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Since Moshiach still has not come, it is clear
that in heaven they came up with a strategy without public consent. Even if one
as to how to have the tzaddik delay his appeal can convince one or even a few of
until later * The correct approach here may the group to annul it, it doesnt help;
G-ds Torah rules that an oath taken
well be to take an oath according to the by public approbation is sustained!
knowledge and consent of the public, in which The bottom line is that there
case the law is that there is no disavowal of should immediately be the true
and complete redemption through
the oath without public consent. Moshiach Tzidkeinu, and all the
Jewish will go together with their
Translated by Boruch Merkur homes with their houses of Torah,

Tfilla, and Tzdaka to the Holy
he story is told of a righteous powerful revelation from Above that it Land, to Yerushalayim the Holy
Jew, who had said that when caused him to forget his promise, as it City, to the Third Beis HaMikdash,
he passes on (after a hundred were. to the Holy of Holies. Then the
and twenty years) and goes (The Rebbe shlita said with a staff of Aharon, which is placed
to heaven, he would demand of G-d smile:) Since Moshiach still has not there as a safeguard, will come out
to bring the redemption (being a Jew come, it is clear that from its hidden place of storage,
of such stature that he was worthy and a tzaddik will blossom forth
in heaven they came up with
to do so, to make such a demand of in his days for in the days (of
a strategy as to how to have the
G-d Alm-ghty). But the fact is that Moshiach) the Kehuna will return
tzaddik delay his appeal until later
he passed away and the redemption and Aharons staff will sprout forth,
did not come. Later on, another great The correct approach here may and Moshe and Aharon will be
Jew said that [the failure to bring the well be to take an oath according to among them.
redemption in this manner] indicates the knowledge and consent of the
(Shabbos Parshas Korach, 5 Tammuz
that this tzaddik was given such a public, in which case the law is that
5749; Seifer HaSichos 5749 Pg. 561-562)
there is no disavowal of the oath

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Issue 1071
"The quickest way to reveal Moshiach is by learning the Torah
sources about Moshiach & redemption" t"ab,wv grumnu ghrz, p"a
Radio Moshiach & Redemption
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worldwide live broadcast:

ver since Yitzchok Dori can remember,
he has performed and acted. The stage
was and still is his prime avocation. He was a successful actor,
Since he was a little boy, he was asked
to perform at every family or social event. The but the two years that
first pictures of him in the family album are from he waited for a kidney
when he was three, in which you see him standing
on the windowsill of his grandparents home in transplant led him to
Teveria and doing a song recital. In school, I discover deeper layers within
always got the lead part in the play, he recalls
with a smile. himself as he pursued the
When he finished his military service, study of psychodrama. *
he turned his avocation into a vocation and These two tools, acting and
got a degree in drama and theater at Tel
Aviv University. It was there that he also first psychodrama, he uses today
became acquainted with Chabad. His teshuva to empower people and to
process was slow but sure. Those who know
Dori know that he leaves the pretense for the provide them with insights
stage. In his personal life, he is sensitive, warm into their own untapped
and honest.
In recent years, along with his work as an potential. * Meet Yitzchok
actor, he also works as a therapist using the Dori, an actor of the spirit.
approach of psychodrama. He entered the
world of therapy after going through a dramatic
and traumatic experience in his own life. Four
By Nosson Avrohom
years ago, his kidneys stopped working and he
had to travel frequently to the hospital and to
dialysis units. There were some unsuccessful
transplant attempts. This experience shook him
up and he decided to help others in need.


Dori was born to a typical, traditional,
Israeli family. His father was born in and made
aliya as a child from Iraq, and his mother was
from a family of Holocaust survivors.

There was a lot of emuna in our home but this

wasnt translated into practical mitzvos. Now
and then, I would see my father put on tfillin.
On holidays we would go to shul and have
holiday meals together. The main message we
got was to put ourselves into our studies. My
father grew up in a family with meager means.
He was identified by some good people as
being gifted, and they saw to it that he was sent
to the Technion. He was very successful there
and graduated with a career in aeronautical
engineering and was very successful in his
Along with his academic studies, Dori
became a member of the national youth work-

4 15 Sivan 5777

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Issue 1071 5

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They took me to the home of Moshe Rubashkin run by Rabbi Fishel Jacobs and
there were minyanim for tefilla
where I was amazed to experience the familys and Shabbos meals. He and his
incredible generosity. During those three days, I did not staff of shluchim welcomed me
warmly and I became an integral
stop crying from emotional overload. All my questions part of the minyan and meals
about Chabad and the Rebbe disappeared after what I every Shabbos. A childhood
friend who became close to
experienced in 770. Chabad, Nadav Goldstein, would
take me to farbrengens, thus
study movement, where he spent the Nachal Brigade, Yitzchok exposing me to more of life in
his free time. He would argue Dori was drafted and assigned Chabad.
with his peers and counselors to a combat unit where he spent Yitzchok Dori began to realize
about Jewish matters. During three years as a soldier and a that the path of Torah is the right
the Tanach lessons at school, commander. Those were the path, but many more years would
he always took the Torah path three quietest years in the area pass before he would commit
despite his paltry knowledge. in decades. I remember us doing to living this truth. At a certain
In my class there was a boy patrols of three soldiers in the point, I began taking part in the
whose father was religious and heart of Gaza without fear. Chabad House programs, but at
who learned Tanach with him. When he completed his the same time I did not have the
He would regularly argue with military service, he worked courage to pick a side. Let it be
the Tanach teacher who brought at various jobs and looked to said in praise of Rabbi Jacobs that
in commentaries by irreligious professionally develop his love for he knew how to work with me;
people. I always sided with him, theater and acting. he did not pressure or nudge me.
for what he said seemed true. I checked out entertainment He was patient and he even stood
Toward the end of high opportunities at hotels in Teveria in as a family member when he
school, his classmates arranged a and the Dead Sea. I worked came to see my performances.
grand evening with performances for a few months in Teveria but
and lots of activities. Dori was quickly grew bored. I looked THE LONG
given the lead part to play and for something more serious BUT SHORT WAY
was highly praised. As part of and intensive, but the one who
the graduation, the students put torpedoed my plans was my Yitzchok spent one of his
together a yearbook in which drama teacher, Ayal Cohen, who vacations in New Jersey. At that
each classmate was listed with his later opened a successful studio time, he had already started
nickname, along with newspaper for the study of theater, who getting involved in Judaism and
clippings befitting that individual. invited me to Givatayim to study Chassidus and he wanted to
The nickname they chose for and gain expertise. visit 770. But a big snowstorm
me was Moshiach, because I prevented him from going.
I joined him for a sample When he flew a second time to
always helped other students. class, and this was enough for me
The newspaper cuttings that they the U.S. some time later, he was
to realize that this is what I want determined to make his first stop
attached to my entry were articles to study and do in life. I learned a
about the Rebbe. at 770.
lot from him.
When he finished high school, I arrived at 770 on Hoshana
Later on, Dori decided to Raba and enjoyed three uplifting
his father suddenly died. It took pursue his interest as a full-time
me several years to recover. My days, two of Yom Tov and one of
career and he went to study Shabbos. I was wearing weekday
fathers absence was keenly felt. theater at Tel Aviv University.
This event awakened my Jewish clothes and sandals but who
My first Shabbos at the paid attention to externals? The
spark and I started going to shul
student residence aroused in me atmosphere there raised me up
more frequently and attended
the desire to pray and I looked above the ground.
for a shul in the area. To my I met school friends who had
After a years deferment in amazement, I found that there
which he joined an agricultural become Chassidim like Moshe
was a Chabad House operating Sperling, Tzachi Francis and
commune under the auspices of right under my nose. It was

6 15 Sivan 5777

1071_bm_eng.indd 6 2017-06-06 2:14:52 PM

others. They took me to the home
of Moshe Rubashkin where I was
amazed to experience the familys
incredible generosity. During
those three days, I did not stop
crying from emotional overload.
All my questions about Chabad
and the Rebbe disappeared after
what I experienced in 770. I
spent half a year in the U.S.
and worked at pushcart sales.
Whenever I had a chance, I
went to visit 770. I also regularly
visited the Chabad House where
I lived.
At the end of six months,
I returned home different than
when I left, with tzitzis and a
kippa. Dori undergoing dialysis
But Yitzchak still had to
his spiritual journey, R Jacobs One day, my kidneys
traverse a torturous path until
did not give up on him and at a stopped working. There were
he became a Chassid. Upon the
certain point he convinced Dori some warning signs, but the
advice of friends in the theater
to move into his house in Kfar fact that I was a young guy had
world, he rented an apartment
Chabad. me and those who knew me not
in the heart of Tel Aviv where he
Every day I learned in Ohr taking them seriously.
auditioned for roles in movies
and theater productions. Tmimim in Kfar Chabad. After Over several years, I
a while, I went back to Tel Aviv experienced difficult times while
It was a time that I sat on the
and went to learn in the yeshiva trying to find a kidney donor.
fence. I was the lead actor in a
in Ramat Aviv which was the I was on dialysis three times a
theater production in Jaffa, while
final blow in my becoming a full- week. I spent half a year in 770,
frequently visiting the Chabad
fledged Chassid. waiting for a donor. There were
yeshiva called Chazon Eliyahu.
a few attempts that my body
On Pesach, some of the stage
PEELING LAYERS rejected. Finally a donor was
props were chametz. I asked
found in Eretz Yisroel. During
them to remove the chametz and In recent years, Yitzchok Dori that dark period, I thought of
brought kosher-for-Pesach food has performed in many original studying psychodrama. I was
to replace it. When I showed up productions and educational previously very interested in
and saw that the chametz items videos, which he considers a it and finally decided to start
were still there, I refused to shlichus. Over the past three studying. I began my studies
perform until the chametz was years he has become involved amid my medical challenges.
burned. in the world of psychodrama
Studying psychodrama
The following episode therapy.
helped me recognize parts of
demonstrates the extent to which Although there might be a myself that I did not want to
he was torn between two worlds connection between the theater acknowledge, experiences that I
at that time. He had gone to and psychodrama, according had covered up with positive spin.
audition for a major project in to Yitzchok, this profession is At that time, I was exposed to
the theater world, but did not nothing like theater. In acting, much pain, both from the people
win it. The one who won was the work is on the outside and around me and within myself.
convinced by him to put on tfillin it affects the inside, while in The therapeutic tools I learned
and the television photographers psychodrama, its the other way about in psychodrama gave me
captured his image before the around; the inside affects the the ability to deal with it.
interviews as Dori tied tfillin outside.
on him. Despite the faltering in What is psychodrama?

Issue 1071 7

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Dori in action in plays and in performances for preschools

Psychodrama is mainly in his youth, can get deeper with Oftentimes, it is an essential need
group work but can also be done age. and helps him manage in life. A
one-on-one. The idea behind Ill give you another example defense is a natural process in
it is to show a person that there that I experienced myself. During which a person covers over his
are other perspectives to a given my studies, I once lost my good deficiencies and difficulties. I
situation he is in and to give a umbrella. The topic of that wont remove this defense from
person the tools to choose how class was longing and loss. I every client, certainly not in
he wants to react to various volunteered to share my longing haste.
situations in his life. We often for my high-quality umbrella that The question is, when to
experience something that is served me faithfully. Something intervene and when to just
etched in our minds in a certain in the nuance of my voice and my listen. This is a question that I
way and is very influential in our choice of words had the lecturer deal with, with every new client.
future reactions. realize that it wasnt just about an There are times I will decide not
Give me an example to umbrella. He started asking me to take down the defensive walls
illustrate the idea behind questions and showing interest. that children created, because
psychodrama. I told him about something it will affect their quality of life.
There was a boy I worked difficult I was going through at The defense provides them with
with, curious by nature, who the time that I did not consider security.
brought home a worm. When connected with my reaction to In general, I dont only use
his mother realized what he the loss of the umbrella, but it all the methods of psychodrama.
had in the box, he got it over rose to the surface. That sums up In meeting with children, I use
the head. This reaction of his psychodrama. my experience in acting and the
mother is etched in his soul. It The purpose of psychodrama theater to help them. Not every
can cause him to refrain from is to break down a persons psychodrama practitioner will
being curious in the future about natural defenses in reaction to be successful in every situation
certain things. It can also affect unpleasant situations. But these and with every individual; there
his relationship with his mother, defenses help us! How do you are some disappointments and
without the boy realizing it. A decide when to remove them, if failure, and we obviously need
child who experienced something at all? siyata dShmaya. Not every
unpleasant can develop avoidance A defense that a person technique that worked with one
mechanisms, but it also affects develops to protect his psyche child will necessarily work with
his self-image. The scratch made is definitely a good thing. another child.

8 15 Sivan 5777

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Can you give us some tips talk about feelings at home. This The child tells a story and after
that people can use at home or should be initiated by parents. If getting his permission, I repeat
in the classroom? we stop being afraid of bringing what he said in my own words,
The first tip Id be happy to up emotions and talking about expanding and sometimes raising
share is not from psychodrama them, our children will do the questions. For example, a child
but from my work as an actor. same. A teacher can also learn to comes from school and we ask
For a long time, we ran a talk in the language of feelings, him how his day was. He says,
presentation of the play, Two and if we do this the right way, It was fun, it was great and also
Kings, which is a childrens book it wont undermine our authority. not so good. With the playback
authored by Rabbi Jacobs based When a child is not afraid to talk technique I will say, I hear that
on Tanya. The main message is about his feelings, we will prevent your day was mixed, both good
that if a conflict arises, then the many problems. It doesnt always and bad, a mixed-up day? I use
child is not the problem; its that have to be big traumas; even his words, affirm, and add to it.
his evil inclination got the better simple negative occurrences Can you tell us some success
of him. We need to teach him that he experiences can stand stories?
that there is a good inclination in his way in the future. Along The question is what is
and an evil inclination; he himself with feelings, it pays to listen to considered success. In therapy,
is good, but his evil inclination what children are saying. Many there is no definitive answer.
overcame him and got him to children fall between the cracks Every client progresses at his
surrender or to behave not as he because nobody is listening to own rate and sometimes, it takes
should. Such an activity of acting them. Clear time in your week for a long time.
out the battle between good and listening.
There is a boy who came to
evil can be done at a time when And here is a technique from me a few years ago when I was
things are calm. the world of psychodrama that I first starting out in the world
It is also very important to use a lot. It is called playback. of therapy. He was not yet bar

Issue 1071 9

1071_bm_eng.indd 9 2017-06-06 2:14:56 PM


mitzva at the time. His family easier for them to open up and in every community, there
situation was very complicated. through play, and in this way are people who have studied
His mother valiantly dealt with we can learn a lot about what is these things. They can provide
cancer for several years which going on with them. direction to those who need it so
caused him to close up. During Most of the time, when we they can deal with their issues.
the first year of our meetings ask a child directly, he will only This itself demonstrates to what
together, he did not talk; we just answer in a roundabout way. extent the world is moving to a
played together. It was only a Through play, things will come more constructive orientation.
year later that he started talking up. Lately, Ive been playing Its a form of Geula.
about his problems. Today he is Monopoly with the kids. Its As far as the clients, people
handling lifes challenges nicely. a long game and sometimes today are seeking to live good
Its a complicated story. I still its boring, and it can last over lives. While in the past, people
meet with him and know that he several sessions. One of the lived more difficult lives and only
is progressing, but he still needs features of the game is that you in extreme cases were people
encouragement and reminders. can buy houses. When I buy a willing to go for therapy, today,
In general, drama therapy house, I will focus the discussion people are looking for help for
is not like a play where you get on what a home is on the outside even minor things.
off the stage and know how it as opposed to on the inside. A I feel a great sense of
was based on the reaction of the child who experienced upheavals shlichus in my work. I am
audience. The world of therapy at home can easily express his particularly happy about my
is far from hit and run. The feelings in a conversation like work in preparing boys who
soul is very complex and we are this. finished elementary school, for
talking about processes that can I use drawing a lot too. Its a mesivta. Its inspiring to prepare
sometimes take a long time. very helpful tool to know whether talmidim to deal properly with
What do you use in your a child underwent something this transition.
work aside from psychodrama? traumatic. Picture a child who ***
With psychodrama, the draws nicely and suddenly, his Dori spends most of his time
client needs to bring a story and drawings are ugly. The choice and energy on psychodrama but
then there is listening and self- of colors, how much pressure he has not neglected the world of
expression in response to that exerts, the objects he chooses to acting. He performs in movies
story. But I meet with many draw, all these details provide us for the Nitzotzot shel Kdusha
clients, especially young children, with a lot of information. Company, and in collaboration
who are not interested in with them, he also gives drama
expressing themselves in a story. A SHLICHUS classes to children.
With children, it is frequently
Nowadays, in every place

10 15 Sivan 5777

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By Rabbi Heschel Greenberg

AHARON DISMAYED of Levi was excluded from the bird or flour on the Altar. Isnt
general census. G-d had them his role obviously greater? After
In last weeks parsha, counted separately because the
Naso, we learned about the gift all, the sacrifices brought by the
tribe of Levi was chosen to be leaders of each tribe required the
offerings the leaders of each tribe G-ds personal legion.
brought for the inauguration of service of the Kohen at the Altar.
Considering the tribe of Levis Fifth: How could Aharon
the Altar. According to Rashi,
superior role, Aharon should have think that he was not part of the
Aharon felt badly that he was not
been the very first leader selected dedication of the Mishkan when,
chosen to bring the dedicatory
to bring a dedicatory sacrifice. in fact, he furnished the ultimate
offering on behalf of his tribe, the
Levites, although the leaders of Thus the question returns: sacrifice? Aharons two sons were
all the other tribes did so. why didnt Aharon complain consumed by the Divine fire at
when he was not asked to be the Altar. Moshe told Aharon that
In this weeks parsha, G-d
the first to bring a dedicatory this fulfilled G-ds words that He
consoles Aharon by telling
offering? would be sanctified through their
him that his role is far more
significant than that of the other Second: Who prevented sacrifice. How could Aharon
leaders because he would Aharon from bringing his own think that he was found lacking
prepare and light the Menorah. offering? These were personal in bringing a sacrifice?
offerings from the tribal leaders
There are many questions
themselves. If Aharon chose not CHANUKAH
regarding this saga.
to bring the offering, how could
he later complain? The answer to all of these
THE FIVE QUESTIONS questions lies in the word that
Third: Why did G-d console
Rashi uses to describe the
First, why did Aharon wait to him by saying he had the greater
offerings of the tribal leaders:
express his chagrin at not being role because he would prepare
Chanukah. This word, which
chosen until after all the tribes and light the Menorah? What
is also the name of a Holiday,
brought their sacrifices? Why does lighting the Menorah have
is translated as inauguration
didnt he complain at the outset? to do with bringing a dedicatory
or dedication. It is a cognate to
The simple answer is that he sacrifice? Are they mutually
the word chinuch, which means
did not know that he would be exclusive? Would it have been so
education. It is also related to
excluded until the other tribes difficult for Aharon to bring the
chein, which means charm of
finished bringing their offerings. dedicatory sacrifice and also light
grace. The term connotes not just
Only when Aharon realized that the Menorah.
an initial act but one that instills
he had been passed over for the Fourth: Why did G-d have new life, excitement, joy and a
honor did he express his hurt to console him at all? Werent sense of purpose in ones life.
feelings. Aharon, and his tribe, the ones
When Rashi says that he saw
However, the question can to offer all the daily and festival
the inauguration of the leaders,
be rephrased. In the beginning sacrifices? Only a Kohen was
Aharon was not thinking of the
of the book of Numbers the tribe permitted to offer the animal,

Issue 1071 11

1071_bm_eng.indd 11 2017-06-06 2:14:57 PM


Emotions derive from our recognition of the after he lit the Menorah Aharon
was still emotionally detached. It
positive or negative value of someone or did not change him emotionally.
something. Emotions are a gauge of how close or distant What was going on in
Aharons life?
we are to the other person, situation or thing. If we
A secular psychologist might
feel how special the other person is, we will develop a opine that he was so traumatized
feeling of love for that person. The same is true for fear. by the loss of his sons that he
could not emote. However, a
However, when the two things merge into one, when we Chassidic approach to this matter
reach the object of our desire, we transcend emotion. yields a completely opposite
There is no longer a need to emote because we have
reached and have become one with our goal. TRANSCENDING EMOTION
Aharon had reached a spiritual
level where he felt so inspired
sacrifices they brought, for he he did not deviate (literally he and uplifted that it transcended
knew they were minor compared did not change). emotion.
to his major and exalted role in Commentators have been Emotions derive from our
the Mishkan. puzzled by this statement. recognition of the positive or
What troubled Aharon was Isnt it obvious that Aharon negative value of someone or
that he saw how the act of would not deviate from G-ds something. Emotions are a gauge
bringing the offerings actually commandment to him? Who of how close or distant we are
changed the leaders themselves. could think otherwise? to the other person, situation or
First, they were dedicated and One may propose that even thing. If we feel how special the
inspired enough to offer the after Aharon performed the other person is, we will develop
sacrifices. Second, when they service that G-d said was superior a feeling of love for that person.
brought the sacrifices to the to the service of the other leaders The same is true for fear, hate
Mishkan they were again uplifted; it still did not affect a change in and all the other emotions. Love
they felt renewed and invigorated him. Notwithstanding that he did is also a sense of yearning for
both emotionally and spiritually. not feel any more invigorated and something you dont yet have and
They were no longer the same inspired, Aharon still did as he pine to get closer to.
people they were before this. was told; it mattered not that it However, when the two
Aharon felt badly that all had no effect on him. things merge into one; when we
of what he did, including the reach the object of our desire, we
terrible sacrifice of his sons, did EMOTIONAL BLUNTING? transcend emotion. There is no
not appear to affect his emotional longer a need to emote because
or spiritual state. In his mind There seems to be a
we have reached and have
he remained the same Aharon; troubling pattern here. Aharon,
become one with our goal.
he did not feel that he had been the paragon of love, the man
transformed. He did not feel of unbounded kindness, was
becoming emotionally numb. YAAKOV RECITES THE
more dedicated and inspired;
in his mind, he was not part of This emotional pattern seems SHMA
the dedication process at all, to have begun when he lost his We can find another example
regardless of the great things that two sons. The Torah says that of transcending emotion with
he accomplished. Aharon was silent. He was Yaakov when he was finally
unable to show any emotion. reunited with his son Yoseph.
This premise can help us
shed some light on an enigmatic According to this Yaakov showed no emotion when
statement in the Torah: Aharon interpretation, Aharon did Yoseph fell on his neck, embraced
did so as G-d had commanded not feel any spiritual boost him and cried. Rashi says: he
Moshe. Rashi comments: This when he performed his service [Yaakov] was reading the Shma!
teaches the praise of Aharon that in the Mishkan. And if our Yaakovs bizarre lack of
interpretation is correct, even

12 15 Sivan 5777

1071_bm_eng.indd 12 2017-06-06 2:14:57 PM

feeling for his most beloved son generally lack daas. a result, Aharon too would be
at such a powerful moment of Aharon therefore thought affected and be able to feel their
reunification can be explained that his lack of emotion emotions.
in light of the above. Yaakov was attributable to his weak Rashi concludes thus: Yours
had reached the epitome of his intellectual faculties. is greater than theirs. One can
love for Yoseph, because Yaakov In truth, Aharon was interpret this in two ways:
had reached the epitome of mistaken about himself. Aharon First, Aharons role
oneness with G-d expressed in was not, as he thought, beneath transcends that of the others,
and through the recitation of a heightened and sophisticated for he is above conventional
the Shma. He was not cold and level of understanding; he was emotional attachments.
indifferent to Yoseph. He was at above it. He had reached the Second, Aharons role is
one with Yoseph because Yoseph climax of attachment to the greater because you will get
had now become part of his oneness of G-d and transcended it from them. Aharon will not
experience of oneness with G-d. palpable emotions. lose because of his higher level;
This, we may suggest, is at Nevertheless, Aharon felt he will also share some of the
the heart of Aharons coldness. badly that he was denied the emotion of others because he
Aharon had reached the state ability to experience more helped them develop it. When we
of oneness with G-d which emotion along with other less help someone with something we
transcends even the most sophisticated people. It gets are rewarded with the same.
heightened awareness of G-ds lonely on top where you are the In the Messianic Age we will
emotion engendering light. only one who has this heightened be able to have our proverbial
Aharon was connected and at one level and yearn to share in the cake and eat it too. We will, on
with G-ds essence. feelings of the rest of the people. the one hand, experience total
So how did G-d respond to unity with G-d and transcend
AHARONS HUMILITY his unhappiness? limited emotional attachments.
Aharon, in his humility, Our relationship with G-d will
however, attributed his own HAVING YOUR CAKE be with His very Essence. This
silence and lack of emotion relationship is consummated as
AND EATING IT TOO a result of our commitment to
as a sign that his mind was
weak. Without a strong intellect G-d told him that in the end fulfilling G-ds Will even when
one cannot elicit the deepest he would also enjoy the emotions we feel no emotion; just doing
emotions. that others feel. Aharons role what G-d wants of us even when,
When Rashi describes was to prepare and light the as with Aharon, we may not feel
Aharons reaction to not being Menorah which metaphorically weve changed emotionally and
part of the dedication ceremony means that he was to kindle and spiritually.
he uses the term, Chalsha prepare the souls of others for a On the other hand, because
daato, which literally means his heightened consciousness and of the way we kindle the souls of
daas-knowledge became weak. passion for G-d. While Aharon others and bring them excitement
What did Rashi mean? may, at certain times, remain we will also be rewarded with the
above the realm of emotion, he joy and excitement from basking
Daas is the intellectual power
will nevertheless be able to ignite in the G-dly manifestations.
that generates emotion. One
the emotions of all others. As
whose emotions are occluded will

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Issue 1071 13

1071_bm_eng.indd 13 2017-06-06 2:14:58 PM


He will be the rav of a large city, predicted the
Rebbe Maharash. * Words fall short of describing
this great Chassid, who sacrificed body and soul
for his people, a Beinoni who davened all day
and whose niggunim have become staples of the
Chabad repertoire. The only one who was able
to console the Rebbe Rashab after the passing
of his father, the chavrusa of the Rebbe Rashab,
over a period of 30 years he slept only on a
bench, a pure and lofty soul. * Beis Moshiach
profiles the gaon and Chassid, Rabbi Yaakov
Mordechai Bespalov, Rav of Poltava.

By Shneur Zalman Berger

RAV, ASKAN AND FRIEND Rebbe Rashab, the Rebbe Rayatz, Rebbe Maharash and was known
and the Rebbe MHM. Stories as a lamdan and an oved. He
about him were often mentioned was one of three Chassidim
Rabbi Yaakov Mordechai by our Rebbeim. to whom the Rebbe Maharash
Bespalov, Rav of Poltava, was gave his handwritten smicha for
a distinguished Lubavitcher rabbanus (the other two were R
rav and a Chassid of the Rebbe Dovid Tzvi Chein and R Moshe
Maharash and Rebbe Rashab. PROPHECY CAME TRUE Rosenblum).
A deep friendship developed Rabbi Bespalov was born on R Nissan was a wealthy
between him and the Rebbe 12 Iyar 5615/1855; his father man and although he was a
Rashab. was R Nissan. In his youth he Lubavitcher Chassid, he was
His name is mentioned in lived in Nikapol, Russia. In his not pleased with the fact that
many sichos and letters of the youth, he was a chassid of the his son was utterly devoted to

14 15 Sivan 5777

1071_bm_eng.indd 14 2017-06-06 2:14:58 PM

and G-d fearing. This brother
regularly offered him financial
support but R Bespalov declined.
He said, Do I lack money for
my expenses?


R Bespalov led his
congregation with a strong hand.
He did much to strengthen
kashrus in his city and in
neighboring towns. He did this
work with great devotion despite
the opposition. When any issue
came up, he would get involved
in even the minutest details,
and it was all so that the people
of his city would not stumble
with something even possibly
He acquired a reputation as a
famous posek. The Rebbe Rashab
sent him halachic questions
several times in order to hear his
R Bespalov did much for
the good of Russian Jewry and
was involved in Chabad askanus
under the Rebbe Rashabs
direction. Many gatherings took
place during those years for
the good of the Jewish people,
materially and spiritually. R
Bespalov also led the fight
against heretical movements,
many of which were founded and
flourished in that era.
His son, Rabbi Shmuel Bespalov, may Hashem avenge his blood.


Torah and avoda. He once went The Rebbes words were
After his passing, the Rebbe
to the Rebbe Maharash and fulfilled when R Bespalov was
Rashab described the mighty
complained, What will be with accepted as rav, around the year
achievements of R Bespalov
my son? Was it decreed about 5646, in Poltava, in the Ukraine.
in a letter to the leaders of the
him that he be a batlan (good- He was given a weekly salary of
community in Poltava:
for-nothing)? twenty rubles, a decent amount
at that time. Then they raised Remember the work he did
The Rebbe replied
his salary to twenty-five rubles for you for over thirty years,
prophetically, Dont worry, with
and later raised it again to thirty complete work, loyal work
Hashems help he will be the rav
rubles. devoted to the ultimate purpose
of a big city and will get a weekly
of the rabbinate among the
salary of twenty rubles, twenty- R Bespalov had a brother
Jewish people. To analyze and
five rubles, and even more. in Charson who was very rich
oversee every detail relating to

Issue 1071 15

1071_bm_eng.indd 15 2017-06-06 2:14:58 PM


kashrus and tahara of body and was R Bespalov. Chassidim of R Bespalov and R Zalman
soul, and he established great said about him (and about the Zlatapolsky:
things in this area, and everything Chassid, R Dovid Tzvi Chein) R Yaakov Mordechai
big or small, he did not consider that they were in the category received everything in his heart
his own needs, and literally of Beinoni who davens all day and from the heart it went to the
sacrificed body and soul for this. long. brain, while R Zalman received
And throughout all the years At a farbrengen of the Rebbe everything in the brain and from
that his honor was in your camp Rayatz, one of the Chassidim the brain it went to the heart.
you rested assured that you did asked, What is the difference
not transgress even the slightest between R Yaakov Mordechai
possibility of a sin, rachmana
and R Dovid Tzvi? The Rebbe
litzlan. said, By R Dovid Tzvi, the
In a letter, the Rebbe avoda was like this and the R Bespalovs avodas Hashem
describes the wars R Bespalov Rebbe moved his thumbs down, was in a way of mara shchora
led so that his people would not while by R Yaakov Mordechai (melancholy). The Rebbe Rashab
stumble in forbidden things: the avoda was like this and he encouraged him to leave this
He endured much suffering moved his thumbs upward. type of avoda and start serving
from this to the literal depths of The ovdim immediately Hashem with joy.
his soul, rl, and he stood like understood what the Rebbe The Rebbe wrote to him
a strong pillar in the face of all meant: Both were equal in the about this in 5648: Keep your
the waves that crashed over his greatness of their avodas hatfilla, distance from melancholy and
head, and only the absolute truth and both spent a long time on sadness to the nth degree.
of Torah was a light to guide his their davening, but R Yaakov Davening and Torah study ought

to be specifically with joy. This is
The Rebbe told me that when there is a Rebbe, what man is all about, to exhaust
there are Chassidim, but he meant Chassidim himself in serving Hashem with
alacrity that comes from joy and
who accomplish and work. When a Chassid isnt a an open heart. Then he can be
Chassid, he causes the Rebbe to not be a Rebbe. victorious over the animal soul
etc. Learn well in the Book of
Beinonim from chapter 25 till
chapter 36.
feet... and to its light he went and Mordechais preparations took The Rebbe Rashab wrote
has traveled from us to illuminate five hours and his davening also another letter to him about this,
his soul in the light of the Life of took about five hours. He would three years later. The letter is very
all Life in Eden, the garden of get up at midnight and continue long and explains the advantage
G-d. his preparations for davening of simcha and how to fight the
Testimony such as this from until five in the morning. Then evil inclination without sadness
the Rebbe Rashab was definitely he began davening and continued and the importance of distancing
a rarity and testifies to R until ten oclock. That is, he oneself from such feelings.
Bespalovs lofty character and managed to finish davening Although he served Hashem
holy service. Shacharis in its proper time. with mara shchora, he was
R Dovid Tzvi, on the other considered a baal menagen.
FROM THE HEART hand, would get up and start his The Rebbe Rayatz said that R
preparations for davening at five Bespalovs niggunim were sung
TO THE MIND oclock, do this until ten, and before the Rebbe Maharash. One
The mashpia, R Mendel then start davening. He did not of his niggunim, a well-known
Futerfas, related: manage to finish davening in the one, is called, Niggun HaRav
The Rebbe Maharash had proper time. MPoltava.
some Chassidim on the level The second night of Chol
of the Beinoni of Tanya. One HaMoed Pesach 1947, the Rebbe
of them was considered in the Rayatz explained the difference
category of baal tshuva, this between the avodas Hashem

16 15 Sivan 5777

1071_bm_eng.indd 16 2017-06-06 2:14:58 PM

he asked, What about the Alter
The Rebbe Maharash said,
The Alter Rebbe was, at his
root source, from the aspect of
daas haneelam (pre-tzimtzum
consciousness) but that is only
at his root, while in his revealed
level he was mocha stimaah
(the hidden mind of Kesser).
Through his mesirus nefesh
was revealed an order of avoda
from below-upward. And he was
a Rebbe, and when there is a
Rebbe, there are Chassidim.
At this point in the story, R
Bespalov began to cry so hard
that the people sitting there
became concerned. They begged
him not to cry but that didnt
help, until the Chassid, R Leib
Hoffman said to him, It is a
triple simcha now, the birthday
of the Baal Shem Tov, the day he
was revealed to the world, and
the simcha of the Rebbes sons
wedding. Rav of Poltava, what is
this crying for? You need to do
R Leib Hoffman said this
and began to sing. R Leib was
a wonderful baal menagen and
everyone sitting there helped him
out. Some of the distinguished
Chassidim danced and were
followed by everyone else, but
A certificate of kashrus with the signature and stamp of Rabbi Bespalov
R Bespalov still sat there with
his head in his hands, and he
A CHASSID IS SOMEONE the maamer, LaMnatzeiach al cried. They poured mashke to
DEVOTED TO THE REBBE HaShminis which is printed in say lchaim and R Bespalov
Likkutei Torah, and to ask his stopped crying and said in a
At a farbrengen on 18 Elul son, the future Rebbe Rashab, to
5657, during the sheva brachos tearful voice, The Rebbe told me
give him an explanation that was that when there is a Rebbe, there
for the Rebbe Rayatz, R Bespalov not yet printed on this maamer.
said that he once had yechidus are Chassidim, but he meant
Then the Rebbe said, A Chassidim who accomplish and
with the Rebbe Maharash and
tangible manifestation of the work. When a Chassid isnt a
he asked him about certain
supernal structure of Adam Chassid, he causes the Rebbe
things in the maamer that the
Kadmon is the Baal Shem Tov, to not be a Rebbe (ois Rebbe).
Rebbe said on Shabbos about
who was both a human being and The Alter Rebbe was a Rebbe
the level of Adam Kadmon
had elevation of the soul (in the and he made Chassidim, and the
(primordial man, the initial
higher spheres) simultaneously. Chassidim, being Chassidim, and
abstract structural manifestation
of G-dliness post-tzimtzum). R Yaakov Mordechai saw that men of deeds in avodas hatfilla,
The Rebbe told him to learn it was an auspicious time and strengthened the Rebbe.

Issue 1071 17

1071_bm_eng.indd 17 2017-06-06 2:14:58 PM


On another occasion, R about three levels of truth: 1)

Yaakov Mordechai said, A WALKING IN STOCKING edge of truth (sfas emes), 2)
Chassid is someone who is FEET AND SPEAKING truth (emes), and 3) absolute
devoted to the Rebbe. truth (emes lamito). I
managed to understand the first
The Rebbe MHM said two levels after much toil, but
in the name of Chassidim much effort and toil did not help
POSITIVE QUALITIES that during the shiva for the me understand the third level.
There was a wonderful Rebbe Maharash, the Rebbe This bothered me very much and
friendship between the Rebbe Rashab and R Bespalov I decided to see my father and
Rashab and R Bespalov. In their walked back and forth in the even prepared my questions.
youth, they learned Chassidus beis midrash in Lubavitch In the evening, the Chassid,
together, and over the years they with socks, no shoes, R Yaakov Mordechai, came
had a regular correspondence. because of mourning, and to me. I saw that he was very
One time, R Bespalov was they spoke Chassidus. overwrought. He told me that
sitting with the Rebbe Rashab However, the Rebbe he had yechidus that day with
after being friends for thirty pointed out that the story my father and said he does not
years, and he burst into tears and does not seem to be true want to be involved in learning
said to the Rebbe, For the last because the passing of the and in avoda because he doesnt
thirty years you rose higher and Rebbe Maharash was on understand. My father told him:
higher and I went down, down. 13 Tishrei toward evening Why do you demand of me?
After many years, the Rebbe and the next day, the Demand of yourself! And when
MHM related this and explained mourners got up from shiva you will demand of yourself, you
it, It would seem from the story by noon because of Yom will begin to understand.
that the Rebbe Rashab accepted Tov. It is unlikely that the When I heard my fathers
what he said, i.e., he agreed to Rebbe Rashab, who was so answer, that when a person
what R Bespalov said, since that attached to his father, would demands of himself, he begins
was the reality. find the time and strength to to understand, I was encouraged
discuss Chassidus so soon to continue toiling on the
Think about it R Bespalov
after the histalkus of his meaning of absolute truth. After
was on a high level . . . an oved,
father. much exertion, Hashem gave
and his avoda was with merirus
(due to mara shchora) and yet, me a wonderful present and I
relative to the elevations of the understood the matter.
Rebbe Rashab, not only werent tree, while you are a calf that
all the aspects of R Bespalov in stands under the tree. We are
brethren and just as a Chassid
the category of a lofty quality,
cannot forget his deficiencies, SOUL
on the contrary, they were
considered in the category of by the same token, he is not to Nine years later, at the
lowly. forget his good qualities, and he Purim 5672 farbrengen, the
needs to preserve them and not Rebbe Rashab reminded him of
The Rebbe Rayatz told Rabbi
wish for their negation. the above-mentioned story and
Yisroel Jacobson about the Rebbe
Rashabs reaction to something added:
similar: WHEN YOU DEMAND IT This answer of my father
When I [RYJ] had yechidus OF YOURSELF, YOU WILL was helpful in all periods in
by the Rebbe Rayatz, he told me: dealing with the deepest inyanim.
BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND Till today, thank G-d, there
My father [the Rebbe Rashab]
At the Purim farbrengen of was no inyan in the teachings
told the Chassid, R Yaakov
5663, the Rebbe Rashab related of Chassidus that was not
Mordechai of Poltava: Listen
the following in the presence of possible to reach its ultimate
du-you (the Rebbe usually spoke
R Bespalov: understanding, although there
to him with the respectful third
person ir, but this time he used One time, I went to my were times that it was necessary
du), you say that I am like a bird father [the Rebbe Maharash] to toil greatly.
that flies upward to the top of a for yechidus in which we spoke Apropos of this, the Rebbe

18 15 Sivan 5777

1071_bm_eng.indd 18 2017-06-06 2:14:58 PM


Rashab began telling about the of which the Rebbe Rashab The Rebbe paused a bit,
time when he and R Bespalov explained that the intellect of thought, and said, We need
would learn Chassidus together, Toras HaChassidus is a G-dly to skip a bit in the story.
reviewing maamarim of the intellect and is an intellect that The difference between a
Rebbe Maharash, writing can be accessed, and the main niggun for davening and a
hanachos, and speaking for avoda needs to be in transforming Chassidishe niggun is that a
hours about matters of avoda and a person into a recipient. niggun for davening grows out
haskala. The Rebbe Rayatz said that of the kavana/intent, while a
At this point, R Bespalov when they began singing, R Chassidishe niggun creates the
burst into tears. The Rebbe Bespalov who was stern by kavana, the arousal of the heart.
Rayatz described this crying as nature made a dismissive When R Bespalov heard this,
Chassidishe crying, in which motion with his hand and said, he cried and said, How could
it was felt the expression used No, not a chazanishe niggun, a I have forgotten these words of
in Chassidus he will become Chassidishe niggun! The Rebbe the Rebbe, the Rebbe Maharash,
embittered and cry from the Rashab said, Do you remember which inspired me then to go in
bitterness of his soul, a cry of what my father once said about for a special yechidus.
soul bitterness, a cry that remains that? R Bespalov said, No, I
engraved in the heart for all dont remember. LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP
eternity. The Rebbe Rashab said
With the passing of the Rebbe
It was with great difficulty that once, at a farbrengen, his
Maharash, his son, the Rebbe
that they were able to calm father said that there are three
Rashab, was heartbroken, and
R Bespalov down. After he types of niggunim, a niggun of
the one who consoled him was R
recovered, a real Chassidishe chazanus, a niggun of tfilla, and
farbrengen began, in the course a Chassidishe niggun...

Issue 1071 19

1071_bm_eng.indd 19 2017-06-06 2:14:58 PM


beloved friend...
R Bespalovs three sons learned in Yeshivas Tomchei in the letter to describe their
Tmimim in Lubavitch and their father raised them in the ways special friendship in lyrical poetic
of Torah and Chassidus. It is said that he had an ongoing shiur terms, and afterward, he writes
in Chassidus with two of his sons, R Shmuel and R Shneur that whatever he heard from his
Zalman, for two hours a day. father, he now found [the letter
From the Rebbe Rayatzs diary we see that when the Rebbes was written about a year after
family stayed in the resort area of Balivka in 5658, the Rebbe to the passing of the Rebbe Rashab]
be Rayatz, who was an 18 year old bachur, had a steady shiur in in letters that his father wrote to
Chassidus with Shmuel and Shneur who were also at the resort R Bespalov, which epitomize
area with their families. The shiur was from five to seven in the the loving and intimate sharing
morning every day. between the two of them.
R Shmuel Bespalov married Rebbetzin Sheina Rivka, the
daughter of R Dovid Moshe Barbash, the son-in-law of the I RECEIVED HIS LETTER
Admur, R Shmaryahu Noach of Bobruisk. After the passing of AND WAS AT THE OHEL
his father, R Yaakov Mordechai, Rav of Poltava, he succeeded In a sicha of Leil Shmini
him for some time. Then he moved to Charkov and from there Atzeres 5697, the Rebbe Rayatz
to Bobruisk where he served as rav until he was murdered by the said that his father had set times
Nazis, may Hashem avenge his blood. when he went to the Ohel of the
R Shneur Zalman was the son-in-law of R Chaim Yeshaya Rebbeim in Lubavitch, and aside
Schneersohn of Ramen. He lived in Charson where he was one from that, there were another
of the directors of the local Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim. Then three categories of things for
he immigrated to the United States where he continued with which he went to the Ohel: 1)
Chabad activities. After his passing, he was buried near the There were matters that are not
Frierdike Rebbes Ohel. known, 2) For friends like R
R Dovber Nissan Bespalov lived in Charson, and was one of Yaakov Mordechai of Poltava.
the directors of Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim there. He immigrated There are the letters that my
to Warsaw and perished in the holocaust, may Hashem avenge father sent which say, I received
his blood. your letter and was at the holy
Ohel and relayed what you said,
and once he writes, I relayed

In order to feel the preciousness of putting on your matters. 3) He would go to
ask about matters pertaining to
tfillin to the extent that R Bespalov felt, you teachings of Chassidus.
first need to sleep on a bench for 30 years! In the Rebbe Rashabs letters
that are printed in the Igros
Kodesh, there are a number
The Rebbe Rashab told his save him from descending to of times where it says that the
son, later to be the Rebbe Rayatz, the abyss. Then the Rebbe listed Rebbe read R Bespalovs pidyon
that what R Bespalov said found his friends with their important nefesh at the Ohel. In one letter,
its way into his heart because good qualities and then he said the Rebbe writes to him that he
they were straight and honest and that the one person from whom reworded the pidyon nefesh for
not lofty words. he was able to derive consolation him, explaining that when writing
after the passing of his father, to a pidyon nefesh to be read at the
The Rebbe Rayatz wrote
the extent that a person can be graves of tzaddikim one should
about this in a special letter to
consoled after such a tragedy, not write out all of the faults of
R Shmuel Bespalov, Hyd, the
was only his childhood friend, his soul, but rather to just ask
son of R Yaakov Mordechai.
his beloved R Bespalov. He was that they be rectified according
In the letter, the Rebbe tells the
the first to extend a consoling to his understanding and true
son that his father told him that
hand, a helping hand, a hand of desire. That is why I could
a truly beloved friend is able to
friendship and that of a faithful not read his pidyon nefesh, but
stand a person on his feet and
when he gave me permission to

20 15 Sivan 5777

1071_bm_eng.indd 20 2017-06-06 2:14:59 PM

fix it, I wrote and requested the
This is a page from a diary
IF I WOULD KNOW HIM - I entry of the Rebbe from around
WOULD BE HIM 5707/1947 in his own handwriting,
in which he recorded stories that the
The Rebbe Rayatz related:
Rebbe Rayatz told, that he heard
In 5671, when R Yaakov from Rabbi Yaakov Mordechai
Mordechai Bespalov was a guest Bespalov.
for a few weeks at the summer
First, there is a paragraph
resort, he would honor me a
quoting the Rebbe Rayatz, about
few times a week by visiting
how the Rebbe Maharash played
and drinking tea on the bench
with his grandson, later to be the
in the shade of the trees. On
Rebbe Rayatz:
one visit, I reminded him about
what appears in my notes of the He motioned with his finger
farbrengen that took place in the to indicate that I shouldnt laugh. I
home of R Zalman Aharon [the stretched out my little hands to hug
Rebbe Rashabs brother and the him, as it were. My grandfather put
Rebbe Rayatzs uncle] during his cheek up against my face and
the week of my bar mitzva, when I closed my eyes when I felt the
there was an argument between ticklish hairs of his beard.
a few of the great Chassidim in Then there is a story about the
defining what Chassidus is. Rebbe Rashab wanting to kiss his
The people there, most of son:
them, agreed that the opinion R Yaakov Mordechai also
of the Chassid, R Gershon Dov related to me: When I [Rebbe
[of Pahar] about what Chassidus Rayatz] was two, he [RYM] learned
is, was more correct than the together with my father. My father
opinion of his adversaries. They got up, covered me and rocked my
all agreed that Chassidus is G-dly cradle and wanted to give me a kiss.
philosophy, but the question was He R Yaakov Mordechai told my father There is no need for it; there
what advantage is there in the is no need to cause him to have a wild personality.
teachings of Chassidus? What During the shiva for the Rebbe Rayatz, the Rebbe told a variation on
did Chassidus innovate beyond that story. A small part of the story was written and the Rebbe added all the
the teachings of Kabbala and details in his own hand:
the teachings of chakira and When my father-in-law, the Rebbe, was a little boy (in 5644), his
philosophy? father lived in a two-room apartment. One room was a bedroom and in the
It was in this that R Gershon other room, his father would sit with R Yaakov Mordechai Bespalov and
Dov expressed his opinion, that learn. The Rebbes cradle was also in this room. The Rebbe was a beautiful
Kabbala calls every sfira and child and his face glowed.
partzuf by name, philosophy Once, in the middle of learning late at night, R Yaakov Mordechai
innovated the concept of looked at the child asleep and began to say to the Rebbe that his appearance
comprehension through indicated purity of thought, etc.
the process of elimination As they spoke, the Rebbe had a great desire to kiss his son but then
(knowledge of G-d by what He the idea came to him that in the Beis HaMikdash they would bring gold
is not), If I would know Him, I and silver in addition to korbanos, for bedek habayis (the upkeep of the
would be Him, and Chassidus Mikdash) and so he decided to exchange the kiss for Chassidus and he
innovated the abstract concept of wrote the maamer, Ma Rabu Maasecha.
I know Him, I am Him.
In 5652, he gave what he wrote to his son and said: This is a
R Yaakov Mordechai Chassidishe kiss and later I will tell you the details. In 5656, the Rebbe
Bespalov explained R Gershon [Rashab] told the Rebbe [Rayatz] the whole story.
Dovs view at length and said:

Issue 1071 21

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Such an outstanding brilliant Rabbi Dov Zev Kazavnikov, Rav blessings and advice regarding
mind with such depth, for whom of Yekaterinoslav; and Rabbi his health from the Rebbe.
six hours of delving into a haskala Bespalov. R Bespalov passed away
maamer of Chassidus is to him These rabbanim and on 30 Tishrei 5676 at the age
like the blink of an eye, and who lamdanim would test the of 60. They say that before his
spent decades toiling, crowned talmidim, mark down how they passing, he said, I slept only on
with blessings from the Rebbeim, did, and assign them what was a bench over a period of thirty
he had both those things, I know suitable for them to learn in the years, but putting tfillin on one
Him and I am Him, and both upcoming period. When they time is more precious to me than
in a way of gadlus hamochin. came to the test the following sleeping on a bench for thirty
We were still talking and year, they would see how much years.
behold the emanated light each talmid progressed in his Somewhere else it says that
appeared, my father, who sat learning. Something similar was R Yaakov Mordechai said that he
with us and asked us what we done for the study of Chassidus erred in his approach to his self-
were involved in. R Yaakov and conduct in the ways of imposed affliction of not sleeping
Mordechai said that in light of Chassidus. in a bed because putting tfillin
his conversation with me today Rabbi Shaul Dovber Zislin, on one time is more precious
about the advantage of service who learned in Lubavitch, told than 30 years of refraining from
of the heart, to daven not only of an amazing assessment made sleeping in a bed. Chassidim said
with heart and tears but with about one of the Tmimim: about this: In order to feel the
heart and Chassidus, I reminded One time, Rabbi Yaakov preciousness of putting on tfillin
him of that conversation during Mordechai Bespalov came to to the extent that R Bespalov felt,
the farbrengen, the week of my test the talmidim in yeshiva. He you first need to sleep on a bench
bar mitzva, in Razas residence, tested many talmidim but did for 30 years!
when they discussed the question not test my friend, BYisroel After his passing, the Rebbe
of what did Chassidus add to Noach HaGadol (Blinitzky). I Rashab wrote a very stirring
Kabbala and the philosophical was very curious about this and letter describing how broken
approach to G-dliness . I dared to ask him why he hadnt he was over the loss of his dear
R Yaakov Mordechai repeated tested Yisroel Noach, one of the friend, while proclaiming that
his opinion, that R Gershon outstanding Tmimim. Hashem is righteous in all His
Dovs view about Chassidus was Rabbi Bespalov told me, He ways and a heartfelt supplication
solely for people on high levels of has a neshama of Atzilus, so I am for divine mercies for all of the
brilliance in haskala and avoda afraid to test him. Jewish people.
like him, but not for ordinary
people like us, he said, referring
to himself. 30 YEARS ON A BENCH
My father said, It is not so. H e a l t h
Every one of Anash who delves problems cast
into learning Chassidus and dark clouds over
davening feels the I am Him R Bespalovs
that flows from the I know Him activities. From
in his soul. letters of the
Rebbe Rashab we
see that the Rebbe
and R Bespalov
A MAVEN IN NESHAMOS would report to
In Yeshivas Tomchei Tmimim one another about
in Lubavitch, it was customary to their medical
bring the great Chabad rabbanim conditions and
and famous lamdanim every treatments from
year to visit. Among them were various doctors.
Rabbi Dovid Tzvi Chein, Rav of R Bespalov
Chernigov; Rabbi Tzvi Tumarkin, received numerous

22 15 Sivan 5777

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Moshiach saw his forefathers, worshipers of idolatry, and he
parted from their ways and became a servant of the Alm-ghty,
hidden away in Gan Eden. In this respect, when G-d returns the
captives of Tziyon, Moshiach will be among them and he will
reign over his nation. * From Chapter Fifteen of Rabbi Shloma
Majeskis Likkutei Mekoros, Volume 2. (Underlined text is the
compilers emphasis.)
Translated by Boruch Merkur

f I were to interpret it literally, of] Chanoch and took him from when G-d returns the captives
I am inclined to say that the world prematurely to prevent of Tziyon, Moshiach will be
in that case Moshiach dies him from succumbing to the among them and he will reign
because of the inequity of his allure of the sin of the degenerate over his nation.
generation. Moshiach is separated generation he was in. Now, do not be puzzled by
from the wicked horde and his The same principle applies the fact that Melech HaMoshiach
soul is placed in the Supernal Gan to the concept of Moshiachs will be one of those who rises in
Eden, like the mighty men of old, untimely death (shmeis the Resurrection, for the question
the men of renown. bnaaruso): G-d sought to was already raised in Perek
The latter becomes the basis remove Moshiach from the Cheilek: Rav Asi said: If he is
for interpreting the teaching of debasement of his time. Thus, it among the living, it is someone
our Sages: Nine entered Gan is within the context of discussing like Rabbeinu HaKadosh. If
Eden in their lifetimes; they those who entered Gan Eden he is among the deceased, it
entered Olam HaBa after having that our Sages said, And why is is someone like Daniel Ish
lived short lives, ascending to Moshiach brought back? For he Chamudos.
Heaven before their time, in order saw his forefathers, worshipers ( From Chapter 1 of Rabbi
to separate from the [wicked] of idols, and he parted from Don Yitzchok Abarbanels Yeshuos
people of their generation. Thus, their ways and became a servant Meshicho)
the L-rd remembered [the plight of the Alm-ghty, hidden away
in Gan Eden. In this respect,

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24 15 Sivan 5777

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For nearly a century and a half, the Bikur Cholim Hospital was a
permanent fixture in the center of the Holy City of Yerushalayim. With
a highly esteemed reputation among the local population, hundreds of
thousands of Jews received medical care here over the years. However,
when R Yitzchak Ben-Ari [Strasberg] received an offer to serve as its
administrator, the Rebbe told him in a letter to look into the matter of
pensions. In light of the Rebbes reservations, Ben-Ari understood that
he should not accept the offer. It was only several decades later that he
realized that the Rebbe knew exactly what he didnt know, despite his
longstanding association with the public health system

By Nosson Avraham
Translated by Michoel Leib Dobry

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t was a sad moment to become the administrator of come from the Rebbe, and only
in the winter of 5772. the Bikur Cholim Hospital. when it arrived was the shidduch
Representatives of the However, the Rebbes reply agreed upon. Thus, I was
legendary Bikur Cholim dissuaded him from accepting privileged to join this marvelous
Hospital in the heart of this high-ranking position. He family.
Yerushalayim stood facing the followed the Rebbes instructions, My father-in-law knew the
district court building, waiting even though he failed to Rebbe back in the days when he
for the judges verdict. The judge understand the reason why. lived in Nikolayev prior to the
pounded his gavel, and after Over a period of many years, outbreak of the Second World
reading his decision, he ordered he was a trusted advisor and War, and he would speak about
the immediate termination of confidant to prominent figures in him in lofty terms.
the hospitals non-profit status. Israeli politics. While he showed The first time I was sent to
In other words, Bikur Cholim great appreciation for the various the United States on behalf of
ceased to function officially as an national leaders during this time, the Ministry of Health, I took the
independent medical center. calling them the men of the opportunity while in New York to
The truth is that the Rebbe generation of the Nephilim, he visit 770. When I arrived at the
prophesized with sharp accuracy saved his greatest appreciation beis midrash, a farbrengen was
the reason that brought on the for the Rebbe. taking place. When I mentioned
massive crisis leading to the The source of his firm bond that I was Rabbi Cadaners son-
closing of the Hospital in a to Chabad Chassidus and to the in-law on an overseas mission
letter he sent me in 5728, R Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach, for the government of Israel,
Yitzchak Ben-Ari (Strasberg) is his wife Yehudis, youngest they led me up to the farbrengen
from Yerushalayim told Beis daughter of Rabbi Mordechai platform, where I was honored
Moshiach in his fascinating story. Mendel Cadaner, of blessed to receive mashke and a bracha
This was the sad ending for memory, one of the most from the Rebbe.
this hospital as an independent prominent Chabad chassidim in Another curious event took
medical entity. [NOTE: Bikur the Holy City of Yerushalayim. place several years later, in
Cholim eventually became a 5743, when I was working as
subsidiary of Yerushalayims a representative of the Jewish
Shaarei Tzedek Medical Center. Agency in South Africa. My
wife traveled that summer for
R Yitzchak Ben-Ari is a well- TO CHABAD a vacation to Eretz HaKodesh.
known public servant within the I was born and raised in During this time, Operation
national religious community, the Mea Sharim neighborhood Peace for the Galilee had
in Yerushalayim and nationally, to a family belonging to the commenced, and our son Ehud
holding numerous high-ranking Perushim community. My only was an IDF soldier on the
positions over the past several connection in my childhood to battlefront. Naturally, we were
decades. He ran and guided Chabad Chassidus was when I very worried and my wife took
numerous public projects while periodically went with my father advantage of the opportunity
also serving as secretary of the to daven Mincha and Maariv at to travel first to New York to
chief rabbinate committee for the local Baal HaTanya shul. request a bracha from the Rebbe
choosing the chief rabbis of Eretz When I reached for our son. She arrived at 770
Yisroel in the elections held in marriageable age, this connection on a Thursday with our younger
5733. I addition, he also served took on a new dimension. A son Shai, and she immediately
as director-general of the Israel shidduch was suggested for submitted a letter to the Rebbes
Ministry of Health and was the me with the daughter of Rabbi mazkirus. She spent that
personal assistant to Chief Rabbi Cadaner, a leading chassid of the Shabbos with her brother Moshe
Shlomo Goren. Afterwards, he local Chabad community. This and his son Zev Cadaner.
worked for the Jewish Agency. marked the first time that I had On Sunday, an answer to my
Prior to holding these been exposed to the tremendous wifes letter had still not come,
positions, he served in several faith and reverence of Chabad and she was waiting in front of
important roles with the Health Chassidim towards the Rebbe. 770 for the Rebbe to return from
Ministry before receiving an offer Consent for the match had to the Ohel. As the car arrived,

26 15 Sivan 5777

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she approached the door. The Before sending my letter to
secretary who came forward to the Rebbe, I made a thorough
open the car door tried to get investigation into this proposal,
her to move away. However, and I found that the offer was
when my wife told the Rebbe that most worthwhile and potentially
she was R Mendel Cadaners quite lucrative. In those days,
daughter, the Rebbe motioned the Bikur Cholim Hospital was
for her to come forward. He considered a most prominent and
heard my wifes expressions of respected medical institution.
concern about our son, and then The Rebbes reply was not
gave him a bracha that he would long in coming, and eventually
return safely from the battlefront. it was printed in Igros Kodesh
The Rebbe then blessed our (Vol. 25, Letter #9406):
son to grow and give us much BH, 8 Kislev 5728
nachas. Today, Ehud lives in Tel
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Aviv, runs a successful company,
and is well-known for his many The venerable and pious
acts of kindness and charity. chassid and counsel, R
Yitzchak Strasberg, shyichyeh
While I was raised in a
Litvishe home, I became a big 15 Bayit Vegan Street,
supporter of the Rebbe after Yerushalayim (may it be rebuilt
my wedding. Today, I consider and re-established)
myself a Lubavitcher chassid. Shalom uvracha!
After some delay, his letter
was received, in which he writes
about his current position
and about the offer to serve as
OFFER AND THE REBBES administrator of the Bikur
After I completed my While this offer of a new
compulsory military service, the position is generally suitable,
Minister for Religious Affairs, R it is not clear from his letter
Yitzchak Refael of the National regarding the financial
Religious Party, asked me to conditions for the new position,
work in the Ministry of Health. including the matter of
I started at the lowest rung of pensions, etc. Furthermore, and
the ladder, and over a period most importantly, is it firmly
of time, I eventually climbed to established, i.e., if the new
the top with my appointment as position is certain and not on
the ministrys director-general. a trial basis. Thus, if these two
Later, at the end of the sixties, in details are in order, it would be day, in addition to the holy day
consideration of my professional appropriate to take an interest of Shabbos.
experience and connections in the in the new offer. It would be proper to check
Ministry of Health, I was offered Since all matters are by your tfillin and mezuzos if they
the position of administrator Divine Providence, I have the havent been checked in twelve
of the Bikur Cholim Hospital. obligation and privilege here to months.
Even in those days, it was already arouse the need for learning the With blessing for good news.
quite clear to me that when inner teachings of Torah as well,
I read the answer again
presented with such an offer or which have been revealed in
and again. I knew that if the
some other potential change in our generation in the teachings
Rebbe didnt explicitly write
my life, I must first ask the Rebbe of Chassidus. It is my hope, at
that I should accept the offer,
and request his bracha, and so I least from now on, that he will
it would be appropriate to
did on this occasion as well. have regular classes in this each
check the matter out carefully.

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The Rebbe never dictates to Rabbi Goren had numerous deficits. However, this was on the
someone what he should do, disagreements with the Rebbe, condition that the hospital must
rather he always gives advice he generally identified with the close its gates, and thats exactly
that the person can accept or Rebbes path and his opinions. what happened.
not. However, for someone who I heard him make many warm The most amazing detail
knows how to read between the statements about the Rebbe. of this whole affair was how the
lines, the Rebbe doesnt express On one occasion, I personally institutions tremendous financial
doubts for no reason and he was delivered a private letter from corruption had been common
obviously sending me to do some Rabbi Goren to the Rebbe, knowledge over a period of
investigative work. followed by my bringing the several years when the Bikur
You have to realize that Rebbes reply back to Rabbi Cholim administration did not
back in those days, the Bikur Goren. I didnt know then, fulfill its legal obligation to its
Cholim Hospital was one of nor do I know even now, what employees by paying the pension
Yerushalayims most respected he wrote and how the Rebbe insurance deducted from their
medical institutions. Countless responded. After Rabbi Gorens salaries After many long years
people had passed through its retirement, I was appointed as of devoted service, giving all their
gates, even employing numerous an emissary of the Jewish Agency time, strength, and energy to this
eminent doctors. Nevertheless, in South Africa, where I worked hospital, the employees were left
the Rebbe didnt write to me in close cooperation with the with nothing.
about the challenges this job Rebbes shluchim. As many people now know,
would pose or at least about after considerable efforts by the
the great privilege of working Ministry of Health, the hospitals
in such a place. Instead, he PENSION FUND PROBLEMS outstanding debts were paid, the
asked me to look into whether facility was closed, and a portion
there was a financial problem
of the medical staff was hired by
specifically regarding the pension 44 YEARS EARLIER the Shaarei Tzedek Hospital.
payments All during those years, As the affair made its way
The Rebbe writes and as I often thought about the through the court system, my
Chassidim, we obey. To the letter I had received from the astonishment continued to grow.
amazement of many of my good Rebbe, which caused me not to I am overcome with emotion
friends and close acquaintances, accept the position as hospital every time I tell this story. The
I refused to accept the position. administrator, and what the Rebbe could have given a clear
As an alternative, I agreed to Rebbe meant when he wrote answer: Dont accept the offer -
run on a short-term basis about checking into the pension or he could have written: Consult
the hospitals rehabilitation plan. with knowledgeable friends.
ward. I worked there for three One morning, after more But thats not what happened.
and a half years, building a than four decades, everything The Rebbes answer was razor-
good professional staff, adding became clear to me in an instant. sharp: Check into the matter of
advanced medical equipment, As I was reading one of the local the pensions and it was there
and giving the unit an excellent papers, there was a front-page that the shame and disgrace of
reputation across the country. article announcing the economic the hospital administrators was
After leaving my position difficulties that had entangled revealed by their intentional
with Bikur Cholim, I was asked the hospital. It had failed to mishandling of their employees
by Dr. Yosef Burg to serve as pay salaries to its employees for hard-earned money. A literal
secretary of the committee for several months, compelling them prophecy. Who would have
choosing the chief rabbis of Eretz to impose work slowdowns and believed that such a prominent
Yisroel. a strike on the premises. Later, and longstanding institution in
Later, I administered the efforts were made to sell the the heart of Yerushalayim, would
Givat Washington educational institution to various authorities. one gray and dismal day close its
center and even served as Eventually, the Ministry of gates? It turns out that there was
a close advisor to the chief Health got involved and agreed someone who knew long before
Ashkenazic rabbi of Eretz Yisroel, to transfer a large sum of money anyone could have possibly
Rabbi Shlomo Goren. While to cover the hospitals budgetary imagined it

28 15 Sivan 5777

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By Rabbi Gershon Avtzon enough, he will find his father.
The smart son doesnt cry. And
even if initially the son does not
Dear Reader shyichyeh, When the soul descends into find the father, he will continue
The Rebbe writes (HaYom the body, it is administered an his search.
yom 1 Cheshvan): The Rebbe my oath to be a tzaddik. This oath,
When the father sees the great
father told someone at yechidus: shvua, implies sova, satiety;
effort his son is putting in to find
Ever since Gd told our father the person is generously
him, which stems from a strong
Avraham, Go from your land endowed with eminent powers to
hiskashrus to the father, to
etc. and it is then written Avram be able to fulfill Gds intention
search for him even though it is
kept travelling southward, we in having the soul descend (into
dark and at most he can only see
have the beginning of the mystery the material world). And just
the back of the father, the fathers
of birurim. By decree of Divine as it is with the souls descent,
heart will swell with love for the
Providence, man goes about his so is it also with every person,
son and he will then turn his face
travels to the place where the in whatever place he may be
towards the son. The father will
sparks that he must purify (HaYom Yom 5 Nissan)we
reveal to the son the great love
await their redemption. just have to decide to immerse
that he has developed and will
Tzaddikim, who have vision, ourselves in the Torah of the
kiss the son with this new and
see where their birurim await Rebbe and to begin to connect
deep love which was developed
them and go there deliberately. with the elevated Hashkafa of the
during the time of concealment.
As for ordinary folk, the Cause of Rebbe.
Every Chassid, who by
all causes and the Prime Mover In Chassidus (see Hemshech
definition wants to be connected
brings about various reasons and Samech Vav pg. 248) the
to the Rebbe, needs to be striving
circumstances that bring these following example is often cited:
to be a smart son, i.e., a
people to that place where their There was once a father who
chassid with elevated vision. If
obligation to perform the avoda wanted to test the depth of his
not, even though he may have a
of birurim lies. sons love to him, so he goes
refined and Torah outlook, he is
It is a special zchus that we into hiding. If the son is foolish,
missing the deeper and elevated
have, that in many circumstances, he will not understand that the
vision. As the Rebbe writes in
the Rebbe shares his vision concealment isnt real. He feels
the HaYom Yom of 25 Nissan (it
with us. Whether it is when he that he will be forever separated
bears noting that all three quoted
lets us know what our shlichus from his father. He will begin
HaYom Yoms are quotes from
is, as a generation or individually, crying profusely for his father but
the same letter (Igros 4, pg.
or how to view events that he will not search for his father.
341) of the Frierdike Rebbe):
happen around us. It is up to us Eventually, after enough time
The individuals avoda must be
to internalize what the Rebbe lapses, he will stop crying as well.
commensurate with his character
graciously shares with us and If the son is smart however, he and innate qualities. There may
elevate ourselves to the higher will realize that the concealment be one who can drill pearls or
vision. We have the abilities is not real and it is only a test. polish gems but works at baking
He realizes that if he works hard

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In order to feel the preciousness of putting on the Rebbe travelled very often,
i.e., learning the daily Rambam,
tfillin to the extent that R Bespalov felt, you etc. Then there are directives that
first need to sleep on a bench for 30 years! the Rebbe spoke of less often. In
our times, while many mistakenly
say that we should only focus
bread (the analogy in the realm of concealmentsee the HaYom on the main directives and not
avoda may be easily understood). Yom of Gimmel Tammuz, search and burden the young
Though baking bread is a most My revered grandfather, the generation with the extra
necessary craft and occupation, Rebbe [Maharash], once said: directives, we need to be looking
this person is considered to have Even when the sigh of a Jew is for and carefully following all the
committed a sin. occasioned by an unfavorable directives of the Rebbe, as it may
Between the Yom Tov of material circumstance (Heaven be that that is where we will find
Shavuos and Gimmel Tammuz, forbid), this too is a significant him.
we commemorate 15 Sivan, act of tshuva. All the more so, We all know for certain, and
the day that the arrest of the a sigh due to an unfavorable the Rebbe told us, Not just as a
Frierdike Rebbe (in the year spiritual situation is most Sage and Judge, but as a Prophet,
1927) began. Seemingly it is certainly a lofty level of tshuva. for this is certain (Shoftim
not a day to celebrate, as it is a It drags one out of the depths of 5751), that the time for the full
day that began a tremendously evil, and sets him up in a good revelation of Moshiach is near. At
painful and concealing place, we must not lose focus that time it will be revealed that
experience for the Frierdike and cry like the foolish son. Gimmel Tammuz, and this entire
Rebbe and the Chassidim. Yet, We must all be like the smart era of concealment, is part of the
we find something fascinating: son. We must realize that we process of Geula. We must use
The Rebbe agreed to give out were not forsaken; we are merely out these final moments, as soon
Maamarim, something that is being tested in our Hiskashrus. When Moshiach arrives (may
only done of Yomim Tovim or We must continue to search for that be speedily in our days!),
Chassidish Yomim Tovim, on 15 the Rebbe, our dear father, in all people will start hankering after
Sivan! his paths and places that he has the bygone era of exile. It is
The Rebbe explained this travelled, i.e., continue to do all then that they will start feeling
behavior (Seifer Maamarim his directives, as there is where he regret for not having devoted
Meluket Vol. 3 pg. 188) by will be found. This is especially themselves to Divine service; it is
noting that after the release of the true of the Derech Yeshara - then that people will feel anguish
Frierdike Rebbe from prison on Direct Path of the Rebbe, which over their lack of avoda. As for
12 Tammuz, and then eventually is learning about Moshiach, as the now, during the era of exile,
coming to America which brought Rebbe instructed, This increase these are the days of avoda to
a whole new level of spreading in learning the Torah concerned prepare oneself for the imminent
Chassidus, it was revealed to all with Moshiach and Redemption coming of Moshiach. (HaYom
that the imprisonment of the (Malchus ShbTiferes) is the Yom 3 Av).
Frierdike Rebbe was really the straightforward path to actually We will finish with the words
planting processin which the cause the revelation and coming of the Rebbe (Likkutei Sichos
seed is buried in a dark place and of Moshiach and Redemption. Vol. 4 pg. 1315) However,
rotsfor the tremendous growth (Tazria-Metzora 5751). the hiskashrus of Chassidim to
that came after. Once the growth When the Mitteler Rebbe a Rebbe in all aspects And
was revealed, we do not look at brings down the example of the therefore Chassidim should
the day of 15 Sivan as a day of concealment of the father and the celebrate the day of Gimmel
imprisonment, rather as a day of subsequent search of the son, he Tammuz!
liberation and growth. adds that if the son searches on
This is a tremendous lesson the main roads and doesnt see Rabbi Avtzon is the Rosh Yeshiva of
on what our perspectives and his father, he will search on the Yeshivas Lubavitch Cincinnati and a
vision should be about Gimmel roads and in places that the father well sought after speaker and lecturer.
travelled less-often. This is a Recordings of his in-depth shiurim on
Tammuz. While it is clear that it Inyanei Geula uMoshiach can be accessed
is a day that brings out an initial tremendous lesson for our times: at
sigh and pain from the difficult There are some directives that

30 15 Sivan 5777

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They came together on Har of Hashem. HaTzofim. It was at the Hebrew
HaTzofim (Mount Scopus) Even the protestors Universitya major stronghold
with the Har HaBayis in full contributed. They came to of secularism in Israelwhere
view to contribute what is hoped protest against one of the we came to attend the 26th
to be the final stone in the scheduled speakers, a very annual Moshiach and Science
construction of the Third Beis prominent Rav (HaRav Yitzchok Conference of the Rabbi Yisroel
HaMikdash. Who were they and Ginsburgh) who had recently Aryeh Leib (RYAL) Research
what was their stone? They were published a strong article on Institute, to transform secular
Jewish professors, scientists, Shleimus HaAretz. These leftist wisdom into holy wisdoma
engineers, Jews from the street students were angry with him so very appropriate preparation for
and even protesters. They came they came to protest. When we Mattan Torah. Think: Hodoas
together to restore the letter told them that he wouldnt be Yisro. (The Zohar says that
(the Hebrew letters are compared attending, they didnt stop their when Yisro, a master of secular
to stones), representing Hashem, protest. But when they got tired wisdom, came and declared,
to the wisdom of modern of our being nice to them instead Now I know that Hashem is
science, thereby redeeming the of arguing with them, some of greater than all the gods, he
sciences from their state of exile them left and the rest came in to transformed his secular wisdom
and allowing them to play their join the conference. into holy wisdom and only then
proper role in revealing the glory But it was not just on Har was Hashem ready to give the

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1071_bm_eng.indd 31 2017-06-06 2:15:06 PM


His theory, known as Relativistic Newtonian developed since the mid-1800s
demonstrate an underlying unity
Dynamics, may bring about the long sought in all of nature and prepare
after unification of classical and quantum physics. the world for the revelation of
the absolute unity of Hashem
(Achdus Pshuta) in the Era of
Torah.) Science is not bad, even though Moshiach. (Likkutei Sichos vol.
The RYAL Institute, named it has been used by some to try 15, p. 42-48)
after the brother of the Rebbe and deny Hashem. Science, like
MHM, was founded by everything else, is a creation of
Hashem and everything created
Professor Shimon Silman in
1993 with the approval and by Hashem has the purpose of The keynote speaker,
bracha of the Rebbe MHM, and revealing His glory, as it says at Professor Yaakov Friedman of
every year on 13 IyarRabbi the end of Pirkei Avos. Our job is Machon Lev in Yerushalayim
Yisroel Aryeh Leibs yahrtzait to use science to reveal the glory (Jerusalem College of
it sponsors a conference on and the wonders of the Creator Technology), lectured on this
Moshiach and science. In recent and when we do this science is theme of developing unifying
years the conferences have been redeemed. It becomes part of the theories. He began by reviewing
held in Beer Sheva, Israel and, Geula. Newtonian dynamics and its
before that, in various cities in Furthermore, there is a special limitations at high velocities. This
the U.S. and Canada. role that modern science plays gave rise to Einsteins theory of
in the Geula process. This was relativity. But Prof. Friedman
predicted by the Zohar that says revised the theory of relativity
FROM GOLA TO GEULA by showing that the main focus
that in the 600th year of the 6th
Prof. Silman opened the millennium (1840 on the secular should be on the acceleration,
proceedings of the conference calendar) the windows of heaven not on the velocity. His theory,
with the declaration of Yechi will open up and knowledge will known as Relativistic Newtonian
Adoneinu Moreinu VRabbeinu come down from above, and Dynamics, may bring about the
Melech HaMoshiach Lolam the fountains of wisdom below long sought after unification of
Voed! He then discussed the will break open and wisdom will classical and quantum physics.
famous sicha of the Rebbe come from belowjust like the While his lecture could be
MHM that explains the flood in the 600th year of the life understood fully only by the
difference between exile and of Noachand this dual event professional scientists in the
redemption. Exile ( )and will be a preparation for the Era audience, he succeeded in
redemption ( )are composed of Moshiach. providing enough background
of the same letters except for the and explanatory information to
In a famous sicha, the
letter alef. This means that make it accessible to everyone.
Rebbe MHM explains that the
redemption is built from the Professor Friedman
wisdom from above refers to the
components of the world as it is has performed a number
Chassidus of the Alter Rebbe that
in the state of exile, except that of experiments in particle
was published around that time
we recognize the alef in it. The accelerators in Europe
(Torah Ohr and Likkutei Torah)
alef refers to Alufo-Shel-Olam, (Switzerland and France), and
and the wisdom from below
the Master of the Universe. When the results support his theory. We
refers to the new theories and
we see the Master of the Universe wish him much success and new
discoveries in modern science
revealed in the world of exile, breakthroughs in developing and
that were developed around that
it no longer remains in exile. verifying his theorythat could
It is transformed to a unified, have applications in science that
purposeful and G-dly world. This The spreading of Chassidus
affects our daily life.
world, and everything in it, has (Hafatzas HaMaayanos), of
been redeemed. course, prepares the world for the
time when the world will be filled THE WORK OF HIS HANDS
The point is that we dont
with the knowledge of Hashem IS TOLD BY THE HEAVENS
reject and try to escape from the
as water covers the ocean bed
world of exile; we transform it. Prof. Friedman gave a novel
the Era of Moshiach, and the
The same applies to the sciences. interpretation of this verse from
unifying theories in science

32 15 Sivan 5777

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Rabbi Dovid Rozner Yaakov Guggenheim Professor Y. Friedman

Rabbi Avishay Ifargon R' Aharon Kastel Professor S. Silman

the point of view of a religious of the earth itself, and more. in the heavens for the believing
Jewish scientist: Prof. Friedman pointed out that scientist, where he can do his
One of the difficulties space, with the stars and other experiments and make his
facing physicists in taking heavenly bodies, constitute for observation and become aware of
measurements in experiments the scientist a perfect laboratory Hashems wondrous creations as
is the very difficult process for experiments because in space they behave here, on earth, too.
of isolating the object being objects are isolated; there is
measured from the effects of vast emptiness and the distance THE UNIFICATION OF
the Earths environment on the between the various objects is
huge. Additionally, there are
measurement. For example, the
measurement of the degree of areas where gravity has no effect, In the famous sicha on the
the angle of inclination of a light so there is sufficient space for a revelation of the wisdom from
beam due to the attraction of a beam of light to travel enormous above and the wisdom from
solid body which it passes by distances without being affected. below that was mentioned earlier,
if we take such a measurement This may be a possible the Rebbe MHM says, The
on earth, we will have to take interpretation of the above pasuk true unification of the sciences
into account many other from Thillim, Prof. Friedman with Torah occurs when within
parameters that will affect the suggested: that Hashem has the sciences themselves we see
outcome, such as the gravity provided a perfect laboratory things from the deeper levels of
Torah [Chassidus].

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The next speaker, Yaakov well-known conversion between a feast worthy ofwell, Dovid
Guggenheim, a research engineer matter and energy, as in E = mc. and Shlomo.
and author of several books on The Rashab writes that when the But the conference didnt
Chassidus and science, spelled light is condensed, it becomes end there. There were two more
out the connection between light a physical receptacle which is fascinating lectures delivered
and matter based on Chassidus material so that in essence the during the farbrengen. One by
and from the point of view of material and the spiritual are the Rabbi Avishay Ifargon on 25
modern physics, making the sameG-dliness. This is real years of Swords into Plowshares
following points: unification! (since the declaration in 1992)
Light is the most delicate and one by a bachur from
of all physical creations, almost FARBRENGEN! Tomchei Tmimim named
spiritual. It can be observed as a Aharon Kastel on the concept
At this point in the
particle or as a wave of energy. In of gravity in Chassidus. Rabbi
conference, as the hour grew
some cases it is the choice of the Rozner himself delivered a
late, everyone was hungry. Prof.
observer himself how the light fascinating lecture on the
Silman had announced at the
will be observed. refinement and transformation
beginning of the evening that
In Chassidus, the Rebbe of Greek philosophy through
it was not just a conference; it
Rashab describes how matter modern science. We will report
was a Chassidishe farbrengen.
comes into being through the on these lectures in a follow up
Now was the time! We had a
condensation of light. The light article Bezras Hashem.
short break during which round
is repeatedly hidden (Tzimtzum) tables were rolled out and plenty Videos of all the lectures at
until its essence is transformed of food was broughtseemingly the conference can be viewed at
into a new entitymatter. from nowhere! This was all the the website of the RYAL Institute
A similar concept exists work of Prof. Silmans colleagues (
in physics and experiments have on location in Israel, Rabbi Lshana HaBaa
been done on the condensation Shlomo Dubnick of Beer Sheva BiYerushalayimlets do it
of light. and Rabbi Dovid Rozner of again!
This is analogous to the Yerushalayim. They had arranged


vww c

Anywhere, Anytime !
CHITAS ,ww,j
INYONEI GEULA jhanu vkutd hbhbg
& MOSHIACH owwcnr
RAMBAM hyuekc ohrugha

WWW.770LIVE.COM sgu okugk jhanv lkn ubcru ubrun ubhbust hjh

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By Devorah Leah
schools. There were a few idea that every day, when his
Curacao is a small island in
other Jewish children in the father dropped him off near
the Caribbean. Its one of those
school who participated in all the school, he would go to the
tiny countries that you never
activities. nearby playing field and spend
hear about, but as everywhere
But young Eli, despite the day there without his
else, Jews live there too.
parents knowing, until it was
Life in Curacao is generally not knowing what Judaism
time for his father to come
fine, but there is one problem. is, did not want to partake
anything belonging to and take him home.
Every school-age child must of
another religion . Withou t But after a short while,
register and attend a school.
understandin g why, he refused the principal called his father
This law ensures that parents
to attend these activities. in for a talk about his many
will see to it that their child is
He paid a steep price for absences. The principal said
in school and not on the street.
his stubbornness. His gentile that Eli had missed several
Eretz Yisroel and many other
classmates started up with him weeks by then and he wanted
countries have the same law,
and their behavior escalated to know why. Elis father was
but on the island of Curacao
so that every day something shocked since he had been
it is different. Over there,
happened. One day they stole bringing Eli to school every
there are two types of schools
his pencils, another time they day and had been picking him
that represent two forms
tore one of his notebooks, and up. How was it possible that he
of Christianity and the law
so on. wasnt in school?
requires a parent to choose one
of them. There is no Jewish You must be thinking how Elis father slowly walked
school and there is no third awful it was to go to a school out of the principals office
option. where you know they will and addressed his quaking son:
bully and make fun of you. Eli, Were you in school today?
Aside for the blasphemous
teachings, Christian schools who suffered greatly, asked Silence.
also hold ceremonies that the administration for help, This week?
are in opposition to Judaism. thinking they would defend Silence.
Nonetheless, the law obligates him, but they just encouraged
Two weeks ago?
every child to participate in all the other students to continue
the bullying. Eli did not want to lie. He
school events, no matter what
burst into tears and told his
religion he belongs to. Eli continued to manage
father everything.
There was a boy named Eli until seventh grade. The small
annoying things the kids did Elis father listened to his
Grossman who grew up in an
became crueler and more son with his eyes closed and
irreligious home. His parents
frequent. He felt that he could moist with tears. He loved his
registered him for first grade
not go on. He came up with an son and realized that Eli could
in one of the two Christian

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, ,

, ,




? ' :
', ' '
school to Curaca
not return
to the

When they arrived at
underthe ...circum stance s.
the airpor t they stoppe d a
He opened , his eyes and ' ' . ' '
two taxi, but since they didnt
said to Eli, You.have ,
know , where they were
choices .Either give in and
suppos ed to go, they asked
follow ,the school
rules or


and the driver to
take to

leave school
Cab drivers
work for me, doing really the

day. were used . to ' this '
reques t
hard work ? every '
there was one
was !... an ancien t
For Eli,

and beautif
ul synago
, gue
thing to do. He went to the

on Curaca . o called the
principals office,
, put down
Beit Knesset Mikveh Israel
of and ran
his pile
Emanuel. Many tourists

out to his father who was

. .
liked to visit it.
waiting for him outside

!... !...

He began going '
to:work the
reason, this time,

with his father every day. ,
d to take them to a

? decide
He was happy to be done , ,
They got out

old . shul.

with the nightm ..are that small, '


was the Christi an '? school. of the
shul walked Elis
But then started
letters ' !' out ?' of the !
coming to the house that . : father!
' ,
R Moshe went over
law that


referred to

to him, shook his hand
, be

must he went to the
said their The . next
day, ,

warml y, and
' introd

he was a member.



' .
registered shul where

' ,


himsel , f. We were sent here

When time ' passed and Eli He .opened
,' the
aron kodesh and We
. the poured out his heart. Then, he

the Lubavi
, Rebbe.
go back

did not !
like to meet the local

ly left the would
? , shul.

letters began sounding more
? tearful

Jewish community...

... ...' ..threat s ,
severe. They contained *** '!
The mans face changed
. . ,
and warnings. A few days earlier in New
colors. R Moshe stoppe d in
Elis parents proudly stood York
the middle of the sentence,
z"xa,wv ct-ojbn wv | ~ | 74
strong against the threats. They It was a wintry day, and not what
had no idea what the future the Rebbes secretary, Rabbi father
was happening. Elis
would bring, but they knew Chadakov, called Rabbi Moshe 7/16/2007 1:18:21 AM
d his dream
immed iately recalle
that they would not be able to Kotlarsky. Wash your hands,
108.indd 2

and was about to faint. He

face off against the law forever. he said.
could not believe that this
One night, Elis father had a R Moshe realize d that the was taking place before his
strange dream. He saw himself Rebbe was listening in on the astonished eyes.
as a three-year-old sitting line to the conversation. After getting
After briefly
on his grandmothers lap and he washed his hands, he took invited
acquai nted, Elis father
she was saying, My dear, the phone and listened. R to his
R Moshe and his escort
whenever you find yourself in Chadakov spoke briefly and unders tood
home. They now
trouble, the Lubavitcher Rebbe firmly, The Rebbe wants you trip. The
the purpos e of their
is the one who can help you. to fly immediately to Curacao. father told them what had
Elis father woke up bathed R Moshe had no idea what been going on. They invited
in sweat. He remembered his this was about and what he Eli to New York to join the
grandmother from Russia and was supposed to do when he Gan Yisroel summer camp and
missed her tremendously. But got there. But as a Chassid, to continue afterward in a
what had she meant? He did he immediately prepared to yeshiva. This was the amazing
not know who the Lubavitcher set out. The next morning he answer to his prayers.
Rebbe is and how to reach him. went, together with a bachur,

B"H. 15 Sivan 5777

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