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Pregnant Soon After Miscarriage Dua

Pregnant Soon After Miscarriage Dua, Like any other women, you must also be anxious to
be honored with the reward of motherhood. That gives the satisfaction of procreation,
which is the law of the nature. Probably, the happiest moment of life is when you knew that
you have become pregnant. It is the most awaited news, for your husband and close
relatives who have been waiting anxiously.

Pregnant Soon After Miscarriage

You carry in your womb, the sign of your husbands love for you. You must be dreaming
your happiest days with your expected son. You must remember that, giving birth to a boy
or girl child is in the hands of the almighty Allah paak. So, make dua to get pregnant with
a boy. If the Almighty Allah pleases (Insaallah),l you will be blessed with a healthy and a
pious boy child Recite this dua; Fallaahu Khayrun Haafizaw Wo Huwa Arhamur Raahimee,
as directed by the Dua Specialist.

If you get pregnant, it does not necessarily lead to the birth of a child. From pregnancy to 20
weeks gestation, there is a possibility of spontaneous loss of your pregnancy, which is
known as miscarriage. Even after 20 weeks, there may be the death of your fetus, which is
known as still birth. Besides being genetic, miscarriage may occur due to a number of

These are, older maternal age, trauma to your uterus, previous miscarriage and anatomical
abnormalities of your uterus. These are unforeseen eventualities on which you have no
control. Once, subjected to miscarriage, you will be put under acute mental tension,
thinking, you may not have further pregnancy. In such case, consult an Islamic Guru and
make dua to get pregnant after miscarriage. Dua has tremendous healing power
because you submit your supplication to the Almighty Allah paak, He will surely listen to

Medical science says that if you have an incidence of miscarriage, there is a 20 % chance
that you may not conceive again. And if you have three consecutive miscarriages, the
chances of not conceiving is 43%. If you have faith in Islam, you must know that jo dawa se
thik nahin ho sakta, wo dua se haashil ho sakta hai. It means things which cannot be cured
by medicine, can be remedied by dua. Instead of being desperate and distressed, consult
a dua specialist.

He can advise you the ways to perform dua to get pregnant after miscarriage. In case
you intend to have twins or a boy child, he can advise you to perform the relevant duas. The
first one is dua to get pregnant with twins and the second; dua to get pregnant with a
boy. But what matter the most is your total faith on the Almighty Allah paak.

Twin birth is rarer than the rarest occurrence. Identical twins are made when one egg is
released, but splits into two. It can also occur when multiple eggs are released or there is
more than one ovulation. When both the eggs are fertilized, it makes fraternal twins. Having
a twin birth is a very exceptional aspect of motherhood. If you intend to make this
exceptional feat, you can succeed if you make dua to get pregnant with twins.

Recite this dua. Allaahu Ya-lamu maa Tahmilu Kullu Unthaa wa Maa Tagheezul Arhaamu
Wa Maa Tazdaad Wa kullu Shay-in Indahoo Bimiqdaar. This is only an indication. You
should obtain the procedure of performing the dua to get pregnant with twins from a dua
specialist. He can also provide you to perform dua t get pregnant with a boy. No medical
science can make it happen for you. Only Allaha taala can.

Every prospective mother wishes that she will have a boy child and you cant be an
exception to it. But, ladka ya ladki is in the hands of Allah paak. Recite this dua to get
pregnant with a boy. Was-bir Wa Maa sSabruka Illaa Billaahi Wa Laa Tahzan Alayhim
wa Laa taku Fee Zeeqim Mimmaa Vamkuroon Innallaaha Ma-alladeenat-taqaw Wal-
ladeena Hum Muhsinoon. Insha Allaah, a boy child will adorn your motherhood.

Medical devices may tell you whether you are going to have a girl child or a boy. But have
you ever heard, any doctor, assuring you to get pregnant with a boy? None can assure. But
the dua to get pregnant with a boy can make it possible. Not only this. If you have a
hidden desire of having twins, the dua to get pregnant with twins can make it happen for
you if you consult a dua specialist.

Dua is an Islamic way of submitting your supplication or appeal to Allah paak. He has
created the whole universe and can no doubt bless you with a boy or twins. He says, Ask
me with total submission and devotion. Ill fulfill all your desires. Dua is the only medium
through which you can make your wants, reaches Him. Just reciting the duas is not
enough. It must be prescribed by a tried and trusted dua specialist.

For any of your specific need, you should consult him. He can suggest you the dua to get
pregnant after miscarriage and dua to get pregnant with a boy. And if you want the
rarer than the rarest to happen, perform dua to get pregtnant with twins.There is no
power and no might, other than with Allah. Have this faith, while performing dua for any of
the purpose mentioned above.

You must have observed from others that there are three things where medical science fails
to intrude. The first one is getting, pregnant with a boy and the second one is to get
pregnant with twins. The third one is to get pregnant after miscarriage. It will therefore be
prudent enough for you to supplicate the Almighty Allah paak, by performing duas.