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Songs for Ellen

Songs for Ellen is a 1994 album by American jazz 8. "Someone to Watch over Me" (George Gershwin,
guitarist Joe Pass. It was recorded in 1992 and released Ira Gershwin) 3:00
9. Blues for Angel (Pass) 3:36

10. "Theres a Small Hotel" (Lorenz Hart, Richard

1 History Rodgers) 2:53

11. "How Deep Is the Ocean?" (Irving Berlin) 2:25

All tracks on this album are performed on acoustic
guitar, are from the same 1992 session that produced 12. "Stormy Weather" (Harold Arlen, Ted Koehler)
Unforgettable. Those two recordings were the only Pass 3:16
records where he played a nylon-string guitar exclusively.
We had talked about an all-acoustic album for years, 13. "Just Friends" (John Klenner, Sam M. Lewis) 3:21
(producer) Eric Miller explains. I wanted to do the 14. "Blue Moon" (Hart, Rodgers) 3:29
equivalent of what Norman (Granz) had done with Art
Tatum and Joe. We ran tape all of the time, some- 15. Satellite Village (Pass) 2:34
thing I had learned to do with him anyway. It was very
The title song is a ballad written for his wife. 4 Personnel
Joe Pass - Acoustic Guitar
2 Reception Angel Balestier - Engineer

Writing for Allmusic, music critic Ken Dryden wrote of Phil Carroll - Assistant Engineer
the album Most of the works of Joe Pass tended to be
Frank DeLancie - Digital Mastering
improvised blues, so the title track is an exception a
simple yet elegant ballad written for his wife... The good David Luke - Digital Editing, Transfers
news is that there are several more unreleased sessions by
Joe Pass that will follow this superb collection.[2] Josef Woodward - Liner Notes
Eric Miller - Producer

3 Track listing Jamie Putnam - Design

Frank Lindner - Photography

1. "The Shadow of Your Smile" (Johnny Mandel, Paul
Francis Webster) 2:43

2. Song for Ellen (Joe Pass) 2:55 5 References

3. "I Only Have Eyes for You" (Al Dubin, Harry War- [1] Joe Pass Unedited, Part III article by Jim Ferguson, ac-
ren) 2:52 cessed April 29, 2009.

4. "Stars Fell on Alabama" (Mitchell Parish, Frank [2] Dryden, Ken. "Songs for Ellen > Review. Allmusic. Re-
Perkins) 4:07 trieved June 28, 2011.

5. "That Old Feeling" (Lew Brown, Sammy Fain)


6. "Star Eyes" (Gene de Paul, Don Raye) 2:40

7. Robbins Nest (Illinois Jacquet, Charles Thomp-

son) 2:42


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