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A Competency is an underlying characteristic of an individual, which is causally

related to effective performance. Competencies are a set of observable behavior
statements rather than skills or abilities (such as communication, leadership &
customer responsiveness). Each job has three sets of competencies:

1. Competencies related to the organization mission / vision / strategy.

2. Competencies related to internal and external customer expectations.
3. Competencies related to departmental focus areas.


1. Resource Competencies:

a. Allocating Time
b. Allocating Money
c. Allocating Material & Facility Resources
d. Allocating Human Resources

2. Information Competencies:

a. Acquiring & Evaluating Information

b. Organizing & Maintaining Information
c. Interpreting & Communicating Information
d. Using Computers to process Information

3. Interpersonal Competencies:

a. Participating as a Member of a Team

b. Teaching Others
c. Serving Clients/Customers
d. Exercising Leadership
e. Negotiating to arrive at a decision
f. Working in Cultural Diversity
g. Understanding Systems
h. Monitoring & Correcting Performance
i. Improving & Designing Systems
j. Communication Skills
k. Expressiveness
l. Openness
4. Technology Competencies:

a. Selecting Technology
b. Applying Technology to Task
c. Maintaining & Troubleshooting Technology

5. Basic Skills:

a. Reading
b. Writing
c. Arithmatic
d. Listening
e. Speaking

6. Thinking Skills:

a. Second Language
b. Creative Thinking
c. Decision Making
d. Problem Solving
e. Seeing Things in the Minds Eye
f. Know how to learn
g. Reasoning

7. Personal Qualities:

a. Responsibility
b. Self Esteem
c. Social
d. Self Management
e. Integrity/Honesty

8. Analytical Competencies:

a. Problem Solving
b. Logic
c. Innovation
d. Numerical Skills
e. Practical Learning
f. Awareness about details
9. Motivational Competencies:

a. Spirit
b. Energy
c. Motivation
d. Perseverance



S.No. Competency Skill

1 Ability + Positive Attitude Ability

2 Knowledge + Skill Talent

We acquire Knowledge & store it in Skill is the talent, which we have,

our mind to be retrieved later. that enables to execute what is in
Knowledge is acquired from our mind. Greater our skill greater
learning or from experience. It will be our ability to convert theory
provides us the necessary theory, into practice. It is practical,
rationale & background to allow us produces results & consequences,
to tackle a task. which can be seen.