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The Advanced Contemporary Affairs

(Book 91)
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Political and Defence Analyst
Dr Farooq Hasnat
Middle East specialist
Middle East Centre Washington DC
Dr Nilofer Mehdi
Analyst Pakistan Foreign Policy
Dr Maqsud al Hasan Nuri
Analyst Central Asia, Afghanistan and the Gulf
Former President & Senior Research Fellow, Islamabad Policy Research Institute
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Analyst South Asian Security
Dean of Contemporary Studies National Defence University, Islamabad
Dr Mansoor Akbar Kundi
Vice Chancellor, Gomal University, D I Khan
Dr Muhammad Ahsan
Analyst Muslim World & International Political Economy
Dr Zafar Nawaz Jaspal
Analyst Nuclearization
Dr Nauman Zafar
University of Indiana, USA
Analyst Pakistan US Relations
Dr Zahid Anwer
Analyst Russia & Central Asia
Guo Xiaobing
Fellow, China Institute of Contemporary International Relations, Beijing
Faiza Mir
Analyst Balochistan & Tribal Areas
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1. The Islamic State: From al-Qaeda Affiliate to Caliphate 1
Ahmed S. Hashim

2. Obama Visit to New Delhi Stirs Islamabads Scramble to Compete 11

Amy Calfas
3. The Intersection of Three Crises 13
Reva Bhalla

4. Shale oil and its Impact on World 15

M Imtiaz Shahid
5. The Shale Oil Revolution is in Danger 17
Shawn Tully
6. Five Bad Options for Gaza 19
Daniel Byman
7. Foreign Policy and Domestic Constraints: A Conceptual Account 27
Mubeen Adnan

8. China: The Post-Responsible Power 38

Yong Deng

9. Obama's Libya Debacle: How a Well-Meaning Intervention Ended in 45

Alan J. Kuperman
10. The Geopolitics of U.S.-Cuba Relations 51
George Friedman

11. India-Pakistan Relations: Does Modi Matter? 56
Frederic Grare

12. Peace with Neighbours: Theory and Practice 63

Dr. Muhammad Hafeez
13. The Impact of the Islamic State in Asia 71
Ahmed S. Hashim

14. The Impact of the Islamic State on Pakistan 81

Muhammad Amir Rana

15. Changing Regional Context Beyond 2016: Pakistan-Afghanistan 85

Senator Afrasiab Khattak

16. New Great Game: Players, Interests, Strategies and Central Asia 88
Qamar Fatima & Sumera Zafar
17. Tea Leaves for Tanks A Study of Trade Links, Peace and 107
Perceptions in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Iran
Ayesha Siddiqa, Ali Arqam, Aoun Abbas Sahi & Farid Kasi
18. Post-2014 Afghanistan: Likely Scenarios and Impact on Pakistan 138
Prof. Dr. Adnan Sarwar Khan
19. The Role of Neighbours in Stabilizing Afghanistan: Focus on Iran 142
and Pakistan
Didier Chaudet
20. Thaw in Iran-US Relations: Opening of Chahbahar Trade Link and 151
its Impact on Pakistan
Dr. Nazir Hussain
21. Pak-China Economic Corridor: The Hopes and Reality 155
Aarish U. Khan

22. Pakistan in 2015: A Forecast 166
Salma Malik
23. Pakistans Traditional and Non-Traditional Challenges 182
Air Commodore (R) Khalid Iqbal

24. National Policy for Internal Security 200

Standing Committee on National Security Committee

25. National Internal Security Policy of Pakistan: A Cogent Counter 208

Terrorism Policy?
Khawaja Khalid Farooq

26. Terrorism in Pakistan: Causes & Remedies 211

Muhammad Irshad
27. Pakistani Taliban in Turmoil 221
Ihsanullah Tipu Mehsud and Qayum Khan

28. Evolution of Sectarianism in Pakistan: A Threat to the State and 229

M. Nadeem Shah

29. Towards the De-radicalization of Pakistani Society: The Need for a 240
Balanced and Progressive Education System
Manzoor Ahmed Abbasi
30. Educational Approach to Character Building: A Paradigm Shift 248
Muhammad Ayoob Sheikh & Zareen Abbassi

31. Predominant Narratives Shaping Education in Pakistan: Historical 260

and Sociological Perspectives
Al-Karim Datoo
32. Good Governance in Pakistan: Problems and Possible Solutions 262
Alvi Nabeel Ahmed & Ansari Basit

33. Assessment of the Quality of Democracy in Pakistan: June 2013 273

December 2014
34. The Road to Pakistans Dismemberment: 1971 305
Maryam Mastoor
35. The European Union as a Part of Pakistans Strategic Environment? 321
Dr. Markus Kaim
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