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Internal Audit Check Sheet IQA # :

FUNCTION : Human Resource Auditee : Auditors : TIME :
Sec No Checkpoints Reference Evidence Compliance Non-Conformity
Process Y N Major Minor
4 Quality Management System
Linkage of process and subprocess and turtle
4.1 diagram
4.2.3 Control of Documents
Master list of document
Master list of external origin document
Obsolete documents control
4.2.4 Control of Records
Master list of Quality records
Disposal after record retention
5 Management Responsibility
Quality Policy and Objectives
Measurables for Human Resource function objective
Communication to their employees for above
5.5.1 Organizational chart
Human Resource function job description
Multi disciplinary team existence
5.6 Management Review

Supporting data for MRM review including Human

Resource function objective measurable with trends

Supporting information for business plan updation

6 Resource management
6.2 Human resource
Induction training
Training need identification
On Job Training
Training immediate feedback
Training effectiveness
Appraisal scheme
Empowerment and motivation
Exit interview
6.3 Infrastructure
Contingency plan
6.4 Work Invironment
Personnel safety
Cleaniliness of premises

7 Product Realization
8 Measurement, Analysis and Improvement
Identification of statistical application
8.4 Analysis of data
MIS data analysis
8.5 Improvement
8.5.1 Continual improvement
List of cont. Improvement project
Cont Improvement technique
8.5.2 Corrective action
Root cause analysis
8.5.3 Preventive action
Preventive action records



Auditor : Auditee:


* The absence or total breakdown of a system to meet an ISO-2000:9001/TS -2002:16949 requirement. A no. of minor nonconformity against one requirement can represent a total
breakdown of the system and thus be considered a major nonconformity.
* Any noncompliance that would result in the probable shipment of a non conforming product. A condition that may result in the failure or materially reduce the usabilty of the
products or services for their intended purpose.
* A noncompliance that judgment and experience indicate is likely either to result in The failure of quality management system or to materially reduce its ability to assure controlled
processes and products

A MINOR NONCONFORMITY is a failure to comply with ISO-9001/TS-16949:2002, which based on judgement and experience is not likely to result in the failure of the quality
mangement system or reduce its ability to assure controlled processes, or products. It may be one of the following
* a failure in some part of the organization's documented quality mangement system relative to ISO-9001:2000/TS-16949:2002.
* a single observed lapse in following one item of a company's quality mangement system

OPPORTUNITY FOR IMPROVEMENT - an observed situation which is NOT a major or minor nonconformity , but where results achieved, based upon the auditor's judgement and
experience in that commodity, are not optimal.

CONFIRMS- No major or minor nonconformities were noted in the audit.

Form No.****
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