (credit to Tronik)

35. Automatic registry backup should no longer display an error if the backup
cannot be written (ex. if drive is full). Manual registry backup will display a
more insightful error. Also, fixed installation trying to import 0-byte registry
files and delivering "Syntax error" messages. 0-byte registry files can result from
lack of disk space when backing up the registry.

36. Fixed some of the icons on the Control Panel being incorrect. (credit to

37. Replaced the GAPI driver with the "alternate" one that used to be installable
via MioPocket's GAPI menu. This simply removes an extra step for a large number of

38. Fixed an error message when setting the language in MioPocket Settings to

39. Added provisioning XML support. Put appropriate .xml files into
MioAutoRun\Registry\XML to have them imported during installation. (credit to

40. The system font setting is now backed up with the registry.
41. Fixed ROMExtractor not working as expected when the user has changed the window
colors (via Control Panel->Display->Appearance).

42. Fixed issue with the MiniBar not being run after returning from Standby via
MioPocket's power menu. Also, the "Waiting for SD card to initialize..." message
when returning from Standby with SD installation should no longer display if it's
not necessary.

43. Fixed issue with the correct EuroKeyboard layout for the screen width not
applying when certain apps rotate the screen by themselves (i.e. not via scripts).
This affected MS Reader, for example, making it hard to browse Encarta Pocket

44. Added Win32 programs CFF Explorer, Resource Hacker and Panasonic's SD Formatter
to the Win32 folder and moved the "Win32" folder outside of the MioAutoRun folder
(so that it doesn't take up space on the device) and into a new "Extras" folder.
Also moved the Win32 apps ASRDisp.* and cePIMS_eva021009.exe to "Remote Display"
and "cePIMS (Outlook Synchronization)" sub-folders, respectively. Also moved the
"Patches" folder to "Extras."

45. Changes to the "Regional Settings" Control Panel applet are now backed up.
Also, the applet is launched after setting the MioPocket language via the "System-
>Set language" option in MioPocket Settings.

46. If MioPocket's language hasn't been set, it will be set from the locale that CE
is set for. (thanks to abram, daniHG, jwoegerbauer)

47. Updated MioPocketLanguage-German.mscr. (credit to jwoegerbauer)

48. The iGO launcher script (iGoLauncher2.mscr) now disables Outlook contacts
lookup in iGO8, since, for some people, it leads to a long wait on startup at the
"POI Manager Init" stage.

49. Uninstallation via the "Uninstall MioPocket" icon will now ask if the user want
to delete MioPocket's files. Not deleting them would be particularly useful for SD
installations, as well as any installations on most generic/no-name Chinese
devices, so that the user can re-install at a later point without having to re-copy

50. Added keyboard languages (Croatian, Czech, Cyrillic, Greek, Hungarian, Polish,
Romanian, Serbian, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese), as well as a sub-menu in
MioPocket Settings (under System->Install Keyboard Language) to switch between
them. (credit to jwoegerbauer)

51. Added languages for the Total Commander file manager (set via Show-

52. Added icons for iGO Primo. The files are iGOPrimo.png (MP 4.0 skins),
iGOPrimo.ico (MP 3.0 skins except for Stopword) and navi-igoprimo.ico (Stopword).

53. The "\Application Data" folder will now be re-directed to an "Application Data"
folder on MioPocket's installation drive. This helps Virtual Earth Mobile,
particularly, since it caches its map to that folder by default. Also, the Start
Menu is now re-directed to the flash drive.

54. Fixed issue with rare devices displaying "Couldn't create directory <path>"
error messages during installation when the flash drive path could not be
55. Removed the outdated 1.0/1.2 skins (Blue, Ice and Metal) and the GSThemes

56. Added some code to Bluetooth.mscr to enable/disable the Bluetooth Audio Gateway
Service. (credit to jwoegerbauer)

57. Fixed the MiniBar "hide" icon not changing when clicking on it on Windows 7

58. Renamed numerous scripts: AudioMute.mscr->Volume.mscr, CloseActiveWindow.mscr-

>WindowClose.mscr, MainShell-Exit.mscr->MainShellExit.mscr, MinimizeActiveWindow-
>WindowHide.mscr, RouteManager.mscr->MioMapRouteManager.mscr, SkinManager.mscr-
>MioMapSkinManager.mscr, SysInfo-Close.mscr->ShellClose.mscr, SysInfo-Start.mscr-
>ShellStart.mscr, SysInfo-Restart.mscr->ShellRestart.mscr. Also deleted all
*Launcher2.mscr scripts, since they are no longer needed with the new nav app
launch method.

59. Added automatic logging to installation and startup. This is useful for seeing
where either hangs or otherwise fails. The installation log is
<installdrive>\MioAutoRun\Backup\InstallLog.txt and the startup log is

60. Medion-only: The "Device Settings" icon now runs what "Device Menu" icon ran
before, but with the MiniBar, so that the menu can be exited. Also, the "Device
Menu" icon now run displays the Medion "CleanUp" menu. (thanks to jwoegerbauer)

61. Mio Digiwalker-only: Fixed screen getting stuck on Mio menu when disconnecting
USB in Mass Storage mode.

62. Added an "About MioPocket" entry to MioPocket Settings.

** MioPocket 3.0 (Release 59) - 03/25/2010 ** (Osprey)

1. Added Map24 Mobile, another street map app which connects to an online map
service. It supports Europe, North America, South America, South Africa, the Middle
East and Australia. An icon has been added for the Windows 7 Ultimate 480x272 skin.
Create an icon for other skins by setting the path to
MioAutoRun\Scripts\Map24Mobile.mscr and the icon to

2. Added Live Search, Microsoft's replacement for Virtual Earth Mobile. It adds
local information (restaurants, movie showtimes, etc.) and direction mapping for US
and UK cities. An icon has been added for the Windows 7 Ultimate 480x272 skin.
Create an icon for other skins by setting the path to MioAutoRun\Programs\Live
Search\Live Search.exe and the icon to MioAutoRun\Skins\Icons\LiveSearch.ico.

3. Updated Virtual Earth Mobile to the last version before it became Live Search.
It adds tap-and-drag scrolling. It's left in as an alternative to Live Search,
since Live Search isn't quite as usable outside the US and UK and has its own

4. Fixed a problem with launching TaskMgr.exe ("Task Manager" icon/shortcut on non-

320x240 skins).

5. Fixed issue of multiple AutoRunMgr.exe processes being possible.

6. Added waiting cursor to Control Panel launch. (thanks to jwoegerbauer)

7. Internet Explorer will now store its history, cookies and temporary internet
files in the My Documents folder on the drive that MioPocket is installed (change
in MioPocket.ini after installation if you want the My Documents folder on a
different drive).

8. Added Microsoft.WindowsMobile* DLL files to MioAutoRun\System\Extra, which some

WM5 apps need. They don't work from that folder, but will work if you copy them to
the folder of the app that you're running. Only bother copying if you receive an
error about one of those Microsoft.WindowsMobile DLLs being needed.

9. Moved the WLAN DLLs from MioAutoRun\System\WLAN to MioAutoRun\System because

there's some concern that all of the paths added to the system path could exceed
its 256-char limit.

10. Fixed a bug that didn't allow adding more than one font when a directory is
given as a parameter. (credit to TroNik)

11. Startup will now kill a few startup apps for Navigon, Medion and Becker
devices. (thanks to jwoegerbauer)

12. Re-wrote the section of Initialize.mscr that kills startup apps to use fewer

** MioPocket 3.0 (Release 58) - 03/09/2010 ** (Osprey)

1. Added Virtual Earth Mobile, an app for viewing Microsoft's mapping service (aka
Bing Maps and Google Maps competitor). It requires an internet connection (via
ActiveSync, WiFi or Bluetooth) to download maps, but will cache maps on the device
for offline use. See the section in the Readme on "Using Virtual Earth Mobile" for
more details.

2. Added ROM Extractor, a tool for copying files (especially DLLs) from \Windows.

3. Added quite a few games (Touch Break, Fruity, Smart Simon, Farkle and Mustang).
Due to time and space, not all have been added to every skin. The rest can be run
from the Start Menu and added to the skin of your choice via Icon Edit Mode. The
icons are Touch Break = TouchBreak.ico, Fruity = Fruity.ico, Smart Simon =
Simon.ico, Farkle = Dice.ico and Mustang = Knight.ico. (credit to TroNik for
collecting and writing scripts)

4. First time installation now backs up the entire registry to

MioAutoRun\Registry\Exclude\PreInstallationBackup.reg. This could be particularly
helpful for restoring to original configuration devices whose registries don't
reset with hard resets (especially Chinese units).

5. Fixed a bug whereby ghost icons were not "un-ghosting" when set with a path via
Icon Manager.

6. Fixed a bug whereby the "Change text" option in Icon Manager would not allow
erasing a text label.

7. Fixed a bug whereby re-positioning text labels via Icon Manager near the left
side of the screen would sometimes place the label on the opposite side of the
8. Updated Metro's database to the newest version and removed the MGPRINT function
from the exe that some devices don't support. (credit to TroNik)

9. Installation no longer leaves behind "Depend##" values in HKLM\init when

deleting "Launch##" values (startup apps).

10. Updated Dependency Walker (Win32 app) to v2.2.6000.

11. Moved the My Apps icon on the Windows 7 Ultimate 480x234 skin to the SideBar
and tweaked the glass window.

12. The manufacturer UI on Rightway devices should now be killed when MioPocket

13. Fixed a mistake introduced in R57 that associated MioMap icons on Mio Moov
models with SmartST_CE.exe instead of AppStartupSec.exe, which prevented Bluetooth
(and, perhaps, another hardware feature or two) from working in MioMap.

14. Added second Navigation pages for Vista Ultimate 480x272 and Vista Aurora
480x272 skins.

15. After installation, devices will now attempt to run <sd card>\2577\autorun.exe
when an SD card is inserted. This is mainly to provide a way for users to fix
unresponsive touchscreens on devices that don't already autorun something from the
SD card. (thanks to jwoegerbauer)

16. Added Route 66 icon and scripts.

17. Added English MUI patch to the Patches folder, allowing for converting non-
English text in WinCE to English. (thanks to jwoegerbauer)

18. Added "Bluetooth Power" patch to the Patches folder, allowing for enabling
Bluetooth when external power is connected and disabling it when it's not. (thanks
to LouisB)

19. Fixed graphical inconsistencies with the background of the Windows 7 Ultimate
480x234 skin.

20. Removed "Page 1/1" text from all skins when there is only one page.

21. Slightly re-positioned the page turn arrows and "Page #/#" and "Edit Icons"
text on the Windows 7 Ultimate 800x480 skin. The arrows no longer cover up the text
when pressed.

22. Added a second Games page to the Windows 7 Ultimate 800x480 skin.

23. Reverted app autolaunch feature to as it was pre-R56. (credit to TroNik)

24. Added checks to prevent installation of the Transcriber and JOTKBD drivers on
devices with persistent, hive-based (disk-based) registries. This is because those
two drivers often lock up touchscreens and, on devices with persistent/hive
registries, undoing that is often hard or impossible.

25. Added a RegFlushKey.exe call in Unlock.mscr before resetting the device (for
some persistent registry devices that need the call to save registry changes).
(credit to TroNik)

26. Re-added Windows Media Player "BW" skin. Renamed it to zBW so that it appears
last in the skin selector dialog. (credit to TroNik)
27. Modified SystemInformation.exe so that it doesn't activate the window that
called it. Before, when you ran SystemInformation.exe from an explorer window,
SystemInformation would launch and, once loaded, activate the Explorer window.
(credit to TroNik)

28. Ensured that MioPocket loads after explorer.exe loads.

** MioPocket 3.0 (Release 57) - 01/25/2010 ** (Osprey)

1. Updated Metro city files to their current versions. (thanks to nanotek)

2. Added Crux View, another small but useful GPS utility, to the GPS Utilities
menu. (thanks to jwoegerbauer)

3. Added an icon for a "Device Manager"-like utility to the Settings pages of the
Windows 7 Ultimate and Stopword skins. It's useful for learning which COM ports are
used by what and what specific driver filenames are in use.

4. Added "CEMetrics" benchmark tool to the Tools page of the Windows 7 Ultimate
skins and start menu.

5. Changed the "IPConfig" icon into an "IP Utilities" icon that launches a menu
with options for the IPConfig utility, as well as the IP Address, Host Name Lookup
and Ping utilities that were in MioPocket before, but not exposed to the user.

6. The "quick launch" (corner orb) button on most skins may now have its path
changed by tapping on it in Icon Edit Mode (rather than needing to go through
MioPocket Settings).

7. Fixed an issue with MioMap not working correctly on Mio 'M' and 'S' series
devices by removing LaunchOrionGo.exe from startup. Also, re-wrote the code in
Unlock.mscr that removes startup apps so that an app's "Launch" code no longer
matters and that this specific issue won't occur again.

8. Added a few hundred DLLs (the "" package) to MioAutoRun\System\Extra

for any devices that may need them. They are added to the system automatically,
during installation (i.e. no need to do anything).

9. Replaced the iGuidance icon on Windows 7 and Vista skins.

10. Replaced the Bluetooth icon on the Stopword skins with a prettier one.

Added an 800x480 version of the CE desktop wallpaper.

11. Fixed icons #20, 21 and 22 on the Windows 7 Ultimate 800x480 skin. (thanks to

12. Fixed a bug with the "Free Resources" page reporting the SD card and flash
drive values incorrectly in certain situations. (thanks to bumbum and TroNik)

13. Fixed a graphical inconsistency with the My Apps background of the Windows 7
Ultimate 480x272 skin.

14. Removed the unused MioAutoRun\Programs\MioAutoRun.exe because some users were

incorrectly copying that file for SD installation.
15. Tweaked and improved the glass effects on the Windows 7 Ultimate 480x272 and
320x240 skins.

16. Added the time, date, battery and icons to the lower area on 320x240 skins that
is viewable only in portrait (rotated) mode.

17. Slightly improved the speed at which the alternate task switcher loads.

18. Media Player will now always use the GAPI video driver if it's available (and
configured) and if GDI has not been manually selected. This fixes an issue in
previous releases where, if Media Player was run before a compatible device was
chosen for GAPI, it would not automatically switch to using GAPI even after a
compatible device was selected.

19. Changed GAPI's second "device mismatch" error message into instructions for
installing MioPocket's alternate GAPI driver (which suppresses such error

20. Added to the backgrounds of the Vista skins a minor 3D effect (similar to the
glass window on Windows 7 skins) to separate the Edit Icons and Page icons from the
rest of the icons on the page.

21. Changed Vista Aurora's time and date color from white to black and fixed
improperly-colored icon labels on a few of its pages. Also changed Vista Aurora
320x240's icon labels and time and date colors from white to black.

22. BeeLineGPS will now use Internet Explorer (rather than uBook) to display HTML
pages (ex. geocache descriptions). (thanks to murphyfields)

23. To fix an issue with "SDMMC"-named SD cards being named "SDMMC2" and breaking
MioPocket, SD installations on such cards will now put the My Documents folder on
the flash drive.

24. Added a status message when running Windows Media Player for the first time,
while the skins are being extracted. Also fixed a bug causing the 320x240 skins to
always be extracted, regardless of resolution.

25. Removed the outdated GS Vista and GS Chrome skins (but left GS iClone). Also,
replaced the GS iClone background with a nicer one and re-positioned it. Finally,
the new background has been copied to the Media\Pictures folder as the new sample
image, replacing the old one.

** MioPocket 3.0 (Release 56) - 12/12/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Added a GUI .cab file installer and extractor to the Tools pages.

2. Added to the SDfree startup menu the ability to have either "Run <original nav
software>" or "Run MioPocket" automatically selected after a configurable number of

3. Re-worked the "app autolaunch" feature to launch the app after MioPocket loads,
not before. To reduce MioPocket's overhead (the original purpose of the previous
order), choose "Close MioPocket during nav apps" from MioPocket Settings. Also, the
"app autolaunch" feature will now work without needing "MioPocket autolaunch"
enabled. Finally, more than just .exe files may now be selected as the autolaunch
app, particularly so that scripts (ex. MioMapLauncher.mscr) may be used with the
4. Tweaked the glass effects on the Windows 7 Ultimate 480x272 & 480x234 skins.

5. Changed the look of the "Icon Edit Mode is loading" and "Icon Edit Mode"

6. Fixed a bug causing text to not be re-positioned exactly as requested in Icon


7. Added Microsoft's command prompt utility to all Windows 7 Ultimate and Stopword
skins and associated .bat and .cmd files with it.

8. Added an IP configuration utility to the Settings page of the Windows 7 Ultimate

480x272 and 800x480 skins and to the start menu (all skins). (credit to

9. SirfTech will now not display in portrait mode on non-widescreen devices.

10. Added an icon and scripts for the Magellan navigation software to the Windows 7
Ultimate and Stopword skins.

11. Updated the look of the Windows 7 Ultimate 800x480 skin (to be consistent with
the other resolutions) and improved the graphical quality.

12. Corrected all of the uncentered text labels underneath icons on the Windows 7
Ultimate 800x480 skin.

13. Fixed the positioning and appearance of some of the MiniBar icons on the
Windows 7 Ultimate 800x480 skin to fix a "jumping icons" issue.

14. Fixed a bug with the 17th icon on the Navigation page of the Windows 7 Ultimate
800x480 skin. (thanks to Meirh18)

15. Re-arranged the "Free Resources" pages for the Windows 7 Ultimate skins and
added nicer title bars.

16. Moved the "GSThemes" skins to the "Outdated skins" section of the Skin Changer
menu, removed them from the Skin Changer page and added the Windows 7 Ultimate
800x480 and 480x234 skins in their place.

Added "Skin Changer" and "Skin Options" entries to the Skin sub-menu of MioPocket
Settings that perform the same functions as their icons. The "Skin Options" entry,
when using a SystemInformation (pre-4.0) skin, reveals a sub-menu that contains
some SystemInformation-specific options (like "Page Animation Style" and"Ghost
Icons") which used to be in the Skin sub-menu. This also slightly speeds up loading
of MioPocket Settings.

17. Added a size check when changing skins so that users are warned if the chosen
skin is too large for the display.

18. Added a nicer title bar and an explanation to the Windows 7 Ultimate 480x272
"My Apps" page.

19. Added a 2nd Tools page to the Stopword 320x240 skin.

20. Renamed the MioAutoRun\Windows\Programs folder to "Start Menu" to make its

purpose clearer.

21. Fixed two bugs with EXE Check when closing it before choosing an executable:
one resulting in the MiniBar's close button moving to the other side of the screen
and the other preventing the user from launching EXE Check again.

22. Fixed a few very minor bugs and made a few minor skin adjustments.

** MioPocket 3.0 (Release 55) - 11/16/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Added a "GPS Utilities" menu to each "Navigation" page to allow easy configuring
of NMEA/SiRF, Static Navigation and other GPS features. Also added four small GPS
utilities (SirfTech, GPS2Blue, MMSirfSetup and AplSirf) and put them in the menu.
(credit to Dennis Grning and Paludour for allowing their utilities, SirfTech and
GPS2Blue, respectively, to be included)

2. Improved the GPS baudrate detection in the MioAutoRun\Programs\TroNik\GPS*.exe

utilities (which include the GPS TimeSync feature). (credit to TroNik)

3. Fixed two serious bugs which prevented changing navigation app paths through the
Icon Manager menu.

4. Fixed a bug which prevented updating of icon changes when the text label was 8
characters long.

5. Slightly tweaked the look of the glass effects on the Windows 7 Ultimate
480x272, 480x234 & 320x240 skins.

6. Brightened and outlined the "pressed" page tabs on the Windows 7 Ultimate
480x272, 480x234 & 320x240 skins.

7. Increased the size of the text on the page tabs of the Windows 7 Ultimate
320x240 skin to be more readable.

8. Re-arranged the icons on the Navigation pages of the Windows 7 Ultimate 480x272
and 320x240 skins and both Stopword skins.

9. Added iGuidance back to the Navigation page of the Windows 7 Ultimate skins.
Also, added a second Navigation page for the 480x234 skin.

10. Changed the uBook icon on Windows 7 and Vista skins.

11. Slightly improved the look, operation and speed of the skin changer pages by
burning the skin names into the thumbnails.

12. Fixed a couple of minor graphical anomalies on the Windows 7 Ultimate 480x272
and 800x480 backgrounds.

13. Replaced the black area of the Windows 7 Ultimate 800x480 background (the part
viewable only when in portrait mode) with an image.

14. Fixed a few bugs and graphical anomalies in the Stopword skins and re-organized
their icons. (credit to TroNik)

15. Slightly improved the look of the Nitrogen and iGO Amigo icons on the Stopword

16. Added MSCEInf, a .CAB file extractor for Windows, to MioAutoRun\Programs\Win32.

17. Made it so that a few DLLs for SDHC support are copied to the flash drive,
since they cannot be on the SD card, obviously.

18. Sped up the loading of the "Power Options" menu by a second or two.

19. Added a "Cancel" option back to the "Collapse MiniBar?" dialog.

20. The MiniBar is now collapsed when running Media Player (so that it obscures
less of the tracking bar).

21. Tweaked the installation script to (hopefully) not give errors on devices that
are missing registry values related to keyboards and languages.

22. Mio-only: Removed the no-longer-necessary soft reset after termination of a

Mass Storage mode USB connection.

23. Magellan Roadmate-only: Removed a few OEM apps from startup and added an entry
in PowerButton.ini. (credit to KhaKev)

24. Various minor bug fixes and tweaks.

** MioPocket 3.0 (Release 54) - 10/30/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Slightly improved the look of the glass effects on the Windows 7 Ultimate
480x272 & 480x234 skins.

2. Replaced the image for the "quick launch"/orb icon in the upper-left corner of
Windows 7 and Vista skins with something more visually appealing. Also changed the
pressed look slightly.

3. Replaced the "pressed" look of the start button on the Windows 7 skins with one
more similar to the real Windows 7.

4. Added icons and scripts for iGO Amigo. The icon filename is IgoAmigo.ico for
most skins and navi-igoamigo.ico for Stopword skins.

5. Updated nPOPuk (the e-mail client) to v2.13.

6. Fixed a bug whereby, when icon editing has been disabled, the "Icon Edit Mode is
loading" placard is still displayed and won't go away.

7. Fixed an R53 bug preventing erasing icons in Icon Edit Mode from working.

8. Improved the automatic centering of text labels in Icon Edit Mode (when changing
the text or font size of a label).

9. Fixed a minor alignment issue with the background of the Icon Edit Mode loading

10. Made a few minor changes to help minimize "error opening ZIP library" errors
when loading Windows Media Player.

11. Added a device.config file to MioAutoRun\Windows\Windows that may help with

some .NET apps.

12. Added a Czech translation. (credit to sharkys)

13. Mio c620-only: when exiting MioMap, the Mio menu ought not to get in the way of
accessing MioPocket anymore.

14. A few very minor tweaks here and there.

** MioPocket 3.0 (Release 53) - 10/07/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Updated GAPI to v4.04, which includes 55 new devices. (credit to TroNik for
making the new release more compatible with MioPocket)

2. Added an option to MioPocket Settings ("Skin" sub-menu) to disable icon editing

(with optional password protection). This is mainly to deter friends/family from
messing up your icons. (credit to tarambuka3500 for the idea)

3. Added an option to MioPocket Settings ("Skin" sub-menu) to disable the ghost

icons that act as placeholders when apps are not assigned. This is mainly for those
who don't want the ghost icons to be clickable and for those who may prefer a
cleaner look. (credit to tarambuka3500 for the idea)

4. After making an edit to an icon, the page is refreshed and shown for 3 seconds
(time to decide if you like the change or need to tweak it more) before returning
to the Icon Manager menu. Before, you had to exit the menu to refresh the page and
see an edit.

5. The Icon Edit Mode placard is now centered at the top of the screen, is wider,
is more descriptive and has a different look.

6. Added a "Loading" placard to notify that Icon Edit Mode is loading.

7. Added a 480x234 Nitrogen skin. (thanks to gonzales89)

8. The date and time is now also backed up when you press the "Backup Registry"
icon on the Settings pages. Before, it was backed up only when the "regular
registry backup" was enabled and performed (every 10 minutes and on power off).

9. The "Free Resources" pages should now display the SD card and flash drive on
devices which name them other than "\Storage Card" and "\My Flash Disk".

10. Prevented further icons from being edited while the "Save changes" dialog is
open and, if the dialog is hidden, pressing any icon will un-hide it.

11. Fixed a bug whereby changing the Skin Changer or Free Resources icons to run a
navigation app caused the resulting icon to not work and return an error.

12. Startup adds repllog.exe to the CE notifications table for devices that aren't
set up to initiate USB connections without the help of OEM software. This may help
some devices establish USB (especially ActiveSync) connections.

13. Fixed error with TreeSize icon on Stopword320x240 skin.

14. Falk-only: the fullscreen app that covers up MioPocket on ActiveSync connection
ought to be killed now.

15. Got rid of the background changer for the GSThemes skins because it was being
mis-identified as containing a virus. If anyone uses the GSThemes skins and wants
that feature, simply use an older release or copy the MioAutoRun\Skin\GSThemes
folder from an older release. Either way, not much is missed, as the GSThemes skins
haven't been updated in a long, long time.
** MioPocket 3.0 (Release 52) - 09/20/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Added TreeSize Mobile, a tool for displaying the sizes of folders on the SD card
and flash drive.

2. The volume/mute icon on the MiniBar will now close the volume control app if
it's open. Also, if the volume is muted, it will un-mute it, returning the volume
to what it was before it was muted.

3. Set the "Keyboard" icons on the Tools pages and the Stopword SideBars back to
JOTKBD (the full-length keyboard) and created a script for it so that the user is
prompted to install the required driver, if missing (i.e. no more need to go into
MioPocket Settings and set JOTKBD as the MiniBar keyboard in order to get the
driver to install). Also, installing the JOTKBD driver will now require the user to
verify after the next reset that the touchscreen still works, just like with

4. The MiniBar is no longer displayed while Nitrogen is the active window, making
for a nicer appearance.

5. Replaced the Windows Media Player icon on the faux taskbar with one for Nitrogen
(since Nitrogen is a much better player).

6. Added the latest version of TroNik's SipTool.exe, which now saves the keyboard
selected via the pop-up SIP list as the default. To disable the new feature, set
AlwaysSave=0 in MioAutoRun\Programs\TroNik\SipTool.ini. (credit to TroNik)

7. Fixed numerous inconsistencies with how the SIP list worked between various
locations and skins. (thanks to TroNik)

8. Fixed a bug with the uninstallation script causing an error message when the
user has not made changes to the startup apps via MioPocket Settings. (thanks to

9. Fixed a bug where setting the wallpaper to "None" via MioPocket Settings would
not be permanent. (credit to TroNik)

10. Fixed a bug which caused both AutoStandby to not work for some users and the
"Waiting for the SD card to initialize..." message to appear in certain situations
on SD-free installations.

11. Fixed various other bugs and cleaned things up a little.

** MioPocket 3.0 (Release 51) - 09/02/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Simplified the MiniBar input methods to just SIP, JOTKBD and Other. With SIP
(default), you can choose all of the same SIP keyboards as before, including
EuroKeyboard (also default), the original CE keyboard, LargeKB and more. Also, you
can change the SIP keyboard on the fly via a menu accessible by an additional icon
on the MiniBar. (credit to TroNik for his SipTool.exe utility to make the SIP
switching possible)

2. Updated Skyfire to v1.1.0.13052. (credit to TroNik)

3. Updated nPOP to v2.12.

4. Updated TroNik's GPS apps to the latest versions.

5. The MiniBar no longer closes and re-opens when performing most of its operations
(displaying the keyboard, minimizing/closing apps, etc.), making operation look
more polished. (credit to TroNik)

6. The date and time are now backed up along with the registry and restored on
startup if they are newer than the current time. Basically, this means that, after
a hard reset or shutdown, the unsynchronized date and time will be what they were
when the device was last on, rather than the default Apr 1st, 2007. This way, at
least the year and month will, in most cases, be correct. (credit to Meirh18 for
the idea)

7. Re-directed "My Documents" to a "My Documents" sub-folder on the installation

drive, rather than to the installation drive, itself. This should fix installation
on some devices and prevent the installation drive from being labeled as "My
Documents" in Windows Explorer. Important note: this may cause TomTom to no longer
find its maps. If so, either move the map folders from your installation drive to
the "My Documents" sub-folder or change the "MyDocuments" entry in MioPocket.ini to
be just the installation drive (ex. MyDocuments=\Storage Card).

8. Significantly sped up screen rotation, which, in turn, speeds up the loading of

apps that launch in portrait mode.

9. Fixed a small bug preventing manual screen rotation when "disable app rotation"
is enabled.

10. Fixed a bug that corrupted the Control Panel in R50.

11. Fixed skin changer pages for 320x240 Windows 7 and Vista skins.

12. Added script for running Sanyo models' FM transmitter app. Create an icon and
point it to MioAutoRun\Scripts\SanyoFM.mscr.

13. Added code to kill the V7 NAV740 menu. (credit to desimtor)

14. Renamed GSThemes' showmio.exe to showmio.bak (and added a script to rename it

back if it's ever needed) in order to help avoid certain anti-virus engines falsely
identifying it as a trojan.

15. Disabled the ability to edit/delete the MioPocket startup entry from the
"Manage startup apps" section of MioPocket Settings, since it was too easy for a
user to remove both MioPocket and the device's original software from startup,
potentially bricking devices that don't reset the registry upon hard reset and

16. Various minor bug fixes.

** MioPocket 3.0 (Release 50) - 08/01/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Updated Nitrogen to v1.1. It now supports WMA, MP4, AAC and WAV formats and adds
other minor improvements. Also, Nitrogen is now the default player for most audio
formats. (credit to TroNik to re-compiling)
2. Updated Skyfire to v1.0.0.12113. (credit to TroNik)

3. Updated GAPI to new version. (thanks to TroNik)

4. Added an option (to MioPocket Settings, System sub-menu) called "AutoStandby" to

enable the device to automatically go into standby mode when external power is
lost. This is mostly useful for driving purposes, if your device stays on when the
engine is turned off. A menu with a 15-second countdown will be displayed, allowing
you to abort AutoStandby if you wish. (credit to KhaKev)

5. Fixed EuroKeyboard's Tab key in all apps and the Enter key in some apps (ex. CE

6. Recompiled eurokbd.dll to be compatible with devices that originally don't have

SIP. (credit to TroNik)

7. Fixed MDict's keyboard by removing the SIP functions from MDict. (credit to

8. Removed the print functions from Ink Writer. (credit to TroNik)

9. Added cplmain_coredl2.cpl so that more devices can display the Input Panel under
Control Panel. (credit to TroNik)

10. Added Windows Media Player 9 for CE5 devices. It's generally inferior to Media
Player and the existing Windows Media Player, but does support network media
streaming. Run either through the Start Menu or by pointing an icon to
MioAutoRun\Programs\Windows Media Player\ceplayer.exe. (credit to TroNik)

11. Updated to latest versions of TroNik's GPS apps, which wait longer after
opening GPS ports. (credit to TroNik)

12. Added Skyfire to the Start Menu. (credit to TroNik)

13. Hopefully fixed Explorer and Microsoft Reader on some devices (such as Mio

14. Fixed issue where a blank window would cover up MioPocket Settings on some

15. Added option in MioPocket Settings to reset settings to default values (credit
to KhaKev for the idea).

16. Added a blank startup.wav to MioAutoRun\Windows\Windows to mute the startup

sound for devices that have one.

17. Magellan Maestro only: the hardware power button should put the device into
Standby now and large temp files in \Temp will now be deleted, freeing up space.
(credit to KhaKev)

** MioPocket 3.0 (Release 49) - 06/20/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Created and added two larger (and more comprehensive) layouts for EuroKeyboard:
one for 480px-and-wider displays and one for smaller displays. Also made
EuroKeyboard the new default keyboard because the greater sizes are much easier to
use than the WinCE built-in keyboard. Finally, EuroKeyboard will no longer lose
focus when choosing a capital letter or special character (thanks to TroNik for

2. Added Skyfire, a full-featured web browser (credit to TroNik to making usable).

3. Added Nitrogen, an MP3/OGG player (credit to TroNik for making it usable and for
the skin).

4. Upgraded PocketGPS to the latest version (which adds support for OSM maps and
gpx/loc waypoints).

5. Added a "Manage startup apps" option to MioPocket Settings (System sub-menu) to

allow removing, editing and adding startup apps. This is mainly intended for users
to disable apps added to startup by the device manufacturers and which may
interfere with MioPocket.

6. Removed the brief glimpse of the unedited skin during page refreshing after an
icon change, making changes a bit more satisfying and less alarming.

7. Attempting to edit the path of an icon assigned to a navigation script (ex. iGo)
will now ask the user if he wants to use the icon with the same nav app, a
different nav app or a different kind of app. This should reduce the chance of a
user redirecting an icon away from a navigation script when they mean only to edit
the nav app's path.

8. When changing an icon's text label, if the inputted text corresponds to a script
in the Scripts folder, the user will be asked if he wants to set the icon's path to
the script. Also, when changing an icon's path, if a script of the same base name
as the chosen executable exists in the directory, the user will be asked if he
wants to use the script, instead.

9. Cloned icons are now offset to the right by the icon size, rather than just a
static amount, as before.

10. Added a "Cancel" option to the "Save Changes?" prompt when exiting Icon Edit
Mode to allow staying in Icon Edit Mode.

11. The MiniBar is now closed when the power menu and MioPocket Settings are run.

12. Replaced the MiniBar close button for the Windows 7 skin with one that's more
noticeable when you press it.

13. Removed the My Apps icon from the Windows 7 and Stopword skins (because the
icon editing ability in MioPocket makes My Apps obsolete). For Windows 7, an extra
icon slot replaces it and, for Stopword, an "Edit Icons" icon replaces it (and,
subsequently, the original Stopword "Edit icons" button, on the Sidebar, has been
reverted back to the volume control that it had in MP 2.0).

14. Changed the NavMinimize/QuickLaunch triangle color to dark blue to go with the
Windows 7 skin.

15. The "Set file association" option in MioPocket Settings now writes the
associations to a registry file in MioAutoRun\Registry\Custom so that the
associations may survive hard resets.

16. Added option to MioPocket Settings to change the page animation style (how
pages transition from one to another).

17. Added option to MioPocket Settings to disable app rotation (useful for 800x480
displays and those in cars). App rotation is also automatically disabled for
800x480 displays.

18. Replaced the uBook icon with a more appropriate "book" icon (the old one was
really a journal icon) and replaced the "u" in the name with "" (because it's
actually "Book").

19. Added "Schannel" support, possibly improving/enabling SSL in web browsers

(credit to TroNik).

20. Added start menu shortcuts for the IP-related Power Toys to Programs\Tools\IP

21. Fixed the "Set MiniBar keyboard" menu often not displaying "(Active)" like it

22. The Start Menu button now tries three different methods, which should help it
work on more devices.

23. Fixed the "syntax error" bug with the SDHC patch and integrated the patch into
MioPocket (no more need to manually apply it).

24. Added a prompt to create the database backup folder for the "Contacts",
"Calendar" and "Tasks" apps so that users who are just testing out the apps can opt
out of enabling database backup on exit and database restoration during

25. PocketGPS, BeeLineGPS and NoniGPSPlot will no longer try to switch to NMEA GPS
mode for all devices. This should prevent freezes on some devices. They will still
switch for Mio Moovs, which appear to need it. Also, Moovs will now reset to NMEA
GPS mode after exiting nav apps to prevent the GPS chip from being stuck in SiRF
mode and blocking NMEA nav apps.

26. On SD installations, resuming from standby initiated by the power button will
now wait for the SD card to initialize before letting the user tap on something
(which would result in a crash).

27. Israeli Mio c520 only: Fixed the Bluetooth icon for Israeli c520s.

28. Magellan only: Made small changes to allow installation on at least the Maestro
4370 (credit to gpsfans).

29. Lots of bug fixes and re-aligned text in Windows 7 and Stopword skins.

30. Made many updates and additions to the Readme.

** MioPocket 3.0 (Release 48) - 06/03/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Fixed a major bug (introduced in R46) whereby some devices (especially Mio
Moovs) would boot up to the CE desktop, rather than to MioPocket (credit to TroNik
for the solution).

2. Added an option to the Icon Manager to restore a page back to its unedited
condition (credit to axxelxavier for the idea).

3. Page refreshing in Icon Edit Mode will now occur only once the user exits the
Icon Manager menu. This allows for much faster editing of icons.
4. Added the ability to add more icons through cloning (credit to axxelxavier for
the idea).

5. Added the ability to permanently delete an icon (placeholder graphic and all).
Choose "Erase icon" on an already-"erased" icon to perform it.

6. Added the ability to re-position icons and text 100px and 50px in each direction
(so that icons and text, cloned ones, particularly, can be moved greater distances
in fewer operations).

7. Exiting Icon Edit Mode will no longer reload the shell if no changes were made.

8. Fixed icon/text re-positioning instructions being backwards for the up/down


9. The "Set file association" option in MioPocket Settings now allows you to
associate many extensions at once with an executable (ex. .ini, .txt and .doc with
pword.exe in one operation, instead of one at a time).

10. Added code to automatically detect and disable resets after installation for
devices that need it (credit to TroNik).

12. It's now possible to edit the "Free Resources" icon on the SideBar.

12. Fixed MiniBar icons and "NewIni" error on Windows 7 Ultimate 800x480 skin.

13. Fixed the icons on Aurora320x240 Games pages not being editable.

14. Fixed "My Apps" title bitmap for the Windows 7 Ultimate 320x240 skin.

15. Changed the battery display on all skins to update every second, like the time

16. Icons should now work for file extensions associated through MioPocket Settings
and file extensions associated with Media Player.

17. Added EuroKeyboard, a keyboard replacement that supports special characters.

Select it under Control Panel->Input Panel, then use the regular MiniBar keyboard
icon to launch it.

18. Made many under-the-hood changes to the files used by Icon Edit Mode and
updated MioPocket Outline.txt to reflect it.

** MioPocket 3.0 (Release 47) - 05/26/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Created the ability to edit icons directly from MioPocket's skins. Simply tap
the "Edit Icons" button to enter Icon Edit Mode, then tap on an icon to enter the
Icon Manager menu, where you can edit the icon's path, image and text or erase the
icon entirely.

2. Created a new "Windows 7 Ultimate" skin that is based on the Vista skins.
Versions are available for all supported resolutions (480x272, 320x240, 480x234 and
800x480) and each is the new default for its resolution. MiniBar and My Apps
components that complement the new skin were also added.

3. Added an option to MioPocket Settings to toggle the battery icon appearance

between 3D and 2D.
4. Fixed the equalizer in Media Player (credit to TroNik).

5. Tweaked "EXE Check" (Executability Check) to not give bogus "can't be loaded"
errors for DLLs and to fit the screen.

6. Translated many of the German error messages in SystemInformation.exe into


7. Updated BeeLineGPS to v1.90.

8. Updated Flash to v6.0r79 (thanks to TroNik) and created a script to collapse the
MiniBar when it is run.

9. Added file association for InkWriter's .pwi files so that they may be opened
from a file browser (thanks to edass).

10. The Bluetooth icon should now detect the Israeli c520/c720.

11. Converting between 12-hour and 24-hour time displays now writes the format to
the skin file, eliminating the need for two separate versions of each file.

12. Updated the Skin Changer screens and menu to add the Windows 7 skins and "hide"
away the old, outdated MioPocket 1.2 skins. Also added an option for GSThemes to
the menu.

13. Added a second Multimedia page to the Vista skins and removed My Apps from the
SideBar (since it's on every page now), replacing it with MioPocket Settings.

14. Installation will now automatically configure a 800x480 skin on devices with
800x480 displays.

15. The SDFree menu will no longer display if MioPocket is already installed. This
fixes an issue with newer Magellans.

16. Added "most languages" language locale set to the Patches folder. It's much
smaller than the "all languages" locale set, meaning much less memory consumption
for those who don't need an uncommon locale. (credit to TroNik)

17. Fixed the CE5 version of Opera being associated with HTML files on CE4 devices
(thanks to edass).

18. Sanyo devices will now run Explorer at startup (code provided by TroNik).

19. Asus devices will now have an "Asus Mode" in the USB Mode menu that runs
UsbLoader.exe (credit to axxelxavier).

20. Slightly improved the quality of the Vista Ultimate and Vista Aurora

21. Renamed 2nd pages for skins from "*More.ini" to "*2.ini" (ex.
VistaUltimate_Games2.ini instead of VistaUltimate_GamesMore.ini).

22. Added game: Hearts (thanks to mathwiz).

23. Updated the Readme with information on how to edit icons and a section on USB
modes. Updated MioPocket Outline.txt with information on how to make use of the
icon management on one's own skins.
** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 46) - 05/08/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Disabled automatic Transcriber installation until it has been manually initiated

from MioPocket and tested. This is to guard against "breaking" the touchscreen on
certain types of devices. The first time that the Transcriber icon is pressed, the
driver will be installed and the device reset. Upon bootup, the user will be asked
to click OK (within 60 seconds) to confirm that the touchscreen works. If
successful, the Transcriber driver will install during MioPocket installation from
then on. If not successful, the countdown timer will reach zero, the Transcriber
driver will be un-installed and the device will be reset. This simple safeguard is
necessary to ensure that Transcriber cannot ruin certain types of devices.

2. Added a "Set CE wallpaper" sub-menu to MioPocket Settings to set the desktop

wallpaper behind MioPocket (what you see while MioPocket is loaded and closed).
Added options to use the default 24-bit MioPocket wallpaper, an 8-bit version of
the same (to save 600KB of RAM), use no wallpaper at all (to save 1MB of RAM) and
to select your own wallpaper.

3. Added a Bluetooth icon to 480x272, 480x234 and 800x480 skins. It will run the
device's Bluetooth app, if it's detected; otherwise, it will launch the Bluetooth
Control Panel applet. Also, added some files for establishing Bluetooth connections
that are missing on some devices, Mio Moovs, in particular (credit to BomBastic for
some of the files). Finally, moved the Mio Bluetooth Auto-Start option from
MioPocket Settings to the Bluetooth menu.

4. All Control Panel applets are now made available without having to "install"
them via MioPocket Settings and without the impact on memory (credit to TroNik).

5. Added the Microsoft Ink Writer app for taking handwritten notes. This should
work even on devices that can't use Transcriber and is more powerful than Touch
Notes is (credit to edass).

6. Added the "HotKey" utility for enabling hardware buttons on certain devices
(currently, only volume buttons on Sanyo devices are enabled). See
MioAutoRun\Programs\HotKey (credit to TroNik).

7. When a device does not support screen rotation, MoveWindow.exe is now run in
order to allow the user to re-position the current window.

8. The "Remove MioPocket" script now deletes the HKLM\Software\MioPocket key in

order to allow re-installation on devices whose registries persist after hard

9. Returning to MioPocket from the "Device Menu" is fixed for devices that run
MioMap from the SD card.

10. Implemented custom graphics on the shutdown screen for 480x272 and higher

11. Moved the arrows for changing sub-pages on Vista skins to the lower-right
corners (more like Stopword's skins) and re-arranged some icons to accommodate it.
Also added a second Productivity page on Vista 480x272 skins.

12. Made very minor tweaks to the positioning of the date and time on the Vista

13. Slightly re-positioned some of the icons on the three My Apps shortcut pages.
14. Added German and corrected Swedish languages for MioPocket Settings (credit to
wackaman and Harpo, respectively).

15. Fixed the USB Mode and GAPI icons on the GSThemes skins pointing to old

16. Sanyo-only. Added Sanyo_AutoRun.inf for SD-free installation. Also,

AutoRun_USB.inf is replaced after SDFree installation, since PNAShell.exe deletes
it (credit to TroNik and KhaKev).

17. Updated MortScript to version 4.2.

18. Corrected an oversight on numerous pages that prevented Windows Media Player
and Flash from loading on certain devices (credit to edass).

19. Made numerous corrections to the Start Menu shortcuts.

20. Opera should now work on CE4 devices (credit to edass).

21. Renamed "Folder Descriptions.txt" to "MioPocket Outline.txt" and added more

info about MioPocket's structure to assist serious users with modification.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 45) - 04/23/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Added an option to the GAPI menu to install an "alternate" GAPI driver. This
driver allows devices that are not explicitly supported by GAPI to use the
definition of a similar, supported device without receiving "device mismatch"
errors (credit to TroNik for the driver).

2. Fixed fullscreen image viewing in XnView and added a few more languages to the

3. Added a better subtitle plugin to Media Player (credit to TroNik for finding

4. Added the newest versions of TroNik's utilities to MioAutoRun\Programs\TroNik,

including new utilities to enable and disable static navigation.

5. Moved Webster's 1913 Dictionary (Small) to Media\Books so that it's viewable in


6. Added SD autorun files and Readme instructions for Sanyo Magellan devices
(credit to TroNik and KhaKev, respectively).

7. Added Spanish language for MioPocket Settings, an updated Italian and an updated
Romanian (credit to netcrawler1, gulp and rel55, respectively).

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 44) - 04/17/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Added an option to MioPocket.ini to disable the reset after installation for

those few devices that get stuck in an installation-reset loop. It is not
recommended for devices that do not have this problem, as it would likely result in
some things in MioPocket not working quite as they should. Some simple instructions
have been added to the Readme (at section 5.15).
2. Re-directed the GAPI Setup icon to a new menu from which GAPI Setup, various
neat GAPI demos and diagnostic tools can be run.

3. Updated the GSThemes skins to have the same apps as the Vista and Stopword skins
(work done by rel55).

4. Changing skins will no longer load the MiniBar when it wasn't running before the
skin change.

5. Updated MDict to v3.0 and added English-French, English-German, English-

Portuguese and English-Spanish dictionaries.

6. Updated uBook to version 2009r1.

7. Made a minor change in calculating free space for installation to fix a

potential problem.

8. Made various modifications to support the Sanyo NVM-4370 (work done by TroNik).

9. Added updated Greek and Italian translations (work done by ctcostas).

10. Added a patched GAPI driver for the Mio Moov 510 to MioAutoRun\Programs\GAPI
for HPCs\Patches (provided by gulp). Moov 510 users should follow the
Instructions.txt in that folder to apply the patch (no other users should do this).

11. Made some minor bug fixes to Device Menu/Settings (some thanks to TroNik).

12. Made some some minor improvements to the Readme.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 43) - 03/30/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Added a status window to MioPocket Settings when loading and refreshing the
menu. Also made it so that the menu is not refreshed unless a change to a setting
was just made, resulting in speedier returns to the main menu.

2. Added font support to MioPocket Settings. This is useful for languages that need
a particular font to render better, particularly languages like Hebrew and Chinese,
which don't use standard characters. See MioAutoRun\Scripts\MioPocketLanguage-
*.mscr for information on using such a font.

3. "Mio Transfer" is now run automatically on bootup (no more having to run it
manually from the "USB Mode" menu) for older Mios that require it for USB
connectivity. Activating and de-activating "Mio Transfer" in the "USB Mode" menu
enables and disables, respectively, this behavior.

4. The MioMap icon will now try to launch appstartupsec.exe (instead of MioMap.exe)
on Moov models that have that executable.

5. By request, the "OEM" icons have been renamed. "OEM Menu" and "OEM Settings"
("Mio Menu" and "Mio Settings" before R42) are now "Device Menu" and "Device
Settings." Also, "OEM Audio" ("Mio Audio" before R42) is now "Custom Media Player"
so that it makes more sense for the user to assign it to any type of player,
including Core Player.

6. Added a text file in MioAutoRun\Programs\TroNik that describes the purpose and

usage (with examples) of every app in the folder.
7. Made minor updates to the Readme and fixed a typo in the title of the book Just
So Stories.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 42) - 03/07/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Renamed "Mio Menu," "Mio Settings" and "Mio Audio" to "OEM Menu," "OEM Settings"
and "OEM Audio," respectively, and added the ability to map all three icons to any
executable in order to adjust to and provide for the growing number of non-Mio
devices using MioPocket. Also added an "Edit OEM paths" sub-menu to MioPocket
Settings, where one can edit or reset those paths.

2. Added a "Configure Standby" option to MioPocket Settings to set the utility used
for Standby mode and expanded the "Configure Display Off" option to allow
specifying a non-MioPocket app via an "Other" entry.

3. Added TroNik's program to check whether the device is compatible with the
Transcriber driver before it is installed. This may prevent the touchscreen from
becoming inoperable on certain incompatible devices (thanks to TroNik).

4. Various minor changes and improvements.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 41) - 02/20/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Greatly improved the speed of switching pages/tabs in Vista skins.

2. Expanded multi-language support to include more than just MioPocket Settings.

Now, the installation status screen, the power menu and many other scripts and
prompts are supported. Translations are not included, though. To translate, see

3. Replaced the GPS Time Sync script with TroNik's executable (thanks to TroNik!).
The main observable difference is much faster port and baud rate detection. Also,
because of the stability and tolerance of the new executable, time sync'ing has
been enabled by default. Finally, it now runs at MioPocket startup, instead of
during installation.

4. Added an icon for MioPocket Settings to the favorites pages in the place of the
Mio Menu icon on Vista Ultimate/Aurora skins and the USB Mode icon on Stopword

5. Mio Menu and Mio Settings should now work on the new "Navman"-style Mio c320,
c520 and c720s.

6. The iGo8 launcher now creates a CLM directory on the flash drive to enable or
facilitate SiRF InstantFix on compatible devices (esp. Mio Moovs).

7. Added minor fixes to USA & Mexico daylight savings time (thanks to TroNik).

8. The GPS chip is now switched to NMEA mode prior to launching BeeLineGPS,
PocketGPS and NoniGPSPlot (thanks to TroNik for the executable). This fixes a
problem where certain Moov models stay in SiRF mode after exiting MioMap 2008,
which prevents those apps from communicating with the GPS chip.

9. The MioMap path should now be detected correctly on Mio Moov models.
10. Re-positioned and re-sized some of the icon labels on the 800x480 skin.

11. The buttons used to launch the power and date/time applets will now also close
the applets if they're open.

12. Added GAPI driver for the HP iPAQ 310 to MioAutoRun\Programs\GAPI for

13. Moved the BeeLineGPS manual to the Media folder so that its easier for users to
discover and access.

14. Added extra languages to Media Player (thanks to Sancho and rel55).

15. Database backup can now be cancelled.

16. Added an old gx.dll to JB Piano to, hopefully, help with loading problems on
some users (thanks to Helen for the idea).

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 40) - 02/10/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Replaced GPS Time Sync script with StormyKnight's (thanks to StormyKnight!). The
main differences are that this new one can truly be run silently and does not rely
on eVB.

2. Finally fixed "Debug - string too long" errors (which resulted from Mitac
registry key corruption) by backing up all *but* the Mitac key.

3. Registry backup now backs up the ControlPanel, Explorer and Ident keys under

4. Replaced Microsoft PDF Viewer with Foxit Reader (thanks to Meirh18).

5. Added GAPI driver that supports the Moov 300, 330, 360 and 370 without patching
(thanks to kingtut!)

6. Added some support for c520 and c320 devices that have the "Navman" hardware
update applied to them. The installation instructions in the Readme have been
updated and the "Mio Audio" icon can now launch the Mio audio player from its new

7. The MioMap icon should now un-minimize MioMap 2008 for more devices in a manner
that keeps the NavMinimize red triangle running.

8. Explanatory messages are now displayed when the "Mio Menu" and "Mio Settings"
icons do not find the programs that they're configured to run (ex. on Mio Moovs).

9. Fixed bug preventing returning to MioPocket from Mio Menu.

10. Added 800x480 skin (no more need for the separate patch).

11. Added 480x234 skin changer page.

12. Various other bug fixes (thanks to TroNik)

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 39) - 01/28/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Added menu option to MioPocket Settings to close MioPocket whenever a navigation

app is launched and re-run it upon exit. This frees up about 3MB of RAM, which can
be helpful, especially with iGo8 on 32MB devices.

2. Fixed a bug causing MioPocket Settings to not display changed menu options until
it was restarted.

3. Added status window during database backup.

4. Fixed Agenda giving an error about not being able to initiliaze Pocket Outlook
Object Model.

5. The MioMap launcher now enables SiRF InstantFix in MioMap by creating a folder
named "CLM" on the flash drive. This might lead to faster satellite acquisition for
Mio devices that support InstantFix (esp. Mio Moovs). Also, for certain devices
that run the InstantFix app all of the time (like the Moov 580), it is now disabled
when launching other navigation apps because it interferes with them using the GPS.

6. When a nav app cannot be found, after displaying the message, the user is now
taken directly to the "Select File" dialog, rather than to the menu in which all
nav apps are listed.

7. Installation now properly takes into account files added by the user (to
MioAutoRun\Windows\Windows, MioAutoRun\Registry and to MioAutoRun\Registry\Custom)
when assessing whether installation has the necessary space on the \ drive.

8. If installation is unable to reset the device, it will now try two other methods
and, if nothing works, display a message telling the user to use their hardware

9. The SD-to-SDfree copy operation will no longer abort with an error if free space
on the flash drive is too low for the supplied Media folder to be copied.
Installation will simply skip that folder. This is for those who have filled up
their Media folder (with movies, particularly) and are trying SD-free installation.

10. Re-designed the individual scripts for switching skins so that thumbnails on
the skin changer pages should now work for CE4 devices, instead of giving errors.

11. Added 480x234 version of Vista Ultimate skin.

12. Added entry to MioPocket Settings to install extra Control Panel applets during
MioPocket installation.

13. Added freeware storage manager Control Panel applet for devices which don't
come with one (thanks to TroNik). Use the new option in MioPocket Settings to
install it.

14. RegistryBackup.mscr now deletes the HKLM\SOFTWARE\MiTAC key prior to exporting

to try to avoid a problem that led to "Debug - string too long" error messages. The
key is recreated by MioMap.

15. Original keyboard and touchscreen drivers are now backed up when choosing
JOTKBD or Transcriber and restored when switching away from them. You can also
restore them manually by running UninstallKeyboardDriver.mscr.

16. Updated NoniGPSPlot to v2.74.

17. Added a message to the MiniBar audio button to explain, on first run, the
button's default behavior and how to alter it.

18. Fixed GAPI not being set as the default video driver in Media Player since R33.
Also, if GAPI detects an incompatible device (ex. many Moovs), Media Player gets
set to use GDI, instead.

19. Moov-only: Hacked GAPI drivers (gx.dll) for the Moov 300, 330, 360 and 370 are
applied when the corresponding Cobia folders are used. This applies only to SD
installation. For SD-free installation, manually unzip the correct zip from
MioAutoRun\Programs\GAPI for HPCs\Patches to MioAutoRun\System, overwriting the one

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 38) - 01/13/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Fixed the bug with editing navigation paths (from the icons and from MioPocket

2. Installation now writes the contents of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\init to

MioAutoRun\init.txt before and after installation to aid in probem-solving.

3. Installation no longer uses an "init" launch code that might conflict with OEM

4. Added "Alternate SIP" option to the "Set MiniBar keyboard" menu in MioPocket
Settings, which runs ToggleInputPanel_coredl2.exe and may work on some devices for
which "SIP" does not. Also, the current keyboard is now labeled as "(Active)".
Finally, if you choose to install the drivers for JOTKBD or Transcriber, the
original registry settings are backed up first and, if you go back and choose a
different keyboard, the original settings are restored.

5. Fixed the battery button at the bottom of Vista Ultimate and Vista Aurora skins
not working.

6. Netui.dll is copied to Windows only if one of the WiFi registry files has been

7. Fixed many other bugs (thanks to TroNik) and a few icon tweaks.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 37) - 01/12/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Added MDict, a dictionary reader, and an English-Italian dictionary as a sample.

See to download dictionaries (as well as

2. Added the date and time to the Vista skins. Use MioPocket Settings to switch
between 24-hour and 12-hour (AM/PM) versions.

3. Sorted the MioPocket Settings menu options into sub-menus for better

4. The file manager toolbar button on Vista 320x240 and Stopword skins now points
to a script that makes it easy to configure the icon to launch Windows Explorer,
FileMan CE, CE Commander or any other file manager.
5. The media player toolbar button on Vista 320x240 and Stopword skins now points
to a script that makes it easy to configure the icon to launch Media Player,
Windows Media Player, Mio MP3 Player or any other media player.

6. Changed the "Delete backup file" menu option under "Manage registry backup" in
MioPocket Settings to "Archive and delete backup file" because it now archives the
backup to MioAutoRun\Registry\Exclude before deleting it. Also added to the menu is
"Restore archived backup file." These options make it easier to test whether
settings in the registry backup are causing problems without losing the backup.

7. Expanded the "Edit Explorer path" option in MioPocket Settings into a sub-menu
that allows easily switching between the device's explorer.exe and the one that
comes with MioPocket, or for browsing for a different explorer.exe.

8. Chopped MioPocketLanguages.mscr up into separate files for each language (which

are called only when used) because the combined size of MioPocketSettings.mscr and
MioPocketLanguages.mscr (plus other included scripts) became too much for
MortScript to handle.

9. Added "Mio Transfer" mode to the USB Mode Toggle menu for older Mios (like the
c220) that need MutDevice.exe running in order to establish a USB connection.

10. Fixed the "Free Resources" icon on the SideBar of Vista Ultimate skin linking
to the Vista Aurora version.

11. Upgraded MortScript to 4.11b10.

12. Made numerous code improvements to MioPocket Settings.

13. Enabled error reporting on the installation/startup scripts (MioAutoRun.mscr,

Unlock.mscr and init.mscr).

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 36) - 01/05/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Fixed disappearing footer icons on Vista skins by undoing shell folder


2. Installation should work on devices that deny writing to \Windows (launch.*

files were moved to the flash drive).

3. Fixed R34's USB-Internet.reg not importing.

4. Added SSL libraries to nPOP (to allow secure e-mail, ex. with Gmail).

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 35) - 01/04/2009 ** (Osprey)

1. Added "Transcriber Settings" icon to Settings pages for customizing letter


2. Added sample Flash animation to the Media\Video folder.

3. Mio Menu and Mio Settings will now launch SmartST_CE.exe on Moov models instead
of returning an error (thanks to DDHH)

4. The MioMap icon should now launch MioMap on more Moov models without the user
having to search for and select the right executable.

5. The Control Panel icon will now work on devices that have ctlpnl.exe instead of

6. Fixed a bug that caused the override zip for Jerry's skin to be bad.

7. Updated Readme with instructions for synchronizing contacts and calendars with
Outlook (see section 3.13), instructions for applying TroNik's patch files (to
correct problems running certain apps like the file viewers and MS Reader) and SD
installation information for Australian Moovs (thanks to Wahroonga Farm).

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 34) - 12/31/2008 ** (mathwiz314)

1. Changed Default Notepad to PHM Notepad.

2. Fixed Unlock.mscr folder inconsistency.

3. Fixed IE automatic RS232 USB connection bug.

4. Fixed Wireless Zero Configuration UI to fit the Mio Screen (thanks to g_alin).

5. Set Start Menu Items to MioAutoRun\Windows\Programs to save RAM space.

6. Set the Program Files folder to MioAutoRun\Programs.

7. Set the Desktop folder to MioAutoRun\Windows\Desktop.

8. Add FixPaths to MioAutoRun\Registry\CE5.

9. Fixed Garmin launch error (TroNik).

10. Fixed JBPiano graphics (Osprey)

11. Fixed Screen Freeze at startup error.

12. Updated Readme.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 33) - 12/25/2008 ** (TroNik)

1. Added Microsoft Windows Media Player 1.2 for Handheld PC.

2. Added TecAce cePIMS (ceCALENDAR, ceCONTACTS, ceTASKS).

3. Added Win32\cePIMS_eva021009.exe setup to synchronize cePIMS with desktop PC.

4. Added CE Agenda.

5. Added ViceTool.exe (tool to backup/restore CE databases).

6. Added Microsoft Plus! Pack for Windows CE Handheld PC Pro Edition Version 3.0
(ImgVuePT.exe, mute.exe, rezmeter.exe, squares.exe).

7. Added Microsoft PowerToys 3.0 for Handheld PC (hostlookup.exe, ipaddr.exe,

ping.exe, pregedit.exe, TapLaunch.exe).
8. Added ClimbWalls Software JB Piano.

9. Added Pocket Clanger Theremin.

10. Added Shockwave Flash Player 5.0.

11. Added PHM Device Manager.

12. Updated GAPI for HPC's v4.03.

13. Updated Total Commander v2.51.

14. Updated Book 2008r3c.

15. Updated nPOPuk v2.11.

16. Developed FontResourceAdd.exe and FontResourceRemove.exe to add/remove font

resources to the system font table.

17. Developed WindowMove.exe to move/resize any window to any position/size.

18. Developed CeRunAppAtEvent.exe to run any app at any Windows CE supported


19. Developed launch.exe that waits for the existence of a file to be launched.

20. Developed CeCreateDatabase_POOM.exe that creates the necessary database tables

for POOM.

21. Built missing Windows CE5 components with Platform Builder 5.

22. Added Internet Explorer.

23. Added PMAIL.

24. Added Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM).

25. Added Remote Desktop Connection.

26. Added Freecell.

27. Re-designed the MiniBar so that it can collapse to only one icon that doesn't
get into the way.

28. Added Transcriber icon at MiniBar for all skins.

29. MiniBar's keyboard icon can launch default SIP keyboard, jotkbd, Transcriber or
any other keyboard.

30. MiniBar will always appear at the lower right corner no matter the screen
resolution or orientation.

31. When screen is rotated, current window is maximized to fit the whole screen.

32. Scripts are not being copied to the Flash Disk anymore for the SD installation.
Only the wallpaper is being copied there.

33. Fixed many productivity applications (Microsoft File Viewers, Pocket Word,
ListPro, Metro) not working on devices that don't support print functions.

34. Fixed Microsoft Reader, MobiPocket, cePIMS Contacts, Calendar and Tasks not
working on devices that don't support the SipShowIM function.

35. Fixed Regedit.exe not working on devices that don't support the
GetSystemPowerStatusEx function.

36. Fixed Opera not working on some devices.

37. Fixed file associations.

38. Fixed MiniBar not re-launching after closing HandWallet.

39. Fixed TouchNotes not rotating.

40. Fixed Shift not rotating.

41. Fixed Calc98CE not displaying correctly on 320x240 screens.

42. Fixed Oasis menu on Mio c620 devices not being killed.

43. Removed REGEDIT4 from the beginning of all reg files to avoid accidentally
importing them on the PC by double clicking them.

44. Mio Audio Player icon can now launch \Windows\MP3Player.exe, HD_MusicPlayer.exe
or MPlayer.exe.

45. Fonts are being added to the system font table at startup without copying them
to \Windows\Fonts.

46. At startup the work area of the screen is set to full screen and all open
windows are minimized.

47. Better Asus devices support.

48. For devices with 32MB RAM, the wallpaper is not set to save memory.

49. Options and high scores of Nankin survive hard resets.

50. Annotations of Microsoft Reader survive hard resets.

51. Files in MioAutoRun\Windows\Root are copied to \ during unlock.

52. Configurable Display Off application.

53. Added and re-organized many shortcuts under Start menu.

54. Added PolNav support.

55. Many icon and skin improvements (thanks to Osprey).

56. Many minor bug fixes and improvements.

57. Updated Readme.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 32) - 11/10/2008 ** (TroNik)
1. Fixed hardware power button for most of the devices. Developed PowerButton.exe
that can handle the hardware power button and take whatever action is in

2. Fixed hardware buttons for devices that use a hardware keyboard driver. The
conflicting keyboard driver kbdmouse.dll (necessary for jotkbd) is installed only
if there is no hardware specific driver already installed or if the selected
keyboard is the jotkbd.

3. Fixed Software Input Panel keyboard to work for devices that originally not have
it (esp. Mio Moov).

4. SD-Free installation should now work on any device, not only Mio.

5. Added Java support.

6. Added Microsoft Transcriber 1.51 (handwriting recognition program).

7. Added LargeKB keyboard.

8. Added SoundWidget.

9. Added a warning in USBModeToggle if the feature is not supported by the device.

10. Added "My Device" and "Recycle Bin" icons on the Windows Desktop.

11. Fonts are no longer copied to \Windows\Fonts. Font path is extended using the
registry value FontPath under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\FontPath.

12. Fixed original value of SystemPath being overwritten during unlock. Useful for
Mio Moov devices that originally have "\My Flash Disk\Program Files\Common Files\"
in their SystemPath.

13. Asus devices suppport: Added ASUS_UserFlashCopy.dll, MioMenu can launch

Asus_Mainmenu, MioSettings icon can launch Asus_Settings, added
ASUS_Backlight_Thread at windows startup.

14. Updated Readme.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 31) - 10/23/2008 ** (TroNik)

1. Added ActiveSync support for devices that don't originally have it. Tested on
Mio C230 (If sync partnership creation fails, delete the partnership and click
cancel every time to be connected as guest and everything should work fine,
including browsing the internet over ActiveSync with Opera).

2. Developed RunAtRs232Detect.exe that can register any application to run when an

RS232 connection is made.

3. Fixed freezes after MassStorage USB connection.

4. Fixed USBModeToggle.mscr not importing the registry files.

5. Fixed Unlock.mscr overwriting files in Windows even though the overwrite switch
was off.
6. For some devices HKLM\Init\Launch80 was being removed while it shouldn't.

7. Disabled QuickLaunch (the tiny minimize button in the lower right corner) for
Garmin Mobile XT because it slows it down.

8. During unlock "\MioAutoRun\Windows\Application Data" is copied to "\Application


9. Explorer and FileManCE now shows hidden and system files.

10. Disabled window animations (HKLM\SYSTEM\GWE\Animate).

11. Added Garmin and Rubik Cube icon to Stopword skin (thanks to Stopword).

12. Many of the the system dll files that are for CE5 devices were moved to
MioAutoRun\System\CE5 and many new were added in MioAutoRun\System\CE4.

13. Minor script, shortcut, dll and registry improvements.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 30) - 10/05/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Added ability to configure the Quick Launch button (upper-left orb on Vista
480x272 and Stopword 480x272 and 320x240 skins) to run any application with the
"Other" entry. This could be useful for devices which use an unsupported nav app
and for users who just want to use the button for any app of their choosing.

2. Added Garmin icon to Vista Aurora and Stopword skins.

3. Added Rubik Cube icon to Vista Ultimate, Vista Aurora and Stopword skins.

4. Fixed MiniBar not re-appearing after accessing Mio Menu.

5. Magellan Maestro-only: The "Mio Menu" icon on the Settings page should now run
your original software, as long as you renamed Navigator.exe to MyNavigator.exe per
the new instructions in the Readme.

6. Minor script, Start Menu and Readme improvements.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 29) - 09/29/2008 ** (TroNik)

1. Less storage memory requirements:

- control panel extensions are no longer copied to \Windows. Developed
RunControlPanelApplet.exe that can load a cpl file from anywhere. Saved 78.5KB from
storage memory.
- wceload.exe is no longer copied to Windows if it is not found there. Instead
fixed registry values to use the included one under Programs. Saved 57KB from
storage memory.
- the hacked C520 version of Launcher.exe is no longer copied to \Windows. Saved
15KB from storage memory.
- some obsolete files that were copied to \Windows are removed. Saved 10KB from
storage memory.

2. Minimum requirements are about 300KB in the storage memory, and 150KB in the
internal flash disk. Unlock script allocates more space for \Windows (storage
memory) only if it is needed. If there is not enough space in the internal flash
disk for the start up scripts to be copied, installation fails.

3. Added an option to launch an application after every soft reset and before
MioPocket loads to avoid MioPocket's memory overhead (which is about 4MB).

4. Developed SetSystemMemoryDivisionKB.exe that can set the storage memory to a

specified size in KB.

5. Developed MainShellHide.exe, MainShellShow.exe, MainShellToggle.exe to hide,

show, toggle the appearance of the MainShell window.

6. Developed TaskbarHide.exe, TaskbarShow.exe, TaskbarToggle.exe to hide, show,

toggle the appearance of the Windows taskbar.

7. Developed RunWait.exe to be used instead of the RunWait command of MortScript

when less program memory overhead is required (RunWait.exe has a memory overhead of
only 40KB while MortScript has 420KB).

8. Fixed .NET Compact Framework to work in all devices, not only those that use
"Storage Card" or "My Flash Disk".

9. Fixed .NET Compact Framework to work in Windows CE 4 devices.

10. Added Garmin Mobile XT icon but only in VistaUltimate skin.

11. Added an option to close MioPocket in the menu of the X button.

12. During installation, either SD or SD-free, if the flash disk location can't be
found either by registry or ini, ask the user where to install.

13. Changed the way FixPaths.mscr is called.

14. Changed MioPocketLanguages.mscr to Unicode.

15. Navigation applications are more flexible in MioPocket.ini and in script files.

16. Updated GAPI. Supports many more devices.

17. Added games: Mastermind, Rubik Cube.

18. Added image viewer: GQVIEWER.

19. Added tools: CEFUN.EXE, CEProcessV.exe, PEINFO.EXE.

20. Many bug fixes.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 28) - 09/21/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Fixed "Cannot run <file>.mscr" issue on devices whose flash drives are not named
\My Flash Disk (thanks to TroNik)

2. Fixed camera on c720 (thanks to kami)

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 27) - 09/02/2008 ** (Osprey)
1. Added 320x240 version of Stopword skin (thanks to Stopword).

2. Added option to MioPocket Settings to switch Stopword skins between 24-hour and
12-hour time display.

3. Made page turn button on Stopword skin easier to press.

4. Fixed issue that prevented JOTKBD/"Full Keyboard" from working in Release 26.

5. Disabled key press sound effects in JOTKBD/"Full Keyboard."

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 26) - 08/30/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Added NoniGPSPlot, another general GPS like PocketGPS and BeeLineGPS.

2. Changed to a nicer, lighter font on all Vista skins.

3. 480x272-only: Added time and battery display to portrait mode.

4. Added the settings necessary to browse the internet over ActiveSync. You must
create a sync partnership on your Windows desktop computer (in ActiveSync on XP or
Windows Mobile Device Center on Vista) in order to use it.

5. When enabling or disabling automatic registry backup, resets are no longer

necessary to activate the change.

6. Script files (especially the MioPocket one on the desktop and those on the start
menu) now have icons.

7. Added option in MioPocket Settings to change the time on the Stopword skin to
12-hour (AM/PM) format.

8. 320x240-only: Running an app that automatically rotates the screen will not show
the MiniBar in portrait mode (since it usually obscures the app).

9. Upgraded nPOP e-mail client to v2.09.

10. Added Dutch translation to MioPocket Settings (thanks to sparkienl).

11. Fixed camera shutter button issue for c720 devices (thanks to Toyfreak).

12. Fixed "RegDelete" error preventing complete installation on some devices.

13. Opera now copies significantly fewer files, which should speed launch slightly
and place less burden on the operating system.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 25) - 08/08/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Added Stopword's new 480x272 MioPocket skin (thanks to Stopword!)

2. Added multi-language support to MioPocket Settings (thanks to Stopword for much

of the work).

3. Finally eliminated the annoyance of the shell restarting when rotating back to
landscape mode. Now, when you run an app or game that rotates itself, you'll be
returned to the page that you were on.

4. Added an alternate task switcher (for devices that can't use PocketNav) and an
option in MioPocket Settings to use it.

5. When in portrait mode, the MiniBar now takes the wallpaper as its background.

6. The battery display will now refresh itself every few seconds.

7. Changed path editing in MioPocket Settings to use a file/directory browser. No

more typing the full path out. Just browse for the desired file/directory, select
it and press OK.

8. Changed file selection in Route Manager and Skin Manager to use the
file/directory browser and fixed bugs in Skin Manager.

9. Moved the QuickLaunch triangle to the UPPER-right and quadrupled its size so
that it's easier to press. Also added an enable/disable option in MioPocket
Settings and an informative message the first time that a QuickLaunch-enabled nav
app is run.

10. Changed the USB Mode toggle script to display a menu that shows the currently
active mode, so that users can check it without changing it.

11. Re-wrote the "wait for SD card" pause on returning from standby to be more
accurate (a few seconds shorter) and use a nicer message display.

12. Replaced most message boxes in MioPocket Settings (and elsewhere) with larger
windows having larger buttons for those with larger fingers. For convenience, some
time out and close by themselves.

13. Replaced a great number of icons with nicer ones.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 24) - 07/21/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Added automatic backing up of the registry (all of HKEY_CURRENT USER and

HKEY_LOCALMACHINE\Software), which should save most application settings across
hard resets. Also added a manual backup icon and some options to MioPocket
Settings. Thanks to kalia for the tip on which program to use.

2. Re-added and enabled the JOTKBD keyboard (many thanks to euy!). Also, created an
option in MioPocket Settings to switch the MiniBar keyboard button between the
default keyboard and JOTKBD (mainly for those who can't use the default keyboard).
Also, numeric keys are hidden for 320x240 devices to fit the display.

3. Added code to start both the default keyboard and JOTKBD above the taskbar and
MiniBar (rather than obscuring them).

4. Fixed freezing issue when using USB Mass Storage mode.

5. Added HandWallet, a powerful finance application. Note that there's, supposedly,

a Windows version that can sync with this mobile version.

6. Added Zuma, a game like Bubblets, from the makers of Bejeweled. It's just a 5-
level demo, but too fun to not include (thanks to mathwiz).

7. Disabled time synchronization during installation by default. It can be enabled

via MioPocket Settings. Thanks to mathwiz.

8. Fixed a major bug that reset the skin to the default every time that you re-
installed MioPocket.

9. Upgraded Task Manager to 3.1

10. Created a simple skin manager for MioMap and changed the previous Route Manager
icons to point to a menu that offers the choice of running either Route Manager or
Skin Manager. See the "Readme" menu option under "Skin Changer" for instructions on
using it.

11. Broke Variables.mscr up into smaller subroutines for faster loading (scripts
that don't need all variables can call only subsets).

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 23) - 07/09/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Added a 320x240 version of the Vista Aurora skin. Also added a 320x240 version
of the skin changer page.

2. Added MoneyGoesAway, an expense diary (ideal for business trips... even saves
data in a .csv file).

3. Added KeepRecordin, a dictophone application for devices that have microphones

(i.e. Bluetooth).

4. Added PHM Powertoys, which mainly consists of a few extra control panel applets
(fonts, etc.) and input methods (char map, clipboard, etc.).

5. Replaced the desktop wallpaper with a new, darker one (primarily so that things
look better when rotated) and added one for 320x240 displays.

6. Choosing the SD-to-SD-free installation option now copies the Media folder, as

7. Fixed .NET Compact Framework for SD-free installations.

8. Added a REAL "Display Off" option to the power menu, making it possible to play
music while the display is off (not possible with "Standby"). Also, added
explanations and hints to the power menu.

9. Added the option to MioPocket Settings to enable larger keyboard keys (at the
expense of some keys, especialy number keys, being hidden).

10. Added a script for BeeLineGPS to remember the database name and correctly view
HTML waypoint information (thanks to murphyfields).

11. Added ascript to automatically return focus to your application after accessing
the MiniBar keyboard button (thanks to mathwiz).

12. Replaced Paint and FileManCE programs with versions with nicer-looking icons
(thanks to mathwiz).

13. Replaced Opera with a version having better menu control and quicker startup
(thanks to ste).

14. Your preferred audio volume is now saved between re-installations (thanks to
Cheerful for the idea).

15. Added an option to MioPocket Settings to disable the volume muting when the
MiniBar's volume button is pressed.

16. Added eVB (embedded Visual Basic) runtime files for executing VB scripts
(thanks to falvesjr).

17. Added a VB script to synchronize Date and Time at installation. Also added
manual versions to the Settings pages of the skins (thanks to falvesjr).

18. Added QuickLaunch to put a tiny minimize button in the lower right corner of
navigation apps (particularly for apps that don't have exit buttons) (thanks to

19. Stopped MioMap from using the latest GAPI. Apparently, it wasn't providing any
benefit, only the slight chance of configuration problems.

20. Removed JOTKB (Full Keyboard) from menus because it just didn't work.

21. Added WinPoker, Peg Solitaire, Date/Time and Volume icons to 320x240 skins.
Also, added script to automatically rotate Peg Solitaire.

22. Added many minor tweaks to the Vista Ultimate, Vista Aurora and Vista Ultimate
320x240 skin graphics.

23. Fixed a bug in MioPocket Settings whereby a previously-set custom time zone
would overwrite one selected from the list.

24. Fixed a bug in MioPocket Settings whereby edits to the Mobile Navigator and Ozi
Explorer paths wouldn't save.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 22) - 06/09/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Added Media folder (with many sample files) and configured uBook, Media Player
and XnView to open to it by default. The Media folder makes it easy to keep all of
your media in one place, where most of MioPocket's multimedia apps know to look for
them. For example, place an e-book into Media\Books (instead of in the three
different program subdirectories, as before) and be sure that the appropriate
reader will find it.

2. Changed and tweaked the uBook skin and added a script to rotate Microsoft Reader
to portrait mode.

3. Modified the task switcher button to minimize the active window, if there is
one, and display the task list if there isn't. If desired, it can be configured to
always display the task list via a menu option in "MP Settings" on the Settings

4. Added Pocket RAR (zip utility).

5. Modified Opera script to save settings, bookmarks and history.

6. Made a few small device compatibility changes.

7. Upgraded .NET Compact Framework from 3.5 Beta 1 to 3.5 RTM.

8. Added ability to run .cab installer files for devices that don't come with the

9. Incorporated time zone selection into MioPocket Settings and added time zone
registry files for Europe (WET, CET & EET), Australia (AWST, ACST & AEST), Hawaii
and Alaska.

10. Added registry file for enabling Bluetooth on startup and incorporated the
option into MioPocket Settings.

11. Added option to MioPocket Settings to modify the My Documents path. Also, fixed
a bug that prevented changing the Explorer path.

12. Added DLLs and .reg files for the SDW-820 and SDW-821 WiFi SDIO cards. See the
Readme file for instructions on enabling.

13. Added city files for Metro.

14. Various small changes (added uBook to taskbar of Vista Ultimate/Aurora skins,
configured Opera to open offline HTML files, replaced Metro icon, etc.).

15. Added 1-Calc, a combination calculator, unit converter and tip calculator. It
replaces the conversion app and, in the case of the 320x240 skins, the calculator,
as well.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 21) - 05/22/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Added an alternate SD-free installation method: copying MioPocket to an SD card

and having the copying to flash drive and MioMap renaming done automatically. See
the Readme file for instructions. Credit to GarMio for the idea.

2. Added a menu option to MP Settings to disable or re-enable the MiniBar.

3. Added scripts to rotate Minesweeper and Tetris.

4. Added script to save and re-load WinPoker settings so that they aren't lost with
each hard reset.

5. Made some minor changes to try to address issues with ActiveSync and hardware
power buttons on certain devices.

6. Fixed Time-Pacific.reg giving Eastern timezone.

7. Included GSThemes 2.0 (skins for 480x272 displays) and fixed scripts for
selecting them with SD-free installation.

8. Added Ms. PacMan and LodeRunner to Vista Ultimate 320x240 skin.

9. The Route Manager will now automatically save routes to the drive where
MioPocket is installed (fixing a problem with SD-free installations).

10. Included a new set of override patch files for Jerry's 5/12/08 MioMap skin (for
c320 and c520).

11. Added an alarm clock (thanks to ste!)

12. Created a second Tools page for the Vista Ultimate 320x240 skin and added the
Lamp and Mirror utilities.

13. Added Metro, an application for public transportation routing (thanks to


** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 20) - 05/12/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Added the ability to seemlessly jump between MioPocket and your device's
original Mio menu. Choose "Mio Menu" from MioPocket's Settings page to switch to
the Mio menu and click on the MioMap icon on that menu to switch back to MioPocket.

2. Added a menu for configuring MioPocket settings to alleviate having to manually

edit MioPocket.ini. Choose "MP Settings" from MioPocket's Settings page to set your
navigation paths, Explorer path, whether to use a startup menu and more.

3. Added a menu to map the Vista quick launch button (480x272-only) to any of the
navigation apps or to the Mio menu. It runs the first time that you click on the
button and can also be accessed from "MP Settings" on the Settings page.

4. Added the Opera web browser.

5. Devices without explorer.exe now run the included one, the chief benefit of
which is enabling the start menu.

6. Added code to enable the hardware power button on c220 devices.

7. Added code to properly orient MioPocket on the H610, since it is a portrait


8. Tweaked the Vista skins to fit a greater number of icons on each page. On the
320x240 skin, this gave room to add some apps that there wasn't room for before
(ex. Chess).

9. Added Bubblets game.

10. Created new icons for Orientation and System Information and added a taskbar
icon to the tools page of the Vista Ultimate 320x240 skin.

11. Added Dependency Walker, a Win32 application for checking DLL dependecies,
similar to the included CE application, Executability Check.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 19) - 04/27/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Added file to fix flash drive (SD-free) installation not working on many devices
(c520, particularly).

2. Enabled the hardware power button on certain models (c220, particularly).

3. Added BeeLineGPS, another great utility for checking GPS coordinates, accessing
a compass, calculating straight-line distances to waypoints and for geocaching
(shows caches on the map and supports database files).

4. Added new patch files for Jerry's MioMap skin that replace some icons and the
loading wallpaper.
5. Made many small GUI changes, such as replacing icons and re-organizing some

6. Fixed Tetris link on 320x240 skins.

7. Fixed FileManCE problem on 320x240 devices that was introduced with Release 18.

8. Fixed games not rotating on CE4 devices.

9. vSnap now defaults to saving to your installation drive (SD card or flash

10. Added a script to run the correct Mio settings program for the device.

11. Added an installation status window.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 18) - 04/22/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Changed the installation method so that c220, c230 and c250 devices (and maybe
others) can install MioPocket. Startup scripts are now copied to \My Flash Disk and
launched from the registry, rather than copied to \Windows and launched from the
Startup folder.

2. Fixed GS Themes skins to allow flash drive installation and corrected a few

3. Fixed some of the Vista Aurora and Blue skin pages pointing to pages belonging
to other skins.

4. Games that work best in portrait mode now rotate the screen on load and rotate
back on exit.

5. Added for all devices: a GPS app for user-added maps (most useful for off-road
activities, like hiking and geocaching... also useful for getting current latitude,
longitude and elevation), an ink-based notes app and a Peg Solitaire game.

6. Added only for 480x272 devices: better paint program, web viewer, e-mail app,
working Ms. Pac-Man, LodeRunner, a ruler, a simple "light" app and a simple
"mirror" app.

7. Added only for 320x240 devices: calculator.

8. Added a remote registry app for Windows (to access your Mio's registry over USB
ActiveSync). See MioAutoRun\Programs\Win32. Also, moved ASRDisp.exe to the same

9. Configured FileManCE to look more like a modern file manager and less like the
old DOS X-Tree (i.e. removed the blue background and gridlines).

10. Added and updated start menu links.

11. Tweaked the close button script so that Media Player may be minimized if
desired. This allows playing music in the background while using MioPocket for
other tasks. Also, created a script so that the taskbar that Media Player opens up
when it starts gets re-hidden.

12. Moved navigation app paths to MioAutoRun\MioPocket.ini. From now on, edit them
there if you need any of those paths changed.

13. Made it so that CE4 devices use the explorer.exe that comes with their device
("\Windows\explorer.exe") and CE5 devices use the included explorer.exe.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 17) - 04/10/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Added 320x240 version of Vista Ultimate skin

2. Fixed the system slowdown issue with GAPI (esp. Media Player) by replacing the
task manager that was conflicting

3. Fixed MyApps being hardcoded to \Storage Card

4. Once paths in files have been replaced (on first unlock), it isn't done again,
saving many seconds on subsequent unlocks

5. Fixed issue with executing script files after first reboot

6. Separated FixPathsAndImport.mscr into separate FixPaths.mscr and


7. Added unit conversion app

8. Added better task manager for 480x472 displays

9. Added script to hide the taskbar that gets unhidden when Media Player exits

10. Replaced a few icons

11. Fixed the route manager not being able to create the necessary folder(s) on
certain devices.

** MioPocket 2.0 (Release 16) - 04/06/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Created two Vista-themed 480x272 skins (named "Vista Ultimate" and "Vista
Aurora") and made one the default. These skins provide more program room, while
packing in more functionality. No inch of space is wasted. Two unique features are
the navigation quick launch button (set to MioMap by default) and the start menu
button. See the supplementary documentation for further information on the skins'

2. Created the MiniBar, which adds a close button and button bar which stay on top
of most applications. The close button will close any active window and, when there
isn't one, bring up the power menu. The button bar provides buttons to a task
switcher, keyboard, audio volume and a few more commonly used utilities. The
MiniBar replaces (and improves upon) the functionality that BananaPC was originally
used for. See the supplementary documentation for further information on the
MiniBar's features.

3. Added support for SD-free (\My Flash Disk) installation (see the instructions),
as well as for devices that name the SD card as "\SDMMC" or "\Storage Card2".
Combined with #4, MioPocket is a whole lot more flexible now, with regard to where
it's installed. Thanks and credit to Cheerful for helping with the coding.
4. Replaced all absolute paths in scripts and skins with relative paths. All
scripts now read variables from \Scripts\Variables.mscr. FYI, since that includes
all navigation app scripts, Variables.mscr is where you'll need to edit the paths
to your nav apps, if you need to.

5. Separated each skin's "system" area (bottom row of icons) out into a separate
footer file to make editing less repetitive. Most users won't notice much of a
difference here, except maybe slightly more pleasing page loading. Thanks to
Cheerful for the idea. Also, the page files were renamed.

6. Added k4dz's modified MioMap route manager and put links to it on each skin's
navigation page. As an option, a few patch files are available for Jerry's
3/28/2008 skin to make the links in it compatible with MioPocket. See MioPocket's

7. Added dozens of new applications (mostly games), too many to list. All, of
course, are freeware, shareware or demo. The few shareware and demo ones were
functional enough to warrant inclusion. Of interest to CE4.2 users: versions of
Notepad and CECommander that should work on your devices are included. Finally,
some apps that have always been included with MioPocket but never linked to in the
menus, such as Microsoft's image viewer and a screen capture app, are now linked.

8. Implemented a method to add your own apps and games quickly and easily without
modifying any files. It's not a pretty solution, but it gets the job done.
MioPocket's name for it is "My Apps" and it's linked throughout MioPocket. Credit
goes to a poster named Wolf (from another forum), who wrote the code.

9. Changed the USB mode link to a toggle (thanks, Fabri) and also made the
selection permanent (retains setting through hard resets)

10. Re-wrote the screen orientation toggle to work on CE4 devices and resolve the
taskbar visibility issue on returning to landscape mode.

11. Re-wrote the nav app launchers to allow returning to the app by re-clicking the
icon, should you happen to minimize it.

12. Wrote a little script (which is linked to from the speaker icon on the MiniBar)
that mutes the audio when it's run (for one-touch muting), while simultaneously
launching a volume control app. Finally, as soon as you make another window active,
the volume control app closes.

13. Added a link to the desktop to allow re-launching of the MioPocket shell in
case it should ever crash and leave you staring at the desktop wallpaper.

14. Increased the size of the wallpaper so that it fills the screen in 272x480
(portrait) mode. Also, installation now attempts to copy it to \Windows only if
there's room, which should prevent error messages on some devices.

15. Fixed the problem whereby the system path setting was occasionally getting
lost. This has encouraged me enough to move most remaining DLLs to that folder,
which should further help users whose devices have too little free space in
\Windows to install MioPocket without errors.

16. Added device detection so that c310x users (and, perhaps, others) no longer
need to run a batch file prior to installation. In addition to that and some of the
changes already listed, other tweaks too numerous or minor to remember were done to
improve compatibility with certain devices, particularly the c310x, c220, c230 and
17. Added a script to remove the \My Documents, \profiles, \Application Data and
\Program Files folders so that users don't accidentally save anything to those
folders, since they get wiped out upon each hard reset and shutdown. Thanks to
Cheerful for contributing this.

18. Replaced some icons

** MioPocket Plus Release 15 - 03/17/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Added gs4322's GSThemes skins pack.

2. Added skin changer page with thumbnails.

3. Added folder for custom registry files. This is to keep your own registry files
separate and to make migrating your files between releases easier.

4. Added control panel applet to extend the system path.

5. Turned battery display into a button that launches Mio's settings page.

6. Added Nankin (Mahjong variant) game and added it to the games menu in place of
Pentagon (which can still be found with Explorer). In the future, I'll make room
for everything.

** MioPocket Plus Release 14 - 03/07/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Re-added date and time back to Ice and Blue skins and made them open up the
Date/Time control panel applet when tapped.

2. Removed the suspend button from the Ice and Blue skins to make room for
date/time and because it became unnecessary with the other link to the power-off
menu. I also moved that power-off link on the Blue skin from the lower right to the
upper right (where Ice has it).

3. Changed the 320x240 skins to point to \Windows\MioUtility.exe (the Mio settings

file on the c310).

4. Created launcher scripts for all navigation apps that kill BananaPC prior to

5. Went back to the original method of launching Doom to solve the rotation problem
on the c310.

6. Added OziExplorer link and icon.

7. Added registry file with proper baud rate for iGuidance on c310

8. Explorer now shows file extensions.

9. Replaced the bad string values in TimeZone.reg

** MioPocket Plus Release 13 - 03/04/2008 ** (Osprey)
1. Added code to import all registry files in \MioAutoRun\Registry. Just drop your
reg file in there and it'll automatically be imported now.

2. Resolved the rebooting issue with c310 devices by adding a reg file.

3. Created separate MioMap and TomTom launcher scripts for c310 users. The 320x240
skins were modified to point to them, instead.

4. Corrected the "My Documents" issue for c310 devices to allow TomTom to load.

5. BananaPC is now killed when TomTom is launched.

6. Changed the MioMap icon's white background to a transparent one.

** MioPocket Plus Release 12 - 03/04/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Fixed bad link to Solitaire.

2. Hopefully fixed the "Locating Shortcut Target" on c310 devices.

3. Added Pentagon card game to the games menu.

** MioPocket Plus Release 11 - 03/03/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Added .NET Compact Framework 3.5. This enables a lot of apps and games to run
that would throw up "Cannot find file" before. Note: CF-enabled apps and games that
were designed for Windows Mobile (not CE specifically) will annoyingly display a
menu over part of the window, potentially making the app unusable. That's a problem
with CF on the Mios, not with MioPocket.

2. Added a folder named System under \Storage Card\MioAutoRun to keep all DLLs and
extended the system path to include it. This cuts down on what needs to be copied
to \Windows and makes DLL management easier. When Windows can't find a DLL in
\Windows, it'll look in \Storage Card\MioAutoRun\System.

3. Added 7 classic freeware games: Solitaire, Patiences (3 different solitaires in

one), Pipes (really addictive), Miner (Minesweeper), Dots, Battleship (enter
portrait mode *before* running) and Tetris (has the CF issue mentioned above, but
is still playable).

4. Added an icon to the system area to switch between landscape and portrait modes.
Notice that it's positioned so that you can still access it if you have a 240px-
wide app open in portrait mode. For some of the included games, you need to be in
portrait mode.

5. Replaced Calc98 with a version that includes an Exit choice.

6. Added setting for MobiPocket to turn the page on screen tap and changed to a
font that is easier on the eyes to read.

7. Replaced original sample e-book for MobiPocket with Trivopaedia, a handy trivia
guide with things like conversions, poker hands, longest rivers, Oscar winners,
popes, constellations and hundreds more. Also, I associated .txt files with
MobiPocket so that it's easier to work with all of the free Project Gutenberg
( e-books.
8. Added Microsoft Reader for reading .lit e-books and included Encarta Pocket

9. Added explorer.exe because some people were having problems launching theirs.

10. Made the background wallpaper a little larger, to fill the screen when in
portrait mode.

11. Included a few DLLs for c310 users and made a script to make MioPocket more
c310-friendly. Read Instructions.txt before installing.

** MioPocket 1.2Plus Release 10 - 02/19/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Completely overhauled the entire file structure to organize and simplify.

2. Added a skin for 320x240 display devices (ex. c220, c230, c310x). Also, re-
arranged the icons on the default (Ice) skin a bit so that 320x240 users could get
to the skin changer to select the skin.

3. Added XP-style toolbars and open/close buttons. Explorer and Pocket Word's
"Open" dialog are two good places to see some of them.

4. Fixed the problem with the Appointments app not working (thanks, D0cN0).

5. Replaced BananaPC with the English version, positioned it in the lower right and
added it to startup. When it works, use it to exit applications without close
buttons or bring up the taskbar.

6. Replaced the 3MB Resco screenshot utility with a 7KB one. Access it by running
PocketScreen Capture in \Storage Card\MioAutoRun\Programs\.

7. Fixed standby mode in reset button menu.

8. Modified startup script to be more reliable on bootup.

9. Modified the MioMap and TomTom scripts to clean up the GAPI files that they
copied, once the programs exit.

10. Fixed "System Information" pages to display the correct amount for My Flash
Disk and added a message to clarify that the values represent free space, not used
space. I can't change their values to used space, unfortunately.

11. Tweaked the way pages scroll to be more intuitive and replaced a few icons.

12. Added Mobile Navigator link.

** MioPocket 1.2Plus Release 9 - 02/13/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Added dozens of file associations to the registry so that files may be opened by
double-clicking them from the file explorer (ex. double-clicking a .avi file will
open it in Media Player). This makes file explorers so much more usable.

2. The USB connection screen is now minimized to allow using the Mio while it's
connected to your desktop! This is great for testing.
3. Added Remote Display Control to control the Mio from your desktop over an
ActiveSync connection. To use, make sure that your Mio is set to ActiveSync mode,
then run MioAutoRun\Programs\ASRDisp.exe from your Windows desktop (not from your
Mio). Try it out!

4. Added Explorer link to the system area at the bottom and synchronized all of the
pages and skins to have the same links.

5. Set up MorphGear to use GAPI as its video driver by default

6. Added a Windows wallpaper and replaced some icons.

7. Fixed TomTom launch... hopefully.

8. Created a script to wait 5 seconds after resuming from standby. This is because
the Mio takes up to 5 seconds to initiliaze the SD card, during which time any
accessing of MioPocket will crash it. This prevents you from accidentally crashing
it before the SD card initializes.

9. Added a USB page to choose between ActiveSync and Mass Storage modes.

10. Changed the reset button to give a choice of "Soft Reset," "Hard Reset,"
Standby (Display off)" or "Shutdown."

** MioPocket 1.2Plus Release 8 - 02/11/2008 ** (D0cN0)

1. Added sample eBook to allow exiting from MobiPocket.

2. Added back change log for MioPocket.

** MioPocket 1.2Plus Release 7 - 02/11/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Modified the skin changer to not require a reset. Thanks to MartinG for the idea
and tip on how to do that.

2. Overhauled the skin pages to fix a ton of consistency errors between all of
them. Particularly, all icons for all skins are positioned properly (unlike the
last release) and the "Ice" Navigation page looks like the rest of the "Ice" pages

3. Added registry settings for Media Player so that it uses GAPI as the video
driver by default and opens videos in fullscreen. Yay. I'd been wanting to
implement that from the beginning.

4. Added the Mio Audio player to the multimedia pages per request.

5. Renamed the "Spicy Pixel MorphGear" folder to just "MorphGear", for, hopefully,
obvious reasons.

6. Fixed the error message on installation if you don't have TomTom.

** MioPocket 1.2Plus Release 6 - 02/10/2008 ** (Osprey)
1. Fixed TomTom crashing because of GAPI settings.

2. Fixed the problem with the taskbar being screwed up after exiting TomTom.

3. Synchronized the navigation pages for the three skins so that each has all of
the available links (to TomTom, iGo, iGuidance, etc). Before, Ice had them all and
the other two didn't.

** MioPocket 1.2Plus Release 5 - 02/9/2008 ** (Osprey)

1. Installation updates MioMap to use the latest GAPI version. This may improve
performance a tiny bit. Also, it uses GAPI settings to kill the taskbar before
loading so that we don't get that accidental taskbar activation in MioMap. BTW, you
might be able to apply what I added to other navigation software (such as iGo or
TomTom) if they happen to use GAPI, as well. I don't have any of the others, so I
can't do that.

2. Removed from each skin page an invisible button to an old taskbar that was left
over from when this unlock method was used on the C310 (320x240 display). Before,
if you clicked on a certain area of MioPocket, it would throw up an error. That's

3. Set up a few of the GAPI-compatible applications to use GAPI to rotate, rather

than using MortScript. I also set MorphGear to not rotate, since it was messing up
the app's dialog boxes.

4. Updated HPC Media Player to v1.07. Also, I added the plugins for Windows Media
formats that were missing before.

5. Some really minor things that I can't remember... mainly cleaning up text a
little, removing a couple of old/unnecessary files, etc.

** MioPocket 1.2Plus x3 - 02/8/2008 ** (gps_newbie)

1. Incorrect paths fixed

** MioPocket 1.2Plus x2 - 02/8/2008 ** (gps_newbie)

1. frosted ice pages updated

2. navi_ice.ini is the starting page

3. additional navigation links added to navi_ice.ini

** MioPocket 1.2Plus x1 - 02/8/2008 ** (gps_newbie)

1. delete MioAutoRun.exe and MioAutoRun.mscr from root

2. move ..\installer\MioAutoRun.exe and ..\installer\MioAutoRun.scp to root

3. remove installation prompt in MioAutoRun.scp

4. change time.reg for Pacifict Standard time

5. add iguidance4.reg for iGuidance 4

** MioPocket 1.2Plus - 02/7/2008 ** (D0cN0)

This release is built for the Mio C320, however can be used for the Mio C520 or
C720. It contains freeware software.
*Note: I have only used the Blue theme and have not changed the other themes.

1. Removed/replaced program links to software not found on the Mio C320.

2. Created version that runs all programs off SD card. Nothing is copied to "My
Flash Disk". (This means you will require the same SD card to remain in the device
for MioPocket to work.)

3. Removed the need to click on the thin grey bar and the desktop icon after
install or restart. MioPocket menu appears on start.

4. Fixed USB mode link "Set As Mass Storage Device".

5. Updated Mortscript from version to version

6. Included the following freeware software:

- MobiPocket Reader Pro v4.9 (rotated)
- GAPI v4.01
- HPC Media Player v1.05
- XnView Pocket Version v1.40
- MorphGear HandHeld PC Version v2.3.0.2 (rotated to fit virtual pad)
- gfDoom v1.0.0.1 (rotated, with shareware WAD)
- Calc98 v5.30

** MioPocket 1.2 - 01/14/2008 ** (Indabox)

1. Added In MioPocket Theme Changer. (3 Themes to choose from, Mio Brushed Metal,
Mio Cool Blue, pat_ty's Frosted Ice).

2. PSC Screen capture has been replaced with Rcapture.exe. YOu can now choose where
to save your images (defaults to SD card). You will need to use the auto capture
feature as there are no hardware keys on the Mio Devices to assign it to.

3. Tom Tom Launcher was added to prevent TomTom navigator from crashing on launch.
Please install TomTom to your "/storage card/TomTom" directory as the icon will
start "\Storage Card\TomTom\TomTom Navigator.exe"

4. Mortscript has been added.

5. Windows taskbar icon has been changed to run the "showtaskbar.exe" VS

"Periodictaskbar.exe" to prevent multiple instances of Periodictaskbar.exe on some
users devices.

6. Change to new reset exe (prompts user to say yes to reset, VS just doing it)
7. Added In MioPocket Theme Changer.

8. Added Auto Install/Un-install scripts for MioPocket

9. Removed Ms Word viewer and added in NotesCE (use Pocket MS Word to view .doc

10. Got rid of periodictaskbar.exe as it was causing strange things to happen on

some users Mio Devices. The drawback is that when you restart the Mio Device, the
default Mio Menu comes up first. You have to click the toolbar and then the little
"desktop" icon in the bottom right corner.

11. Added in appointment book. (replaced uBook reader icon in office menu) uBook
Reader is still in the windows startmenu.

12. other misc fixes...

** MioPocket 1.0 - 01/10/2008 ** (Indabox)

1. Initial Release