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Create using Graphic Filter 1. Open the Creste rom Graphical Fite.ign [Greate trom Graphical Fiter- Matric dgn fl. 2, Ifprompted that Obsolete Civil Data is Found, click Yes to upgrade the data inthe fle [EE Select tne Graphical iter Manager tol rom the Torain Mode! task menu, ee ‘aad ——— Note: n a production environment is best to create fiters and fiter groups in DGN Libraries that are shared throughout your ‘organization as standards. In this raining exercse we create the fiters and itr groups inthe lcal fle which i functional bt ineicientin ‘2 production envronment because the fiers and fiter groups cannot be easily reused in other fes and projects, Cony © 2018 Rely Sytem noe DO NOT DISTRIBUTE - Printing for student use is permitted Choke iter 1, Select the Levels category, h. Chek all>, All ofthe levels are moved to the Selected Levels column. However we do net want al ofthese levels selected, |. Select the Struc Builsing level and cick «Remove, |. Select the © Site_Buloing level and cick <-Remove, . Chick Finis, |. Verity that Levels option is enabled in the iter By section, ‘Create Filtr Group that includes the Bullting and the Break Line fiers, 4. Rightclek on Fir Grovps and select Create Filter Group. 1. Set Name to Training «6. Set Description to Break lines and voids 4, Select the Break Lines and Buildings filers from the Select Filters ation, (Clik Finish to close the Terain Fier Manager. Cop © 201 ety Sytem, en DO NOT DISTRIBUTE - Printing or student uses permitted Hint: Working with he ignore Feelure Linking enabled is recommended when numerous edt to the graphics are being made and when working wh large terrain models. The ignore Featurs Linking option ean be disabled when working witha smaller terrain model to see Immediate updates to he terrain mode ‘Select the Element Selection tol Click and hover onthe terrain model unt the heads up menu appesrs, ‘Select Update from Source > GraphicfterGroup: Training, eA aX wn ‘The terrain model updates wth the new location ofthe bulding graphics, Select Uncio to retum all ofthe buliings that were moved to tei orginal positions. Delete the Terain Model Hint: The Terrain Model can aso be delete using the Undo too. Create the Terrain Model again using the graphical iter but with the Ignore Feature Linking option enabled 4. Select the Create Terrain Model by Graphical Filter tol = Graphic Fier Group: Training = Ignore Feature Linking: Disabioc © Edge Method: Remove Sivers = Feature Defiriton: Existing Triangles = Name: Survey Use the Move tool to move one ofthe buldings to @ new locaton, “The terrain model updates automatically because tis linked tothe source graphics. Cony 8 2018 Bley Spe Iron DO NOT DISTRIBUTE - Printing for student use is permitted 2 Civil Message Center Warnings 1. Remainin the Greate fom Graphical Fite. dan (Create om Graphical Fier - Metric. dn fe 2. Open the Civil Message Center. “The Civi Message Centers typcaly minimized and pinned in the owe let corner of the view: if the Civil Message Center cannot be found, select tho ton on the Gonere! Georoty task manu to open the Civil Message Center. “There are three Wamings about crossing features inthe terrain model. A warning graphic is also splayed in the drawing view at each location, 3. Right click onthe frst waring inthe Civil Message Center and selact Za0m To, ‘The view updates tothe location ofthe frst warning. However at his scale ti ficult to see whats causing the warring, 4. Zoom in very clos tothe point unl you can see that he two dashed lines overlap one anather ‘The problem here is thatthe beginning and ending points of a closed shape do not connect and even worse they overtap. The soliton is tormove one end point tobe coincident with the other end point. Select the Modify Element too 6. Snap end point and mave tothe other end pont. Be sure to snap tothe ends of he lines to ensure an accurate move. “The Terrain Model is immediately updated and the warning graphic disappears 7. Repeat steps 36 for the other two wamings. They are similar problems. opie © 201 Rey Sym Ise DO NOT DISTRIBUTE - Printing for student use is permitted a b. Follow the heads up prompts. = Locate the Terai Modelo add Elements = Select one of he buildings = Selectthe other Bung = Rightctik (eset) = Feature Type: Void “The terrain model updates to include the tw buldngs as void features. 4. Zoom to the ether problem building on the southern portion ofthe terain model ‘Looking closely it appears this building is inthe terrain model because the triangle vertices exist atthe bulding vertices, The problem is that the feature was Incorrectly created asa break ine when itshould have been a Void. This was caused bythe feature being on the, ‘wrong evel. 5. Change Feature Type of bullting from Break Line to Void © a. Solect the chonge Feature Type too . Follow the headsup prompts, = Locate Terrain Linear Feature: Select the bullelng graphic = Right-click (reset) Feature Type: Void ‘The terrain model updates wth the building as void feature, Cong © 218 Bey Ses, pat 100 NOT DISTRIBUTE - Printing fr student use is permitted Improving Triangulation around Edge of Terrain Model 1. ithe view @ _2 Select the Element information tool ‘Select the Terrain Mod 4A. Expand the Edge Method section, ‘The terain model curently uses the Sivers Edge Method to reduce unwanted edge tiangles. However, there ae stil unwanted tangles in several areas as shown inthe folowing ilutration, 5, Set the Exige Mood to Max. Triangle Length. 6. Setthe Length to 100 /20) "Notice the reduction in unwanted triangles inthe terrain mode Cong © 2015 Rely Sy ems, npr DO NOT DISTRIBUTE - Printing for student use is permitted »