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1. If you have installed a previous version of Nero 2016, install directly a new
version over the current. If this fails, uninstall the installed version (see
better in the following topic).
2. Install Nero 2016 with the trial serial provided by Nero itself (8063-208M-C656-
88HH-CH6L-3KUT-6WUM-WZ9C) or if that does not work, the platinum serial (9066-8197-
613Z-W6PA-A930-KH1H-CZ3T-86C2). If it still doesn't work is because the serial is
blacklisted. In this case run the Patch to allow the installation. Return to
installation by inserting the platinum serial. In the installation options select
the applications you want to install. "Nero Update" should preferably be installed.
3. Once installed, run the Patch again. Nero 2016 Trial turns into Nero 2016
4. Install, if you like, the Content Packs and additional applications. Choose the
custom installation and uncheck unwanted content. After, run the Patch again.
5. If, in the future, install new applications (either directly or with "Nero
ControlCenter") or make updates with "Nero Update", run the Patch again.


- Is it possible to recover old installations of Nero 2016. Run before the
Patch to test. For Nero 2016 might be considered functional, all applications
should open, can't have problems with serial, "Nero ControlCenter" need to be
working and internet access should be free. In addition, "Nero Update" should be
preferably working. If it works and "Nero Update" is operational, you do not need
to remove your current installation to install a new one. Install directly a new
version over the current. May not work for some. Old applications can be upgraded
to latest version with "Nero Update".


- If even after using the Patch, your current version of Nero 2016 not work
or the own Patch not work is because it has more problems. Note that if your
installation is corrupted it will not work fully with another patch that exists, or
any that may be released. There is also the possibility of the installation itself
not work. In this case, completely remove the installed version. To do this follow
the steps below:
1) Uninstall all Nero's applications through Control Panel -> Programs
and Features. You can use other uninstaller, as "Total Uninstall" or "Revo
Uninstaller", but will not make much difference, because may have leftover
2) Now come the important part: go to "C:\Windows\Installer\" to find
the installers of Nero left over. Use the "Subject" column to organize and find
Nero's MSI files. If the column is not visible, right-click on the top bar and
select it. Then uninstall each of the remaining applications of Nero: "Nero Core
Componets", "Nero ControlCenter", "Nero Update" and others. Right-click on the
files, and then click "Uninstall".
3) Delete the folders below, if they yet exist:
- "C:\Program Files\Nero" (32-bit) or "C:\Program Files
(x86)\Nero" (64-bit);
- "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Nero" (32-bit) or "C:\Program
Files (x86)\Common Files\Nero" (64-bit);
- "C:\Programdata\Nero".
4) Delete the entries in the Windows registry:
- "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Nero";
"HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Nero" (64-bit).
- After that still remain Nero's files on your computer and entries scattered
in the Windows registry. However the new installations will work. Very old
versions, poorly uninstalled, cause problems for future versions. Nero does not
provide at his website, an updated remover, for the 2016 version.
- Note that the above procedure needs to be done only once. If Nero 2016 was
installed correctly, when appear a new version try firstly install over the
installed version. If doesn't work it is necessary to uninstall just the item "Nero
2016" through the Control Panel. Other applications and Content Pack (if installed)
no longer need to be uninstalled, nor folders or registry entries once they already
have been installed correctly.

- You can independently install "Nero CoverDesigner", "Nero MediaHome", "Nero
Video" and "Nero Burning Rom". As they are already included in the main package
that is only necessary if you want to make an individual installation.
- "Nero CoverDesigner" is free and doesn't need any patch. Includes "Nero
ControlCenter" in installation.
- "Nero Video" comes with "Nero MediaHome" and "Nero MediaBrowser"
(optional), "Nero Launcher", "Nero ControlCenter" and additionally all Content
Pack, making the gigantic installer. If you want install, use the serial provided
by Nero itself (8060-20A0-AE29-501A-C1E8-KW55-229H-M7P6). Once installed, apply the
- "Nero Burning Rom" is more reduced, but it includes in its installer "Nero
CoverDesigner" (optional), "Nero Launcher" and "Nero ControlCenter". If you want
install, use the serial provided by Nero itself (805M-20CA-2H94-EX72-0099-5E9W-
A955-MZT4). Once installed, apply the Patch.
- You will only be able to install some of these applications correctly if
there are no conflicts with some very old installation, poorly uninstalled.

- Additional applications can be installed from "Nero ControlCenter" or
directly from your installer. These applications can be installed independently
even if the main package is not installed. However install them preferably after
you have installed the main package.
- "Nero SoundTrax", "Nero WaveEditor" and "Nero BurnRights" if installed
alone (without the presence of the main package), don't need any patch to work and
installs "Nero ControlCenter".
- "Nero BackItUp" and older applications such as: "Nero DiscSpeed",
"InCDReader" and "Nero SecurDisc Viewer", if installed alone, don't need any patch
to work and don't installs "Nero ControlCenter".

- "Avast Browser Cleanup" is independent software and free.
- "Nero TuneItUp", "Audials One" and "Video Downloader Ultimate" are
independent software. Their licenses are separated and don't are available on the


- Do not install Nero 2016 17.0.01500 or 17.0.02000 (Retail) that are
outdated. However, if you want to install follow the procedure already mentioned
above. Then use "Nero Update" to update them.
- Do not install Trial versions prior to 17.0.04000 which are outdated.
However, if you really want, use the same instructions. Use "Nero Update" to update
- Avoid the Nero 2016 Online Installer. Has problems with some antivirus and
difficult the installation with unwanted offers. In addition, it don't allows you
to select the applications to be installed. If eventually you have to reinstall
Nero 2016, will have to download approximately 260 MB again. The web installer is
not necessary to have updated versions. Just use "Nero Update". However, if you
really want to install follow the procedure mentioned above. Will work with the
- Do not use online installers of other applications of Nero from its
download page. Use the offline links above.

- The main package and additional applications of Nero 2016 can be installed,
each in a separate directory, including outside the C: drive. Will work with the
- The internet can stay connected during installation, if you want. After
applying the Patch, Nero 2016 will work. Once installed, it is not necessary to
block any application with the firewall, if you want.
- Successive installations and updates can sometimes corrupt old shortcuts of
Nero applications, if they are placed in a non-standard folder. In this case pops
up the message: "This action is only valid for products that are currently
installed". It can also occur the entire folder to be erased by Nero himself to
uninstall only one application. In these cases just use the shortcuts that comes
with the Patch.
- In some cases, sometimes strangers, Nero requires the computer to be
restarted to continue an installation or function properly (even with UAC
- If something does not work, run the Patch again. It can be executed before
(to test older versions), during (to allow new installations) or after the
installation (to fix it). Save the Patch and create a shortcut to it in the Nero
folder, for future use. If even after using the Patch, does not work, it's probably
because of some old previous installation, poorly uninstalled.


1. If you want, the Services of "Nero Update" and "Nero BackItUp" (if it is
installed), can be placed in "Manual".
2. If you want, disable "NeroControlCenter", "Nero TuneItUp" and "Nero BackItUp"
(If they are installed) that always loads when the computer is turned on (use
3. If you want, disable "Nero Info", "Nero Backitup" and "Nero TuneItUp" (If they
are installed) in Scheduled Tasks (use Autoruns).
4. If you want, disable the context menu in "Windows Explorer" from "Nero Burning
Rom" by going to Options > Advanced Options or go to the Windows registry and
- "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\*\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\
- "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Directory\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\
{F764812A-132C-4013-9960-5CBBEB408A0E}" and
- "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Drive\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\
5. To disable the context menu in "Windows Explorer" from "Nero Disc To Device", go
to the Windows registry and delete:
- "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\shell\Disc2Device" and
- "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\Drive\shell\Disc2Device"
6. To delete "Nero BurningRights" from Control Panel (Windows XP, Vista and 7) go
to the Windows registry and delete:
- (32-bit) -
\NameSpace\{2D6560EA-FB28-4C5B-AA1C-05152EFB3BE1}" or
- (64-bit) -


1. Good for any edition of Nero 2016 (Trial, Retail or Online Installer) and
standalone applications.
2. After applied, the Trial version works like Nero Platinum 2016.
3. Works even if the main package and additional applications are installed each in
different directory than recommended.
4. Can recover old versions of Nero 2016. If an installed version is not corrupted,
uninstall is not required to install a new (may not work for some).
5. The Patch solves the problem of blacklist serials, allowing new installations.
6. Inserts all necessary serials for the main package and additional applications.
7. Allows you to make updates with "Nero Update" and directly download other
applications with "Nero ControlCenter".
8. Can be run from a pendrive or any directory.
9. The Patch was tested with Nero 2016 17.0.01600, 17.0.02300 and 17.0.04000
(Trial), Nero 2016 17.0.01500, 17.0.02000 and 17.0.04100 (Retail) and standalone
applications. Was tested installing in different directories and with connected
internet. Tested authoring and playback of AVCHD and BD-AV formats. 4K video
10. The Patch has no malware or false positive. It does not access the internet.
Works even without administrative rights (UAC enabled). This Patch was based on
versions of several different authors. The Patch only works for "Nero 2016" and
compatible applications (additional and standalone).