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Layout Tool Instructions First you should probably print out a copy of a standard soccer field configuration from

our web site. The field is laid out north to south versus east to west. What you are trying to stake out is all the 90 degree intersections on the soccer field using the soccer field layout calculator. To use the layout tool you have to pull a string down the center of the soccer field through the center of both of the goals. From the known length of the field you have three points, both ends that bisect the goals and the center of the field. To mark out one half of the field you stake the ends of two tape measures, one tape at one goal and the other tape at the center of the field. Using the results from the soccer calculator you pull the two tapes to lengths specified depending on which 90 degree intersection you need to stake. For example, using the information on the soccer field layout tool template the four corners of the goalie box would be (the measurement on the left would be the tape measure that is staked in the center of the goal and the right measurement listed would for the tape measure staked at the center of the field): Goalie Box (left end of the field looking left to right) 30' 0''| 167' 8" ------------- 35' 0'' 150' 0" | | | | | | 0' 0" | 165' 0" 18' 0" | 147' 0" center line 0" | | | | | | 30' 0" 167' 8" -------------- 35' 0" | 150' 0"

165' 0" 0'

We normally stake out three different size soccer fields. Using the tool I plug in the numbers for each field then save the results with a file name representing the size of the field. Then I transpose the numbers for each field on a separate a diagram sheet like the one listed on our web site (see above). Once the center line has been established for each field and the associated three points staked one person can walk around staking out the field using the annotated diagram sheet and the two tape measures.

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Changes: 9/19/2006 Update provide by Michael Mundrane, Rutgers University Precision of calculations maintained through complete math process with rounding done at the last step. 4/27/2006 Update provided by Peter Luschenat, Vertex Consulting, Middletown, CT Layout Tool Tab Column C, rows 11, 13 and 15 changed to INT fields Column D, rows 11, 13 and 15 created inch fields Column Q, rows 11 and 19 changed to INT fields Column R, rows 11 and 19 created inch fields These were modified and created to fix diagram tab concatenations The goal width -- placed it on the Layout tool tab, S5 and 6 for that calculation on the diagram tab. Also put a blank diagram page on the excel doc. Diagram Tab Concatenated all measurements with ft and in signs. Also made the color red for printing. The goal box, Penalty box, 1/2 length and 1/2 width fields were not set up if the number was odd. For example if the person put in 125 feet wide, the measurements would show up as decimal.

Sports Field Dimension Calculator Soccer Field Layout and Distances (Feet & Inches)
Overall Length 210 Ft In Overall Width 150 Ft In Goalie Box Depth 9 Ft In Goalie Box Width 30 Ft In Penalty Box Depth 27 Ft In Penalty Box Width 66 Ft In Penalty Kick Spot 18 Ft In

Touch Line and Goalie Line Corner 75 0 129 0 Penalty Corner on Goal Line 33 0 110 1 Goalie Box Corner on Goal Line 15 0 106 1 Goal post 60 Center Point on Goal Line 00

Corrected (03/10/05) Amended (08/21/05) Updated (04/27/06) Updated (09/19/06) Penalty Box Corner 42 8 Goalie Box Corner 17 6 97 2 84 8

Center Line Point on Touch Line 129 0

Penalty Kick Spot 18 0

Plug in value into cell below each dimension. Stake out full length of field using center line of pitch/field intersecting the goalie boxes. Use two measuring tapes, one pulled from Center Line Point at the middle of the field and the other at the Center Point on the Goal Line. Intersections have two measurements listed in feet and inches or just feet. Field Dimension Calcuator reflects the stake intersections for 1/4 of the soccer field.


Straight Lines in Less Time

Circle Radius 15 Ft In

Goal Width 12

enter Line Point on Touch Line 75 0

Center Line Point 105 0

e of pitch/field at the middle of the field ted in feet and inches or ld.




Touch Line 75'0"

129'0" 129'0" 33'0" Penalty Box Half Way Line 110'1"


Goalie Box 106'1" 15'0"


Penalty Kick Goal 18'0" 105'0"

97'2" 17'6"






Touch Line

Penalty Box Half Way Line

Goalie Box

Penalty Kick Goal