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Tribal Names of the Americas

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Tribal Names
of the Americas
Spelling Variants and Alternative
Forms, Cross-Referenced

McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers

Jefferson, North Carolina, and London
Clark, Patricia Roberts, 1948
Tribal names of the Americas : spelling variants and
alternative forms, cross-referenced / Patricia Roberts Clark.
p. cm.
Includes bibliographical references.

ISBN 978-0-7864-3833-4
softcover : 50# alkaline paper

. Names, IndianDictionaries. 2. Names, EthnologicalAmerica

Dictionaries. 3. Names, GeographicalAmericaDictionaries.
4. Names, PersonalAmericaDictionaries. I. Title.
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2009 Patricia Roberts Clark. All rights reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form

or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying
or recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system,
without permission in writing from the publisher.

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Manufactured in the United States of America

McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers

Box 6, Jeerson, North Carolina 28640


How to Use This Book



The Tribal Names



To my parents,
Billie J. and Mary Scala Roberts

I have been a reference librarian for Variant spellings of Native tribal names
twenty-ve years and have enjoyed my in- abounded, depending on the hearing, ed-
teraction with books, people, and computers. ucational levels, and nationalities of the
I work at Texas Tech Universitys Southwest writers.
Collection/Special Collections Library as Governments mandated standardized
Reference Archivist (whats in a name?) and names for tribes, and the resulting names
am still referencing away. had little or nothing to do with tribal self-
The most fun I ever had occurred while designations or the names that their neigh-
I was working in the History/Genealogy De- bors called them. My own beloved Library
partment of the Los Angeles Public Librarys of Congress subject headings chose and
Central Library. While I was there, I was the codied the standardization of many rec-
unofcial expert of the Indians of North, ognized tribes and ignored the rest.
Central and South America section of books, There was little or no effort to pull the
and what a collection it was! Books had been variations together into an organized cross-
collected for years and I got to read most of reference.
them. These included hundreds of older out-
of-print books that had been written at the Although I was annoyed by this state of
time of establishment of archaeology in the affairs, I tended to rely on my institutional
United States at the end of the nineteenth memory to recognize variations. But as I
century when the Wests history began to be grew older, and the number of books I read
documented. The range was from then to skyrocketed, my memory started to fail me.
modern times and I was able to expand my This was brought home to me by a junior
knowledge greatly. high student who brought in her textbook
Among the thousands of books at my with the spelling of a California tribe on
disposal were complete sets of the annual re- which she had to do a report. This desperate
ports and Bulletins of the Bureau of Ameri- young lady was sent to me by her frustrated
can Ethnology. I started my learning with branch librarian who could not nd anything
them and read studies of many indigenous on what the textbook had dubbed a well-
groups written by well-known, well-re- known tribe. Two hours and over twenty
spected archaeologists and linguists. Some- books on California tribes later I found the
where, very early on in my reading, I began variant spelling documented by the state-
to see the following patterns: chosen textbook. I had read all those books
but could not remember that the name was
There were few cross references in books for the Chumash, denitely a well-known
written before 1950. California tribe. No longer trusting my
There were in those writings footnotes that memory, I wrote the information down on
gave vital information, but it was not in- an index card. This book was born, but it
cluded in the few cross references that did took me more than twenty years and 200
exist. boxes of index cards before I completed it.

Preface 2

Because anthropologists, linguists, and In my readings I found many, many en-

archaeologists have been discussing for years tries based on saints names with varying
what a tribe is and what a name is, I chose ways to abbreviate the saint designation. I
to make my own simple denitions for this chose to congregate them all under saint
book. A tribe became a group of people, and alphabetize them by the name of the
any size, who lived together and called each saint. Thus, the user will nd Felipe, S.; Fe-
other by the same designation. A name was lipe, Saint; Felipe, San; Felipe, Sant; Felipe,
a designation whether self-chosen or given by St.; and Fellipe, S., all in a row, not divided
outside peoples. To keep these outside names by pages of intervening text. Again, this is to
intelligible, I omitted the linguistic represen- simplify the search, not to confuse.
tations of the pronunciations of different lan- I did not read every book ever written
guages. I tried to represent the different des- about indigenous peoples, so I do not claim
ignations of individual tribes where they were to have compiled a thorough book on the
clearly stated by my sources and I left the lin- subject. I did, however, read the sources I
guistic contortions to those who will not be quote as thoroughly as I could. If I have
confused by them. omitted any names, it is because I did not
I used the format of letter-by-letter al- come across them in my reading, not for any
phabetization because of my experiences with other reason. I encourage communication
the computer-educated young adults who from any and all who wish to have informa-
came into the public libraries where I tion included and the sources they suggest I
worked. Complicated print indexes with use next time.
classied systems seem to frustrate and defeat I wish to send my appreciation to the
them. I chose to try to create a manner that following people who have helped me along
simplied the search and made it quick. my path. First, I thank my parents: Maria
Many short words may or may not be Adrianna Scala Roberts, who has put up with
prexes, and since so many languages are over 200 boxes of index cards through two
being collected in these pages, I am employ- moves and encouraged my slaving over the
ing strict letter-by-letter alphabet. By my computer to enter all the information; and
more sophisticated users, I hope thereby to my father, Billie Jean Roberts, gone now but
be excused for the resulting simplicity. I hope not forgotten, who always encouraged my
the book will be of use to all who seek infor- scholarship. Second, I thank my bosses at Los
mation about variant tribal designations. Angeles Public Library, Frank Louck and
I employ abbreviations for ease of use. Jane Nowak, who always respected my sub-
Following this Preface is a How to Use This ject specialty. Third, I thank my supervisor
Book section that explains how to read the at the Southwest Collection/Special Collec-
entries and how to interpret the abbrevia- tions Library at Texas Tech University, Dr.
tions. Users will please note that there are no Tai Kreidler, who has insisted that I not give
linguistic abbreviations being used. up. Grazie a tutti.
How to Use This Book

1. Use the Header See entries: For example, Aleche

(H) see Eyeish (BE) means that to nd in-
Tribal name [Designation] Approxi- formation on the Aleche as cited in (H) or
mate Location Parent Group (Source) Hodge, the reader must look under the Eye-
An entry may contain some or all of the ish in (BE), the publication by Swanton.
above elements. They are distinguished typo- See also entries: For example,
graphically and appear in the order above. Acoma (Hdbk10) see also Arahomo
Their meanings are as follows: (Hdbk10) means that although Acoma has
a separate identity and is treated as such in
A. Tribal name denotes the name of the the source, The Handbook of North American
group. Indians, volume 10, the editors of the source
B. Designation indicates a name for some- want the researcher to nd more informa-
thing other than a band or a tribe; for ex- tion under Arahomo.
ample, it might be a language or a clan.
C. Approximate Location is the original 3. Use the Saint Section
physical location of the tribe given in the
source material. In the S section beginning where the
D. Parent Group is a larger group with word saint would appear, the user will nd
which this group is afliated. all saint entries regardless of the abbrevia-
E. Source is the original material in which tions used. This includes S., Saint, San, Sant,
this group was found by this author. To Santa, Sante, Sn., St., Ste., and Sto. To nd
nd the complete entry, the user is di- information in this section, the user will look
rected rst to the abbreviations and then for the saint name rst. For example, when
to the bibliography. searching for Saint Felipe, one will look
for Felipe rst, and will then look between
2. Use the Abbreviations Felipe, S. and Felipe, San. This not only
allows the user to nd all Felipes together
Main entries: For example, the entry
without skipping around through pages of
Apwaruge [Lang] [Atsugewi] (CA-8) is in-
material, but it allows him to choose which
terpreted to be Apwaruge is a language of
entry is the appropriate one.
the Astsugewi group. This information was
taken from The Handbook of North American
Indians, volume 8.

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The Tribal Names
Aacus Acateco 10

-A- Abbitibi see Cree

Abbo see Abo
Abittibbe see Abitibi
Abittibi see Abitibi
Ab-boin-ee Sioux see Dakota Abixira see Awishiri
Aacus see Acoma Abboinee Sioux see Dakota Abnaki [Can, ME, NH, VT]
Aainen [Self-designation] see Ab-boing-ug see Dakota (LC)
Atsina Ab-boin-ug see Dakota Abnaki Confederacy (Who)
Aaingang see Kaingangue Abboinug see Dakota Abnaqui see Abnaki
A-a-ko-za see Iyakoza Abbwoi-nug see Dakota Abnaquies see Abnaki
Aakoza see Iyakoza Abbwoinug see Dakota Abnaquiois see Abnaki
Aaltu see Ala Abcha see Abihka Abnaquois see Abnaki
A-ampkua amim see Umpqua Abeca see Abihka Abnaquotii see Abnaki
Aampkuqamim see Umpqua Abecaes see Abihka Abnasque see Abnaki
Aaninena see Atsina Abecka see Abihka Abnekais see Abnaki
Aaninena see Atsina Abeica see Abihka Abneki see Abnaki
Aanuhawa see Hanahawunena Abeika see Abihka Abo [Lang] Piro (H)
Aanuhawa see Hananawunena Abeka see Abihka Abo [NM] Tompiro (H)
Aanunhawa see Hananawunena abmadenaak see Huron of Ab-oin see Dakota
aapanahkiiha Delaware (Hdbk15) Lorette Aboin see Dakota
Aarapahoes see Arapaho Abenaka see Abnaki Aboinug see Dakota
A-ar-ka see Hopi Abenake see Abnaki Abolachi see Apalachee
A-ar-ke see Hopi Abenaki see Abnaki Abonakies see Abnaki
Aarke see Hopi Abenakias see Abnaki Abonnekee see Abnaki
Aas see Eyeish Abenakiss see Abnaki Aborginny see Aberginian
Aatam see Pima Abenakkis see Abnaki Abra [CAm] Guetar (BE)
A-a-tam [Self-designation] see Abenaque see Abnaki Absahrokee see Crow
Pima Abenaqui see Abnaki Absaraka see Crow
A-atam Akimult see Pima Abenaquioict see Abnaki Absarako see Crow
Aatam Akimult see Pima Abenaquiois see Abnaki Ab-sar-o-ka see Crow
Aatsosni [Clan] Navajo (H) Abenaquioue see Abnaki Absaroka see Crow
A-auh-wauh see Ahahweh Abenati see Abnaki Absaroke see Crow
Aauhwauh see Ahahweh Abeneaguis see Abnaki Absaroki see Crow
Aaya see Eyeish Abenequa see Abnaki Absentee Shawnee (BE)
Aays see Eyeish Abenkai see Abnaki Absoroka see Crow
Ababco [MD] Choptank (H) Abenquois see Abnaki Abubae [CR] (O)
Ababeve see Ababco Abergeny see Aberginian Abucios see Acoma
Abacoes see Abihka Aberginian [MA] (H) Abuscal see Abascal
Abahoko see Navajo Aberieney see Aberginian Abwoinug see Dakota
Abahoko see Navajo Abernaqui see Abnaki Acacafui [NM] Tigua (H)
Abajoses see Navajo Abica see Abihka Acacagua [NM] Pueblo Indians
Abalache see Apalachee Abicetava see Bribri (H)
Abalachi see Apalachee Abigira see Awishiri Acachme see Juaeno
Abanakee see Abnaki Abihka see Abihka Acadians see Micmac
Abanaki see Abnaki Abihka [AL] Muskogee (BE) Acagchemem [CA] Saddleback
Abanaqui see Abnaki Abihka-in-the-West [OK] Abhika Valley (JCB, v.11, no.2, p.9)
Abanaquois see Abnaki (BE) Acaguayo Akawaio (O)
Abane see Baniva Abihki see Abihka Acahuayo Akawaio (O)
Abani [VE] Achagua (O) Abihkutchi [2 tribes in AL] acakudakwa tibiwagayu see At-
Abapcos Indians see Ababco Muskogee (BE) sakudoka tuviwarai
Abarginny see Aberginian Abihkutci [OK] Okfuskee (BE) Acana see Kechipauen
Abasopalme [MX] Concho (BE) Abijira see Awishiri Acancuara [MX] Coahuiltecan
Abasusiniguara [MX] Coahuilte- Abika see Abihka (Hdbk10)
can (Hdbk10) Abikaw see Abihka Acani see Ocana
Abbato-Tena (Contri, v.1, pp.32- Abimiouec see Illinois Acansa see Quapaw
33) Abinaqui see Abnaki Acansea see Quapaw
Abbato-Tena see Abbatotine Abinohkie see Abnaki Acansia see Quapaw
Abbatotena see Abbatotine Abio see Abo Acapato see Atsina
Abbatotenah see Abbatotine Abipon see Abipone A caraho [MN] Crow (BE)
Abbatotine [Can] Nahane (H) Abipone [Lang] [Arg, Par] Guay- Acarred Arms see Cheyenne
Abbatotinneh see Abbatotine cuna (LC) Acasaquastlan [Hon] Nahuatl
Abbatotinney see Abbatotine Abiquiu Pueblo Indians (H) (BE)
Abbetika see Abitibi Abira see Awishiri Acateco [Gu] Mayan (O)
Abbetiki see Abitibi Abitibi [Can] Algonkin (LC) Acateco [Lang] [CAm] Western
Abbitibbe see Abitibi Abitibiwinni see Abitibi Mayan (O)
11 Acatoyan Acquiggenonck

Acatoyan [MX] Coahuiltecan Achetoetenni see Etchareottine Achuale [Lang] [EC, PE] (LC)
(Hdbk10) Acheto-e-Tinne see Etchareot- Achuara see Achuale
Acawai [Br, Guy, VE] Cariban tine Achuare see Achuale
(LC) Achetoetinne see Slave Indians Achumawi see Achomawi
Acawaoi see Acawai Achetoetinne see Etchareottine Achupaya see Chipaya
Acawoio see Acawai Acheto-tena see Etchareottine Acihi see Ashihi
Acaxee [MX] (LC) Achetotena see Etchareottine Acihicine see Ashihi
Accahanock see Accohanoc Achetotinna see Titshotina Acinay see Caddo
Accance see Quapaw Ache-to-tinneh see Etchareot- Acipoya see Chipaya
Accancea see Quapaw tine acipwe-wake see Ojibwa
Accawai see Acawai Acheto-tinneh see Titshotina A-ci-wi see Zuni
Accawmack see Accomac Achetotinneh see Etchareottine Aciwi see Zuni
Accawmacke see Accomac Achi [Gu] Eastern Mayas (O) Acjachemen see Juaneo
Accerri [CAm] Guetar (BE) Achiganes see Sooke Acjachemen see Juaeno
Acco see Acoma Achilia see Hitchiti Ackinckesaky see Hackensack
Accocesaw see Arkokisa Achiligouan [Can] (H) Ackkinkas-hacky see Hackensack
Accocick see Conoy Achiligouiane see Achiligouan Ackkinkashacky see Hackensack
Accockesaw see Arkokisa Achiote [PE] Witoto (O) Ackquekenon see Aquackanonk
Accohanoc [VA] Powhatan (BE) Achiout (His/T) Acmaat see Acoma
Accohanock see Accohanoc Achipaye see Chipaya A-co see Acoma
Accokesaus see Arkokisa Achipoes see Chippewa Aco see Acoma
Accokesaw see Arkokisa Achipou see Chippewa Acogiya see Acoma
Accokicke see Conoy Achire [MX] Guasave (BE) Acohamock see Accomac
Accomac [VA] Powhatan (LC) Achirigouan see Achiligouan Acohanock see Accohanoc
Accomack see Accomac Achiritouan see Achiligouan Acoke-sa see Arkokisa
Accomentas see Accominta Achistas see Tumsen Acokesa see Arkokisa
Accominta [ME] Pennacook Con- Achjuch-Aliat see Imaklimiut Acolapissa [LA] Choctaw (BE)
federacy (H) Achjuch-Aliat see Inguklimiut Acolhua (LC) see also Tezcucan
Accominticus see Accominta Achjuchaliat see Imaklimiut (LC)
Accomintycus see Accominta Achjuchaliat see Inguklimiut Acolhua [MX] (BE)
Accomynticus see Accominta Achkingkesacky see Hackensack Acoli [NM] Pueblo Indians (H)
Acconeechy see Occoneechee Achkinkehacky see Hackensack Acolocu see Chilili [Tigua]
Accotronack see Accohanoc Achkinkes hacky see Hackensack Acolta see Lekwiltok
Accowmack see Accomac Achkinkeshacky see Hackensack Acoma (Hdbk10) see also Ara-
Acewaio see Acawai Achkugmjuten see Aglemiut homo (Hdbk10)
Acha see Picuris Achkugmjuten see Kaniagmiut Acoma (LC) see also Yaquina (BE)
Achagua [Col, VE] Maipurean Ach-min-de-cou-may see Acoma [NM] (LC)
(LC) Kalispel Acomack see Accomac
Achague see Outchougai Achmindecoumay see Kalispel Acomak see Accomac
Achalaque see Cherokee Achomawan see Achomawi Acoman see Acoma
A-cha-o-tin-ne see Etchareottine Achomawe see Achomawi Acomayo [PE] (BE)
Achaotinne see Slave Indians A-cho-ma-wi see Achomawi Acome see Acoma
Achaotinne see Etchareottine Acho-ma-wi see Achomawi Acomense see Acoma
Achaque see Outchougai Achomawi [CA] (LC) Acomese see Acoma
Achastas see Rumsen Achomawi [Lang] Shastan (LC) Acomo see Acoma
Achastli see Rumsen Achonechy see Occaneechi Acona see Acoma
Achastlian see Rumsen Achote see Nonuya Aconagua see Halona
Achastlien see Rumsen Achote see Achiote Aconcagua [CH] (BE)
Achastlier see Rumsen Achoto-e-tenni see Etchareottine Aconeche see Occoneechee
Achastlies see Rumsen Achotoetenni see Etchareottine Aconechos see Occoneechee
Ache see Guayaqui Achquegenonck see Aquack- Aconeechy see Occoneechee
Achedoma see Alchedoma anonk Aconia see Acoma
Achee see Yuchi Achquickenough see Aquack- Aconichi see Occoneechee
Acheha [Phratry] Timucua (H) anonk Acoonedy see Occoneechee
Achena see Atsina Achquickenunck see Aquack- Acopalca [PE] (BE)
Acheotenne see Etchareottine anonk Acossesaw see Arkokisa
Acheotenne see Slave Indians Achquickenunk see Aquack- Acosta see Koasati
Ache-pa-ba-cha see Achepabecha anonk Acoste see Koasati
Achepabacha see Achepabecha Achquikanuncque see Aquack- Acquackanonk see Aquackanonk
Achepabecha Crow (H) anonk Acquera [FL] Utina (H)
Aches see Pawnee Achsisagheck see Missisauga Acquia see Acoma
A-che-to-e-ten-ni see Etchareot- Achsissaghecs see Missisauga Acquicanunk see Aquackanonk
tine Achual see Achuale Acquiggenonck see Aquackanonk
Acquikanong Aglaxtana 12

Acquikanong see Aquackanonk Adams Lake [BC] Shuswap (H) Agace see Maca
Ac-quin-a-nack-su-ack see Ac- Adams Lake Indians (H) see also Agace see Payagua
quintanacsuak South Andrian (H) Agaideka (Hdbk11) see also
Acquinanacksuack see Acquin- Adamstown Indians see Upper Tukudeka (Hdbk11)
tanacsuak Mattapony Agaideka [Hdbk11] see also Lemhi
Acquinoshionee see Iroquois Adawadeny see Potawatomi in Idaho (Hdbk11)
Acquinta see Pocomoke Adawe see Ottawa Agaideka Northern Shoshone
Acquintanacksuah see Acquin- Aday see Adai (Hdbk11)
tanacsuak Adayes see Adai agaidika-a see Agaipaninakokado
Acquintanacksuak see Acquin- Addaise see Adai agaidikaa see Koaagaitoka
tanacsuak Addaize see Adai agaidikadi see Agaidokado
Acquintanacksuck see Patuxent Addee see Adai Agaidokado Northern Paiute
Acquintanacsuak [MD] Conoy Addick see Ahdik (Hdbk11)
(BE) Addies see Adai Agai Duka see Agaideka
Acquintanacsuck see Acquin- Ad-dik see Ahdik A-gai-du-ka see Agaihtikara
tanacsuak Addik see Ahdik Agaiduka see Agaideka
Acquintunachsuah see Acquin- Ad-dik-kunmaig see Udeku- A-gai-du-ka see Agaidokado
tanacsuak maig Agaiduka see Agaidokado
Acquinuskionee see Iroquois Addikkunmaig see Udekumaig Agaiduka see Agaihtikara
Acquiora see Bagiopa Addle-Heads see Menominee Agaih-tikara see Agaihtikara
Acquitanase see Acquintanacsuak Adee see Adai Agaihtikara [NE] Paviotso (H)
Acu see Acoma Adena Culture (LC) agaipani-n-adi see Agaipani-
Acuan-Shavante see Akwe-Sha- Adene see Athapascan nadokado
vante Adero see Ardeco agaipaninadi see Agaipani-
Acua-Shavante see Akwe-Sha- Adeyche see Adai nadokado
vante Adgecantchook see Arosagunta- Agaipaninadokado see Agaipani-
Acubadaos [TX] (H) cook nadokado
Acubados see Arbadaos Adiais see Adai Agaipaninadokado Northern
Acuca see Acoma Adikamag see Udekumaig Paiute (Hdbk11)
Acucan see Acoma Adikamag see Udekumaig A-gai-ti-kut-teh see Agaihtikara
Acuco see Acoma Adirondac see Adirondack A-gai-ti-kut-teh see Agaidokado
Acucu see Acoma Adirondack [Can] Algonquian (H) Agaitikutteh see Agaidokado
Acuen-Xavante see Akwe-Sha- Adirondak see Adirondack Agaitikutteh see Agaihtikara
vante Adirondax see Adirondack Agaitukeda see Agaidokado
Acuera (H) see also Acquera (H) Adirontak see Adirondack Agaitukede see Agaidokado
Acuera [FL] Timucua (BE) Adisonka see Adirondack A-gai-va-nu-na see Agaipani-
Acuique see Pecos Ad-je-jawk see Ojeejok nadokado
A-cu-lah see Pecos Adjejawk see Ojeejok Agaivanuna (Hdbk11) see also
aculah see Pecos Admitial [MX] Coahuiltecan Agaipaninadokado (Hdbk11)
Aculah see Pecos (Hdbk10) Agaivanuna [NE] Paviotso (H)
Acuria see Akurio Adnondeck see Adirondack Agalec-qua-maya see Halyikwa-
Acus see Acoma Adose see Adai mai
Acuti-Tapuya [Col] Wakuenai Adshusheer [Lang] Catawba (H) Agalecquamaya see Halyikwamai
(O) Adshusheer [NC] (H) Agamenticus see Accominta
Acux see Acoma Adusta see Edisto Aganushioni see Iroquois
Acuye see Pecos Adwanuqdji see Atsugewi Agata see Aguata
Adae see Adai Adye see Adai Agaucateco see Aguatec
Adage see Adai Adyi Kaporur-ri see Asurini I A-ga Uo-no see Agawano
Adahi see Adai Adzaneni [VE] Wakuenai (O) Agavotoqueng [Br] (O)
Ada-i see Adai Adzumawi see Achomawi Agawam [MA] (BE)
Adai [LA] (BE) Aenay see Hainai A-ga-wa-no see Agawano
Adaic see Adai Aents [Self-designation] see Agawano [NM] Pueblo Indians
Adaice see Adai Aguaruna (H)
Adaies see Adai Aents [Self-designation] see Ji- Agaz see Payagua
Adaihe see Adai varo Agerones see Kainai
Adaisses see Adai Aequeya see Acuera Aggey [NM] Pueblo Indians (H)
Adaizan [Lang] see Caddoan Aes see Eyeish Ag-gi-tik-kah see Tazaaigadika
Adaizan Indians see Adai Aesetooue see Uzutiuhi Aggitikkah see Tazaaigadika
Adaize see Adai Aesopus see Esopus Aghsiesagichrone see Missisauga
A da kada ho see Arikara Affagoula see Ofo Agin see Pecos
Adakadaho see Arikara Affats-tena see Abbatotine Agiu see Pecos
Adal-katoigo see Nez Perce Afotige see Apinage Aglahmute see Aglemiut
Adalkatoigo see Nez Perce Afulakin see Wasco Aglaxtana see Aglemiut
13 Aglegmguten Ah-i-hi-nin

Aglegmguten see Aglemiut Aguanu see Aguano Ahachae see Osage

Aglegmut see Aglemiut Agua Nueva [NM] Piro (H) Ahachik see Ahacik
Aglemiut (Hdbk5) see also Aglur- Aguapalam Coahuiltecan Ahacik Crow (H)
miut (Hdbk5) (Hdbk10) Ah-ah see Ahalakalgi
Aglemiut [AK] Eskimos (LC) Aguaque [MX] Coahuiltecan Ahah see Ahalakalgi
Aglemut see Aglemiut (Hdbk10) Ahaharopironopa Crow (H)
Aglurmiut Eskimos see Mohawk Aguarnauguara [MX] Coahuilte- Ahaharropirnopa see Aha-
Agnieronnon see Mohawk can (Hdbk10) haropirnopa
Agnieronon see Mohawk Aguaruna [EC, PE] Jivaran (LC) Ahah-ar-ro-pir-no-pah see Aha-
Agnierrhonon see Mohawk Aguasajuchim see Ahwaste haropirnopa
Agniers see Mohawk Aguasajuchium see Uchium Ahahawa see Amahami
Agniez see Mohawk Agua Salada Navajo (H) Ahahaway see Amahami
Agnizez see Mohawk Aguas Calientes [MX] (LC) Ahahnelin see Atsina
Ago see Acoma Aguastaya [TX] Coahuiltecan (BE) Ah-ah-pi-ta-pe see Ahahpitape
Agolegma see Aglurmiut Aguasto see Ahwaste Ahahpitape [MN] Piegan (BE)
Agolegmiut see Aglemiut Agua Supai see Havasupai Ah-ah-wai see Ahahweh
Agolegmiut see Aglurmiut Aguata [MX] Coahuiltecan Ahahwai see Ahahweh
Agolegmiuty see Aglurmiut (Hdbk10) Ah-ah-wauk see Ahahweh
Agolegmute see Aglemiut Aguateca [Gu, MX] Mamean (O) Ahahwauk see Ahahweh
Agolegmuten see Aglurmiut Aguatinejo Coahuiltecan Ah-ah-weh see Ahahwah
Agolegmyut see Aglurmiut (Hdbk10) Ahahweh [Phratry] Chippewa (H)
Agolemuten see Aglemiut Aguauono see Agawano Ahaknanelet see Aivillirmiut
Agomiut [Can] Eskimos (H) agudutsyam see Kawaiisu A-hak-nan-helet see Aivillirmiut
Agoneaseah see Iroquois Aguegnonke see Aquackanonk Ahaknanhelet see Aivillirmiut
Agones see Iowa Aguene see Doguene Ahaknanhelik see Aivillirmiut
Agonnonsionni see Iroquois Agueynaba [PR] (BE) Ahalakalgi [Clan] Creek (H)
Agonnousioni see Iroquois Aguial see Aigual Ah-alakat see Chemehuevi
Agonnsionni see Iroquois Aguica [MX] Coahuiltecan Ahalakat see Chemehuevi
Agoolmute see Aglemiut (Hdbk10) Ahalpam see Santiam
Agotsagane see Mahican Aguico see Hawikuh Ahalpam see Santiam
Agotsagene see Mahican Aguicobi see Hawikuh Ahandshiyuk see Ahantchuyuk
Agouais see Iowa Aguierhonon see Mohawk Ahandshuyuk see Ahantchuyuk
Agoual see Iowa Aguijampo see Aquijampo Ahantchuyuk [OR] (BE)
Agoues see Iowa Aguimaniguara see Ahantcuyuk amim see
Agouisiri see Awishiri Saguimaniguara Ahantchuyuk
Agozhagauta see Mahican Aguiniguara [MX] (Hdbk10) Aharaibu see Guaharibo
Agto Greenland Eskimos (BE) Aguiocobi see Hawikuh Ahatchwoop Choptank (Hdbk15)
Agua see Carijona Aguiquegua (Hdbk10) Ah-auh-wauh see Ahahweh
Agua Blanca [Col] Tunebo (O) Aguirtiguera [MX] Coahuiltecan Ahauhwauh see Ahahweh
Aguacadiba [JA, WInd] (BE) (Hdbk10) Ah-auh-wauh-ug see Ahahweh
Aguacaleyquen see Utina Aguivira see Quivira Ahauhwauhug see Ahahweh
Agua Caliente [CA] (H) Aguljmjuten see Aglemiut Ahawhwauk see Ahahweh
Agua Caliente [Lang] Luiseo- Agulmiut see Chnagmiut Ahayadal see Southern Arapaho
Kawia (H) Agulmut see Kuskwogmiut Ahbahto dinne see Abbatotine
Aguacateca see Aguacatec Agulmuten see Aglemiut Ahbahtodinne see Abbatotine
Aguacateca see Aguatec Aguscal see Abascal Ah-co see Acoma
Aguacatec I [MX] Mayan (BE) Aguskemai see Eskimos Ahco see Acoma
Aguacatec II [Gu] Zoque (BE) Agustin culture, San (Col) (LC) Ahdik Clan] Chippewa (H)
Aguacateco see Aguatec Agustin de la Isleta, San see Isleta A-he-alt see Ahealt
Aguacero Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Agustin del Isleta, San see Isleta Ahealt [AK] Koluschan (H)
Aguachacha [AZ, CA] Yuman (H) A-gutch-a-ninne see Hidatsa Ahearmiut see Ahiarmiut
Aguacoata Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Agutchaninne see Hidatsa Ahehoen see Ahehouen
Agua Dulce [CA] Shoshonean A-gutch-a-ninne wug see Hi- Ahehoenes see Ahehouen
(BE) datsa Ahehouen [TX] see Siksika
Agua Dulce [FL] Timucua (BE) Agutchaninnewug see Hidatsa Ahhousaht see Ahousaht
Aguahun see Aguaruna Aguti see Marinawa Ahiahichi see Eyeish
Aguajun see Aguaruna Aguti see Sharanahua Ahialt see Ahealt
Agualo see Betoi Agutit see Kinipetu Ahiarmiut [AK] Qairnirmiut
Agualohe Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Agutit see Caribou Eskimos (Hdbk5)
Aguana [MX] Coahuiltecan agutushyam see Kawaiisu Ahiarmiut Caribou Eskimos
(Hdbk10) A-gu-yu see Pecos (Hdbk5)
Aguano [PE] (BE) Aguyu see Pecos Ahihinin see Pawnee
Aguanoxgi see Abnaki A-ha-chae see Osage Ah-i-hi-nin see Pawnee
Ahihinon Aiapai 14

Ahihinon see Pawnee Ahnandahka see Anadarko Ahtinne see Ahtena

Ahijados see Eyeish Ahnaudahka see Anadarko Ahtinue see Ahtena
Ahijados see Tawehash Ahnaudaka see Anadarko Ahtna-khotana see Ahtena
Ahijaos see Eyeish Ahnenin see Atsina Ahtnakhotana see Ahtena
Ahijaos see Tawehash Ahni-ninn see Atsina ahtu-tsuhkais see Flathead
Ahijitos see Eyeish Ahnininn see Atsina ahtutsuhkais see Flathead
Ahijitos see Tawehash Ahola see Tonto Apache a-hu-a-cha see Apache
Ahinai see Hainai Ahola see White Mountain ahuacha see Apache
Ah-in-aub-ag see Chippewa Apache Ahuachapan [ES] Pokomam (BE)
Ahjados see Eyeish Ahomama [MX] Lagunero (BE) Ahuaches see Pawnee
Ahk Sitka (Contri, v.1, p.38) Ahome [MX] Guasave (BE) Ahuadje see Tonto Apache
Ah-kaik-sum-ik see Ahkaiksumik Ahondihronnons see Aondironon Ahuadje see White Mountain
Ahkaiksumiks [MN] Kainah (BE) Ahonekenke see Southern Apache
Ah-kai-nah see Kainah Tehuelche Ahuata see Aguata
Ahkainah see Kainah Ahonicanka see Southern Ahuatcha see Mescalero Apache
Ah-kai-po-kaks see Ahkaipokaks Tehuelche Ahucan see Yaochane
Ahkaipokaks [Can] Kainah (BE) Ahoniken see Southern Ahuishiri see Awishiri
Ah-kai-yi-ko-ka-kin-iks see Tehuelche Ahwahacknanhelett see Aivillir-
Ahkaiyikokakiniks Ahonnekenke see Southern miut
Ahkaiyikokakiniks [MN] Piegan Tehuelche Ahwahawa see Amahami
(BE) Ahorio see Moro Ahwahaway see Amahami
Ah-knaw-ah-mish see Hahuamis Ahosett see Ahousaht Ah-wah-ha-way see Amahami
Ahknawahmish see Hahuamis Ahotireitsu [CA] Shasta (BE) Ahwahhaway see Amahami
Ah-know-ah-mish see Hahuamis Ahouandate see Huron Ahwahnachee see Awani
Ahknowahmish see Hahuamis Ahouenrochrhonons see Wenro Ahwahnechee see Awani
Ah-ko see Acoma Ahousaht [VanI] Nootka (BE) Ah-wah-sis-sa see Awausee
Ahko see Acoma Ahouset see Ahousaht Ahwahsissa (PC) see also Awausee
Ahkonapi see Akonapi Ahowartz see Ahousaht (H)
Ahkootskie see Auk Ahowsaht see Ahousaht Ahwahsissa [Clan] Chippewa (H)
Ahk-o-tash-iks see Ahkotashiks Ah-owz-arts see Ahousaht Ahwakilu see Chimakum
Ahkotashiks [Can, MN] Kainah Ahowzarts see Ahousaht A-hwa-ki-lu [Self-designation]
(BE) Ah-pai-tup-ik see Ahahpitape see Chimakum
Ah-kuh-ne-nak see Akuninak Ahpaitupik see Ahahpitape Ahwandate see Huron
Ahkuhnenak see Akuninak Ahpakosea [Clan] Miami (H) Ahwa-paia-kwanwa see Tonto
Ah-kwo-nis-tsists see Ahkwon- Ah-pa-kose-e-a see Ahpakosea Apache
istsists Ah-pe-ki see Apikaiyiks Ahwapaiakwanwa see Tonto
Ahkwonistsists [Can, MN] Ahpeki see Apikaiyiks Apache
Kainah (BE) Ah-pe-ki-e see Apikaiyiks Ah-wash-te see Ahwaste
Ah-le-la see Shipaulovi Ahpekie see Apikaiyiks Ahwashte see Ahwaste
Ahlela see Shipaulovi Ahpenope see Arikara Ah-wa-sis-se see Awausee
Ahlelq see Shipaulovi Ah-pen-ope-say see Arikara Ahwasisse see Awausee
Ah-lunk-soo see Ahlunksoo Ahrenda see Arendahronon Ahwaste [CA] Costanoan (H)
Ahlunksoo [Clan] Abnaki (H) Ahrendaronon see Arendahronon Ah-weh-soo see Ahwehsoo
Ah-mah-oo see Komogue [Gens] Ahrowah (PC) see also Arukhwa I Ahwehsoo [Clan] Abnaki (H)
Ahmahoo see Komogue [Gens] (H) Ahweksoo [Clan] Abnaki (H)
Ah mau dah ka see Anadarko Ah-ro-wha see Arukwa I Ah-wha-mish see Hahuamis
Ahmaudahka see Anadarko Ahrowha [Clan] Oto (H) Ahwhamish see Hahuamis
Ah-meek see Ahmik Ah-se-pon-na see Ahseponna Ahwishiri see Awishira
Ahmeek see Ahmik Ahseponna [Clan] Miami (H) Ahyato see Arapaho
Ahmeekkwuneninnewug (H) Ah-shee-wai see Zuni Ahyches see Eyeish
Ah-mik see Ahmik Ahsheewai see Zuni Ai see Pilaga
Ahmik [Clan] Chippewa (H) Ah-shin-na-de-ah see Ashinadea Ai [Lang] see Cofan
Ah-mo-kai see Hopi Ahshinnadeah see Ashinadea Ai [Lang] see Cofan
Ahmokai see Hopi Ah-shi-wi see Zuni Ai-aha see Chiricahua Apache
Ahnahanamete (H) see also Ama- Ahshiwi see Zuni Aiaha see Chiricahua Apache
hami (BE) Ah-shu-ah-har-pen see Salish Aiahan see Chiricahua Apache
Ahnahanamete Hidatsa (H) Ahshuahharpen see Salish Aiaichi see Eyeish
Ahnahaway see Amahami Ah-Supai see Havasupai Aiamiqta see Aiamiqta
Ah-nah-ha-nah-me-te see Ahna- Ahsupai see Havasupai Aiamiqta [WI] Menominee (BE)
hanamete Aht see Nootka Aiano see Kanohatino
Ahnahhanamete see Ahna- Ahtawwah see Ottawa Aiaouais see Iowa
hanamete Ah-tena see Ahtena Aiaouez see Iowa
Ah-nan-dah-ka see Anadarko Ahtena [AK] Athapascan (LC) Aiapai [CA] (H)
15 Aiapi Akhrakouaehronon

Aiapi see Oyampi Aipatse [Br] (O) Ajouez see Iowa

Ai-a-ta see Apache Aipi see Oyampi Ajuipiaijaigo [MX] Coahuiltecan
Ai-a-ta see Apache Ais (H) see also Eyeish (BE) (Hdbk10)
Aiata see Apache Ais [FL] Muskhogean (BE) A-juma see Pit River Nation
Aiauoua see Iowa Aisa see Ais Ajuma see Pit River Nation
Aiauway see Iowa Aise see Eyeish Ajuma wi see Ajumawi
Aiavvis see Iowa A-ish see Eyeish Ajumawi [CA] (CA)
Aiaye see Guaja Aish see Eyeish Ajumawi [Lang] Achomawi (CA-
Aibali see Betoi Ai-sik-stuk-ik see Aisikstukiks 8)
Aibamo see Alabama Aisikstukiks [MN] Siksika (BE) Ajuru see Wayoro
Aibine (Hdbk10) see also Eudeve Aisnous see Iowa Ajuyap see Ujuiap
(LC) Aispalu see Klamath Akaa inihakacina see Kanse
Aibine [MX] Xixime (BE) Aiticha (H) see also Iticha (H) Akaa iniyakacina see Kanse
Aibino [MX] Pueblo Indians Aiticha [CA] Kings River Yokuts (BE) Akainihakacina see Kanse
(Bull44) Ai-tiz-zart see Ehatisaht Akaitchi [OR] (H)
Aibino [NM] (Bull44) Aitizzart see Ehatisaht Akaitikka see Lemhi
A-ic see Eyeish Aitzart see Ehatisaht akaitikka see Tukudeka
Aic see Eyeish Aiviktok Inuit (Quebec) (Hdbk5) Akakashi see Mandan
Aiches see Eyeish Aivilik Eskimos see Iglulik Akama see Quapaw
Ai-dik-a-da-hu see Arikara Aivilingmiut [AK] Iglulik (LC) Akamnik [BC] Upper Kutenai (H)
Aidikadahu see Arikara Aivilirmiut see Aivillirmiut Akamsca see Quapaw
Aieways see Iowa Aivillirmiut [Can] Central Eskimos Akamsea see Quapaw
Aigngutdesu [Br] (O) (BE) Akamsian see Quapaw
Aigspalo see Klamath Aivino [MX] Pueblo Indians Akanaquint [UT] Yampa (H)
Aigspaluma see Klamath (Bull44) Akanca see Quapaw
Aigspaluma see Modoc aivirtuuq see Aiviktok A Kancea see Quapaw
Aigual Coahuiltecan] (Hdbk10) Aivitumiut [Can] Labrador Eski- Akancea see Quapaw
Aiha see Chiricahua Apache mos (BE) Akanekunik [BC] Upper Kutenai
Aijados see Eyeish Aiwahokwu see Aiyaho (H)
Aijados see Tawehash aiwanat (Hdbk5) see also Saint Akansa see Quapaw
Aijaos see Eyeish Lawrence Islanders (Hdbk5) Akansaes see Quapaw
Aijaos see Tawehash aiwanat see Chaplinski Akansas see Quapaw
Aijas see Eyeish aiwanat (PC) see also Chaplinski Akansca see Quapaw
Aijoues see Iowa (Hdbk5) Akansea see Quapaw
Aika see Kammatwa aiwanat (PC) see also Saint Akansis see Quapaw
Aikana [Br] (O) Lawrence Islanders (Hdbk5) Akanssa see Quapaw
Aikoka see Acoma Aiwanat [Sib] Yuit (BE) Akanza see Quapaw
Aikoka see Acoma Aiwateri [Br, VE] (O) Akasquy [TX] (H)
Aikspalu see Klamath Aix see Eyeish Akauwenchaka see Akawantcaka
Aimara see Aymara Aixai see Eyeish Akavais see Acawai
Aimaro see Aymara Aixaj see Eyeish Akawai see Acawai
Aimbore see Botocudo Aixaos see Eyeish Akawaio (LC) see also Akawai
Aimore see Botocudo Aixaos see Tawehash (LC)
Aimoro see Aymara Ai-yah-kin-nee see Hopi Akawaio [Br, VE] (O)
Ainai see Hainai Aiyahkinnee see Hopi Akawantcaka [NC] Tuscarora
Ainawimomowi see Hamaru- Aiyaho [Clan] Zuni (H) (BE)
amomowi Aiyaho-kwe see Aiyaho Akawenchaka see Akawantcaka
Aingshi [Clan] Zuni (H) Aiyahokwi see Aiyano Akawentcaka see Akawantcaka
Ainjshi-kwe see Aingshi Ai-yan see Hankutchin Akawoio Akawaio (BE)
Ainones see Iowa Aiyan see Hankutchin Ak-ba-supai see Havasupai
Ainoves see Iowa Ai-ya-na see Hankutchin Akbasupai see Havasupai
Ainshi-kwe see Aingshi Aiyana see Hankutchin akbinnaxxu-we see Kalispel
Ainshikwe see Aingshi Aiyuwe see Iowa Ak Chin see Papago
Ainsle Creek [BC] Ntlakyapamuk Aiyuwe see Iowa Ak-e-ji see Santa Clara [NM]
(H) Aizes see Eyeish akeji see Santa Clara [NM]
A-i-nun see Crow Ajaga see Achagua Akemorl-Oohtam see Pima
Ainun see Crow Ajana see Oyana Akemorl oohtam see Pima
Aioaez see Iowa Ajana see Urukuyana Akenatzie see Occaneechee
Aioma see Acoma Ajaouez see Iowa Akenatzy see Occaneechee
Aiomo see Acoma Ajijagua see Ayagua Akensa see Quapaw
Aiouez see Iowa Ajouas see Iowa Akenuqlalam see Okinagan
Aiounouea see Iowa Ajouelle see Avoyel Akhrakouaehronon see Con-
Aiowais see Iowa Ajoues see Iowa estoga
Akhrakoueahronon Alcuco 16

Akhrakoueahronon see Susque- Akuen see Akwe Alaguilac [Gu] (BE)

hanna Akuen see Xavante Alaho see Kansa
Akhrakuaronon see Conestoga Akuesu-pai see Havasupai A-laho see Osage
akimel oodham see Gila River Akuesupai see Havasupai Alaho see Osage
Pima Akuliak-Eskimos see Akuliarmiut Alaho-ateuna [Phratry] Zuni (H)
akimel oodham see Pima Akuliarmiut [Can] Central Eski- Alakaluf see Alacaluf
Akimmash see Clackamas mos (BE) Alakatdesu [Br] Southern Nam-
Akimmash see Clackamas Akuliyo see Akurio bicuara (O)
Akinsaw see Quapaw Akulliakatagmiut [Can] Central Alakea see Palaquesson
Akiskenukinik [BC] Upper Kute- Eskimos (BE) Alakemayuk see Luckiamute
nai (H) akulmiut (Hdbk5) alakiwon see Aliklik
Akiskinookanik see akuma see Acoma Alakwisa [CA] (Pub, v.16, no.8,
Akiskenukinik Akunigmiut Kotzebue Sound Eski- p.472)
Akiyenik [BC, ID] Upper Kutenai mos (Hdbk5) Alalengya see Ala-Lengya
(H) Akuninak Sauk and Fox (H) Ala-Lengya [Phratry] Hopi (H)
Akkolear see Akuliarmiut Akuri see Akurio Ala-Leya see Ala-Lengya
Ak-kon see Auk Akurijo see Akurio Alalenya see Ala-Lengya
Akkon see Auk Akurio [Br, Su] Tiriyo (LC) Alama [EC, PE] Quechua (O)
Ak-min-e-shu-me see Kalispel Akuriyo see Akurio Alamama [MX] Lagunero (BE)
Akmineshume see Kalispel A-ku-tca-ka-nha see Delaware Alameda Tigua (H)
Ako see Abo Akutcakanha see Delaware Alameda la Isleta see Isleta
Ako see Acoma Akutskoe see Auk Alamillo [Lang] Tigua (H)
Ako [Self-designation] see akutusyam see Kawaiisu Alamillo Piro (H)
Acoma Akwa [Lang] Ge (BE) alammi see Modoc
Akochakanen see Mahican Akwaala see Akwaala alammig see Modoc
Akoeria see Akurio Akwaala [BaC, MX] Yuman (LC) Alammimakt ish see Klamath
akokavi see Acoma A-kwa-amish see Hahuamish alammimakt ish see Modoc
Akoki see Acoma Akwaamish see Hahuamish A-lan-sar see Atsina
Akokisa [TX] (BE) akwahnki (Hdbk15) see Delaware Alansar see Atsina
Akoklako see Lower Kutenai (LC) Alaoqui [MX] Coahuiltecan
Akol [Clan] Pima (H) akwahnki see Delaware (Hdbk10)
Ako-ma see Acoma Akwawa-Asurini see Asurini II Alapaguem see Saulapaguem
Akoma see Acoma Akwe (BE) Alasapas [TX] Coahuiltecan (BE)
akomage see Acoma Akwech Wichita (H) Alaskan Yupik [Lang] [AK]
Akome see Acoma Akwen see Akwe (Hdbk5)
Akonapi [IN, OH] (H) Akwesh Wichita (BE) Alatska see Clatskanie
Akonichi see Occoneechee Akwe-Shavante [Br] (LC) Alatske see Clatskanie
Akononsionni see Iroquois Akwe-Shavante [Lang] (LC) Alatskne-i see Clatskanie
Akonye [AZ] Apache (H) Akwe-Xavante see Akwe-Sha- Alatskne-i see Tlatskanai
Akoroa see Koroa vante Alatsknei see Tlatskanai
A-ko-tas-ka-roren see Tus- Akwe-Xavante see Xavante Alawahku [Clan] Pueblo Indians
carora Akwilget see Hwotsotenne (H)
A-ko-tas-ka-ro-ren see Tuscarora Akwinoshioni see Iroquois Ala wiwu see Ala
Akotaskaroren see Tuscarora Akwits [OK] Wichita (BE) Albama see Alabama
A-ko-tca-kanen see Delaware Ala [Phratry] Hopi (H) Albenaqui see Abnaki
Akotcakanen see Delaware Alabama [AL] (LC) Albenaquioue see Abnaki
Akotcakanha see Delaware Ala Bamer see Alabama Albikas see Abihka
A-ko-tca-nha see Delaware Alabamer see Alabama Albivi (H)
Akotsakannha see Abnaki Alabamu see Alabama Alcalerpaguet Coahuiltecan
A-kots-ha-ka-nem see Delaware Alacaloof see Alacaluf (Hdbk10)
Akotshakanem see Delaware Alacalouf see Alacaluf Alcea see Alsea
Akowini see Akonapi Alacaluf [CH] (LC) Alcea (H) see also Halchidhoma
Akroa (O) see also Karoa (BE) Alacaluf [Lang] (LC) (CA)
Akroa [Br] (O) Alacalufan see Alacaluf Alcea (H) see also Maricopa (LC)
Aksanas [CH] (O) Alachua [FL] Seminole (Ye) Alchedoma [AZ, CA] Yuman (H)
Aktayatsalgi [Clan] Creek (H) Alacrane [MX] Apache (H) Alchedome see Alchedoma
a-ku see Acoma Alaculoof see Alacaluf Alchedum see Alchedoma
aku see Acoma Alaculuf see Alacaluf Alchedum see Halchidhoma
Akuawa-Asurini see Asurini Aladndesu [Br] Southern Nam- Alcheduma see Alchedoma
Akuchaklacta see Lower Kutenai bicuara (O) Alchidoma see Alchedoma
Akudliarmiut see Akuliarmiut Aladshush see Chinook Alchones see Olhon
Akudnirmiut [Can] Central Eski- Aladshush see Chinook Alcojolado see Paraujano
mos (BE) Alagonkin see Algonkin Alcuco see Acoma
17 Aldeano Altatin

Aldeano [EC, PE] (O) Aliata see Ietan Alleghan see Cherokee
Aldefonso, San see San Ildefonso Aliatan see Ietan Alleghany (H) see also Cherokee
Alebamah see Alabama Aliatan see Shoshone (LC)
Alebamon see Alabama Aliatans of la Playes see Ietan Alleghany [DE] Shawnee (H)
Alebdoma see Halchidhoma Aliatans of the West see Ietan Allegheny see Alleghany
Aleche see Eyeish Aliatin see Northern Shoshone Allegwi see Cherokee
Aleguapiame [MX] Coahuiltecan Aliatons see Ietan Allenemipigon see Chippewa of
(Hdbk10) Aliatons of the West see Ietan Lake Nipegon
Al-e-is see Cascades Alibam see Alabama Allentiac [Lang] Paezan (LC)
Aleouteans see Aleuts Alibama see Alabama Allequas see Yurok
Alesar see Atsina Alibamies see Alabama Allh [VanI] Salish (H)
Aleuten see Aleuts Alibamo see Alabama Allianies see Miami
Aleutians see Aleuts Alibamon see Alabama Alliatan see Ietan
Aleuts [AK] (LC) Alibamous see Alabama Alliatans of the West see Ietan
Alexander Archipelago Tlingit Alibamu see Alabama Allibama see Alabama
(Ye) Alibanis see Alabama Allibami see Alabama
Alexandria Indians see Tautin Alibanon see Alabama Allibamon see Alabama
Aleya see Alsea Alich see Eyeish Allibamous see Alabama
Aleyut see Aleuts Aliche see Eyeish Allico see Hawikuh
Algic [Lang] (LC) Alickas see Eyeish Alligany (H) Alleghany (H)
Algic Indians see Oibwa Aligatalingmiut see Aligattaling- Alligewi see Cherokee
Algic Languages see Algonquian miun Allihewi see Cherokee
Algique see Algic Aligattalinmiun [AK] Qairmir- Alliklik [CA] (LC)
Algodomes see Alchedoma miut (Hdbk5) alliklikini see Alliklik
Algodonne see Alchedoma Alijae see Tilijaes Allinoueck see Illinois
Algokin see Algonkin Alikacaluf see Alacaluf Allu [Clan] Pecos (H)
Algomeequin see Algonkin Alikalif see Alacaluf (LC) Almaguero see Quecha
Algomequin see Algonkin Alikaluf (O) see Alacaluf Almotipu [ID] Nez Perce (BE)
Algommequin see Algonkin Alikhoolip see Alacaluf Almotu [WA] Paloos (BE)
Algommequin de lIsle see Kich- Alikoolif see Alacaluf Alnanbai see Abnaki
esipirini Alikuluf see Alacaluf Alobja see Pitalac
Algomquin see Algonkin Al-i-kwa see Yurok Alokolup see Alacaluf
Algongin see Algonkin Alikwa see Yurok Alomas see Acoma
Algongoncain see Algonkin Alile see Paraujano Alona see Halona
Algongoquois see Algonkin Alimamu see Alabama Alonagua see Halona
Algonic see Algonkin Alimibegoueci see Alimibegouek Alooculoof see Alacaluf
Algonkian see Algonquian Alimibegouek [Ont] Cree (H) Alookooloop see Alacaluf
Algonkian-Mosan [Lang] (BE) Alimouek see Illinois Aloqui see Hopi
Algonkin [Can] (LC) Alimouk see Illinois Alpowema [ID] Nez Perce (BE)
Algonkin of the Islands see Kich- Alinconguin see Algonkin Alquequin see Algonkin
esipirini Aliniouek see Illinois Alse see Alsea
Algonmequin see Algonkin Alinoueck see Illinois Alsea [OR] (LC)
Algonovin see Algonkin Alipoti [NM] Pueblo Indians (H) Alseya see Alsea
Algonquen see Algonkin Alis [FL] (Ye) Al-si see Alsea
Algonquian [Lang] (LC) Alish see Eyeish Alsi [Self-designation] see Alsea
Algonquian of Portage de Prairie Alishes see Eyeish Alsigantegwi see Arosaguntacook
[Can] Chippewa (H) Alitan see Ietan Alsiia see Alsea
Algonquian-Ritwan [Lang] (Coe) Aliton see Ietan Alsi-me tunne see Alsea
Algonquin see Algonkin Aliut see Aleuts Alsimetunne see Alsea
Algonquins tetes de Boule see Alkali Lake [BC] Shushwap (H) Alsiya see Alsea
Tetes de Boule Alkansa see Quapaw Al-tah-mo see Altahmo
Algonquins of Rainy Lake see Alkonkin see Algonkin Altahmo [CA] Costanoan (H)
Kojejewininewug Alkunwea Laalaksentaio (H) Altajumi see Altahmo
Algonquins Superieurs see Ot- Al-la-ka-we-ah see Allakaweah Altajumo see Altahmo
tawa Allakaweah [MT] (H) Altamaha (BE) see also Tama (BE)
Algoomenquini see Algonkin Allayume see Aleuts Altamaha [GA] Yamassee (BE)
Algoquin see Algonkin Alle [NM] Pueblo Indians (H) Altamuskeet see Machapunga
Algouinquin see Algonkin Allebome see Comanche Al-ta-tin see Sekani
Algoumekin see Algonkin Allegan see Cherokee Altatin see Sekani
Algoumequin see Algonkin Allegany see Alleghany Al-ta-tin of Bear Lake see
Algoumequini see Algonkin Allegewe see Cherokee Saschutkenne
Algumenquini see Algonkin Allegewi see Cherokee Altatin of Bear Lake see
Aliaska Penninsula see Aglemiut Allegewy see Cherokee Saschutkenne
Altatmo American 18

Altatmo see Altahmo Amakhaba see Mohave Amatiha [ND] Hidatsa (BE)
Altau [Self-designation] see Alti- Amalecite see Malecite A ma tiha mi see Amahami
nun Amalicite see Malecite A-mac-ha-ve see Mohave
Altekas see Texas Amalingan see Malecite Amatihami see Amahami
Altenkin see Algonkin Amaliste see Malecite Amatisenge [PE] Campo (O)
Altignenonghac see At- Amamanage see Amanaye Amatsenge see Amatisenge
tigneenongnahac Amamati see Yamamadi Amawaca see Amahuaca
Altihamaguez see Attikamegue Amanage see Amanaye Amawaka see Amahuace
Altikamek see Attikamegue Amanaje see Amanaye Amaxa [NM] Pueblo Indians (H)
Altikameque see Attikamegue Amanajo see Amanaye Amayes see Jemez
Altinun [CA] Yokuts (H) Amanajoz see Amanaye Amaza [NM] Pueblo Indians (H)
Alu [Clan] Pecos (H) Amanakoa see Amonokoa Amazonia see Amazon River Re-
Alucaluf see Alacaluf Amananiu see Amanaye gion or Valley
Alucuyana see Oyana Amanasu [MX] Coahuiltecan Amazon River Region (LC)
A luhl see Awluhl (Hdbk10) Amazon River Valley (LC)
Aluhl see Awluhl Amanaye [Br] (LC) Ambahtawoot see Abbatotine
Alukoeluf see Alacaluf Amancoa [MX] Coahuiltecan Ambah-tawut-dinni see Abbato-
Alukulup see Alacaluf (Hdbk10) tine
Alukuyana see Oyana Amandaicoes see Anadarko Ambahtawutdinni see Abbatotine
Aluplishlish see Atapliliish Amapoala [MX] Coahuiltecan Ambataut tine see Abbatotine
Alutiiq (Hdbk5) see also Aleuts (Hdbk10) Ambatauttine see Abbatotine
(LC) Amaque see Hopi Ambatawwoot see Abbatotine
Alutiiq [AK] (AlGeo, v.23, no.2, Amaquei [HA, WInd] Bainoa Ambawtamoot see Abbatotine
1996) (BE) Ambawtawhootdinneh see Abba-
Alvayelilit see Eskimos Amaqui see Hopi totine
Alvayelitit see Eskimos Amaracaire see Amarakaeri Ambawtawhoot Tinneh see Ab-
Alwasa-Ontilka see Coast Yuki Amarakaeri [PE] Mashco (O) batotine
Amacaba see Mohave Amarakaire see Amarakaeri Ambawtawhoottinneh see Abba-
Amacabo see Mohave Amaraquisp [MX] Coahuiltecan totine
Amacabos see Mohave (Hdbk10) Ambawtawoot see Abbatotnine
Amacacore see Iquito Amarascoggin see Arosagunta- Ambawtowhoot see Abbatotine
Amacahuri [Clan] Timucua (H) cook Ambure see Botocudo
Amacano [FL] (BE) Amarascogin see Arosaguntacook Amdowapuskiyapi Sisseton (H)
Amacapiras see Macapiras Amarescoggin see Arosagunta- Amdustez see Conestoga
Amacaua see Mohave cook Ame see Zuni
Amacava see Mohave Amariba [Br] Wapisiana (O) Amediche (H) see also Nabedache
Amachave see Mohave Amaripa see Amariba (BE)
Amacuaguaramara [MX] Amariscoggin see Arosagunta- Amediche [TX] (H)
(Hdbk10) cook Amedichez see Amediche
Amacuyero [MX] Coahuiltecan Amarizama [Col, VE] Achagua Amedichez see Nabedache
(Hdbk10) (O) Amege see Jemez
Amador [Lang] [CA] Miwok Amarizan Acahgua (BE) Ameguara [MX] Coahuiltecan
(Pub, v.6, no.3, p.353) Amarizina [Lang] Maipurean (O) (Hdbk10)
Amage see Amuesha Amaroscoggen see Arosagunta- Amehouest see Amikwa
Amaguaco see Amahuaca cook Ameias see Jemez
Amaguagua see Mohave Amasaconticook see Amaseconti Ameie see Jemez
Amagues see Amuesha Amasacontoog see Amaseconti Amejes see Jemez
Amahami [ND] Siouan (BE) Amasaguanteg see Amaseconti Ameleste see Malecite
Amahim see Anaham Amasagunticook see Arosagunta- Amelick see Malecite
Amahiyukpa [AZ] Wikedjasapa cook Amelinga see Malecite
(BE) Amasconly see Amaseconti Ameliste see Malecite
Amahuaca [Lang] [Br, PE] Amascontie see Amaseconti Amelistis see Malecite
Panoan (LC) Amasconty see Amaseconti Amena-Diapa [Lang] Catuquina (O)
Amahuaka see Amahuaca Amasecontee see Amaseconti Amena-Diapa Indians see
Amahuaya see Mohave Amaseconti [ME] Abnaki (BE) Catuquina
Amajaba see Mohave Amashi see Hidatsa Ameneci see Malecite
Amajava see Mohave Amasi see Amahami Amentis see Munsee
Amaje see Amuesha Amassacanty see Amaseconti Ameralik Greenland Eskimos (BE)
Amajo see Amuesha Amassaconty see Amaseconti Amerascogen see Arosaguntacook
Amajuaca see Amahuaca Amatam [MX] Coahuiltecan Amereangan see Arosaguntacook
Amakaraongky see Aquackanong (Hdbk10) Amerescogin see Arosaguntacook
A-mak-ava see Mohave A-ma-te-wat-se see Amahami American Valley [Lang] [CA]
amakava see Mohave Amatewatse see Amahami Maidu (CA-8)
19 Ameries Anadako

Ameries see Jemez Amkepatine see Hunkpatina Ampapa see Hunkpapa

Ameriscoggin see Arosagunta- Am-khark-hit-ton see Ankake- Ampape see Hunkpapa
cook hittan Ampishtna [OR] Calapooya (BE)
Amerrisscoggin see Arosagunta- Amkharkhitton see Ankakehittan Ampkoknimaklaks see Umpqua
cook Amkora see Arikara Ampkua see Umpqua
A-me-she see Hidatsa Ammarascoggin see Arosagunta- Ampxankni see Wasco
Ameshe see Hidatsa cook Amresscoggin see Arosagunta-
Ameuhaque see Amahuaca Ammarescoggin see Arosagunta- cook
Ameyao [JA, WInd] (BE) cook Amu [Clan] Pecos (H)
Amgutsuish see Umpqua Ammascoggen see Arosagunta- Amu-chaba see Mohave
Ami see Zuni cook Amuchaba see Mohave (LC)
Amicawaes see Amikwa Ammassalik Eskimos see Ammas- Amucho see Amuzgo
Amicoa (H) salimmiut Amueixa see Amuesha
Amicois see Amikwa ammassalimmiut East Greenlan- Amueixa see Lorenzan
Amicous see Amikwa ders (Hdbk5) Amuesa see Amuesha
Amicour see Amikwa Ammisk-watchee-thinyoowuc see Amuesa see Lorenzan
Amicoures see Amikwa Paskwawininiwug Amuese see Amuesha
Amic-ways see Amikwa Ammuchaba see Mohave Amuesha [PE] (LC)
Amicways see Amikwa Amniape [Br] (O) Amueshua see Amuesha
Amiemhuaca [PE] Campa (O) Amo (BE) see also Mosetenos Amuetamo see Amuesha
Amies see Jemez (LC) Amuexa see Amuesha
Amiguara [Lang] [MX] Quinigua Amo (O) see also Chimane (LC) Amuhak see Mohawk
(Hdbk10) Amo [NM] Pueblo Indians (H) Amuhak see Mohawk
Amihouis see Amikwa Amoama [MX] Coahuiltecan A-mu-kwi-kwe see Hopi
Amik see Ahmik (Hdbk10) Amukwikwe see Hopi
Amikois see Amikwa A-moc-ha-ve see Mohave Amusaya [Clan] Timucua (H)
Amikones see Amikwa Amochave see Mohave Amusgo see Amuzgo
Amikouai see Amikwa Amoekwikwe see Hopi Amushungkwa [NM] Jemez (H)
Amikouas see Amikwa Amoekwikwe see Hopi Amusteack Choptank (Hdbk15)
Amikouek see Amikwa Amoguama [MX] Coahuiltecan amutcakaiem [Clan] [CA] Serrano
Amikoues see Amikwa (Hdbk10) (Pub, v.26, 1929)
Amikouest see Amikwa Amohah see Mohave Amuzgo [MX] Miztecan (LC)
Mikouest see Amikwa Amohak see Mohawk Ana (BE) see also Cree (LC)
Amikouet see Amikwa Amoishe see Amuesha Ana, Sta see Santa Ana [NM]
Amikouis see Amikwa Amojave see Mohave Ana [Clan] Zuni (H)
Amikouy see Amikwa Amokebit see Mocobi Anaashashi see Santa Clara
A-miks-eks see Inuksiks A-mo-kini see Hopi Anaashashi see Tewa
Amikseks see Inuksiks Amokini see Hopi Anabaidaitcho see Nabedache
Amikwa [Can] Algonquian (LC) A-mo-kwi see Hopi Anacaioury see Yao
Amilcou (H) Amokwi see Hopi Anacamegishca (His/T)
Amilicite see Malecite Amolelish see Molala Anacan Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Amimenipaty [DE] Unalachtigo Amonces [CA] Yokuts (H) Anacana see Aracanaes
(BE) Amonokoa Illinois (H) Anacasiguais see Anachiquaies
Amios see Jemez Amonoscoggan see Arosagunta- Anachiquaies [MX] Tamaulipec
Amircankanne see Arosagunta- cook (BE)
cook Amonoscoggin see Arosagunta- Anacostan see Nacotchtank
Amireaneau see Arosaguntacook cook Anacostank see Conoy
Amires see Jemez Amoroa (O) Anacostin see Conoy
Amirgankaniois see Narraganset Amorua [Col] (O) Ana-da-ca see Anadarko
Amiscogging see Pequawket Amoscongen see Arosaguntacook Anadaca see Anadarko
Amishgo see Amuzgo Amosequonty see Amaseconti Anadacao see Anadarko
Amitaga see Amituaga Amo-shium-qua see Anadaghcoes see Anadarko
Amito [MX] Coahuiltecan Amushungkwa Anadahcoe see Anadarko
(Hdbk10) Amoshiumqua see Anadahha see Anadarko
Amitons see Yankton Amushungkwa An-a-dah-has see Anadarko
Amitormiut [Can] Eskimos (H) Amoskeag [NH] Pennacook (H) An-a-dah-kas see Anadarko
Amitsi see Atsugewi Amoxunqua see Amushungkwa Anadahkoes see Anadarko
Amitsi see Atsugewi Amoxunque see Amushungkwa Anadahkos see Anadarko
Amitturmiut [AK] Iglulingmiut Amo-zium-qua see Anadaka see Anadarko
(Hdbk5) Amushungkwa An-a-dak-ha see Anadarko
Amituaga [MX] Cerralvo Amoziumqua see Amushungkwa Anadakha see Anadarko
(Hdbk10) Ampalamuyu [OR] Luckiamute Anadakka see Anadarko
Amiyaya [MX] (Hdbk10) (BE) Anadako see Anadarko
Anadaku An-ghem-ak-ti-koo 20

Anadaku see Anadarko Anasazi (LC) Andastogne see Conestoga

Anadarco see Anadarko Anasazi Pueblo Indians (LC) Andastogue see Conestoga
Anadarko (H) see also Nadarko Anasazi Culture (LC) see also Andastoguehronnon see Con-
(BE) Pueblo Indians (LC) estoga
Anadarko [TX] Caddoan Confed- Anasgua [MX] Coahuiltecan Andastogueronnon see Con-
eracy (H) (Hdbk10) estoga
Anadarko [TX] Hasinai Confeder- Anasuguntakook see Arosagunta- Andastohe see Conestoga
acy (BE) cook Andastonez see Conestoga
Anadoghes see Anadarko Ana Sushi see Santa Clara Andastoui see Conestoga
Anadorko see Anadarko Anasushi see Santa Clara Andastracronnon see Conestoga
Anagado see Anegado Anauqua see Nafuqua Andata honato see Ottawa
Anagansetts see Narragansett Anauya [Lang] Maupurean (O) Andatahouat see Ottawa
Anagonge see Abnaki Anavare see Avavares Andatahouats see Eskimos
Anaguanoxgi see Abnaki Anawmanient see Onawmanient Andatohat see Ottawa
Anaguas see Mohawk Anaxi see Biloxi Andaye see Adai
Anaham [BC] Tsilkotin (H) Anaxis see Biloxi And-dai-coes see Anadarko
An-ah-dah-koes see Anadarko Anaya [JA, WInd] (BE) Ande see Campa
Anahdahkoes see Anadarko Anayents see Oneida Andean see Andes Region
An-ah-dah-kos see Anadarko Anayints see Oneida Anderson Lake [BC] Upper Lil-
Anahdahkos see Anadarko Anayot haga see Oneida looet (H)
Anahdaka see Anadarko Ancalagresses (H) Andersons River Esquimaux see
Anahem see Anaham Ancash [PE] (O) Kitegareut
Anahim see Anaham Ancash-Huanuco [Lang] Quechua Andes Region (LC)
Anahon see Osage (O) Andira see Maue
Anainiyakacina see Kanse Ancashiguy Coahuiltecan Ando see Shimigae
Anais see Haisai (Hdbk10) Andoa see Shimigae
Anajot see Oneida Ancavistis Faraon Apache (H) Andoke [Lang] [Col] Paezan (LC)
Anake see Auake Ancerma see Anserma Andoouanchronon see
Anakew see Ana Anchipawah see Chippewa Ataronchronon
Anakwancki see Delaware Anckutere see Angotera Andoque see Andoke
Ana-kwanka see Delaware Ancoalla (BE) Andoquero [Lang] [Col] Witoto
Anakwanki see Delaware Ancocus [NJ] Delaware (Hdbk15) (O)
Ana-kwe see Ana Ancutena see Angotera Andosagues see Conestoga
Analac see Analoa Ancutera see Angotera Andostaguez see Conestoga
Analco [NM] Tewa (H) Ancutere see Angotera Andostoue see Conestoga
Analoa [AR] (H) Andacaminos [TX] Coahuiltecan Andowanchronon see
Anamari see Yamamadi (BE) Ataronchronon
Anambe [Br] (BE) Andacui see Andaqui Andrejanouschen Aleuten see
Aname see Aranama Andagueda [Pan] Embera (O) Atka
Anana see Guanano Andaico see Anadarko Androscoggin see Arosagunta-
Ananare see Avavares Andaki see Andaqui cook
Anancock see Accomac Anda-koen see Eskimos Andshankualth [OR] Yamel (BE)
Anancock see Onancock Andakoen see Eskimos Andshimmampak [OR] Yamel
Anandaga see Onondaga Andaqui [Col, PE] (LC) (BE)
Anandarkoes see Anadarko Andarco see Anadarko Anduico see Anadarko
Anani see Biloxi Andaslaka see Conestoga Anega see Henya
Ananis see Biloxi Andastaehronon see Conestoga Anegado [TX] Coahuiltecan (H)
Anano see Guanano Andastaeronnon see Conestoga Anenepit see Kopagmiut
Anantooeah see Seneca Andastaes see Conestoga A-ne-po see Anepo
Anapaho see Arapaho Andastagueus see Conestoga Anepo [MN, Can] Kainah (BE)
Anapati [PE] Campa (O) Andastaguez see Conestoga Angaite [Lang] [Par] Mascoian (H)
Anapia see Carijonia Andastaka see Conestoga Angaite [Par] (BE)
Anaqua see Nahukwa Andaste see Susquehanna Angakok (H)
Anarkat Greenland Eskimos (BE) Andastes see Conestoga Angalla see Oglala
Anasaguntacook see Arosagunta- Andastfs see Conestoga Angam see A-ngam
cook Andastiguez see Conestoga A-ngam [Lang] Papago (Hdbk10)
Anasaguntacook see Arsigan- Andastiquez see Conestoga Ang see Mohawk
tenok Andastoe see Conestoga Angechagemut see Ekogmut
Anasaguntakook see Arosagunta- Andastoer see Conestoga Angechagemut see Ankachag-
cook Andastoerhonon see Conestoga miut
Anasagunticook see Arosagunta- Andastoeronnon see Conestoga Angeles (H) see also Pecos (BE)
cook Andastoeronnon see Conestoga An-ghem-ak-ti-koo see Accom-
Ana Santa [NM] (BE) Andastoerrhonon see Conestoga inta
21 Anghemaktikoo Anskowinis

Anghemaktikoo see Accominta A-ni-sa-ha-ni see Asahani Anna-darcoes see Anadarko

Anghethade see Gunghet-haida- Anisahani see Asahani Annadarcoes see Anadarko
gai Ani-Sahani [Clan] Cherokee Annah see Cree
Anghichia see Piankashaw (His/T) Annahawa see Amahami
Angit Haade see Gunghet-haida- Ani-Sawanugi see Shawnee Annaho see Osage
gai Anisawanugi see Shawnee Annamessex see Pocomoke
Anglemiut [AK] Eskimos (H) Ani-Senika see Seneca Annamessick (Hdbk15) see also
Angmagsalingmiut Greenland Es- Anishinabe see Chippewa Pocomoke (Hdbk15)
kimos (BE) Anishinabeg see Chippewa Annamessick [MD] Nanticoke
Angmagsalink Indians see An-ish-in-aub-ag see Chippewa (BE)
Angmagsalingmiut Anishinaubag see Chippewa An-namu see Anu
Angmagssalik see Kalatdlisut Ani-Skala-li see Tuscarora Annamu see Anu
Angotera [EC] Secoya (O) Aniskalali see Tuscarora Annapolis [NS] Kespoogwit Mic-
Angotero [PE] Western Tukanoan Ani-Suwala see Cheraw mac (BE)
(O) Anisuwala see Cheraw Annas [TX] Coahuiltecan (BE)
Angutera see Angotera Ani-Suwali see Cheraw Annawon [MA] Wampanoag (BE)
Angwassag [MI] Chippewa (H) Anisuwali see Cheraw Annay see Hainai
Ang-wush-a see Angwusi Anitagua see Catawba Anndggho see Anadarko
Angwusi [Clan] Hopi (H) Anitagua see Catawba Annegouts see Oneida
Anhawa see Amahami Ani-Tsa-ta see Choctaw Anniegue see Mohawk
Aniaka-haka see Mohawk Anitsata see Choctaw Anniehronnon see Mohawk
Anibiminanisibiwininiwak [Ont, AniTsiksu see Chickasaw Anniene see Mohawk
MN] Chippewa (BE) Anitsiksu see Chickasaw anieneeronnon see Mohawk
Anichapanama Coahuiltecan Anitsiskwa see Ani-Tsiskwa Annieneronon see Mohawk
(Hdbk10) Ani-Tsiskwa [Clan] Cherokee Anniengehronnon see Mohawk
Ani see Mohawk (His/T, p.398) Anniengeronnon see Mohawk
Aniers see Mohawk Ani-Wadi (His/T, p.398) Annienhronnon see Mohawk
Aniez see Mohawk Aniwadi see Ani-Wadi Annieronnon see Mohawk
Anigatagewi see Ani-Gatagewi Ani-Wasasi see Osage Annieronon see Mohawk
Ani-gatagewi [Clan] Cherokee Aniwasasi see Osage Annierronnon see Mohawk
(His/T, p.398) Aniwaya see Aniwaya Annies see Mohawk
Anigilah (PC) Aniwaya [Clan] Cherokee (H) Anniez see Mohawk
Ani-Gilah [Clan] Cherokee Ani-yunwiga see Cherokee Anninici [HA, WInd] Bainoa
(His/T) Ani-Yunwiga see Cherokee (BE)
Ani-Gili see Congaree Aniyunwiga see Cherokee Annirkakan see Arosaguntacook
Anigili see Congaree Ani-Yunwiya see Cherokee Annocchy see Biloxi
Ani-Gusa see Muskogee Aniyunwiya see Cherokee An-no-dar-coes see Anadarko
Ani-Gusa see Creek Ani-yunwiya [Self-designation] Annodarcoes see Anadarko
Anigusa see Creek see Cherokee Annogonge see Abnaki
Anigusa see Muskogee Ani-Yutsi see Yuchi Annu [Self-designation] see Pa-
Anikawi see Ani-Kawi Aniyutsi see Yuchi raujano
Ani-Kawi [Clan] Cherokee (H) Anjoues see Iowa Anoeg see Eno
Ani-Kawita see Lower Creek Ankachagmiut [AK] Chnagmiut A-nog-i-na jin see Anoginajin
Anikawita see Lower Creek Eskimos (H) Anoginajin Wakpaatonwedan (H)
Ani-Kituhwagi see Cherokee Ankakehittan [AK] Koluschan (H) Anogongaar see Abnaki
Anikituhwagi see Cherokee Ankappa-nukkicicimi see Cedar Anoixi [AR] Caddoan (H)
Anikoessa see Creek An-Kutchin see Hankutchin Anonotha [Self-designation] see
Ani-Kusa see Upper Creek Ankutchin see Hankutchin Nonuya
Ani-Kusa see Upper Creek Ankwa see Umpqua Anos-anyotskano see Arapaho
Anikusa see Upper Creek Anligmuts see Kaviagmiut Anosanyotskano see Arapaho
aniltanii see Navajo Anlygmuten see Kaviagmiut Anoyints see Oneida
Animay see Ione Anmesoukkanti see Amaseconti Anpan [Clan] Quapaw (H)
Ani-Natsi see Natchez Anmessukkantti see Amaseconti Anpanenikashika [Clan] Quapaw
Aninatsi see Natchez Anmissekanti see Amaseconti (H)
Aninin see Gros Ventre Anmoughcawgen see Arosagun- Anqake hit tan see Ankakehit-
Ani-Nundawegi see Seneca tacook tan
Aninundawegi see Seneca Ann, Saint see Santa Ana Anquimamiomo [MX] Coahuilte-
Anipahu see Arapaho Anna see Anxau can (Hdbk10)
Anipahu see Arapaho Anna, S. see Santa Ana Anserma [Col] (LC)
Aniporspi see Nez Perce Anna, Santa see Santa Ana Anseus see Kansa
Aniraniguara [MX] (Hdbk10) Annacostin see Conoy An-shi-i-que see Aingshi
Ani-Sahan (His/T) Annadahkoes see Anadarko Anshiique see Aingshi
Anisahan see Ani-Sahan Annadahoes see Anadarko Anskowinis [SD] Cheyenne (BE)
Anskowinis Apaches 22

Anskowinis [SD] Cheyenne (BE) Anvik-Shageluk [AK] Ingalik Apaca-tsche-e-tuo (BE) see also
Antaniri [PE] Campa (O) (BE) Apacachodegogedi (BE)
Antarianunts [UT] Southern Anwuci winwu see Angwusi Apacatscheetuo see Apacachode-
Paiute (Hdbk11) An-wu-si wunwu see Angwusi godegi
Antastoez see Conestoga Anwusi wunwu see Angwusi Apacatscheetuo see Apaca-tsche-
Antastogue see Conestoga Anxau Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) e-tuo
Antastouais see Conestoga Anyganset see Narraganset Apaca-tsche-e-tuo Caduveo (O)
Antastouez see Conestoga Anyukwinu [NM] Jemez (H) Apacci see Apache
Ante see Campa Anzerma see Anserma Apacha see Apache
Antelope-eaters see Kwahari Aoais see Iowa Apachas see Apache
Antelope Skinners see Kwahari Aoaqui see Auake Apache [AZ, NM, TX, MX] (LC)
Anthontan see Teton Aoat see Awata Apachean [Lang] (Hdbk10)
Anthoutanta see Oto Aocola [MX] Coahuiltecan Apache Arivapah see Arivaipa
Anti see Arawak (Hdbk10) Apache Band of Pharaoh see
Anti see Campa Aoechisacronon see Missisauga Faraon
Antiguos Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Aoechisaeronon see Mississauga Apache de Nabajo see Navajo
Antoinede Senecu, S. see Senecu Aoeni-Kunk see Southern Apache Indians of Nabaju see
Antoniano [CA] (LC) Tehuelche Navajo
Antoniano [Lang] [CA] Salinan Aoge see Apinage Apache Mimbrenos see Mim-
(He) Ao-gitana-i see Aogitunai breno Apache
Antonio [CA] Salinan (Pub, Aogitunai [BC] Masset (H) Apache Mohave see Yavapai
v.10, no.4, p.104) Aoiatenon see Wea Apache-Mojaoes see Yavapai
Antonio, S. see Senecu Aokeawai [Clan] Skittagetan (H) Apache-Mojaves see Yavapai
Antonio, San [CA] (BE) Aome see Tohome Apache Peaks San Carlos Apache
Antonio, San [Lang] [CA] Salli- Aona see Ona (BE)
nan (Pub, v.14, no.1) Aonarktormiut see Hauniqtuur- Apacherian see Apache
Antonio, San [Pueblo] [NM] miut Apachesa see Apache
Tigua (H) Aonays see Iowa Apaches Broncos see Chiricahua
Antonio de la Isleta, San see Aondironon [Can, NY] Neutral Apache
Isleta Nation (BE) Apaches Carlanes see Carlane
Antonio de la Ysleta, San see Aonik see Ona Apaches Chiricaguis see Chiric-
Isleta Aonik see Southern Tehuelche ahua Apache
Antonio de Padua, Sant see Aoniken see Southern Tehuelche Apaches Colorados Vaqueros
Puaray Aonikenk see Southern (Hdbk10)
Antonio de Senaca, S. see Senecu Tehuelche Apaches Conejeros (Hdbk10)
Antonio de Sencen, S. see Senecu Aonikenke see Southern Apaches Conexeros see Apaches
Antonio de Seneci, S. see Senecu Tehuelche Conejeros
Antonio de Senecu, S. see Senecu Aoniko-tshonk see Southern Apaches de Chilmo (Hdbk10)
Antonio de Senecu Sant see Tehuelche Apaches de Chiricahui see Chir-
Senecu Aonukunk see Southern icahua Apache
Antonio of Sinolu, San see Tehuelche Apaches de Gila (Hdbk10)
Senecu del Sur Ao-qeawa-i see Aokeawai Apaches de Jicarilla see Jicarilla
Antonio Seneca, San see Senecu Aoqeawai see Aokeawai Apache
del Sur Aorta Band see Heviq-nipahis Apaches del Acho (Hdbk10)
Antontutua [PE] Taushiro (O) Aostlanlnagai [Clan] [Can] Skit- Apaches de la Xicarilla see Jicar-
Antony, St. see Senecu tagetan (H) illa Apache
Antouaronons see Neutral Na- Aouas see Iowa Apaches del Cuartelejo see
tion Aouasanik see Ouasourini Apaches de Quartelejo
Antouhonoron see Seneca Aouayeille see Avoyel Apaches del Mechon (Hdbk10)
Antouhonoron see Oneida Aouciatenon see Wea Apaches del Natafe see Natage
Antouoronon see Seneca Ao ya ku lnaga i see Aoyakulna- Apaches del Natage see Natage
antovorino see Seneca gai Apaches de los Chipaynes see
Anu [Clan] Hopi (H) Aoyakulnagai [Clan] Skittagetan Chilpaines
Anuenes see Anuenes (H) Apaches del Perrillo [NM] (H)
Anuenes [Clan] Nanaimo (H) apaai see Papago Apaches del Quartelejo [KS] Ji-
Anumania (O) see also Aueti (O) apac see Navajo carilla Apache (H)
Anumania [Br] (O) Apacachodegodegi (BE) see also Apaches de Nabajoa see Navajo
Anun see Paraujano Mbaya (LC) Apaches de Nabaju see Apache
Anunze see Nambicuara Apacachodegodegi Caduveo (BE) Apaches de Nabaju see Navajo
Anuu see Paraujano Apacachodeguo Caduveo (O) Apaches de Nauajo see Navajo
A-nu wunwu see Anu Apacatchudeho Caduveo (O) Apaches de Navaio see Navajo
Anuwunwu see Anu Apacatsche-e-tuo (BE) see also Apaches de Navajo see Navajo
Anuxa see Ocaina Apacachodegodegi (BE) Apaches de Navajo see Navajo
23 Apaches Apikaiyiks

Apaches de Navajox see Navajo Apalaccium see Apalachee Apapocuva [Br] (LC)
Apaches de Nementina see Apalacha see Apalachee Apapokuva see Apapocuva
Apaches de Trementina Apalache see Apalachee Apapokuva see Avachiripa
Apaches de Peryllo see Apaches Apalachean see Apalachee Apapovoteng see Avachiripa
del Perrillo Apalachecolo see Apalachicola Apaqssos see Apaqssos
Apaches de Quinia (Hdbk10) Apalachee [AL, FL] Muskhogean Apaqssos [Clan] Menominee (H)
Apaches de Siete Rios (Hdbk10) (LC) Aparai [Lang] [UAz, v.28]
Apaches de Trementina (Hdbk10) Apalachen see Apalachee Aparai Indians see Apalai
Apaches de Xicarilla see Jicarilla Apalachi see Apalachee Aparano see Mosetenos
Apache Apalachi see Apalachee Apatch see Apache
Apaches de Xila see Gila Apache Apalachia see Apalachee Apatche see Apache
Apaches de Xila see Apaches de Apalachian see Apalachee apatche-ahua see Apache
Gila Apalachias see Apalachee Apatcheahua see Apache
Apaches Faraones see Faraon Apalachicola [GA] (LC) Apatches see Apache
Apaches Farones see Faraon Apalachicolo see Apalachicola Apa-tche tainin see Apache
Apaches gileos see Gila Apache Apalachicoloes see Apalachicola Apatchetainin see Apache
Apaches jileos see Gila Apache Apalachicoly see Apalachicola Apatchim see Apache
Apaches Lipanes see Lipan Apache Apalachicoulys see Apalachicola Apatchu see Navajo
Apaches Llaneros see Mescalero Apalachin see Apalachee Apatchu see Navajo
Apache Apalachino see Apalachee A-pa-tcim see Apache
Apaches Mansos [AZ] (H) Apalachita see Apalachee Apats see Apache
Apaches Mescaleros see Apalachite see Apalachee Apatschee see Apache
Mescalero Apache Apalachoocla see Apalachicola Apatsh see Apache
Apaches Mescalorez see Apalachucla see Apalachicola Apa-tsil-tli-zhihi see Apatsiltl-
Mescalero Apache Apalai (LC) see also Aparai (LC) izhihi
Apaches Nabajai see Navajo Apalai [Br, Su] Carib (LC) Apatsiltlizhihi [NM] Jicarilla
Apaches of Arkansas River see Apalakire see Apalakiri Apache (BE)
Kiowa Apache Apalakiri [Br] (LC) Apatsjoe see Navajo
Apaches of Seven Rivers see Apalans see Apalachee Apatsjoe see Navajo
Mescalero Apache Apalaquiri see Apalakiri Apayi see Apaysi
Apaches of the Plains see Kiowa Apalatchee see Apalachee Apaysi Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Apache Apalatchia see Apalachee Apayxam (H) see also Ebahamo
Apaches orientaux see Querecho Apalatchukla see Apalachicola (H)
Apaches Pharaones see Faraon Apalatchy see Apalachee Apayxam Coahuiltecan
Apaches Taraones see Faraon Apalatchy-Cola see Apalachicola Apeica see Arara
Apaches Vasqueras see Querecho Apalatci see Apalachee Apeirandi [Br] Kawahib (O)
Apaches Vasqueros see Querecho Apalay see Apalai Apelash see Apalachee
Apaches Xicarillas see Jicarilla Apalchen see Apalachee Apeloussa see Opelousa
Apache Apalehen see Apalachee Apelusa see Opelousa
Apache Tonto see Tonto Apache Apallachian see Apalachee Apena [NM] [Pueblo Indians] (H)
Apache Tontoes see Tonto Apalousa see Opelousa Apennapem Coahuiltecan
Apache Apalusa see Opelusa (Hdbk10)
Apache Yuma see Tulkepaia Apamatecoh see Appomattoc Apeolatei see Apalachee
apachide see Apache Apamatica see Appomatoc Apes see Hapes
Apachies see Apache Apamatick see Appomattoc A-pe-tup-i see Ahahpitape
apachin see Apache Apamatuck see Appomattoc Apetupi see Ahahpitape
Apachis see Apache Apamatuk see Appomattoc Apewan tanka see Apewantanka
Apacho see Apache Apamona Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Apewantanka Brule (H)
Apachos Mescaleros see A-pa-nax-ke see Abnaki aphache see Apache
Mescalero Apache Apanaxke see Abnaki Apiaca [Br] (LC)
Apachu see Apache Apa n de see Lipan Apache Apiachi see Apyachi
Apaci see Apache Apande see Lipan Apache Apiaka see Apiaca
Apades see Apache Apani see Pawnee Apiche see Apache
apaeci see Jicarilla Apache Apaniekra [Br] (O) Apiches see Eyeish
Apaehe see Apache A-pan-to-pse see Arikara Apichi (H) see also Apache (LC)
Apafan see Nestucca Apantopse see Arikara Apichi [Clan] Timucua (H)
Apahlahche see Apalachee Apanyecra see Apaniekra Apieaca see Arara
apaho-pais see Nez Perce Apanyekra see Apaniekra apihavatum [Clan] Serrano (Pub,
A-pa-huache see Apache Apaomateke see Appomattoc v.26, 1929)
Apahuache see Apache A-pa-o-pa see Nez Perce A-pi-kai-yiks see Apikaiyiks
Apaichi see Apyachi Apaopa see Nez Perce Ap-i-kai-yiks see Apikaiyiks
apaksisttohkihkini-tsitapi-koana Apap see Apap Apikaiyiks [Can, MN] Kainah
see Flathead Apap Pima (H) (BE)
Apilache Arahasomi 24

Apilache see Apalachee Apsaroke see Crow Aquas-saw-tee see Koasati

Apilash see Apalachee Apsarraka see Crow Aquatsagane see Mahican
Apinage [Br] (LC) Apsaruka see Crow Aquatzagane see Mahican
Apinaje see Apinage Apsharooke see Crow Aqueckenonge see Aquackanonk
Apinaye see Apinage Ap-sha-roo-kee see Crow Aqueckkonunque see Aquack-
Apinefu see Chepenafa Apuasto see Ahwaste anonk
Apinefu see Chepenafa Apuki see Apuki Aquelegua see Gualegua
Apingui [Lang] (UAz, v.28) Apuki [Clan] Pima (H) Aqueloa pissa see Acolapissa
Apingui Indians see Arara A-pu-pe see Nez Perce Aquelon Pissa see Acolapissa
Apinulboines see Assiniboin Apupe see Nez Perce Aquelou pissa see Acolapissa
Apis see Hapes Apurina see Ipurina Aqueyquinunke see Aquack-
Apiscas see Abihka Aputere see Mbya anonk
Apistekaihe [Can] Cree (BE) Aputere see Caingua Aqui see Haqui
Apistonga [AL] (H) Ap-ut-o-si-kai-nah see Aqui see Pecos
Apitala [MX] Coahuiltecan Aputosikainah Aquia see Acoma
(Hdbk10) Aputosikainah [Can, MN] Kainah Aquicabo Pueblo Indians (H)
Ap-la-che see Aplache (BE) Aquicato see Aquicabo
Aplache [CA] (H) Apwaruge [Lang] Atsugewi (CA-8) Aquickanucke see Aquackanonk
Apoche see Apache Apwarukei see Apwaruge Aquickanunke see Aquackanonk
Apohola [Clan] Timucua (H) A-pwa-tci see Apache Aquico see Hawikuh
Apolacka see Apalachee Apwatci see Apache Aquieeronon see Mohawk
Apolashe see Apalachee Apyachi [CA] [CA-8] Aquiers see Mohawk
Apomatock see Appomattoc Apytere see Mbya Aquijampo [MX] Coahuiltecan
Aponitre Pueblo Indians (H) Aqathinena [WY] Arapaho (BE) (Hdbk10)
Apopokuva see Apapocuva A-qiu see Pecos Aquima see Kiakima
Apopokuva see Avachiripa Aqiu see Pecos Aquiman see Kiakima
Apopovoteng see Avachiripa Aqkamnik see Akamnik Aquinoshioni see Iroquois
Aporige [CA] Atsugewi (H) Aqkamnik see Akamnik Aquinsa [NM] Zuni (H)
Apostata [MX] Tamaulipec (BE) Aqkamot [WI] Menominee (BE) Aquintankee see Pocomoke
Apoya [Clan] Zuni (H) Aqkanequnik see Akanekunik Aquinteca see Pocomoke
Apoya-kwe see Apoya Aqkanequnik see Akanekunik Aquinushionee see Iroquois
Appache see Apache Aqkiskanukenik see Aquira-Otam see Pima
Appachee see Apache Akiskenukinik Aquitadotdacam Coahuiltecan
Appalache see Apalachee Aqkisk-enu-kinik see (Hdbk10)
Appalachian see Apalachee Akiskenukinek Aquiu see Pecos
Appalachicola see Apalachicola Aqkoqtlatlqo see Lower Kutenai Aquoechononque see Aquack-
Appalachite see Apalachee Aqkoqtlatlqo [Lang] Kitunahan (H) anonk
Appalacho see Apalachee A-qo see Acoma Aquohanock see Accohanoc
Appallatcy see Apalachee Aqo see Acoma Aquqenukqo see Lower Kutenai
Appallatta see Apalachee Aqokulo see Chimakum Aquqtlatlqo see Lower Kutenai
Appalousa see Opelousa Aquaauchuque see Atquanochuke A-qu-sta see Tolowa
Appamatox see Appomattoc Aquachonongue see Aqusta see Tolowa
Appamatricx see Appomattoc Atquachanonk Ara (H) see also Karok (LC)
Appamattoc see Appomattoc Aquackanonk [NJ] Unami (BE) Ara [MX] (BE)
Appamattuck see Appomattoc Aqua Dulce see Agua Dulce Ara-ara see Karok
Appamatuck see Appomattoc Aquahpa see Quapaw Araara see Karok
Appeche see Apache Aquahpah see Quapaw Arabasca see Athapascan
Appelatha see Apalachee Aquamachuke see Atquanochuke Arabaskaw see Athabasca
Appellachee see Apalachee Aquamachuque see Arabela [PE] (LC)
Appelousa see Opelousa Atquanochuke Arabo [HA, WInd] Caizcimu
Applegate Creek see Hupa A-qua-mish see Hahuamis (BE)
Applegate River Indians see Aquamish see Hahuamis Aracaju [Br] (O)
Dakubetede Aquanachuke see Atquanochuke Aracanaes [MX] Tamaulipec (BE)
Appomatock see Appomattoc Aquaninoncke see Aquackanonk Aracari see Arikara
Appomattake see Appomattoc Aquannaque see Abnaki Aracate Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Appomattoc (H) see also Aquannaque see Algonkin A-rach-bo-cu see Mandan
Matchotic (H) Aquanoschioni see Iroquois Arachbocu see Mandan
Appomattoc [VA] Powhatan (BE) Aquanuschioni see Iroquois Aracuay Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Appomatuck see Appomattoc Aquanuschionig see Iroquois Aracuna see Arecuna
Appomatux see Appomattoc A-qua-pa see Quapaw Aragaritka (H)
Appomotack see Appomattoc Aquapa see Quapaw Aragaritka (H) see also Neutral
Ap-sah-ro-kee see Crow Aquaquanuncke see Aquack- Nation (LC)
Apsahrokee see Crow anonk Arahasomi [Clan] Timucua (H)
25 Arahatteak Aridian

Arahatteak see Arrohattoc Arauan Botocudo (BE) Arendaeronnon see Aren-

Arahoma (Hdbk10) Arauc see Arhuaco dahronon
Arahuac see Arawak Araucanian [Arg, CH] (LC) Arendaeronon see Arendahronon
Arahuna see Araona Araucano see Araucanian Arendageronnon see Aren-
Araibayba see Pauserna Arauco see Arhuaco dahronon
Araivapa see Arivaipa Araukan see Araucanian Arendah see Arendahronon
A ra ka da ho see Arikara Aravaco see Arawak Arendahronon Huron (H)
Arakadaho see Arikara Aravaipa see Arivaipa Arendarhononon see Aren-
Ara-kc see Eskimos Aravapa see Arivaipa dahronon
Arake see Eskimos Aravapai see Arivaipa Arendaronnon see Arendahronon
Arakwayu see Apalai Aravapa Pials see Arivaipa Arendaronon see Arendahronon
Aramacoutou see Aramagoto Arawa [Lang] [Br] (O) Arendarrhonon see Aren-
Aramagoto [Br, Su] Tiriyo (BE) Arawac see Arawak dahronon
Aramagotou see Aramagoto Arawak [WInd] (LC) Arendoronnon see Arendahronon
Aramakoto see Aramagoto Arawakan [Lang] [WInd] (LC) Areneos see Papago
Aramana [Ha, WInd] Caizcimu Arawete (O) see also Arawine (O) Arepaha see Arapaho
(BE) Arawete [Br] (LC) Arepina see Maue
Aramayana see Aramagoto Arawine [Br] (O) Arequena see Arekena
Aramgoto see Aramagoto Arawna see Araona Arequipa (O)
Aramichaux see Aramisho Araza see Arasa Aresaguntacook see Arosagunta-
Aramicho see Aramisho Araza see Arasaeri cook
Aramihitcho see Aramisho Arazaire see Arasa Are Sheta see Heta
Aramisa see Aramisho Arazaire see Arasaeri Aresheta see Heta
Aramisho [Br, Su] Tiriyo (O) Arbadaos [TX] (H) A-retear-o-pan-ga see Atsina
Aramiso see Aramisho Arbadoes see Arbadaos Aretearopanga see Atsina
Aramogoto see Aramagoto Arbapaoes see Arapaho Aretin [Coahuiltecan] (Hdbk10)
Aranama [TX] Coahuiltecan (BE) Arcahamo see Tacame Aretines [MX] Tamaulipec (BE)
Araname see Aranama Arcahomo Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Aretino [MX] Tamaulipec (BE)
Aranau Botocudo (BE) Arcanca see Quapaw Aretpeguem Coahuiltecan
Araona [BO, Br] (LC) Arcansa see Quapaw (Hdbk10)
Araona [Lang] Tacana (LC) Archaic Age (AI, pp.22-25) Arhosett see Ahousaht
Araote Warrau (BE) Archaree see Arikara Arhouaques-Kaggaba see Kagaba
Arapaco see Arapaso Archirigouan see Achiligouan Arhua
Arapaha see Arapaho Archouguet see Outchougai Arhuac see Arhuaco
Arapahay see Arapaho Arc Indians see Quapaw Arhuaca see Ica
Arapaho [WY, Can] (LC) Arc Plattes see Lower Kutenai Arhuaco (LC) see also Ica (LC)
Arapahoe see Arapaho Arcs-a-plats see Lower Kutenai Arhuaco [Col] (LC)
Arapahoo see Arapaho Arcs-Brises see Tinazipeshicha Arhuak see Arhuaco
Arapakata see Arapaho Arcs-Plats see Lower Kutenai Ariana see Omagua
Arapaso [Col] Tucano (BE) Arcs-plattes see Lower Kutenai Aribaipa see Arivaipa
Arapha see Arapaho Arctic Highlanders see Ita Aribapais see Arivaipa
Araphoco see Arapaho Arctic Highlanders see Polar Es- Aribay see Caribay
Arapium see Maue kimos Aricapu see Arikapu
Arapiyu see Maue Ardeco [AR] (H) Aricara see Arikara
Arapohaes see Arapaho Ardnainiq Central Eskimos (H) Aricaree see Arikara
Arapoho see Arapaho Are (BE) see also Heta (LC) Aricari see Arikara
Arapohose see Arapaho Are [Br] (BE) Aricarie see Arikara
Arara (LC) see also Koaia (O) Arecibo [PR] (BE) Ariccaree see Arikara
Arara (O) Arecuna (LC) see also Arekena Aricharay see Arikara
Arara [Br] (LC) (LC) Arichard see Arikara
Ararandeuara see Amanaye Arecuna [Br, Col, VE] Parukoto- Arichimamoica (Hdbk10)
Ararandewa see Amanaye Pemon (LC) Arickara see Arikara
Arara-Tapuya [Clan] Karutana Arekaina see Arekena A-rick-a-ra-one see Arikara
(O) Arekena [Br, Col, VE] (LC) Arickaraone see Arikara
Ararawa see Arawete Arekuna see Arecuna Arickaraw see Arikara
Arasa [Lang] (LC) Arenda see Arendahronon Arickaree see Arikara
Arasaeri [PE] (O) Arendachronon see Aren- Aricuni see Arecuna
Arasairi see Arasa dahronon Aricuni see Arekena
Arathapescoas see Athabaska Arendacronon see Arendahronon Aridgevoak see Norridgewock
Arathapescoas [Lang] see Atha- Arendaenhronon see Aren- Aridgevoak see Kennebec
pascan dahronon Aridgewoak see Norridgewock
Araua [Lang] (O) Arendaenronnon see Aren- Aridgewoak see Kennebec
Arauak see Arawak dahronon Aridian [AZ] (H)
Arikapu Arviligyuarmiut 26

Arikapu [Br] (O) Aroaqui see Arawak Arrikora see Arikara

A-ri-ka-ra see Arikara Aroaqui see Taruma Arripaho see Arapaho
Arikara [ND] (LC) Arockamecook see Rocameca Arrivapi see Arivaipa
Arik-are see Arikara Aroeck see Arseek Arrockaumecook see Rocameca
Arikare see Arikara Arogisti see Conoy Arrohateck see Arrohattoc
Arikaree see Arikara Aroostook [ME] Micmac (BE) Arrohattoc [VA] Powhatan (BE)
Arikari see Arikara Arosagantakuk see Arosagunta- Arrohattock see Arrohattoc
Ariken [Br] Tupi-Guarani (O) cook Arrow Creek People see Kas-
Arikera see Arikara Arosaguntacook [ME] Eastern Ab- naikotkaiya
Arikiena see Arekena naki (LC) Arrowhatock see Arrohattoc
Arikkara see Arikara Arosaguntakuk see Arosagunta- Arrowhatoes see Arrohattoc
Arikpaktsa see Aripaktsa cook Arrowmen see Moiseyu
Arimigoto see Arimihoto Arosario see Malayo Arruague see Arawak
Arimihoto [Br, Su] Tiriyo (O) Aroua see Arua Arsahattock see Arrohattoc
Arimikoto see Arimihoto Arouage see Arawak Arseek [MD] (H)
Arimiyana see Arimihoto Arouen see Arua Arseguntecoke see Arosagunta-
Arino see Tapanyuna Arouseguntecook see Arosagun- cook
Aripa [BaC, MX] Waicuri (BE) tacook Arsek see Arseek
Aripahoes see Arapaho Arra-Arra see Karok Arsenipoitis see Assiniboin
Aripaktsa [Br] (O) Arrahatecoh see Arrohattoc Arsenipoits see Assiniboin
Aripaktsa [Lang] see Rikbaktsa Ar-rah-pa-hoo see Arapaho Arsigantegwiak see Arsigantenok
Ariquepa see Arequipa Arrahpahoo see Arapaho Arsigantenok Western Abnaki
Ariquipay see Arequipa Arransoak see Norridgewock (Hdbk15)
Arisaguntacook see Arosagunta- Arransoak see Kenebec Arsikanteg see Arosaguntacook
cook Arrapaha see Arapaho Arspahas see Arapaho
Ariscapana (Hdbk10) Arrapaho see Arapaho Arssateck see Arrohattoc
Aristeti [MX] Coahuiltecan Arrapaoes see Arapaho Arsuk Greenland Eskimos (BE)
(Hdbk10) Arrapapa see Chantapetas Band Artez-kutchi see Ahtena
Ariti [Self-designation] see Pa- Arrapha see Arapaho Artez-kutshi see Ahtena
ressi Arrapho see Arapaho Artez-Kuttchin see Ahtena
Arivaipa [AZ] San Carlos Apache Arrapoho see Arapaho Artieda see Guaymi
(BE) Arrasaguntacook see Arosagunta- Artieda see Northern Guaymi
Arivapa see Arivaipa cook Arts-milsh see Atsmitl
Arivapa Apaches see Arivaipa Arrasaguntacook see Arsigan- Artsmilsh see Lower Chehalis
Arivapais see Arivaipa tenok Aru see Jaqi
Arivaypa Apaches see Arivaipa Arrawac see Arawak Arua [Br] (O)
Arizonian Pimas see Pima Arreaguntecook see Arosagunta- Aruac see Arawak
Arkandada see Oglala cook Aruaco see Arhuaco
Arkansa (H) see also Quapaw (LC) Arreguntenock see Arosagunta- Aruak see Arhuaco
Arkansa (H) see also Santsukhdhin cook Aruaki see Arawak
(H) Arrekara see Arikara Aruashi [Br] (O)
Arkansa Osage (Ye) Arrenamuse see Aranama Arucui see Urarina
Arkansas Indians see Quapaw Arrepaha see Arapaho Arucuye see Urarina
Arkansaw see Quapaw Arreraguntecook see Arosagunta- Arucuyi see Urarina
Arkansaw see Santsukhdhin cook Arukhwa I [Clan] Oto (H)
Arkansaw Osages see Santsukhd- Arreruguntenock see Arosagunta- Arukhwa II [Clan] Iowa (H)
hin cook Arundac see Adirondack
Arkansea see Quapaw Arresagontacook see Arosagunta- Arundax see Adirondack
Arkanses see Quapaw cook Arupati (O) see also Kamaiura (LC)
Arkanza see Quapaw Arresaguntacook see Arosagunta- Arupati [Br] (O)
Arkensa see Quapaw cook A-ru-qwa see Arukhwa I
Arkensas see Quapaw Arreseguntecook see Arosagunta- A-ru-qwa see Arukhwa II
Arkensaw see Quapaw cook Aruqwa see Arukhwa I and II
Arkensea see Quapaw Arreseguntoocook see Arosagun- Aruseguntekook see Arosagunta-
Arkokisa [TX] (H) tacook cook
Armacoutou see Aramagato Arresuguntoocook see Arosagun- Arutani see Auake
Armagoto see Aramagoto tacook Arveqtormiut [Can] Central Eski-
Armeomeck see Armewamex Arricara see Arikara mos (BE)
Ar-me-shay see Hidatsa Arricaree see Arikara Arvertormiut see Arviqtuurmiut
Armeshay see Hidatsa Arrickara see Arikara Arviligjuarmiut see Arvili-
Armewamex Delaware (Hdbk15) Arrickaraw see Arikara gyuarmiut
Armewamus see Armewamex Arrickaree see Arikara Arviligyuarmiut [Can] Central Es-
Armos see Auk Arriekari see Arikara kimos (BE)
27 arvilimmiut Assinapi

arvilimmiut [Can] Inuit (Quebec) Ash-kane-na see Ashkanena Asonsaht see Ahousaht
(Hdbk5) Ashkanena Crow (H) Asoomaches see Asomoches
Arviqtuurmiut [AK] Eskimos Ashkimeq see Eskimos Asopus see Esopus
(Hdbk5) Ashley River Indians see Etiwaw Asotin Nez Perce (Who)
Arwacahwa see Amahami Ashluslay [Arg, BO, Par] (LC) Asouthteague see Assateague
Arwachaon see Amahami Ashluslay see Chulupi Asperousa see Opelousa
A-sa see Asa Ashnola [Br] Okinagan (H) Asphalashe see Apalachee
Asa [Clan] Hopi (H) Ashnola [WA] Similkameen (BE) Assabaoch [Ont] (H)
A-sa-ha-ni see Asahani Ashnuhumsh see Snohomish Assaca see Masacuajulam
Asahani [Clan] Cherokee (H) Ashochemie see Wappo Assagunticook see Arosagunta-
Asahaptin see Nez Perce Ash-o-chi-mi see Wappo cook
As-a-ka-shi see Mandan Ashochimi see Wappo Assagunticook see Arsigantenok
asa-ke-w see Sauk Asht-ia-la-qua see Astialakwa Assanpink see Assunpink
asakew see Sauk Ash-tyal-a-qua see Astialakwa Assar Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
as-ki-wa see Sauk Asht-ya-laqua see Astialakwa Assateague Delaware (LC)
asakiwa see Sauk Ashtyalaqua see Astialakwa Assatege see Assateague
asa-ki-waki see Sauk A-shu-e-ka-pa see Salish Assategue see Assateague
asakiwaki see Sauk Ashuekapa see Salish Asseenaboine see Assiniboin
Asan Coahuiltecan (BE) Asiagmiut [Can] Central Eskimos Asseeneepoytuck see Assiniboin
Asani see Yscani (BE) Assegun [Can, MI] (H)
Asanka see Kutenai Asiagmut see Asiagmiut Assegun [Can, MI] (H)
Asanka see Kutenai Asiatic Eskimo (Hdbk5) see also Assegunaig see Sauk
A-sa-nyu-mu see Asa Siberian Yupik (Hdbk5) Asseinpink see Assunpink
Asanyumu see Asa Asiatic Eskimos (Hdbk5) Assekale see Hathawekela
Asau see Anxau Asidahech see Asidahetsh Assekelaes see Hathawekela
Asaukee see Sauk Asidahetsh [OK] Wichita (BE) Asselibois see Assiniboin
Asay see Hopi Asihi see Ashihi Assenepoil see Assiniboin
Ascahcutoner Plains Indians (H) Asihidine see Ashihi Asseni see Caddo
Ascani see Yscani A-Simaes see Caddo Asseniboines see Assiniboin
Ascani see Caddo Asimaes see Caddo Asseniboualak see Assiniboin
Aschatliens see Esselen A-Simais see Caddo Assenipoel see Assiniboin
Aschochimi see Wappo Asimais see Caddo Assenipoil see Assiniboin
Asco see Doosedoowe Asinaes see Caddo Assenipoual see Assiniboin
Aseny see Caddo Asinais see Caddo Assenipoualac see Assiniboin
Asepuna see Ahseponna Asinay see Caddo Assenipoualak see Assiniboin
Asepuna see Ahseponna Asinbols see Assiniboin Assenipouel see Assiniboin
Asequimoa [MX] Coahuiltecan Asiniboels see Assiniboin Assenipoulac see Assiniboin
(Hdbk10) Asi-ni-bwan see Assiniboin Assenipoulaes see Assiniboin
Ashaninca [PE] Campa (O) Asinibwan see Assiniboin Assenipoulak see Assiniboin
Ashbochia Crow (H) Asinibwanak see Assiniboin Assenipouval see Assiniboin
Ashbochiah see Ashbochia A-si-ni-poi-tuk see Assiniboin Assenipoval see Assiniboin
Ash-bot-chee-ah see Ashbochia Asinipoituk see Assiniboin Assenjigun see Osage
Ashbotcheeah see Ashbochi Asinipovales see Assiniboin Assenniboin see Assiniboin
Ash-colored Indians (BE) see Asinskau-winiuuk [Can] Assenpoel see Assiniboin
Gray-ones (BE) Paskwawininiwug (BE) Assestagueronon see Mascouten
Ashcroft [BC] Shuswap (H) Asistagueronon see Mascouten Assestagueronon see Potawatomi
Asheninca [Self-designation] see Asistagueronon see Potawatomi Asseteague see Assateague
Pajonalino Asistaguerouon see Mascouten Assetegue see Assateague
Ashepoo [SC] Cusabo (BE) Asivoriches see Seuvarits As-sich-oots see Panguitch
A-she-we see Zuni A-Skala-li see Tuscarora Assichoots see Panguitch
Ashewe see Zuni Askalali see Tuscarora Assigunaick see Assegun
A-shi-ap-ka-wi see Biktasatetuse Askikouaneronon see Nipissing Assigunaig see Assegun
Ashiapkawi see Biktasatetuse askime see Eskimos Assigunaigs see Osage
Ashihi [Clan] Navajo (H) askime-w see Eskimos Assikanna see Seneca
Ashinadea Crow (H) askime-winini see Eskimos Assilibouel see Assiniboin
Ashinanca [PE] Campa (O) askipok see Eskimos assimeu see Eskimos
Ashinance see Ashinanca Askwalli see Nisqualli assime-w see Eskimos
Ashiri see Awishiri As-ne-boines see Assiniboin Assimpouel see Assiniboin
A-shi-ui see Zuni Asnecoines see Assiniboin Assinaboes see Assiniboin
Ashiui see Zuni Asomoche [DE, NJ] Unalachtigo Assinaboil see Assiniboin
Ashiwi see Zuni (BE) Assinabwoines see Assiniboin
Ashiwi [Self-designation] see asona see Pojoaque Assinais see Caddo
Zuni Asoni see Caddo Assinapi (H)
Assinay Atcansas 28

Assinay see Hasinai Confedera- Assini-poytuk see Assiniboin Atacal see Ataxal
tion Assinipoytuk see Assiniboin Atacama see Atacameno
Assinay see Caddo Assinipwanak see Assiniboin Atacamenian see Cunza
Assine see Caddo Assinnaboin see Assiniboin Atacameno [BO, CH] (LC)
Assineboes see Assiniboin Assinnaboines see Assiniboin Atac-Apa see Attacapa
Assineboin see Assiniboin Assinnee-Poetuc see Assiniboin Atacapa see Attacapa
Assinebwannuk see Assiniboin Assinni see Caddo Atacapaz see Attacapa
Assinepoel see Assiniboin Assinnibain see Assiniboin Atac-assa see Attacapa
Assinepoin see Assiniboin Assinniboan see Assiniboin Atach see Tachi
Assinepotuc see Assiniboin Assinniboine see Assiniboin A-tache see Tachi
Assinepoualaos see Assiniboin Assinopoil see Assiniboin Atache see Tachi
Assiniboel see Assiniboin Assinpouele see Assiniboin Atachiopa [AZ] Wikedjasapa (BE)
Assiniboelle see Assiniboin Assinpoul see Assiniboin Ataconchronon see
Assiniboel of the South see Assinpoulac see Assiniboin Ataronchronon
Assiniboin of the Plains Assisagh see Missisauga A-tagui see Lipan Apache
Assiniboels of the North see Assisagigroone see Missisauga Atagui see Lipan Apache
Northern Assiniboin Assista see Mascouten Atagwa see Catawba
Assiniboels of the North see Assista Ectaeronnon see Mas- Atagwe see Catawba
Tschantoga couten Atahontaenrat see Tohontaenrat
Assiniboesi see Assiniboin Assistaeronon see Potawatomi Atai-kutchin Loucheux (IndN,
Assiniboil see Assiniboin Assistagueronon see Mascouten v.2, no.3, July 1925, pp.172-77)
Assiniboile see Assiniboin Assistagueronon see Potawatomi Atajal Coahuiltecan (BE)
Assiniboin see Assiniboin Assistaqueronon see Mascouten Atakapa see Attacapa
Assiniboin [Can, MN, ND] (LC) Assistaqueronon see Potawatomi Atakapan see Attacapa
Assiniboin des Plaines see Assini- Assitaronon see Mascouten Atakhtans see Ahtena
boin of the Plains Assitigue see Assateague Atakini see Sichomovi
Assiniboine see Assiniboin Assiwikale (H) see also Atakwa see Catawba
Assiniboine see Assiniboin Hathawekela (BE) Atalala see Vilela
Assiniboin of the Plains [Can] Assiwikale Shawnee (H) Atalan (H)
Assiniboin (H) Assoni see Caddo Atali (H) see also Alali (W)
Assiniboins des Forets see Assony see Caddo Atali (PC) see also Alali (W)
Tschantoga Assotoue see Uzutiuhi Atali (W) see also Atali (H)
Assiniboins of the Forest see Assunpink [NJ] Unami (BE) Atali [Lang] Mountain Cherokee
Tschantoga Assurini see Asurini I (W)
Assiniboins of the North see Assurinikin see Asurini I Atali [Lang] Upper or Mountain
Tschantoga Assuti [ID] Nez Perce (H) Cherokee (H)
Assiniboins of the Rocky Moun- Asswekalaes see Shawnee Atanaguaypacam Coahuiltecan
tains see Tschantoga Asswekale see Hathawekela (Hdbk10)
Assinibois see Assiniboin Asswikale see Hathawekela Atanum [WA] Klikitat (BE)
Assiniboleses see Assiniboin Asswikales see Shawnee Atanumlema (H) see Atanum-
Assiniboualas see Assiniboin Asswikalus see Hathawekela lema (BE)
Assinibouane see Assiniboin Assynais see Caddo Atanum-lema [WA] Yakima (BE)
Assinibouel see Assiniboin Astakiwi [CA] Achomawi (BE) Ataouabouscatouek see Bous-
Assinibouel of the Meadow see Astariwa see Astariwawi coutton
Assiniboin of the Plains Astariwawi [Lang] Achomawi Atapliliish see Atapliliish
Assinibouet see Assiniboin (CA-8) Atapliliish (JCB, v.4, no.2,
Assinibwan see Assiniboin Astialakwa Jemez (H) pp.222) see also Alliklik (LC)
Assinibwan see Assiniboin Asto [PE] (LC) Atapliliish [Lang] [CA] (JCB,
Assinipi see Assinapi Astouregamigoukh [Can] (H) v.4, no.2, pp.222)
Assinipoal see Assiniboin Asumpcion see Sandia Ataronch see Ataronchronon
Assinipoel see Assiniboin Asuncion see Sia Ataronchronon Huron (H)
Assinipoil see Assiniboin Asuncion see Zuni Atasi [AL] Muskogee (BE)
Assinipoile see Assiniboin Asuncion see Sandia A-taskalolen see Tuscarora
Assinipoileu see Assiniboin Asuncion de Tepave see Tepahue A-tas-ka-lo-len see Tuscarora
Assiniponiel see Assiniboin Asuncion Tepahue see Tepahue Ataskalolen see Tuscarora
Assinipotuc see Assiniboin Asurini I [Br (Xingu River)] (LC) Atastagonies [TX] Coahuiltecan
Assinipoual see Assiniboin Asurini II [Br (Tocantins River)] (BE)
Assinipoualac see Assiniboin (LC) Atawawa see Ottawa
Assinipoualak see Assiniboin As-wunwu see Asa Ataxal Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Assinipouar see Assiniboin Aswunwu see Asa Atayo see Adai
Assinipoulac see Assiniboin A-ta-a see Ataakwe Atayos (H) see also Toho (BE)
Assinipour see Assiniboin Ataa see Ataakwe Atayos Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Assinipoval see Assiniboin Ataakwe [Clan] Zuni (H) Atcansas see Quapaw
29 Atchaer Atsahuaca

Atchaer see Atka Atigyahointin see Attignawantan Atnaxthynne see Ahtena

Atchashti amenmei see Chasta- Atik see Ahdik Atnuk Bering Strait Eskimos
costa Atikamegue see Attikamegue (Hdbk5)
Atchasti amim see Chastacosta Atikum [Br] (O) A-to-co see Atoko
Atchatchakangouen [IL, IN] Atilama see Alabama Atoco see Atoko
Miami (H) Atimaco see Timucua Atoko [Clan] Hopi (H)
Atchaterakangouen [WI] (H) Atimuca see Timucua Atoko winwu see Atoko
Atchialgi [Clan] Creek (H) Atimuqua see Timucua A-to-ko wunwu see Atoka
Atchihwa see Maricopa Atingueennonnihak see At- Atoko wunwu see Atoko
Atchiligouan see Achiligouan tigneenongnahac Atokume see Apache
Atchixelish see Chehalis Atingyahointan see Attignawan- Atokuwe see Apache
Atchougek (H) SE Outchougia tan Atonaxo see Masacali
(H) Atingyahoulan see Attignawantan Atonthratarhonon (H) see also
Atchoughe see Outchougia Atinionguin see Neagwaih Totontaratonhronon (H)
Atchougue see Outchougia Atinniaoenten see Attignawantan Atonthratarhonon see Aton-
Atchouguet see Outchougia Atinniawentan see Attignawantan thrataronon
Atchuara see Achuale Atinouaentan see Attignawantan Atonthrataronon [Lang] (H)
Atcik-hata [Lang] [GA] (BE) Atintans see Teton Atontrataronnon see Aton-
Ateacari [MX] Cora (H) Atintons see Teton thrataronon
Ateakari see Ateacari Atiouandaronk see Neutral Na- Atontrataronnon see Totontara-
Ateanaca see Ateacari tion tonhronon
A-teet-sa see Tangeratsa Atiouendaronk see Neutral Na- Atontratas see Atonthrataronon
Ateetsa see Tangeratsa tion Atontratas see Totontara-
Atena see Ahtena Atiouendaronk see Neutral Na- tonhronon
Atena see Shuswap tion Atontratoronons see Aton-
Atepira see Atepua Atiragenratka Neutral Nation (H) thrataronon
Atepua [NM] Pueblo Indians (H) Atiraguenrek see Atiragenratka Atontratoronons see Totontara-
Ateyala-keokva see Astialakwa Atiraguenrek see Neutral Nation tonhronon
Atfalati [OR] Kalapooian (BE) Atirhagenrat (H) see Neutral Na- a-too-ha-pe see Salish
Athabascan [Lang] see Athapas- tion (LC) atoohape see Salish
can Atirhagenrenret see Neutral Na- Atorad see Atorai
Athabaska (BE) see also Cree (LC) tion Atorai [Br] Wapishana (O)
Athabaska [Can] Chipewyan (BE) Ati-rhagenret see Neutral Nation Atorya see Atorai
Athabaska Lake Cree see Atirhagenret see Neutral Nation Atotchasi see Uzutiuhi
Ayabaskawininiwug Atirhaguenreck see Neutral Na- Atowa see Ottawa
Athabaskawithiniwuk Sakawith- tion Atowateany see Potawatomi
iniwuk (H) Atiri (O) see also Nomatsiguenga Atoyo see Adai
Athapacca see Athapascan (LC) Atoyos see Toho
Athapache see Athapascan Atiri [PE] Campa (O) At-pasha-shliha see Hitchiti
Athapasca Indians see Athabasca Atiwandaronk see Neutral Na- Atpashashliha see Hitchiti
Athapascan (LC) see also Kutchin tion Atquanachuck see Atquanochuke
(LC) Atka [AK] Aleuts (BE) Atquanachuke see Atquanochuke
Athapascan [Lang] (LC) Atkan see Atka Atquanahuckes see
Athapascow see Athabasca Atkan (Hdbk5) see also Atha Atquanochuke
Athapaskan see Athapascan (BE) Atquanochuke [NJ] (H)
Athapasque see Athapascan Atkan Western Aleut (Hdkb5) Atquinachunk see Atquanochuke
Athapuscow see Athabasca Atkha see Atka Atrakwaeronnon see Susque-
Athapuskow see Cree Atlachaco see Acoma hanna
Athistaeronnon see Mascouten Atlantic Bribri [Pan] Bribri (O) Atrakwaeronnon see Conestoga
Athistaeronnon see Potawatomi Atlashimih see Takulli Atrakwer see Conestoga
Athlameth see Klamath Atna see Shuswap Atrato see Embera
Athlashimih see Carrier Indians Atna see Ahtena Atripuy [NM] Jumano (H)
Athlets see Paviotso Atnachtjaner see Ahtena Atroahi [Br] Waimiri (O)
Athnaer see Ahtena Atner see Ahtena Atroahy see Atroahi
Atiaonrek see Neutral Nation Atnah see Ahtena Atroai see Atroahi
Atica [NM] Pueblo Indians (H) Atnahs see Shuswap Atroari see Atroahi
Aticum see Atikum At-naks see Shuswap Atroari see Waimiri
Atiec [HA, WInd] Bainoa Atnaks see Shuswap Atroari see Yawaperi
Atignenongach see At- Atnalis see Tautin Atruahi see Waimiri
tigneenongnahac Atnan see Ahtena Atruahi see Atroahi
Atignenonghac see At- Atnans see Shuswap Atruahi see Yawaperi
tigneenongnahac Atnatana see Ahtena Atrutons see Teton
Atignouatitan see Attignawanta Atnatena see Ahtena Atsahuaca [Lang] (O)
Atsakudoka Aub-sa-ro-ke 30

Atsakudoka tuviwarai Northern Atteshupeshlohpanga see Les Attinguenongnahac see At-

Paiute (Hdbk11) Noire Indians tigneenongnahac
Atsawaca see Atsahuaca Attibamegue see Attikamegue Attinniaoenten see Attignawan-
Atsayongky see Mahican Attibuni [HA, WInd] Bainoa tan
Atsayonock Delaware (Hdbk15) (BE) Attinoindaron see Neutral Na-
At-se-na see Atsina Atticameoet see Attikamegue tion
Atsena see Atsina Atticameouec see Attikamegue Attinquenongnahac see At-
Atsharoke see Crow Atticamique see Attikamegue tigneenongnahac
A-tsho-to-ti-na (H) Etchareottine Atticamoet see Attikamegue Attionandaron see Neutral Na-
(H) Atticmospicayes see tion
Atshototina see Etchareottine Thlingchadinne Attionidaron (H) see Neutral Na-
Atsina [Can, MN] (LC) Attignaoouentan (H) see Attig- tion (LC)
Atsiri see Campa nawantan (H) Attiouandaronk see Neutral Na-
Atsiri [Self-designation] see Pa- Attignaouantan see Attignawan- tion
jonalino tan Attiouendarankhronon see Neu-
Atsista see Mascouten Attignaouentan see Attignawan- tral Nation
Atsistaehronon see Mascouten tan Attiquenongnah see At-
Atsistaehronon see Potawatomi Attignawantan [Ont] Huron Con- tigneenongnahac
Atsistagherronnon see Mascouten federacy (H) Attiquenongnahai see At-
Atsistaghronnon see Mascouten Attigneenongnahac [Ont] Huron tigneenongnahac
Atsistaheroron see Mascouten Confederacy (H) Attistae see Mascouten
Atsistaheroron see Mascouten Attignenonghac see At- Attistae see Potawatomi
Atsistaheroron see Potawatomi tigneenongnahac Attistaehronon see Mascouten
Atsistarhonon see Mascouten Attignouaatitan see Attignawan- Attistaehronon see Potawatomi
Atsistarhonon see Potawatomi tan Attistaeronon see Mascouten
Atskaaiwawixpu [ID] Nez Perce Attigouantan see Attignawantan Attistaeronon see Potawatomi
(BE) Attigouantine see Attignawantan Attiuoindaron see Neutral Na-
Atsmitl [WA] Chinookan (H) Attigouautan see Attignawantan tion
At-soo-ka-e see Atsugewi Attiguenongha see Attigneenong- Attiwandaronk see Neutral Na-
Atsookae see Atsugewi hac tion
Atsuge (CA) see also Pit River Na- Attihouandaron see Neutral Na- Attiwendaronk see Neutral Na-
tion (CA) tion tion
Atsuge [Lang] [CA] (CA-8) Attikameg see Attikamegue Attiwondaronk see Neutral Na-
Atsugei see Atsugewi Attikamegouek see Attikamegue tion
Atsugewi see Atsugewi Attikamegue [Can, Q] Montag- Attochingochronon see Ojeejok
Atsugewi [CA] (LC) nais (H) Attorraidi see Atorai
Atsugewi [Lang] [CA] (CA-8) Attikameguekhi see Attikamegue Attuan Western Aleut (Hdbk5)
Attacapa [LA, TX] (LC) Attikamek see Attikamegue Attuckapa see Attacapa
Attacapaca see Attacapa Attikameque see Attikamegue Atuami [CA] Achomawi (BE)
Attacapan [Lang] [LA, TX] (H) Attikamigue see Attikamegue A-tu-a-mih see Atuami
Attacappa see Attacapa Attik Iriniouetch see Attikirin- Atuamih see Atuami
Attakapa see Attacapa iouetch aturaviatum [Clan] Serranom
Attakapo see Attacapa Attikiriniouetch [Can, Q] Mon- (Pub, v.26, 1929)
Attamasco see Timucua tagnais (H) Atures see Piaroa
Attamuskeet see Machapunga Attikouetz see Attikamegue Atuyama [NM] Pueblo Indians
Attaquapa see Attacapa Attikou Iriniouetz see Attikirin- (H)
Attaraya see Atorai iouetch Atwagannen see Ontwaganha
Attawa see Ottawa Attikouiriniouetz see Attikirin- Atwamsini see Atwamsini
Attawawa see Ottawa iouetch Atwamsini [Lang] Achomawi
At-ta-wits see Kadohadocho Attimopiquay see (CA-8)
Attawits see Kadohadocho Thlingchadinne Atzigues see Tiwa
Attayes see Tyigh Attimospiquaies see Atzinca see Ocuiltec
Attegheny see Alleghany Thlingchadinne Atzinca see Ocuiltec
Attekamek see Attikamegue Attimospiquais see Atzinca [MX] Matlatzinca] (BE)
Attencapa see Attacapa Thlingchadinne Atziqui see Tiwa
Attenkin see Algonkin Attingueennonniahak see At- Atziri see Campa
Attenmiut [AK] Malemiut (H) tingneenongnahac Auaicu [Br] (O)
Attenmut see Attenmiut Attingueenongnahac see At- Auake [Br, VE] (O)
Attenmut see Attenmiut tigneenonghac Auaque see Auake
Attenonderonk see Neutral Na- Attingueenongnahac see At- Aubecuh see Abihka
tion tigneenongnahac Aubinaukee see Abnaki
At-te-shu-pe-sha-loh-pan-ga see Attingueenongnahak see At- Aubocoes see Abihka
Les Noire Indians tigneenongnahac Aub-sa-ro-ke see Crow
31 Aubsaroke Aweti

Aubsaroke see Crow Authontanta see Oto Awahawa see Amahami

Auburn [Lang] Nisenan (CA-8) Autire see Kikalsik A-waha-way see Amahami
Auca see Araucanian Autl see Aueti Awahaway see Amahami
Auca see Huao Autouack see Ottawa Awahe see Pawnee
Auca [Self-designation] see Wao- Autrechaha see Osage Awahi see Pawnee
rani Auve [PE] Iquito (O) Awahu see Pawnee
Auca [Self-designation] see Wao- Aux Ares see Ozark Awahun see Aquaruna
rani Auxira see Awishiri Awaika see Auaicu
Aucan see Araucanian A-uya see Kickapoo Awaike see Auaicu
Aucanian see Araucanian Auya see Kickapoo Awa-ilala see Awaitlala
Aucano see Araucanian Auyapaguim Coahuiltecan Awaitlala [BC] Kwakiutl (BE)
Aucas [Br] Araucanian (O) (Hdbk10) Awaitlala [Lang] Kwakiutl (H)
Auches see Eyeish Auyapem Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Awalache see Awani
Aud-je-jauk (H) SES Ojeejok (H) A-uyax see Kickapoo Awallache see Awani
Audusta see Edisto Auyax see Kickapoo awamish see Skihwamish
Aueti [Br] (O) Ava [Br] (O) A-wa-ni see Awani
Aueto see Aueti Ava-Chiriguano see Chiriguano Awani [CA] Miwok (H)
Augallalla see Oglala Avachiriguano see Chiriguano Awano see Aguano
Augustin, St. [Can] Montagnais- Ava-Chiripa see Avachiripa A-wa-oo see Tlaaluis
Naskapi (BE) Avachiripa [Par] (LC) Awaoo see Tlaaluis
Augustin de la Isleta, San see Ava-Guarani see Chiriguano Awasatciu see Ouasourini
Isleta Ava-Guarani see Chiripa Awash [Clan] Tonkawa (H)
Augustin del Isleta, San see Isleta Avaguarani see Chiriguano Awasko ammim see Wasco
Augutge see Gavioes Avaguarani see Chiripa Awaso see Ahwehsoo
Auhishiri see Awishiri Ava-Katu-Ete see Avachiripa A-was-shetan-qua see Cheyenne
Auishiri see Awishiri Avakatuete see Avachiripa a-was-she-tan-qua see Cheyenne
Auiti see Aueti Ava-Kue-Chiripa see Chiripa Awasshetanqua see Cheyenne
Aujuiap see Ujuiap Avakuechiripa see Chiripa Awassissin see Awausee
Auk [AK] Tlingit (BE) Ava-mbiha see Mbya Awaswas [Lang] [CA] Northern
Auka see Araucanian Avambiha see Mbya Costanoan (CA-8)
aukckni [OR] Klamath (BE) Avanersuarmiut see Polar Eski- A-wa-ta see Awata
Auke see Auk mos Awata [Clan] Hopi (H)
Auke-Qean see Auk Avani see Baniva Awata winwu see Awata
Au Kotchin see Hankutchin Avani Baniva (LC) A-wata wunwu see Awata
Aukotchin see Hankutchin Avaraes see Avavares Awata wunwu see Awata
Aukpaluk [Can] Inuit (Quebec) Avares see Avavares Awatch see Apache
(Hdbk5) Ava-Supies see Havasupai Awatche see Apache
Auksiwash see Klamath Avasupies see Havasupai Awate see Asurini I
A-uksni see Klamath Avauwais see Iowa Awatixa Gros Ventre (Ye)
Auksni [Self-designation] see Avavares [TX] (H) A-waus-e see Awausee
Klamath Avesupai see Havasupai Awausee [Phratry] Chippewa (H)
Au-kwu-cta see Tolowa Avijira see Awishiri A-waus-e-wug see Awausee
Aukwucta see Tolowa Avipa Apache see Arivaipa Awausewug see Awausee
Aulpapa see Hunkpapa Avirxiri see Awishiri A-waus-is-ee see Awausee
Aumane see Jumano Avitumiut [Can] Labrador Eski- Awausisee see Awausee
Aumesoukkantti see Amaseconti mos (BE) Awaxawi Gros Ventre (Ye)
Aunghim see Tanotenne Avixira see Awishiri Away-from-here Shawnee see
Auniers see Mohawk Avogal see Avoyel Absentee Shawnee
Aunies see Mohawk Avovelle see Avoyel A-we see Akwe
Auolasus see Southern Paiute Avoy see Iowa A-we see Akwe-Xavante
Auolasus see Paiute Avoyall see Avoyel A-we see Xavante
aupaluk see Aukpaluk Avoyel [LA] (BE) Awe see Akwe
Auquitsaukon see Delaware Avoyella see Avoyel Awe see Akwe-Xavante
Aura see Waura Avoyelle see Avoyel Awe see Xavante
Aurananean see Aranama Avvagmiut [Can] Mackenzie Eski- Aweatsiwaenhronon see Win-
Auricara see Arikara mos (BE) nebago
Aurickaree see Arikara A-vwa-tsu see Apache Aweatsiwaenrrhonon see Nipiss-
Auroguac see Arhuaco Avwatsu see Apache ing
A-ushkni see Klamath awaaca see Apache Awechisaehronon see Missisauga
Aushkni see Klamath Awachawi see Amahami Aweikoma see Shokleng
Ausinabwaun see Assiniboin awaci see Jicarilla Apache Awenatchela see Wenatchi
Ausotunnoog see Stockbridge Awaete see Asurini I Awenatechela see Wenatchi
Autawa see Ottawa A-wa-ha-wa see Amahami Aweti see Aueti
Awi-adshi Azzuei 32

Awi-adshi see Klickitat Ayano see Kanohatino Ayonai see Hainai

Awighsaghroene see Awigh- Ayano see Baniva Ayoois see Iowa
saghroone Ayapi see Oyanpik Ayook see Mixe
Awighsaghroone [Can] (H) Ayas see Eyeish Ayoouais see Iowa
Awikenox see Oowekeeno a-yascime-w see Eskimos Ayooues see Iowa
Awikyenoq see Oowekeeno ayascimew see Eskimos Ayore see Moro
Awirimomowi Guahibo (O) a-yaskime-w see Eskimos Ayorei see Moro
A-wish-in-aub-ay see Chippewa ayaskimew see Eskimos Ayoreiodo see Moro
Awishinaubay see Chippewa a-yaskyime-w see Eskimos Ayoreo see Moro
Awishira see Awishiri ayaskyimew see Eskimos Ayoreode see Moro
Awishiri [PE] (O) ayassime-w see Eskimos Ayoua see Iowa
Awk see Auk Ayatchinini see Siksika Ayouahs see Iowa
Awl-heart see Skitswish Ayatchiyinim see Siksika Ayoues see Iowa
Awluhl [Clan] Taos (H) Ayatchiyiniw see Siksika Ayouez see Iowa
Awo see Pawnee A-ya-to see Arapaho Ayouwa see Iowa
Awokanak see Etchaottine Ayato see Arapaho Ayouwais see Iowa
Awokanak see Etchareottine Ayauais see Iowa Ayouways see Iowa
Awo-pa-pa see Maricopa Ayauvai see Iowa Ayovai see Iowa
Awopapa see Maricopa Ayauwais see Iowa Ayovois see Iowa
Aw-o-tum see Pima Ayauwas see Iowa Ayowa see Iowa
Awotum see Pima Ayauwaus see Iowa Ayoway see Iowa
Awp see Apache Ayauway see Iowa Ayoweo see Moro
Awp-pa-pa see Maricopa Ayavois see Iowa Ayqueroa [HA, WInd] Guacca-
Awppapa see Maricopa Ayawai see Iowa iarima (BE)
Axauti Pueblo Indians (H) Ayaways see Iowa Ayqui Pueblo Indians (H)
Axehinen see Pawnee Ayays see Eyeish Ays see Ais
Axion (Hdbk15) see also Atsay- Aybamo see Alabama Ays see Eyeish
onck (Hdbk15) Aycalme [MX] Concho (BE) Ayses see Eyeish
Axion [NJ] Unami (BE) A-y-chart see Hachaath Aytch-arts see Hachaath
Axipaya Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Aychart see Hachaath Aytharts see Hachaath
Axol [NM] Tewa (H) Ayche see Eyeish Ayticha [Lang] Kings River (CA-
Axoytre see Axol Aychis see Eyeish 8)
Axshihhaye-runu see Chippewa Aycubaverrenay Achagua (O) Ayuguama see Cuatache
Axtaos see Eyeish Ayeche see Eyeish Ayuhba see Iowa
Axtaos see Tawehash Ayenguara [MX] (Hdbk10) Ayuhuwahak see Iowa
Axua see Comeya Ayeni see Hainai Ayuhwa see Iowa
axwa see Apache Ayenni see Hainai Ayukba see Iowa
axwaatca see Apache Ayennis see Yojuane Ayundiguiguira [MX] (Hdbk10)
Axwelapc see Kwalhioqua Ayeouais see Iowa Ayunini see Ayyuini
Ayabasca see Athapascan Ayeraguara [MX] (Hdbk10) Ayutan see Ietan
Ayabaskan Indians see Athabasca Ayerapaguana [MX] Coahuiltecan Ayuwa see Iowa
Ayabaskawininiwug [Can] Sakaw- (Hdbk10) Ayyuini (Early)
ininiwug (BE) Ayes see Eyeish Ayzes see Eyeish
Ayabaskawiyiniwag see Sakawith- Aygual see Aigual Azadyze see Adai
iniwuk Ayhuttisaht see Ehatisaht Azana see Atsina
Ayache see Eyeish Ayiches see Eyeish Aziagmiut Kaviagmiut (H)
Ayacucho [PE] (O) Ayish see Eyeish Aziag-mut (Contri, v.1, p.16) see
Ayacucho-Cuzco [Lang] Quechua Ayisiyiniwok see Cree also Asiagmiut (H)
(O) Ayjados see Tawehash Aziag-mut see Aziagmut
Ayagua Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Ayjaos see Eyeish Aziagmut see Unaligmiut
Ayahanisino [Clan] Timucua Ayjaos see Tawehash Aztec see Aztecs
(H) ayluymiut see Aglurmiut Azteca see Aztecs
Ayahkini see Hopi Aymamon [PR] (BE) Aztecan see Aztecs
Ayahkini see Walpi Aymara [Lang] [Arg, BO, CH, Aztec Confederacy [MX] (BE)
Ayahwa see Iowa PE] Jaqi (LC) Aztecoidan [Lang] [MX] Uto-
Ayaman [VE] (LC) Aymore see Aymara Aztecan (BE)
Ayamare see Aymara Aynais see Hainai AztecoTanoan [Lang] [MX]
Ayan see Hankutchin Aynay see Hainai (LC)
Ayanai see Hainai Aynics see Hainai Aztecs [MX] Nahuatl (LC)
Ayancuara (Hdbk10) Ayoa see Iowa Azzuei [HA, WInd] Bainoa
Ayane Baniva (LC) Ayoes see Iowa (BE)
Ayankeld see Yoncalla Ayoman see Ayaman
Ayanna see Oyana Ayomano see Ayaman
33 Baachine Bankalachi

-B- Bad-people see Etchaottine

Bad Pipes [WY] Northern Arapaho
Bakavi see Bacabi
Bakhkanapul [Self-designation]
(BE) see Tubatulabal
Baachine see Northern Arapah Bad River Band Lake Superior Bakihon Upper Yanktonai (H)
Baachine see Nakasinena Chippewa (Char, v.2, pt.1, p.6) Bakiri see Bakairi
Baachine see Nakasinena Badwisha see Badwisha Balamiha [Self-designation] see
Ba-akush see Dakota Badwisha (Pub, v.4, no.3, p.122) Aguateca
Baakush see Dakota see also Balwisha [CA] (BE) Baldam Mosquito (BE)
Baakuunenan see Nakosinena Badwisha [CA] Mariposa (H) Bald Head see Peshla
Baantctiinena see Nakasinena Badwunun see Palwunun Bald Heads see Comanche
Baanticiinenan [WY] Arapaho Baenan [Br] (O) Bald Hill [Lang] Wintu (CA-8)
(BE) Baenna see Baenan Bald Hills Indians see Chilula
Baasanwuunenan see Arapaho Bafn Island Eskimos (Hdbk5) Bald Mountain Northern Tonto
Babane Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Bafnland Eskimos [AK] Central Apache (BE)
babawi-oodham see Papago Eskimos (Hdbk5) Bale [Self-designation] see Bare
Babawi oodham see Papago Bagaces [CR] Aztecoidan (BE) ba-lew see Northern Paiute
Babayoula see Bayogoula Bagiopa Shoshonean (H) balew see Northern Paiute
Babco see Ababco Bagname Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Ballokai [CA] Pomo (H)
Babin see Nataotin Bagoache [Ont] Chippewa (H) Bal-lo Kai Pomo see Ballokai
Babina see Bagopa see Bagiopa Baloh see Paviotso
Babina see Nataotin Bagowits see Navajo Baluusha see Balwisha [CA]
Babine (H) see also Hwotsotenne Bagowitz see Navajo Baluxa see Biloxi
(BE) Baguacat [NM] Pueblo Indians Balwisha (H) see also Badwisha
Babine (H) see also Nataotin (BE) (H) (H)
Babine [BC, Can] Carrier (LC) Baguaja see Bahuajjas Balwisha [CA] (Contri, v.16, no.2,
Babini see Babine Baguajairi see Bahuajjas p.38)
Babini see Nataotin Baguajairi see Ese Ejja Balwisha [NV] Northern Paiute
Babol see Bobol Baguame see Bagname (BE)
Babor see Pabor Baguanimabo [HA, WInd] Bambana [MX] Mosquito-Sumo
Babor see Bobol Caizcimu (BE) (BE)
Baburi Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Bagueja see Ese Ejja Bamoa [MX] Cahita (BE)
Bacabi Hopi (Hdbk9) Bahacecha [AZ] (H) Banabeouiks see Winnebago
Bacairi see Bakairi Bahakosin see Cheyenne Banac see Bannock
Bacaja see Xikrin Bahamo see Ebahamo Ban-ack see Bannock
Bacaranan see Bacora Bahka-bom-foka Patwin (Pub, Banaiti see Bannock
Bachilmi [MX] Concho (BE) v.29, no.4) Banakwut see Bannock
Bachipkwasi [Clan] Hopi (H) Bahkanapul see Tubatulabal Banakwut see Bannock
Bachoms Country see Tankiteke Bahkanapul see Pahkanapils Banani see Bannock
Baciroa [MX] Teracahitian (BE) Bahohata (H) see also Ba-ho-ha-ta Ban-at-tee see Shoshone
Backbook see Backhook (H) Ban-at-tees see Bannock
Back Hook see Backhook Ba-ho-ha-ta [Clan] Hidatsa (H) Banava-Ja [Br] (O)
Backhook [Lang] Eastern Siouan Bahohata Hidatsa (H) Banax see Bannock
(H) Bahuajja (O) see also Ese Ejja Band of the Lights see Chagu
Backhook [SC] (H) (LC) Band That Dont Cook Yanktonai
Backward Clans see Tutoimana Bahuajja [PE] (O) (H)
Bacobi see Bacabi Bahwetego-weninnewug see Band that eats no buffalo see
Bacora Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Atsina Pteyuteshni
Bacoram see Bacora Bahwetig see Atsina Band That Eats No Geese Yank-
Bacoregue see Vacoregue Baimena [MX] Zoe (BE) tonai (H)
Bacorehui see Vacoregue Bainoa [HA, WInd] (BE) Band That Wishes the Life Yank-
Bad see Oyateschicha Baiohaigua [HA, WInd] Cahibo tonai (H)
Bad Arms Brule (H) (BE) Bangeklachi see Bankalachi
Bad Bows (H) Tinazipeshicha (H) Baiougoula see Bayogoula Bani [Cu] (BE)
Bad Coup see Eskepkabuk Bairira [Col] (O) Baniatho see Cherokee
Bad Faces see Waquithi Baisimete see Bersiamite Baniba see Baniva
Bad Faces see Iteshica Baiyu see Bai-yu Banimamam see Bibiamar
Bad-hearts see Kiowa Apache Bai-yu [Maidu] (Contri, v.3, Baniua do Icana see Baniva
Bad Honors see Esekepkabuk p.282) Baniva [Br, Col, VE] Arahuaco
Badies see Bidai Bajino Diegueo (CA-8) (LC)
Bad Leggings see Esachkabuk Bajiopas see Bagiopa Baniva do Icana see Baniva
Bad Leggins see Esachkabuk Bakab see Pakab Baniwa (O) see also Wakuenai (O)
Bad Looking Ones see Bakabi see Bacabi Baniwa [Br, VE] (O)
Glaglahecha Bakairi [Br] Xingu (LC) Bankalachi [CA] Shoshonean (H)
Bannach Beadeye 34

Bannach Snakes see Bannock Bari [Col, VE] (O) Batang-a see Patang
Bannack see Bannock Barira see Bari Batanga see Patang
Banneck see Bannock Bark Tribe see Ecore Batard-Loucheux see Bastard
Ban-ni-ta see Bannock Barrados see Jumano Loucheux
Bannita see Bannock Barrancas [Pueblo] Piro (H) Batard Loucheuz see Bastard
Bannock [ID, WY] Shoshonean Barre see Bare Loucheux
(LC) Barren Ground [Can] Montag- Batawat [CA] Wiyot (BE)
Bannock [Lang] Mono-Paviotso nais-Naskapi (BE) Ba-tcip-kwa-si see Bachipkwasi
(H) Barren Ground [Can] Sakaw- Batcipkwasi see Bachipkwasi
Bannock Ute-Chemehuevi (H) ininiwug Cree (BE) Batemdaikai see Kato
Bannock Creek Shoshone Barria Achagua (O) Batem-da-kai-ee see Kato
(Bull120) Barricade Falls people see Kaka- Ba-tem-da-kaii see Kato
Banumints see Serrano pakato Wininiwuk Batemdakaii see Kato
Baopapa [MX] Concho (BE) Barriere [Can] Algonkin (BE) Baticola see Mbya
Baouichtigouin see Chippewa Barro Negra [Col] Tunebo (O) Baticola see Kaiwa
Bapua Bara [Col] Barasana (O) Barrosos Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Batin-da-kia see Kato
Ba-qa-o see Makah Bartholomew, St. see Cochiti Bat Indians see Cashinawa
Baqao see Makah Bartolome, San see Puaray Batki see Patki
Baquero see Querecho Bartolome de Jongopavi, San see Batkinyamu see Patki
Baquioba see Bagiopa Shongopovi Baton Rouge see Mikasuki
Baquiva see Bagiopa Bartolomede Jougopavi, San see Battle-le-mule-emauch see
Baquiziziguara [MX] Coahuiltecan Shongopovi Methow
(Hdbk10) Bartolome de Xongopabi, San see Batucari [MX] Cahita (H)
Bara [Br, Col] Barasana (O) Shongopovi Batuco see Euduve
Baracoa [Cu] (BE) Bartolome de Xonogopavi , San Batueari see Batucari
Baraconos see Paraconosko see Shongopavi Baure [Lang] [BO] Maipurean
Barari [Br] Yanoama (O) Basanwunenan see Basawunena (LC)
Barajagua [Cu] (BE) Basawunena see Basawunena Bauruco [HA, WInd] Bainoa
Barajiri see Barari Basawunena [WY] Arapaho (BE) (BE)
Bara Maku see Macu Bascoram see Bacora Bawichtigouek see Chippewa
Barama River Carib [Lang] Galibi Basdece-sni see Basdecheshni Bawichtigouin see Chippewa
(Uaz, v.28) Basdecheshni Sisseton (H) Bawihka [Hon, NI] Sumo (BE)
Baranawa see Barrawana Basdetce-cni see Basdecheshni Baxumomowi Guahibo (O)
Barasana [Br, Col] (LC) Baselelotsed [WA] Skagit (BE) Bayagola see Bayogoula
Barasana del Norte [Lang] (LC) Base-tlo-tinneh see Tatsanottine Bayagouba see Bayogoula
Barasana del Sur [Lang] [Col] Bashabas see Abnaki Bayagoula see Bayogoula
(LC) Bashalabsh see Bashalabsh Bayaguaniguara see Bazaniguara
Barasano see Barasana Bashalabsh [WA] Nisqually (Ore- Bayamo [Cu, PR] (BE)
Ba-ra-shup-gi-o see Dakota gon) Bayano (O) see also San Blas (O)
Barashupgio see Dakota Basiroa [MX] Nevome (H) Bayano [MX] Cuna (BE)
Barauana see Barawana Baskadsadsiuk [WA] Skagit (BE) Baya-Ogoula see Bayogoula
Barawana [Br] (O) Baskaiya (Pub, v.20, no.6, Bayaquitiri [Cu] (BE)
Barbacoa [Lang] [Col, Cu] (BE) pp.102-103) Bay du Noc [MI, WI] Chippewa
Barbado see Umotina Baskekwiuk [WA] Skagit (BE) (H)
Barbara, Santa [Lang] [CA] Chu- Basketmaker see Basket-Makers Bay Indians see Winnebago
mashan (H) Basket-Makers Pueblo Indians Bay Indians see Oklahannali
Barbara Indians, Santa (LC) see (LC) Bay-ma-pomas see Sinkyone
also Chumash (CA) Basket People see Colville Baymas see Guayma
Barbara Indians, Santa [CA] Mis- Baslohalok [WA] Skagit (BE) Bay Miwok (He) see also Saclan
sion (LC) Basosuma [AZ] Sobaipuri (H) (LC)
Barbara Islands, Santa [Lang] Basses Rivieres see Lower Creek Bay Miwok [Lang] [CA] (He)
[CA] Shoshonean (Pub, v.4, Bastard see Nakotcho-kutchin Baymunana Sumo (BE)
no.3, pp.152-53) Bastard Beaver Indians see Bayogola see Bayogoula
Barbareno [CA] Chumash (CA) Etcheridiegottine Bayogoula [LA] (BE)
Barbarole see Brule Bastard Loucheux (BE) see also Bayonne Ogoula see Bayogoula
Barbarole see Chakute Kutchin (LC) Bayoodzin see Southern Paiute
Barbera, Santa see Chumash Bastard Loucheux [Can] (H) Bayouc Agoula see Bayogoula
Barbipian see Ervipiame Bas-Tchinouks see Lower Chi- Bayouc Ogoula see Bayogoula
Barbudo see Umotina nook Bay River see Bear River
Barbudo see Mayoruna Bastchinouks see Lower Chinook Bayugla see Bayogoula
Bare [Col, VE] Arawak (O) Batajagua [MX] Coahuiltecan Bayuk-okla see Bayogoula
Bar-har-cha see Pahatsi (Hdbk10) Baziniguara [MX] (Hdbk10)
Barharcha see Phatsi Batang see Patung Beadeye see Bidai
35 Bean Bieride

Bean People see Papago Begging people (Pub, v.12, no.3, Be-sde-ke see Fox
Beansmen see Papago p.74)see Hitounenan (Pub, Besdeke see Fox
Bear Clan (BE) see also Kishkakon v.12, no.3, p.74) Beshdeke see Fox
(BE) Behathook see Beothuk Bes-he-kwe-guelts see Miseek-
Bear Gens (BE) see also Kishkakon Beicas see Abihka wigweelis
(BE) Beico do Pau [Br] Cayapo (O) Beshekweguelts see Miseekwig-
Bear Gens (Bull85) Be-ku (Contri, v.3, p.393) weelis
Bear Indians see Clatchotin Beku see Be-ku Be-sheu see Besheu
Bear Indians see Matonumanke Belantse-etea see Hidatsa Besheu [Clan] Chippewa (H)
Bear Lake [Can] Subarctic (Ye) Belautse-etea see Hidatsa Beshiltcha see Kiowa
Bear Lake Indians (H) see also Belbellah see Bellabella Beshiltcha see Kiowa
Saschutkenne (H) Belen Pueblo Indians (H) Bessebes see Abnaki
Bear Nation see Attignawantan Belenista Caduveo (O) Bes-tchonhi-Gottine see
Bear People see Attignawantan Belhoola see Bella Coola Bistchonigottine
Bear River [CA] (BE) Beliche see Huilliche Bestchonhigottine see
Bear River [Lang] Athabascan Bella-Bella see Bellabella Bistchonigottine
(He) Bellabella [BC] Kwakiutl (LC) Bethsiamit see Bersiamite
Bear River [NC] (LC) Bellabella [Lang] Heiltsuk (H) Bethuck see Beothuk
Bears Paw Mountain see Bellacoola see Bella Coola Bethuk see Beothuk
Shiptetza Bella Coola [BC] Coast Salish Betidee see Arapaho
Beathook see Beothuk (LC) Betoi [Col] Tukanoan (O)
Beatty band Northern Paiute Bellaghchoolas see Bella Coola Betoi [Lang] [Col] Paezan (O)
(Hdbk11) Bellahoola see Bella Coola Betoi Jirarru see Betoi
Beauquiecho Caduveo (O) Bell-houla see Bella Coola Be-ton-auk-an-ub-yig see Be-
Beaux Hommes see Quapaw Bellichoola see Bella Coola tonukeengainubejig
Beaux Hommes see Siksika Belochy see Biloxi Betonaukanubyig see Betonu-
Beaver (H) see also Etcheridiegot- Belocse see Biloxi keengainugejig
tine (BE) Beloxi see Biloxi Be-ton-uk-eeng-ain-ub-e-jig see
Beaver (H) see also Intermediate Beluxi see Biloxi Betonukeengainubejig
Dene (H) Beluxy see Biloxi Betonukeengainubejig [WI]
Beaver (H) see also Pakhtha (H) Bemontire see Xikrin Chippewa (BE)
Beaver (H) see also Tsattine (LC) Benaki see Western Abnaki Betoya see Betoi
Beaver [UT] Southern Paiute (Hdbk15) Betoye see Betoi
(Hdbk11) Benaqui see Abnaki Betsiamit see Bersiamite
Beaver Clan [BC] Haisla (Anthro, Ben-Diapa [Lang] Catuquina (O) Betsiamite see Bersiamite
v.2, no.6) Beneme see Serrano Betumki see Mitomkai
Beaver Hill Cree see Paskawaw- Benyeme see Serrano Beuteubo Caduveo (O)
ininiwug Beothick see Beothuk Bevan-acs see Dakota
Beaver Hunters see Tsattine Beothics see Beothuk Bewanacs (H) SE Dakota (LC)
Beaver Indians see Tsattine Beothik see Beothuk Bexai see Jicarilla Apache
Beaver Indians see Amikwa Beoths see Beothuk Bexai see Jicarilla Apache
Beaver Islands [MI] Chippewa (H) Beothuc see Beothuk Beyuma [BO] Araona (O)
Beaver-men see Tamakwapi Beothuck see Beothuk Bibiamar Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Beaver People see Ah- Beothue see Beothuk Bibit Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
meekkwuneninnewug Beothugs see Beothuk Bicani see Bithani
Beaver People see Beothuk [New] (LC) Bicani see Dsihlthani
Shapeinihkashina Beothunkan [Lang] [Can] (BE) Biccaree see Arikara
Becaes see Abihka Bering Strait Eskimos (Hdbk5) Bicowetha (H) see also Piqua (BE)
Becancour [Lang] Eastern Algo- Bernabe Jongopavi, S. see Shon- Bi-cowe-tha see Bicowetha
nquian (Hdbk15) gopovi Bicowetha [MO] Shawnee (H)
Bedah-marek see Bidamarek Bernardo de Jongopabi, San see Bidai [TX] (BE)
Beddies see Bidai Shongopovi Bidais see Bidai
Bedees see Bidai Berry-eaters [Clan] [MN] (BE) Bidaises see Bidai
Bedies see Bidai Bersami see Bersiamite Bidamarek [CA] Pomo (H)
Be-don-ko-he (Hdbk10) Bersiamit see Bersiamite Biday see Bidai
Bedonkohe see Be-don-ko-he Bersiamite [Can] Algonquian (H) Bidayes see Bidai
Bedzaqetcha see Chippewa Bersiamitt see Bersiamite Biddaquimamar see Vid-
Bedzietcho see Chippewa Bersimis [Can] Montagnais- daquimamar
Beehai see Jicarilla Apache Naskapi (BE) Bidias see Bidai
Be Esa Ntsai see Maricopa Bertiamiste see Bersiamite Bidwell Bar [Lang] [CA] Konkow
Beesantsai see Maricopa Bertiamite see Bersiamite (CA-8)
Be-ga-kol-kizjin see Mogollon Bertolomeo, San see Cochiti Bierai see Laguna
Begakolkizjin see Mogollon Berttipame see Ervipiame Bieride see Laguna
Biernin Blue-lipped 36

Biernin see Keres Bilxula see Bella Coola Blackfeet (H) see also Siksika (LC)
biernin see Keres bini-edine see Western Apache Blackfeet (LC) see also Sihasapa
Big Ankle Band see Iyakoza Bi-ni-e-dine see Western Apache (LC)
Big Bayou see Boguechito Bin-i-ette She-deck-a see San Blackfeet Tetons see Sihasapa
Big Bead see Araphano Carlos Apache Blackfoot (H) see also Sihasapa
Big bellied see Gros Ventres Biniette Shedecka see San Carlos (LC)
Bigbellies see Gros Ventres Apache Blackfoot (LC) see also Siksika
Big-bellys see Gros Ventres Binii edinende see Western Apache (LC)
Big Devils Assiniboin (H) Bintuca see Ica Black-footed ones see Sihas-
Big Eagles band see Ohanhanska Bintuk [Lang] see Ica apakhcha
Big Feet see Maangreet Bintuka see Arhuaco Blackfoot Lodges see Ashkanena
Big Grizzard People see Mamak- Bintuka [Lang] see Ica Blackfoot Sioux (Oregon)
itce-wiinuuk Bintukwa see Arhuaco Black Hawks band (Hdbk11) see
Big Heads see Maskegon Bintuncua [Col] Arhuaco (O) also Moanunts (Hdbk11)
Big-Heads see Tetes de Boule Binuxsh see Biloxi Black Hawks Band Sauk (His/T,
Bighorn People see Abbatotine Binuxshi see Biloxi v.2, p.137)
Bighorn People see Esbataottine Birch Bay Indians see Semiah- Blackhead [NE] Kitkehahki (H)
big island people see Qikiqta- moo Black Hook Indians see Back-
grungmiut Birch Creek Kutchin see Ten- hook
Big Jims Band see Kispokotha nuth-kutchin Black Indians see Inkesabe
Big-legged Horses see Iyakoza Birch Indians see Tennuth- Black Lodges (BE) see also
Big-Lips see Nataotin kutchin Minesepere (BE)
Big Meadows [Lang] Maidu (CA- Birch-rind see Tatsanottine Black Lodges [SD] Cheyenne (BE)
8) Birch-Rindmen see Tatsanottine Black Minqua see Honniasont
Big Pauch see Gros Ventres Birch River Indians see Tennuth- Blackmouths see Sukhutit
Big Paunch see Gros Ventres kutchin Black Muscogee [MX] Muscogee
Big Plumes Band see Bloods Birnik Culture [AK] (Hdbk5) (H)
Atsina Biroros see Piro Pueblo Black Patched Moccasins see
Big River [Can] Montagnais- Bisanigua see Guayabero Sikutsipumaiks
Naskapi (BE) Biscatronge see Coaque Black Pawnee see Wichita
Big River People see Nekwichou- Biskatronge see Coaque Black Pawnee see Arikara
jik-kutchin Bissarhar Apache (H) Black River [KS, OK] Chippewa
Big Rock [MI] Chippewa (H) Bisserain see Nipissing (BE)
Big Siconese Delaware (Hdbk15) Bisserein see Nipissing (LC) Black River Kutchin see Tranjik-
Big Stone Lake Band see Inkpa Bisserinien (H) see Nipissing kutchin
Big Thicket see Bidai Bissirinien see Nipissing Black-Tailed Deer Hidatsa (H)
Big Tohome [AL] Tohome (BE) Bistchonigottine [Can] Etchaot- Blacktailed Deers [Society] Hi-
Big Topknots see Miawkinaiykis tine (H) datsa (H)
Big Track see Santsukhdghin Bitani see Bithani Black Tiger [SD] Dakota (BE)
Bik-ta-sa-te-tu-se see Biktasate- Bitani see Dsihlthani Black Tomahawk see Tacanhpis-
tuse Bithani [Clan] Navajo (H) apa
Biktasatetuse Crow (H) Bitomkhai see Mitomkai Black Water see Opelousa
Bik-ta-she see Northern Bitoupa see Ibitoupa Blanchards Fork [OH] Ottawa
Shoshone Bituncua [Col] Arhuaco (O) (H)
Bik-ta-she see Shoshone Black-arms see Cheyenne Blas, San [Pan] Cuna (BE)
Bilexe see Biloxi Black Bears see Yakima Blewmouths [GA] (H)
Bilhoola see Bella Coola Blackbird [MI] Chippewa (H) Bloodies see Kainah
Billechoola see Bella Coola Black Blood see Siksahpuniks Blood Indians see Kainah
Billikula see Bella Coola Blackblood see Siksahpuniks Blood Indians see Blackfeet
Billoxi see Biloxi Black Carib (LC) see also Garifuna Blood People see Kainah
Billoxie see Biloxi (O) Bloods [Can] Sarsi (BE)
Bilocchi see Biloxi Black Carib [Lang] [WInd] (LC) Bloods [MN] Atsina (BE)
Bilocchy see Biloxi Black-dog see Ohanhanska Bloody Piegans see Ahahpitape
Bilochi see Biloxi Black Dogs band see Ohanhan- Blount Indians (LC) see also
Bilochy see Biloxi ska Apalachicola (LC)
Biloci see Biloxi Black Doors see Sikokitsimiks Blount Indians [AL, FL] Seminole
Biloui see Biloxi Blackduck Culture (LC) (H)
Biloxi [Lang] Siouan (H) Black Eagle see Hangatanga Blue Bead see Arapaho
Biloxi [MS] (LC) Black Elks see Siksinokaks Blue Earth band see Mankato
Biloxy see Biloxi Black Fat Roasters see Sikopoksi- Blue Earth Indians see Nez Perce
Bilqula see Bella Coola maiks (BE) Blue Ground People see Dal-
Bilusi see Biloxi Black-feet Scioux (H) see Sihas- sokaiya
Bilxula see Bella Coola apa Blue-lipped see Blewmouths
37 Blue Bruneau

Blue Mud Indians see Nez Perce Boklai see Hopi Boshgisha see Poskesa
Blue Muds see Nez Perce Bokninuwad see Bokninwad Botcaced see Sinkiuse-Columbia
Bluff Indians see Prairie Band of Bokninwad [CA] Tule-Kaweah Botcaced see Sinkiuse-Columbia
Potawatomi (CA) Botecudos see Botocudo
Blu-kci see Biloxi Bokninwad [Lang] [CA] (CA-8) Bot-kin-ago see Atsina
Blukci see Biloxi Bokninwal see Bokninwad Botkinago see Atsina
Bluksi see Biloxi Bolamomowi see Awirimomowi Botocudo Aweikoma (O)
Blunt see Blount Indians Bolamomowi see Guahibo Botocudo [Br] (LC)
Blunt see Apalachicola Bolbon see Bolbone Botshenin see Occoneechee
Bluski see Biloxi Bolbone [CA] Cholovone (H) Botshenin see Patshenin
Blut Indianer see Kainah Boli see Buli Bounding-Wind see Kiyuksa
Boa [NI] Sumo (BE) Bolinas [CA] (H) Mdewakanton
Bobol [MX] Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Bolixe see Biloxi Bouscoutton [NY] Cree (H)
Bobor see Pabor Bolixie see Biloxi Bouscouttous see Bouscoutton
Boboram see Bobol Bollanos see Bolinas Bove see Ildefonso
Bocalo [Lang] [MX] (Hdbk10) Boluxa see Biloxi Bow Indians see Quapaw
Boca Negra [Br] Kawahib (O) Boluxe see Biloxi Bow People see Kandankaiya
Boca Preta [Br] Kawahib (O) Boluxie see Biloxi Bowpith see Sans Arcs
Bocas Prietas Coahuiltecan Bonack see Bannock Bow String Society see Hi-
(Hdbk10) Bonair [Lang] Waiwai (UAz, matanohis
Bocootawwanauke see Bo- v.28) Bowwetegoweninnewug see
cootowwonauke Bonaparte [BC] Shuswap (BE) Atsina
Bocootawwonauke [VA] Algo- Bonarch see Bannock Bowwetig see Atsina
quian (LC) Bonarch Diggers see Bannock Boxelder Indians [UT] Shoshone
Bocootawwonough see Bo- Bonarch Diggers see Shoshone (H)
cootawwonauke Bonark see Bannock Boya Band [CA] Pomo (Earth)
Bocootowwonock see Bocootaw- Bonasila [AK] Ingalik (BE) Boyaca [Cu] (BE)
wonauke Bone Indians see Osage Braba see Taos
Bodalkinago see Comanche Bone Indians see Assegun Bracamo see Ebahamo
Bodalkinago see Comanche Bone People see Tanintauei Brada see Taos
Bodega (H) see also Olamentka Bongee see Sarsi Brandywine see Wesorts
(H) Bonnack see Bannock Brandywine Indians Delaware
Bodega [CA] Miwok (BE) Bonnak see Bannock (Hdbk15)
Bodega [Lang] [CA] (CA-8) Bonnax see Bannock Bread Nation see Pascagoula
Boderwiumi see Paleuyami Bonners Ferry [ID] Kutenai (BE) Breakers of the custom see
Boeothick see Beothuk Bonnet see Ekupabeka Kiyuska Oglala
Boeothuck see Beothuk Bonoch see Bannock Breech-cloths [Clan] [MN] Atsina
Boethick see Beothuk Bons Irocois see Huron (BE)
Bogoache [WI] Chippewa (BE) Booadasha Crow (H) Breed Nation see Pascagoula
Boguechito [MS] Choctaw (H) Boonack see Bannock Bribri [CR, Pan] Chibcha (LC)
Bogue Chitto see Boguechito Boothians see Netchilirmiut Bridgeport [CA] (Pub, v.11, no.5)
Bohnapobatin [CA] (H) Boothroyd [BC] Ntlakyapamuk Bridge River Indians [BC] Upper
Bohogue Shoshone (Anthro, v.8, (H) Lillooet (H)
no.3, p.264) Boothroyds [BC] Upper British Band Sauk (H)
Boiguera [MX] Coahuiltecan Thompson (H) Broad Belt Indians see Cinta
(Hdbk10) Boquiguera [MX] (Hdbk10) Larga
Boijero see Boiguera Bora [Col] Witoto (LC) Broad Grass [Can] Sarsi (BE)
Boin-acs see Dakota Bora-Muinane see Muinane Broken Arrows [SD] (BE)
Boine see Dakota Boran [Lang] Col (O) Broken-Moccasin see Bannock
Boinug see Dakota Born in the middle see Cheg- Broken Tooth Chippewa (H)
Bois brule see Brule nakeokisela Broncos see Chiricahua Apache
Boise Shoshone (Ye) Boro (LC) Brotherton [NJ, NY] (LC)
Boise Forte see Sugwaundugah- Bororo [Lang] [BO, Br] (LC) Brothertown see Brotherton
wininewug Bororo Oriental [Br] Eastern Broule see Brule
Bois Fort Chippewa see Sug- Bororo (O) Brucellares see Brule
waundugahwininewug Borrado (BE) see also Jumano Brule [SD] Teton (LC)
Bois Forts see Sugwaundugah- (LC) Brule Dakotas see Brule
wininewug Borrado [MX, TX] Coahuiltecan Brulees see Brule
Boka see Bo-ka (BE) Brules of the Platte [SD] Brule
Bo-ka Maidu (Contri, v.3, p.282) Boruca [CR] (LC) (H)
Bokeai see Hopi Boruca [Lang] [CR] Chibchan Brulie see Brule
Bokeya [CA] Central Pomo (Pub, (LC) Brunca see Boruca
v.40, no.2) Borun see Botocudo Bruneau [ID] Wihinasht (H)
Brunka Cacan 38

Brunka see Borunca Bul-dam Pomo (Contr, v.3, p.155) Caa see Dakota
Brushwood Indians see Etchaot- Buli [Clan] Hopi (H) Caagua see Cayuse
tine Bu-li-nya-mu see Buli Caan see Dakota
Brushwood Indians see Bulinyamu see Buli Caanqti see Dakota
Etchareottine Bu-li-so see Buliso Caaygua see Mbya
Bu see Timbira Buliso [Clan] Hopi (H) Cabadilapo see Kato
Bua see Pira-Tapuyo Bu-li win-wu see Buli Cabahiba see Parintintin
Bubol see Wowol Buli winwu see Buli Cabaies see Kabaye
Bucinka [Col] Arhuaco (O) Bull Dog [SD] Teton (H) Cabaiva see Kawahib
Bucintaua see Bucinka Bullheads see Tetes de Boule Ca-ba-na-po see Khabenapo
buckberry eaters see wiyitakaa Bulls see Okos Cabanapo see Khabenapo
Buckskin Creek Band Fraser River Bulls Hidatsa (H) Cabanatith see Toba-Maskoy
Shuswap (Hdbk15) Buluxi see Biloxi Cabassaguntiquoke see Cabbasa-
Buda [BO] Araona (O) Buma see Suma gunti
Bue see Witoto Bungee see Chippewa Cabazon [CA] Mission Indians
Buekete see Guaymi Bungi see Chippewa (Palm, v.39, no.2)
Buekete see Northern Guaymi Buntigwa (O) see also Ika (O) Cabbasaqunti [Can, Q] (H)
Buen. de Mossaquavi, S. see Mis- Buntigwa [Col] (O) Cabbassaguntiac see Cabbasa-
hongnovi Burica [CR, Pan] Chibcha (BE) gunti
Buenaventura see Mishongnovi Burned see Brule Cabbisseconteag see Cabbasa-
Buenaventura, San [Lang] [CA] Burney Valley see Wamarii gunti
Chumashan (H) Burnt-face see Iteghu Cabecar [CR] Talamanca (BE)
Buenaventura, Sant see Picuris Burnt Hip see Brule Cabecare see Cabecar
Buena Ventura de Cochita, San Burnt Thighs see Brule Cabeca Seca see Zoro
see Cochiti Burnt Woods (H) see also Brule Cabecaseca see Zoro
Buenaventura di Cochiti, San see (LC) Cabellos realzados see Chippewa
Cochiti Burnt Woods [MI, WI] Chippewa Caberre see Puinave
Buenaventura Indians, S. see Co- (H) Cabesa see Cabezas
chiti Burrard Saw Mills Indians [BC] Cabessa see Cabezas
Buena Vista [CA] Miwok (LAT, Squamish (H) Cabezas [MX] (BE)
Sec.E, N 14, 1994, E1, E4) Burubora see Purubora Cabia (H) see also Kabaye (H)
Buena Vista [CA] Yokuts (LC) Burucaca [CR] Chibcha (BE) Cabia (Hdbk10) see also Cauya
Buena Vista [Lang] Foothill (CA- Burururau [CR, Pan] Terraba see (Hdbk10)
8) Sakbwatsuk Cabia Coahuiltecan (BE)
Buffalo (H) see also Chedunga (H) Bushalabsh [WA] Nisqualli (BE) Cabicujapa [MX] Coahuiltecan
Buffalo (H) see also Tesinde (H) Bush People see Saka-winouuk (Hdbk10)
Buffalo [NY] Seneca (H) Bus-in-as-see see Businausee Cabinoios see Cahinnio
Buffalo Bull see Chedunga Businassee see Businausee Cabishi see Kabixi
Buffalo-bull warriors see Maho- Bus-in-aus-e see Businausee Cabishinana see Kabixiana
hivas Businausee [Phratry] Chippewa (H) Cabishi-Pareci see Kozarene
Buffalo Dung see Kahmitaiks Bus-in-aus-e-wug see Businausee Cabixi see Kabixi
Buffalo Eater Band see Kotsoteka Businausewug see Businausee Cabixiana see Kabixiana
Buffalo-Eaters see Kutsshundika Businka see Ika Cabiyari [Col] (LC)
Buffalo-Hip see Tanintabin Busintana see Ika Cabiyeri see Cabiyari
Buffalo-humps see Tendons Buskipani see Capanahua Cabras see Kiabaha
Buffalo Hunters see Querecho Busquipani see Capahahua Cabri see Zuni
Buffalo Indians see Bussenmeus see Bersiamite Cabyamaraguam Coahuiltecan
Cheikikarachada Butchers see Oosabotsee (Hdbk10)
Buffalo Indians see Kotsoteka buxide see Hopi Cac see Ke
Buffalo Indians see Lamtama buxiek see Hopi Caca see Cacan
Buffalo Province see Zuni Bwan see Dakota Cacachia see Kaskaskia
Bugre see Shokleng Bwan-acs see Dakota Cacafes Coahuiltecan (BE)
Buhagana see Macuna Bwoinug see Dakota Cacahouanous see Shawnee
Buhayana [Col] (O) Bwoirnug see Dakota Cacaje see Jacao
Buhkherk see Hopi Byssirinien see Nipissing Cacalote [MX] Tamaulipec (BE)
Buiaz [HA] Bainoa (BE) Cacalotes Coahuiltecan
Buigana see Macuna (Hdbk10)
Buigana see Buhayana Cacalotito [MX] Concho (BE)
Buketa see Guaymi -C- Cacamacao see Cacamegua
Bukin see Hopi Cacamara Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Bukina see Uru Ca see Sa Cacamegua [MX] Coahuiltecan
Bulbone see Bolbone Ca see Sha (Hdbk10)
Buldam see Bul-dam Ca see Shana Cacan [Lang] (LC)
39 Cacana Cahuapana

Cacana see Cacan Caddons see Kadohadacho Caguchuarca [MX] Coahuiltecan

Cacani see Cheyenne Caddoques see Kadohadacho (Hdbk10)
Cacaopera (LC) see also Matagalpa Caddoquies see Kadohadacho Caguchuasca [MX] Coahuiltecan
(LC) Caddoquis see Kadohadacho (Hdbk10)
Cacaopera [ES, Hon] (BE) Caddow see Kadohadacho Caguiamiguara [MX] (Hdbk10)
Cacapam Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Cadeaux see Kadohadacho Caguilipan [MX] Coahuiltecan
Cacaste see Cacaxte Cadecha [FL] Timucua (H) (Hdbk10)
Cacataibo [Lang] see Cashibo Cadica see Cadecha Caguilla see Kawia Luiseo
Cacaxte [MX] Coahuiltecan Cadiguegodi see Caduveo Caguinachi see Coguinachi
(Hdbk10) Cadiheo see Caduveo Caguiniguara [MX] Coahuiltecan
Cacchi see Kekchi Cadima see Cadimas (Hdbk10)
Cacchouma see Chakchiuma Cadimas [MX] Tamaulipec (BE) Caguiraniguara [MX] Coahuilte-
Cacchuma see Chakchiuma Cadinias see Cadimas can (Hdbk10)
Cachae see Ione Cadioeo (LC) Caguisniguara [MX] (Hdbk10)
Cachapostate see Cachopostales Cadioeo (LC) see also Caduveo Cagulla see Kawia Luseo
Cache Creek [Lang] Patwin (CA) (LC) Caha see Dakota
Cachees band see Central Chir- Cadique see Cadioeo Caha see Dakota
icahua Apache Cadloes see Kadohadacho Cahahaguillas see Cahuilla
Cache River People see Tranjik- Cado see Kadohadacho Cahainihoua see Cahinnio
kutchin Cado see Peticado Cahainohoua see Cahinnio
Cache Valley Shoshone (Bull120) Cadodaccho see Kadohadacho Cahakies see Cahokia
Cachibo see Cashibo Cadodache see Kadohadacho Cahan see Dakota
Cachichi see San Felipe [Keres] Cadodacho see Kadohadacho Cahan see Dakota
Cachies see Kichai Cadodaguios see Kadohadacho Cahata see Kiowa Apache
Cachinaua see Cashinawa Cadodakis see Kadohadacho Cahau see Cahokia
Cachiquel see Cakchikel Cadodaquinons see Kadohadacho Cahaymi [HA] Guaccaiarima
Cachise Apache see Central Cadodaquio see Kadohadacho (BE)
Chiricahua Apache Cadodaquiou see Kadohadacho Cahaynohaoua see Cahinnio
Cachise Indians see Central Cadodaquioux see Kadohadacho Cahenhisenhonon see Toryohne
Chiricahua Apache Cadodaquis see Kadohadacho Cahiagua see Kiowa
Cachnawayes see Conoy Cadoes see Kadohadacho Cahia iyeskabin [MN] Assiniboin
Cachomashiri see Caquinte Cadogdacho see Kadohadacho (BE)
Cachopostal see Cachopostales Ca-do-ha-da-cho see Kadohada- Cahibo [HA] (BE)
Cachopostales [TX] (BE) cho Cahieca see Cheyenne
Cachopostate see Cachopostales Cadohadacho see Kadohadacho Cahigua see Kiowa
Cachsaputal see Cachopostales Cadojodacho see Kadohadacho Ca-hiks-i-ca-hiks see Pawnee
Cachuena [Lang] Carib (UAz, Cadoque see Coaque Cahiksi-cahiks see Pawnee
v.28) Cadouch see Comanche Cahinnio [AR, TX] Caddo (BE)
Cacibo see Cashibo Cadoux see Kadohadacho Cahinoa see Cahinnio
Caclasco see Wasco Cadrons see Kadohadacho Cahirmois see Cahinnio
Cacopa see Cocopa Caduveo [BO, Br] (LC) Cahita [MX] (LC)
Cacore see Shakori Caecena see Cayuishana Cahitan [Lang] Taracahitian (BE)
Cactan-qwut-me tunne see Caenoestoery see Iroquois Cahivo see Cashibo
Umpqua Caensa see Taensa Cahlahtel [CA] (H)
Cacua [Macu] (LC) Caeujes see Cayuga Cahnilla see Kawia Luiseo
Caculipalina see Caculpaluniame Caeuquias see Cahokia Cahnillo see Kawia Luiseo
Caculpaluniame [MX] (Hdbk10) Cafuenchi see Cajuenche Cahnowa see Conoy
Cacupa see Cocopa Ca Gaba see Kagaba Cahoco [BO] Araona (O)
Cadadoquis see Kadohadacho Cagaba see Kagaba Cahoki see Cahokia
Cadapouces see Catawba Cagabegux see Cayabegux Cahokia Illinois (H)
Cadaquis see Kadohadacho Cagabo see Kagaba Cahokian see Cahokia
Cadaudacho see Kadohadacho Cagan see Shakian Cahokies see Cahokia
Cadaux see Kadohadacho Cagatsky see Aleuts Cahoque see Coaque
Caddo (H) see also Kadohadacho Caghnawaga see Caughnawaga Cahoqui see Cahokia
(BE) Cagnaguet [BaC] Laimon (H) Cahoquias see Cahokia
Caddo [LA, TX] (LC) Cagnajuet see Cagnaguet Cahroc see Karok
Caddoan [Lang] (BE) Cagnawaga see Caughnawaga Cahroes see Karok
Caddoan Indians see Caddo Cagu see Chagu Cahto see Kato
Caddo Confederacy (H) Caguaumama [Lang] Quinigua Cahuahiva see Kawahib
Caddo-dacho see Kadohadacho (Hdbk10) Ca-hual-chitz see Paiute
Caddodacho see Kadohadacho Caguayoguam [MX] (Hdbk10) Cahualchitz see Paiute
Caddoe see Kadohadacho Cagubiguama [MX] Coahuiltecan Cahuanas see Kahwan
Caddokies see Kadohadacho (Hdbk10) Cahuapana [PE] (O)
Cahuapanan Callapooia 40

Cahuapanan [Lang] see Jeberoan Cajaquepa [MX] Coahuiltecan Calapooga see Calapooya
Cahuarano [PE] (O) (Hdbk10) Calapooia see Calapooya
Cahuga see Cayuga Cajoeger see Cayuga Calapoolia see Calapooya
Cahuilla (H) see also Kawia Cajouga see Cayuga Calapoosa see Calapooya
Luiseo (H) Cajouge see Cayuga Calapooya [OR] (BE)
Cahuilla [CA] (LC) Cajougoes see Cayuga Calapooyan [Lang] see Kalapuya
Cahuillan Lingustic Family Cajouse see Cayuse Calapuaya see Calapooya
[Lang] (Pub, v.4, no.3, p.131) Cajuala see Paiute Calapuya see Calapooya
Cahuillo see Kawia Luiseo Cajuala Sevinta see Shivwits Calasthocle (H) see also Killax-
Cah-wa see Kawia Yokuts Cajuales see Paiute thokle (H)
Cahwa see Kawia Yokuts Cajubama [MX] Coahuiltecan Ca-last-ho-cle see Killaxthokle
Cah-wee-o see Kawia Luiseo (Hdbk10) Ca-last-ho-cle see Quinault
Cahweeo see Kawia Luiseo Cajubama [MX] Coahuiltecan Calasthocle [WA] Quinault (BE)
Cahwia see Kawia Yokuts (Hdbk10) Calasthorte see Calathocle
Cah-wi-ah see Kawia Yokuts Cajubicena see Cayuishana Calatouches (Hdbk12) see also
Cahwiah see Kawia Yokuts Cajuenche (BE) see also Kohuana Paloos (LC)
Cah-willa see Cahuilla (BE) Calatouches [WA] (Hdbk12)
Cahwilla see Cahuilla Cajuenche (BE) see also Kohuana Calbo see Calvo
Caiabi see Kayabi (BE) Calcefar [NJ] Unami (BE)
Caiapa see Cayapo Cajuenche (Hdbk10) see also Kah- Calchaqui [Arg] [Diaguit] (LC)
Caiapo see Cayapo wan (Hdbk10) Calcharnies see Kulchana
Caiasban (H) Cajuenche (Hdbk10) see also Kah- Calciati Pueblo Indians (H)
Cai-a-wa see Kiowa wan (Hdbk10) Caldono [Col] Paez (O)
Caiawa see Kiowa Cajuenche [AZ] Yuman (H) Cale see Olagale
Caicaches [TX] (H) Cajuenche [CA, AZ] (H) Calespelin see Kalispel
Caicana see Cataican Cajuenes see Kahwan Calespell see Kalispel
Caicoa [HA, WInd] Caizcimu Cajuga see Cayuga Calespin see Kalispel
(BE) Cajuge see Cayuga Calexpaquet see Alcalerpaquet
Caigua see Kiowa Cajugu see Cayuga Calibi see Galibi
Caigua see Caingua Cajuka see Cayuga Caliente see Kawaiisu
Caiguara see Kiowa Cajyouga see Cayuga Caliente Trumoyo see Kawaiisu
Caihua see Kiowa Cajyuga see Cayuga Caliente Tumoyo see Kawaiisu
Caijougas see Cayuga Cakainikova see Cahinnio California [Lang] (BE)
Caijouge see Cayuga Cakchi see Kekchi Californian [Lang] (BE)
Cailloux see Cayuse Cakchikel [Gu] (LC) Calima culture [Col] see Carib
Caiman see Caimanes Cakchiquel see Cakchikel Calinya see Carib
Caiman see San Blas Cuna Cake see Kake Calinya [Black Carib] see Black
Caimanes Cuna (BE) cakge-nkni (Hdbk12)see Molala Carib
Caimbe see Kaimbe (LC) Calipoa see Calapooya
Cainamero see Gallinomero Cakinonpa see Kakinonba Calipoa see Catawba
Caingang see Kaingangue Cakkiptaco see Cattachiptico Calipocate [MX] Coahuiltecan
Caingangue see Kaingangue Cakwaleya winwu see Shak- (Hdbk10)
Cainge see Cayuga walengya Calipooia see Calapooya
Caingua [Arg, Br, Par] (LC) Ca-kwa-len-ya wu-wu see Calipooya see Calapooya
Caiouga see Cayuga Shakwalengya Calipoya see Calapooya
Caiougo see Cayuga Calabaw see Catawba Calipuyowe see Calapooya
Caiougue see Cayuga Ca-la-bi see Cheli Calispell see Kalispel
Caipotorades see Moro Calabi see Cheli Calkobins see Tautin
Caishana see Cayuishana Calahpoewah see Calapooya Callaga Abipone (LC)
Caita see Cahita Calajomanes see Gallinomero Callageheah see Cherokee
Caitsdammo [LA] (H) Cal-a-mex see Tillamook Cal-lah-po-e-ouah see
Caiua see Caingua Calamex see Tillamook Calapooya
Caiushana see Cayuishana Ca-la-mox see Tillamook Callahpoeouah see Calapooya
Caiwa see Kiowa Calamox see Tillamook Cal-lah-po-e-wah see Calapooya
Caiyonga see Cayuga Calanay see Calany Callahpoewah see Calapooya
Cai-yu-cla see Siuslaw Calancheo Coahuiltecan Callahuaya [Lang] [BO] (LC)
Caizcimu [HA, WInd] (BE) (Hdbk10) Cal-la-mak see Tillamook
Cajages see Cayuga Calanio see Calany Callamak see Tillamook
Cajamarca [PE] (O) Calany [FL] Timucua (H) Cal la mox see Tillamook
Cajanibi [MX] Coahuiltecan Calapalo see Apalakiri Callamox see Tillamook
(Hdbk10) Calapelin see Kalispel Callamucks see Tillamook
Cajapanama [MX] Coahuiltecan Calapooa see Calapooya Callapipa see Calapooya
(Hdbk10) Calapooah see Calapooya Callapooia see Calapooya
41 Callapooiale Canatino

Callapooiale see Calapooya Camaracoto [VE] (LC) Camsa [Col] (LC)

Callapooka see Calapooya Camarakoto see Caramacoto Camuchininbara [MX] (Hdbk10)
Callapooto see Calapooya Camarakoto see Karamacoto Camyula see Kamaiura
Callapooya see Calapooya Camaroua see Tamaroa Cana (H) see also Sana (BE)
Callapooyah see Calapooya Camarsche see Comanche Cana (Hdbk10) see also Canua
Calla puya see Calapooya Camasari see Camahan (Hdbk10)
Callapuya see Calapooya Camas Eaters see Saituka Cana (Hdbk9) see also
Callapuye see Calapooya Camas People see Kalispel Kechipauan (Hdbk9)
Callawalla see Callahuaya Camasuqua Pamaque (Hdbk10) Cana [PE] Aymara (O)
Callawpohyeaa see Calapooya Camatonaja [MX] Coahuiltecan Canaba see Kennebec
Callemax see Tillamook (Hdbk10) Canabaco [HA, SanD] Hubabo
Callemex see Tillamook Camaya [BO] Araona (O) (BE)
Callimix see Tillamook Camayopalo [MX] Coahuiltecan Canabas see Norridgewock
Calling River Band see (Hdbk10) Canabecuma [MX] Coahuiltecan
Katepoisipi-winuuk Camayula see Kamaiura (Hdbk10)
Calliseca see Sipibo Camayura see Kamaiura Canabi see Kechipauan
Call-law-poh-yea-a see Camba (Hdbk15) see also Ken- Canacabala [MX] Coahuiltecan
Calapooya nebec (Hdbk15) (Hdbk10)
Callo see Calousa [CA] Camba (LC) see also Chiriguano Canagesse see Conoy
Callo see Calusa [FL] (LC) Canaghkonje see Iroquois
Calloosa see Calousa [CA] Camba [BO] (O) Canaghkouse see Iroquois
Calloosa see Calusa [FL] Cambas see Norridgewock Canaghquieson (Great, pp.57-67)
Caloait see Skilloot Cambeba see Omagua Canaguiague [MX] (Hdbk10)
Calooit see Skilloot Cambela see Omagua Canaguiapem see Quiniacapem
Caloort see Skilloot Came see Zuni Canai see Conoy
Caloosa see Calousa [CA] Camejeya [Self-designation] see Canaine [MX] Coahuiltecan
Caloosa see Calusa [FL] Yucuna (Hdbk10)
Calopissa see Acolapissa Camel-el-poma see Usal Canais see Conoy
Calos see Calousa [CA] Cam-el-lel-Poma see Usal Canaitoca [MX] Coahuiltecan
Calos see Calusa [FL] Camellel Poma see Usal (Hdbk10)
Calouche [FL] (H) Cami see Zuni Canamari [Br] see Kanamari
Calousa [CA] River Patwin (BE) Cami-isubaba [MX] Coahuiltecan Canamarigui [MX] Coahuiltecan
Calt-sop see Clatsop (Hdbk10) (Hdbk10)
Caluca see Okelousa Camiltpaw [WA] Wenatchi (BE) Canamary [BO] Araona (O)
Calusa (His/T, v.2, p.345) see also Camilya see Coneya Canamau [MX] Coahuiltecan
Calousa [CA] (BE) Camilya see Kamia (Hdbk10)
Calusa [FL] (LC) Camiopajamara (Hdbk10) Canameo [MX] Coahuiltecan
Calusa [FL] (LC) Camisnimat [MX] Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Calvo Apache (Hdbk10) (Hdbk10) Cananarito [MX] Coahuiltecan
Cama [BO] Araona (O) Camoavi [BO] Araona (O) (Hdbk10)
Camacaluira [MX] Coahuiltecan Camole [TX] (H) Canaoneuksa see Mohawk
(Hdbk10) Camone see Camole Canapanama see Cajapanama
Camacan see Kamakan Camowev see Chemehuevi Canapeo [MX] Coahuiltecan
Camachi [CR] (O) Campa [PE] (LC) (Hdbk10)
Camacuro [MX] Coahuiltecan Campa Caquinte see Caquinte Canapouce see Catawba
(Hdbk10) Campacua see Tampacua Canapu see Canapes
Camaguey [Cu] (BE) Campa del Alto Perene [PE] Canaranaguio [MX] Coahuiltecan
Camahan Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Campa (O) (Hdbk15)
Camai Coahuiltecan (BE) Campa del Pichis [PE] Campa Canaresse see Canarsee
Camaie [HA] Bainoa (BE) (O) Canari [EC] (LC)
Camaiguara [MX] Coahuiltecan Canarian [Lang] [EC] (LC)
(Hdbk10) Campa Nomatsiguenga (O) Canarian Indians see Canari
Camaleones Coahuiltecan seeNomatsiguenga (LC) Caaris-Cajamarca (O)
(Hdbk10) Campa Pajonalino see Pajonalino Canarise see Canarsee
Camaleones [MX] Tamaulipec (BE) Campa Ucayalino see Ucayalino Canarisse see Canarsee
Camalucano [MX] Coahuiltecan Campaz see Colorado [SA] Canarse see Canarsee
(Hdbk10) Campe [Br] (O) Canarsee [NJ] Unami (BE)
Camancee see Comanche Campeba see Omegua Canarsee [NY] Metoac (H)
Camanche see Comanche Campiti see Campa Canarsii see Canarsee
Camaniguara [MX] Coahuiltecan Campoa see Pampopas Canastoga see Conestoga
(Hdbk10) Campo Nambicuara see South- Canastoge see Conestoga
Camaracoto (O) see also Puricoto ern Nambicuara Canastogue see Conestoga
(LC) Camp Verde Apache (Char, v.4) Canatino see Kanohatino
Canaumano Capanary 42

Canaumano see Gallinomero Canimairo see Gallinomero Canorise see Canarsee

Canavest see Conoy Canimare see Gallinomero Canossoone see Iroquois
Canawaroghare see Oneida Canim Lake [BC] Lake Shuswap Canostoga see Conestoga (LC)
Canaway see Conoy (Hdbk12) Canouhanan (H) see Kanohatino
Canawese see Conoy Caniouis see Kannehouan Canowaroghere see Oneida
Canawest see Conoy Canips see Kansa Canowes see Conoy
Canayna see Canaynes Canisi see Canichana Canoy see Conoy
Canaynes [MX] Tamaulipec (BE) Canistage see Conestoga Canoyeas see Conoy
Canbroiniguera [MX] Coahuilte- Canistoge see Conestoga Canoyias see Conoy
can (Hdbk10) Can-kaga-otina see Chank- Cans see Kansa
Canceas see Quapaw aghaotina Cansa see Kansa
Cancer see Lipan Apache Cankagaotina see Chank- Canses see Kansa
Cancere see Lipan Apache aghaotina Cansez see Kansa
Cances see Lipan Apache Cankia see Caholia Cantajes see Kiowa Apache
Cancey see Apache Cannabas see Norridgewock Cantanual see Simaomo
Cancey see Kiowa Apache Cannaha see Kannehouan Cantauhaona see Simaomo
Cancey see Lipan Apache Cannahios see Kannehouan Cantauncack [VA] Algonquian
Canceze see Kansa Cannarse see Canarsee (Hdbk15)
Cancezs see Kansa Cannassoone see Iroquois Cantaunkack see Cantauncack
Canchez see Kansa Cannecis see Lipan Apache Cantcy see Cancy
Canchi [PE] Aymara (O) Cannecy see Lipan Apache Cantensapue (H)
Canchy see Lipan Apache Cannehovanes see Kannehouan Cantey see Lipan Apache
Canchy see Cancy Cannensis see Lipan Apache Cantona see Simaoma
Cancon see Konkow Cannessi see Lipan Apache Cantonaes see Simaomo
Cancy (H) see also Lipan Apache Cannetquot [NY] Patchoag (H) Canton Indians see Iroquois
(LC) Canney see Cancy Confederacy
Cancy Apache (Hdbk10) Cannibal see Potiguara Cantonment Cheyenne (Who)
Candadacho see Kadohadacho Cannibalier see Potiguara Cantujuana see Simaomo
Candaungack see Cantauncack Cannibas see Norridgewock Cantuna (H) see also Simaomo
Candia see Sandia Cannissoone see Iroquois (BE)
Candoshi [PE] (LC) Canniungaes see Mohawk Cantuna Coahuiltecan (BE)
Candoxi see Candoshi Cannohatinno see Kanohatino Canua Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Cane see Ocana Cannohatino see Kanohatino Canum Mentulae see Cuntcebi
Canechi see Canichana Cannokantimo see Kanohatino Canungas see Mohawk
Canecis see Lipan Apache Cannongageh-ronnon see Ab- Canyon Creek San Carlos Apache
Canecy see Cancy naki (BE)
Canee see Lipan Apache Cannossoene see Iroquois Canyon Division [BC] Shuswap
Caneeci see Lipan Apache Cano see Canua (Hdbk12)
Caegacola see Caogacola Canoatinno see Kanohatino Canzas see Kansa
Canela (O) see also Canella (LC) Canoatino see Kanohatino Canze see Cancy
Canela Eastern Timbira (O) Canocan (H) Canzes see Kansa
Canella [Br] (LC) Canoe Creek [BC] Shuswap (H) Canzez see Kansa
Canelo [EC] (LC) Canoe Creek Band [BC] Fraser Caodacho see Kadohadacho
Canelos Quichua see Canelo River Shuswap (Hdbk12) Caokia see Cahokia
Canel Pomo [CA] Northern Pomo Canoe Indians see Mahican Caoque see Coaque
(Pub, v.40, no.2) Canoe Indians see Alacaluf Caoquias see Cahokia
Canendeshe see Naogeh Canoe Indians see Yaghan Caos see Cahokia
Canesi see Canichana Canoeiro [Br] (LC) Caouaouce see Cahokia
Canestoga see Conestoga Canoe Lake [BC] Upper Thomp- Caouquias see Cahokia
Canestogo see Conestoga son (H) Capa (H) see also Quapaw (LC)
Canga-Peba see Omagua Canoemen see Malecite Capa [BO] Araona (O)
Canggaree see Congaree Canoera see Ava Capabagua see Capanahua
Can-han see Dakota Caogacola [FL] (H) Capache Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Canhan see Dakota Canohatino see Kanohatino Capachequi [FL] (BE)
Canhaway see Conoy Canohattino see Kanohatino Capae [MX] Coahuiltecan
Caniba [Lang] Algonquian Canoise see Conoy (Hdbk10)
(Bull13) Canon see Canua Capagui [MX] Coahuiltecan
Caniba Indians see Kennebec Canonchahonronon see Osswe- (Hdbk10)
Canibas see Norridgewock hgadagaah Capaha see Quapaw
Canice see Takulli Canon Division [Can] Shuswap Capaheni [BO] Araona (O)
Canichana [BO] (LC) (BE) Capanagua see Capanahua
Canicon see Tanico Caon Indians see Lower Capanahua [Br, PE] (LC)
Caniengo see Mohawk Thompson Capanary [BO] Araona (O)
43 Capanawa Car-soos

Capanawa see Capanahua Carabisi see Carib Caribice see Carib

Capangu see Capanahua Caraca [Lang] Tamanec (UAz, v.28) Caribisi [Lang] Western Cariban
Capapacho see Cashibo Caracati see Krikati (UAz, v.28)
Caparaz (BE) see also Capachequi Caracontauon see Coiracoen- Cariboo Eaters see Etheneldeli
(BE) tanon Cariboo Eaters see Eastern Dene
Caparaz [FL] (BE) Caracotanon see Coiracoentanon Caribou Western Canada (Inuit-
Capate see Capote Caraguists see Karigouistes Inupiaq) (Hdbk5)
Capatuu [MX] Coahuiltecan Caraib see Carib Caribou-Eaters see Etheneldeli
(Hdbk10) Caraja [Br] (LC) Caribou Eskimos [AK] Central
Capawec see Marthas Vineyard Caramanes see Karankawa Eskimos (Hdbk5)
Capechene [BO] Araona (O) Caramanta [Col] Choco (O) Caribou gens see Oueschek-
Cape Dorset Inuktitut see Kin- Caramapana [MX] (Hdbk10) gagamiouilimy
ngarmiut Caramaperiguan [MX] (Hdbk10) Caribou Indians see Tutchone
Cape Espenberg Bering Strait Es- Caramariguanes [MX] Tamaulipec Carihona see Carijona
kimos (Hdbk5) (BE) Carijo see Fulnio
Cape Farewell West Greenlandic Caramiguaies [MX] Tamaulipec Carijona [Col] (LC)
(Hdbk5) (BE) Carijona [Lang] Cariban (UAz,
Cape Fear [Lang] Catawba (H) Caramiguay see Caramiguaies v.28)
Cape Fear [NC] (BE) Caramunigua [MX] (Hdbk10) Carina see Carib
Cape Flattery see Makah Caraa [MX] Coahuiltecan Cariniaco [Lang] Western Cariban
Cape Florida see Calusa (Hdbk10) (UAz, v.28)
Cape Florida Indians see Calusa Carana-Cuna see Yecuana Carinya see Karia
Cape Fox see Sanyakoan Caranca see Caranga Caripuna see Karipuna
Cape Indians see Nauset Carancaguacas see Karankawa Cariri see Kariri
Cape Nome Bering Strait Eskimos Carancaguazes see Karankawa Cariri-Sapuya see Sapuya
(Hdbk5) Carancahua see Karankawa Carises [CA] (H)
Cape People see Makah Carancahuases see Karankawa Cariso see Carrizo [NM]
Cape St. James Tribe see Carancahuazes see Karankawa Caritiana see Karitiana
Gunghet-hadagai Carancahueses see Karankawa Carjuenche see Cajuenche
Cape Suble Indians [NS] Micmac Carancanay see Karankawa Carlana (Hdbk10) see also Sierra
(H) Carancouas see Karankawa Blanca (Hdbk10)
Capina see Capinans Caranga [BO] Aymara (O) Carlana [CO] Plains Apache
Capinans [MS] (BE) Caranhouas see Karankawa (Hdbk10)
Capiri [PE] Campa (O) Caranine see Coree Carlene [NM] Jicarilla Apache
Capitanesse see Biloxi Carankahua see Karankawa (H)
Ca-po see Santa Clara [NM] Carankawaes see Karankawa Carlin see Calusa [FL]
Capo see Santa Clara [NM] Carankonas see Karankawa Carlos see Calusa [FL]
Ca-po-cia band see Kapozha Carankouas see Karankawa Carlos, San [AZ] Apache (BE)
Capocia band see Kapozha Carankoways see Karankawa Carmelo Eslenes see Esselen
Capohn Acawai (LC) Carantouani see Conestoga Carmeneh see Siksika
Capong Acawai (LC) Carantouannais see Conestoga Carnijo see Fulnio
Capoo see Santa Clara [NM] Carapana [Lang] Col Tucano (LC) Carolina [Lang] Eastern Algo-
Capoque see Coaque Cara Preta see Mudurucu nquian (Hdbk15)
Caposepock [VA] Algonquian Carare [Lang] Opone (O) Caromanie [Gens] Winnebago (H)
(Hdbk15) Caravare see Kuruaya Carp River see Ommunise
Caposho see Masacali Caraya see Caraja Carquin see Karkin
Ca-po-ta see Capote Carbama see Caurame Carrechias see Cahokia
Capota see Capote Carcarchia see Kaskaskia Carree see Kahra
Capote [CO, NM] Ute (LC) Carcarilica see Kaskaskia Carriba see Kennebec
Cappa see Quapaw Cardeche see Cadecha Carribas see Norridgewok
Capt. Sutters Indians see Nishi- Caree see Kahra Carrien see Takulli
nam Careluta see Moro Carrier-Indians (H) see also
Capu [BO] Araona (O) Careneri (O) see also Arasa (LC) Takulli (H)
Capuchies see Capote Careneri [PE] Mashco (O) Carrier Indians [BC] Subarctic
Capuibo [BO] Pacanuara (O) Carfaray (H) (LC)
Capujaquin [MX] Coahuiltecan Cargua see Kiowa Carriso see Carrizo [MX]
(Hdbk10) Cariaya [Lang] (O) Carrizalleo see Carrizo [NM]
Caquetio [VE] (LC) Carib [Hon, WInd] (LC) Carrizo [MX] Tamaulipec (BE)
Caquima see Kiakima Cariban [Lang] (LC) Carrizo [NM] Cibecue (BE)
Caquinte [PE] Campa (LC) Cariban Indians see Carib Carrua see Charrua
Cara [EC] (LC) Caribayes [MX] Tamaulipec (BE) Carruco see Chorruco
Carabayo see Karabayo Caribe [Self-designation] see Carson Lake see Toedokado
Carabere see Pauserna Carib Car-soos see Kassovo
Cartaka Cathlapouyea 44

Cartaka see Castake Cassans see Kassovo Catawishi see Katawixi

Caruama see Caurame Cassapecock [VA] Powhatan (H) Cataxtle see Cacaxte
Carutana [Lang] Maipurean (O) Cassia see Kichai Catcho see Kadohadacho
Carutana Indians see Karitana Cass Lake Band see Catelamet see Cathlamet
Carvilla see Kawia Luiseo Gamiskwakokawininiwak Cat Fish Indians see Manumaig
Cas see Kaskaskia Cas-soes see Kassovo Ca-tha see Comanche
Casaga Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Cassoes see Kassovo Catha see Comanche
Casapullas see Cusabo Casson see Kassovo Cath Camette see Cathlamet
Casarba [SD] Dakota (BE) Cassoos see Kassovo Cathelamett see Cathlamet
Casas Chiquitas Coahuiltecan Cassotis (H) Cathlacomatup [OR] Mulnomah
(BE) Castabana see Castahana (BE)
Casastales Coahuiltecan (BE) Castahama see Castahana Cathlacommatup see Cathlaco-
Cascachias see Kaskaskia Castahana (H) matup
Cascacia see Kaskkaskia Cas-ta-ha-na see Castahana Cathlacumup [OR] Multnomah
Cascade (BE) see also Watlala Cas-take see Castake (LC)
(BE) Castake [CA] (H) Cathlahaw see Thlakalama
Cascade (Oregon) see also Watlala Castanoe see Cree Cath-lah-com-ma-tup see Cath-
(BE) Castapana see Castahana lacomatup
Cascade [OR] North Basin (Ye) Castcheteghka-Comanches see Cathlahcommatup see Cathlaco-
Cascade Phase (AI, p.20) Kotsoteka matup
Cascades (Hdbk12) Castixes see San Felipe [Keres] Cathlahcumup see Cathlacumup
Cascades Indians (Forg) see also Castor see Amikwa Cath-lah-nah-quiah see Cath-
Watlala (BE) Castors see Tsattine lanaquiah
Cascakia see Kaskaskia Castors des Prairies see Sarsi Cathlahnahquiah see Cath-
Cascakiaki see Kaskaskia Ca-ta see Choctaw lanaquiah
Cascaquia see Kaskaskia Cata see Choctaw Cath-lah-poh-tle see Cathlapotle
Cascarba Dakota (H) Cataara [MX] Coahuiltecan Cathlahpohtle see Cathlapotle
Cascashia see Kaskaskia (Hdbk10) Cath-lak-a-heckit see Cathlaka-
Cascaskia see Kaskaskia Cataba see Catawba heckit
Cascasquia see Kaskaskia Cataban see Catawba Cathlakaheckit (Hdbk12) see also
Casharari see Kaxarari Catabaw see Catawba Cascades (Hdbk15)
Cashchevatebka see Kotsoteka Catada see Dhatada Cathlakaheckit [OR] Watlala
Cashchokelka Comanche see Catago see Castake (BE)
Kotsoteka Cataha see Kiowa Apache Cathlakahikit see Cathlakaheckit
Cashhook see Clowwewalla Catahoula [LA] (H) Cathlakamap see Cathlacumup
Cashibo [PE] (LC) Cataican Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Cath-la-ma see Cathlamet
Cashinahua see Cashinawa Catajuno see Kutuhano Cathlama see Cathlamet
Cashinawa [Br, PE] (LC) Cataka see Kiowa Apache Cathlamah see Cathlamet
Cashiniti see Kashiniti Cataka see Kiowa Apache Cathlamak see Cathlamet
Cashiniti see Paressi Catamarca-la Rioje see Quechua Cathlamat see Cathlamet
Cashook see Clowwewalla Catamareno see Cacan Cathlamet [Lang] [WA] Chi-
Casibo see Cashibo Catanamepaque see Cotonam nookan (Oregon)
Casimariguan see Simariguan Catanoneaux see Kutenai Cathlamet [WA] (BE)
Casino see Havasupai Cataoulou see Catahoula Cathlaminimim see Kathlamin-
Casjoukia see Cahokia Catapa Chibcha (BE) imin
Caskaguia see Kaskaskia Catapaw see Catawba Cathlamut see Cathlamet
Caskakia see Kaskaskia Catapolitani [Lang] Maipurean Cathlamux see Cathlamet
Caskaquia see Kaskaskia (O) Cathlanahquiah see Cath-
Caskarorin see Tuscarora Catareaguemara [MX] Coahuilte- lanaquiah
Caskaroun see Tuscarora can (Hdbk10) Cathlanamenamen see Kath-
Caskaskia see Kaskaskia Cataruberi Achagua (O) laminimin
Caskinampo see Kakinonba Catathoy see Kamakan Cathlanaminim see Kathlamin-
Casnino see Havasupai Catauba see Catawba imin
Caso see Kotsava Cataubo see Catawba Cathlanam nimin see Kathlamin-
Casor see Coosa Cataupa see Catawba imin
Casquasquia see Kaskaskia Catawahay see Kutenai Cathlanaquiah [OR] Multnomah
Casqui (BE) see also Kaskinampo Catawba [Lang] Siouan (H) (BE)
(BE) Catawba [Lang] [Siouan] (H) Cathlapootle see Cathlapotle
Casqui Quapaw (H) Catawba [SC] (LC) Cathlapooya see Calapooya
Casquiar see Kaskaskia Catawbau see Catawba Cathlapotle [WA] (BE)
Casquias see Kaskaskia Catawbaw see Catawba Cathlapoutle see Cathlapotle
Casquin see Kaskinampo Catawian see Katawian Cathlapoutte see Cathlapotle
Cas-sans see Kassovo Catawishi see Catuquina Cathlapouyea see Calapooya
45 Cathlas Cayauwah

Cathlas see Wasco Cattskill see Catskill Caw-a-chim see Cowichan

Cathlascan see Wasco Catujan see Catujano Cawachim see Cowichan
Cathlascon [Lang] Chinookan Catujan see Katuhano Cawahib see Parintintin
(Bull15) Catujano (Hdbk10) see also Cawahib see Kawahib
Cathlascon Indians see Wasco Katuhano (Hdbk10) Cawahiwa see Kawahib
Cathlasko see Wasco Catujano [MX] Coahuiltecan Cawala see Shawala
Cathlasko see Wasco (Hdbk10) Cawala see Shawnee
Cathlassis see Wasco Catujuan see Catujano Cawalitz see Cowlitz
Cathlathla see Cathlathlala Catujuan see Katuhano Cawana see Shawnee
Cath-lath-la-la see Cathlathlala Catukina see Catoquina Cawasumseuck [NEng] (H)
Cathlathlala [OR] Watlala (BE) Catukinaru see Catoquina Cawaupugos see Cumumbah
Cathlathlaly see Cathlathlala Catukino see Catoquina Cawaxamux see Nicola
Cathlatsco see Wasco Catuquina see Catoquina Cawaxamux see Nicola
Cathlawah see Cathlamet Catuquinaru see Catoquina Caw-Caw see Konkow
Cathlayackty see Cathlakaheckit Catuquino see Catoquina Cawcaw see Konkow
Cathlayackty see Cascades Catuxanes see Kutuhano Caweo see Kawia Luiseo
Cath-le-yach-e-yach see Cas- Catuxano see Kutuhano Cawesitt see Coweset
cades Cauaripan see Cauripan Cawina (BE) see also Kohuana
Cathleyacheyach see Cascades Caucan [CH] (O) (BE)
Cath-le-yach-e-yachs see Shahala Caugh see Kansa Cawina [AZ, CA] (H)
Cathleyacheyachs see Shahala Caughnawaga [Q] (LC) Ca-witchan see Cowichan
Cathlumet see Cathlamet Caughnowaga see Caughnawaga Cawitchan see Cowichan
Catiene see Shathiane Cauhuahipe see Kawahib Caw-mainsh see Comanche
Cat Indians see Erie Cau-i see Chaui Cawmainsh see Comanche
Catio [Col, Pan] (LC) Caui see Chaui Cawnacome see Coneconam
Catiokia see Cahokia Cauila see Coahuileo Cawnee see Koni
Catiokiah see Cahokia Cauishana see Cayuishana Cawra see Kahra
Catkil see Catskill Cauixana see Cayuishana Caw-ree see Kahra
Catlahma see Cathlamet Caujana see Cayuishana Cawree see Kahra
Catlipoh see Cathlapotle Caujucko see Cayuga Caxibo [Lang] see Cashibo
Catlipok see Cathlapotle Cauldrons see Colville Caxinaua see Cashinawa
Catloltq see Comox Caumuche see Comanche Caxuiana [Br] (O)
Catloltq see Comox Caunbitant see Corbitant Caya (H) see also Shaya (H)
Catloltx see Comox Cauneeyenkees see Mohawk Caya [AR] (H)
Catloltx [Self-designation] see Caunoa [HA, WInd] Bainoa (BE) Cayabi see Kayabi
Comox Caunouche see Comanche Cayacacamegua see Cacamegua
Cat Nation see Erie Caurame Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Cayaga see Cayuga
Cato [MA] Massachuset (BE) Cauripan Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Cayaguaga see Cayaguaguin
Catomae see Guahibo Cautawba see Catawba Cayaguaguin [MX] Coahuiltecan
Catomao see Catomavo Cautonee see Kutenai (Hdbk10)
Catomavo [MX] Coahuiltecan Cautonies see Kutenai Cayaguam see Caguayoguam
(Hdbk10) Cauxana see Cayuishana Cayaguayo [Cu] (BE)
Catoquina [Br] (LC) Cauya Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Cayague [MX] Coahuiltecan
Catoquino see Catoquina Cauyari (O) see also Cabiyari (LC) (Hdbk10)
Catouinayo [LA] (H) Cauyari [Lang] Maipurean (O) Cayahasomi [Clan] [FL] Timucua
Catriti see San Felipe [Keres] Cauyary see Cabiyari (H)
Cat-sa-nim see Yakima Cauyary see Cauyari Cayaki see Cherokee
Catsanim see Yakima Cauyguama Coahuiltecan Cayamo see Cayapo
Catskil see Catskill (Hdbk10) Cayanapuro [MX] Coahuiltecan
Catskill [NY] Munsee (BE) Cauzes see Kansa (Hdbk10)
Cattaba see Catawba Cava [TX] Tonkawan (BE) Cayani see Cheyenne
Cattabaw see Catawba Cavaianes see Kouyani Cayanoguanaja [MX] Coahuilte-
Cattachipico see Cattachiptico Cavecara [CR] Cabecar (O) can (Hdbk10)
Cattachiptico [VA] Algonquian Cavesi see Cabezas Cayanwa see Kiowa
(Hdbk15) Cavessa see Cabezas Cayapa [EC] (LC)
cattail eaters see Toedkado Caveza see CAbezas Cayapo [Br] (LC)
Cattako see Kiowa Apache Cavina see Araona Cayase see Caya
Cat-tan-a-haw see Kutenai Cavinena [Lang] see Cavineno Cayauga see Cayuga
Cattanahaw see Kutenai Cavineno [BO] (LC) Cayauge see Cayuga
Cattanahowe see Kutenai Cavio see Kawia Luiseo Cayaughkia see Cahokia
Cattawba see Catawba Caviseras [MX] Lagunero (BE) Cay-au-wa see Kiowa
Cattleputle see Cathlapotle Cavua see Caduveo Cay-au-wah see Kiowa
Cattoway see Catawba Caw see Kansa Cayauwah see Kiowa
Cayawah Chacahengua 46

Cayawah see Kiawaw Cecilville [CA] (BE) Central Chumashan [Lang] (H)
Cayawash see Kiawaw Cecocawanee see Secacawoni Central Eskimos [Can] (BE)
Cayaywa see Kiowa Cecocawonee see Secacawoni Central Foothill [Lang] [CA]
Caycua see Kiowa Cecomocomoco see Secowoco- Yokuts (Anthro, v.10, no.1-2)
Caycuge see Cayuga moco Central Miwok [CA] (BE)
Cayeuge see Cayuga Cecoughtan see Kecoughtan Central Nomlaki [Lang] [CA]
Cayeugo see Cayuga Cedar [UT] Southern Paiute Wintun (He)
Caygua see Kiowa (Hdbk11) Central Numic [Lang] Uto-
Cayhuga see Cayuga Ce-ecl-tunne see Sheethltunne Aztecan (Hdbk10)
Cayingahaugas see Mohawk Ceecltunne see Sheethltunne Central Pomo [CA] Pomo (BE)
Caymus see Wappo Ceetshongos see Brule Central Pomo [Lang] Pomo (Pub,
Caynga see Cayuga Cegiha [Lang] Siouan (BE) v.6, no.1, pp.159-182)
Cayoga see Cayuga Cegiha [Self-designation] (H) see Central Siberian Yupik [Lang]
Cayohua see Kiowa also Omaha (LC) (Hdbk5)
Cayonge see Cayuga Cegiha [Self-designation] (H) see Central Sierra see Tuolumne
Cayoogo see Cayuga also Ponca (LC) Central Sierra Miwok [Lang]
Cayoose see Cayuse Cegnake-okisela see Cheg- Eastern Miwok (CA-8)
Cayoosh Creek Band [BC] Upper nakeokisela Central Wappo [CA] Wappo (BE)
Lilliooet (Hdbk12) Ce-go-ni-na see Central Wappo [Lang] Yuki (Pub,
Cayoque see Coaque Shungikikarachada v.6, no.1, p.266)
Cayoquit see Kyuquot Cegonina see Shungikikarachada Central West Greenlandic Green-
Cayote see Coyotero Apache Ce-ha-na-ka see Cheg- land Eskimos (Hdbk5)
Cayouga see Cayuga nakeokisela Central Wintun Wintu (Pub,
Cayouge see Cayuga Cehanake see Chegnakeokisela v.29, no.4)
Cayougue see Cayuga Ceh-huha-ton see Chekhuhaton Central Yana [CA] Yana (BE)
Cayouse see Cayuse Cehhuhaton see Chekhuhhaton Central Yana [Lang] [CA] Yana
Cayoush see Cayoosh Creek Cehmeque-sabinta see Shivwits (CA-8)
Cayoux see Cayuse Ceichasaw see Chickasaw Central Yuman [Lang] [CA]
Cayowge see Cayuga Cekacawone see Secacawoni (He)
Caypa see Santa Clara [NM] Cekakawwon see Secacawoni Ceny see Caddo
caysi see Washo Cekiwere see Chiwere Ce-oliba see Cheokhba
Cayua see Caingua Cekiwere see Chiwere Ceoliba see Cheokhba
Cayuaga see Cayuga Celdal see Tzeltal Ceona see Sioni
Cayubaba see Cayuvava Celeste see Siletz Ce-pa-le-ve see Shipaulovi
Cayubicena see Cayuishana Celetze see Siletz Cepaleve see Shipaulovi
Cayuga (H) see also Kiowa (LC) Celilo [OR] Great Basin (Ye) Ceqemen see Siccameen
Cayuga [NY, Ont] Iroquois Con- Cemanlo see Comanche Ceqtamux see Ntlakyapamuk
federacy (LC) Cems see Quems Ceqtamux see Thompson
Cayuge see Cayuga Ceneca see Seneca Ceqtamux see Ntlakyapamuk
Cayugo see Cayuga Cenecu see Senecu Ceqtamux see Thompson
Cayuishana [Br] (O) Cenepisa see Acoplapissa Cerabo see Mayoruna
Cayuker see Cayuga Cenesean see Caddo Cere see Seri
Cayunga see Cayuga Cenesian see Caddo Ceri see Seri
Cayupine [MX] Coahuiltecan Ce-ngoqedina see Shunkukedi Ceries Assonys see Caddo
(Hdbk10) Cengoqedina see Shunkukedi Cetguanes see Yuma
Cayuquet see Kyuquot Ceni see Caddo Cetguanes see Kahwan
Cayus see Cayuse Ceniocane see Heniocane Ceuala see Zuni
Cayuse [OR, WA] (LC) Cenis see Hasinai Confederation Ceuola see Zuni
Cayuvava [BO] (LC) Cenizo Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) ceux du Feu see Mascouten
Cazaby Pah-Utes see Katsava Cenizos see Senisos Cevola see Zuni
Cazancanay see Karankawa Ceno see Sioni Cex-e-ni-nuth see Cexeninuth
Cazazhita (BE) see also Wan- Cenokipe see Sinoquipe Cexeninuth [BC] (H)
nawegha (H) Cenola see Zuni cexkekwenk see Buckskin Creek
Cazazhita Teton (BE) Censoc see Sinicu Band
Cazcan [Lang] [MX] Nahuatlan (LC) Censoc see Cenizo cexwepkemx see Empire Valley
Cazulpaniale [CA] Coahuiltecan Censoo see Sinicu Band
(Hdbk10) Central-Alaskan-Yupik Eskimos Chaa see Cheyenne
Cebola see Zuni (Hdbk15) Chaadulam see Sulujam
Cebolla see Zuni Central Aleut [Lang] (Hdbk5) Chaahl-lana [Clan] [Can] Haida
Cebollians see Zuni Central Algonquian [Lang] Can (H)
Ceboynas see Lucayan (Hdbk5) Chaas see Ais
Cecigha [Lang] Siouan (Contri, Central Chiricahua Apache [AZ, Chabin [Clan] Assiniboin (H)
v.6) MX] (Hdbk10) Chacahengua see Miami
47 Chacahuaztli Chancay

Chacahuaztli [MX] Pueblo Indians Chaganons see Shawnee Chakwaina Hopi (H)
(BE) Chageluk settlements see Jugel- Chala [Can] (H)
Chacakengua see Atchatchakan- nute Chalakee see Cherokee
gouen Chagindueftei [OR] Atfalati (H) Chalakki see Cherokee
Chacato see Chatot Chagnet see Chugnut Chalal [OR] Atfalati (H)
Chacato see Choctaw Chagnutt see Chugnut Chalam see Clallam
Chacchooma see Chakchiuma Chagoteo Caduveo (O) Chalaque see Cherokee
Chacchuma see Chakchiuma Chagu Yankton (H) Chalaquies see Cherokee
Chacci Cuma see Chakchiuma Chaguan (Hdbk10) see also Chalawai [OR] Atfalati (H)
Chaccicuma see Chakchiuma Siaguan (BE) Chalchuapa [MX] Pokomam (BE)
Chacci Ouma see Chakchiuma Chaguan Warrau (O) Chaliva (BE) see also Northern
Chacciouma see Chakchiuma Chaguanaco see Chiriguano Guaymi (O)
Chaccoux see Chactoo Chaguane see Chiriguano Chaliva Guaymi (BE)
Chacehouma see Chakchiuma Chaguanguano see Akanaquint Challenge [Lang] Konkow (CA-8)
Chachachouma see Chakchiuma Chaguanos see Shawnee Chalon [CA] Costanoan (H)
Chachakingoya see Miami Chaguantapam Coahuiltecan (BE) Chalon [Lang] Northern
Chachakingua see Atchatchakan- Chaguena [Lang] [CR] Talaman- Costonoan (CA-8)
gouen can (O) Chalone see Chalon
Chachamatses see Hahamatse Chagustapa Coahuiltecan (BE) Chalosas (H)
Chachambitmanchal [OR] At- Chaguyenne see Cheyenne Chalta see Choctaw
falati (H) Chahalis [WA] Coast Salish (LC) Chalula see Chilula
Chachanim [OR] Atfalati (H) Chahcowah (H) see also Charcowa Chama see Sipibo
Chachapoya [Lang] Quecha (O) (H) Chama Tacanan see Ese Ejja
Chachapoyas-Lamas [Lang] Chahcowah [OR] Clowwewalla Chamacoco [BO, Par] (LC)
Quecha (O) (Oregon) Chamak see Tsamak
Chachelis see Chehalis Chahelim [OR] Atfalati (H) Chamakoko [Lang] see Chama-
Chachemewa see Chachimewa Chahiksi-chahik [Self-designa- coco
Chachi (LC) see also Cayapa (LC) tion] see Pawnee Chamalquay see Chimalakwe
Chachimahiyuk [OR] Atfalati (H) Chahiksichahiks see Pawnee Chamampit [OR] Atfalati (H)
Chachimewa [OR] Atfalati (H) Chahis see Cree Chambira see Urarina
Chachiscos see Santo Domingo Chah-ra-rat see Dakota Chambirino see Urarina
Chachokwith [OR] Atfalati (H) Chahrarat see Dakota Chamelcon [Hon] (BE)
Chachouma see Chakchiuma Chah-shm see Apache Chamers see Santsukhdhin
Chachuamis see Hahuamis chahshm see Apache Chami [Col] Embera (LC)
Chachuma see Chakciuma Chahta see Choctaw Chamicolo see Chamicuro
Chaci [EC] (Ex, v.33, no.1, 1991, Chahta see Choctaw Chamicura see Chamicuro
pp.53-62) Chahta see Choctaw Chamicuro [PE] (O)
Chaci [EC] (Ex, v.33, no.1, Chahtulelpi [BC] Salish (H) Chamifu [OR] Santiam (BE)
pp.53-62) Chahuginde see Rancheria of El Chamifu [OR] Yamel (BE)
Chacif [OR] Atfalati (H) Ligero Chamila see Chimila
Chackchicoma see Chakchiuma Chaic-cles-aht see Chaicclesaht Chamiwi [OR] Yamel (BE)
Chacksihooma see Chakciuma Chaicclesaht [VanI] Nootka (BE) Chamkhai [CA] Pomo (H)
Chaclan see Saclan Chaienne see Cheyenne Chamnapum see Chamnapum
Chaclanes see Saclan Chaikikarachada [Clan] Win- Chamnapum [WA] Wanapam
Chacobo [BO] (LC) nebago (H) (BE)
Chacouma see Chakchiuma Chailkitkaituh see Chail-kut-kai- Chamoappan see Shanwappom
Chacoume see Chakchiuma tuh Champikle [OR] Yamel (BE)
Chacrow see Coos Chail-kut-kai-tuh (Contri, v.3, Chamula see Tzotzil
Chacsihoma see Chakchiuma p.73) Chana (H) see also Sana (BE)
Chacsihooma see Chakchiuma Chai-nim-ai-ni see Choinumni Chana [Lang] Charna (LC)
Chacta see Choctaw Chainimaini see Choinumni Chana [Self-designation] (O) see
Chactah see Choctaw Chaizra [Clan] Hopi (H) also Tereno (LC)
Chactany see Choctaw Chak [Phratry] Tlingit (H) Chanabal [Gu, MX] (LC)
Chactaw see Choctaw Chakaiha see Chickasaw Chaabal [Lang] [CA] (Bull44)
Chactchi-Ouma see Chakchiuma Chakankni [OR] Molala (BE) Chanabale see Chanabal
Chactiouma see Chakchiuma Chakchiuma [MS] (BE) Chana-Bohave [Br] Tereno (O)
Chactoo [LA] (H) Chake see Motilon Chanaguan see Siaguan
Chactot see Chatot Chake see Yukpa Chana-Mbegua [Br] Tereno (O)
Chacxouma see Chakchiuma Chakeipi [OR] Atfalati (H) Chana-Timbu [Br] Tereno (O)
Chadadoquis see Kadohadacho Chakhtogmut see Shaktoligmiut Chanatya [Clan] Keres (H)
Chadeca see Cadecha Chakobo see Chacobo Chanatya-hano see Chanatya
Chafalote [NM] Apache (H) Chaktaw see Choctaw Chanca [PE] (LC)
Chafan see Tsanchin Chakutpaliu [OR] Atfalati (H) Chancay culture [PE] (LC)
Chances Chatot 48

Chances see Santsukhdhin Chaonists see Chowanoc Charakee see Cherokee

Chanchampenau see Chancham- Chaouacha [LA, MS] (H) Charakey see Cherokee
peneau Chaouannon see Shawnee Charame see Xarame
Chanchampeneau [OR] Santiam Chaouanon see Shawnee Charankoua see Karankawa
(BE) Chaouanong see Shawnee Charanon see Shawnee
Chanchantu [OR] Santiam (BE) Chaouanonronon see Shawnee Charca [BO] Aymara (BE)
Chanco see Aymara Chaouanos see Shawnee Charcawah see Charcowa
Chanco [Lang] see Waunana Chaouanoua see Shawnee Char-cheine see Satchin
Chancre see Lipan Apache Chaouans see Shawnee Charcheine see Satchin
Chandalar Kutchin see Nat- Chaouen see Shawnee Charcowa [OR] Clowwewalla (H)
sitkutchin Chaouennon see Shawnee Charcowah see Charcowa
Chandinahua (LC) see also Sha- Chaouenon see Shawnee Chargeurs see Takulli
ranahua (LC) Chaounon see Shawnee Charibbs see Carib
Chandinahua (O) see also Shahin- Chaouoinon see Shawnee Charikee see Cherokee
dawa (O) Chaovanon see Shawnee Charioquois see Huron
Chandinahua Jaminaua (O) Chaovenon see Shawnee Charitica see Arapaho
Cha-ne see Chaui Chaowanon see Shawnee Charokee see Cherokee
Chane see Tereno Chapa see Shapra Charraw see Cheraw
Chane see Chaui Chapacura see Txapakura Charrom see Xarame
Chane [Lang] [BO, Par] Chapagera [Hon] (BE) Charrow see Cheraw
Maipurean (LC) Chapagua [Hon] Nahuatl (BE) Charrua [Lang] [Ur, Arg, Br]
Chaneabal see Chanabal Chapakura see Txapakura (LC)
Chaneers see Santsukhdhin Chapalaachi see Cayapa Charrua [Ur, Arg, Br] (LC)
Chanes see Sana Chapalaachi see Cayapa Charrua-Minvan see Charrua
Cha-net-kai see Shnalkeya Chapamaco Coahuiltecan (BE) Charruan see Charrua
Chanetkai see Shnalkeya Chapanaghtin [OR] Atfalati (H) Charucco see Chorruco
Changa see Chanca Chapanec see Chiapanec Chascoso see Campa
Chang Doa see Kang Chapaqua [Hon] Nahuatl (O) Chaskpe [IL] (H)
Chango [CH] (O) Chaparahihu see Hupa Chasmuna see Chasmuna
Changuaguane see Akanaquint Chaparahihu see Hupa Chasmuna Dakota (BE)
Changuena [CR, Pan] (BE) Chaparro see Yukpa Chaspa see Atsahuaca
Changuina see Changuena Chaplinski (Hdbk5) see also Cen- Chasta (H) see also Shasta (CA)
Chan Han see Chiricahua Apache tral Siberian Yupik (Hdbk5) Chasta [OR] Umpqua (H)
Chanhan see Chiricahua Apache Chaplinski [Lang] Siberian Eski- Chasta band of the Rogue Rivers
Chaniers band see Santsukhdhin mos (Hdbk5) see Chasta
Chaninawa see Chandinahua Chaplintsy see Chaplinski Chastacosta (H) see also Shis-
Chanka see Chanca Chapokele [OR] Atafalati (H) takoostee (H)
Chankaghaotina Wahpeton (H) Chapopine see Chayopin Chasta-Costa see Chastacosta
Chankaokhan Hunkpapa (H) Chapopines see Tiopines Chastacosta [OR] (BE)
Chankute Sisseton (H) Chapoteos Coahuiltecan Chasta-Scotan see Chasta-Sko-
Chanona Upper Yanktonai (H) (Hdbk10) ton
Chanousanons see Shawnee Chappunish see Nez Perce Chasta Scoten see Chasta-Skoton
Chansdachikana Sisseton (H) Chapra see Shapra Chasta Scoton see Chasta-Skoton
Chanshushka see Chansuushka Chaptico see Conoy Chasta-Skoton [OR] (H)
Chan-shu-shka see Chansuushka Chapticoe see Choptank Chastay see Chasta
Chansuushka Dakota (BE) Chapticon [MD] (H) Chasunous see Shawnee
Chan-ta-ko-da see Hupa Chapulines Coahuiltecan Chasutino [PE] (O)
Chantakoda see Hupa (Hdbk10) Chata see Chala
Chan-ta-ko-ta see Cheindekhot- Chapungathpi [OR] Atfalati (H) Chataba see Catawba
ding Chaquantie [LA] Caddo Confeder- Chatagithl [OR] Atfatali (H)
Chantakota see Cheindekhotding acy (H) Chatagshish [OR] Atfalati (H)
Chantapetas Band Sioux (H) Chaque see Yukpa Chataka see Choctaw
Chantaquiro [Lang] Arawakan Chaque [Lang] Motilon (UAz, Chatakuin [OR] Atfalati (H)
(LC) v.28) Chatamnei [OR] Atfalati (H)
Chantkaip [OR] Santiam (BE) Chaquesauma see Chakchiuma Chataw see Choctaw
Chanundadies see Tionontati Chaqueta see Choctaw Chatilkuei [OR] Atfalati (H)
Chanwappan see Shanwappom Chaquita see Choctaw Chatino [Lang] [MX] (Bull44)
Chanzes see Lipan Apache Cha-ra see Chaikikarachada Chatino [MX] Zapotec (LC)
Chaoenne see Cheyenne Chara see Chaikikarachada Chat-Ka see Choctaw
Chaoenon see Shawnee Charabana see Echoaladi Chatkaw see Choctaw
Chaoesnon see Shawnee Charac see Cheraw Chato [MX] Matagalpa (BE)
Chaonanons see Shawnee Characuay Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Chatot [FL] (BE)
Chaoni see Shawnee Charah see Cheraw Chats see Erie
49 Chats Chekhuhaton

Chats-hadai [AK] Koeta (H) Chawoon see Chowanoc Chedunga [Clan] Kansa (H)
Chatsop see Clatsop Chawraw see Cheraw Cheecer Ree see Brule
Chatta see Choctaw Chawwonock see Chowanoc Chee-Chinook [Lang] see Chi-
Chattoes see Choctaw Chawwonoke see Chowanoc nookan jargon
Chattoo see Chactoo Chayabita see Chayahuita Cheehalis see Chehalis
Chauanon see Shawnee Chayahuita [PE] (LC) Cheelake see Cherokee
Chaucha see Chaouacha Chayahuite see Chayahuita Cheelcat see Chilkat
Chauchila see Chawchila Chayankeld [OR] Yoncalla (BE) Cheelhaat see Chilkat
Chau-chil-la see Chowchilla Chayanne Indians see Oglala Cheelkaat see Chilkat
Chau-chil-la see Chawchila Chayavita (O) see also Chayahuita Chee-luck-kit-le-quaw see
Chauchilla see Chawchila (LC) Chilluckittequaw
Chaudiere see Colville Chayavita [Lang] [PE] Jeberoan Cheeluckkitlequaw see
Chauenese see Shawnee (O) Chilluckittequaw
Chauenous see Shawnee Chayawita see Chayahuita Cheenalies see Chehalis
Chaugane see Chaguan Chayenne see Cheyenne Cheenook see Chinook
Chaugueronon see Montagnais- Chayhuita see Chayahuita Cheerake see Cherokee
Naskapi Chaykisaht see Chaicclessaht Cheerakee see Cherokee
Chau-i see Chaui Chayma [Lang] Tamanaco (UAz, Cheeraque see Cherokee
Chaui [NB] Pawnee (BE) v.28) Cheerns [VanI] Songish (H)
Chaulamas see Xarame Chayopin [TX] Tonkawa (H) Cheerokee see Cherokee
Chaumene see Jumano Chayopines see Tiopines Cheesecake see Chiskiac
Chaunis see Shawnee Chea see Sia Cheesehahchamuk [MA]
Chaunundadies see Wyandot Chealis see Chehalis Wampanoag (BE)
Chaunys see Shawnee Cheaptin see Nez Perce Cheewack [BC] Salish (H)
Chaushila [CA] Yokuts (H) Chearhaw see Chiaha Chee-zhoo see Tsishuutseped-
Chavanon see Shawnee Cheattee [OR] Tutuni (H) hungpa
Chavante see Akwe-Shavante Che-baah-ah-bish see Cheezhoo see Tsishuutseped-
Chavante see Akwe Chobaabish hungpa
Chavante see Xavante Chebaahahbish see Chobaabish Chee-zhoo peace-makers see
Chavante Acuan see Akwe-Sha- Chebaylis see Chehalis Tsishuwashtake
vante Cheberbo see Jebero Cheezhoo peace-makers see
Chavante-Akwe see Akwe-Sha- Chebero-Munichi see Parana- Tsishuwashtake
vante pura Cheghita [Clan] Iowa (H)
Chavavares see Avavares Cheboigan see Cheboygan Cheghita [Clan] Missouri (H)
Chavin culture [PE] (LC) Chebois see Chippewa Cheghita [Clan] Oto (H)
Chavite [AR] Southern Caddo (H) Chebonte [CA] (H) Chegnakeokisela Hunkpapa (H)
Chavouanon see Shawnee Cheboygan [MI] Ottawa (H) Chegua see Tigua
Chawache see Chaouacha Checaldish see Chehalis Cheguas see Tiwa
Chawack see Cheewack Checalish see Chehalis Chegwalis [Clan] Abnaki (H)
Chawagis-stustae Stusta (H) Checepiok see Chesapeake Chehales see Chehalis [Can]
Chawano see Chowanoc Chechehet [Lang] Pampas (LC) Chehalis [Can] Stalo (BE)
Chawanock see Chowanoc Chechili see Chehalis Chehaw see Chiaha
Chawanoes see Shawnee Chechohomynaies see Chicka- Chehaylis see Chehalis
Chawanoke see Chowanoc hominy Cheh-chewe-hem see Chuchu-
Chawanon see Shawnee Chechohomynies see Chicka- nayha
Chawanook see Chowanoc hominy Chehchewehem see Chuchu-
Chawari see Tsawarii Chechotank see Kecoughtan nayha
Chawas see Cheyenne Checka Hamania see Chicia- Chehelim see Chahelim
Chawasha [LA] (BE) hominy Chehelu [Clan] Timucua (H)
Chawayed [OR] Atfalati (H) Checkahomanies see Chicka- Cheh-he-ta see Cheghita
Chawchila [CA] (CA-8) hominy Chehheta see Cheghita
Cha-we see Chaui Checkesaw see Chickasaw Chehokette see Chettrokettle
Chawe see Chaui Checklesit see Chaicclesaht Chehuelchu see Tehuelche
Chawenon see Shawnee Che-com see Shigom Cheikikarachada [Gens] Win-
Chaweta see Choctaw Checom see Shigom nebago (H)
Chawi see Pawnee Chectaw see Choctaw Chein Pueblo Indians (H)
Chawi see Chayahuita Chedaik see Shediac Cheindekhotding (H)
Chawon see Chowanoc Che-dong-ga see Chedunga Chekahomanies see Chicka-
Chawonack see Chowanoc Chedongga see Chedunga hominy
Chawonest see Chowanoc Chedtokhanye [Clan] Arukhwa II Chekalis see Chehalis
Chawonoack see Chowanoc (H) Chekasaw see Chickasaw
Chawonock see Chowanoc Chedtoyine [Clan] Arukhwa II Chekasschee see Skaischiltnish
Chawonok see Chowanoc (H) Chekhuhaton Oglala (H)
Chekilis Clap-sott 50

Chekilis see Chehalis Cistaqwut see Umpqua Clahclellah [OR] Watlala (BE)
Che-kiss-chee see Skaischiltnish Ci-sta-qwut-me tunne see Kuitsch Clahclellar see Clahclellah
Chekisschee see Skaischiltnish Cistaqwutmetunne see Kuitsch Clah-in-na-ta see Claninnata
Chekohomini see Cjickahominy Ci-sta-qwut ni-li tcat tunne see Clah-in-nata see Claninnata
Chekwa [Clan] Potawatomi (H) Nahankhuotane Clahinnata see Claninnata
Chel-a-ke see Cherokee Cistaqwutnilitcattunne see Na- Clahnahquah see Clahnaquah
Chelakee see Cherokee hankhuotane Clahnaquah [OR] Multnomah
Chelamela [OR] (BE) Ci-sta-qwut-qwut see Umpqua (BE)
Chelan [WA] Middle Columbia Cistaqwutqwut see Umpqua Clahoose [Can] Comox (BE)
River Salish (Hdbk12) Citara [Pan] Embera (O) Claiakwat see Clayoquot
Chelaque see Cherokee Citchumwi see Sichomovi Clakamu see Clackamas
Chelekee see Cherokee Citcumave see Sichomovi Clakema see Clackamas
Cheli [Clan] Hano (H) Ci-tcum-wi see Sichomovi Clakstar see Tlatskanai
Cheli [Clan] Tewa (H) Cithinistinee see Cree Clalam see Clallam
Chelibas (O) see also Changuena Citisans Sioux (H) Clallam [WA] (LC)
(BE) Citizen Potawatomi [KS, IT] (H) Clallem see Clallam
Cinaloa see Sinaloa Ciuola see Zuni Clal-lu-i-is see Tlaaluis
Cinaloa see Yaqui Civilized Farmers see Farmers Clalluiis see Tlaaluis
Cina-luta-oin see Shinalutaoin Band Clallum see Clallam
Cinalutaoin see Shinalutaoin Civola see Zuni Clal-lums Indians see Clallam
Cinanctec see Chinantec Civoli see Zuni Clalskanie see Clatskanie
Cinecu see Senecu del Sur Civona see Zuni Clamakum see Chimakum
Cinela see Conestoga Ci-wa-nu wunwu see Shiwanu Clamath see Klamath
Cingacuchusca see Urarina Ciwanu wunwu see Shiwanu Clamcoches see Karankawa
Cingpoil see Sanpoil Ciwere see Chiwere Clamcoet see Karankawa
Cinique see Seneca Ci-wi-na-kwin see Zuni Clamet see Klamath
Cinnakee see Seneca Ciwinakwin see Zuni Clammitte see Klamath
Cinnigo see Seneca Ci-wo-na see Zuni Clam-nah-min-na-mun see
Cinnoko see Seneca Ciwona see Zuni Kathlaminim
Cinola see Zuni Ciya see Sia Clamnahminnamun see Kath-
Cinoquipe see Sinoquipe ciyahwipa see Isleta laminimin
Cinquaoteck see Conoy ciyawihpa see Isleta Clamore see Santsukhdhin
Cinta Larga [Br] (LC) Ciyo-subula see Shiyosubula Clamouth see Klamath
Cintu-aluka see Comanche Ciyo-tanka see Shiyotanka Clamut see Klamath
Ci-nyu-muh see Hopi Cizentetpi Pueblo Indians (H) Clamuth see Klamath
Cinyumuh see Hopi Ckac-tun see Shkashtun Clan (H, pp.303-305)
Ci-o-ho-pa see Cheokhba ckatahka see Apache Clanaminamum see Kathlamin-
Ciohopa see Cheokhba Ckiyi see Skidi Pawnee imin
Ciona see Sioni Ckwa-ri-nan see Toryohne Clanapan Bocas Prietas (Hdbk10)
Cioua see Dakota ckweylexw see Pavilion Band Clancluiguyguen [Coahuiltecan]
Cioux see Dakota Cla see Sia (Hdbk10)
Cipaulire see Shipaulovi Clackamas [OR] (LC) Clanimata see Claninnata
Ci-pau-lovi see Shipaulovi Clackami see Clackamas Clan-in-na-tas see Claninnata
Cipaulovi see Shipaulovi Clackamo see Clackamas Clannahminamun see Kath-
Cipias see Tsipiakwe Clack-a-mu see Clackamas laminimin
Cipiwiniuuk see Cipi-winiuuk Clackamur see Clackamas Clan-nah-quah see Clahnaquah
Cipi-winiuuk [Can] Paskwaw- Clackamus see Clackamas Clannahquah see Clahnaquah
ininiwug (BE) Clackanur see Clackamas Clannahqueh see Clahnaquah
Cipoliva see Shipaulovi Clackarner see Clackamas Clan-nah-quehs Tribe of Mult-
Ci-pow-lovi see Shipaulovi Clackemur see Clackamas nomahs see Clahnaquah
Cipowlovi see Shipaulovi Clackemus see Clackamas Clan-nar-min-a-mon see Kath-
Ciquique see Pecos Clackimis see Clackamas laminimin
Cirabo see Mayoruna Clacksstar see Tlatskanai Clannarminamon see Kathlamin-
Circee see Sarsi Clack-star see Tlatskanai imin
Circuic see Pecos Clack-star see Clatskanie Clannarminimun see Kathlamin-
Ciriana see Sanuma Clackstar see Clatskanie imin
Ciries see Sarsi Clackstar see Tlatskanai Clannarminnamun see Kath-
cisin see Chiricahua Apache Clackster see Tlatskanai laminimin
Cisquiouws see Karok Cladachut see Klikitat Clanninnata [OR] Multnomah
Cissapeack see Chesapeake Cladsap see Clatsop (BE)
cisse-kwe see Western Apache Clahclallah see Clahclellah Clao-qu-aht see Clayoquot
Cissitons see Sisseton Clahclellah (Hdbk12) see also Cas- Claoquaht see Clayoquot
Ci-sta-qwut see Umpqua cades (Hdbk12) Clap-sott see Clatsop
51 Clapsott Coastal

Clapsott see Clatsop Clem-clem-a-lat see Clem- Clow-we-wal-la see Clowwewalla

Clara, S. see Santa Clara [NM] clemalats Clowwewalla [OR] (BE)
Clara, Santa [CA] Mission (BE) Clemclemalats [VanI] Cowichan Cltsus-me tunne see Thltsusme-
Clara, Santa [NM] Pueblo (BE) (BE) tunne
Clara, Sta. see Santa Clara [NM] Clem-clemalet see Clemclemalats Club Indians see Yuma
Clarkame see Clackamas Clemclemalet see Clemclemalats Club Indians see Quechan
Clarkamee see Clackamas Clem-clem-a-lit see Clem- Cluetau Coahuiltecan (BE)
Clarkamo see Clackamas clemalats Clukema see Clackamas
Clarkamu see Clackamas Clemclemalit see Clemclemalats Clulwarp see Shuswap
Clark Lake [AK] Tanaina (BE) Clermonts band see Santsukhd- Clunsus see Ntlakyapamuk (LC)
Clasap see Clatsop hin Clunsus (Hdbk12) see Thompson
Claskanio see Tlatskanai Clermos band see Santsukhdhin Indians
Class-can-eye-ah see Tlatskanai Clicitat see Klikitat Clymclymalat see Clemclemalats
Classcaneyeah see Tlatskanai Click-a-hut see Klikitat Clyoquot see Clayoquot
Classet see Makah Clickahut see Klikitat Clyquot see Clayoquot
Classical Aztec [Lang] (Hdbk10) Clickatat see Klikitat Cneis see Caddo
Classop see Clatsop Clicketat see Klikitat Cnistineaux see Cree
Clastop see Clatsop Clickitat see Klikitat Cnongasgaba see Chngasketon
Clatacamin see Tlatskanai Clickquamish see Cloquallam Coahuanes see Kahwan
Clatchotin [AK] Tanana (BE) Cliff-dwellers (LC) Coahuia see Cahuilla
Clatochin see Clatchotin Clikatat see Klikitat Coahuila see Kawia Luiseo
Clat-sa-canin see Tlatskanai Climath see Klamath Coahuila see Cahuilla
Clatsacanin see Tlatskanai Clin-ar-par see Tzlanapah Coahuileo [MX] (Hdbk10)
Clatsaconin see Tlatskania Clinarpar see Tzlanapah Coahuilla see Cahuilla
Clatsap see Clatsop Clingat see Tlingit Coahuiltecan [Lang] [MX, TX]
Clatset see Makah Clintinos see Cree (LC)
Clatskanie (BE) see also Tlatskanai Clinton [BC] Shuswap (H) Coahuilteco see Coahuiltecan
(BE) Clinton Band (Hdbk12) see also Coaiker see Cuaiquer
Clatskanie [OR] (BE) Whispering Pines Band Coaiquer see Cuaiquer
Clat-sop see Clatsop (Hdbk12) Coajiro see Goajiro
Clatsop [OR] (BE) Clinton Band [BC] Fraser River Coama see Kahwan
Clatstoni see Tlatskanai Shuswap (Hdbk12) Coamo [PR] (BE)
Clatstop see Clatsop Clipalines see Shipaulovi Coana see Kohuana
Clatsup see Clatsop Clipper Gap [Lang] [CA] Nisenan Coana see Kahwan
Claucuad see Clayoquot (CA-8) Co-a-ni-nis see Havasupai
Claugh-e-wall-hah see Clowwe- Clishhook see Clowwewalla Coaninis see Havasupai
walla Clistenos see Cree Coano (Hdbk10) see also Kahwan
Claughewallhah see Clowwewalla Clistinos see Cree (Hdbk10)
Claw-et-sus see Tlauitsis Clkwan-ti-ya tunne see Thlk- Coano [MX] Cora (BE)
Clawetsus see Tlauitsis wantiyatunne Coanopa (H)
Claxtar see Tlatskanai Clockstar see Tlatskanai Coapite [TX] (BE)
Clax-ter see Tlatskanai Clock-toot see Clocktoot Coapuliguan [MX] (Hdbk10)
Claxter see Tlatskanai Clocktoot [BC] Shuswap (H) Coaque [TX] (BE)
Clayhoosh see Clahoose Clo-kar-da-ki-ein see Coaqui see Coaque
Clayoquat see Clayoquat Klokadakaydn Coaquina see Kwakina
Clayoquot [BC, VanI] Nootka Clokardakiein see Klakadakaydn Coarae see Quarai
(LC) Cloquallam [WA] Kwaiailk (BE) Coaruama see Caurame
Clayoquotoch see Clayoquot Cloquallum see Cloquallum Coashatay see Koasati
Clear Lake Indians (H) see also Closset see Makah Coashatta see Koasati
Laguna (CA) Clotsop see Clatsop Coassatti see Koasati
Clear Lake Indians [CA] (H) Clough-e-wal-hah see Clowwe- Coast [Lang] [CA] Central Pomo
Clear Lake Pomo [CA] (Pub, walla (Pub, v.6, no.1, pp.162-166)
v.29, no.4) Cloughewalhah see Clowwewalla Coast [Lang] [CA] Northern Pomo
Clear Lake Wappo [Lang] [CA] Clough-e-wal-lah see Clowwe- (Pub, v.6, no.1, pp.131-135)
Yuki (Pub, v.6, no.1, pp.274- walla Coast [Lang] [CA] Southern Mo-
79) Cloughewallah see Clowwewalla quelumnan (Pub, v.6, no.1,
Cle-Hure see Clahoose CloverEaters see Poatsi- pp.307-309)
Clehure see Clahoose tuhtikuteh Coast [Lang] [CA] Southwestern
Cle-Huse see Clahoose Clover eaters see pozidadikadi Pomo (Pub, v.6, no.1, pp.228-
Clehuse see Clahoose Clowetoos see Tlauitsis 235)
Cle-li-kit-te see Clelikitte Clow et sus see Tlauitsis Coastal Chumash (CA-8)
Clelikitte [BC] (H) Clowetsus see Tlauitsis Coastal Diegueo see Ipai
Clemaks see Tillamook Clowewalla see Clowwewalla Coastal Eksimos (Hdbk5)
Coast Cohuille 52

Coast Cree see Maskegon Cochini see Cochimi Coenossoeny see Iroquois
Coast Indians see Costanoan Cochis see Yuracare Coeruna [Br] (O)
Coastmen see Costanos Cochise Chiricahua see Central Coetzal see Gueiquesales (H)
Coast Miwok [CA] Miwok (BE) Chiricahua Apache Coeur dAlene [ID]
Coast Miwok [Lang] [CA] West- Cochit see Cochiti Coeur dAlene (BE) see also
ern Miwokan (CA-8) Cochita see Cochiti Skitswish (LC)
Coast of Dogs see Cochite see Cochiti Coeur dAlienes (H) see also
Thlingchadinne Co-chi-te-mi see Cochiti Coeur dAlene (BE)
Coast Salish [BC, WA] (LC) Cochitemi see Cochiti Coeur dAlienes see Skitwish
Coast Yuki [CA] Yuki (CA) Cochiteo see Cochiti Coeur dEiene see Skitwish
Coast Yuki [Lang] [CA] Yuki Cochiteumi see Cochiti Coeur dEleine see Coeur dA-
(Pub, v.6, no.1, pp.260-263) Cochiti [NM] Keres (LC) lene
Coast Yurok [Lang] [CA] Yurok Cochitino see Cochiti Coeur dEleine see Skitwish
(He) Cochito see Cochiti Coeur dEliene see Coeur dA-
Coatae see Cuatache Cochitti see Cochiti lene
Coaxa Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Cochity see Cochiti Coeur dHelene see Coeur dA-
Coayo [TX] (H) Cochnewwasroonaw see Conoy lene
Cobajais see Kawaiisu Cochnichno see Havasupai Coeur dHelene see Skitwish
Cobaji see Kawaiisu Cochopa see Cocopa Coeurs dAleines see Coeur dA-
Cobajnaaj see Thobazhnaazhi Cocluti see Cochiti lene
Cobajnaaj see Thobazhnaazhi Coco (BE) see also Coaque (BE) Coeurs dAleines see Skitwish
Cobajnaaji see Thobazhnaazhi Coco (H) see also Acoma (LC) Coeurs daliene see Coeur dA-
Cobajnaaji see Thobazhnaazhi Coco [NI, Hon] Sumo (BE) lene
Cobane see Kohani Coco [NI, Hon] Sumo (O) Coeurs daliene see Skitwish
Cobarde Ute (H) Coco [TX] (BE) Coeurs-piontus see Skitwish
Cobari [Br] Yanoama (O) Cocoaipara [MX] Coahuiltecan Coeurs-pointus see Coeur dA-
Cobaria [Col] (LC) (Hdbk10) lene
Cobaro [PE] Campa (O) Cocojupara [MX] Coahuiltecan Cofa [GA] (H)
Cobbeo see Cubeo (Hdbk10) Cofan [Col, EC] (LC)
Cobb Indians see Hopahka Cocomacaque [MX] [Pima Bajo] Cofane see Cofan
Cobbisseconteag see Cabbasa- (BE) Coffee [MN] Atsina (BE)
gunti Cocomarecopper see Maricopa Cotachequi see Kasihta
Cobewa see Cubeo Cocomari see Maricopa Cogapacori [PE] Machiganga
Coca [MX] Cazcan (LC) Cocomaricopa see Maricopa (O)
Cocama [PE] (LC) Cocomaricopa see Kavelchadom Coghui see Kagaba
Cocamaricopa see Maricopa Cocomarisepa see Maricopa Cogninas see Havasupai
Cocamegua see Cacamegua Cocomeioje Coahuiltecan (BE) Coguana see Kohuana
Cocamilla [PE] (LC) Cocomiracopa see Maricopa Cogui (O) see also Kagaba (LC)
Cocao see Coosa Co-con-cah-ra see Cocoueahra Cogui [Col] (O)
Cocapa see Cocopa Coconcahra see Cocoueahra Coguifa see Kawia Luiseo
Cochaboth see Maca Coconino see Havasupai Coguinachi [MX] Opata (H)
Cochali [TN, AL] (H) Co-conoon see Coconoon Cohainihoua see Cahinnio
Cochaly see Cochali Coconoon [CA] Yokuts (BE) Cohainotoas see Cahinnio
Cochatties see Koasati Coconuco (O) see also Gambiano Cohakia see Cahokia
Coche see Camsa (O) Cohakies see Cahokia
Cochee see Central Chiricahua Coconuco [Lang] [Col] (LC) Cohannies see Kohani
Apache Co-copa see Cocopa (LC) Cohas [NY] (H)
Co-che-ta-cah see Kotsoteka Co-copah (H) see Cocopa Cohass see Coosac
Cochetacah see Kotsoteka Cocopa [AZ, MX] (LC) Cohassiac see Coosac
Co-che-ta-ka see Kotsoteka Cocopa [Lang] Delta (Hdbk10) Cohes [CA] Maidu (H)
Cochetaker see Kotsoteka Cocopah [AZ] [Adopted ofcially Cohias see Cohes
Cocheteka see Kotsoteka in 1974] (Hdbk10, p.111) Cohila Apache see Chiricahua
Cocheti see Cochiti Cocora [NI] (BE) Apache
Cocheto see Cochiti Co-cou-eah-ra see Cocoueahra Cohonina see Yavapai
Cochieme see Cochimi Cocoueahra [CA] (H) Cohonina culture [AZ] (LC)
Cochile see Cochiti Cocoye [NM] (H) Cohonino see Havasupai
Cochilis see Cochiti Cocoyome [MX] (BE) Cohoss see Coosac
Cochima see Cochimi Cocto see Coto Cohpap see Maricopa
Cochime see Cochimi Codakai see Shodakhai Cohuana see Kohuana
Cochimi [BaC, MX] Yuma (BE) Coddoque see Kadohadacho Cohuilla see Kawia Luiseo
Cochimies see Cochimi Codogdacho see Kadohadacho Cohuilla see Cahuilla
Cochimy see Cochimi Coen [CR] Cabecar (O) Cohuilla see Cahuilla
Cochinean see Havasupai Coeni see Caddo Cohuille see Kawia Luiseo
53 Coiacohhanauke Conaliga

Coiacohhanauke see Quiouco- Col-lap-poh-yea-ass see Comecrudo (H) see also Carrizo
hanock Calapooya [MX] (BE)
Coiaheguxes see Coyabegux Collappohyeaass see Calapooya Comecrudo Coahuiltecan (BE)
Coiba [Pan] (BE) Collotero see Coyotero Apache Comecrudo [MX] Tamaulipec
Coiejue see Cayuga Collville see Colville (BE)
Coiencahes see Karankawa Coloa see Koroa Comeda see Comeya
coikaa see Nez Perce Coloclan see Colotlan Comeda see Kamia
Coira see Koroa Coloma see Koloma Comenha (NAW)
Coirachietanon see Coiracoen- Coloosa see Calousa [CA] Comenopales see Cometunas
tanon Coloosa see Calusa [FL] Comeperros Bocas Prietas
Coiracoentanon Illinois (H) Colorado [EC] (LC) (Hdbk10)
Coiracoitaga [NEng] (H) Colotlan [MX] (BE) Come Pescado (H) see also Tim-
Coitch see Panamint Colouse see Korusi (H) paiavats (H)
Cojage see Cayuga Colseed (H) see Colcene Come Pescado (Hdbk10)
Cojate see Cuatache Colseed see Kolsid Come Pescado (Hdbk11) see also
Cojnino see Havasupai Colteches see Kawaiisu Timpanogots (Hdbk11)
Cojoge see Cayuga Coltshanie see Kulchana Comepescados Coahuiltecan
Cojonina see Havasupai Columbia Indians see Sinkiuse- (Hdbk10)
Cojoye [MX, NM] (H) Columbia Comesacapem see Gumme-
Cojuenchi see Cajuenche Columbia Lake Indians see sacapem
Cojuklesatuch see Uchucklesit Akiskenukinik Cometunas Coahuiltecan
Cokah [Can] Cree (BE) Columbia Lake Indians see Lakes (Hdbk10)
Co-kanen see Central Chiricahua Columbian [Lang] Interior Salish Comeya (LC) see also Kamia (LC)
Apache (Hdbk12) Comeya [CA] (H)
Cokanen see Central Chiricahua Columbians [PacN] (H) Comi see Zuni
Apache Columbias see Sinkiuse Comia see Barasana
Coka-towela see Chokatowela Colusa see Korusi Comiaken see Comiakin
Cokatowela see Chokatowela Colusi see Korusi Comiakin [VanI] Cowichan (BE)
Coke see Coaque (BE) Colville [Lang] (WA, BC Salishan Comina see Havasupai
Cokesilah (H) see Koksilah (LC) Comino see Havasupai
Cokoa [CA] Central Pomo (Pub, Colville [WA, BC] (LC) Comit [MX] (Hdbk10)
v.40, no.2) Colville River Eskimos [AK] Inte- Comiteco see Chanabal
Cokomaricopa see Maricopa rior North Alaska Eskimos Commagsheak see Comox
Colan [PE] (O) (Hdbk5) Commanche see Comanche
Colapessa see Acolapissa Comabo [Lang] see Cashibo Common Dogs see
Colapissa see Acolapissa Co-mai-yah see Comeya Shungikcheka Hunkpatina
Colasthocle [WA] Quinault (BE) Co-mai-yah see Kamia Como [TX] (H)
Colcene (H) see also Quilene (H) Comaiyah see Comeya Comocaura [MX] (Hdbk10)
Colcene (Pams, v.6, pp.605-606) Comance see Comanche Comopori [MX] Vacoregue (H)
see also Kolsid (BE) Comancha see Comanche Comoripa [MX] Pimo Bajo
Colcene [WA] Twana (H) Comanche [Lang] Central Numic (Bull44)
Colcharney see Kulchana (Hdbk10) Comosellamos Coahuiltecan
Colchatta see Koasati Comanche [Lang] Shoshone-Co- (Hdbk10)
Colchin see Kolsid manche (H) Co-moux see Comox
Colching see Kulchena Comanche [TX, NM] (LC) Comoux see Comox
Colchopa [BC] Salish (H) Comanchee see Comanche Comox [BC] (LC)
Colcin see Colcene Comanchero see Comanche Comoya see Kamia
Colcin see Kolsid Comancho see Comanche Co-mo-yah see Comeya
Cold Country Indians [NY] (H) Comande see Comanche Comoyah see Comeya
Colespelin see Kalispel Comandus see Comanche Comoyatz see Comeya
Colespell see Kalispel Comaniopa see Maricopa Comoyatz see Kamia
Colfax [Lang] Nisenan (CA-8) Comanito [MX] (BE) Comoyee see Comeya
Coligua see Koroa Comanshima see Comanche Co-mo-yei see Comeya
Colima see Koroa Comantz see Comanche Como-yei see Kamia
Colimies see Cochimi Comaricopa see Maricopa Comoyei see Comeya
Colina (O) see also Culina (LC) Comauch see Comanche Comoyei see Kamia
Colina [NM] Apache (H) Combahee [SC] Cusabo (BE) Compori [MX] Guasave (BE)
Colipasa see Acolapissa Combec Accomac (Hdbk15) Comupaui see Shongopavi
Colla [BO, PE, Arg] (LC) Comea-kin see Comiakin Comupavi see Shongopavi
Collagua [PE] Colla (LC) Comecamotes [MX] Tamaulipec Comuxes see Comox
Collahuaya see Callahuaya (BE) Conahomana see Wappo
Collao see Colla Comechingon see Comechingone Conaliga [AL] UpperCreek see
Collapissa see Acolapissa Comechingone [Arg] (LC) (H) see Canarsee
Conarise Cootstooks 54

Conarise see Canarsee Congeweechacha see Con- Contonnes see Kutenai

Conarsie see Canarsee gewichacha Contotol see Contotor
Conastagoe see Conestoga Congewichacha Dakota (BE) Contotoli see Contotor
Conastoga see Conestoga Congree see Congaree Contotor [MX] (Hdbk10)
Conastogy see Conestoga Conguaco (BE) see also Popoluca Contznoo see Hutsnuwu
Concee see Lipan Apache (LC) Convivo see Conibo
Conception see Tome Conguaco [Gu] (BE) Cooc [MX] Guatare (BE)
Concha see Conshac Congue [MX] (Hdbk10) Coochchotellica see Kotsoteka
Conchac see Conshac Conguse see Cayuse Cooch-cho-teth-ca see Kotsoteka
Conchaes see Conshac Conibo [PE] (LC) Coochchotethca see Kotsoteka
Conchakus see Conshac Conicari [MX] (BE) Coocheetaka see Kotsoteka
Conchaque see Apalachicola Conicoricho [MX] (Hdbk10) Coo-er-ee see Kuyuidika
Conchaque see Conshac Conina see Havasupai Cooeree see Kuyuidika
Conchaque see Koasati Conipigua Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Coofer see Puaray
Conchata see Koasati Conis see Yuracare Coofert see Puaray
Conchatez see Conshac Conistoga see Conestoga Cookchaney see Chukchansi
Conchatez see Koasati Conittekook see Connecticut Cookkoo-oosee see Coos
Conchati see Koasati Conivo see Conibo Cookkooose see Coos
Conchatta see Koasati Conkasketonwan see Changaske- Cookoose see Coos
Conchayon Taensa Confederacy ton Cooks Ferry [BC] Ntlakyapamuk
(H) Conkhandeenrhonon [Can] Iro- (H)
Conches see Conshac quois (H) Cools-on-tick-ara see Kotsoteka
Concho [MX] (BE) Connamox see Coree Coon see Mikaunikashinga
Conchtta see Koasati Connastago see Conestoga Cooniac [WA] Skilloot (Oregon)
Concon see Konkow Connay see Conoy Coopanes see Kopano
Conconcully Lower Okinagan (Ye) Connectacut see Connecticut Coopspellar see Kalispel
Con-Cons see Konkow Connecticut [CT] (H) Coos (H) see also Coosuc (BE)
Con-Cous see Konkow Connegticut see Connecticut Coos (LC) see also Hanis (BE)
Concous see Konkow Connessi see Cancy Coos [OR] (LC)
Concow see Konkow Conneuaghs see Tahltan Coosa [SC, AL] Cusabo (BE)
Con-Cow see Konkow Conninggahaughgaugh see Mo- Coosada see Koasati
Concow see Konkow hawk Coosadi see Koasati
Concuyapem Coahuiltecan Connino see Havasupai Coosah see Coosa
(Hdbk10) Con-no-harrie-go-harrie see Coosas see Coos
Coneconam [MA] Wampanoag (LC) Onoalagona Coosauda see Koasati
Conejeros [Coahuiltecan] Connoharriegoharrie see Coosaudee see Koasati
(Hdbk10) Onoalagona Coo-sau-dee see Koasati
Conejo [CA] Diegueo (H) Connoy see Conoy Coosaw see Coosa
Conejo [MX] Concho (BE) Connoye see Conoy Coosawda see Koasati
Coneliskes see Cowlitz Con-nugh-harie-gugh-harie see Coosawder see Koasati
Conerd Helene see Skitwish Onoalagona Coosawdi see Koasati
Conestego see Conestoga Connughhariegughharie see Coos Bay see Coos
Conestoga (BE) see also Susque- Onoalagona Co-ose see Coos
hanna (LC) Conoatino see Kanohatino Coose see Coos
Conestoga (Ye) see also Susque- Conob see Kanjobal Coose Bay see Coos
hannock (Ye) Conoies see Conoy Cooses see Coos
Conestoga [MD] (LC) Conois see Conoy Coose Taylors see Coos
Conestogo see Conestoga Conostaoga see Conestoga Cooshates see Koasati
Conestogue see Conestoga Conoy [MD, WV] (LC) Cooshatties see Koasati
Confederated River Tribes (AI) Conoy-uch-such see Conoy Coosida see Koasati
Confederated Tribes of Warm Conoyucksuchroona see Conoy Coospacam Coahuiltecan
Springs (HN, v.48, no.2, Conqeree see Congaree (Hdbk10)
pp.22-25) Consejo Regional Indigine [Col] Coospellar see Kalispel
Confederate Indians see Iroquois (O) Coos-pel-lar Nation see Kalispel
Confederate Nations see Iroquois Conshac (H) Cooss see Coos
Confederates see Iroquois Conshac (H) see also Koasati (LC) Coosuc [NH] (BE)
Congare see Congaree Conshach see Conshac Coosuck see Coosuc
Congaree [Lang] [SC] Siouan (H) Conshaes see Koasati Cootajam see Cotoname
Congaree [SC] (BE) Conshakis see Conshac Cootenai see Kutenai
Congere see Congaree Conshatta see Koasati Cootenay see Kutenai
Congeree see Congaree Contamis see Kutenai Cootounies see Kutenai
Conge-wee-cha-cha see Con- Contauba see Catawba Cootstooks pa tah pee see Salish
gewichacha Contenay see Kutenai Coowarsartdas see Koasati
55 Coowarsartdas Couchan

Coowersortda see Koasati Coramine see Coree Cosnino see Havasupai

Cooyoko see Shooyoko Coran-cana see Karankawa Coso see Kassovo
Cooyuweeweit see Kuyuidika Coranine see Coree Coso see Panamint
Copa see Creek Corankoua see Karankawa Coss see Coos
Copalis [WA] (BE) Coras see Nevome Costano see Costanoan
Copane see Cofan Coras see Cora Costanoan [CA] (LC)
Copanes see Kopano Corazo see Moro Costanoes see Costanoan
Copatta see Quapaw Corazu see Moro Costanos (CA-8) see also
Cop-eh see Copeh Corbeau see Crow Costanoan (CA-8)
Copeh (Pub, v.6, no.1, p.285) see Corbeaux see Crow Costanos [CA] (H)
also Wintu (LC) Corbitant [MA] Wampanoag (BE) Cos-tche-tegh-ka see Kotsoteka
Copeh [CA] Patwin (H) Corbonamga [Lang] [CA] (Pub, Costcheteghka Comanches see
Copehan [Lang] (LC) see also v.8, n.1, p.11) Kotsoteka
Wintu (LC) Corchaug [NY] Montauk (BE) Coste see Koasati
Copehan [Lang] [CA] (H) Corchong see Corchaug Costehe see Koasati
Copehan Indians see Copeh Corchoug see Corchaug Costeo see Costanoan
Co-pi-yar see Kewevikopaya Cord People see Attigneenongna- Costonoan [Lang] Utian (CA-8)
Copiyar see Kewevkapaya hac Costrowers see Kassovo
Copper (H) see also Tsattine Core see Coree Cosume [CA] (H)
(LC) Corechos see Querecho Cosumne see Cosume
Copper [Lang] Western Canada Coree [NC] (BE) Cosumnies see Cosume
(Hdbk5) Coreguaje [Col] (O) Cosuttheutun [OR] Tututni (H)
Copper Eskimos (H) see also Kid- Corica see Yorica Coswas see Kassovo
nelik (H) Corinto [Col] Paez (O) Co-ta-plane-mis see Cotoplane-
Copper Eskimos [AL] Central Es- Corn Band [SD] Sioux (H) mis
kimos (Hdbk5) Corn Creek Band of Paiutes see Cotaplanemis see Cotoplanemis
Copper Indians see Tatsanottine Pahranagat Cotappo see Catawba
Copper Indians see Ahtena Corn Eaters see Arikara Cotawpec see Catawba
Copper-Mine see Tatsanottine Corneille see Amahami Cotcalsicaya see Thochalsithaya
Coppermine Chiricahua Apache Corn Indians Southern Brule Cotcalsicaya see Thochalsithaya
(Hdbk10) (TW, v.39, no.6, p.49) Cotchita see Cochiti
Coppermine Mimbreno Apache Corn Peoples see Zuni Cotchiti see Cochiti
(Hook) Cornplanter Indians [NY] Seneca Cotes-de-Chien see
Copper Mine Apache see Cop- (H) Thlingchadinne
permine Coroa see Koroa Cotipiniguara [MX] (Hdbk10)
Copper People see Tatsanottine Coroa see Cayapo Coto Chibchan (BE) see also
Copper River Indians see Ahtena Coroado see Kaingangue Boruca (LC)
Copuchiniguara [MX] (Hdbk12) Coroaso see Kainguangue Coto [CR] (BE)
Co-qani see Thokhani Corobici [CR] Chibchan (BE) Coto Tucanoan see Orejon
Coqani see Thokhani Corobisi see Corobici Cotoayagua [Lang] (Hdbk10)
Coque see Zoque Coroha see Koroa Cotober see Catawba
Coquell see Mishikhwutmetunne Corois see Koroa Cotogeho Caduveo (O)
Coquet-lane see Coquitlam Coro Marikopa see Maricopa Cotogeuo Caduveo (O)
Coquetlum see Coquitlam Coronkawa see Karankawa Cotogudeo Caduveo (O)
Coquiapan see Caguilipan Coronks see Karankawa Cotomavo see Cotonam
Coquilain see Coquitlam Corotomen see Cuttatawomen Cotonam [TX] (BE)
Coquill see Mishikhwutmetunne Corpus Christi de Isleta see Isleta Cotoname see Cotonam
Coquilla see Mishikhwut- Corrhue [CR] Cabecar (O) Cotones see Kutenai
metunne Corroas see Koroa Co-to-planemis see Cotoplane-
Coquille see Mishikhwut- Corrois see Koroa mis
metunne Corroys see Koroa Cotoplanemis [CA] (H)
Coquille see Nasumi Coruano [CA] (H) Cotoy [HA, WInd] Cahibo (BE)
Coquilth see Kwahiutl Corumbiara see Aikana Cotshimi see Cochimi
Coquins see Tututni Corusies see Korusi Cotsoni see Thotsoni
Coquite see Pecos Corveset see Coweset Cotsoni see Thotsoni
Coquitlam [BC] Stalo (BE) Cosah see Coosa Cottonois see Kutenai
Coquitlan see Coquitlam Cosapuya see Cusabo Cottonwood Bannock see
Coquitlane see Coquitlam Coschotghta see Kotsoteka Shohopanaiti
Coquitlum see Coquitlam Cosemene see Cosume Cottonwoods see Dau-pom
Cora [BaC] Waicuri (BE) Coshatta see Koasati Cottonwood-Salmon-Eaters see
Cora [Lang] Corachol (Hdbk10) Coshattee see Koasati Shohoaigadika
Cora [MX] (LC) Cosina see Goajiro Cou-chan see Yuma
Corachol Sonoran (Hdbk10) Cosnina see Havasupai Couchan see Yuma
Couchate Creek 56

Couchate see Koasati Co-wa-ver see Kewevikopaya Coyatero see Coyotero Apache
Cou-Cows see Konkow Cowaver see Kewevkapaya Co-ye-ta see Koyeti
Coucows see Yuma Cow Buffalo see Arukhwa I (H) Coyeta see Koyeti
Coueracouitenon see Coiracoen- Cow-cow (H) see Konkow Co-ye-te see Koyeti
tanon Cowchilla see Chawchilla Coyete see Koyeti
Couexi see Coosa Cow Creek see Nahankhuotane Coyetero see Coyotero Apache
Coujouga see Cayuga Cow Creek (LC) see also Umpqua Co-ye-tie see Koyeti
Coulapissa see Acolapissa (LC) Coyetie see Koyeti
Coulonge see Dumoine Cow Creek [OR] (Oregon) Coyetlini see Thoyetlini
Couna Pueblo Indians (H) Cowegan see Cowichan Coyetlini see Thoyetlini
Counarrha see Kutenai Cowela see Cahuilla Coyoleno see Coyotero Apache
Counica see Tunica Cowela see Kawia Luiseo Coyolxauhqui [MX] Aztecs (BE)
Coup de Fleches [TX] (H) Cow-e-lis-ke see Cowlitz Coyoquipiguara Coahuiltecan
Coupe see Tsankupi Coweliske see Cowlitz (Hdbk10)
Coupes see Cuts Cow-e-lis-kee see Cowlitz Coyotaro see Coyotero Apache
Coup-gorges see Dakota Coweliskee see Cowlitz Coyote see Coyotero Apache
Cour dAleine see Coeur dAlene Cowelits see Cowlitz Coyotens see Coyotero Apache
Cour dAleine see Skitswish Cowelitz see Cowlitz Coyote People see Stoam Ohimal
Cour dAlenes see Coeur dAlene Cow-e-na-chino see Cowlitz Coyotero Apache (Hook) see also
Cour dAlenes see Skitswish Cowenachino see Cowlitz Western Apache (Hdbk10)
Cour dAline see Coeur dAlene Cowes see Coos Coyotero Apache (SoQ, v.95,
Cour dAline see Skitswish Coweset [MA, RI] Nipmuc (BE) no.2, pp.138-176) see also
Cour de Lion see Coeur dAlene Cowesett see Coweset Tonto Apache (LC)
Cour de Lion see Skitswish Coweta [AL] Muskogee (BE) Coyotero Apache [AZ] Chiricahua
Couroas see Koroa Cowe-wa-chin see Cowichan Apache (H)
Courois see Koroa Cowewachin see Cowichan Coyotes (H) see also Oto (LC)
Courterrielle see Ottawa Cowhuilla see Kawia Yokuts Coyotes Pima (H)
Courtes Oreilles see Ottawa Cowiah see Kawia Yokuts Coyote Society see Himoiyoqis
Courtoreiller see Ottawa Cowichan [BC, VanI] (LC) Coyouge see Cayuga
Cousatee see Koasati Cowichan Lake [VanI] Nootka Coyouger see Cayuga
Coushatta (LC) see also Koasati (LC) (H) Coyoukon see Koyukukhotana
Coushatta [TX] (LC) Cowichan of Fraser River see Coystero see Coyotero Apache
Cousoudee see Koasati Stalo Co-Yukon see Koyukukhotana
Coussac see Koasati Cowichin see Cowichan Coyukon see Koyukukhotana
Coussati see Koasati Cowila see Cahuilla Cozaby Pah-Utes see Kutsavi-
Coussehate see Koasati Cowilla see Cahuilla dokado
Coutah-wee-cha-cha see Cowilla see Kawia Luiseo Cozao see Coosa
Kutawichasha Cow-iller see Kawia Yokuts Cozarini see Kozarene
Coutanies see Kutenai Cowiller see Cahuilla Cqaneza see Thkhaneza
Coutaria see Kutenai Cowiller see Kawia Yokuts Cqaneza see Thkhaneza
Couteaux see Ntlakyapamuk Cowitchen see Cowichan Cqanezani see Thkhaneza
Couteaux see Thompson Indians Cowitchin see Cowichan Cqanezani see Thkhaneza
Couteaux Jaunes see Tatsanottine Cowlitch see Cowlitz Cqapaha see Thkhapaha
Couteaux Jeaunes see Tatsanot- Cowlits see Cowlitz Cqapaha see Thkhapaha
tine Cowlitsick see Cowlitz Cqatcini see Thkhatshini
Coutenay see Kutenai Cowlitsk see Cowlitz Cqatcini see Thkhatshini
Couthaougoula Taensa Confeder- Cowlitz (LC) see also Scowlits Cqesxenemx see Canim Lake
acy (H) (BE) Craho [Br] Eastern Timbira (LC)
Coutnees see Kutenai Cowlitz [WA] (LC) Craho [Lang] see Canella
Coutonais see Kutenai Cow-nan-ti-co see Cownantico Cran see Tapuya
Coutonois see Kutenai Cownantico [OR] Skoton (H) Crane People see
Coutouns see Kutenai Cowweset see Coweset Petkhaninikashina
Covaji see Kawaiisu Cowweseuck see Coweset Crao see Craho
Cove-chance see Chukchansi Cowwesit see Coweset Craw-sh Band see Chakchiuma
Coville see Colville Cowwilla see Kawia Yokuts crawsh eaters see Beatty Band
Cow-ang-a-chem see Serrano Coxane see Kohani Credit Indians [Ont] Missisauga
Cowangachem see Serrano Coya see Colla (H)
Cowassuck (H) see also Coosuc Coyabegux [TX] (H) Cree [Ont, MT] (LC)
(BE) Coyahero see Coyotero Apache Cree-Assiniboine see Niopwatuk
Cowasuck (H) see also Coosuc Coyaima [Col] (LC) Creek [AL, GA] (LC)
(BE) Coyaima [Lang] Motilon (UAz, Creek Confederacy [AL, GA] (BE)
Cowasuck [Q, VT, NH] Western v.28) Creek Nation see Creek Confed-
Abnaki (Hdbk15) Coyamit [MX] Concho (BE) eracy
57 Cree Cuicutl

Cree of Cross Lake see Sakit- Cuabajai see Gitanemuk Cuchillones [CA] Costanoan (H)
tawawininiwug Cuabajay see Serrano Cuchimies see Cochimi
Cree of the lowlands see Cuabajay see Kawaiisu Cuchin see Cochiti
Maskegon Cuachichil [Lang] [MX] (Hdbk10) Cuchinochi Coahuiltecan
Cree of the Woods see Sakawith- Cuacua see Mapoyo (Hdbk10)
iniwuk Cuagila see Coahuileo Cuchinochil see Cuchinochi
Creston Band [BC] Kutenai (BE) Cuagilla see Coahuileo Cuchinu see Cochimi
Crevas see Osage Cuaguijamiguara [MX] (Hdbk10) Cuchiti see Cochiti
Cri see Cree Cuahcomeca [MX] (BE) Cuciba [Cu] (BE)
Crichana [Br] Carib (LC) Cuaiker see Cuaiquer Cucompners see Cucoomphers
Crichana [Lang] Yauapery (UAz, Cuaiquer [EC, Col] (LC) Cucoomphers [CA] (H)
v.28) Cuajala see Southern Paiute Cucopa see Cocopa
Crie see Cree Cuambia see Moguex Cucua see Kakwa
Criq see Cree Cuame see Sia Cuculato [CA] Yuma (H)
Crique see Cree Cuampes see Cuampis Cuculute see Cuculato
Cris [Lang] see Cree Cuampis Faraon Apache (H) Cu-cu-pah see Cocopa
Crisca see Akwe-Shavante Cuanes see Cocopa Cucupah see Cocopa
Crishana see Crichana Cuapas see Quapaw Cucutades see Moro
Crishana see Yanoama Cuaques see Zuaque Cucuyama see Sucuyama
Crishana see Yawaperi Cuaquinacaniguara [MX] Cucuye see Pecos
Cristeneaux see Cree (Hdbk10) Cudeve see Eudeve
Cristinaux see Cree Cuarac see Quarai Cuechuntica see Kotsoteka
Cristineaux see Cree Cuarai see Quarai Cueganas see Yuma
Cristinos see Cree Cua-ray see Quarai Cueganas see Kahwan
Crists see Cree Cuaray see Quarai Cuelcaje-ne see Llanero
Criza see Akwe-Shavante Cuarra see Quarai Cuelcajen-ne see Guhlkande
Croatan Indians (LC) see also Cuarry see Quarai Cuelcajenne see Llanero
Lumbee (LC) Cuartelejo [KS] Plains Apache Cueloce see Quelotetrey
Croatan Indians [NC, VA] (BE) (Hdbk10) Cuelotetry see Quelotetrey
Croix Indians, St. see Pas- Cuatache [MX] (Hdbk10) Cuepane [MX] (Hdbk10)
samaquoddy Cuatahe see Cuatache Cuercomache [AZ] Yavapai (H)
Cross Sound Indians see Huna Cuatganes see Yuma Cuercos quemados [MX]
Crosswick Indians [NJ, DE] Cuatganes see Kahwan Tamaulipec (BE)
(Hdbk15) Cuayker see Cuaiquer Cueres see Keres
Crow (H) see also Kaka (H) Cubana [HA, WInd] Cahibo (BE) Cuerez see Keres
Crow [Lang] Hidatsa (H) Cubanacan [Cu] (BE) Cueros Crudos Coahuiltecan
Crow [MT, WY] (LC) Cubao [SanD, WInd] Hubabo (Hdbk10)
Crow-Chiefs band see Sarsi (BE) Cueros Quemados see Cuercos
Crow-Childs Band see Broad Cubeo [Br, Col] (LC) quemados
Grass Cubeo Maku see Cacua Cuerro see Quarai
Crow Creek Sioux (Char, v.1) Cubeo Maku see Kakwa Cuesi [BO] Araona (O)
Crown King Indians see Cubeus see Cubeo Cuesnina see Havasupai
Wikenichepa Cubsuvi Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Cueva (LC) see also Cuna (LC)
Crow People (H) see also Cubulco Achi [Gu] Achi (LC) Cueva [Pan] (LC)
Tutchone (BE) Cucapa see Cocopa Cufan see Cofan
Crow People Crow (H) Cucapacha see Cocopa Cugadikaa see Nez Perce
Crow River Kutchin see Vun- Cucassus see Cocopa Cuhana see Cocopa
takutchin Cuchan see Yuma Cuhanas see Kahwan
Crow-wing [MN] Chippewa (H) Cuchana see Yuma Cuhanes see Cocopa
Crow Wing River [MN, ND, SD] Cu-cha-no see Yuma Cuhtzuteca see Kotsoteka
Chippewa (H) Cu-cha-no see Quechan Cuiba see Cuiva
Crucifero see Yavapai Cuchano see Quechan Cuibo see Caiva
Cruel see Dakota Cuchano see Yuma Cuicatec [Lang] [MX] Mixtecan
Crus see Cree Cuchans see Quechan (LC)
Cruz, Santa [CA] Coastanoan Cuchantica see Kotsoteka Cuicatecan [Lang] [MX] Mixtecan
(BE) Cuchaus see Yuma (BE)
Cruz, Santa [MX] Mayas (BE) Cuchaus see Quechan Cuicateco see Cuicato
Cruzado see Yavapai Cuchendado [TX] (H) Cuichan see Yuma
Cruz Island, Santa [Lang] [CA] Cuchi see Yuracare Cuichan see Quechan
Chumashan (H) Cuchian see Cuchillones Cuichana see Yuma
Cu see Shu Cuchian see Yuma Cuicuro see Kuikuru
Cuabajai see Serrano Cuchian see Quechan Cuicuru see Kuikuru
Cuabajai see Kawaiisu Cuchili see Cochiti Cuicutl see Kuikuru
Cuiminipaco Cuteanas 58

Cuiminipaco [MX] (Hdbk10) Cuai see Cueil Curiuaia see Kuruaya

Cuimnapum see Chimnapum Cuai see Cueil Curiuaye see Kuruaya
Cuipoco see Piapoco Cuai see Kamia Curivare see Kuruaya
Cuismer see Havasupai Cuname see Sia Curivere see Kuruata
Cuisnur see Havasupai Cunan [Lang] Chibchan (O) Curois see Koroa
Cuitlatec see Cuitlateco Cuncaae see Caacat Curoton see Heta
Cuitlateco (LC) see also Teco (LC) Cueil (H) see also Kamia (LC) Curricaro see Curriccarro
Cuitlateco [Lang] [MX] (LC) Cueil [CA] Yuman (H) Curricarro [VE] (O)
Cuitoas [KS] (H) Cuneskapi see Naskapi Currierai see Kuruaya
Cuiukguo see Cajuga cunge see Pecos Curripaco [VE, Br, Col] Wakue-
Cuiva [VE, Col] Guahibo (LC) Cunhate see Koasati nai (O)
Cuivira see Quivira Cuni see Zuni Curripako see Curripaco
Cuivres see Tatsanottine Cuniba see Conibo Curtaka see Castake
Cujanes see Kohani Cunibo see Conibo Curtoze-to-gah Comanches see
Cujano see Kohani Cuniktceka see Shungikcheka Kotsoteka
Cujareno [PE] (O) Cuniktceka see Shungikcheka Curtz-e Ticker Comanches see
Cujisenayeri [Lang] Maipurean Cuni-um-hah see Cumumbah Kotsoteka
(O) Cuniumhah see Cumumbah Curuahe see Kuruaya
Cujubicena see Cayuishana Cunivo see Conibo Curuara see Kuruaya
Culane see Shuhlanan Cunkaha-napin see Chungka- Curuari see Kuruaya
Culantro see Guaymi hanapin Curuaya see Kuruaya
Culantro see Northern Guaymi Cunka-yute-cni see Curuaye see Kuruaya
Culcahende see Rancheria of Shungkayuteshni Curubare see Kuruaya
Pasqual Cunkayutecni see Curueye see Kuruaya
Culdoah see Kauldawa Shungkayuteshni Curupi [BO] Araona (O)
Culina (LC) see also Colina (O) Cunk i-ki-ka-ra-tca-da see Curuton see Heta
Culina [Br] (LC) Shungikikarachada Cusabo [SC] (BE)
Culino see Culina Cunkikikaratcada see Cuscarawaoc [MD, DE] Nanti-
Culinonisna see Havasupai Shungikikarachada coke (BE)
Culisnur see Havasupai Cunk-tcank i -ki-ka-ra-tca-da see Cuscarawaoke see Cuscarawaoc
Culs-coupe see Kishkakon Shungikikarachada Cushans see Quechan
Cultalchulches see Cutalchich Cunktcankikikaratcada see Cushatee see Koasati
Cumana (Hdbk10) see also Kah- Shungikikarachada Cush-eh-tah see Koasati
wan (Hdbk10) Cunmikase see Shomakoosa Cushehtah see Koasati
Cumana (LC) see also Kamia (LC) Cunopavi see Shongopavi Cushhouk see Clowwewalla
Cumana [VE] (LC) Cunquilipinoy Piro (H) Cushkarawaock see Cuscarawaoc
Cumanagoto (LC) see also Cuntcebi [MN] Assiniboin (BE) Cushna [CA] Maidu (H)
Cumano (LC) Cunuana (O) see also Yecuana Cushooks [OR] Clowwewalla
Cumanagoto [Lang] Tamanaco (LC) (Oregon)
(UAz, v.28) Cunuana [Lang] Maquiritare Cuskoetehwaw-thesseetuck see
Cumanasho see Mascali (UAz, v.28) Siksika
Cumanche see Comanche Cunyeel see Cueil Cussadies see Koasati
Cumania see Comanche Cunza [Lang] (LC) Cusseta see Kasihta
Cum-ba-twas see Kumbatuash Cuouex see Dakota Cusshetaes see Koasati
Cumbatwas see Kumbatuash Cupacha see Cocopa Custenau [Lang] Maupurean (O)
Cumcloup see Kamloop Cupan [Lang] Shoshonean (LC) Custenau Indians see Kutenabu
Cumeehe see Comanche Cupan [Lang] Tapic (Hdbk10) Cutagamies see Fox
Cum-i-um-has see Cumumbah Cupdan Coahuiltecan (BE) Cutahaco see Tutahaco
Cumiumhas see Cumumbah Cupeo [CA] (LC) Cutalches see Cutalchich
Cum-min-tahs see Cumumbah Cupeo [Lang] [CA] Cupan Cutalchich [TX] (H)
Cummintahs see Cumumbah (Hdbk10) Cutalchiches see Cutalchich
Cummoaqui see Hopi Cupeo [Lang] [CA] Luiseo- Cutans [NA] (H)
Cummooqui see Hopi Cahuilla (BE) Cutasho see Kamakan
Cumpes see Cumumbah Cupisnique [PE] (LC) Cut bank see Micacuopsiba
Cumpquekis see Komkyutis Curabare see Kuruaya Cut Beards see Pabaska
Cum-que-kis see Komkyutis Curancahuases see Karankawa Cutcana see Yuma
Cumumbah [UT] Ute (H) Curano [PE] Campa (O) Cutcanas see Kahwan
Cum-um-pah see Cumumbah Curaye see Kuruaya Cutchamekin see Kutshamakin
Cumumpah see Cumumbah Curbo see Crow Cutchanas see Yuma
Cuna [Pan] (LC) Curibary see Kuruaya Cutchanas see Quechan
Cuna-Cueva see Cuna Curibeo see Conibo Cutchate see Koasati
Cunacuna see Cuna Curierai see Kuruaya Cuteanas see Yuma
Cunacuna see Mainland Cuna Curino see Culina Cuteanas see Kahwan
59 Cuteco Dane

Cuteco [MX] Varohio (H) Cuza see Quarai Da-ha-dumies see Etagottine
Cutgana see Kohuana Cuzadan see Koasati Dahadumies see Etagottine
Cutgana see Kahwan Cu-za-ya see Quarai Dahcinci [Lang] [CA] Patwin
Cutgana see Yuma Cuzaya see Quarai (CA)
Cutgana see Kohuana Cuzco see Quecha Dahcota see Dakota
Cutganes see Yuma Cwarennoc see Coree Dahcotah see Dakota
Cutganes see Kahwan cwexemx see Canoe Creek Band Dahibonici [HA, WInd] Bainoa
Cutguanes see Yuma Cybaho [HA, WInd] Cahibo (BE) (BE)
Cutguanes see Kahwan Cycuyo see Pecos Dahkota see Dakota
Cuthalchuches see Cutalchich Cyininook see Cree Dah-ko-tah see Dakota
Cut heads see Pabaska Cynago see Sinago Dahmi see Santa Ana
Cuthlamuh see Cathlamet Cyneper see Seneca Dahodinni see Etagottine
Cuthlamuk see Cathlamet Cyniker see Seneca Daho-tena see Dahotena
Cutinano see Aguano Cyotlero see Coyotero Apache Daho-tena see Etagottine
Cutlashoot see Ootlashoot Cypowais plunderers see Pillagers Dahotena (PC) see also Etagottine
Cut Offs see Kiyuksa Oglala Cypoway see Chippewa (BE)
Cuts Sihasapa (H) Cypress bulb eaters see Tovusi- Dahotena [CA] Nehaunee (Con-
Cutsahnim see Yakima dokado tri, v.1, p.33)
Cut-sah-nim see Yakima Cyuse see Cayuse Daigano see Diegueo
Cut-sa-nim see Yakima Daiyuahl-lanas [Clan] Haida (H)
Cutsanim see Yakima Dakanmanyin Han (Kansa) (H)
Cutshamakin see Kutshamakin Dakats [Clan] North Fork Mono
Cutshamequin see Kutshamakin (Pub, v.11, no.5, p.293)
Cutshamewquin see Kut- -D- Dakaz see Tukkuthkutchin
shamakin dakca-mala see Modoc
Cutshamoquen see Kutshamakin Daahl [Clan] [NM] Jemez (H) dakca-wana see Modoc
Cuts-sah-nem see Yakima Daahl [Clan] [NM] Pecos (H) Dakkadhe see Tukkuthkutchin
Cutssahnem see Yakima Daathl see Daahl Jemez Dakla-weti see Daktlawedi
Cuts-sah-nim see Yakima Daathl see Daahl Jemez Daklaweti see Daklawedi
Cutssahnim see Yakima da-bahu see Navajo Dakota (LC) see also Lakota (An-
Cuttako see Kiowa Apache dabahu see Navajo nual, v.15, no.2, pp.157-158)
Cuttambo see Catawba Dabaigua [HA, WInd] Bainoa Dakota (LC) see also Sioux (BE)
Cuttatawoman see Cuttata- (BE) Dakota [SD] (LC)
women Dabo-tena see Etagottine Dakotah see Dakota
Cuttatawomans see Cuttata- Dacabimo see Navajo Dakotha see Dakota
women Dacacmuri Coahuiltecan Daktlawedi [AK] Chilkat (H)
Cuttatawomen [VA] Pawhatan (Hdbk10) Daktlawedi [AK] Hutsnuwa (H)
(BE) Dachi see Tachi Daktlawedi [Clan] Tlingit (H)
Cuttawa see Catawba Dachizh-o-zhi-n see Dak-tsaam-al-a see Klamath
Cut-throats see Dakota Dachizhozhin Daktsaamala see Klamath
Cutthroats see Dakota Dachizhozhin [NM] Jicarilla Dak-tsaew-an-a see Klamath
Cutu [PE, EC] (O) Apache (BE) Daktsaewana see Klamath
Cutugueo Caduveo (O) Dacorta see Dakota Dakubetede [CA, OR] (BE)
Cut wrists see Cheyenne Dacota see Dakota Dala see Tala
cux see Nunivak Central Yupik Dacota errans see Gens du Large Dalinche [CA] (H)
Cuyacapo see Gueyacapo Dacotah see Dakota Dalinchi [CA] (CA)
Cuyahuga see Cayuga Dacotas of the St. Peters see Dalles (Hdbk12) see also Wasco
Cuyama [CA] Chumash (BE) Santee (LC)
Cuyama [Lang] [CA] Chumash Da-da-ze ni-ka-cin-ga see Dalles [CA] Tennino (H)
(He) Southern Paiute Dalls Indians see Dalles
Cuyamunque [Lang] Tewa (H) Da-da-ze ni-ka-cin-ga see Pauite Dallus see Mayoruna
Cuyanes see Kohani Dadaze nikacinga see Paiute (LC) Dalsokaiya (Pub, v.20, no.6,
Cuyba see Cuiva Dagaeoga (PC) see Mohawk p.107)
Cuybira see Quivira Dadaze nikacinga see Southern Damiche see Odamich
Cuyentemari [PE] Campa (O) Paiute Dancer Band see Genegas Band
Cuyuhasomi [Phratry] Timucua Da-ga-e-o-ga see Mohawk Dancer Indians see Cahuilla
(H) Daganasel see Dagangasel Dancers see Kawia Luiseo
Cuyuhasomiaroqui [Clan] Timu- Dagangasel Kona-ketawi (H) Dane (H) see also Athapascan
cua (H) Dahaboon [HA, WInd] Cahibo (LC)
Cuyuhasomiele [Clan] Timucua (BE) Dane (H) see also Kaiyuhkhotana
(H) Daha-dinneh see Etagottine (BE)
Cuyuse see Cayuse Dahadinnes see Etagottine Dane (H) see also Tsattine (LC)
Cuyuteca [MX] (BE) Daha-dtinne see Etagottine Dane Tinne (H)
Dane Denondadies 60

Dane Esclaves see Etchareottine Dawnom see Dau-nom Deja see Piapoco
Da-nem-me see Tanima Dawpom see Dau-pom Dejabi [BO] Araona (O)
Danemme see Tanima Dawta see Dakota Dekuana [VE] Yecuana (O)
Dani [Br] (O) Daygtcheerah see Ojibwa Dekuhana see Dekuana
Danite see Athapascan Dayton-Elmo Kutenai (BE) Dekujana see Dekuana
Danites Esclaves see Etchareot- De [Clan] Pueblo Indians (H) Delamattanoes see Huron
tine Deadmans Creek (Hdbk12) see Delamattenoes see Huron
Danoha see Danoxa also Skeetchestn (Hdbk12) Delamattenoes see Wyandot
Danokeya [CA] Pomo (Pub, v.40, Deadmans Creek (Hdbk12) see de la Nation du Castor see
no.2) also Skemqinemx (Hdbk12) Amikwa
Danoxa [CA] Eastern Pomo (Pub, Deadmans Creek [BC] Kamloop Delawar see Delaware
v.36, no.6) Shuswap (H) Delawara see Delaware
Danzarine see Cahuilla Deadose [TX] (BE) Delaware [NJ] (LC)
Danzarine see Kawia [Luiseo] Deagheta [Clan] Ponca (H) De Lawarr see Delaware
Daparabopos [MX] Lagunero Deagothee Loochoo see Delaway see Delaware
(BE) Tukkuthkutchin Del-dje see Tonto Apache
Dapishul see Da-pi-shul Deaguane see Doguene Deldje see Tonto Apache
Da-pi-shul [CA] Pomo (Contri, Dearuwa see Pioroa Deldzje see Tonto Apache
v.3, p.155) Decano see Desana Delemattanoes see Huron
Daqlawedi see Daktlawedi De Chentes see Des Chutes Delewar see Delaware
Daquinatinno [TX] (H) Decitan see Deshuhittan Deleware see Delaware
Daquio [TX] (H) Decitan see Deshuhittan Deleway see Delaware
Darazhazh see Pawnee De Corbeau see Crow Deliette see Tamaroa
Darcota see Dakota Decuana see Dekuana Dellamattanoes see Huron
Darcotah see Dakota Decuhit tan see Deshuhittan Delta [Lang] Yuman (Hdbk10)
Dareotas see Dakota (H) Delta-Californian [Lang] Yuman
Dariena see Embera Decuana (O) see Dekuana (Hdbk10)
Dark Hands see Manos Prietas de Curbo see Crow Deluas see Delaware
Dark Rocks People see Aravaipa De-da tene see Mishikhwut- Demingo, Santa see Santo
Dark Tree see Taneeszahni metunne Domingo
Dasha-i see Kadohadocho Dedatene see Mishikhwut- Denaina see Tanaina
Dashai see Kadohadacho metunne Denaina see Tanaina
Dashiton see Deshuhittan Deegothee see Tukkuthkutchin De-na-vi see Tanima
Dasingahaga see Hangatanga Deep Creek [CA] Gosiute Hdbk11) Denavi see Tanima
Da-sin-ja-ha-ga see Hangatanga Deep Creek [WA] Spokan (H) De-na-ways see Tanima
Dasoak [Clan] Huron (H) Deer Eaters see Beatty band Denaways see Tanima
Datcho (H) see also Kadohadacho Deer Head see Tapa [Omaha] Denaxtax see Tenaktak
(BE) Deer-Horn Esquimaux see Denaxtax see Tenaktak
Datcho [TX] (H) Nageuktormiut Dendjye see Athapascan
Da-thunda see Tesinde Deerhorn Mountaineers see Dendjye see Kuyedi
Dathunda see Tesinde Etchaottine Dene (H) see also Athapascan
Datse-a see Comanche Deer People see Tohontaenrat (LC)
Datse-a see Comanche Deer Purple see Pimtainin (H) Dene (H) see also Kawchottine
Datsea see Comanche Deer Skins Northern Athapascan (LC)
Datse-an see Comanche Deeshciinii [Clan] Navajo (Peo- Dene [Can] Tinne (Cand, v.17,
Datsean see Comanche ple, p.123) no.1, pp.24-26)
Datuana [Col] Yahuna (LC) Deewano see Twana Dene Couteaux-Jaunes see Tat-
Datumpata see Kiowa Degathee Dinees see sanottine
Daunom see Dau-nom Tukkuthkutchin Dene des Montagnes-Rocheuses
Dau-nom [CA] Wintu (BE) Degothees see Tukkuthkutchin see Nahane
Daupom see Dau-pom Degothi-Kutchin see Dene-Dindjie see Athapascan
Dau-pom [CA] Wintu (BE) Tukkuthkutchin Dene Esclaves Tinne (H)
Dau-pum see Dau-pom Deguene see Doguene Dene Etcha-Ottine see Etchaot-
Daupum see Dau-pom Degutbee Dinees see tine
Daurai see Atorai Tukkuthkutchin Deneh-Dindschieh see Athapas-
Dauri see Atorai Deguthee Dennee see can
Davaxo see Navajo Takkuthkutchin Dene Peaux-de-Lievre see Kaw-
Davis Inlet [Can] Montagnais- Deguthee Dine see chodinne
Naskapi (BE) Tukkuthkutchin Dene Tchippewayan see
Dawaganha see Ontwaganha Deguthee Dinees see Chipewyan
Dawaganhaes see Ontwaganha Takkuthkutchin Deni see Dani
Dawamish see Dwamish Dehkewi see Kutchin Denondadies see Tonontati
Dawhoot-dinneh see Etagottine Deis see Sandia Denver Ute see Grand River Ute
61 Denver Diore

Deonondade see Tionontati hasapa (H) Digger Ute see Ute

Deonondade see Wyandot Dewagama see Ottawa Digothi see Takkuthkutchin
Deonondadies see Tionontati Dewagana see Ottawa Digothi-Kutchin see
Depso [Pan, CR] Terraba (O) Dewaganas see Ontwaganha Tukkuthkutchin
Desa see Kadohadacho Dewagunha see Ottawa Di-go-thi-tdinne see Kutchin
Desa see Desana De-wa-ka-nha see Chippewa Digothitdinne see Kutchin
Desa see Ipeca Dewakanha see Chippewa Digu [Br] (O)
Desa see Kadohadacho Dewamish see Dwamish Digut see Gavioes
Desaguadero [MX, NI, CR] (BE) Dewogannas see Chippewa Dihai-kutchin [AK] (BE)
Desana [Br, Col] (LC) Dewogannas see Ontwaganha Dihit see Ponca
Desana Mak see Yohop Dhatada [Clan] Omaha (H) Dildzehi see Thildzhe
Desano see Desana Dhegiha [Lang] Siouan (LC) Dillaway see Delaware
Deschitan see Deshuhittan Dhighida [Clan] Chizhu (H) Dillewar see Delaware
Des Chutes see Chutes Dhighida [Clan] Ponca (H) Dilwishne see Wiyot
Deschutes see Chutes Dhihida see Deagheata Dil-zha see Yavapai
Des Chutes see Wayam Dhiu Piro (H) Dilzha see Yavapai
Des Coupes see Cuts Diagano see Diegueo Dilzhan see Tonto Apache
Desert Cahuilla [CA] (BE) Diaguit [Arg, CH] (LC) Dil-zhay see Mohave
Desert Culture Paleo (AI, pp.20- Diaguo [HA, WInd] Bainoa (BE) Dil-zhay see Tonto Apache
21) Diahoi [Br] Kawahib (O) Dil-zhay see Tulkepaia
Desert Diegueo see Southern Diarroi [Br] (H) Dilzhay see Mohave
Diegueo Diau see Trio Dilzhay see Tonto Apache
Desert Pimans see Papago Dibe Lizhini see San Felipe Dilzhay see Tulkepaia
Deshoot see Des Chutes Didu [BaC, MX] Waicuri (BE) Dil-zhays see Yuma
Deshtchin see Destchin Diegana see Diegueo Dilzhays see Yuma
Deshuhittan [AK] Tlingit (H) Diegano see Diegueo Dilzhee see Yavapai
des Naiz percez see Amikwa Diegeeno see Diegueo Dilzhehe see Yavapai
Desnedekenade [Can] Dine Diegene see Diegueo Dilzhii see Yavapai
Chipewyan (BE) Diegeno see Diegueo Dimadeni [Br] Dani (O)
Desnedeyarelott [Can] Dene Es- Diegino see Diegueo Dinais see Athapascan
claves (H) Diegmon see Diegueo Dindjie (H) see also Kutchin (LC)
Desnedeyarelottine [Can] Diego, S. see Tesuque Dindjie [Can] Tinne (H)
Etchaottine (BE) Diego de la Congregacion, San Dindjie Loucheux see Kutchin
Des-nedhe-kke-nada see see Jemez Dindjitch see Athapascan
Desnedekenade Diego de los Jemez, San see Dine see Athapascan
Desnedhekkenada see Jemez Dine [Self-designation] see
Desnedekenade Diego de Tesuque, San see Navajo
Des-nedhe-yape-lOttine see Tesuque Dine Chipewyan [Can] Tinne (H)
Desnedeyarelottine Diegueo [CA] (LC) Dinee [Self-designation, plural]
Desnedheyape lOttine see Diegueo [Lang] Central Yuman see Navajo
Desnedeyarelottine (LC) Dineh see Navajo
Desonontage see Onondaga Diegueo [Lang] Hokan-Yuman Dinetah see Navajo
Dessana see Desana (H) Dinne see Athapascan
Destcaraguetaga [NEng] (H) Dieguino see Diegueo Dinne see Navajo
Destchetinaye [AZ] Coyotero Dieguno see Diegueo Dinnee see Athapascan
Apache (H) Dienondade see Tionontati Dinneh see Athapascan
Destchin [AZ] Apache (H) Dienondade see Wyandot Dinni see Athapascan
Destsini see Theshtshini Dienteos Bocas Prietas (Hdbk10) Dinondadi see Tionontati
Desumana see Jumano Dies, St. see Sandia Dinondadies see Tionontati
Detame see Dotame Digene see Diegueo Dinondodies see Tionontati
De-tdoa see De Digger (Ye) see also Maidu (LC) Diogene see Diegueo
Detlk-oede see Tahlkoedi Digger Shoshone (Ye) Diokaya [Self-designation] see
Detsana see Desana Diggers (BE) see also Bannock Ocaina
Detsanayuka [TX] Comanche (BE) (LC) Dionnondadees see Tionontati
Detsekayaa see Arapaho Diggers (BE) see also Southern Dionondade see Tionontati
Detsenei see Tariana Paiute (BE) Dionondade see Wyandot
Detuana see Datuana Diggers (H) see also Paiute (LC) Dionondadies see Tionontati
De-Ushene see Teuesh Diggers (H) see also Shoshoko Dionondadoes see Tionontati
Deushene see Teuesh (H) Dionondadoes see Wyandot
Devils Lake Sioux see Pabaksa Diggers (Hdbk11) see also Dionondages see Tionontati
Devils-medicine-man Band (H) Shoshone (LC) Dionondes see Tionontati
see also Wakan (H) Diggers [CA] (H) Dionoudadie see Tionontati
Devils Medicine-man Band Si- Diggers [UT] Paiute (H) Diore see Xikrin
Diria Douwaganha 62

Diria [NI] Mangue (BE) Doegs see Nanticoke Domingo, Santa see Santo
Dirian [Lang] [SA] (Bull44) Doegs see Conoy Domingo
Dis-cheine see Destchin Doegs see Tauxenent Domingo, Santo (LC)
Discheine see Destchin Does-to-e see Doestoe Domingo de Cochiti, Santo see
Discovery Island see Skingenes Doestoe Apache (H) Santo Domingo
Disguino see Diegueo Dog Fox (H) Domingo de Cuevas, Santo see
Diskaden see Tseskadin Dog Coast see Thlingchadinne Santo Domingo
Disko Greenland Eskimos (BE) Dog Creek (H) see also Canoe Domingo de Cuevas, Sto. see
Ditche-ta-ut-tinne Loucheux Creek Band (Hdbk12) Santo Domingo
(IndN, v.2, no.2, no.3, pp.172- Dog Creek [BC] Fraser River Dominic, Saint see Santo
177) Shuswap (H) Domingo
Ditiapode see Pira-tapuya Dog-Drivers see Aglemiut Domongo. St. see Santo
Ditsa-kana see Ditsakana Dog-Eaters see Arapaho Domingo
Ditsakana [TX] Comanche (BE) Dog-feet see Manos de Perro Donondades see Tionontati
DiuJuan see Yoyuane Dogi [VA] (H) Donondades see Wyandot
Diurhet see Puelche Dog Indians see Cheyenne Dononiiote see Oneida
Dixie Valley see Atsugewi Dog Indians see Cheyenne Dont Laugh see Kutaiimiks
Dixie Valley Indians see Ap- Dogitunai see Do-gitunai Doo-ese-doo-we see Doose-
waruge Do-gitunai [Clan] [BC] (H) doowe
Djaaquigitenai see Djahui- Dog Nation see Cheyenne Dooesedoowe see Doosedoowe
gitinai Dogrib (Can (Ye) Doo-goo-son see Tegotsugn
Djaaquigiteneai see Djahui-giti- Dog-ribbed see Thlingchadinne Doogooson see Tegotsugn
nai Dog Rib Indians (BE) Doosedoowe [Clan] (H)
Djaaquisk-uatladagai see Dog-rib Indians (H) see also Do-qua-chabsh see Nukwat-
Djahui-skwahladagai Thlingchadinne (LC) samish
Djaaquiskuatladagai see Djahui- Dog River (Oregon) see also Wat- Doquachabsh see Nukwatsamish
skwahladagai lala (BE) Doraskean [Lang] [CAm] (LC)
Djahai-gitinai [Clan] [BC] (H) Dog River Wasco (BE) Dorasque (BE) see also Doraskean
Djahai-hlgahet-kegawai [Clan] Dog River Indians (Hdbk12) see (LC)
[BC] Hlaghet-gitinai (H) also Hood River Indians Dorasque [Pan] (BE)
Djahai-skwahladagai [Clan] [BC] (Hdbk12) Dospan see Tisepan
Haida (H) Dog River Wascos (Hdbk12) see Dostlan-Inagai [BC] Stelenga-
Djatie see Tchatchiun also Hood River Indians lana (H)
Djatie see Tchatchiun (Hdbk12) Do-ta ma see Dotame
Djatien see Tchatchiun Dogs [Society] Hidatsa (H) Dotama see Dotame
Djatien see Tchatchiun Dogs Naked see Emitahpahk- Dotame (H)
Djemez see Jemez saiyiks Do-ta me see Dotame
Djene see Navajo Dog Tribe see Cherokee Dotchtonne [TX] (H)
Djimaliko [Self-designation] see Doguat see Wichita Dothliuk [WA] Muckleshoot (BE)
Chimariko Doguat see Wichita Dotuskustl [BC] Sagua-lana (H)
Djiquaahl-lana [Clan] Haida (H) Doguene [TX] (H) Douaganha see Chippewa
Djiwi see Santo Domingo Do-ha-kelya see Kekin [Kansa] Douaganha see Ontwaganha
Djobokubi see Motilon Dohakelya see Kekin [Kansa] Douesdonqua see Doustioni
Djonontewake see Seneca Doheme see Eudeve Douglas [BC] Lower Lillooet (H)
Djore see Xikrin Dohenks see Carrizo [MX] Douglas Bad [BC] Douglas Tribe
Djulalgi see Tsulalgi Dohenks see Carrizo [MX] (Hdbk10)
Djushade see Djus-hade Dohkapoara see Tuyuca Douglas Indians see Lillooet
Djus-hade [Clan] [BC] (H) Dohlelip see Tulalip River
Djus xade see Djus-hade Dohlelip see Tulalip Douglas Lake [WA] Okinagan
Djusxade see Djus-hade Dohme see Eudeve (BE)
Dlialen k-eowai see Hlielung- Dokana see Wichita Douglas Tribe [BC] Lower Lil-
keawai Dokana see Wichita looet (Hdbk12)
Dnaine see Athapascan Dokis Band [Can] Chippewa Doune [Can] Tinne (H)
Doage see Nanticoke (H) Dounes Flancs-de-Chien see
Doags see Conoy Doleguas [Pan] Guaymi (BE) Thlingchadinne
Doaquioydacam Coahuiltecan Dolores see Sandia Dounie [Can] Tinne (H)
(Hdbk10) Dom. de Cochiti, Sto. see Santo Dounie Espa-tpa-Ottine see Es-
Dobozubi see Bari Domingo bataottine
Dochkafuara see Tuyuca Dominga, Santa see Santa Doustiany see Doustioni
Dock-sous see John Day Indians Domingo Doustioni [LA] Caddo Confeder-
Dockspus see John Day Indians Domingo see Santo Domingo acy (BE)
Docota see Dakota Domingo, San see Santo Douwaganha see Chippewa
Doeggs see Tauxenent Domingo Douwaganha see Ontwaganha
63 Dovaganhaes Eastern

Dovaganhaes see Chippewa Du-hle-lip see Tulalip Dzitsiistas see Cheyenne

Dovaganhaes see Ontwaganha Duhlelip see Tulalip Dzitsiistas [Self-designation] see
Dowaganah see Chippewa duhu tcyatikadu see Beatty band Cheyenne
Dowaganha see Chippewa Dukaiya Ocaina (O) Dzitsistas see Cheyenne
Dowaganha see Ontwaganha Dukwakni see dukweakni Dzitsistas see Cheyenne
Dowaganha see Ojibwa dukweakni see dukweakni Dzos haedrai see Djus-hade
Dowaganhaa see Ontwaganha dukweakni [OR] Klamath (BE) Dzubukua (O) see also Motilon
Dowaganhaes see Chippewa Du-lay-lip see Tulalip (LC)
Dowaganhaes see Ontwaganha Dulaylip see Tulalip Dzubukua [Br] (O)
Dowaganhoes see Ontwaganha Dulchanois see Doustioni
Dowangaha see Shawnee Dulchinois see Doustioni
Downstream Halotesu [Br] South- Dulcioni see Doustioni
ern Nambicuara (O) Dule (BE) see also Chato (BE)
Draguane see Doguene Dule Hon (BE) -E-
Dreamer Indians see Tsattine Dumna (H) see also Tumna (H)
Drifting Goose Band see Dumna [CA] Yokuts (CA) E. Scihous see Santee Sioux
Putetemini Dumoine [Can] Algonkin (BE) Eagle see Katshikotin
Drinkers of the Dew see Keres Dune see Athapascan Eagle see Khuya
Drio see Trio Dung-of-a-buffalo-bull see Eagle eyed Indians see Migichi-
Dscilcani see Dsihlthani Tatankachesli hiliniou
Dshipowe-haga see Chippewa Dung-on-the-river-banks see Eagle-Head see Tintaotonwe
Dsihlnaothihlni [Clan] Navajo Minesepere Eagle Heads Band see Tintao-
(H) Dunne-za see Tsattine tonwe
Dsihltlani [Clan] Navajo (H) Dus-ga-o-weh see Tuscarora Eagle Hills Assiniboin [Can] (H)
Dsilanocilni see Dsihlnaothihlni Dusty Nose see Iowa Eagle Nest Band see Oglala
Dsilnaocilcine see Dsihlnaoth- Dusty-ones [Clan] [MN] Atsina Eagle People see Cheghita (H)
ihlni (BE) Eagle people (H) see
Dsilnaocilni see Dsihlnaothihlni Dutagami see Fox Hangkaahutun
Dsiltani see Dsihlthani dutna see Eskimos Eambosandata see Khemnichan
Dsiltlani see Dsihltlani Duuxuga [Self-designation] see Eamuses see Yamassee
Dtakhtikianpandhatazhi [Sub- Tucuna Eanbosandata see Khemnichan
gens] Nikapashna (H) Duwaha [WA] Skagit (BE) Eano see Eno [NC]
Dtchatatauttunne see Tse- Duwamish see Dwamish E-an-to-ah see Jatonabine
tautkenne Duwano see Twana Eantoah see Jatonabine
Dtcha-ta-uttinne see Etchaot- Duy [MX] Chibchan (BE) Earbob Indians see Kalispel
tine duzcay see Eskimos E-ar-ke see Hopi
Dtchatauttinne see Etchaottine Dwahmish see Dwamish Earke see Hopi
Dtcheta-ta-ut-tunne see Tse- Dwa-ka-nen see Chippewa Early Finished Eating see
tautkenne Dwakanen see Chippewa Tsinksistsoyiks
Dtedhezedhatazhi [Subgens] Dwa-ka-nha see Chippewa Earring People see Kalispel
Washabe (H) Dwakanha see Chippewa Earring People see Palola
Dtepaitazhi [Subgens] Dhatada DWamish see Dwamish Ear Rings see Kalispel
(H) Dwa-mish see Dwamish Earth see Manyika
Dtepaitazhi [Subgens] Washabe Dwamish [WA] (LC) Earth Eaters see Hokandika
(H) Dyami see Dyami Keres Earth-lodge see Mandhinkagaghe
Dtesanhadtadhishan [Subgens] Dyami [Clan] [NM] Keres (H) Eascab see Jatonabine
Hanga (H) Dyami-hano see Dyami Keres East Bay Costanoan see
Dtesinde [Subgens] Washabe (H) Dyami-hanuch see Dyami Chochenyo
Dtesindeitazhi [Subgens] Naka- Dyani see Dyani East Central Sierra Miwok
pashna (H) Dyani [Clan] [NM] Keres (H) [Lang] [CA] Eastern Miwokan
Dtinne see Tinne Dyani-hano see Dyani (CA-8)
Dtinne see Athapascan Dye see Dye Easterlings see Accomac
ducay see Eskimos Dye [Clan] Tewa (H) Eastern Abnaki [Lang] [ME]
Duck Lake [BC] Okinagan (H) Dye-tdoa see Dye Penobscot (Hdbk15)
Duck Valley Shoshone (Char, v.11) Dyi-wa see Santo Domingo Eastern Aleut [Lang] (Hdk5)
Duckwater Shoshone (Char, v.11) Dzase see Piapoco Eastern Algonquian [Lang]
Dudley Indians (LC) Dzawadeenoxu see Tsawatenok (Hdbk15)
Dudu [NI, Hon] Sumo (BE) Dzawadeenoxu see Tsawatenok Eastern Apache (H) see also
dudutcyatikadu see Beatty band Dzawinai [VE] Wakuenai (O) Querecho (H)
Dughdwabsh see Dwamish Dzaze see Piapoco Eastern Apache (Hdbk9)
Du Haade see Dostlan-Inagai Dzitgaisani see Faraon Eastern Archaic (AI, pp.24-25)
Duhaade see Dotlan-Inagai Dzitgha a see Western Apache Eastern Bakairi [Br] (O)
Duhaimomowi see Baxumomowi Dzitghai see Western Apache Eastern Bororo [Br] (O)
Eastern Ehatisath 64

Eastern Canada Inuit-Inupiaq Eat-no-buffalo-cows see Ecureuil [Q] Montagnais (H)

(Hdbk5) Pteyuteshni Ecusgina Abipone (LC)
Eastern Carib [Lang] (UAz, Eat the Ham Sans Arc (H) Edawika see Kadohadacho
v.28) Eat-the-scrapings-of-hides see Edchautawoot see Etchareottine
Eastern-Central [Lang] Arapaho Takhuhayuta [Hunkpatina] Edchawtashoot dinneh see
(Pub, v.12, no.3, p.73) Ebahamo [TX] (H) Etchareottine
Eastern Cherokee see Treaty Ebahumo see Ebahamo Edchawtawhoot tinneh see
Party (H) Ebicerings see Nipissing Etchareottine
Eastern Chiricahua [NM] Ebicerinys see Nipissing Edchawtawoot see Etchareottine
Eastern Comanche see Penateka Ebidoso [BO, Par] Chamacoco Ede-but-say see Kainah
Eastern Denes Tinne (H) (O) Edebutsay see Kainah
Eastern Diegueo see Southern Ebikuita see Mescalero Apache Eden Valley Yuki (NamI, v.14)
Diegueo Ebitoso see Ebidoso Edisto [SC] Cusabo (BE)
Eastern Eskimos see Inuit-Inu- Ecclemach see Esselen Edistoes see Edisto
piaq Eceje see Ese Ejja Edistow see Edisto
Eastern Folks see Etheneldeli Echebool see Tlakluit Ediu-Adig [Self-designation] see
Eastern Indians (H) Echebool see Wishram Caduveo
Eastern Keres [Lang] (H) E-chee-lute see Tlakluit Edjeho [SA] Caduveo (O)
Eastern Mayan [Lang] (O) E-chee-lute see Wishram Edjieretrukenade [Can] Athapas-
Eastern Miwokan [Lang] Utian Echeelute see Tlakluit can (H)
(CA-8) Echeelute see Wishram Ed-ohwe see Kikatsuk
Eastern Mono see Owens Valley Echeetee see Hitchiti Edohwe see Kikatsik
Paiute Echele see Hitchiti Edshawtawoot see Etchareottine
Eastern Niantic [RI, CT] (BE) E-che-loot see Wishram Edu [BaC, MX] Waicuri (BE)
Eastern Pomo [CA] (Pub, v.36, E-che-loot see Tlakluit Eduria (O) see also Tabaino (O)
no.6) Echeloot see Tlakluit Eduria [Col] Barasana (O)
Eastern Pomo [Lang] [CA] (Pub, Echeloot see Wishram E-eh see Eeh
v.6, no.1, pp.182-204) E-che-lute see Tlakluit Eeh [CA] Iruwaitsu (H)
Eastern Province [Lang] (AI) E-che-lute see Wishram Eeksen [VanI] Salish (BE)
Eastern Riparian (AI) Echelute see Wishram Eel River [IN, OH] Miami (H)
Eastern Shawnee [OH] (H) Echelute see Tlakluit Eelrivers see Eel River
Eastern Shore Indians see Acco- Echemin see Malecite Eel River Wailaki [Lang] [CA]
mac Eche-mo-hua-va see Cheme- (He)
Eastern Shoshone [WY] (Hdbk11) huevi Eemitches see Imiche
Eastern Shuswap [Lang] [BC] In- Echemohuava see Chemehuevi Eeno see Eno [NC]
terior Salish (Hdbk12) Echenoana see Echoaladi Eenthlit [Self-designation] see
Eastern Siouan [Lang] (H) Echeta see Hitchiti Langua
Eastern Sioux (H) Echete see Hitchiti Eert-kai-lee see Kutchakutchin
Eastern Sioux (H) see also Santee Echetee see Hitchiti Eertkailee see Kutchakutchin
(LC) Echeti see Hitchiti Ees-tey-toch see Eesteytoch
Eastern Suya [Br] (O) Echetii see Hitchiti Eesteytoch [BC] Bella Coola (H)
Eastern Tarahumara [Lang] Echiguego [SA] Caduveo (O) Eesxen see Eeksen
(Hdbk10) Echi-mo-hua-va see Chemehuevi Ee-ta-sip-shov see Sans Arcs
Eastern Timbira [Br] (O) Echimohuava see Chemehuevi Eetasipshov see Sans Arcs
Eastern Tucano [Br, Col] (O) E-chip-e-ta see Siksika Eexsen see Eeksen
Eastern Tukano [Lang] [Br, Col] Echipeta see Siksika Efaca [Clan] Timucua (H)
(O) Echiti see Hitchiti Egans band see To-gwing-a-ni
Eastern White Mountain Apache Echito see Hitchiti Egavik Bering Strait Eskimos
San Carlos Apache (BE) E-cho see Itchualgi (Hdbk5)
Eastern Woodlands (Bull180, Echo see Itchualgi Egedesminde Greenland Eskimos
no.10, pp.77-82) Echoaladi [Br] Tereno (O) (BE)
East Greenlanders Greenland Es- Echoja see Ese Ejja Egeish see Eyeish
kimos (H) Echuntica see Kotsoteka Egue see Eudeve
East Greenlandic Greenland Eski- Eclemaches see Esselen Eh-aht-tis-aht see Ehatisaht
mos (Hdbk5) Ecorce [Can] Nipissing (H) Ehahttisaht see Ehatisaht
Eastlanders see Abnaki Ecoree see Ecorce Ehanktonwanna see Yanktonai
Eastmain [Can] Montagnais- Ecquamish see Hahuamis E-hank-to-wana see Yanktonai
Naskapi (BE) Ecrevisses rouges see Chakchi- Ehanktowana see Yanktonai
Eastward Indians see Eastern In- uma E-hart-sar see Ehartsar
dians Ecselen see Esselen Ehartsar Crow (H)
Ea-tau-bau see Catawba Ecselenas see Esselen Ehateset see Ehatisaht
Eataubau see Catawba Ecselenes see Esselen Ehatisaht [Can] Nootka (BE)
Eaters see Omisis Ecuary [BO] Araona (O) Ehatisath see Ehatisaht
65 Ehatt-is-aht Endastes

Ehatt-is-aht see Ehatisaht E-ko-to-pis-taxe see Ekatopistaks Emberak see Embera

Ehattisaht see Ehatisaht Ekotopistaxe see Ekatopistaks Embogodegi see Caduveo
E-hawn-k-t-wawn see Yanktonai Ekpimi see Shasta Emeaes see Jemez
Ehawnktwawn see Yanktonai Ekriehronom see Erie Emeges see Jemez
E-hawn-ktwawn-nah see Yank- Ekulath see Ekoolthaht Emejeita [Col] (O)
tonai E-ku-pa-be-ka see Ekupabeka Emejes see Jemez
Ehawnktwawnnah see Yanktonai Ekupabeka [Clan] Hidatsa (H) Emenes see Jemez
Ehelute see Tlakluit Ekwaahle see Akwaala Emerenon see Emerillon
Ehelute see Wishram e-kwe-ka-pi-ya see Cocopa Emerillon [Lang] [Br] (LC)
Ehesepiooc see Chesapeake ekwekapiya see Cocopa Emerilon see Emerillon
Eh-ha-tza see Ehartsar Elati [Lang] [SC, GA] Lower Emerion see Emerillon
Ehhatza see Ehartsar Cherokee (H) Emes see Jemez
Ehhen see Eh-hen Elaw see Catawba Emet [TX] (BE)
Eh-hen [VE] (O) Elder Brothers see Hathawekela Emexes see Jemez
Ehihalis see Chehalis Elder Osage see Pahatsi Emidio, San [CA] Chumushan
Ehonkeronon see Kichesipirini Ele-idlin-Gottine see Eleidlinot- (H)
Ehressaronon [Can] (H) tine Emigdiano [Lang] [CA] Chumash
Ehriehronnon see Erie Eleidlingottine see Eleidlinottine (CA)
Ehta-Gottine see Etagottine Ele-idlin-ottine see Eleidlinot- Emissourita see Missouri
Ehtagottine see Etagottine tine E-mi-tah-pahk-sai-yiks see Emi-
Ehta-tcho-Gottine see Eleidlinottine [Can] Etchaottine tahpahksaiyiks
Etatchogottine (BE) Emitahpahksaiyiks [MN] Siksika
Ehtatchogottine see Etatchogot- El Gusano see Seyupa (BE)
tine Elixguegue see Iliguigue E-mi-taks see Emitaks
Ehuskemay see Eskimos Elizabeth Islands [MA] Emitaks [Society] Ikunuhkahtsi
E-in-a-ke see Einake Wampanoag (BE) (H)
Einake [Society] Ikunuhkatsi (H) Elizu cathlans-coon-hidery see Emlh-wilh-laht see Ucluelet
Einontutua [PE] Tanshiro (O) Naikunkegawai Emmes see Jemez
Eioestures see Eneeshur Elk see Huwanikikikarachada Emoa see Macuna
Eiotaro see Coyotero Apache Elkba-sumh see Bellabella Emoamasa [Col] Macuna (O)
Eirichtih-Aruchpahga see Ara- El-ke-ai see Sia Emok see Toba
paho Elkeai see Sia Empera see Embera
Eithinyook see Cree Elk-lasum see Bellabella Empera [Lang] see Catio
Eithinyoowuc [Self-designation] Elk Mountain [Col] Ute (BE) Empire Valley Band [BC] Fraser
see Cree Elk Mountain Utes see Seuvarits River Shuswap (Hdbk12)
Eivesteurs see Eneeshur Elk Mountain Yutas see Seuvarits Em-tim-bitch see Intimbich
Eivillinmiut see Aivillirmiut Elk River Tribe see Eel River Emtimbitch see Intimbich
Eiwhuelit see Eiwhuelit Elks (H) Enacaga [SA] Caduveo (O)
Eiwhuelit (Hdbk5) see also Saint Eloot see Tlakluit E-nagh-magh see Tiwa
Lawrence Islanders (Hdbk5) Eloot see Wishram E-nagh-magh see Tigua
Eiwhuelit [AK] Yuki (BE) Eloquale see Olagale Enaghmagh see Tigua
Eiwillik see Ais Elosedabsh see Elosedabsh Enaghmagh see Tiwa
Ejueo [SA] Caduveo (H) Elosedabsh [WA] Sahehwamish (BE) Enagua see Piapoco
Ekaluktogmiut [Can] Central Es- Elpom [CA] Wintu (BE) Enansa see Quapaw
kimos (BE) El Pueblo de los Siete Arroyos see Enanthayonni see Toryohne
e-ka-to-pi-staks see Ekatopistaks Tenabo Enapa see Panare
Ekatopistaks Piegan (H) El Pueblo Quemado see Tzenatay Enapa [Self-designation] see
Ekeantoton [Can] Amikwa (H) Elqi-mie see Tsimshian Panare
Ekeenteeronnon see Huron El Santisimo Sacramento see Enarhonon see Arendahronon
ekeenteeronnon see Huron of Isleta E-nat-za see Hidatsa
Loretta E-lute see Tlakluit Enatza see Hidatsa
Ekklemaches see Esselen E-lute see Wishram Enauene-Naue see Saluma
Eklejuy [Par] Chorote (O) Elute see Tlakluit Enawene-Newe see Saluma
Eklikheeno Sitka-kwan (Contri, Elute see Wishram Encabellado (O) see also Secoya
v.1, p.38) Em-alcom see Homalko (O)
Ekogmut (Contri, v.1, p.17) Emalcom see Homalko Encabellado (O) see also Siona
Ekogmut see Ekogmut Emamoueta (H) (O)
Ekogmut (H) see also Ikogmiut emasi see Jemez Encabellado [EC] (O)
(BE) Emat see Emet Encaquiagualcaca Piro (H)
Ekogmut see Ikogmiut Embena see Embera Enclataw see Lekwiltok
E-koolth-aht see Ekoolthaht Embeno [Lang] see Catio Enclit see Lengua-Mascoi
Ekoolthaht [PacN, Can] Nootka Embera [Col, Pan] Northern Encogido [EC, PE] (O)
(BE) Choco (LC) Endastes see Conestoga
Endimbich Escoumains 66

Endimbich see Entimbich Entiatook see Entiat Eriez see Erie

E-ne-churs see Eneeshur Entimbich (H) see also Intimbich Erigas see Erie
Enechurs see Eneeshur (H) Erigbaagtsa see Aripaktsa
E-nee-sher see Eneeshur Entimbich [CA] Mono (H) Erigbactsa see Aripaktsa
Eneesher see Eneeshur Entimbich [Lang] [CA] Kings Erigoanna [TX] (H)
Eneeshur (H) see also Tapanash (BE) River Foothill (CA-8) Erigpactsa see Aripaktsa
E-nee-shur see Eneeshur Entimbitch see Entimbich Erigpatsa see Aripaktsa
Eneeshur [WA] (H) Entkasaba see Inkesabe Erikbaktsa see Ribaktsa
Enenslet see Lengua-Mascoi Entouhonoron see Seneca Erikbaktsa see Aripaktsa
Enepiahe see Ervipiame Entouhonorono see Seneca Erikpaktsa see Rikbaktsa
Enepiahoe see Ervipiame Entouohonoron see Seneca Erikpaktsa see Aripaktsa
Enesher see Eneeshur Entron [EC, PE] (O) Eriniouai see Illinois
E-ne-show see Eneeshur Entwohonoron see Seneca Eriniwek see Illinois
Eneshow see Eneeshur E-nyae-va Pai see Yavapai E-ri-o see Erio
E-ne-shur see Eneeshur Enyaevapai see Yavapai Erio [CA] Pomo (H)
Eneshur see Eneeshur E-oh see Eeh Eriwonec [NJ] Unalachtigo (BE)
Eneshure see Eneeshur Eoh see Eeh Erkileit see Kutchin
Enesteurs see Enneshur Eokoro see Arikara Erocoise see Iroquois
Enete see Yuracare Eoote-lash-Schute see Ottlashoot Eromaha see Omaha
Engarico see Ingariko Eototo [Clan] Kokop (H) Errieronon see Erie
Engerakmung see Botocudo Eototo winwu see Eototo Ersegontegog see Arsigantegok
English Indians see Apalachicola E-o-to-to wunwu see Eototo Ersengontegog see Arosagunta-
English Towns see Oklahannali Eototo Wunwu see Eototo cook
Engna see Henaggi E-pa see Hualapai Erusi [CA] Pomo (H)
Enias [BC] Upper Lillooet (H) Epena [Col] (O) E-rus-si see Erusi
ENiepa [VE] Mapoyo (O) Epera see Embera Erussi see Erusi
Eni-Maca see Maca Epera [Lang] see Catio Ervipiame [TX] (BE)
Enimaca see Maca Epesengles see Nipissing Esachkabuk Crow (H)
Enimaga (LC) see also Maca (LC) Ephi see Agua Caliente Esa-Esa see Esa Ejja
Enimaga [Par] Matacoan (O) Epicerinyen see Nipissing Esa-exa see Esa Ejja
E-nitunne see Enitunne Epicerinyes see Nipissing E-sah-ate-ake-tar-par see Esa-
Enitunne [OR] Mishikwut- Epicerinys see Nipissing hateaketarpar
metunne (H) Epiciriniens see Nipissing Esahateaketarpar Brule (H)
En-ke-map-o-tricks see Epiminguia Quapaw (H) E-sah-ka-buk see Esachkabuk
Nkamaplix Epinette [Ont] Chippewa (H) Esanties see Santee (LC)
Enkemapotricks see Nkamaplix Episingle see Nipissing Esau (H) see Catawba
En-ke-mip (H) Nkamip (BE) Epissingue see Nipissing Esaurora see Tuscarora
Enkemip see Nkamip Epitoupa see Ibitoupa Esaw see Catawba
Enk-ka-sa-ba see Inkesabe Epkhie see Agua Caliente Esba-ta-ottine see Esbataottine
Enkkasaba see Inkesabe E-poh-si-miks see Ipoksimaiks Esbataottine [BC] Nahane (BE)
En-na-ke see Eskimos Epohsimiks see Ipoksimaiks Escaba [TX] Coahuiltecan (BE)
Enna-ke see Eskimos Equalett see Ekoothaht Escaba-Cascastes see Escaba
Ennake see Eskimos Equi see Eudeve Escabel [MX] (Hdbk10)
En-na-kie see Eskimos Equijati [BO, PE] Ese Ejja (O) Escalante Band see Kaiparowits
Ennakie see Eskimos Equiliquinao see Kinikinao Escamacu (H) see also Uscamacu
Ennas see Cree Equinipicha see Acolapissa (H)
Enneyuttehage see Oneida Equiniquinao see Kinikinao Escamacu [SC] Cusabo (BE)
Eno [BO] Araona (O) Erabacha see Uzutiuhi Escanjaques see Kansa
Eno [Lang] Catawba (H) Erahidaunsu [Br] Southern Nam- Escansaques see Kansa
Eno [NC] (BE) bicuara (O) Escanxaques see Kansa
Enoe see Eno [NC] Erarapio [MN] Crow (BE) Escelen see Esselen
Enoqua [LA] (H) Erawika see Kadohadacho Escelenes see Esselen
Enquisacoes see Arkokisa Ercansaques see Kansa Escequatas see Mescalero Apache
Ensen see Esselen Erchipeetay see Siksika Escihous see Santee
Ensenes see Esselen Erettchi-ottine see Etcheridiegot- Esclaves (H) see also Etchaottine
Enskiaeronnon see Saulteaux tine (BE)
Enslet see Angaite Erians see Erie Esclaves (H) see also Etchareottine
Enta-otin see Tautin Erie [OH] (LC) (H)
Entaotin see Tautin Erieckronois see Erie Esclaves (H) see also
Entari ronnin see Cherokee Erieehronon see Erie Thlingchadinne (LC)
Enthlit see Langua Eriehronon see Erie Esclaves Tinne (H)
Entiat [WA] Middle Columbia Erielhonon see Erie Escoria [Pan] (BE)
River Salish (Hdbk12) Erieronon see Erie Escoumains [Q] Montagnais (BE)
67 Escoumins Etchaottine

Escoumins see Eskimos Eslenes see Esselen Estapa (PC) see also Histapenu-
Escurieux see Ecureuil Esmeralda [Lang] [EC] Macro- manke (H)
Ese-eja see Ese Ejja Chibchan (O) Estapa Mandan (H)
Eseejja see Ese Ejja Esnime [ID] Nez Perce (BE) Esteban de Acoma. San see
Ese Ejja [Arg] (LC) Esopes see Esopus Acoma
Ese Ejje see Ese Ejja Esopus [NY] Munsee (LC) Estechemain see Malecite
Eseexa see Ese Ejja Esopuz see Esopus Estechemin see Malecite
Ese-kep-ka-buk see Esekepkabuk Es-pa-to-ti-na see Esbataottine Estechemine see Malecite
Esekepkabuk Crow (H) Espatotina see Esbataottine Estecuenopo [MX] Coahuiltecan
esekwita-go see Mescalero Espa-tpa-Ottine see Esbataottine (Hdbk10)
Apache Espatpaottine see Esbataootine Estegueno [MX] Coahuiltecan
Eselenes see Esselen Espejos [MX] Mescalero Apache (Hdbk10)
Esgemag see Eskimos (LC) (H) Estequenepo see Estecuenopo
Esgemao (Hdbk5) see Eskimos Espeminkia Illinois (H) Estero [CA] (H)
esgimow see Eskimos Espicheates see Spichehat Estevan, St. see Acoma
Eshaktlabsh [WA] Puyallup (BE) Espopolames [TX] Coahuiltecan Estevan Acoma, St. see Acoma
Eshkibod see Eskimos (BE) Estevan de Acoma, S. see Acoma
Esikwita see Kiowa Apache Espopulam see Espopolames Estevan Queres, St. see Acoma
Esikwita see Mescalero Apache Esquansaques see Kansa Estevau de Acama, S. see Acoma
Eskaleutian see Eskimo-Aleut Esquiate see Hesquiat Estguama [MX] Coahuiltecan
Eskeemoes see Eskimos Esquimalt [Clan] Songish (H) (Hdbk10)
Eskegawage [Can] Kespoogwit Esquimantsic see Eskimos Estiaghes see Chippewa
(BE) Esquimau see Eskimos Estiaghes see Saulteaux
Eskeimoes see Eskimos Esquimaud see Eskimos Estiaghick see Chippewa
Eskelen see Esselen Esquimaude see Eskimos Estiaghick see Saulteaux
E-skel-lute see Tlakluit Esquimaun see Eskimauan Estiajenepo [MX] Coahuiltecan
Eskellute see Tlakluit Esquimaux see Eskimos (Hdbk10)
Eskeloot see Tlakluit Esquimaux-caribous see Caribou Estjage see Chippewa
Eskeloot see Wishram Eskimos Estok pakai peyap see Comecrudo
E-ske-lute see Wishram Esquimawes see Eskimos Estok pakawaile [Self-designa-
Eskelute see Wishram Esquimeaux see Eskimos tion] see Pakawa
Eskemoes see Eskimos Esquimones see Eskimos Estrella [CR] Cabecar see Eastern
esket see Alkali Lake Band Esquimos see Eskimos Indians
Eskewi [Lang] [CA] Konkow (CA- Es-ree-que-tee see Mescalero Eta see Cree
8) Apache Etaa [Clan] Zuni (H)
Eskiaeronnon see Chippewa Esreequetee see Mescalero Etaa-kwe see Etaa
Eskiaeronnon see Saulteaux Apache Etabosle see Maca
Eskima see Eskimos Es-sah-ah-ter see Santee E-tach-e-cha see Iteshica
Eskimantsik see Eskimos Essahahter see Santee Etachecha see Iteshica
Eskimantzik see Eskimos Essanape (H) Eta-gottine see Etagottine
Eskimauan [Lang] (BE) Essanape (H) see also Isanyati (H) Etagottine [Can] Nahane (BE)
Eskimauen see Eskimauan Es-san-a-pis see Essanape Etah see Ita
Eskimauk see Eskimos Essanapis see Essanape Etah see Polar Eskimos
Eskimaux see Eskimos Essannape see Essanape E-tah-leh see Arapaho
Eskimeaux see Eskimos Essaqueta see Kiowa Apache Etahleh see Arapaho
Eskimesi see Eskimos Essejja see Ese Ejja Etak-bush see Etakmehu
Eskimo-Aleut [Lang] (BE) Es-se-kwit-ta see Mescalero Etakmehu [WA] Salish (H)
Eskimo of the East see Kopag- Apache Etakmurs see Etakmehu
miut Essekwitta see Mescalero Apache E-ta-ni-o see Atsina
Eskimos [AK, Can] (LC) Esselen [CA] (H) Etanio see Atsina
Es-kin see Eskin Esselene see Esselen E-tans-ke-pa-se-qua see Assini-
Eskin [CA] Maidu (Contri, v.3, Esselenian [Lang] [CA] (H) boin
p.282) Esselenian Indians see Esselen Etanskepasequa see Assiniboin
e-skipot see Eskimos Essenape see Essanape Eta-Ottine see Etagottine
eskipot see Eskimos Esse-qua-ties see Mescalero Etaottine see Etagottine
Es ko-pik see Naskapi Apache Etarita [Clan] Tionontati (H)
Eskopik see Naskapi Essequaties see Mescalero Apache Etatchogottine [Can, AK] Kaw-
Eskoro see Arikara Essequeta see Mescalero Apache chottine (BE)
Esk-sin-ai-tup-iks see Esksi- Essequeta see Kiowa Apache Etcha-Ottine see Etchaottine
naitupiks Essinaboin see Assiniboin Etchaottine (LC) see also Slave In-
Esksinaitupiks [MN] Piegan (BE) Esson see Santee dians (LC)
Eslen see Esselen Estanxaques see Kansa Etchaottine [Can] Etchareottine
Eslenajan see Esselen E-sta-pa see Histapenumanke (BE)
Etchape-ottine Fallatrah 68

Etchape-ottine see Etchareottine Etskainah [Society] Ikunuhkahtsi Eves see Erie

Etchareottine (LC) see also Slave (H) Evi-sts-unipahis see Heviqs-ni-
Indians (LC) Ettchaottine see Etchaottine pahis
Etchareottine [MA] (H) Ettcha-ottine see Etchaottine Ewahoos see Ewawoos
Etcheetee [Lang] see Hitchiti Ettchaottine see Ettchaottine Ewarhoyana [Br] (O)
Etchemin see Malecite Ettchaottine (LC) see also Slave Ewarhoyana Kahgawa see
Etchemon see Malecite Indians (LC) Ewarhogana
Etcheridiegottine [Can, MA] Et-tcheri-die-Gottine see Ewa-woos see Ewawoos
Etchaottine (BE) Etcheridiegottine Ewawoos [BC] Stalo (BE)
Etchian-Koet see Chitsa Ettcheridiegottine see Etcheri- Ewawus see Ewawoos
Etchimin see Etechemin Indians diegottine Ewawus see Ewawoos
Etchipoes see Chippewa Ettcheridieottine see Etcheri- Ewemala see Alabama
Etchipos see Ojibwa diegottine Ewinte see Uinta
Etchita see Hitchiti Ettine-tinney see Etheneldeli Ewlbwiehaht see Ucluelet
Etchmin see Malecite Etzamish see Songish Ewl-hwilh-aht see Ucluelet
Etechemies see Malecite Euchas see Yuchi Ewlhwilhaht see Ucluelet
Etechemin see Passamaquoddy Euchas see Yuma Ewmitilly see Umatilla
Etechemin [Lang] (BE) Euchee see Yukichetunne E-wu-ha-wu-si see Northern
Etechemin Indians Malecite (BE) Euchee see Yuchi Shoshone
Etecheneus see Malecite Eucher see Yukichetunne E-wu-ha-wu-si see Shoshone
Ete-ches-ottine see Etechesottine Euches see Yukichetunne Ewuhawusi see Northern
Etechesottine [Can] Etchaottine Euchitaw see Hitchiti Shoshone
(BE) Euchre see Yukichetunne Ewuhawusi see Shoshone
Etechimes see Malecite Euchre Creek see Yukichetunne e-wu-xa wu-si see Shoshone
Etechiminii see Malecite Euclataw see Lekwiltok ewuzawusi see Shoshone
Etehua see Ashluslay Euclitus see Lekwiltok Excanjaque see Kansa
Etelena see Tereno Eudebe see Eudeve Excausaquex see Kansa
Etelene see Tereno Eudeva see Eudeve Excelen see Esselen
Etelenoe see Tereno Eudeve [Lang] [MX] Opata (LC) Excellemaks see Esselen
Etemankiak see Malecite Eufala [AL] Muskogee (BE) Excomminqui see Eskimos
Eteminquois see Malecite Eugene Molala see Southern Mo- Excomminquois see Eskimos
Etewaus see Etiwaw lala Ex e ni nuth see Cexeninuth
Etharita see Etarita Euhchee see Yuchi Exeninuth see Cexeninuth
Ethelena see Tereno Euimes see Jemez (LC) Exepiahohe see Ervipiame
Ethelene see Tereno Eukas (H) see Yuki Exmalquio (Hdbk10)
Ethen-eldeli see Etheneldeli E-ukshikni see Klamath Exteban de Asoma, San see
Etheneldeli [Can] Chipewyan (BE) Eukshikni [Self-designation] see Acoma
Ethen-elteli see Etheneldeli Klamath Exvayum [CA] Luiseo (Pub, v.8,
Ethenelteli see Etheneldeli Eukshiknimaklaks see Klamath no.3, p.161)
Ethinu see Cree Eukshikni maklaks see Modoc Eyack-im-ah see Yakima
Ethinyer see Cree E-ukskhik-ni maklaks see Kla- Eyackimah see Yakima
Etichimene see Malecite math Eyak [AK, BC] (LC)
Etichita see Hitchiti E-uks-kni see Klamath Eyakema River Indians see
Etionnontatehronnon see Eukskni see Klamath Sokulk
Tionontati Eu-o-tal-la see Umatilla Eya Kimu [WA] (Hdbk12)
Etionnontates see Tionontati Eu-qua-chee see Yukichetunne Eyakini dine see Hopi
tionnontats see Wyandot Euquachee (PC) see also Yu- Eyank-ton-wah see Yanktonai
Etishoka Hidatsa (H) kichetunne (BE) Eyeish [TX] (BE)
E-tish-sho-ka see Etishoka Euquachee [OR] Tututni (H) Eyibogodegi [SA] Caduveo (O)
Etiwan see Etiwaw Eu-quah-chee see Yukichetunne Eyish see Eyeish
Etiwaw [SC] Cusabo (BE) Euquahchee see Yukichetunne Eythinyuwuk [Self-designation]
Etnemitane see Umpqua Euquatop see Mescalero Apache see Cree
Etnemi-teneyu see Umpqua Euroc see Yurok
Etnemiteneyu see Umpqua Eus-a-nich see Sanetch
Etocale see Ocale Eusanich see Sanetch
Etocale see Olagale E-ushkni see Klamath
Etschimin see Malecite Eusquemays see Eskimos -F-
Etsh-tawut-dinne see Etchareot- Eutah see Ute
tine Eutaw see Ute Faai see Fa-ai
Etsitubiwat see Ditsakana Eutchee see Yuchi Fa-ai [Bora] (O)
Ets-kai-nah see Etskainah Eu-tem-pe-ches see Intimbich Facullies see Takulli
Etskainah (PC) see also Eskainah Eutempeches see Yukichetunne Fallatah see Atfalati
(H) Euyron see Huron Fallatrah see Atfalati
69 Fall Fork

Fall Indians see Atsina Fig People Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Flathead (BE) see also Chinook
Fall Indians see Clowwewalla Filifaes see Tilijaes (LC)
Fall Indians see Des Chutes Filijayas see Tilijaes Flat Head (BE) see also Choctaw
Fall Islands see Atsina Filixaye see Tilijaes (LC)
Fallon Reservation (Char, v.14) Fire Hearts Band see Chan- Flathead (BE) see also Choctaw
Falls Indians see Des Chutes tapetas Band (LC)
Falsavins see Menominee Fire Indians see Mascouten Flathead (BE) see also Waxhaw
Faraon Mescalero Apache (BE) Fire Lodge [SD] Lakota (BE) (BE)
Faraona see Faraon Fire Nation see Potawatomi Flathead (H) see also Nez Perce
Faraone see Faraon Fire Nation see Mascouten (LC)
Faraones see Faraon rewood people see Chishende Flat-head see Histapenumanke
Fardones see Faraon First Christian Party [WI] Oneida Flathead (Hdbk12) see also Lower
Farmers Band [MN] Mdewakan- (H) Chinook (H)
ton (BE) sh catchers see Booadasha Flathead (Hdbk12) see also Spokan
Farreon see Faraon Fish Clan see Huinikashika (LC)
Farute Warrau (O) Fish-Eaters (H) see also Assiniboin Flathead (LC) see also Salish (LC)
Fat Roasters see Ipokimaiks (LC) Flathead (PC) see also Flat Head
Fat-Smokers see Waciazi hyabin Fish Eaters (H) see also Mameoya (PC)
Faux Tetes-Plates see Salish (BE) Flathead (PC) see also Histapenu-
Fa-wac-car see Tawakoni Fish Eaters (H) see also Taza- manke (H)
Fawaccar see Tawakoni aigadika (H) Flathead [MT] (Hdbk12)
Fawalomne see Tuolumne Fish Eaters (H) see also Timpaia- Flat head Indians see Flathead
Feather Falls [Lang] [CA] Konkow vats (H) Flathead Kootanie see Kalispel
(CA-8) Fish Eaters (Hdbk11) see also Flat Heads see Spokan
Feather People see Pa painkwithikka (Hbk11) Flat heads see Flathead
Feimamar see Tumamar Fish eaters (Hdbk11) see also Tim- Flathead-Salish see Salish
Fejua see Tejua panogots (Hdbk11) Flathead-Spokan [Lang] [MT]
Felepe, San see San Felipe Fish Eaters Western Shoshone (Hdbk12)
[Keres] (Hdbk11) Flats see Choctaw
Felip, S. see San Felipe [Keres] Fish Gens see Huinikashika Flat-side Dogs see
Felipe, S. see San Felipe [Keres] Fish River Bering Strait Eskimos Thlingchdinne
Felipe, San [NM] Keres (BE) (Hdbk5) Flattery Indians see Makah
Felipe, Sant see San Felipe [Piro] Fish Ute see Moanunts Flechas de Palo Plains Apache
Felipe de Cueres, S. see San Fe- Fish Utes see Seuvarits (Hdbk10)
lipe [Keres] Fiskernaes Greenland Eskimos Flok-o see Lo-lon-kuk
Felipe de Cuerez, S. see San Fe- (BE) Flores Creek see Thltsusmetunne
lipe [Keres] Fitita see Witoto Flowpahhoultin [BC] Salish (H)
Felipe de Jesus, San see San Fe- Five Canton Nations see Iroquois Follaties see Atfalati
lipe [Keres] Confederacy Folleavoine see Menominee
Felipe de Keres, San see San Fe- Five Civilized Tribes [IT, OK] Folle Avoines see Menominee
lipe [Keres] (LC) Folles Avoines see Menominee
Felipe de Queres, San see San Five Indian Cantons see Iroquois Fols Avoin see Menominee
Felipe [Keres] Confederacy Fols Avoines see Menominee
Felipo, San see San Felipe Five Lodges see Tizapan Folsavoins see Menominee
[Keres] Five Mohawk Nations see Iro- Fols-avoise see Menominee
Felippe, San see San Felipe quois Confederacy Folsom culture (LC)
[Keres] Five Nations see Iroquois Con- Folsovoins see Menominee
Felles avoins see Menominee federacy Fond du Lac [MC, ND, SD]
Fellipe, San see San Felipe Five Nations [after 1717] see Six Chippewa (H)
[Keres] Nations Fon du Lac Loucheux see Tatlit-
Fernandeo [CA] (CA) Five Nations of the Sciota Plains kutchin
Fernandeo [Lang] [CA] see Mingo Fonechas see Phonichi
Gabrielino (Hdbk10) Flachbogen see Lower Kutenai Foolish Dogs [Society] Hidatsa
Fernie Band [MN] Tobacco Plains Flancs de chien see (H)
(BE) Thlingchadinne Foot Assiniboines see Gens de
Fetutlin [AK] Han (BE) Flandreau Indians [SD] Santee Pied
Feuilles band see Kiyuksa [Mde- (BE) Foothill [Lang] Yokutsan (CA-8)
wakanton] Flat Bow see Lower Kutenai Foot Indians see Ona [SA]
Few That Lived Yantonai (H) Flatbows see Lower Kutenai Foremost see Hanga
Fiaroa see Piaroa Flat bows see Kutenai Forest Potawatomi [WI] (Ye)
Fiaroankomo see Piaroa Flat Bows see Puhksinahmahyiks Forked Horn [MN] (H)
Fighting-alone see Bloods Flathead (BE) see also Catawba Fork Indians [NJ] Delaware
[Atsina] (LC) (Hdbk15)
Fork Gambiano 70

Fork People see Nassauaketon French Prairie Indians see Gahewa see Kiowa
Forks-of-the-river Men [WY] Ahantchuyuk Gahkwas see Erie
Northern Arapaho (BE) Frentone see Mocobi Gahooskins see Yahuskin
Fort Albany Band [Can] Sakaw- Frentones see Toba Gah-tau-go ten-ni see Chin-
ininiwug (BE) Fresh meat necklace people see tagottine
Fort George band see Tanotenne Talonapin Gahtaugotenni see Chintagottine
Fort Hall Bannock see Pohogwe Fresh Water Indians see Agua Gah-tow-go tin-ni see Chin-
Fort Hall Shoshone see Pohogwe Dulce tagottine
Fort Hope see Sakahl Frog Indians see Manta Gahtowgotinni see Chintagottine
Fort Indians see Kutchakutchin Frozen Indians [MN] Atsina (BE) Gaigwu see Kiowa
Fort McDermitt Paiute (Char) Fuchs-Aleuten see Unalaska Ga-i-gwu [Self-designation] see
Fort Rupert Indians see Kwakiutl Fuegians [TF, Arg, CH] (LC) Kiowa
Fort Simpson Indians see Fuegino [CH] (O) Gaiqueri see Guayqueri
Tsimshian Fulawin see Menominee Gaitchim see Juaneo
Fort Steele Band [BC] Kutenai Fulnio [Lang] [Br] (LC) Gaiuchker see Cayuga
(BE) Fulsowine see Menominee Gaiwa see Kiowa
Fort Thompson Sioux (Char, v.1) Fus-hatchee [AL] Muskogee (BE) Gaiwa see Kiowa
Fossil Creek Band Northern Tonto Fushi [Clan] Chickasaw (H) Gajuka see Cayuga
Apache (BE) Fusualgi [Clan] Creek (H) Gajuqua see Cayuga
Fou-ka-was see Tonkawa Fwah see Fwaha Gakao see Cayuga
Fountain [BC] Shuswap (H) Fwa-ha see Fwaha Gakpomute [Clan] Mahican (H)
Fountain Band [BC] Upper Lil- Fwaha [Clan] Pecos (H) Galanaqoa-ix see Cathlanaquiah
looet (Hdbk12) Galanaqoaix see Cathlanaquiah
Fountain Indians [BC] Upper Lil- Galasqo see Wasco
looet (H) Galcani see Kulchana
Four Creeks Tribes [CA] Yokuts Galchedunes see Halchidhome
(H) -G- Gal-doe see Kauldaw
Four Nations (H) Galdoe see Kauldaw
Four Peak Indians see Tonto Ga-a-penoxu see Koprino Galeece Creek Indians see Tal-
Apache Gaapenoxu see Koprino tushtuntude
Fox Arikara (H) Gabilan Coahuiltecan (BE) Galera [Br] Nambicuara (O)
Fox [Society] Hidatsa (H) Gabriel, San see Gabrielino Galiamoix see Katlamoik
Fox [WI] (LC) Gabriel, San see Yugeuinegge Galiano Island [VanI] Penalakut
Franceses see Pawnee Gabriel, Sant see Yugeuinegge (H)
Francis, Saint [Lang] Eastern Al- Gabriel del Yunque, San see Galibi [Br, FrG] (LC)
gonquian (Hdbk15) Yugeuinegge Galibi [Lang] Northern Carib
Francisco, San (BE) see also Ra- Gabriele, San see Yugeuinegge (UAz, v.28)
maytush (CA-8) Gabrieleo see Gabrielino Galibi [Lang] Western Carib
Francisco, San [CA] Costanoan Gabrielino [CA] Mission Indians (UAz, v.28)
(BE) (LC) Galibi-Marorne (O)
Francisco, San [NM] (H) Gabrielino [Lang] Serrano- Galibi-Marworne see Galibi-
Francisco de los Epaoles, Sant Gabrielino (Hdbk10) Marworno
see Yugeuinegge Gabrielino Mission Indians (R) Galibi-Morworno [Br, FrG] Gal-
Francisco de Nambe, San see see also Tongva (R) ibi (O)
Nambe Gacare see Jacao Galice Creek Indians see Tal-
Francisco de Sandia, San see Gacheos see Cayuga tushtuntude
Sandia Gachnawas-haga see Conoy Galisteo Pueblo Indians (BE)
Francisco Pajague, San see Po- Gachoi see Cayuga Galleace Creek see Taltushtun-
joaque Gachoo see Cayuga tude
Francis Indians, San [NH] Abnaki Gachpa see Cayuga Gallinomero (H) see also Southern
(BE) Gachwechnagechga [PA] Unami Pomo (BE)
Francis Xavier, St. [MI, WI] (BE) Gal-li-no-me-ro see Gallinomero
Chippewa (H) Gadinchin [AZ] Pinal Apache (H) Gallinomero [CA] Pomo (H)
Fraser River [BC] Upper Lillooet Gae see Shimigae Galtzanen see Kulchana
(BE) Gagaba see Cogui Galzanen see Kulchana
Fraser River [Can] Shuswap (BE) Gaganhit tan see Kaganhittan Galzani see Kulchana
Fraser River Division [BC] Gaganhittan see Kaganhittan Gamacan see Kamakan
Shuswap (HDbk12) G-ag-g-ilak-a see Gyagyilakya Gamakan see Kamakan
Freckled Panis see Wichita Gaggilaka see Gyagyilakya Gambellites see Saint Lawrence
Frederikshaab Greenland Eskimos Gagihetnas-hadai [Subclan] [AK] Islanders
(BE) Haida (H) Gambia see Moguex
French Gulch [Lang] Wintu (CA- Gagnieguez see Mohawk Gambiano (LC) see also Moguex
8) Gahewa see Kiowa (LC)
71 Gambiano Gens

Gambiano [Col] (O) Garifuna (LC) see also Black Carib Gecualme see Tecual
Gamgamtelatl [Gens] Kwakiutl (LC) Gecuiches see Cahuilla
(H) Garifuna [Lang] [Bel, Gua, NI, Gecuiches see Kawia [Luiseo]
Gamiskwakoka-wininiwak see Hon] Cariban (O) Gediak see Shediac
Gamikswakokawininiwak Garii see Northern Yana Ge-e-way see Santo Domingo
Gamiskwakokawininiwak [MN] Garote see Yuma Geeway see Santo Domingo
Chippewa (H) Garotero see Yuma Ge-e-we see Santo Domingo
Gamutwa see Kammatwa Garretero see Yuma Geewe see Santo Domingo
Ganahadi [AK] Chilkat (H) Garroteros see Yuma Geghdageghroano see Illinois
Ganahadi [BC] Tlingit (H) Garroteros see Quechan Geghtigeghroones see Illinois
Ganahadi [Social group] [Can] Garrotes see Yuma Gegote see Gyegyote
Takee (H) Garza Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Gegote see Gyegyote
Ganwagohno see Conoy Gasakaskuatchimmekak [MN, Geie see Geyer
Ganaway see Conoy ND, SD] Chippewa (H) Geier see Geies
Ganawense see Conoy Gashowu (H) see also Kassovo (H) Geies [TX] Coahuiltecan (BE)
Ganawese see Conoy Gashowu [CA] Kings River Yokuts Geighe-t-nas-had-a-i see Gagi-
Ganawoose see Conoy (CA-8) hetnas-hadai
Ganawses see Conoy Gashwusha see Kassovo Geighetnashadai see Gagihetnas-
Ganaxadi see Ganahadi Gaspar Gaspesian see Gaspesien hadai
Ganaxtedi see Ganahadi Gaspesians see Micmac Gelinos see Gila Apache
Gandastogue see Conestoga Gaspesien [Q] (H) Gemes see Jemez
Gandostogega see Conestoga Gaspesies see Gaspesien Gemex see Jemez
Ganeagaonhoh see Mohawk Gaspi see Walpi Gemez see Jemez
Ganeagaono see Mohawk Gataea see Kiowa Apache Ge-negas Band see Genegas
Ga-ne-ag-o-no see Mohawk Gatagetegauning [MI, WI] Band
Ga-ne-ga-ha-ga see Mohawk Chippewa (H) Genegas Band [NV] Paviotso (H)
Ganegahaga see Mohawk Gatai see Central Yana General Aztec [Lang] Southern
Gangascoe see Gingaskin Gataka see Kiowa Apache Uto-Aztecan (Hdbk10)
Gangawese see Conoy Gataka see Kiowa Apache General Central Yupik [Lang]
G-anhada see Kanhada Ga ta ka see Kiowa-Apache Alaskan Yupik (Hdbk5)
Ganhada see Kanhada gatatala see Cascades Genicuiches see Serrano
Gani-inge-haga see Mohawk Gatlanakoa-iq see Cathlanaquiah Geniegueronon see Mohawk
Ganiingehaga see Mohawk Gatlapotlh see Cathlapotle Genigneihs see Serrano
Ganingehage see Mohawk Gatlapotlh see Cathlapotle Genigueches see Serrano
Gannaouen see Conoy Gatohua see Cherokee Genigueh see Serrano
Gannentaha see Onondaga Gatsalghi see Cheyenne Geniguieh see Serrano
Ganniagwari see Mohawk Gatschet see Illinois Geniocane see Heniocane
Ganniataratich-rone see Nanti- Gattacka see Kiowa Apache Genizaro (H) see also Tome (H)
coke Gattochwa see Cherokee Genizaro [NM] (H)
Ganniegehaga see Mohawks Gatuya Pain [Self-designation] Gens see Ouikaling
ganniegehronnon see Mohawk see Sioni Gens de bois see Tutchone
Ganniegeronon see Mohawk Ga-u-gweh see Cayuga Gens de Bois see Hankutchin
Ganniegez see Mohawk Gaugweh see Cayuga Gens de bouleau see Tennuth-
Ganniegue see Mohawk Gaviano see Krikati kutchin
Ganniekez see Mohawk Gaviao see Gavioes Gens de Bouleaux see Tennuth-
Ganniessinga see Conoy Gavioes [Br] Eastern Timbira kutchin
Ganningehage see Mohawk (LC) Gens de butte see Tenankutchin
Gano-a-lo-hale see Oneida Gawababiganikak [MN, ND, SD] Gens de Castor see Tsattine
Ganochgeritawe see Seneca Chippewa (H) Gens de Feu see Mascouten
Ganossetage see Conestoga Gawia (H) see also Kawia Gens de Feuillees see Tschantoga
Ganstero see Yuma [Luiseo] (H) Gens de Feuilles see Itscheabine
Gantsi see Kiowa Apache Gawia [CA] (CA) Gens de Feuilles see Tschantoga
Ganyakoilnagai see Aoyakulna- Gawia [Lang] Tule-Kaweah (CA- Gens-de-ne see Hankutchin
gai 8) Gens de Fous see Hankutchin
Ganyakoilnagai see Aoyakulnagai Gawunena [WY] Arapaho (BE) Gens de Foux see Hankutchin
Gappa see Quapaw Gawya see Gawia Gens de la Barbue see Marameg
Ga-qua-ga-o-no see Erie Gayhead see Gay Head Gens de labri see Tatsakutchin
Gaquagaono see Erie Gay Head [MA, CT] Wampanoag Gens de Lac see Mdewakanton
Gaqui see Yaqui (LC) Gens de la Feuille see Itscheabine
Garabito [CR] Cabecar (O) Gayuga see Cayuga Gens de la fourche du Mackenzie
Garabito [MX] Guetar (BE) Ge [Lang] [Br] (LC) see Eleidlinottine
Garennajenhaga see Huron Geaji see GeAji Gens de la Grande Riviere see
Garif see Black Carib GeAji [Lang] Papago (Hdbk10) Nakotcho-kutchin
Gens Ginas 72

Gens De Lai see Mdewakanton Gens du Fort Norman see Gidanemuik see Serrano
Gens de la Loutre see Nikikouek Desnedeyarelottine Gidanemuik see Gitanemuk
Gens de la Mer [Can] Algonquian Gens du Lac see Mdewakanton Gidanemuk see Gitanemuk
(H) Gens du Lac see Minishinakato Gidutikad [CA] Northern Paiute
Gens de la montagne see Etagot- Gens du lac la Truite see (Pub, v.31, no.3)
tine Etchaottine Gigabu see Kickapoo
Gens de la montagne la Corne see Gens du Large (BE) see also Nat- Gigabuhak see Kickapoo
Etechesottine sitkutchin (LC) G-i-g-ilgam see Gyigyilkam
Gens de Large see Natsitkutchin Gens du Large Dakota (H) Gigilgam see Gyigyilkam
Gens de la riviere au Foin see Gens du Nord see Northern gigilqAm [Clan] Kwexa (Anthro,
Klodesseottine Assiniboin (H) v.9, no.3, p158)
Gens de la Sapiniere [Can] (H) Gens du Nord (H) see Tschantoga Gigimai adia [Lang] Papago
Gens de Milieu see Tangeratsa Gens du Petun see Tionontati (Hdbk10)
Gens dEn-haut see Etagottine Gens du Poil see Chintagottine Gigue see Santo Domingo
Gens de Paise Sioux (H) (BE) Gijames see Hihames
Gens de Panse see Allakaweah Gens du Rat (H) see Vun- Gijames see Sijame
Gens de Pied [Can] Assiniboin (H) takutchin Gikapu see Kickapoo
Gens de Pitie see Shoshoko Gens du Sable see Sable Gikats see Shasta
Gens-de-ralt see Tukkuthkutchin Gens du Sang see Kainah Gikats [OR] Shasta (Shasta, p.15)
Gens de rats see Takkuth- Gens du Sant see Miskouaha Gikatsakitsu see Shasta
kutchin gens du Sault see Saulteaux Gikatsakitsu see Shasta
Gens de rats see Tukkuthkutchin Gens du Serpent see Northern Gikidanum see Serrano
Gens de Roche see Jatonabine Shoshone Gikidanum see Gitanemuk
Gens de Roches see Jatonabine Gens du Serpent see Shoshone Gila Apache (Hdbk10) see also
Gens des Bois see Esbataottine Gens du vache see Arapaho Eastern Chiricahua (Hdbk10)
Gens des Bois see Hankutchin Gens en lair see Etagottine Gila Apache [NM] (H)
Gens des Bois see Tschantoga Gens feu see Potawatomi Gilalelam see Nisal
Gens des Butte see Tenankutchin Gentlemen Indians see Waco Gilalelam see Nisal
Gens des Chaudieres see Colville gents puants see Winnebago Giland see Coyotero Apache
Gens des chevres see Esbataottine Genuvskoe see Henya Gilans see Gila Apache
Gens des Corbeau see Crow George, Saint Southern Paiute Gila Pimas see Pima
Gens de Serpent see Shoshone (Hdbk11) Gilaq!ulawa see Kwalhioqua
Gens des Faux see Hankutchin Geral (O) see also Nheengatu (O) Gilaqulawa see Kwalhioqua
Gens des fees see Itscheabine Geral [SA] (O) Gilawewalamt see Clowwewalla
Gens des lles see Itscheabine Gerano, San [Col] Yuki (O) Gilawewalamt see Clowwewalla
Gens des Foux see Tutchone Gergecensens [CA] Thamien (H) Gilaxicatck see Watlala
Gens de sifeur see Gerguensens see Gergecensens Gilaywee-walamt see Clowwe-
Teachinkutchin Gerzuensens see Gergcensens walla
Gens des Lacs Sioux (H) Get-an-max see Kitanmaiksh Gileas see Gila Apache
Gens des Montagnes see Chabin G-exsem see Gyeksem Gileas see Gilenos
Gens des Montagnes see Gexsem see Gyeksem Gileos (H) see also Gila Apache
Chipewyan Geyer Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) (H)
Gens des Montagnes-Rocheuses Gha-hi-taneo see Khahitan Gileos (Hdbk10) see also Eastern
see Etagottine Ghec-chi see Kekchi Chiricahua (Hdbk10)
Gens des Osayes see Tanintauei Ghecham [Self-designation] see Gileos [AZ] Upper Piman
Gens des Rats see Vuntakutchin Luiseo (Hdbk10)
Gens des rosches see Jatonabine Ghuil-chan see Kulchana Gileos Apaches see Gila Apache
Gens des Serpent see Shoshone Ghulanapo see Kuhlanapa Gillamook see Tillamook
Gens des Soulier see Amahami Ghuylliche see Huilliche Gilserhyu [Phratry] Carrier Indi-
Gens des Tee see Itscheabine Giajepocotiyo see Goajopocayo ans (Bull133)
Gens des Terres see Tetes de Giamina [Lang] [CA] (He) giltusa see gilutsa
Boule Gi-aucth-in-in-e-wug see Hi- gilutsa Tsimshian (Anthro, v.9,
Gens des Vache see Arapaho datsa no.3, p.160)
Gens de Tee see Tshantoga Giaucthininewug see Hidatsa Gilxicatck see Watlala
Gens-de-wiz see Tutchone Gi-autch-in-ne-wug see Hidatsa Gimanoitx see Kitlope
Gens du Caribou see Attikirin- Giautchinnewug see Hidatsa Gimanoitx see Kitlope
iouetch Gibari see Jivaro Gimiel (H) see also Comeya (H)
Gens du Cuivre see Tatsanottine Gibbaway see Chippewa Gimiel (H) see also Kamia (LC)
Gens du Feu see Potawatomi Gibola see Zuni Gimiel [BaC] Yuma (H)
Gens du fond du Lac see Tatlit- Gicarilla see Jicarilla Apache Ginabo see Sinabu
kutchin Gicocoge Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) ginadoiks Tsimshian (Anthro, v.9,
Gens du Fort-de-pierre see gicpahloAs Tsimshian (Anthro, no.3, p.160)
Etheneldeli v.9, no.3, p.160) Ginas see Kiowa Apache
73 ginaxangik Gosiute

ginaxangik Tsimshian (Anthro, Gitlawe-walamt see Clowwe- goigoinronnon see Cayuga

v.9, no.3, p.160) walla Goiogouen see Cayuga
Ginebigonini see Northern Gitlawewalamt see Clowwewalla Goiogouioronon see Cayuga
Shoshone Gitsaji see Kichai Gojogouen see Cayuga
Ginebigonini see Shoshone Gitsaji see Kichai Gokapatagan see Kickapoo
Ginetwei Sawanogi see Absentee Gitsegyukla see Kitsegukla Go-ke-nim-non see Bokninwad
Shwanee gitsilasu see gitsilasu Gokenimnon see Bokinwad
Gingascoe see Gingaskin gitsilasu Tsimshian (Anthro, v.9, Golden Lake [Ont] Algonkin (H)
Gingaskin Accomac (Hdbk15) no.3, p.160) Gol-doe see Kauldaw
Gingaskoyne see Gingaskin Gittcis see Kitzeesh Goldoe see Kauldaw
Gingateege see Pocomoke Gituns [Family group] [BC] Golkahin see Golkahin
Gingo Teague see Pocomoke Haida (H) Golkahin [NM] Jicarilla Apache
Gingoteque see Pocomoke gitwilgyots Tsimshian (Anthro, (BE)
Giopas see Ojipas v.9, no.3, p.160) Goltzane see Kulchana
Giopino (Anthro, v.9, no.3, Gitwinksilk see Kitgigenik Golzan see Kulchana
p.158) Gitwinlkul see Kitwancool Golzanen see Kulchana
Gioricane see Heniocane Gitwinsilk see Kitgigenik Gomez see Jemez
Gi-oshk see Gyaushk gitzis Tsimshian (Anthro, v.9, Gonaho [AK] Tlingit (BE)
Gioshk see Gyaushk no.3, p.160) Gonana see Nahane
Giowaka-a see Santa Clara [NM] Givaro see Jivaro Gonaxo qoan see Gunachonken
Giowatsa-a see Santa Clara gixsAm Koskimo (Anthro, v.9, Gonaxoqoan see Gunachonken
[NM] no.3, p158) Gonega see Genegas Band
Gipane see Lipan Apache Glagla-heca see Glaglahecha Gonoois see Conoy
Gi-pu-y see Santo Domingo Glaglahecha Sihasapa (H) Gontiel [Clan] [AZ] San Carlos
Gipuy see Santo Domingo Glagla-hetca see Glaglahecha Apache (H)
Giriguana see Chiriguano Glakhmiut see Aglurmiut Goodhope Bering Strait Eskimos
Giriguano see Chiriguano Gleese Cleek see Taltushtuntude (Hdbk5)
Girls band see Itscheabine (BE) Good Iroquois see Huron
Girtrhatin see Kithateh Glen-Vowell Band [Lang] [BC] Good Knife see Tanetsukanu-
Giry [BO] Araona (O) Kitksan manke
Gitamtanyer [Phratry] Carrier In- Gleta see Isleta Good-night see Beothuk
dians (Bull133) Gnacsitare [MN] (H) Goodnight see Beothuk
gitando Tsimshian (Anthro, v.9. Gnacsitaries see Gnacsitare Goodroads Band see Oy-
no.3, p.160) Gnapaw see Quapaw ateshicha
Gitanemok see Gitanemuk Go-about Band see Detsanayuke Goodrods Band see Oyateshicha
Gitanemuk [CA] Serrano (Pub, Goagiro see Goajiro Gooiogouen see Cayuga
v.4, no.3, pp.135-139) Goahibo see Guahibo Goolkizzen Apache (H)
Gitanemuk [Lang] Serrano (Pub, Goahiva see Guahibo Goose Creek Diggers see Tus-
v.4, no.3, pp.135-139) Goahivo see Guahibo sawehe
Gitanemum see Gitanemuk Goajir see Goajiro Goose Lake Modoc (Hdbk12)
Gitanemum see Serrano Goajiro [VE, Col] (LC) G-o-penox see Koprino
Git-an-max see Kitanmaiksh Goajopocayo Coahuiltecan Gopenox see Koprino
Gitanmax see Kitanmaiksh (Hdbk10) Gophers see Tashnahecha
Gitaqemas see Clackamas goasek see Coosac Goricas see Yorica
Gitaq emas see Clackamas Goasi see Coosac Gorotire [Br] Northern Cayapo (O)
Gitaqemas see Clackamas goasiak see Coosac Gorretas see Manso
Gitenmaks see Gitanemuk goasiak see Cowasuck Gorrita see Manso
Gitenmaks see Kitanmaiksh Goasila [Lang] Kwakiutl (BE) Go-sha-ute see Gosiute
Gitibo see Setebo Goch [Phratry] Tlingit (H) Goshaute see Gosiute
Gitin-gidjats see Gitin-gidjats Gocoyome [MX] Toboso (BE) Goshee Utes see Gosiute
Gitin-gidjats [Clan] Haida (H) Godamyon see Kwatami Goshen Utes see Gosiute
Gitksan (LC) see also Kitksan Godbout [Can] Montagnais- Goship see Gosiute
(LC) Naskapi (BE) Goship Shoshones see Gosiute
Gitksan [BC] (H) Godhavn Greenland Eskimos (BE) Go-ship-Utes see Gosiute
Gitksan [Lang] [BC] Chim- Godthaab Greenland Eskimos (BE) Goshiss see Gosiute
meweyan (H) Gogouin see Cayuga Goshoot see Gosiute
Gitksan [Lang] [BC] Southern Gohlkahin see Golkahin Gosh-sho-o see Kossovo
Coast Tsimshian (Anthro, v.9, Gohun see Yavapai Goshshoo see Kassovo
no.3, p.160) Gohun see Tonto Apache Goshute see Gosiute
gitlan Tsimshian (Anthro, v.9, Go-hun see Tulkepaia Go-shutes see Gosiute
no.3, p.160) Gohun see Tulkepaia Gosh Yuta see Gosiute
Gitlatlpeleks see Palux Goianaz see Kaingangue Gosiute [UT, NV] Western
Gitlatlpeleks see Palux Goiogoen see Cayuga Shoshone (LC)
Go-si Guadalupe 74

Go-si Utes see Gosiute Grand Tuc see Pahatsi Gregory, St. see Abo
Gos-ta Utes see Gosiute Grand Zo see Pahatsi Grey Eagle Band [MN] Dakota
Gosta Utes see Gosiute Grand Zue see Pahatsi (BE)
Gos ventres see Gros Ventres Granite Peak Band see Wikutepa Grey Eyes see Inshtasanda
Got [Phratry] Haida (H) Gran Quivira see Quivira Grey-Iron see Magayuteshni
Gotane [MX] Chibchan (BE) Gran Quivra see Tabira Grigas see Gris
Gotc see Goch Grasshopper Indians see Ute Grigra (BE) see also Gris (BE)
Gotchti see Cochiti Grasshoppers see Masikota Grigra [MS] (BE)
Gotocogegodegi Caduveo (O) Grass House People see Grimes [CA] (BE)
Goulapissa see Acolapissa Shoshone Grimes [Lang] [CA] River Patwin
Goxica see Yorica Grass People see Sakutenedi (BE)
Goyagouin see Cayuga Grass Sound Indians see Huna Grinaiches (H)
Goyana see Kaingangue Gray-ones [Clan] [MN] Atsina Gris (BE) see also Grigra (BE)
goyatikadu see Beatty Band (BE) Gris [LA] (BE)
goyatikadu see Beatty Band Gray Ponka [Subclan] Ponca (H) Gritone see Sinabu
Goyode see Navajo Gray Squirrel Gens see Sinago Groote Siconese see Big Siconese
Goyogan see Cayuga Grease Creek Indians see Tal- Grosse Ventres see Gros Ventres
Goyogoan see Cayuga tushtuntude Gross Vantres see Gros Ventres
Goyogoin see Cayuga Greasy Faces [WY] Northern Ara- Grossventers see Gros Ventres
Goyogouan see Cayuga paho (BE) Gross Ventres see Gros Ventres
Goyogouen see Cayuga Great Basin (Hdbk11) Grosvantres see Gros Ventres
Goyogouin see Cayuga Great Basin [Lang] Shoshonean Grosventres see Hidatsa
Goyoguan see Cayuga (AI) Gros Ventres [ND, Can] (LC)
Goyoguen see Cayuga Great Belly Indians see Gros Gros Ventres des Plaines see
Goyoguin see Cayuga Ventres Atsina
Goyoguoain see Cayuga Great Kammas Indians see Gros Ventres des Prairies see
Go-yo-gwen see Cayuga Tukuarika Atsina
Goyogwen see Cayuga Great Kitkehahki [NE] Kitke- Gros Ventres of the Falls see
Goyoteros see Yuma hahki (H) Atsina
Gpaughettes see Kishpachlaots Great Lakes (LC) Gros Ventres of the Missouri see
Grail Sioux (H) Great Osage (BE) see also Big Gros Ventres
Granada see Kawihuh Osage (AtInd) Gros Ventres of the Plains see
Grand Eaux see Pahatsi Great Osage see Pahatsi Atsina
Grand Eskimaux see Labrador Great Osage [MO] Osage (BE) Gros Ventres of the Prairie see
Eskimos Great Ossage see Pahatsi Atsina
Grandes pagnes see Paskwaw- Great Ozage see Pahatsi Grosventres of the Prairie see
ininiwug Great Pawnee see Chaui Atsina
Grand Gens Loucheux (IndN, v.2, Great Plains (LC) Gros-Vents see Gros Ventres
no.3, July 1925) Great Sand Bar people see Matc Groundhog Eaters see Yahandeka
Grand Osage see Pahatsi Suamako Tusininiu Groundhog-eaters see Gidutikad
Grand Pan see Chaui Greenland Greenland Eskimos Grouse Men see Sipushkanu-
Grand Pani see Chaui (BE) manke
Grand Pans see Chaui Greenland Eskimos [Lang] Inuit- Grovan see Gros Ventres
Grand Pawnee see Chaui Inupiaq (Hdbk5) G-tinkit see Tlingit
Grand Portage [MN, SD, ND] Green Paint Indians see Nez Gtinkit see Tlingit
Chippewa (H) Perce Guabaqua [HA] Guaccaiarima
Grand Quivira see Tabira (H) Green River Band see (BE)
Grand River [UT, CO] Ute Akanaquint Guacacamegua see Cacamegua
Grand River Indians (BE) see also Green River Indians see Guacachina [MX] Coahuiltecan
Ute (LC) Skopamish (Hdbk10)
Grand River Indians [Ont] Iro- Green River Snakes Eastern Guacanahua see Ese Ejje
quois (H) Shoshone (Hdbk11) Guacata [FL] (BE)
Grand River Utahs see Grand Green River Utahs see Guacaya see Waccamaw
River Akanaquint Guaccaiarima [HA] (BE)
Grand River Ute (Hdbk11) see also Green River Ute see Akanaquint Guachama [CA] Serrano (Pub,
White River (Hdbk11) Green Timber Band [BC] Lake v.4, no.3, p.132)
Grand River Ute (LC) see also Shuswap (Hdbk12) Guachanahua see Ese Ejje
Yampa (LC) Green Wood Indians see Nez Guachichil see Guachichile
Grands see Chaui Perce Guachichila see Guachichile
Grands Akansas Quapaw (H) Gregoio de Abo, S. see Abo Guachichile [MX] (LC)
Grand Saux Dakota (H) Gregoria de Abo, S. see Abo Guacurure see Pilaga
Grands Panis see Chaui Gregorio Abbo, San see Abo Guadalupe see Pojoaque
Grands Taensas see Taensa Gregorio de Abo, S. see Abo Guadalupe see Zuni
75 Guadepa Guas

Guadepa Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Gua-la-la see Gualala Guaputu see Capote

Guaes [KS] Kansa (H) Gualala [CA] Coast Pomo (H) Guaque [Lang] Carijona (UAz,
Guagaqua [HA] Guaccaiarima Gualciones see Guaycones v.28)
(BE) Guale [GA] (LC) Guaracata see Iguaracata
Guage-johe (BE) see also Kwahari Gualegua [MX] Coahuiltecan Guarama see Caurame
(BE) (Hdbk10) Guarani [Lang] [BO, Par, Arg,
Guagejohe see Guage-johe Gualiba see Hualapai Br] Tupi (LC)
Guage-johe [TX] Comanche (BE) Gualpi see Walpi Guaranne see Warrau
Gua-ge-jo-ho see Guage-johe Gualta (H) Guarano see Warrau
Guagenigronnon see Mohawk Guamaca see Damana Guaranoca see Moro
Guagibo see Guahibo Guamaca [Lang] [Col] Chibchan Guaranu see Warrau
Guagiva see Guahibo (O) Guarao see Warrau
Guaguatu (H) Guamahaya [Cu] (BE) Guarao see Warao
Guaguatu (Hdbk11) see also Guamar [Lang] [MX] (Hdbk10) Guaraon see Warrau
Capote (LC) Guambia see Moguex Guaraoun see Warrau
Guagui [MX] Coahuiltecan Guambia-Coconuco see Guahibo Guaraouno see Warrau
(Hdbk10) Guambiana [Lang] [Col] Guaraounoe (O) seeWarrau (LC)
Guahabba [HA] Bainoa (BE) Chibchan (O) Guararini see Warrau
Guaharibo [Br, VE] (LC) Guambiano see Gambiano Guarasteguara [Lang] [Br] Tupi
Guaharivo see Guaharibo Guamepeje [MX] Coahuiltecan (O)
Guahiba see Guahibo (Hdbk10) Guarasteguara [MX] (Hdbk10)
Guahibo [Col, VE] (LC) Guamichicorama [MX] Concho Guarasu see Pauserena
Guahiboan [Lang] [Col, VE] (O) (BE) Guarasugwe [Self-designation]
Guaiana see Guayana Guamo see Guayqueri see Pauserna
Guaiana see Kaingangue (LC) Guamoa see Guamua Guaratagaja see Guarategaja
Guaiapy (O) see Oyampi Guamoayagua [MX] Coahuiltecan Guarategaja [Br] (O)
Guaiaqui see Guayaki (LC) (Hdbk10) Guarau see Warrau
Guaiba (O) see Guahibo Guampe [MX] Coahuiltecan Guarauana see Warrau
Guaibo see Guahibo (Hdbk10) Guarauna [Lang] Carib (LC)
Guaica see Waica Guampexte [MX] Coahuiltecan Guaraune see Warrau
Guaicamaopa see Yacum (Hdbk10) Guarauno see Warrau
Guaicuro see Guaycura Guamua (Hdbk10) see also Navajo Guarauno see Warao
Guaicuru see Guaycura (LC) Guaraunun see Warrau
Guaigua see Guahibo Guamua [AZ, CA] (H) Guarayo (LC) see also Chiriguano
Guaika see Waica Guana (LC) see also Kaskiha (O) (LC)
Guaika see Yanoama Guana (O) see also Tereno (LC) Guarayo [BO, Par] (LC)
Guaikiare see Wokiare Guana [Arg, Par, Uru] (LC) Guarayo [Tacanan] see Ese Ejje
Guaikuru see Guaycuru Guana [Lang] Mascoian (LC) Guarayu see Guarayo
Guailopo [MX] Varohio (H) Guanabepe [AZ, CA] (H) Guarayu-ta see Pauserna
Guaimaro [Cu] (BE) Guanacahibe [Cu] (BE) Guarco [MX] Guetar (BE)
Guaimi see Guaymi Guanama [HA] Caizcimu (BE) Guarehena see Arekena
Guaino see Huayno Guananesses see Conoy Guarequena [VE] Arahuac (O)
Guaipuinave see Puinave Guanano [Br] (LC) Guarequena [VE] Wakuenai (O)
Guaiquairo see Yabarana Guanano [Lang] [Br] Eastern Guariba Macu (O)
Guaivo see Guahibo Tukanoan (LC) Guarijio [Lang] Tarahumaran
Guaja [Br] (BE) Guanapujamo [MX] Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Guajajara [Br] (O) (Hdbk10) Guarijio [MX] (Hdbk10)
Guajajara-Tenetehara [Br] Guanavepe see Guanabepe Guarina see Palenque
Tenetehara (O) Guanbiano see Gambiano Guarino [Col] (LC)
Guajaribo see Yanoama Guandastogue see Conestoga Guarionex [PR] (BE)
Guajibo see Guahibo Guandostague see Conestoga Guariqueche Coahuiltecan
Guajima [BO] Araona (O) Guane [Col] (LC) (Hdbk10)
Guajira see Goajiro Guanexico [NI] Ulua (BE) Guariquena see Arekena
Guajiro (O) see also Goajiro (LC) Guanica [PR] (BE) Guariquena see Warikyana
Guajiro [Lang] Maipurean (O) Guaniguanico [Cu] (BE) Guarizo [Lang] [BO] Tacanan
Guajivo see Guahibo Guanipas [TX] Coahuiltecan (BE) (O)
Guajolote [MX] Coahuiltecan Guapa see Wappo Guarpe (LC)
(Hdbk10) Guape Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Guarpe (LC) see also Allentiac
Guak-snamish see Squaxon Guapishana see Wapisiana (LC)
Gualaca [MX] Chibchan (BE) Guapo see Wappo Guarpe (LC) see also Huarpe (LC)
Gualahuis see Hualahuis Guapore Namiquara see Nam- Guarricco [HA] Bainoa (BE)
Gualala (BE) see also Southwest- bicuara Guaru [Lang] Maipurean (O)
ern Pomo (BE) Guaputu see Guaguatu Guas see Guaes
Guasachis Gunghet-gitinai 76

Guasachis see Osage Guazave [MX] Vacoregue (H) Guiguigoa Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Guasama see Cathlamet Gubates see Tano Guiguimuches see Weeminuche
Guasapar [MX] Varahio (BE) Guehegaia see Walapai Guiguipacam Coahuiltecan
Guasas [TX] (H) Gueimas see Guayma (Hdbk10)
Guasave [MX] Cahita (BE) Gueiquesal see Gueiquesales Guiguitamcar [Lang] [CA] (Pub,
Guasco [TX] Hasinai Confederacy Gueiquesal see Hueyhueyquetzal v.8, no.1, p.11)
(BE) Gueiquesales (H) see also Guisoles Guigyilk-am see Gyigyilkam
Guasers see Guasas (BE) Guijacal see Hueyhueyquetzal
Guasila see Goasila Gueiquesales [TX] (H) Guilford Indians see Wappinger
Guastec see Huastec Gueiquizales see Guiequesales Guiliche see Huilliche
Guasurango see Tapiete Guelamoye [MX] Coahuiltecan Guilistinons see Cree
Guatari see Wateree (Hdbk10) Guilitoy [CA] Patwin (H)
Guatiadeo Caduveo (O) Guelasiguicme [MX] Concho (BE) Guillica see Guilitoy
Guatiguara [MX] (Hdbk10) Guentuse see Maca Guiluco see Guilitoy
Guatijigua [ES] Lencan (BE) Guereches see Querecho Guimen [CA] Olamentke (H)
Guatinicamame Mazatec (BE) Guerecho see Querecho Guinaima [MX] (Hdbk10)
Guato [BO, Br] (LC) Gueren (LC) see also Tapuya (LC) Guinala [MX] Coahuiltecan
Guatsenok see Quatsino Gueren [Br] (O) (Hdbk10)
Guatsenoq see Quatsino Gueres see Keres Guinau [Lang] Maipurean (O)
Guatsenox see Quatsino Guergaida see Guerjuatida Guinau Indians see Winao
Guatsenox see Quatsino Guericochal Coahuiltecan Guineas (LC)
Guatuso [CR] Chibchan (LC) (Hdbk10) Guipaolave see Shipaulovi
Guauaenok Kwakiutl (BE) Gueripiamo see Ervipiame Guipaulavi see Shipaulovi
Guauaenok [Lang] [BC] Kwakiutl Guerjuadan see Guerjuatida Guipui see Santo Domingo
(H) Guerjuatida Coahuiltecan (BE) Guiquitamcar see Guiguitamcar
Guauaenoq see Guauaenok Guerrero [MX] Mazatec (BE) Guiriguana see Chiriguano
Guauaenox see Guauenok Guerriers see Dakota Guisnai see Ashluslay
Guaviare [Col] (O) Guerriers de la Roche see Assini- Guisnai see Mataco
Guaxiquero [Hon] Lenca (BE) boin Guisnay see Mataco
Guayabero [Col] Guahibo (LC) Guerriers de pierre see Assiniboin Guisoles (BE) see also Gueique-
Guayagua see Cayague Guesal see Hueyhueyquetzal sales (H)
Guayaki see Guayaqui Guesol see Hueyhueyquetzal Guisoles [TX] Coahuiltecan (BE)
Guayaki-Ache see Guayaqui Guetala see Guetela Guisolotes [MX] Tamaulipec (BE)
Guayana [Br, Sur, FrG] (LC) Guetar [CR] (LC) Guithlakimas see Clackamas
Guayapi see Oyanpi Guetare see Guetar Guithlakimas see Clackamas
Guayaqui [Par] (LC) Gueteadeguo Caduveo (O) Guithlameth see Cathlamet
Guayaro see Itene Guetela [Clan] [BC] Kwakiutl (H) Guithlamethl see Cathlamet
Guayba see Guahibo Guetiadegodi Caduveo (O) Guithlasko see Wasco
Guaycari see Guayqueri Guetiadeo see Caduveo Guithlia-ishalxi see Ktlaeshatlkik
Guaycones [TX] Coastal Coahuil- Gueyacapo [MX] (Hdbk10) Guithlia-kishatchk see Upper
tecan (Hdbk10) Gueymura (H) see also Kamia Chinook
Guaycuru (LC) see also Tereno (LC) Guitoto see Witoto
(LC) Gueymura [BaC] (H) Guitzeis see Kichai
Guaycuru [Lang] [Arg, Par] (LC) Gueyniotiteshesgue [Phratry] Guiyu see Ditsakana
Guaycuruan see Guaycuru Caughnawaga (H) Gulgahen Jicarilla Apache
Guaygata [JA] (BE) Gueza [SC] (BE) (Hdbk10)
Guaykuru see Guaycuru Guhlkainde [NM] Mescalero Gul ka-i-nda see Guhlkainde
Guayma [MX] Seri (BE) Apache (H) Gulkainde see Guhlkainde
Guaymi (Hdbk10) see also Guhunes see Tonto Apache Gull Lake [MN, ND, SD]
Guayma (BE) Guiagua [HA] Caizcimu (BE) Chippewa (H)
Guaymi [CR, Pan] Chibchan Guianapaqueno see Quiniacapem Gull Lake [MN] Kitchisibiwinini-
(LC) Guiaquita [MX] Concho (BE) wug (H)
Guaymie [Lang] see Guaymi Guibisnuches see Weeminuche Gumbatkni see Kumbatuash
Guaynungomo see Mayongong Guical see Hueyhueyquetzal gumbotkne see gumbotkni
Guayotri Tigua (H) Guicasal see Hueyhueyquetzal gumbotkni [OR] Klamath (BE)
Guayqueri [VE] [Tamanaco] (O) Guichais see Kichai Gummesacapem Coahuiltecan
Guayquiri see Guayqueri Guichita see Wichita (Hdbk10)
Guayu see Goajiro Guichola see Huichol Gunachokon see Gunachonken
Guayva see Guahibo Guichyana see Yuma Gunachonken [AK] Tlingit (H)
Guaza see Kiowa Guicopasico [MX] Coahuiltecan Gunana see Athapascan
Guazapar [MX] Tarahumara (Hdbk10) Gunghet-gitinai see Gunghet-
(Hdk10) Guicuru see Kuikuru kegawai
Guazas see Guasas Guigouin see Cayuga Gunghet-haidagai [BC] Haida (H)
77 Gunghet-haidagai Habuwi

Gunghet-kegawai [Clan] Haida Gyeksem [Clan] [BC] Kwakiutl Gyitsaek [Clan] [BC] Niska (H)
(H) (H) Gyitsalaser see Kitzilis
Guniam see Itene Gyeksem [Clan] Koskimo (H) Gyitsalaser see Kitzilis
Gunlock Southern Paiute Gyeksemsanatl [Clan] Koskimo Gyitsigyuktla see Kitzegukla
(Hdbk11) (H) Gyitsumralon see Kitzimgaylum
Gununa-kene see Pampa Gyeqsem see Gyeksem Gyitsumralon see Kitzimgaylum
Gununa-kene see Northern Gyeqsem see Gyeksem Gyitwulgyats see Kitwilgioks
Tehuelche Gyidesdzo see Kittizoo Gyitwulkesba see Kitwilksheba
Gununa-kene see Tehuelche Gyidnadaeks (H) SE Kinuhtoiah Gyitwulnakeyl [BC] Niska (H)
Guocotegodi Caduveo (O) (H) Gyitwung-a see Kitwingach
Guoyagui see Guayaqui Gyidzaxtlatl see Kitsalthlal Gyitwuntlkol see Kitwinskole
Gurequena see Arekena Gyidzis see Kitzeesh Gyuungsh [Clan] [NM] Pecos (H)
Gusiquesal see Hueyhueyquetzal Gyigyekemae [Gens] Kwakiutl Gyuunsh see Guungsh
Gus-shil-la see Goasila (H)
Gusshilla see Goasila Gyigyelk-am see Gyigyilkam
Gutah see Ute Gyigyelkam see Gyigyilkam
Gutak see Kiowa Apache Gyigyilkam [Clan] [BC] Kwakiutl
Gutak see Kiowa Apache (H) -H-
Gutgunest nashadai see Gut- Gyigyilkam [Clan] [VanI] Ko-
gunest-nas-hadai mogue (H) Haaialik-anae see Haailakyemae
Gutgunets-nas-hadai Haida (H) Gyigyilkam [Gens] [BC] Haaialikyauae see Haailakyemae
Guthlameth see Cathlamet Hahuamis (H) Haailak-emae see Haailakyemae
Guth-le-uk-qwan see Ugalak- Gyigyilkam [Gens] Goasila (H) Haailakyemae [Clan] [BC]
miut Gyigyilkam [Gens] Guauaenok Matilpe (H)
Gutskiawe see Cree (H) Haailakyemae [Clan] [VanI] Ko-
Gutskiawe see Cree Gyikshan see Kitksan moye (H)
Guuylliche see Huilliche Gyilaktsaok [BC] Tsimshian (H) haaiyilikyawi [Clan] Kwexa (An-
Guyaki see Guayaqui Gyilotsar see Kilutsai thro, v.9, no.3, p.158)
Guyana see Guayana Gyimanoitq see Kitlope Haakoh see Acoma
Guyana see Urukuyana Gyisg-ahast see Gyisgahast Haakohni see Acoma
Guyandot see Wyandot Gyisgahast [BC] Niska (H) Haami [Clan] Keres (H)
Guyandot see Conestoga Gyisgahast [Clan] Kitzegukla (H) Haami-hano see Hami
Guyandot see Huron Gyiskabenak [BC] Niska (H) haanalino see haanaLino
Guyapi see Oyampi Gyispaqlaots see Kishpachlaots haanaLino [Clan] Kwexa (An-
Guyas see Guaes Gyispawaduweda [Clan] thro, v.9, no.3, p.158)
Guylpunes see Khulpuni Tsimshian (H) Haanatlenok [Gens] [VanI] Ko-
Guymen see Guimen Gyispayoko see Kishpiyeoux moyue (H)
Gwaitu see Utu Utu Gwaiti Gyispotuweda see Gyis- Haaninin see Atsina
Gwaugueh see Cayupa pawaduweda Haaninin see Hitounenan
Gwe andas see Gweudus Gyitamat see Kitamat Haaninin [Self-designation] see
Gweandas see Gweudus Gyitamat see Kitamat Hitounenan
Gweudus Haida (H) Gyitanmakys see Kitanmaiksh Haatsu [Clan] Keres (H)
Gwe-u-gweh-o-no see Cayuga Gyitanmakys see Kitanmaiksh Haatsu-hano see Hatsi
Gweundu see Gweudus Gyitenda see Kitunto Haauneiri see Yamaica
Gwhunnughshonee see Iroquois Gyitenda see Kitunto Habachaca [Clan] [FL] Timucua
Gwichin [AK] (NPeos, v.7, no.1, Gyitg-aata see Kitkahta (H)
pp.22-29) Gyitgaata see Kitkahta Habacoa [HA] Guaccaiarima (BE)
Gwichin [Lang] see Gyitgyigyenik [Phratry] Niska (H) Ha-ba-soo-pi-ya see Havasupai
Kutchakutchin Gyitingitsats see Gitin-gidjats Habasoopiya see Havasupai
Gyagyilakya [Gens] Kwakiutl Gyitingyitsats see Gitin-gidjats Ha-ba-soo-py-a see Havasupai
(H) Gyitingyitsats see Gitin-gidjats Habasoopya see Havasupai (LC)
Gyai-ko see Comanche Gyitins see Gituns Habasto (HF) see Ahwaste
Gyandotte see Huron Gyitins see Gituns Habasopi see Havasupai
Gyarzobi see Gyazru Gyitkadok [Phratry] [BC] Niska Habbamala see Alabama
Gyaushk [Gens] Chippewa (H) (H) Habe-napo see Khabenapo
Gya-zro see Gyazru Gyitksan see Kitksan Habenapo [CA] Eastern Pomo
Gyazro see Gyazru Gyitkshan see Kitksan (Pub, v.36, no.6)
Gyazru [Clan] Hopi (H) Gyitktsaktl [BC] Kitzilas (H) Ha-bi-na-pa see Khabenapo
Gyazru winwu see Guazru Gyitlan see Kitlani Habinapa see Khabenapo
Gyegyote [Gens] Tlatlasikoala (H) Gyitlaqdamike see Kitlakdamix Hab-koo-kee-ah see Acoma
Gyekolekoa [Gens] Kwakiutl (H) Gyitlaqdamike see Kitlakdamix Habkookeeah see Acoma
Gyeksem [Clan] [BC] Hahuamis Gyitlop see Kitlope Habutas see Tano
(H) Gyitqatla see Kitkala Habuwi [BO] Araona (O)
Hacaath Hakayopa 78

Hacaath see Hachaath Haeetsuk see Bellabella Haida [Lang] Skedans (Anthro,
Hacansacke see Hackensack Haelli see Haglli v.9, no.3, p.157)
Haccinsack see Hackensack Haeltzuk see Heiltsuk Haidah see Chimmesyan
Hachaaht [VanI] Nootka (BE) Hae-mis see Jemez Haidah see Haida
Hachepiriinu Arikara (H) Haemis see Jemez Haidahs see Kaigami
Hachinghsack see Hackensack Haesar (Hdbk10) see also Saesse Haideroka see Crow
Hachkinkeshaky see Hackensack (Hdbk10) Haiish see Eyeish
Hachos see Apaches del Acho Haesar Coahuiltecan (BE) Hailtsa see Heiltsuk
Hackensack [NJ] Unami (LC) Haghquagenonck see Aquack- Hailtsuk see Heiltsuk
Hackinckesaky see Hackensack anonk Hailtzuk see Bellabella
Hackinghesaky see Hackensack Hagilana see Hagi-lana Ha-ilt-zukh see Bellabella
Hackinghsack see Hackensack Hagi-lana [BC] Haida (H) Hailtzukh see Bellabella
Hackinghsackin see Hackensack Haglli Yuma (H) Hailuntchi see Cayuse
Hackinghsakij see Hackensack Hagueti see Cashibo Hailuntchi see Cayuse
Hackingkesacky see Hackensack Haguna see Laguna Ha-im see Haim
Hackingkescaky see Hackensack Haha see Assiniboin Haim [BC] Salish (H)
Hackingsack see Hackensack Hahamatse (H) see also Walitsum Haimaaksto [Tsentsenkaio] (H)
Hackinkasacky see Hackensack (H) Hai-maaxsto see Haimaaksto
Hackinkesackingh see Hacken- Hahamatse see Hahamatse Haimaaxsto see Haimaaksto
sack Hahamatse [Sept] [BC] Lekwiltok Hain see Cayuse
Hackinkesacky see Hackensack (H) Hainai (W) see also Ione (CA)
Hackinkesaky see Hackensack Hahatona see Chippewa Hainai [TX] Caddo (BE)
Hackinsack see Hackensack Hahatonwan see Chippewa Hai-ne-na-une see Tanima
Hackinsagh see Hackensack Hahatonway see Chippewa Hainenaune see Tanima
Hackquickanon see Aquack- Ha-hat-tong see Chippewa haipaai see Santa Clara [NM]
anonk Hahattong see Chippewa Haiphaha see Santa Clara [NM]
Hackquinsack see Hackensack Ha-ha-tu-a see Chippewa Hair Shirts see Isisokasimiks
Hacksensack [NJ] Unami (LC) Hahatua see Chippewa Hairy-Mens band see
Haclli see Haglli Ha-ha-twawn see Chippewa Hevhaitanio
Ha-coom see Yacum Hahatwawn see Chippewa Hais see Eyeish
Hacoom see Yacum Ha-ha-vasu-pai see Havasupai Haisai (BE)
hacpa see Pima Hahavasupai see Havasupai Haiseas see Yscani
hacpa amay see Papago Hahderuka see Crow Ha-ish see Eyeish
Hacquickenunk see Aquack- Hahekolatl [Gens] Tlatlasikoala Haish see Eyeish
anonk (H) Hai-shi-la see Kitamet
Hacquinsack see Hackensack Hahel-topa-ipa see San Carlos Haishila see Kitamat
Hacu see Acoma Apache Haishilla see Kitamat
Hacuqua see Acoma Hahel-topa-ipa see Tsiltaden Haisla [Can] Bellabella (LC)
Ha-cu-quin see Acoma Hah-hah-ton-wah see Chippewa Haisla [Lang] [Can] Kwakiutl see
Hacuquin see Acoma Hahhahtonwah see Chippewa Jicarilla Apache
Hacus see Acoma Hah-koo-kee-ah see Acoma Haita Western Shoshone (Hdbk11)
Hadai see Adai Hahkookeeah see Acoma Haitch Point see Hatch Point
Ha-de-pi-ri-i-nu see Hachepiri- Hahtz-nai koon see Atsina Haitlin see Tait
inu Hahuamis see Hahuamis Haiwal [Clan] Tonkawa (H)
Hadepiriinu see Hachepiriinu Hahuamis [BC] Kwakiutl (BE) Ha ka see Kiowa Apache
Hadiniaden [Clan] Seneca (H) Hahuamis [Lang] Wakashan (H) Haka (PC) see also Kiowa Apache
Hadiniongwaiiu [Clan] Seneca Ha-hwad-ja see Pinalino Apache (LC)
(H) Ha-hwadsha see Pinalino Apache Haka [Clan] Acoma (H)
Hadishwengaiiu see Hadish- Hahwadsha see Pinalino Apache Haka-hanoq see Hakan
wengaiiu Haiaha see Chiricahua Apache Hakahanoq see Hakan
Hadishwengaiiu [Clan] Seneca Haiaha see Mescalero Apache Haka-hanoqch see Hakan
(H) Haiaha see Chiricahua Apache Hakahanoqch see Hakan
Haditwiwi see Atsugewi Haiaha see Mescalero Apache Hakan [Clan] Keres (H)
Hadley Indians [MA] (H) Hai-ai-nima see Sanpoil Hakan-hano see Hakan
Hadovesaves see Dakota Hai-ainima see Sanpoil Ha-kan-ni see Hakan
Hadovessians see Dakota Haiainima see Sanpoil Hakanyi [Clan] Keres (H)
Hadsapokes Band [NV] Paviotso Hai-ankutchin see Hankutchin Hakanyi-hano see Hakanyi
(H) Haiankutchin see Hankutchin Hakanyi-hanuch see Hakanyi
Hadtuitazhi [Clan] Omaha (H) Haibata see Santa Clara [NM] Hakataya Culture [AZ] (Hdbk10)
Haeeltruk see Bellabella Haibata see Santa Clara [NM] Hakawhatapa see Haka-whatapa
Haeeltsuk see Bellabella Haibayu see Santa Clara [NM] Haka-whatapa [AZ] Tolkepaya
Haeeltz see Bellabella Hai-da see Haida (BE)
Haeeltzuk see Bellabella Haida [BC, AK] Skittagetan (LC) Hakayopa [AZ] Wikedjasapa (BE)
79 Hakehelapa Hangkaenikashika

Hakehelapa [AZ] Western Yavapai Halotesu [Br] Southern Nam- Hammetwelle see Hometwoli
(Pub, v.29, no.4) bicuara (O) Hammonasset [CT] Wappinger
Hakehelapa Wiltaikapaya [AZ] Halpadalgi [Clan] Creek (H) (LC)
Tolkepaya (BE) Haltalt see Hellelt Hamockhaves see Mohave
Hakesian see Haqui Halthwypum see Klickitat Hamokaba see Mohave
Hakia tce-pai [AZ] Walapai (BE) Haltso see Khaltso (H) Hamokavi see Mohave
Hak-koo-kee-ah see Acoma Haltsodine (H) see Khaltso Ham-oke-avi see Mohave
Hakkookeeah see Acoma Ha-lum-mi see Lummi Hamoke-avi see Mohave
Hakoopin see Agua Caliente Halummi see Lummi Hamokeavi see Mohave
Hakouchirmiou (H) Halxaixtenox see Halhaiktenok Hamokhave see Mohave
Ha-ku see Acoma Halxaixtenox see Halhaiktenok Hamtolops see Humptulips
Haku see Acoma Halyikwamai [AZ] (BE) Hamtsit [BC] Bella Coola (H)
haku-ka see Acoma Halyikwamai [Lang] Delta Yuman Hamtsit [Clan] Taliomh (H)
Hakukia see Acoma (Hdbk10) Hamukahava see Mohave
Ha-ku Kue see Acoma Hamacore see Iquito Han [AK] (BE)
Hakukue see Acoma Ha-ma-kaba-mitc kwa-dig see Han [Clan] Kansa (H)
Hakupakapa (BE) see also Tolke- Apache Han [Lang] Athapascan (BE)
paya (BE) Ha-ma-kaba-mitckwa-dig see Han [TX] (H)
Hakupakapa [AZ] (BE) Apache Hana [Clan] Menominee (H)
Hakwiche see Cahuilla Hamakabamitckwadig see Hanag see Henaggi
Hakwiche see Kawia [Luiseo] Apache Hanaga see Henya
Halakwulup see Alacaluf Hamakha-v see Mohave Hanahawunena see
Hal-alt see Hellelt Hamakhava [Self-designation] see Hanakawunena
Halalt see Hellelt Mohave Hanahawunena [WY] Arapaho (BE)
Halaut (H) see also Neskainlith Hamakhave see Mohave Hanakwiche see Serrano
(H) Hamak-have see Mohave Hanakwiche see Jenequich
Halaut see Also Neskonlith Band Hamalakyauae (H) see also Gyigy- Hanalelti see Hanalelti
Halaut see Neskonlith Band ilkam (H) Hanalelti [CA] Washo (BE)
Halaut [BC] Shuswap (H) Hamalakyauae [Clan] Nimkish Hanamana [Cu] (BE)
Halbama see Alabama (H) Haname see Cotonam
Halchadhoma see Halchidoma Hamano [Gens] Quatsino (H) Hananaxawuune see Hana-
Halchedoma see Halchidhoma Hamapu [BO] Araona (O) hawunena
Halchedunes see Halchidhoma Hamaruamomowi Guahibo (O) Hananaxawuunenan see Ara-
Halchidhoma (CA) see also Hamawi (BE) see also Hammawi paho
Chemehuevi (LC) (CA) Hanctons see Yankton
Halchidhoma [CA, AZ] (CA) Hamawi see Humawhi Hand Cutters see Dakota
Halchidhoma [Lang] Yuman (CA) Hamawi (PC) see also Humawhi Handsome Men see Quapaw
Half breech cloth people see (H) Hane see Jano
Chegnakeokisela Hamawi [CA] Achomawi (BE) Hanega see Henya
Half breech clout people see Hamburg Indians see Kammatwa Hanera see Barosana
Chegnakeokisela Hamechuwa [CA] Comeya (H) Haneragmiut [Can] Central Eski-
Half-breed Band [SD] Cheyenne Ha-mef-kut-tel-li see Atuami mos (BE)
(BE) Hamefkuttelli see Atuami Hanetones see Yankton
Half-breeds see Mixed Bloods Hamefuitellies see Atuami Hanga [Subgens] Omaha (H)
Half-Cheyenne band see Sutaio Hameyisath see Hameyisath Hangacenu see Hangashenu
Half Crees see Cahia iyeskabin Hameyisath [Sept] [Can] Nootka Hanga jinga see Ibache
Halhaiktenok [Clan] Bellabella (H) Hangajinga see Ibache
(H) Ha-mi see Hami Hanga-qti see Dtesanhadtadhis-
Halisanes see Ietan Hami [Clan] [NM] Pueblo Indi- han
Halitanes see Ietan ans (H) Hangaqti see Dtesanhadtadhis-
Haliti see Paressi Hami-hano see Hami han
Halkomelem see Stalo Hamilton Creek [Can] Salish (H) Hangashenu Omaha (H)
Halkomelem see Cowichan Haminal see Gitanemuk Hanga tanga see Hangatanga
Halkomelem see Stalo Hamine-chan see Khemnichan Hangatanga [Gens] Kansa (H)
Hallapoota see Olulato Hammawi (CA-8) see also Hanga utanandji see Hangatanga
Halliquamalla see Halyikwamai Hamawi (BE) Hangautanandji see Hangatanga
Halliquamaya see Quigyuma Hammawi (CA-8) see also Hu- Hanging Ears see Kalispel
Halona (Hdbk9) mawhi (H) Hanginihkashina Tsishu (H)
Halona (Hdbk9) see also Zuni Hammawi [CA] Achomawi (Pub, Hangka [Clan] Quapaw (H)
(LC) v.23, no.5) Hangka Osage (H)
Ha-lo-nah see Zuni Hammawi [Lang] Achomawi (CA- Hangkaahutun Hangka (H)
Halonah see Zuni 8) Hangkaenikashika [Gens] Qua-
halona-wa see Zuni Ham-met-wel-le see Hometwoli paw (H)
Hangkautadhantsi Hauaniker-Tsonik 80

Hangkautadhantsi Hangka (H) Hapsaroke see Crow Hass-lin-tung see Hupa

Hangnikashinga [Subgens] Han Hapudtukede see Sawawaktodo Hasslintung see Hupa
(H) tuviwari Hassnungaes see Hassinunga
Hanichina see Isleta Haqihana [WY] Arapaho (BE) Hastriryini see Taensa
Hanieas see Henya Haquamis see Hahuamis Hatakfushi [Clan] Chickasaw (H)
Haningayormiut [Can] Central Haquequenunck see Aquack- Hatarask see Hatteras
Eskimos (BE) anonk Hatawa [CA] Comeya (H)
Haninikashina Haninihkashina Haqui [TX] (H) Hatcaath see Hachaath
(H) Haquicqueenock see Aquack- Hatchita see Hitchiti
Hanis [OR] (BE) anonk Hatch Point [VanI] Salish (H)
Hankpape see Hunkpapa Harac hit tan see Kayashkidetan Hatchswamp see Hatsawap
Han-kutchi see Hankutchin Harahey see Pawnee Hat Creek Indians see Atsugewi
Hankutchi see Hankutchin Harakmbet [Lang] [PE] (O) (LC)
Han kutchin see Hankutchin Harame see Xarame Hat Creek Indians (Pub, v.23,
Hankutchin [AK] Kutchin (H) Harames [MX] Coahuiltecan (BE) no.5) see Atsuge
Han-kutqin see Loucheux Har-dil-zhay see Yavapai Hate see Harakbet
Hankutqin see Loucheux Har-dil-zhay see Mohave Hatene see Coos
Han-kuttchin see Hankutchin Har-dil-zhay see Tonto Apache Hatene see Coos
Hankuttchin see Hankutchin Har-dil-zhay see Tulkepaia Hathawekela (H) see also Assi-
Hannakalal see Hannakallal Hardilzhay see Mohave wikale (H)
Hannakallah see Hannakallal Hardilzhay see Tonto Apache Hathawekela [TN] Absentee
Han-na-kal-lal see Hannakallal Hardilzhay see Tulkepaia Shawnee (BE)
Hannakallal [PacN] Athapascan Hardilzhay see Yavapai Ha-tha-we-ke-lah see
(H) Hardwoods see Sugwaundugah- Hathawekela
Hannanaxawunenan see Hana- wininewug Hathawekelah see Hathawekela
hawunena Hare see Eskimos Ha-tha-we-ki-lah see
Hannesuk [CA] Northern Valley Harefoot Indians see Kawchot- Hathawekela
Yokuts (BE) tine Hathawekilah see Hathawekela
Hannetons see Yankton Hare Indians see Peau de Lievre Hatihshi-runu see Winnebago
Hannikashinga [Subgens] Han Hare Indians see Kawchottine Hatihshirunu see Winnebago
(H) Hareskins see Kawchottine Hatilshe see Mohave
Hanningayurmuit [AK] Eskimos Harno see Hano Hatilshe see Tulkepaia
(Hdbk5) Haro see Hano Hatilshe see Yuma
Hano (H) see also Jano (BE) Harones see Huron Hatindiaointen see Wyandot
Hano see Tewa Harrison Mouth see Scowlits Hatinieyerunu see Mohawk
Hano Northern Tewa (BE) Harrison River [BC] Cowichan Hatirontaks see Adirondack
Hanoki see Hano (H) Hatishe see Yuma
Hanom see Hano Hartley Bay see Kitqata Hatiwanta-runh see Neutral Na-
Ha-no-me see Hano Hartley Bay see Kitkahta tion
Hanome see Hano Harvaktormiut see Harvaqtuur- Hatorask see Hateras
Hanomuh see Hano miut hat-pa see Pima
Hano Oshatch see Oshach Harvaqtormiut (Hdbk5) see also Hatpa see Pima
Han-te-wa see Hantiwi Harvaqtuurmiut (Hdbk5) Hatsawap Choptank (Hdbk15)
Hantiwi [CA] Achomawi (BE) Harvaqtormiut [Can] Central Es- Hatsi [Clan] [NM] Laguna (H)
Hantiwi [CA] Shasta (H) kimos (BE) Hatsi [Clan] [NM] San Felipe (H)
Hanyuveche see Serrano Harvaqtuurmiut [Lang] Caribou Hatsi-hano see Hatsi
Hapai [Clan] Laguna (H) Eskimos (Hdbk5) hat-spa see Pima
Hapai-hano see Hapanyi Harwaneki see Southern hatspa see Pima
Hapai-hanock see Hapanyi Tehuelche hats-pas see Pima
hapanahkih see Delaware Hashi see Cora Hatswampt see Hatsawap
hapanahkiyah see Delaware Hasinai (W) see also Ione (CA) Hattack-falaih-hosh see Ok-
Hapan-hano see Hapanyi Hasinai [Self-designation] (H) see lafalaya
Ha-pan-ni see Hapanyi also Caddo (LC) Hattahappa see Attacapa
Hapanni see Hapanyi Hasinai [TX] (LC) Hattakappa see Attacapa
Hapanyi [Clan] Keres see Papago Hasinai Confederacy see Fox Hattchenae see Unakhotana
Hapeka see Hopi Haslizdine see Khashhlizhni Hatteras (LC) see also Lumbee (LC)
Ha-pe-ka see Hopi (LC) Haslizni see Khashhlizhni Hatteras [Lang] Algonquian (BE)
Hapudtukede (Hdbk11) see Hasotino [ID] Nez Perce (BE) Hatteras [NC] (BE)
Sawawaktodo tuviwari Hassinienga see Hassinunga Hatunne see Coos
Hapes [TX, MX] Coahuiltecan Hassinuga see Hassinunga Hatunne see Coos
(LC) Hassinunga [Lang] [VA] Eastern Hatweme [ID] Nez Perce (BE)
Hapitu see Hopi Siouan (H) Hauaniker-Tsonik see Southern
Hapsa-rokay see Crow Hassinunga [VA] Manahoac (BE) Tehuelche
81 Hauenayo He-stands-both-sides

Hauenayo [Clan] Timucua (H) Hay-narg-ger see Henaggi Helwit see Wishram
Haughgoghnuchshionee see Iro- Haynargger see Henaggi He-mai see Jemez
quois Haynargie see Henaggi Hemai see Jemez
Hauheqtormiut [Can] Central Es- Hayno (LC) Hemeos see Jemez
kimos (BE) Haynokes see Eno [NC] Hemes see Jemez
Hauico see Hawikuh Hazaname see Aranama Hemeshitse see Jemez
Haukoma [CA] Pomo (H) Hazoa [HA] Caizcimu (BE) He-me-shu-tsa see Jemez
Hauneqtormiut see Hauniqtuur- Hazue [HA] Cahibo (BE) Hemeshutsa see Jemez
miut Hdoum-dei-kih see Kadohada- Hemez see Jemez
Hauniqtuurmiut [AL] Caribou cho He-mi see Jemez
Eskimos (Hdbk5) Heabenoma see Hoabonoma Hemi see Jemez
Hauscari see Cedar Head of the Lake Band (BE) He-mi-ma see Jemez
Haush [Arg] (O) Head of the Lake Band see Hemima see Jemez
Hautcuk-tlesath see Uchucklesit Komaplix He-minicanj see Khemnichan
Hautlatin see Huntlatin Headwater People see Ihuruhana Heminicanj see Khemnichan
Hauts-Tchinouks see Upper Heard Swamp see Hatsawap Hemishitz see Jemez
Chinook Hebahamo see Ebahamo he-misi see Jemez
Havana [Cu] (BE) Hebohamo see Ebahamo hemisi see Jemez
Havasopi see Havasupai Hebonuma see Hoabonoma he-misi-ce see Jemez
Havasua Pai see Havasupai Hechoaladi see Echoaladi he-misice see Jemez
Ha-va-su-pai see Havasupai Heckwiath see Hesquiat hemisice see Jemez
Havasupai [AZ] (LC) Heckwiath see Hesquiat Hemnica see Khemnichan
Havasupai [Lang] Upland Yuman Heda-haidagi [Clan] Haida (H) Hemnicanj see Khemnichan
(Hdbk10) Hedatse see Hidatsa He-mni-conj see Khemnichan
Hava-su-pay see Havasupai Hegue see Eudeve Hemp Gatherers see Skaruren
Havasu-pay see Havasupai He-ha-me-tawe see Hehametawe He-nag-gi see Henaggi
Havasupay see Havasupai Hehametawe [Subgens] Kwakiutl Henaggi [CA] Tolowa (H)
Haveniken see Tehuelche (H) He-nakyalaso see Henakyalaso
Haverstraw [NY] Unami (BE) Hehighenimmo see Sanpoil Henakyalaso [Gens] Kwakiutl (H)
Haverstroo see Haverstraw He-hih-e-nim-mo see Sanpoil He-nar-ger see Henaggi
Havesu-pai see Havasupai Hehl [AK] Tlingit (BE) Henarhonon see Arendahronon
Havico see Hawikuh Hehlkoan [AK] Tlingit (H) Henex see Jemez
Havilah see Wiwayuk Hehonqueronon see Kich- Henicohio Tigua (H)
Havisua Pai see Havasupai esipirini Heniocane [TX] Coahuiltecan (BE)
Hawalapai see Hualapai Hehue see Eudeve Henja-kon see Henya
Hawaneki see Southern Heiche see Eyeish henna see Northern Paiute
Tehuelche Heiltsuk see Heiltsuk Henneega [Can] Sitka-kwan
Ha-waw-wah-lah-too-waw see Heiltsuk (LC) see also Bellbella (Contri, v.1, p.38)
Jemez (LC) Hennega see Henya
Hawawwahlahtoowaw see Jemez Heiltsuk [Lang] [Can] Kwakiutl Henne-ga-kon see Henya
Hawesidoc see Ha-we-si-doc (LC) Hennegakon see Henya
Ha-we-si-doc [CA] Achomawi Heiltsuk [Lang] [Can] Wakashan Hennesh see Choctaw
(BE) (BE) Hen-ta-pah-tu see Hunkpatina
Hawiche see Cahuilla Heiltsuq see Heltsuk Hentapahtu see Hunkpatina
hawikku see Hawikuh Heiltsuq see Heiltsuk Hen-tee-pah-tee see Hunkpatina
Hawikuh Zuni (Hdbk9) Hekhalanois [Gens] Koskimo (H) Henteepahtee see Hunkpatina
Hawitche see Hewchi Hekinxtana see Ikogmiut Henuti [Clan] [NM] Sia (H)
Hawmanao [Gens] Kwakiutll (H) Hekpa [Clan] Hopi (H) Henya [AK] Tlingit (BE)
Haw-on-chee see Hewchi Hekwach see Agua Caliente Henya qoan see Henya
Haw-quo-e-hov-took see Chasta Hel-alt see Hellelt Hepowwoo [CA] Comeya (H)
Hawquoehovtook see Chasta Helalt see Hellelt Hequi see Eudeve
Haxaancinenan [OK] Arapaho Helikilika [Gens] Kwakiutl (H) Herechene see Horicon
(BE) Hel-lalt see Hellelt Herechenes see Horicon
Haxuamis see Hahuamis Hellalt see Hellelt Hereckene see Horicon
Haya-a see Chiricahua Apache Hellelt [VanI] Salish (H) Heri see Seri
Ha-yah see Hayah Hellet [Can] Cowichan (BE) Heries see Erie
Hayah [Clan] [NM] Pecos (H) Hellwits see Tlakluit Hernes see Jemez
Hayaha see Chiricahua Apache Hellwits see Wishram Hesley see Makhelchel
Haychis see Eyeish Helowna see Okanagan Lake Hesquiaht see Hesquiat
Hayfork [CA] Wintu (CA) Helto see Hel-to Hesquiat [Can] Nootka (BE)
Hayfork [Lang] [CA] Wintu (CA- Hel-to [CA] Maidu (Contri, v.3, Hessler see Makhelchel
8) p.282) He-stands-both-sides see Anogi-
Haynaggi see Henaggi Helwit see Tlakluit najin
Hesweiwewipu Hinimiut 82

Hesweiwewipu [ID] Nez Perce Hianacoto-Umaua see Carijona Higuey [HA] Caizcimu (BE)
(BE) Hianagouy [TX] (H) Hi-ha kanhanhan win see Hi-
Heta [Br] (LC) Hiantatsi [TX] (H) hakanhanhanwin
Heth-to-ya (H) see also Hittoya Hiaque see Yaqui Hihakanhanhanwin Brule (H)
(H) Hiaqui see Yaqui hihakim see Yaqui
Hethtoya see Heth-to-ya Hi-ar see Chiricahua Apache Hihame (Hdbk10) see also Sijame
Hethtoya see Hittoya Hiar see Chiricahua Apache (BE)
Heth-to-ya [CA] Miwok (Contri, Hiazus see Yazoo Hihames [MX] Coahuiltecan (BE)
v.3, p.349) Hibaro see Jivaro Hihaneton see Yankton
Heuchi see Hewchi Hicaque see Jicaque Hihighenimmo see Sanpoil
Heva tan i u see Hevhaitanio Hichakhshepara [Gens] Win- Hi-high-e-nim-mo see Sanpoil
Hevataniu see Hevhaitanio nebago (H) Hihighenimo see Sanpoil
Heve see Eudeve Hichapulvapa [AZ] Wikedjasapa Hihinkiava see Kawaiisu
Hevhaitan see Hevhaitanio (BE) Hiits Hanyi see Itrahani
Hev-hai-ta-ni-o see Hevhaitanio Hicheta see Hitchiti Hijames see Hihames
Hevhaitanio see Hevhaitanio Hichhu see Hupa Hijames see Sijame
Hevhaitanio [SD] Cheyenne Hichucio [MX] Tehueco (H) Hikanagi see Mahican
(BE) Hickory see Jicarilla Apache Hika-pu see Kickapoo
Hevi-qsin see Heviqs-nipahis Hickory Indians [PA, DE] (H) Hikapu see Kickapoo
Heviqsin see Heviqs-nipahis Hictoba Dakota (H) Hilabia Creek (Ye)
Heviqs-nikpahis see Heviqs-ni- Hidatsa [Can, ND] (LC) Hilchittee see Hitchiti
pahis Hidatsa [Lang] Siouan see Gros Hilends Gila Indians see Coy-
Heviqsnipa see Heviqs-nipahis Ventre otero Apache
Heviqsnipahis see Heviqs-ni- Hidatza see Hidatsa Hiletsuck see Bellabella
pahis Hide Strap Clan see Piqosha Hiletsuck see Heiltsuk
Heviqs-nipahis [SD] Cheyenne Hidhatsa see Hidatsa Hiletsuk see Bellabella
(BE) Hiem-ai see Jemez Hiletsuk see Heiltsuk
He-wa see Jemez Hiemide see Jemez Hilibi [AL] (BE)
Hewa see Jemez hiemma see Jemez Hilini see Illinois
He-wa-kto-kta see Hidatsa Hierbipiam see Ervipiame Hiliniki see Illinois
Hewaktokta see Hidatsa Hierbipiames see Ervipiame Hilleamuck see Tillamook
Hewaktokto see Hidatsa Hieroquodame see Terocodame Hillini-Lleni see Cree
He-war-tuk-tay see Hidatsa Hietan see Comanche Hill Maidu Northwestern Maidu
Hewartuktay see Hidatsa Hietanes see Ietan (Pub, v.29. no.4)
Hewa-ta-niuw see Hevhaitanio Hietans see Ietan Hill Nomlaki [Lang] [CA] (CA-
Hewchi [CA] Northern Valley Higaali see Jicarilla Apache 8)
Yokuts (CA-8) Higabu see Kickapoo Hill Patwin [CA] (CA-8)
Hewi see Huwi Higgahaldahu see Tillamook Hill Patwin [Lang] Wintuan (CA-
Hewisdawi see Hewisedawi Higgahaldshu see Tillamook 8)
Hewisedawi [CA] Achomawi High Bar [BC] Shuswap (H) Hiluys [BC] (H)
(Pub, v.23, no.5) High Bar Band [BC] Fraser River Himatanohis [Society] Cheyenne
Hewisedawi [Lang] Achomawi Shuswap (Hdbk12) (H)
(CA-8) High-House People see Kinaani Himeri [MX] Pima (BE)
Heya see Chiricahua Apache Highland [Lang] Pima (Hdbk10) Himoiyoqis see Himoiyoqis
Heyata-otonjwe see Kheyatao- Highland Brule see Khey- Himoiyoqis [Society] Cheyenne
tonwe atawichasha (H)
Heyata tonwan see Kheyatao- Highlander see Chipewyan Hinanaeinan see Arapaho
tonwe Highlanders see Nochpeem Hinanaeinana see Arapaho
Heyata wicasa see Khey- Highland Eskimos see Polar Es- Hinanashiu [Gens] Menominee
atawichasha kimos (H)
Heye see Geyer Highland Indians (H) see also Hinanashiuv [Clan] Menominee
Heyquetzal see Hueyheuyquetzal Nochpeem (BE) (H)
Hhana see Khana Highland Indians Delaware Hinasso see Wichita
Hi-a see Hia (Hdbk15) Hine [MX] Xixime (BE)
Hia (Hdbk10) see also Guarihio Highland Mayan see Quichoid Hingutdesu [Br] Southern Nam-
(Hdbk10) Highland Munsee [Lang] bicuara (O)
Hia Arikara (H) (Hdbk15) Hinhan-cunwapa see Hinhan-
Hiabu [TX] Coahuiltecan (BE) Highland Piman [Lang] (Hdbk15) shunwapa
Hiaced Oodham adia [Lang] Pa- Highland Sicangu see Khey- Hinhanshunwapa Brule (H)
pago (Hdbk10) atawichasha Hini see Hainai
hiaki see Yaqui High-minded people see Siksika Hinienima see Kawaiisu
hiakim see Yaqui High Village see Meteahke Hiniima see Kawaiisu
Hianacoto see Carijona Higos [TX] (H) Hinimiut [AK] Netsilik (Hdbk5)
83 Hinkaneton Hohilpo

Hinkaneton see Yankton Hiwana see Apache Hochonchapa see Hochonchabba

Hinsepu [ID] Nez Perce (BE) Hiwana see Apache Hochungohrah see Winnebago
hiokuok see Pecos Hiwana see Apache hoipwe-ki see Oibwa
Hiorna see Yorica Hiwi [Self-designation] see Hockanoanco see Hoccanum
Hios [MX] Nevome (H) Chiricoa Hockquackanonk see Aquack-
Hipa [Clan] Mohave (H) Hiwi [Self-designation] see anonk
Hirequodame see Terocodame Guahibo Hockquackonong see Aquack-
Hirocoi see Iroquois Hixkaryana [Br] Parukoto (LC) anonk
Hiroon see Huron Hiyaraba [Clan] Timucua (H) Hockquecanung see Aquack-
Hiroquais see Iroquois Hizantinton see Santee anonk
Hiroquois see Iroquois Hizo [MX] Varohio (H) Hockquekanung see Aquack-
Hisada [Gens] Ponca (H) Hlahloalgi [Clan] Creek (H) anonk
hisatok see Washo Hlgagilda-kegawai [Sub-family] Hockquickanon see Aquack-
Hiscas see Yscani Haida (H) anonk
Hishkaryana see Hixkaryana Hlgahet-gitinai [Clan] Haida (H) Hocktem see Hoitda
Hishquayaht see Hesquiat Hlgahet-kegawai [Sub-clan] Hoctata see Oto
Hisiometanio see Hisiometanio Haida (H) Ho-dash see Khotachi
Hisiometanio [SD] Cheyenne (BE) Hlgaiu-lana [Clan] [BC] Haida Hodash see Khotachi
Hiskaryana see Hixkaruyana (H) Ho-de-no-sau-nee see Iroquois
Hisotoko [CA] (H) Hlielung-keawai [Sub-clan] [BC] Hodenosaunee see Iroquois
His-scarlet-people see Kapozha Haida (H) Ho-de-san-no-ge-ta see
Hissi o me tan i u see Hi- Hlielungkunlnagai [Sub-clan] Onondaga
siometanio Haida (H) Hodesannogeta see Onondaga
Hissiometaniu see Hisiometanio Hlielung-stustae [Sub-clan] [BC] Hodesaunee see Houdenosaunee
Histapenumanke (H) see also Haida (H) Confederacy
Estapa (H) Hlilush see Tutuni Hodidaionga [Clan] Seneca (H)
Hista pe nu-man-ke see Hlilush see Tututni Hodidjionniga [Clan] Seneca (H)
Histapenumanke Hlimul-naas-hadai see Hlimul- Hodigengega [Clan] Seneca (H)
Histapenumanke Mandan (H) naas-hadai Ho-di-hi-dan-ne see Pawnee
Histoppa see Histapenumanke Hlimulnaas-hadai [Sub-clan] Hodihidanne see Pawnee
His-tu-itani-o see Atsina Haida (H) Hodinesiiu see Hodinesiiu
Histuitanio see Atsina Hlingwainaes-hadai [Sub-family] Hodinesiiu [Clan] Seneca (H)
Hitaniwoiv see Arapaho Haida (H) Hodinondeoga [Clan] Seneca (H)
Hi-tan-ne-wo-i-e see Arapaho Hlkaonedis [Sub-clan] [AK] Ho-di-nonsyonni see Iroquois
Hitannewoie see Arapaho Haida (H) Hodinonsyonni see Iroquois
Hitanwoiv see Arapaho Hlkoayedi [Clan] [AK] Tlingit Hoeras [MX] Lagunero (BE)
Hitasina see Cheyenne (H) Hoesh see Penateka
Hi-tca-qce-pa-ra see Hlukahadi [Clan] [AK] [Chilkat] Hoganlani see Khoghanhlani
Hichakhshepara (H) Hogapagoni see Southern Paiute
Hitcaqcepara see ichakhshepara Hmisis see Omisis Hogapagoni see Paiute
Hitchatee see Hitchiti Hoabonoma [AZ] (H) Hogh-na-you-tau-agh-taugh-
Hitchetaw see Hitchiti Hoahonomo see Hoabonoma caugh see Oneida
Hit-che-tee see Hitchiti Hoaiath see Oiaht Hogiopas see Cocopa
Hitchetee see Hitchiti Hoaiath see Oiaht Hoglanders see Nochpeem
Hitchi see Kichai Hoak Maidu (Contri, v.3, p.282) Hogloge see Yuchi
Hitchies see Hitchiti Ho-al-kut-whuh see Whilkut Hogologe see Yuchi
Hitchies see Kichai Hoancut see Honkut Hogologee [GA] Yuchi (H)
Hitchiti [GA] (BE) Hoan-kut see Honkut Hoh [WA] (BE)
Hitchittee see Hitchiti Hoba see Jova Ho-ha see Assiniboin
Hitch-ity see Hitchiti Hobaks see Hobaks Hoha see Assiniboin
Hitchity see Hitchiti Hobaks [WA] Swinomish (BE) Hohandika (Hdbk11) see also
Hitnu see Guahibo Hobatinequasi [Clan] Timucua Hukunduka (Hdbk11)
Hitote see Witoto (H) Hohandika see Hukunduka
Hitounenan [Self-designation] Hobonoma see Hoabonoma Hohandika [UT] Shoshone (H)
Arapaho (Pub, v.12, no.3, p.74) Hoc-bo-a see Hosboa Hohe Sihasapa (H)
Hittoya [CA] Miwok (H) Hoc-bo-a wunwu see Hosboa Hoheh see Hohe
Hitunena see Atsina Hoccanum [CT] (H) Ho-he-i-o see Assiniboin
Hitunena see Atsina Hochangara see Winnebago Hoheio see Assiniboin
Hitunenina see Atsina Hochelaga (BE) Hoh-hay see Assiniboin
hiuqua see Pecos Ho-chon-chab-ba see Ho- Hohhay see Assiniboin
Hive see Oivimana chonchabba Ho hill po see Hohilpo
Hivi [Self-designation] see Hochonchabba [Clan] Chickasaw Hohillpo see Hohilpo
Guahibo (H) Hohilpo (H) see also Salish (LC)
Ho-hil-po Hontci-ki-ka-ra-tca-da 84

Ho-hil-po see Hohilpo Holiwahali [AL] Muskogee (BE) Honcpatela band see Hunkpatina
Hohilpo Tushepaw (H) Holkoma [CA, NV] Mono (BE) Honctons see Yankton
Hohio (H) Hol-ko-mah see Holkoma Honcut see Honkut
Hohodene [Lang] Maipurean (O) Holkomah see Holkoma Hone-cha-da see Chonakera
Hohodene [VE] Wakuenai (O) Hol-mie-uh see Holmiuk Honechada see Chonakera
Hohoka-hano see Hooka Holmieuh see Holmiuk Honeches see Waco
Hohokam (LC) Holmiuk [CA] (H) Honepapa see Hunkpapa
Hohota Piro (H) Holoaloopi see Ololopa Honepatela Yanctonnais see
Hohota Tigua (H) Hol-o-kommah see Holkoma Hunkpatina
Hohu see Hoko Holokommah see Holkoma Hone-ta-par-teen see
Hoidarhonon [Can] (H) Hololipi see Ololopa Hunkpatina
Hoidxnous see Hutsnuwu Hol-o-lu-pai (H) see also Ololopa Honetaparteen see Hunkpatina
Hoilkut-hoi see Whilkut (H) Hone-ta-par-teen-waz see Hone-
Ho in de borto see Hunkpatina Hololupai see Ololopa taparteenwaz
Hoindeborto see Hunkpatina Hol-o-lu-pai [CA] Maidu (Con- Honetaparteenwaz Yankton (H)
Ho-is see Penateka tri, v.3, p.282) Honey-Eaters see Penointikara
Hois see Penateka Holonagu see Halona Honey Eaters see Penateka
Hoitda [CA] Maidu (H) Holstenborg Greenland Eskimos Honey Lake Paiute (NVAP, no.4,
Ho iv i ma nah see Oivimana (BE) 1960)
Hoivimanah see Oivimana Holy Cross-Georgetown [AK] Hongashan see Hangashenu
Hojomes see Jocome Inglaik (BE) Hongashanno see Hangashenu
Hok [CA] (CA) Holy Easter see San Pascual [CA] Hon-ga-sha-no see Hangashenu
Hokamish see Skokomish Holy Sabbath see Santo Domingo Hong-Kutchin see Hankutchin
Hokan [Lang] (CA) Ho-ma see Hotachi Hongkutchin see Hankutchin
Hokandika see Hukunduka Homa see Houma Honigeters see Penateka
Ho-kan-dik-ah see Hohandika Homa see Hotachi Ho-ni-i-tani-o see Pawnee
Ho-kan-dik-ah see Hukunduka Ho-ma-ha see Omaha Ho-ni-i-ta-ni-o see Pawnee
Hokandikah see Hohandika Homaha see Omaha Honiitanio see Pawnee
Hokandikah see Hukunduka Homalco see Homalko Honin nyumu see Honau
Hokan Indians see Hok Homaldo [CA] Nomlaki (CA-8) Honk pa pa see Hunkpapa
Hokan-Siouan Phylum [Lang] Homalko [BC] Salish (BE) Honkpapa see Hunkpapa
(BE) Homalko [Lang] Comox (BE) Honkut [CA] Maidu (H)
Hokan-ti-kara see Hohandika Homamish see Shomamish Hon-namu see Honau
Hokan-tikara see Hukunduka Ho-man-han see Omaha Honnamu see Honau
Hokantikara see Hohandika Homanhan see Omaha Honnathaiionni [Clan] Seneca
Hokantikara see Hukunduka Homa yine see Homayine (H)
Ho-ka-rut-cha see Hokarutcha Homayine [Subclan] Iowa (H) Honnehiouts see Oneida
Hokarutcha [Society] Crow (H) Hometwoli [CA] Buena Vista Honniasont [Lang] Iroquoian
Hoke see Hoke Yokuts (CA) (BE)
Hoke [MN] Assiniboin (BE) Hometwoli [Lang] [CA] Buena Honniasont [PA] (BE)
Hokedi [AK] Tlingit (H) Vista (CA-8) Honniasontkeronon [KY] (H)
Hoko [Clan] Hopi (H) Ho-mna see Homna Honnontage see Onondaga
Hoko winwu see Hoko Homna Brule (H) Honnont-gondjen see Hodi-
Ho-ko wunwu see Hoko Honabanou see Ouabano nondeoga
Hoko wunwu see Hoko Honagani see Khonagani Honnontgondjen see Hodi-
Ho-kwaits see Hokwaits Honan see Honau nondeoga
Ho-kwaits see Las Vegas Honanduk see Adirondack Honnonthauan see Seneca
Hokwaits (PC) see also Las Vegas Honani [Clan] Hopi (H) Honontonchionni see Iroquois
(Hdbk11) Ho-na-ni-nyu-mu see Honani Honorucco [HA] Bainoa (BE)
Hokwaits [CA] Chemehuevi (BE) Honani wiwu see Honani Honosonayo [Clan] [FL] Timu-
Holbama see Alabama (LC) Ho-na-ni wunwu see Honani cua (H)
Holcuma (PC) see Holkoma Ho-nan-ne-ho-ont see Seneca Honoso Nays see Honosonayo
Hol-cu-ma see Holkoma Honannehoont see Seneca Honosuguaxtu-wane see Cayuga
Hole see Hoh Ho-nau see Honau Ho-now see Honowa (BE)
Holechame [CA] (H) Ho-nau see Ke Honowa [SD] Cheyenne
Ho-len-mah see Holkoma Honau (PC) see also Ke (H) Honow see Honowa
Holenmah see Holkoma Honau [Clan] Hopi (H) Honowa (PC) see also Honowa
Hol-en-na see Holkoma Ho-nau-uh see Honau (BE)
Holenna see Holkoma Honauuh see Honau Honowa Cheyenne (H)
Holilepa see Ololopa Honau winwu see Honau Honqueron see Kichesipirini
Holil-le-pa see Ololopa Honawuu see Honau Honqueronon see Kichesipirini
Ho-lil-li-pah see Ololopa Honcopampa [PE] (Ex, v.33, Hontci-ki-ka-ra-tca-da see
Holillipah see Ololopa no.3, 1991, pp.27-36) Chonakera
85 Hontouagaha Houetchu

Hontouagaha see Ontwaganha Hoowunna see Hotami massau see Hotamim-

Ho-n-u see Honau Huwanikikikarachada saw
Honu see Honau Ho-pah see Hupa Hotamimassau see Hoamimsaw
Hon-wunwu see Homai Hopah see Hupa Hotam-imsaw see Hotamimsaw
Honwunwu see Honani Hopahka [MS] Choctaw (H) Hotamimsaw [Society] Cheyenne
Hooch see Hoh Hope see Sakahl (H)
Hoochenoo see Hutsnuwu Ho-pee see Hopi Hotamitanio [Society] Cheyenne
Hoochinoo see Hutsnuwu Hopee see Hopi (H)
Hoochnom see Huchnom Hopetcisath see Opitchesaht Hotanka see Winnebago
Hoodchenoo see Hutsnuwu Hopewell Culture (LC) Ho-tashin see Mescalero Apache
Hood River Indians [WA, OR] Hopi [AZ] (LC) Hotashin see Mescalero Apache
(Hdbk12) Hopi [Lang] Shoshonean (H) Ho-ta-tci see Hotachi
Hoodsinoo see Hutsnuwu Hopi [Lang] Uto-Aztecan (Hdbk10) Ho-tatci see Khotachi
Hoodsna see Hutsnuwu Hopii see Hopi Hotatci see Hotachi
Hoods-Nahoos see Hutsnuwu Ho-pil-po see Hohilpo Hotatci see Khotachi
Hoodsnahoos see Hutsnuwu Hopisinom see Hopi Hotavila see Hotevilla
Hooh see Hoh Hopite see Hopi Hotavilla see Hotevilla
Hooh-oh-ah-lat see Hoh Hopi-Tewa see Tano Hotcangara see Winnebago
Hoohohahlat see Hoh Hopitu see Hopi Hotchon tchapa see Hochonch-
Hoo-ish see Penateka Hopituh see Hopi abba
Hooish see Penateka Ho-pi-tuh-ci-nu-muh see Hopi Ho-te-day see Kikatsik
Hook [SC] (H) Hopituhcinumuh see Hopi Hoteday see Kikatsik
Ho-o-ka see Hooka Ho-pi-tuh-ci-nyu-muh see Hopi Hotelena see Eskimos
Hooka [Clan] Keres (H) Hopituhcinyumuh see Hopi Hote-shog-garah see Winnebago
Hooka-hano see Hooka Ho-pi-tuh-lei-nyu-muh see Hoteshoggarah see Winnebago
Hookchenoo see Hutsnuwu Hopi Hotevila see Hotevilla
Hookluhmic see Lummi Hopituhleinyumuh see Hopi Hotevilla Hopi (Hdbk9)
Hookooeko see Marin-Bodega Hopitu-shinumu [Self-designa- Hothliwahali [GA] Upper Creek
Hooks [Lang] Eastern Siouan (H) tion] see Hopi (BE)
Hoo-ma see Hotachi Hopokohacking [DE] Unalachtigo Hoti [VE] (O)
Hooma see Hotachi (BE) Hotinestakon see Sauk
Hooma [Clan] Oto (H) Hopungieasaw see Piankashaw Hotinnonchiendi see Iroquois
Hoonah Tlingit (Ye) Hopungiesas see Piankashaw Hotinnonsionni see Iroquois
Hoonah Kow see Huna Hoquiam [WA] Chehalis I (H) Hotinonsionni see Iroquois
Hoonchenoo see Hutsnuwu Ho-ra-ta-mu-make see Horata- Hotlimamish see Shotlemamish
Hoone-ah see Huna mumake Hotlugee see Hutalgalgi
Hooneah see Huna Horatamumake Mandan (H) Hotnas-hadai [AK] Haida (H)
Hoone-ak see Huna Horcaquisac see Arkokisa Hoto see Oto
Hooneak see Huna Horconcito see Arkokisa Hotoa-nutqiu see Mahohivas
Hoo-ne-boo-ey (Hdbk11) see also Horcoquisa see Arkokisa Hotoanutqiu see Mahohivas
Hunipuitoka (Hdbk11) Horcoquisaes see Arkokisa Hotoanutqui see Mahohivas
Hoonebooey (Hdbk11) see also Hores see Keres Ho-to-la-bixh see Humptulips
Hunipuitoka (Hdbk11) Horicon [NY] (H) Hotolabixh see Humptulips
Hoonebooey [OR] Shoshone (H) Horikan see Horicon Ho-tor-lee see Hutalgalgi
Hoo-ne-boo-ly see Hoonebooey Horio see Orio Hotorlee see Hutalgalgi
Hoo-ne-boo-ly see Hunipuitoka Horn Mountain Indians see Hottimamish see Shotlemamish
Hoonebooly see Hoonebooey Etechesottine Hottunamish see Shotlemamish
Hoonebooly see Hunipuitaka Horruque see Surruque Ho-tum-mi-hu-is see
Hooniah see Huna Hosboa [Clan] Hopi (H) Shungkayuteshni
Hoonid see Huna Hosboa winwu see Hosboa Hotummihuis see
Hoonyah see Huna Hosh-que-aht see Hesquiat Shungkayuteshni
Hoopa see Hupa Hoshqueaht see Hesquiat Houandate see Huron
Hoo-pah see Hupa Hoskies see Eskimos Houaneiha [LA] (H)
Hoopah see Hupa Hos-ler see Hupa Houaroux see Warrau
Hoosatunnuk see Stockbridge Hosler see Hupa Houatoctota see Oto
Hooshkal [WA] Chehalis (H) Hostaqua see Yustaga Houattoehronon (H)
Hootsinoo see Hutsnuwu Hostaque see Yustaga Houattoehronon (H) see also Sauk
Hootz-ah-tar-qwan see Hutsnuwu Ho-suk-hau-nu-ka-reri-hu see (LC)
Hootznahoo Tlingit (Ye) Hosukhaunukarerihu Houdenosaunee Confederacy (AI)
Hoo-wal-ya-pia see Walapai Hosukhaunukarerihu Arikara (H) Houechas see Waco
Hoowalyapia see Walapai Hotachi [Clan] Missouri (H) Houeches see Waco
Hoo-wunna see Hotagastlas-hadai [Sub-clan] Hou-etchu see Hewchi
Huwanikikikarachada [AK] Haida (H) Houetchu see Hewchi
Houjets Hueshuo 86

Houjets [LA] (H) Huaamuu see Navajo Huascari [UT] (H)

Houkpapa see Hunkpapa Huaamuu see Navajo Huash [Arg] (O)
Houlton Band see Malecite Huabi see Huave Huash [Lang] Chon (O)
Houma [Lang] Muskhogean (LC) Huacacasa (Hdbk10) see also Huashasha see Osage
Houma [MS, LA] (LC) Juanca (Hdbk10) Huasioto see Oto
Hounena see Crow Huacacasa Coahuiltecan (BE) Huasipunguero [EC] (O)
Houpin Guaymas see Upan- Huachi [Lang] [SA] Txapakura Huastec [Lang] [MX] Mayan
guayma (O) (LC)
Houron see Huron Huachipaire see Wachipaeri Huasteca see Huastec
Housatannuck see Stockbridge Huachipairi see Wachipaeri Huatanis see Mandan
Housatonic see Stockbridge Huachipairy see Wachipaeri Huatocta see Oto
Housatonnoc see Stockbridge Huaco see Waco (LC) Huattoehronon see Houat-
Houssatonnoc see Stockbridge Huadjinaas-hadai [Sub-family] toehronon
Houssatunnuck see Stockbridge [BC] Haida Huatuso see Guatuso
Houtaqua see Yustaga Huados [Clan] [BC] Haida (H) Huave [Lang] Mizocuavean (LC)
Houtchi see Yuchi Huaino see Hayno Huave [MX] (LC)
Houtouagaha see Ontwaganha Hualahuis [MX] Coahuiltecan Huavean Family [Lang] Mi-
Hova see Jova (BE) (Hdbk10) zocuavean (BE)
How-a-chez (H) see Hewchi Huala-pai see Hualapai Huaxtec see Huastec
How-ach-ee see Hewchi Hualapai (Hdbk10) see also Wala- Huayaalis [PacN] (Anthro, v.9,
Howachee see Hewchi pai (BE) no.3, p.158)
Howachez see Hewchi Hualapai [AZ] (LC) Huayan [Lang] Txapakura (O)
Ho-wah see Iowa Hualapi see Hualapai Huayaru see Ese Ejje
Howah see Iowa Hualga [Clan] Mohave (H) Huaynamota [MX] Cora (BE)
Howakeeas [NY] (H) Hualipai (Hdbk10) see also Wala- Hubabo [HA, SanD] (BE)
Howalaa-pai see Hualapai pai (BE) Hubales see Tano
Howalaapai see Hualapai Huallaga see Cocamilla Hubates see Tano
Howalek [CA] Eastern Pomo Huallapai see Walapai Hubites see Tano
(Pub, v.36, no.6) Huallop see Walapai Hubol see Wowol
Howchee see Hewchi Hualopai see Walapai Huch see Hoh
How-chuck-les-aht see Uchuck- Hualpai see Hualapai Huch-nom see Huchnom
lesit Hualpais see Colville Huchnom [CA] (CA)
Howchucklesaht see Uchucklesit Huamachuco [Lang] [SA] Quecha Huchnom [Lang] Yukian (CA)
Howchucklus-aht see Uchuckle- (O) Huchun see Uchium
sit Huambisa [EC, PE] (LC) Huc-klic see Nung
Howchuk-lis-aht see Uchucklesit Huambisa [Lang] Jivaro (LC) Hucklic see Nung
Howchuklisaht see Uchucklesit Huambise see Huambisa Huda [Clan] Yuchi (H)
Howchuklisat see Uchucklesit Huambiza see Huambisa Huda taha see Huda
How-ech-e see Hewchi Huanca [PE] (LC) Hudataha see Huda
Howeche see Hewchi Huancavilca [EC, PE] (LC) Hudcoadama see Alchedoma
How-ech-ee see Hewchi Huanchane see Waco Hudcoadan see Alchedoma
Howechee see Hewchi Huanes [TX] Coahuiltecan (BE) Hud-Coadan see Halchidhoma
How-ge-chu see Ogeechee Huanuco [Lang] Quecha (O) Hudcoadanes see Alchedoma
Howgechu see Ogeechee Huanuco [PE] (O) Hudecabin see Hudecabin
Howkuma see Hauoma Huanyam see Pakaanova Hudecabin [MN] Assiniboin
Howkuma see Haukoma Huanyam see Wanam (BE)
How-mox-tox-sow-es see Man- Huao [EC] (LC) Hudsunu [Can] Sitka-kwan
dan Huaorani see Huao (Contri, v.1, p.38)
Howmoxtoxsowes see Mandan Huaorini see Waorani Hue-la-muh see Stalo
How-ru-ma see Haukoma Huaraijia see Guarijio Huelamuh see Cowichan
Howruma see Haukoma Huarani see Awishiri Huelamuh see Stalo
Howschueselet see Uchucklesit Huaraque Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Hue-la-muh [Self-designation]
Hoxsuwitan see Wichita Huaraya see Ese Ejja see Cowichan
Ho-ya see Hoyala Huarayo see Guarayo Hue-lang-uh see Songish
Hoya (PC) see also Hoyala (BE) Huarayo [Tacanan] see Ese Ejja Huelanguh see Songish
Hoya [Clan] Haida (H) Huari [PE, BO, Br] (LC) Hueplapiaguilam see Lugplapiag-
Hoyala [Can] Kwakiutl (BE) Huariapano [Self-designation] see ulam
Hoyero see Saidinde Panobo Huequetzal see Gueiquesales
Hoyima [CA] Northern Valley Huarpe [Arg] (LC) Huereo [JA] (BE)
Yokuts (CA-8) Huary [BO] Araona (O) Hueripane see Ervipiame
Hoyma see Hoyima Huarymodo [BO] Araona (O) Huero [JA] (BE)
Hrah-hrah-twaun see Chippewa Huascari (Hdbk11) see also Cedar Huertas (H)
Hu [Clan] Quapaw (H) (Hdbk11) Hueshuo see Mataco
87 Huetar Husada

Huetar see Guetar Hul-lu-et-tell see Hullooetell Hunkoo-chin see Hankutchin

Hu-e-ya see Khuya Hulluettell see Hullooetell Hunkoochin see Hankutchin
Hueya see Khuya Hulmeca see Olmecs Hunkpapa [Lang] Teton (H)
Hueyanguh see Clallam Hulpunes see Khulpuni Hunkpapa Sioux (LC)
Hue-yang-uh [Self-designation] Huma see Jumano Hunk-pate see Hunkpatina
see Clallam Huma see Houma Hunkpate see Hunkpatina
Hueyhueyquetzal [MX] (Hdbk10) Humacao [PR] (BE) Hunkpa-te-dans see Hunkpapa
Hughchee see Yuchi Humakam see Tepecano Hunkpatedans see Hunkpapa
Hu-hlo see Hlahloalgi Hu-ma-kam [Self-designation] Hunkpatee see Hunkpatina
Huhlo see Hlahloalgi see Tepecano Hunkpatidan see Hunkpatina
Huhuula see Hu-huula Hum-a-lah see Skagit Hunkpatina (BE) see also Upper
Hu-huula [Lang] Papago Humalah see Skagit Yanktonai (BE)
(Hdbk10) Hum-a-luh see Skagit Hunkpatina [SD] Yanktonai (H)
Huhuwos [Lang] Papago (Hdbk10) Hum-a-luh see Stalo Hunkplatin see Hunkpatina
Huhuygam Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Hum-a-luh see Cowichan Hunkutch-in see Hankutchin
Huichol [Lang] Carachol Humaluh see Cowichan HunKutchin see Hankutchin
(Hdbk10) Humaluh see Skagit Hunkutchin see Hankutchin
Huichol [MX] (LC) Humaluh see Stalo Hunkuwanicha Brule (H)
Huichola see Huichol Humana see Jumano Hunku-wanitca see
Huiknu see Makaguane Humana de Tompires see Jumano Hunkuwanicha
Huikuayaken [BC] Squawmish Humana de Tompiros see Jumano Hunkuwanitca see
(H) Humano see Jumano Hunkuwanicha
Huiliche see Huilliche Humasko see Creek Hunna see Huna
Huilli see Huilliche Humaskogi see Creek Huno see Puquina
Huilliche [CH] Araucanian (LC) Humaskogi see Muskogee Huno see Uru
Huillicos see Huilliche Hu-mat-kam see Tepecano Hunsa-tung see Hupa
Huinihkacina see Humatkam see Tepecano Hunsatung see Hupa
Hanginihkashina Hu-ma-whi see Humawhi Hunskachantozhuha Hunkpapa
Huinihkashina [Gens] Osage (H) Humawhi [CA] Shasta (H) (H)
Hu inikacika see Huinikashika Humboldt Bay Indians see Hunters see Etagottine
Huinikacika see Huinikashika Wiyot Huntlatin [AK] Tanana (BE)
Huinikashika [Gens] Quapaw (H) Humboldt Indians [NV] Paviotso Hunzpuzlugut see Unpuncliegut
Huisocal see Gueiquesales (H) Huokarawaoch see Cuscarawaoc
Huita [MX] Cahita (H) Humbra see Anserma Hupa [CA] (LC)
Huitata see Witoto Hume [Lang] Chinantec (BE) Hupa [Lang] [CA] Athabascan
Huitcole see Huichol Hume [MX] Xixime (BE) (H)
Huite [Lang] Taracahitian (BE) Hume [TX] Coahuiltecan (BE) Hupachisat (Anthro, v.9, no.3,
Huite [MX] (BE) Humetwadi see Hometwoli p.157)
Huititnom see Huititnom Humptulips [WA] Chehalis I (BE) Hupda see Jupda
Huititnom [CA] Round Valley Hump-tu-lups see Humtulips Hupdu see Jupda
Yuki (BE) Humptulups see Humptulips Hupi see Hopi
Huitnu [Self-designation] see Humro see Huna Hupo see Hupa
Makaguane Humunas de Tompires see Ju- Huramomowi Guahibo (O)
Huito see Witoto mano Hures see Ures
Huitoto see Witoto Humurana see Omurano Hurini [Self-designation] see
Huke Eaters see Hukunduka Huna [AK] Tlingit (BE) Asurini II
Huki Eaters see Hukunduka Huna cow see Huna Huro see Uru
hukkuntikka see Hukunduka Huna-kon see Huna Huron (BE) see also Wyandot
Hukunduka (Bull120) see also Hunga see Hanga (BE)
Promontory Point Shoshone Hung-ga ni-ka-shing-ga see Huron [Ont] (LC)
(Bull120) Hangatanga Hurones see Huron
Hukun duka see Hukunduka Hungganikashingga see Huronnes see Huron
Hukunduka [UT] Northern Hangatanga (H) Huron of Lorette (Hdbk15)
Shoshone (Hdbk11) Hungotinga (PC) see Hangatanta Hurons at Lemikariagi see
Hukwats see Yuma Hungo-tin-ga see Hangatanga Wyandot
Hukwats see Mohave Hunguh see Hanga Hurons of Missilimakinac see
Hulanapo see Kuhlanapo Huniedes see Oneida Wyandot
Huldanggat [Clan] [BC] Haida hunipuitikaa see Hunipuitoka Hurons of the Tobacco Nation
(H) Hunipuitoka (Hdbk11) see also see Wyandot
Hull-loo-el-lell see Hullooetell Hoonebooey (Hdbk11) Hurripacuxi see Tocobaga
Hullooellell see Hullooetell Hunipuitoka Northern Pauite Hurron see Huron
Hullooetell [WA] Skilloot (BE) (Hdbk11) Hurry People see Hankutchin
Hul-loo-et-tell see Hullooetell Hunkappa see Hunkpapa Husada [Sub-gens] Kansa (H)
Husadta Idemasa 88

Husadta [Sub-gens] Osage (H) Hyda see Haida Iawalapiti see Iualapiti
Husadtawanu [Sub-gens] Osage Hydah see Kaigani Iawano [Br] (O)
(H) Hydah see Chimmesyan Iawano [Lang] Panoan (O)
Husadtawanun see Husadtawanu Hydah see Haida Iawas see Iowa
Hushkoni [Clan] Chickasaw (H) Hyder see Haida Iawavo see Iawano
Huskchanoes see Conestoga Hyem Tu-ay see Puretuay Iaway see Iowa
Huskemaw see Eskimos Hyeroquodame see Terocodame Ibache [Clan] Kansa (H)
Huskey see Eskimos Hyo-qua-hoon see Pecos Ibaja see Guale
Huskhoskey see Kaskaskia Hyoquahoon see Pecos Ibatc-e see Ibache
Huskie see Eskimos Hyperina see Ipurina Ibequi see Yaqui
Huskoni see Hushkoni Hyroquoise see Iroquois Ibi see Yui
Husky see Eskimos Hyroquose see Iroquois Ibirayara see Cayapo
Husky see Eskimos Hyroquoyse see Iroquois Ibitoupa [MS] (BE)
Husoron [MX] Varohio (H) Hyscani see Yscani Ibotsa see Ibotsa
Huspah [SC] Yamasee (H) Hyshalla see Kitamat Ibotsa [SA] Ocaina (O)
Huspoa see Hosboa Ica (LC) see also Ika (BE)
Hu-tab Pa-da-nin see Pawnee Ica [Col] (LC)
Hutab Padanin see Pawnee Ica [Lang] Chibchan (LC)
Hu-ta-ci see Lipan Apache Icabia Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Hutaci see Lipan Apache -I- Icafui [FL] Timucua (BE)
Hutalgalgi [Clan] Creek (H) Icaguate [EC] Secoya (O)
Huta-napo see Kuhlanapo Iacchi [HA] Bainoa (BE) Icaiche [MX] Mayas (BE)
Hutanapo see Khulanapo Iacovane see Yojuane Icarilla Apache see Jicarilla
Hutanga see Kansa Iagohaiucho [HA] Bainoa (BE) Apache
Hutashi see Tsiltaden Iagua [Cu] (BE) Icasqui see Kaskinampo
Hutchistanet see Onondaga I-a-kar see Ietan Icaura Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Hute-pa see Papago Iakar see Ietan Icbewa see Chippewa
Hutepa see Papago Iakema see Yakima Icca see Incha
Hutsawap [MD] Choptank (H) Iakim see Yaqui Iccarilla Apache see Jicarilla
Hutsnuwu [AK] Tlingit (BE) I-akima see Yakima Apache
Huuka [Clan] San Felipe (H) Iakima see Yakima Iccuje-ne see Mimbreno Apache
Huuka-hano see Hooka Iakon see Yakonan Ice see Nukhe
Huumbo see Yumbo Iakon see Yaquina Ichagoteguo [SA] Caduveo (O)
Hu-umui see Omaha Ialostimot see Ialostimot Icharilla Aapche see Jicarilla
Huumui see Omaha Ialostimot [BC] Bella Coola (H) Apache
Huwaka [Clan] Acoma (H) Ialostimot [BC] Talio (H) Ic-ha-she see Kanze [Kansa]
Huwaka-hanoqeh see Huwaka Ialostimot [Clan] Taliomh (H) Ichashe see Kanze [Kansa]
Hu-wan-i-ki-ka-ra-tca-da see Iamamadi see Yamamadi Ichhasualgi [Clan] Creek (H)
Huwanikikikarachada Iaminawa see Jaminaua Ichiti see Hitchiti
Huwanikikaratcada see Iamoacos see Yamasee Ichualgi [Clan] Creek (H)
Huwanikikikarachada Iana see Iana I-chu-ar-rum-pats see
Huwanikikikarachada [Gens] Iana [Clan] Taos (H) Ichuarumpat
Winnebago (H) Ianaizi [Ha] Guaccaiarima (BE) I-chu-ar-rum-pats see Moapa
Huwi [Clan] Hopi (H) Iana-taiina see Iana Ichuarumpat [NV] Paiute (H)
Hu-wi win-wu see Huwi Iano see Hano Icnaumbisa [MN] Assiniboin
Huwi winwu see Huwi I-an-to-an see Jatonabine (BE)
Huxal see Lipan Apache Iantoan see Jatonabine Icosans (H)
Huyupurina see Ipurina Iapies see Hapes icsluit see Wishram
Huzaa see Osage Iasica see Farmers Band Ictans see Ietan
Huz-zau see Osage I-at see Mohave Ictasanda see Inshtasanda
Huzzau see Osage Iat see Mohave Ictunga see Ishtunga
Huz-zaw see Osage Iata see Ietan Icuano Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Huzzaw see Osage Iatago see Ietan Icuara see Icaura
Hvattoehronon see Sauk Iata-go see Ute Idahi see Comanche
Hwahwatl [VanI] Puntlatsh (BE) Iatago see Ute Ida-kara-wak-a-ha see Idakariuke
hwamu see Navajo Iataina see Taos Idakarawakaha see Idakariuke
hwamu see Navajo Iatan see Ietan Ida-ka-riuke see Idakariuke
Hweroi see Santa Ana [NM] I-a-tans see Ietan Idakariuke [CA] Shasta (H)
Hwotsotenne see Hwotsotenne Iatapalliklik see Alliklik Idatse see Kanse
Hwotsotenne [Can] Babine (BE) Iate see Fulnio Idatse see Kanse
Hyaquez see Yaqui Iaualapiti [Br] (O) Id-do-a see Kikatsik
Hyaquin see Yaqui Iauaulapiti [Lang] Arawakan (O) Iddoa see Kikatsik
Hyaquis see Yaqui Iawai see Iowa Idemasa [Col] Macua (O)
89 I-do-ka-rai-uke Ildefonso

I-do-ka-rai-uke see Idakariuke Iglumiut see Tahagmiut Ihposema see Ipoksimaiks

Idokaraiuke see Idakariuke Iglurarsome Innuit (Quebec) Ihuruana [Lang] Maquiritare
idzaa-teaga-tekade see (Hdbk5) (UAz, v.28)
Makuhadokado Ignaciano (LC) see also Moxo Ihuruhana [VE] Yecuana (O)
Iean, S. see San Juan [NM] (LC) Iicarrilla see Jicarilla Apache
Iean, Saint see Etarita Ignaciano [Lang] Aawakan (LC) Iiwilkamepa [AZ] Wikedjasapa
Iebathu [Clan] [NM] Isleta (H) Ignacio see Ignaciano (BE)
Iebathu [Clan] [NM] Tigua (H) Ignacio de Soniquipa, San see Ijca see Ica
Iebathu-tainin see Iebathu Sinoquipe Ijirang Eskimos (H)
Iechur [Clan] Isleta (H) Ignacio Sinoquipe, San see Sino- Ijka see Ica
Iechur [Clan] Tigua (H) quipe I-ka see Kammatwa
Iechur-tainin see Iechur Ignerhonon see Mohawk Ika (O) see also Arhuavo (LC)
Iefeu [Clan] Isleta (H) Igneri see Island Carib Ika (PC) see also Kammatwa (BE)
Iefeu [Clan] Tigua (H) Ignierhonon see Mohawk Ika [BaC, MX] (BE)
Iefeu-tainin see Iefeu Ignituk Bering Strait Eskimos I-ka-du see Kickapoo
Iekidhe [Gens] Omaha (H) (Hdbk5) I-ka-du see Osage
Iekuana see Yecuna Iguaces see Yguases Ikadu see Kickapoo
Ielan see Ietan Iguaja see Guale Ikadu see Osage
Ienecu see Senecu del Sur Iguana see Icuano Ikake see Jicaque
Ieshur [Clan] Isleta (H) Iguanas see Iguanes Ikanafaskalgi see Seminole
Ieshur [Clan] Tigua (H) Iguanes [AZ] Yuman (H) Ikan-faski see Seminole
Ieshur-tainin see Ieshur Iguaracata Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Ikanfaski see Seminole
Ieskachincha Oglala (H) Iguases see Yguases I-ka-nuck see Ikaruck
Ieska cinjca see Ieskachincha Iguiguipacam see Guiguipacam Ikanuck see Ikaruck
Ieskacinjca see Ieskachincha Iha-ca see Ihasa Ikanuiksalgi see Seminole
Ie-ska-pi see Jatonabine Ihaca see Ihasa Ika-ruck see Ikaruck
Ieskapi see Jatonabine Ihagtawa Kataxka see Yankton Ikaruck [CA] Shasta (H)
Ieska-tcintca see Ieskachincha Ihagtawa Kataxka see Yankton Ike see Ica
Ieskatcintca see Ieskachincha Iha-isdaye see Ihaisdaye Ikherkhamut [AK] Ahtena (BE)
Ietam see Ietan Ihaisdaye Yankton (H) Ikirukatsu [CA] Shasta (Shasta,
Ietan (H) Ihanktanwin see Yanktonai p.14)
Ietan (H) see also Ute (LC) Ihanktanwin see Yanktonai Ikito see Iquito
Ietanes see Ietan Ihanktewans see Yanktonai Ik-kil-lin see Kutchakutchin
Ieuontowanois see Seneca Ihanktonwan (H) see also Yankton Ikkillin see Kutchakutchin
Iewatse (H) (LC) Ikmun Yankton (H)
I-e-wat-se see Iewatse Ihanktonwan Brule (H) Ikogmiut (Hdbk5) see also Kuig-
gabu see Kickapoo Ihanktonwanna see Yankton pagmiut (Hdbk5)
Igalik [AK] Subarctic Indians (Ye) I-hank-ton-wan-na see Yankton Ikogmiut (Hdbk5) see also Rus-
Igdlorssuit Greenland Eskimos Ihanktonwanna Dakotas see sian Mission (Hdbk5)
(BE) Yankton Ikogmiut [AK] Eskimos (BE)
Igdlumiut (H) see also Tahagmiut Ihanktonwe see Yankton Ikogmjut see Ikogmiut
(H) Ihan-ktow-wan-nam see Yank- Ikogmute see Ikogmiut
Igdlumiut Inuit (Hdbk5) tonai Ikoklagmut see Ekogmut
Igihua-a see Apache Ihanktowwannan see Yankton Ikoleec [Self-designation] see
Iglaka tehila see Iglakatekhila Ihanktuwan Dacotah Oyate see Gavioes
Iglakatehila see Iglakatekhila Yankton Ikoro see Gavioes
Iglakatekhila Oglala (H) Ihank-twan see Yankton Ikouera see Koroa
Iglaka-teqila see Iglakatekhila Ihanktwan see Yankton Iku see Ika
Iglakateqila see Iglakatekhila Ihank-twan-ahs see Yanktonai Ikunuhkahtsi [Society] (H)
Igloolik see Iglulik Ihanktwanahs see Yankton Ikvogmute see Ikogmiut
Igloolikmiut see Iglulirmiut Iha-sa see Ihasa Ilamatt see Klamath
Igluligmiut see Iglulirmiut Ihasa see Ihasha Ilaoquatsh see Clayoquot
Iglulik [AK] Eskimos (LC) Ihasha [SD] Hunkpatina (H) Ilaxluit see Wishram
Iglulik Central Eskimos (Hdbk5) Ihauk-to-wa-na see Yankton Ilaxluit see Tlakluit
Iglulik [Lang] Eastern Canada Ihauk-twan see Yankton Ilaxluit see Tlakluit
(Hdbk5) Ihauk-twan-ah see Yankton Ilaxluit see Wishram
Iglulingmiut (LC) see also Iglulir- (LC) Il de Conso, San see San Ildefonso
miut (LC) Ihldene (PC) see Navajo Ildefonse, S. see San Ildefonso
Iglulingmiut [Lang] Iglulik Ihl-dene see Navajo Ildefonsia, S. see San Ildefonso
(Hdbk5) Ihon-a-Does see Juniata Ildefonso see San Ildefonso
Iglulirmiut [WA] Central Eskimos Ihonadoes see Juniata Ildefonso, S. see San Ildefonso
(LC) Ihoway see Iowa Ildefonso, San [Lang] Northern
Iglu-miut see Tahagmiut Ih-po-se-ma see Ipoksimaiks Tewa (BE)
Ildefonso Ingaliki 90

Ildefonso, San [Pueblo] [NM] Illinoek see Illinois Inalugmiut see Imaklimiut
(BE) Illmawees see Ilmawi Inalugmiut see Inguklimiut
Ildefonzo, San see San Ildefonso Illonese see Illinois Inantoinu [ID] Nez Perce (BE)
Ildephonso, San see San Ilde- Illonois see Illinois Inapanam Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
fonso illuajuk see Iglurarsome Iapari [Br, PE] Mashco (O)
Ildjunai-hadai [BC] Haida (H) illuajummiut see Iglurarsome Iapari [Lang] Maupurean (O)
Ildjunai xadai see Ildjunai-hadai illualummiut [Can] Inuit (Que- Inapaw see Quapaw
Ilefonso, San see San Ildefonso bec) (Hdbk5) Inaqtek see Inaqtek
Ilefonso, Sant see San Ildefonso Illuni see Illinois Inaqtek [Clan] Menominee (H)
Ileos see Gileos Il-ma-wi see Ilmawi In-as-petsum see Nespelim
Ilesta see Isleta Ilmawi see Ilmawi Inaspetsum (PC) see also Nespe-
Ilet see Isleta Ilmawi [CA] (BE) lim (LC)
Ilet Suck see Bellabella Ilmawi [Lang] Ilmawi (CA-8) Inaspetsum [WA] Nez Perce (H)
Iletsuck see Bellabella Ilthkoyape see Colville Inatahin see Mescalero Apache
Ilgat see Chehalis [WA] Iltte-Kai-Mamits see Ithkye- Incas (O) see also Quechua (LC)
Ilgat see Chehalis [WA] mamits Incas Andeas Region (LC)
Ilghimi see Bella Coola Ilttekaimamits see Ithkyemamits Incaura see Icaura
Ilgonquines see Nipissing Iluilermiut [Can] Central Eskimos Incha (H)
Iliamna [AK] Tanaina (BE) (BE) Inchulukhlaites see Inkalich
Iliguigue [MX] Coahuiltecan Ilyamna People see Knaiakhotana Income-can-etook see Income-
(Hdbk10) Ima see Quapaw canetook
Ilihasitumapa (BE) see also Walka- Ima see Quapaw Incomecanetook Okinaga (H)
mepa (BE) Imach-leet see Imaklimiut Incuero Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Ilihasitumapa [AZ] (BE) Imaha [TX] Kwapa (BE) Inda see Comanche
Ilimoec see Illinois Imahans see Quapaw Inde [Self-designation] see
Ilimouek see Illinois Imah-kli-mut see Imaklimiut Apache
Iline see Illinois Imahklimut see Imaklimiut Indelchidnti [AZ] San Carlos
Ilinese see Illinois Imakleet see Imaklimiut Apache (H)
Ilinesen see Illinois Imakligamut (Contri, v.1, p.15) Indian Peak Tribe see Beaver
Iliniouek see Illinois Imaklimiut [AK, Rus] Eskimos Indian River Indians see As-
Ilinois see Illinois (BE) sateague
Ilinous see Illinois Imaklit see Imakligamut Indians of Rice Lake see Mis-
Ilinouets see Illinois Imaklitgmut see Imaklimiut sisauga
Ilinouetz see Illinois Imapari see Iapari Indians of Rice Lake see Rice
ilinwe see Illinois Imbaya see Cara Lake [Chippewa]
Ilionois see Illinois Imiacolomo [MX] Coahuiltecan Indians with many bundles see
Ilisees [LA, TX] (H) (Hdbk10) Bissarhar
Ilivilermiut see Ilivilirmiut Imiche (H) see also Wimilchi (H) Indian Valley [Lang] Maidu (CA-
Ilivilirmiut [AK] Eskimos (Hdbk5) Imiche [CA] (H) 8)
Ilkodankaiya [CA] (Pub, v.20, Imihita [SA] Bora (O) Indiens Cuivres see Tatsanottine
no.6) Imikie [Col] Yucuna (O) Indiens du Sang see Kainah
Ill Creek Bands see Chasta Imimule [MX] Coahuiltecan Indiens-Loups see Skidi Pawnee
Illenois see Illinois (Hdbk10) Indiens-Pierre see Assiniboin
Illenonecks see Illinois Imipecte [MX] Coahuiltecan Indiens-Serpents see Shoshone
Illicoueck see Illinois (Hdbk10) Indilche-dentiene see Indelchid-
illimiut sic see Igdlumiut Imiri, San see Emidio nti
Illimouec see Illinois Imirio, San see Emidio Indilchedentiene see Indelchidnti
Illinese see Illinois Imlach-nom see Round Valley Inekatu see Nheengatu
Illinesen see Illinois Yuki Inewakhubeadhin [Subgens]
Il-li-ni see Illinois Imlachnom see Yuki [CA] Omaha (H)
Illini see Illinois Immokalee Seminole (Eagle, v.8, Inez, Santa [Lang] [CA] Chu-
Illiniens see Illinois no.1, p.8) mashan (H)
Illiniwek see Illinois Imnama [ID] Nez Perce (BE) Inga [Col] (O)
Illinoias see Illinois Imp-qua (Oregon) seeUmpqua Ingain see Kaingangue
Illinois [IL] (LC) (LC) Ingaleek see Ingalik
Illinois Confederacy (BE) I-na-cpe see Nez Perce Ingalete see Ingalik
Illinois River Indians see Inacpe see Nez Perce Ingaligmut (Contri, v.1, p.15)
Takelma I-na-ha-o-win see Inyanhaoin Ingalik (H) see also
Illinoix see Illinois Inahaowin see Inyanhaoin Kaiyuhkhotana (BE)
Illinonecks see Illinois Inaja [CA] Mission (PC) Ingalik [Self-designation] [AK]
Illinoneeks see Illinois Iaken see Southern Tehuelche (LC)
Illinoec see Illilnois Inakhtek see Inaqtek Ingaliki see Ingalik
Illinouecks see Illinois Inakhtek see Inaqtek Ingaliki see Ingalik
91 Ingalit Ioewaig

Ingalit see Ingalik Inkba see Inkesabe Intogapid see Itogapuk

Ingaliuk see Ingaliigmut Inkesabe [Gens] Omaha (H) Intruder Peoples (AI)
Ingano [Col] (LC) Inkilik see Ingalik Intruder Peoples (AI) see also
Ingarica see Ingariko Inkiliken see Ingalik Southwest Tribes (AI)
Ingarico see Ingariko Ink-ka-sa-ba see Inkesaba Intsi Dindjich see Ahtena
Ingariko [Br, Guy] (O) Inkkasaba see Inkesaba Intsi-Dindjitch see
Ingariko [Lang] Carib (O) Inkpa [MN] Wahpeton (H) Koyukukhotana
Ingdhe-zhide see Ingdhezhide Inkpatonwan see Inkpa (H) Intujen-ne see Faraon
Ingdhezhide [Clan] Omaha (H) Inkuluchluatan (H) see Inkalich Inugleet see Inguklimiut
Ingekasagmi see Ingalik Inkuluchluaten see Unakhotana Inugsuk culture [Gr] (Hdbk5)
Ingeletes see Ingalik Inkulukhlaites see Inkalich In-uhk-so-yi-stam-iks see In-
Ing-gera-je-da see Ingdhezhide Inkuluklaities see Inkalich uhksoyistamiks
Inggerajeda see Ingdhezhide Inltane see Navajo Inuhksoyistamiks [MN] Kainah
Ingkdhunkashinka [Subclan] Innatcha see Natchez (BE)
Osage (H) Innies see Hainai Inuin (H) see also Eskimos (LC)
Inglutaligemut see Inglutal- Inninyu-wuk see Cree Inuissuitmiut Eskimos (H)
igemiut Innoit see Eskimos Inuit (BE) see also Eskimos (LC)
Inglutalikgemiut [AK] Malemiut Innok see Eskimos Inuit Labrador (Hdbk5)
(H) Innondadese see Tionantati Inuit [Lang] Eskimos (Bull1)
Inglutalkik Bering Strait Eskimos Innu see Montagnais-Naskapi Inuit Quebec (Hdbk5)
(Hdbk5) In-nu see Eskimos Inuit [Self-designation after 1977]
In-gra-zhe-da see Ingdhezide Innu see Eskimos (Hdbk5)
Ingrazheda see Ingdhezhide Innuees see Eskimos Inuit-Inupiaq [AK] Eskimos
Ing-uh-kli-mut see Inguklimiut Innuin see Eskimos (Hdbk5)
Inguhklimut see Inguklimiut Innuit (BE) see also Inuit (BE) inuit kumpaimiut see Inuit
Inguklimiut [AK] Eskimos (BE) Innuit see Eskimos [Quebec]
Ing-we-pi-ran-di-vi-he-man see Innuit see Eskimauan inuk see Eskimos
Keres Innuit see Eskimos Inuksikahkopwaiks [MN] Piegan
Ingwepirandiviheman see Keres Ino [BO] Araona (O) (BE)
inhabitants of the narrow place inoca [Self-designation] see Illi- I-nuks-iks see Inuksiks
see Amitormiut nois Inuksiks Piegan see Arapaho
inhuit [Self-designation] see Inocoples [MX] Tamaulipec (BE) Inupiaq [Lang] [AK] Inuit-Inu-
Polar Eskimos Inocopolo see Inocoples piaq (Hdbk5)
Ini see Hainai Inoschujochen see Inoschuochn Inupiat [AK] Eskimos (Hdbk5)
Inic see Hainai Inoschuochn [Clan] [AZ] San Inupik see Inuit-Inupiaq
Inie see Hainai Carlos Apache (H) inuvialuit (Hdbk5) see also Eski-
Inie see Ione Inparavi see Shipaulovi mos (LC)
I-nik-si-kah-ko-pwa-iks see Inpaton see Inkpa Inuvialuit [Can] (NatPeos,
Inuksikahkowpaiks Inquero see Incuero pp.381-382)
Iniliki see Unakhotana Inquoi see Iroquois inuvialuk see Eskimos
Ini-maca see Maca Inshin see Konkow Inverted Society see Himatanohis
Inimaca see Maca (LC) Inshin see Konkow Invna-ina see Arapaho
Ininauumbi (PC) see Inina Inside Fat see Kakapoya Inyancheyaka-atonwan [MN]
uumbi In-spellum see Nespelim Wahpeton (H)
Inina uumbi [MN] Assiniboin Inspellum see Nespelim (LC) Inyangmani [MN] Wahpeton (H)
(BE) Inshtasanda [Subgens] Omaha Inyan-ha-oin see Inyanhaoin
Ininwezi [Ont] Algonquian Inta see Ute Inyanhaoin Miniconjou (H)
(IndN, v.5, no.2, Apr.1928, In-tem-peach-es see Intimbich Inyan-tceyaka-atonwan see In-
pp.173-178) Intempeaches see Intimbich yancheyaka-atonwan
Ininyu-we-u see Cree Interior North Alaska Eskimos Inyantceyakaatonwan see In-
Ininyuweu see Cree (Hdbk5) yancheyaka-atonwan
Injame see Sijame Intermediate Denes Tinne (H) Inyantonwan see Jatonabine
Inka see Incas Intermediate Foothill [Lang] Inyantonwanbin see Inyan-
Inkalich [AK] Kaiyuhkhotana (H) Yokutsan (CA-8) tonwanbin
Inkalichljuaten see Inkalich Intibucat [Hon] Lenca (BE) Inyantonwanbin [MN] Assini-
In-kal-ik see Ingalik Inti-etook see Intietook (H) boin (BE)
Inkalik see Ingalik Inti-etook (Hdbk12) see Entiat Inya-vape see Yavapai
Inkalil-Ingelnut see Jugelnute Intietook see Entiat Inyavape see Yavapai
Inkalilingelnut see Jugelnute Intietook Okinaga (H) Inyo [CA] (Pub, v.11, no.5)
Inkalite see Ingalik Intimbich [CA] Mono (H) Inyokapa see Hakupakapa
Inkaliten see Ingalik In-tim-peach see Intimbich Inyopacan Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Inkaliten see Kuskwogmiut Intimpeach see Intimbich Ioewaig see Iowa
Inkaliten see Magemiut Intimpich see Intimbich Iofoka see Iofoka
Iofoka Ishtowa-hano 92

Iofoka Wintu (Pub, v.29, no.4) Irequois see Iroquois I-san-tis see Santee
Iogopani see Shongopavi Irinions see Illinois Isantis see Santee
Iogopapi see Shongopovi Iriquoi see Iroquois Isantiton see Santee
Iojuan see Yoyuane Iriquois see Iroquois Isanyate see Santee
Iondes see Hainai Irkpeleit see Athapascan Isanyati (H) see also Santee (LC)
Ione [CA] (CA) Irkpeleit see Kutchin Isanyati Brule (H)
Ionees see Hainai Iroca see Iroka I-sa-po-a see Crow
Ioni see Ione Irocois see Iroquois Isapoa see Crow
I-on-i see Hainai Iroequois see Iroquois Isashbahatse see Sarsi
Ioni see Hainai Irognas see Iroquois Isatis see Santee
Ionias see Hainai Iroka [Col] Yuko (O) Isa-ttine see Tsattine
Ionie see Ione Irokesen see Iroquois Isattine see Tsattine
Ionies see Hainai Iron Cloud see Makhpiyamaza Isaunties see Santee
Ionnondadese see Wyandot Iron Clouds Village see Makh- I-sau-uh wunwu see Ishauu
Ionontady-Hagas see Tionontati piyamaza Isauuh wunwu see Ishauu
Ionontady Hagas see Wyandot Ironeyes see Hainai Isauu winwu see Ishauu
I-oo-guneintz see Kaibab Ironeyes see Ione Isawisnemepu [ID] Nez Perce (BE)
Iooguneintz see Kaibab Ironies see Hainai Iscani see Caddo
Iotan see Ietan Ironois see Iroquois Iscapana [MX] Coahuiltecan
Iotteca see Juniata Iroondock see Adirondack (Hdbk10)
Iowa [IA] (LC) Iroquaes see Iroquois Iscaycinca [PE] (LC)
Iowa [Lang] Chiwere (H) Iroque see Iroquois Iscobaquebu [Self-designation]
Iowaulkeno see Tawakoni Iroquese see Iroquois see Isconahua
Ioway see Iowa Iroqueze see Iroquois Isconahua [Lang] Panoan (O)
Ipai [CA] (CA-8) Iroquiese see Iroquois Isconahua [PE] (O)
Ipajuiguara [Lang] Quinigua Iroquoi see Iroquois Isconis see Yscani
(Hdbk10) Iroquoian Family [Lang] (H) Iscuande see Cuaiquer
Ipajuiguara [MX] (Hdbk10) Iroquoian Indians see Iroquois Isebene [BO] Araona (O)
Ipa-nde see Lipan Apache Iroquois [NY] (LC) Iselle see Isleta
Ipa-nde see Lipan Apache Iroquois Confederacy (H) Iseta see Isleta
Ipandes see Lipan Apache Iroquois denbas see Mohawk Isfanalgi [Clan] Creek (H)
Ipandi see Lipan Apache Iroquoise Chippeways [Q] (H) Is-fa-nul-ke see Isfanalgi
Ipapana [Lang] Totonacan (BE) Iroquois Inferieurs see Mohawk Isfanulke see Isfanalgi
Ipapana [MX] (BE) Iroquois League see Iroquois Ish see Ishauu
Ipataraguites see Jumano Confederacy I-sha-hue see Ishauu
Ipeca [Lang] Maipurean (O) Iroquois Nation see Iroquois Ishahue see Ishauu
Ipeka see Ipeca Confederacy Ishango see Brule
Ipewi see Kreen-Akrore Iroquois Superieurs (H) Ishauu [Clan] Hopi (H)
Ipitinere see Amahuaca Iroquos see Iroquois Ishawu see Ishauu
Ipoilq see Sanpoil Irriquois see Iroquois Ishawuu see Ishauu
I-pok-si-maiks see Ipoksimaiks Irrironnon see Erie Ishawuu see Ishauu
Ipoksimaiks [MN] Piegan (BE) Irrironon see Erie Ishfanalgi see Isfanalgi
Ipotewat [Br] Kawahib (O) Irritila [MX] Lagunero (BE) Ishfanalgi see Ishauu
Ipuricoto see Purikoto Irrohatock see Arrohattoc Ishir [Self-designation] see
Ipurina [Br] (LC) Irroquays see Iroquois Chamacoco
Ipurucoto see Purikoto Irroquois see Iroquois Ishira see Chamacoco
I-qer-qa-mut see Ikherkhamut Iruaitsu see Iruaitsu Ishisagek Roanu see Missisauga
Iqerqamut see Ikherkhamut Iruaitsu [CA] Shasta (BE) Ish-pan-ee see Ishpanee
Iquahsinawmish see Squaxon Iruwai see Iruaitsu Ishpanee [Phratry] Chickasaw
Iqugmiut see Kuigpagmiut Iruwai see Iruaitsu (H)
Iqugmiut see Russian Mission Iruwaitsu see Iruaitsu Ishpani see Ishpanee
Iquita see Iquito Is see Ais Ish-ta-sunda see Inshtasanda
Iquito [Lang] Zaparo (LC) Isallanic race see Cherokee Ishtasunda see Inshtasanda
iquymiut see Kaugpagmiut Isalwakten [BC] Salish (H) Ish-te-pit-e see Siksika
iquymiut see Russian Mission Isalwalken see Isalwakten Ishtepite see Siksika
Iranche see Iranxe Isamis [BC] Salish (H) Ishti semoli see Seminole
Iranshe see Iranxe Isammuck see Isamuck Ishto [Clan] San Felipe (H)
Irantxe see Iranxe Isamuck [BC] Salish (H) Ishto-hano see Ishtowa
Irantze see Iranxe Isanati see Santee Ishtohano see Ishtowa
Iranxe [Br] (LC) Isanisk see Sanetch Ishtowa [Clan] [NM] San Felipe
Irapa [Col, VE] (LC) Isanti see Santee (H)
Ira-Tapuya [Col] Wakuenai (O) Isantie Dakotas see Santee Ishtowa [Clan] [NM] Sia (H)
Irecoies see Iroquois Isanties see Santee Ishtowa-hano see Ishtowa
93 Ishtunga It-i-cha

Ishtunga Kansa (H) Ispipewhumaugh [WA] (H) Itaner see Ita

Isi [Clan] [NM] San Felipe (H) Ispipichimack [WA] (Hdbk12) Itaner see Polar Eskimos
Isi-hano see Isi Issa see Catawba Itanese see Ita
Isihano see Isi Issanti see Santee It-ans-ke see Dakota
Isiis see Isis Issappo see Crow Itanske see Dakota
Isimpshean see Tsimshian Issappoekuun see Crow Itasina see Cheyenne
Isipopolames see Espopolames Issaqui see Santee I-ta-su-pu-zi see Cheyenne
Isir see Orio Issaquy see Santee I-ta-su-pu-zi see Cheyenne
Isira see Chamacoco Issati see Assiniboin Itasupuzi see Cheyenne
Isis (BE) see also Yscani (BE) Issati see Santee Itasupuzu see Cheyenne
Isis Wichita (BE) Issatie see Santee Itatin see Pauserna
I-sis-o-kas-im-iks see Issatrians see Santee Itaywiy [CA] Comeya (H)
Isisokasimiks Issi [Clan] Chickasaw (H) Itazipcho Sans Arcs (H)
Isisokasimiks [MN] Kainah (BE) Issi-chupioha see Siksika Itazipco see Itazipcho
Isium-itaniuw see Hi- Issirriberrenai Achagua (O) Itazipcoes see Itazipcho
siometanio Issis Wichita (NAmI, 1978, v.19, Itazipcohca see Itazipcho
Isiumitaniuw see Hisiometanio pp.223-224) Itazipko see Itazipcho
Iskayouse see Cayuse Issi-Schupischa see Siksika Itaziptcoqtca see Itazipcho
Iskemay see Eskimos Issischupischa see Siksika Itchali see Kutchakutchin
Iskoman [Lang] [CA] (Pub, v.16, Is-sui see Issui Itcheabudah see Ditsakana
no.3, p.104) Issui [Society] Piegan (H) It-chet-a-bud-ah see Ditskana
is-ksi-na-tup-i see Esksinaitup- Istam [Moiety] [CA] (Pub, v.16, Itchhasualgi [Clan] Creek (H)
piks no.6) Itchi-mehueve see Chemehuevi
isksinatupi see Esksinaitupiks Istasunda see Inshtasanda Itchualgi [Clan] Creek (H)
Iskulani [Clan] Choctaw (H) Istet [BC] Bellabella (Anthro, v.9, Ite see Itene
Isla see Isleta no.3, p.159) Itean see Ietan
Island [CA] Chumash (CA) Isti seminole see Seminole I-te-che see Iticha
Island Carib [Lang] [WInd] (LC) Istiseminole see Seminole Iteche see Iticha
Island Innuit see Okiogmiut Isti simanole see Seminole I-techees see Iticha
Isle aux Noix see Illinois Istisimanole see Seminole Itechees see Iticha
Isle-de-Peins see Sinkiuse Is-tsi-kai-nah see Istsikainah Itechi see Taushiro
Isle-de-peiree see Sinkiuse Istsikainah [MN] Kainah (BE) Itechi [Self-designation] see
Isle de Pierre see Moses-Colum- Isty-semole see Seminole Taushiro
bia Istysemole see Seminole Ite-citca see iteshica
Isle-de-Pierre see Sinkiuse-Co- Iswa [SC] Catawba (BE) Itecitca see Iteshica
lumbia Ita (Hdbk5) see also Polar Eski- Ite-citca-etanhan see
Islella see Isleta mos (Hdbk5) Iteshichaetanhan
Isle-River Indians see Eel River Ita Greenland Eskimos (BE) Itecitcaetanhan see Iteshichaetan-
Isleta [Lang] Tiwa (BE) Ita anyadi see Itaanyadi han
Isleta [NM] Tigua (LC) Itaanyadi [Clan] Biloxi (H) Iteghu [SD] Hunkpatina (H)
Isletabuh see Isleta Itacayuna see Xikrin Ite gu see Iteghu
Isleta del Paso see Isleta I-tach-ee see Iticha Itegu see Iteghu
Isleta del Sur see Isleta Itachee see Iticha Iten see Itene
Isletans see Isleta Itaches see Iticha Itene [BO, Br, EC] (LC)
Isleta of the South see Isleta Ita-Eskimos see Ita Iteneo see Itene
Isleteos see Isleta Ita Eskimos see Polar Eskimos Itenez see Itene
Isletta see Isleta I ta ha taki see Dakota Iteshica [SD] Oglala (H)
Islinois see Illinois Itahataki see Dakota Iteshicha see Iteshica
Ismiquilpas [TX] (H) Ita hatski see Dakota Iteshichaetanhan [SD] Oglala (H)
Ismuracanes [CA] (H) Itahatski see Dakota Ite-sica see Iteshica
Isnihoyelps see Colville Itah-Ischipahji see Cheyenne Itesica see Iteshicha
Isoletta see Isleta Itahischipahji see Cheyenne Ite-xu see Iteghu
Isonkuali [Self-designation] see Itahzipchois see Itazipcho Itexu see Iteghu
Okinagan Ita-Iddi see Arapaho Ithale teni see Mishikhwut-
Isonnontoan see Seneca Itaiddi see Arapaho metunne
Isonnontonan see Seneca Itakule [PE] Urarina (O) Ithaleteni see Mishikhwut-
Isonontouanes see Seneca Italua lako see Apalachicola metunne
I-sonsh-pu-she see Cheyenne Italualako see Apalachicola Ithale tuni see Mishikhwut-
I-sonsh-pu-she see Cheyenne Italwo lake see Apalachicola metunne
Isonshpushe see Cheyenne Italwolake see Apalachicola Ithaletuni see Mishikhwut-
Isosena see Izoceno Itamalgi [Clan] Creek (H) metunne
Isowasson see Sweathen Itami see Ita Ithkyemamits [WA] (H)
Ispani see Ishpanee Itami see Ita It-i-cha see Iticha
Iticha Jakutat 94

Iticha [CA] Yokuts (H) ittoqqortoormeermiit East Green- Iyemi see Yurapari-Tapuya
Iticha [Lang] [CA] Marioposan (H) landers (Hdbk5) Iyich see Tyigh
Itimpachis see Kaibab Itucale see Itakule Iyiniwok [Self-designation] see
Itivimiut [Can] (Inuit (Quebec) Itucale see Urarina Cree
(Hdbk5) Itukale see Itakule Iyuhba see Iowa
Itivimiut [Can] Labrador Eskimos I-tuni-wo see Arapaho Iyutagjen-ne see Navajo
(BE) Ituniwo see Arapaho Izacanis see Yscani
Itivimmiut [Lang] Eastern Canada It-us-shi-na see Cheyenne Izalco [ES] (BE)
(Hdbk5) Itusshina see Cheynne Izaneni [Lang] [SA] Maipurean
Itiwa Ateuna [Phratry] Zuni (H) Itynai see Tinne (O)
It-kagh-lie see Kutchakutchin Itynai see Athapascan Izatys see Santee
Itkaghlie see Kutchakutchin Itza [Gua, BrH] Mayas (LC) izicidi tibiwagayu see Tsoso odo
It-ka-lya-ruin see Kutchakutchin Itza [Lang] Yucatec (BE) tuviwarai
It-kal-ya-ruin see Tinne It-ze-su-pe-sha see Siksika Izocenio see Izoceno
Itkalyaruin see Kutchakutchin Itzesupesha see Siksika Izoceno [BO] Tupi-Guarani (O)
It-kalyi see Tinne Itzuco [MX] (BE) Izoceno-Chiriguano see Izoceno
It-ka-lyi see Kutchakutchin Iualapiti (O) Iztacans (H)
Itkalyi see Kutchakutchin Iuan Baptista, San see San Juan Iztepeque [ES] Pokomam (BE)
Itkalyi see Tinne Bautista [NM]
Itkepelit see Kutchakutchin Iuka tene see Yukichetunne
Itkilak [WA] Klickitat (Oregon) Iukatene see Yukichetunne
Itkpe-leit see Kutchakutchin iulalonkni [OR] Klamath (BE)
Itkpeleit see Kutchakutchin Iumana see Jumano -J-
Itkpelit see Kutchakutchin Iumane see Jumano
Itkudlin see Kutchakutchin Iumano see Jumano Jaakema see Yakima
Itlalyaruin see Tinne Iumbucanis see Yubuincariri Jaba see Jova
Itoaten see Tautin I-um Ootam see Kamia Jabesua see Havasupai
I-to-ches see Iticha I-um o-otam see Comeya Jaboti see Jabuti
Itoches see Iticha Ium Ootam see Comeya Jabuti [Br] (O)
Itoebehe see Kawahib Ium Ootam see Kamia Jabutifed [Br] Kawahib (O)
Itogapuk [Br] Kawahib (O) Iuruna see Yuruna Jacaltec see Jacalteca
Itokah-tina see Itokakhtina Iuta see Ute Jacalteca [Lang] [MX, Gua] West-
Itokahtina see Itokakhtina Ivagmute see Magemiut ern Mayan (LC)
Itokakhtina Sisseton (H) Ivapare see Heta Jacalteco see Jacalteca
Itokaq-tina see Itokakhtina (H) Ivapi see Karok Jacao Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Itokaqtina (PC) see Itokakhtina Ivapi see Karok Jacarilla Apache see Jicarilla
Itomapa (H) Ivigtut Greenland Eskimos (BE) Apache
Itonama [Lang] [Col] Paezan I vists tsi nih pah see Heviqs-ni- Jackhuthath see Yakutat
(LC) pahis Jack Indians [Can] (H)
Itoreauhip [Lang] Txapakura (O) Iviststsinihpah see Heviqs-ni- Jack-quy-ome see Jackquyome
Itra [Clan] Cochiti (H) pahis Jackquyome [BC] Salish (H)
Itrahani [Clan] [NM] Cochiti (H) Iwalapiti see Iaualapiti Jacome see Jocome
Itrahani hanuch see Itrahani Iwatoinu [ID] Nez Perce (BE) Jacomi see Jocome
Itrahani hanuch see Itrahani Iwayusota [SD] Oglala (H) Jacon see Yakonan
It-sa-a-ti-a-ga see Itsaatiaga Iwi [Clan] Caddo Confederacy (H) Jacon see Yaquina
It-sa-a-ti-a-ga see Iwi [Clan] Kadohadacho (H) Jacoquin Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Makuhadokado Iworien see Kikhtogamut Jacum see Yacum
Itsaatiaga [NV] Paviotso (H) Ixcani see Yscani Jae see Geyer
Itsatawi see Itsatawi Ixcatec see Ixcateco Jagavans [TX] (H)
Itsatawi [CA] (Pub, v.23, no.5) Ixcateco [MX] Otomanguan (LC) Jaguallapai see Walapai
Itsatawi [Lang] [CA] Achomawi Ixignor see Awishiri Jaguallapai see Hualapai
(CA-8) Ixil [Gua] Mayas (LC) Jahui see Diahoi
I-tsa-ti see Santee Ixil [Lang] Eastern Mayan (LC) Jahui see Kawahib
Itsati see Santee I-ya-aye see Iyaaye Jaimamar see Tumamar
Itscheabine Assiniboin (H) Iya-aye see Iyaaye Jakechdune see Alchedoma
Itsisihisa see Siksika Iyaaye San Carlos Apache (H) Jak huthath see Yakutat
I tsi si pi sa see Siksika Iyakhba see Iowa Jakis see Sauk
Itsisipisa see Siksika Iyakhwa see Iowa Jakobshavn Greenland Eskimos
Ittawan see Etiwaw Iyakoza see Iyakoza (BE)
It-tha-gi see Sichomovi Iyakoza Brule (H) Jakon see Yakonan
Itthagi see Sichomovi Iyama Ateuna [Phratry] Zuni (H) Jakon see Yaquina
Ittibime [Can] Inuit (Quebec) Iyanough [MA] Nauset (BE) Jakou see Yazoo
(Hdbk5) Iyemi see Karutana Jakutat see Yakutat
95 Jakutat-kon Jirajira

Jakutat-kon see Yakutat Japiel see Japul Jemez [NM] (LC)

Jalam see Xarame Japies see Hapes Jemmes see Jemez
Jalchedon see Alchedoma Japreria [Lang] Motilon (UAz, Jemos see Jemez
Jalchedon see Halchidhoma v.28) Jeneckaw see Seneca
Jalchedum see Alchedoma Japreria [VE] Yukpa (O) Jenecu see Senecu del Sur
Jalchedun see Alchedoma Japui see Japul Jenegueches see Serrano
Jalchedun see Halchidhoma Japul (H) Jeneguechi see Serrano
Jalchedunes see Halchidhoma Jaqaru [Lang] [PE] Jaqi (O) Jenequich [CA] (H)
Jallicuamai see Quigyuma Jaqi [Lang] [PE, BO] (O) Jenequiches see Serrano
Jallicuamay see Quigyuma Jaquiripamona [MX] Coahiltecan Jenies see Jemez
Jallicumay see Halyikwamai (Hdbk10) Jenigueche see Serrano
Jallicumay see Quigyuma Jarame see Xarame Jenigueich see Serrano
Jalliquamai see Quigyuma Jarames see Harames Jenigueih see Serrano
Jalliquamai see Halyikwamai Jaraname see Aranama Jeniguieh see Serrano
Jalliquamay see Quigyuma Jarecouna see Arekena Jennings Band [MN] Kutenai (BE)
Jalliquamay see Halyikwamai Jarecoune see Arecuna Jennitos see Oneida
Jamaja see Mohave Jaricuna see Arecuna Jenondades see Tionontati
Jamajab see Mohave Jaricuna see Taulipang Jenondades see Wyandot
Jamajaba see Mohave Jarosoma see Apache Jenondage see Onondaga
Jamajama see Mohave Jarquin see Karkin Jenondathese see Tionontati
Jamajiri see Yamamadi Jaru see Jora Jenondathese see Wyandot
Jamala see Mohave Jar see Pakaanova Jenontowano see Seneca
Jamamadi see Yamamadi Jaruara [Br] Yamamadi (O) Jenundadees see Tionontati
Jamamandi see Yamamadi Jaruna see Yuruna Jenundadees see Wyandot
Jamamiri see Yamamadi Jaruya see Witoto Jequiche see Kawia [Luiseo]
Jamasees see Yamassee Jason see Yazoo Jerez see Keres
Jambalo [Col] Paez (O) Jatapaina see Pima Jermz see Jemez
Jameco [NY] (H) Jatche-then-juwue see Yatchee Jerome, San see Taos
James see Jemez thinyoowuc Jeruiwa [Col] Yucuna (O)
Jamez see Jemez Jatonabine [Clan] Assiniboin (H) Jetam see Ietan
Jaminahua see Jaminaua Jaucar see Juanca Jetans see Ietan
Jaminaua [Lang] [Br, PE, BO] Jauenikacika see Zhawenick- Jeures see Jemez
Panoan (LC) ashika Jibaro see Jivaro
Jaminawa see Jaminaua Jauenikacika see Zhawenick- Jibewa see Chippewa
Jaminawa see Yaminawa ashika Jicaque [Hon] (LC)
Jamkallie see Yoncalla Jauja-Huanca [Lang] [SA] Jicara see Jicarilla Apache
Jamo see Jano Quechua (O) Jicaragrande Coahuiltecan
Jamul [CA] (CA) Java [Br] Caraya (O) (Hdbk10)
Jamunda see Uaboi Javahe see Javae Jicarello see Jicarilla Apache
Janadoah see Oneida Javaje see Javae Jicarila Apache see Jicarilla
Janambre [MX] (BE) Java Supais see Havasupai Apache
JanambrePison [Lang] [MX] Javensa see Havasupai Jicarilla Apache [CO, NM] (LC)
(Hdbk10) Je see Ge Jicarillero see Jicarilla Apache
Janapas [MX] Coahuiltecan Jeaga [FL] (BE) Jicarillo see Jicarilla Apache
(Hdbk10) Jean, S. see San Juan [NM] Jiccarrilla Apache see Jicarilla
Janata nikacinga see Yankton Jean des Chevaliers, Saint see San Apache
Jancas see Tonkawa Juan [NM] Jicho [BO] Araona (O)
Janena [Col] Barasana (O) Jeapes see Hapes Jickorie see Jicarilla Apache
Janequeila see Serrano Jebero [PE] (O) Jicorilla see Jicarilla Apache
Janero see Jano Jeberoan [Lang] [PE] (O) Jicorilla Apache see Jicarilla
Janitos see Oneida Jece see Ais Apache
Jano (BE) see also Tano (Hdbk9) Jecorilla see Jicarilla Apache Jijame see Sijame
Jano [MX, NM] Apache (BE) Jecuche see Cahuilla Jimenez see Jemez
Janogualpa see Hano Jecuche see Kawia [Luiseo] Jiminiguara [MX] (Hdbk10)
Janondadies see Wyandot Jecueche see Cahuilla Jimiopa [MX] Coahuiltecan
Jantamais (H) Jecuiche see Cahuilla (Hdbk10)
Jantonees see Yanktonai Jecuiche see Kawia [Luiseo] Jiniapa [MX] Coahuiltecan
Jantonnais see Yanktonai Jediuk see Shediac (Hdbk10)
Jantonnois see Yanktonai Jehua see Tewa Jiniguara [MX] (Hdbk10)
Jantons see Yankton Jemaco see Jameco Jinipiguara see Jiniguara
Jantous see Yankton Jemas see Jemez Jinotega [Lang] [NI] Macro-
Jaos see Taos Jemes see Jemez Chibchan (O)
Japiam see Yapiam Jemex see Jemez Jirajira [Lang] Paezan (O)
Jitipo Juruti 96

Jitipo see Setebo Joukiousme see Jukiusme Juke-yunke see Yugeuinegge

Jivara see Jivaro Jouskiousme see Jukiusme Jukeyunke see Yugeuinegge
Jivaran [Lang] (LC) Jova [Lang] Opata (Bull44) Jukiusme [CA] Moquelumnan (H)
Jivaro [Lang] [EC, PE] (LC) Jova [MX] (BE) Jukumani [BO] (LC)
Jivaroan see Jivaran Jovahe see Caraja Juliam see Sulujame
Jivira see Jivaro Jowai see Iowa Julianehaab Greenland Eskimos
Jldefonso, San see San Ildefonso Jowas see Iowa (BE)
Joan, Saint see San Juan [NM] Joways see Iowa Julime [MX] Concho (BE)
Joan Batista, Sant see San Juan Joylraua see Opata Julimeo [MX] (H)
[NM] Joyl-ra-ua [Self-designation] see Juma (H) see also Jumano (LC)
Joanne, S. see San Juan [NM] Opata Juma (H) see also Yuma (LC)
Joaquin, San [CA] (H) Joyvan (H) see also Yojuane (BE) Juma [Br] (O)
Joaquins Band, San [NV] Joyvan [AR] (H) Juma [Lang] [Br] Panoan (O)
Paviotso (H) Jsleta see Isleta Jumana see Jumano
Joara see Cheraw Juacanas see Tawakoni Jumana see Tawehash
Jo-as-seh see Joasseh Juacano see Tawakoni Jumane see Jumano
Joasseh [Clan] Iroquois (H) Jualati see Atfalati Jumane see Tawehash
Joba see Jova Juamaca (BE) see also Juanca Jumano (H) see also Tawehash
Jobal see Jova (Hdbk10) (BE)
Jocome [MX] (BE) Juamaca Coahuiltecan (BE) Jumano [MX, TX] (LC)
Jocomeos see Jocome Juampa see Juanca Jume see Hume
Jocomis see Jocome Juan, San [CA] (H) Jumee see Hume
John, S. see San Juan [NM] Juan, San [Lang] [NM] Northern Jumez see Jemez
John, Saint see San Juan [NM] Tewa (BE) Jumpanguaymas see Upan-
John-a-does see Juniata Juan, San [NM] (BE) guayma
Johnadoes see Juniata Juana Kitaunlhu [Br] Southern Jumpers see Chippewa
John Day Indians (BE) see also Nambicuara (O) Jum-pys see Yavapai
Tukspush (BE) Juan Baptista, San see San Juan Jumpys see Yavapai
John Day Indians [CA] Tenino Bautista [NM] Juna see Pamoa
(H) Juan Bautista, San [CA] Junachotana see Unakhotana
John Days see John Day Indians Costanoan (BE) Junakachotana see Unakhotana
John Days River see John Day Juan Bautista, San [NM] (H) Juncata see Juanca
Indians Juanca Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Juncatas Coahuiltecan (BE)
Johns, St. see Etarita Juan Capistrano, San (Pub, v.4, Junced Coahuiltecan (BE)
Johns, St. see San Juan [NM] no.3, p.149) see also Juaneo Junckses see Tunxis
Johns River, St. see Malecite (LC) Juneauta see Juniata
Johns tribe , St. see Malecite Juan de Cabalenos, San see San Junetre see Tajique
Jollillepa see Ololopa Juan [NM] Juni see Zuni
Jonaz-Chichimeca see Juan de los Caballeros, San see Juniata [PA] (H)
Chichimeca-Jonaz San Juan [NM] Juniguis see Serrano
Jongoapi see Shongopovi Juaneo [CA] Mission Indians Junikuin [Self-designation] see
Jongopabi see Shongopovi (LC) Cashinawa
Jongopai see Shongopovi Juaneo [Lang] Luiseo-Cahuilla Junin [PE] (O)
Jongopavi see Shongopovi (Pub, v.4, no.3, pp.149-150) Junnachotana see Unakhotana
Jonies see Hainai Juaneo [Lang] Luiseo-Kawia Junnakachotana see
Jon-ion-cali see Shongopovi (H) Koyukukhotana
Jonioncali see Shongopovi Juaneros, San see San Juan [NM] Junnaka-chotana see
Jonkta see Chankuti Juaners, San see Saint Lawrence Koyukuhotana
Jonontadyhnago see Tionontati [Eskimos] Junnakachotana see Unakhotana
Joqualan [MX] Coahuiltecan Juan Paiute, San [AZ] (JCB, v.5, Juntunen Culture (BE)
(Hdbk10) nos.1/2, Sum./Win.1983, Jupangueimas see Upanguayma
Jora [BO] Guarani (O) pp.199-207) Juparivi see Shipaulovi (BE)
Jos, San (H) see also Pecos (BE) Juan Quivira see Tabira Jupda [SA] Macu
Jose de la Laguna, San see La- Juaquialan see Joqualan Jupde see Macu
guna Juchium see Uchium Jupe see Disakana
Josef de La Laguna, San see La- Jueinzum Coahuiltecan (BE) Jupichiya [Self-designation] see
guna Jugelnute [AK] Kaiyuhkhotana (H) Matapi
Joshua Indians [OR] Tututne (BE) Jugelnuten see Jugelnute Jupurina see Ipurina
Josimnin see Khosminin Jugelnuts see Jugelnute Jurame see Xarame
Joso see Hopi Ju-i see Penateka Juris, Juris see San Emidio
Jotans see Ietan Jui see Penateka Juruhuna see Yuruna
Jotars [TX] (H) Juichen [CA] Costanoan (H) Jurumi [Col] Yucuna (O)
Jotoy [Arg, Par] Ashluslay (O) Juina Kitaunlhu see Nambicuara Juruti see Yuruti
97 Juskwaugume Kahl

Juskwaugume see Nipissing Kachgiya [Clan] Knaiakhotana Kaeso see Carrizo [MX]
Jut joat see Ute (H) Kaetage see Kein
Jyuo-tyu-te Oj-ke see San Juan Ka-chi-e see Kechayi Ka-e-ta-je see Kein
[NM] Kachie see Kechayi Kaetaje see Kein
Kachina [Clan] Hano (H) Kaeyah-Khatana see
Kachina-towa see Kachina Kaiyuhkhotana
Kachkachkia see Kaskaskia Kafoka see Ka-foka
Kachkaska see Kaskaskia Ka-foka Eastern Pomo (Pub, v.29,
-K- Ka-cho-dtinne see Kawchottine no.4)
Kachodtinne see Kawchottine Kagaba [Col] (LC)
Ka-ack see Kake Kachtya see San Felipe [Keres] Kagagi (H) see also Kakake (H)
Kaack see Kake Kacia [CA] Southwestern Pomo Kagagi [Clan] Chippewa (H)
Kaadg ett ee see Katchandi (Pub, v.40, no.2) Kagahanin [Clan] Caddo Confed-
Kaadgettee see Katchandi ka-ciku-su see Eskimos eracy (H)
Kaadi see Kadohadacho kacikusu see Eskimos Kagaih see Kagaih
Kaadnaas-hadai [Clan] [AK] Kackapoes see Kickapoo Kagaih [Clan] Caddo Confederacy
Haida (H) Kaclasko see Wasco (H)
Kaady-ett-ee see Katchadi Kacouchakhi see Kakouchaki Kagakwisuwag see Kagak-
Kaadyettee see Katchadi Kadakaman [BaC] Laimon (H) wisuwag
Ka-ah see Kau [Clan] Kadapau see Catawba Kagakwisuwug [Clan] Sauk and
Ka-ai see Konglo Kadapaw see Catawba Fox (H)
Kaai see Konglo Kadas keeowai see Kadusgo- Kagan hit tan see Kaganhittan
Kaake [Can] Salish (BE) ketawai Kaganhittan [AK] Tlingit (H)
Kaake [Lang] Comox (BE) Kadaskeeowai see Kadusgo- Kagataya-Koungins see Aleuts
Kaana [Clan] [NM] Taos (H) kegawai Kaggaba see Kagaba
Kaana-taiina see Kaana Kaddepaw see Catawba Kagiats-kegawai [Clan] Haida (H)
Ka anjou see Kansa Kaddipeaw see Catawba Kagiciwuinuwuk Indians see
Kaanjou see Kansa Kaddo see Kadohacho Katepoisipi-wiinuuk
Ka anzou see Kansa Ka-di see Kadohadacho Ka gmalik see Kangmaligmiut
Kaanzou see Kansa Kadi see Kadohadacho Kagmalik see Kangmaligmiut
Kaaor see Urubu Kadiagmuts see Kaniagmiut Kagmalirmiut [AK] Eskimos (BE)
Kaapo see Tuerto Kadiak see Koniag Kagmallirmiut [AK] North Alaska
Kaapor see Urubu Kadiak see Kaniagmiut Coast Eskimos (Hdbk5)
Kaas-ka-qua-tee see Kaskakoedi Kadiak see Koniag Kagotan see Kagwantan
Kaba [Br] Cinta Larga (O) Kadiakfsy see Koniag Kagouse see Cayuse
Ka-bah-seh see Kabaseh Kadiakfsy see Koniag Kagwahib see Kawahib
Kabahseh [Clan] Abnaki (H) Kadiakia see Kaniagmiut Kagwahiv (O) SE Kawahib (O)
Kabalemomowi Guahibo (O) Kadiakskii see Koniag Kagwantan see Kagwantan
Kabasa see Kabahseh Kadiakskii see Koniag Kagwantan [AK] Tlingit (H)
Kabaye (H) see also Cabia (BE) Kadiaski see Kaniagmiut Kagyalsk-eowai see Kagials-
Kabaye [TX] (H) Kadieo see Caduveo kegawai
Ka-bi-na-pek see Khabenapo Kadieueu see Caduveo Kagyalskeowai see Kagials-
Kabinapek see Khabenapo Kadiko see Tonkawa kegawai
Kabiriari see Cabiyari Kadiu-Diapa [Lang] Catoquina Kah see Kansa
Kabishiana see Kabixiana (O) Ka-ha-bi see Kahabi
Kabixi (O) see also Sarare (O) Kadiweu see Caduveo Kahabi [Clan] Hopi (H)
Kabixi [Br] (O) Kadjacken see Kaniagmiut Kahansuk [NJ, DE] Unalachtigo
Kabixiana [Br] (O) Kadjakians see Kangmaligmiut (BE)
Kabiyar see Cabiyari Kado see Kadohadacho Kah-cho tinne see Kawchottine
Kabiyeri see Cabiyari Kadodakio see Kadohadacho Kahcottine see Kawchottine
Kabo [NI] Mosquito (BE) Kadodakious see Kadohadacho Kaheaheawastsik see Cheyenne
Kacaskia see Kaskaskia Kadodaquious see Kadohadacho Kahelamit see Cathlamet
Kacchiquel see Cakchikel Ka-dohadacho see Kadohadacho Kahepaia see Cofan
ka-ce-kwe-su see Eskimos Kadohadacho [TX, AR] (BE) Kahepain see Cofan
kacekwesu see Eskimos Kadohadacho Confederacy (BE) Ka-he-ta-ni-o see Khahitan
Kacha-Pomo [CA] River Pomo Kaduapuritana [Col] Wakueni (O) Kahetanio see Khahitan
(Pub, v.36, no.6) Kadusgo-kegawai [Clan] [BC] Kahinoa see Cahinnio
Kacharadi see Kaxarari Haida (H) Kahk-ah-mah-tsis see Hahamatse
Kacharari see Kaxarari Kaduveo see Caduveo kahkoestseataneoo see Flathead
Ka-che-kone-a-we-so-uk see Kaduwot-kedi see Hlukahadi Kah-Kwah see Erie
Ketchigumiwisuwugi Kaekibi [NM] Hopi (H) Kahkwah see Erie
Kachekoneawesouk see Ketchigu- Kaenna see Kainah Kahkwas see Neutral Nation
miwisuwugi Kaernermiout see Qairnirmiut Kahl [Clan] Hopi (H)
Kahlchanedi Kaiyuk-a-kho-tana 98

Kahlchanedi [AK] Tlingit (H) Kaialigumute see Kayaligmiut Kaingang see Kaingangue
Kahlguihlgahet-gitinai [BC] Kaialligmiute (Hdbk5) see al- Kaingangue [Br] (LC)
Haida (H) soKayaligmiut (Hdbk5) Kaingua see Caingua
Kahligua-gitinai [Sub-clan] [BC] Kaiapo see Cayapo Kainhkhotana see Kaiyuhkhotana
Haida (H) K-ai-atl lanas see Kaiahl-lanas Kainoe-koon see Kainah
Kah-lis-pelm see Kalispelm Kaiatllanas see Kaiahl-lanas Kai-no-meah see Gallinomero
Kahlispelm see Kalispelm Kaiawa see Kiowa Kainomeah see Gallinomero
Kahmetahwungaguma [MN, ND, Kaibab [UT] Southern Paiute (BE) Kainomero see Gallinomero
SD] Chippewa (H) Kai-bab-bit see Kaibab Kaiova [Br] (O)
Kahmi-atonwan see Kakhmia- Kaibabbit see Kaibab Kai-o-wa see Kiowa
tonwan Kaibabit see Kaibab Kaiowa see Kiowa
Kah-milt-pah see Camiltpaw Kaibab-its see Kaibab Kaiowan see Kiowa
Kahmiltpah see Camiltpaw Kaich see Koso Kaiowe see Kiowa
Kah-mi-taiks see Kahmitaiks Kaichichekaiya (Pub, v.20, no.6, Kaipa see Santa Clara [NM]
Kahmitaiks [MN] Piegan (BE) p.107) kaipa see Santa Clara [NM]
Kahna see Kainah Kai-da-toi-ab-ie see Kaidatoiabie kaipaa see Santa Clara [NM]
Kahokia see Cahokia Kaidatoiabie [NV] Paviotso (H) kaipa-picicimi see Kaibab
Kahoquia see Cahokia Kaidine see Kai [Clan] Kaiparowits Southern Paiute
Kahosadi see Shasta Kaidju-kegawai [BC] Haida (H) (Hdbk11)
Kahosadi [OR] Shasta (BE) Kai-e see Kau Kai Pomo see Kato
Kahpagi see Quapaw Kaie see Kau Kaiquariegahaga (BE)
Kahpagi see Quapaw Kai-e-na see Kainah Kaiquariegahaga see Contestoga
Kah-po see Santa Clara [NM] Kaiena see Kainah Kairaikome see Laguna
Kahpo see Santa Clara [NM] Kaigan see Kaigani Kaispa see Dakota
Kah-po-sia see Kapozha K!aigani see Kaigani Kaitana see Knaiakhotana
Kahposia see Kapozha Kaigani [AK] Haida (BE) Kaitc see Panamint
Kahpozhah see Kapozha Kaigans see Kaigani Kaitchin see Cowichan
Kahpozhay see Kapozha Kaiganskoi see Kaigani Kait-ka see Calapooya
Kahquas see Erie Kaigwa see Kiowa Kaitka see Calapooya
Kahra [MN] Sisseton (H) Kai-gwa see Kiowa Kaitlen see Kwantlen
Kahruk see Karok Ka-i-gwu see Kiowa Kaitze see Katsey
Ka-hua-i-ko see Laguna Kaigwu see Kiowa Kaivanungavidukw (H) see also
Kahuaiko see Laguna Kaigwu Kiowa (BE) Kidutokado (Hdbk11)
Kahuene see Kohuana Ka-ih see Kein Kai-va-nung-av-i-dukw see
Kahuilla see Cahuilla Kaih see Kein Kaivanungavikukw
Kahuilla see Kawia [Luiseo] Kaihatin [Clan] Apache (H) Kaivanungavidukw [CA] Paviotso
Kahvichpak see Ikogmiut Kaiihl-lanas [BC] Haida (H) (H)
Kahvichpaks see Unakhotana Kaiipa see Santa Clara [NM] Kaivavwit see Kaibab
Kahwan [Lang] Delta Yuman Kai-it-ko-ki-ki-naks see Kai-vav-wits see Kaibab
(Hdbk10) Ahkaiyikokakiniks Kaiviat-am see Serrano
Kah-we-a see Kawia [Luiseo] Kaiitkokikinaks see Kai-vwav-uai Nu-ints see Kaibab
Kahwea see Kawia [Luiseo] Ahkaiyikokakiniks Kaivwavuainuits see Kaibab
Kahweah see Kawia [Yokuts] Kaijous see Cayuse Kai-wa see Kiowa
Kahweak see Cahuilla Kaikichekaiya Wailaki (Pub, v.20, Kaiwa (PC) see also Kiowa (LC)
Kahweak see Kawia [Luiseo] no.6, p.107) Kaiwa [Br, Par] (O)
Kah-we-as see Cahuilla Kaikoma see Sinkyone Kaiwaika see Laguna
Kahwen see Kahwan Kaimbe [Br] (O) Kai-wane see Kiowa
Kahweyah see Kawia [Luiseo] Kaime (H) see also Kainah (LC) Kaiwane see Kiowa
Kah-wis-sah see Kawaiisu Kai-me see Kaime Kaiwiem Serrano (Pub, v.26)
Kahwissah see Kawaiisu Kaime (O) see also Witoto (LC) Kaiyau [CA] (H)
Kai [Clan] Navajo (H) Kaime [CA] Pomo (H) Kaiyekiyahang Wailaki (Pub,
Kaiabi see Kayabi Kai-na see Kainah v.20, no.6, p.96)
Kaiaby see Kayabi Kaina see Kainah Kaiyuhkatana see Kaiyuhkhotana
Kaiaganies see Kaigani Kainah (LC) see also Bloods (BE) Kai-Yuh-Kho-TaNa see
Kaiahl-lanas [Clan] [BC] Haida Kainah [Can] Siksika (LC) Kaiyuhkhotana
(H) Kai-nama see Gallinomero Kaiyuhkho-tana see Kaiyuh-
Kaialigamut see Kaialigmiut Kainama see Gallinomero khotana
Kaialigmiut (BE) see also Kayalig- Kai-na-meah see Gallinomero Kaiyuhkhotana [AK] (BE)
miut (Hdbk5) Kainameah see Gallinomero Kaiyuhkhotenne see Kaiyuh-
Kaialigmiut [AK] Eskimos (BE) Kai-na-me-ro see Gallinomero kho-tenne
Kai-a-lig-mut see Kaialigmiut Kainamero see Gallinomero Kaiyuh-kho-tenne Loucheux (H)
Kaialigmut see Kaialigmiut Kainau see Kainah Kaiyuk-a-kho-tana see
Kaialigmute see Kayaligmiut Kainau see Kainah Kaiyuhkhotana
99 Kaiyukhotana Kamia

Kaiyukhotana see Kaiyuhkhotana Kakinonba [KY] (H) Kalispel [ID] (LC)

Kajabi see Kayabi kakkakkia see Kaskaskia Kalispel [Lang] Interior Salish (BE)
Ka-jech-adi see Kajechadi Kakmalikg see Kangmaligmiut Kalispelim see Kalispel
Kajechadi [AK] Tlingit (H) Ka-ko-is-tsi-a-ta-ni-o see Salish Kalispeline see Kalipsel
Kaji see Kichai Kakoistsiatanio see Salish Kalispell see Kalispel
Kajingahaga see Mohawk kakora see Pecos Kalispelm see Kalispel
Kaj-Kai see San Juan [NM] Kakoshittan see Kakos-hit-tan Kalispelum see Kalispel
Kajkai see San Juan [NM] Kakouagoga see Neutral Nation Kalispelusses see Kalispel
Ka-ka see Kaka Kakouchac see Kakouchaki Kalistcha see San Felipe [Keres]
Kaka (LC) see also Cacan (LC) Kakouchakhi see Kakouchaki Ka-lis-te-no see Cree
Kaka Arikara (H) Kakouchaki (H) see also Piek- Kalisteno see Cree
Kakachkiouek see Kaskaskia ouagami (H) Kaljuschen see Tlingit
Ka-kag-she see Kakagshe Kakouchaki [Q] Montagnais (H) Kalkalak [WA] Puyallup (BE)
Kakagshe [Clan] Potawatomi (H) Kaksatis see Kiksadi Kallapoea see Calapooya
Ka-kaik see Kakake Kakso-hit-tan [AK] Shunkukedi Kallapooyah see Calapooya
Kakaik see Kakake (H) Kallapuga see Calapooya
Ka-ka-i-thi see Salish Kaktsik [OR] (Shasta) Kallawaya see Callahuaya
Kakaithi see Salish Kakus see Kake Kalmath see Klamath
Kakak see Kakak Kakwa [Col, Br] Macu (O) Kalmish, St. see Sekamish
Kakak [Clan] Crow (H) Kakwa [NA] see Erie Kal-namu see Kahl
Ka-kake see Kakake Kak-wits see Wailaki Kalnamu see Kahl
Kakake [Clan] Chippewa (H) Kakwits see Wailaki Kalokta [Clan] [NM] Zuni (H)
Ka-ka-kwis-so-uk see Kagak- kalaaleq [Self-designation] see Kalokta-kwe see Kalokta
wisuwug Greenland Eskimos Kaloosas see Calousa [CA]
Kakakwissouk see Kagakwisuwug kalaallit see Greenland Eskimos Kaloosas see Calusa [FL]
Kakamatsis see Hahamatse kalaallit see West Greenlanders Kaloshes see Tlingit
Ka-kan see Kakhan Ka-la-ci-au-u see Kalashiauu Kaloshians see Tlingit
Kakan see Cacan Kalaciauu see Kalashiauu Ka-lox-la-tce see Kadohadacho
Kakan see Kakhan Kaladlit see Greenland Eskimos Kaloxlatce see Kadohadacho
Kakana see Cacan Kalalik see Greenland Eskimos Kaltsergheatunne [OR] Tututni
Kakanikone Tusininiwug see Kalalit see Greenland Eskimos (H)
Kakanikone Tusi-niniwug Ka-la-muh see Shuswap Kal-tse-rxe-a tunne see Kalt-
Kakanikone Tusi-niniwug [WI] Kalamuh see Shuswap sergheatunne
Menominee (BE) Kalapalo (LC) see also Apalakiri Kaltserxeatunne see Kaltserghea-
Kakapakato Wininiwuk see (LC) tunne
Kakapakato Wininiwuk Kalapalo [Lang] Kakairi- Kalusa see Calousa [CA]
Kakapakato Wininiwuk [WI] Nahukwa (UAz, v.28) Kalusa see Calusa [FL]
Menimonee (BE) Kalapooiah see Calapooya Kaluschian see Tlingit
Kakapoya (H) see also Inuk- Kalapooian [Lang] [OR] (BE) Kalu-xnadshu see Kadohadacho
sikahikipwaiks (BE) Kalapooya see Calapooya Kalu-xnad-shu see Kadohadacho
Ka-ka-po-ya see Kakapoya Kalapooyah see Calapooya Kaluxnadshu see Kadohadacho
Kakapoya Piegan (H) Kalapouya see Calapooya Kama see Cacua
Kakaskigi see Kaskaskia Kalapuaya see Calapooya Kama see Kakawa
Kakasky see Kaskaskia Kalapuya (H) see also Calapooya Kamadeni [Br] Dani (O)
Kakawatilikya [Gens] Tsawatenok (BE) Kamaiura [Br] (LC)
(H) Kalapuyan see Kalapuya Kamakan [Lang] [Br] (O)
Kakchiquel see Cakchikel (LC) Kalashiauu [Clan] Hopi (H) Kam-a-lel Pomo see Usal
Kake [AK] Tlingit Kalatdlisut [Lang] Greenland Es- Kamalel Pomo see Usal
Kakega see Kakegha kimos (LC) Kamaloola-pa see Kamloop
Kakegha Brule (H) Kalatekoe see Kilatika Ka-man-tci see Comanche
Kakekt [VanI] Salish (BE) Kala-Walset see Kalawatset Kamantci see Comanche
Kakexa see Kakegha Kalawatset [PacN] (H) Kamaracoto see Puricoto
Kakexa see Kakegha Kalawatshet see Kalawatset Kamarakoto see Camaracoto
Kakhan [Clan] [NM] Laguna (H) Kalespel see Kalispel Kamaru [Br] Kariri (O)
Kakhan-hanoch see Kakhan Kalespilium see Kalispel Kamayura see Kamaiura
Kakhmiatonwan Sisseton (H) Kalespilum see Kalispel Kambeba see Omagua
Kakhuana see Cajuenche Kali [Clan] [AK] (H) Kambiwa [Br] (O)
Kaki [Br] Cinta Larga (O) Kaliana [VE] (O) Kamdot [CA] Southeastern Pomo
Kakia see Caholia Kalino [Self-designation] see (Pub, v.36, no.6)
Kakick [TN, AL] (H) Carib Kameintza see Camsa [Lang]
Kakigue see Kakick Kalinya see Carib Kamentxa see Camsa
Kakima see Kiakima Ka-lis-cha see San Felipe [Keres] Kamia (H) see also Comeya (H)
kaki-ma see Kiakima Kalischa see San Felipe [Keres] Kamia (H) see also Diegueo (LC)
Kamia Kanhutyi 100

Kamia (H) see also Kamiah (H) Kanamari [Br] (O) kangirsuk see Payne Inuit
Kamia [CA, MX] (LC) Kanamari Tamanawa (O) Kangite see Ipurina
Kamia [Lang] [CA] Yuman (He) Kanani see Kanani Kangiti see Ipurina
Kamia-ahwe see Diegueo Kanani [Clan] Navajo (H) Kangitoka see Crow
Kamia-akhwe see Comeya Ka-nan-in see Arikara Kangiugdlit see Kangmaligmiut
Kamiah [ID] Nez Perce (H) Kananin see Arikara kangiva [Can] Inuit (Quebec)
Kamiai see Kamia Kanastoge see Conestoga (Hdbk5)
Kamiaxpu [ID] Nez Perce (BE) Kanatat see Klikitat kangivamiut [Can] Inuit (Quebec)
kam-idikadi see Kamodokado kanati-cimi see Kaibab (Hdbk5)
kamidikadi see Kamodokado Kanawa (BE) Kangivamiut [Can] Sukinimiut
Kamillary see Cabiyari Kanawa (BE) see also Conoy (LC) Eskimos (H)
Kamilt-pah see Camiltpaw Kanawa (H) see also Cayuga (LC) Kan-gi-wi-ca-sa see Crow
Kamiltpah see Camiltpaw Kanawa (H) see also Mohawk (LC) Kangiwicasa see Crow
Kamiskwa-wakuka-wininuwag Kan-Ayko see Laguna Kan-gi yu-ha see Kanghiyuha
see Gamiskwakokawininiwak Kan-ayko see Sitsime Kangi-yuha see Kanghiyuha
Kamiskwawakuka-winiwiwag see Kanayko see Laguna Kangjulit see Chnagmiut
Gamiskwakokawininiwak Kanayko see Sitsime Kangmali-enyui see Kangmalig-
Kamiyahi see Diegueo Kancas see Kansa miut
Kamiyahi see Kamia Kances see Kansa Kangmalienyui see Kangmalig-
Kamiyai see Diegueo Kancho see Kawchottine miut
Kamiyai see Kamia Ka-nc za-wa see Kanwasowaua Kangmaligmeut see Kangmalig-
Kamloop [BC] Shuswap (BE) Kanczawa see Kanwasowaua miut
Kamloops Division [BC] Shuswap Kandankaiya see Kandankaiya Kangmaligmiut [AK] Arctic Eski-
(Hdbk12) Kandankaiya [CA] (Pub, v.20, mos (H)
Kammack see Kammuck no.6) Kangmalig-mut see Eskimos
Kammas Prairie Tribe see Kandoshi see Candoshi Kangmalig-mut see Innuit
Tukuarika Kan-dzi see Lipan Apache Kangmaligmut see Kangmaligm-
Kammatwa see Kammatwa Kandzi see Lipan Apache niut
Kammatwa [CA] Shasta (BE) Kaneahea-wastsik see Cheyenne Kangmaligmut see Kangmalig-
Kammedeka Northern Shoshone Kaneaheawastsik see Cheyenne miut
(Hdbk11) Kaneaheawatsik see Cheyenne Kangmaligmut see Innuit
kammitikka see Kammedeka Kanela see Canela [Eastern Tim- Kang-mali-innuin see Kopag-
Kammuck [BC] Salish (H) bira] miut
Kam-ne see Kainah Kanela see Canella Kangmali-innuin see Kangmalig-
Kamne see Kainah Kanela see Canelo [EC] miut
Kamodokado Northern Paiute Kaneskies see Knaiakhotana Kangmaliinnuin see Kangmalig-
(Hdbk11) Kang [Clan] Tewa (H) miut
Kampa see Campa Kangamiut Greenland Eskimos (BE) Kangoot Mute see Kungugemiut
Kamsa see Camsa Kangatsiak Greenland Eskimos (BE) Kangootmute see Kungugemiut
Kamse see Kansa Kangerdlugsiatsiak Greenland Es- Kangormiut [Can] Central Eski-
Kamuduka (Bull120) see also Ban- kimos (BE) mos (H)
nock Creek Shoshone (Bull120) Kangguatl-lanas [Sub-clan] Haida Kang-orr-Moeoot see Kan-
Kamuduka see Kamu duka [ID] (H) gormiut
Shoshone Kanghiryuachiakmiut [Can] Cen- Kangorrmoeoot see Kangormiut
Kamu duka [ID] Shoshone (An- tral Eskimos (BE) Kanguatl lanai see Kangguatl-
thro, v.8, no.3) Kanghiryuarmiut [Can] Central lanas
Kamu-inu see Nez Perce Eskimos (BE) Kanguatllanai see Kangguatl-
kamutukede see Tasiget tuvi- Kanghishunpegnaka Sihasapa (H) lanas
warai Kanghiyuha Brule (H) Kan-gukelualuksoagmyut see
Kamutukede see Tasiget tuvi- Kangialis see Kangmaligmiut Kangivamiut
warai Kangianirmiut North Alaska Coast Kangukelualuksoagmyut see
Kamya see Kamia Eskimos (Hdbk5) Kangivamiut
Kan [Clan] San Juan (NM) (H) Kangigmiut Kotzebue Sound Eski- Kangutu see Ipurina
Kanaa see Conoy mos (Hdbk5) Kanhada [Clan] Chimmesyan (H)
Kanaai see Conoy Kangikhlukhmut [AK] Ahtena Kanhadda see Kanhada
Kanaatino see Kanohatino (BE) Kanhatki see Kan-hatki
Kanach-adi see Ganahadi Kang-iq-xlu-qmut see Kan-hatki [FL, AL] Muskogee (BE)
Kanach-tedi see Ganahadi Kangikhlukhmut Kanhawa see Conoy
Kanagist see Koniag Kangiqxluqmut see Kanhaway see Conoy
Kanai see Conoy Kangikhlukhmut Kanhenko see Carrizo [MX]
Kanaizer see Tinne Kangirlugyarmiut [AK] Igluling- Kanhenko see Carrizo [MX]
Kanamanti [BR] (O) miut (Hdbk5) Kanhobal see Kanjobal
Kanamara see Gallinomero kangirsualujjuag see Kangiva Kanhutyi [Clan] [MN] Atsina (BE)
101 Ka-ni Kap

Ka-ni (H) see also Koni (H) Kan-na see Kanna Kaons see Coos
Kani see Ka-ni Kanna [Clan] Tuscarora (H) Kaoquias see Cohokia
Ka-ni [CA] Miwok (H) Kanneastoka-roneah see Con- Kaouai see Salmon River
Kaniagi see Kaniagmiut estoga Kaouanoua see Kannehouan
Kaniagi see Koniag Kannehonan see Kannehouan Kaouechias see Cahokia
Kaniagist see Kaniagmiut Kannehouan [TX] (H) Kaoukia see Cahokia
Kaniagmiut (Hdbk5) see also Ko- Kanoatina see Kanohatino Kaoulis see Cowlitz
niag (Hdbk5) Kanoatinno see Kanohatino Kapa see Quapaw
Kaniagmiut [AK] Eskimos (LC) Kanoatino see Kanohatino Kapaha see Quapaw
Kaniagmut see Kaniagmiut Kanoe [Br] (O) Kapaits [Phratry] [NM] Laguna
Kaniag-mut see Kaniagmiut Kano Hatino see Kanohatino (H)
Kanianermiut [AK] Eskimos (BE) Kanohatino [TX] (H) Kapana see Yamamadi
Kaniapiskau [Can] Montagnais- Kanoqtlatlam see Kalispel Kapanahu see Capanahua
Naskapi see Mohawk Kanoqtlatlam see Kalispel Kapanawa see Capanahua
Kanienge-onon see Mohawk Kanosh Paiute (Hdbk11) Ka-pate see Apache
Kaniengeonon see Mohawk Kanoutinoa see Kanohatino Kapate see Apache
Kanikaligamut [AK] Kna- Kanozawa [Clan] Miami (H) Ka-pa-top see Kiowa Apache
iakhotana (H) Kanp-meut see Kangormiut Ka-patop see Kiowa Apache
Kanikgmut see Kungugemiut Kanpmeut see Kangormiut Ka-patop see Apache
Kanimare see Gallinomero Kanq-or-mi-ut see Kangormiut Kapatop see Apache
Kanimarre see Gallinomero Kanqormiut see Kangormiut Kapatop see Kiowa Apache
Kanim Lake see Kenim Lake Kans see Kansa Kap-ho see Santa Clara [NM]
Kanina see Havasupai Kansa [KS, OK] (LC) Kapho see Santa Clara [NM]
Kanina see Havasupai Kansa [Lang] Dhegiha (H) Kapiekran see Ramkokamekra
Kaninahoic see Arapaho Kansae see Kansa Kapinamari see Yamamadi
Kaninahoich see Arapaho Kanse (H) see also Kansa (LC) Kapixana see Kanoe
Kaninahoish see Arapaho Kanse [Clan] Osage (H) Ka-po see Santa Clara [NM]
Kaninavish see Arapaho Kansez see Kansa Ka-po see Tuerto
Kaninim Lake see Kenim Lake Kanshak see Creek Kapo see Santa Clara [NM]
Kaninis Tribe see Kenim Lake Kansies see Kansa Kapo see Tuerto
Ka-nip-sum see Kenipsim Kantcati see Kan-tcati Kapoga see Kapozha
Kanipsum see Kenipsim Kan-tcati [AL, FL] Muskogee (BE) Kapohn Acawai (O)
Kani-qa-li-ga-mut see Kan-tdoa see Kang Kapoja see Kapozha
Kanikaligamut Kantdoa see Kang Kapoja see Kapozha
Kaniqaligamut see Kanikaliga- Kantha see Kansa Kapoja see Kapozha
mut Kants see Kansa Kapojay see Kapozha
Kanisiana see Canichana Kantsi see Kiowa Apache Kapon [Self-designation] see
Kanisky see Knaiakhotana Kantsi see Lipan Apache Kapohn
Kanit see Mandan Kanuktlualuksoagmyut see Kan- Kapong Acawai (O)
Kanithlualukshuamiut [Can] givamiut Ka-Poo see Santa Clara [NM]
Labrador Eskimos (BE) Kanwasouwau see Kanozawa Kapoo see Santa Clara [NM]
Kaniulit see Ekogmiut Kanwasowaua [Clan] Miami (H) Kaposia see Kapozha
Kaniulit see Chnagmiut Kanxi-cunpegnaka see Ka-po-sias see Kapozha
Kanjagi see Koniag Kanghishunpegnaka Kapota see Kapozha
Kanjobal see Kanjobal Kanxicunpegnaka see Kapota see Capote
Kanjobal [Gua] Western Mayan Kanghishunpegnaka Kapoti see Capote
(LC) Kanxi-yuha see Kanghiyuha Ka-pou see Santa Clara [NM]
Kanka see Ponca Kanxiyuha see Kanghiyuha Kapou see Santa Clara [NM]
Kanka see Ponca Kanyag see Koniag Ka-po-za see Kapozha
Kakan see Ponca Kanykgmiut see Kangigmiut Kapoza see Kapozha
Kankan see Ponca Kanyuksa Istichati [FL] Seminole Kapozha [MN] Mdewakanton (H)
Kankau see Konkow (H) Kappa Akansea see Quapaw
Kankaways see Tonkawa Kanzas see Kansa Kappas see Quapaw
Kankete see Ipurina Kanze (H) see also Kansa (LC) Kappaws see Quapaw
Kankiti see Ipurina Kanze [Clan] Kansa (H) Kappawson-Arkansas see Quapaw
Kankuna see Knaiakhotana Kanze [Subgens] Omaha (H) Ka-pu-lo see Kapulo
Kankunats kogtana see Kna- Kanzeis see Kansa Kapulo [Clan] Hano (H)
iakhotana Kaockhia see Cahokia Kapulo-towa see Kapulo
Kankutlaatlam see Okinagan Kaockia see Caholia Kapung see Santa Clara [NM]
Kankutlaatlam see Okinagan Kao-ke-owai see Aokeawai kapu-ta see Capote
Kanlax [BC] Upper Lillooet (H) Kaokeowai see Aokeawai Kap Yorker see Polar Eskimos
Kanmali-enyuin see Kangmalig- Kaokia see Cahokia Kap York Eskimoer see Polar Es-
miut Kaokies see Cahokia kimos
Kaqmi-atonwan K atcade 102

Kaqmi-atonwan see Kakhmia- Karo see Arara Kaskiha [Par] (O)

tonwan Karoa [MS] (LC) Kaskinampo [TN] (BE)
Karabayo [Col] (O) Ka-rok see Karok Kaskkasies see Kaskaskia
Karadza see Caraja Karok [CA] (LC) Kaslanas see Kas-lanas
Karaja see Caraja Karok [Lang] Yana (CA-8) Kas-lanas [Family] Haida (H)
Karajak Greenland Eskimos (BE) Karo-xnadshu see Kadohadacho Kasnaikotkaiya [CA] (Pub, v.20,
Karakoenitanon see Coiracoen- Karoxnadshu see Kadohadacho no.6)
tanon Karquines see Karkin Kasoongkta (H)
Karakuka [Lang] [CA] (H) Karrihaet [Can] (H) Kasqaguede see Kaskakoedi
Karaler see Eskimos Karro see Gyazru Kasqaguede see Kaskakoedi
Karalit see Eskimos Kar-sa see Kansa Kasq!akuedi see Kaskakoedi
Karamanta see Caramanta Karsa see Kansa Kasqakuedi see Kaskakoedi
Karamaracoto Parukoto-Pemon (O) Karsea see Kansa Kasqui see Kaskaskia
Karankawa [TX] (LC) Kartar [WA] Sinkaietk (BE) Kasquias see Kaskaskia
Karankawan [Lang] [TX] (H) Kartchottee [Family] Tahltan (H) Kasquinanipo see Kakinonba
Karankaway see Karankawa Karu [VE] Wakunai (O) Kasquuasquia see Kaskaskia
Karankoas see Karankawa ka-ruk see Karok Kasseya see Kadohadacho
Karankoo-as see Karankawa Karuk see Karok (LC) Kasseye-i see Kadohadacho
Karapana see Carapana Karupaka (O) see Wakuenai Kassiluda see Sandatoton
Karapana-Tapuya see Carapana Karutana [Br] Baniva (O) Kas-so-vo see Kassovo
Kararaiho see Kararao Kar-wee-wee see Atsmitl Kassovo [CA] Yokuts (H)
Kararao [Br] (O) Karweewee see Atsmitl Kassra-kuedi see Kaskakoedi
Ka-rasch-kidetan see Kasaha unun see Chickasaw Kassrakuedi see Kaskakoedi
Kayashkidetan Kasahaunun see Chickasaw Kasta-kegawai see Daiyahl-lanas
Karaschkidetan see Kayashkide- Kasas see Kansa Kastakegawai see Daiyahl-lanas
tan Kaschke-kon see Kashkehoan Kastake-rauai see Daiyuahl-
Karawaka [NI] Panamaka (BE) Kaschkekon see Kashkehoan lanas
Karawala [NI] Panamaka (BE) Kasgresquois see Kaskaskia Kastakerauai see Daiyahl-lahas
Karaya see Caraja Kashahara [CA] Wintun (H) Kas-tel see Kastel Pomo
Karekateye see Krenkateye Kashapaokla see Kushapokla Kastel Pomo (H) see also Kato (LC)
Kareneri Mashco (O) Kashap-ukla see Kushapokla Kastitchewanuk [NY] Cree (H)
Karese see Lipan Apache Kashapukla see Kushapokla Kasupa see Aikana
Kareses see Kiowa Apache Kasharari see Kaxarari Kata see Kata
Karezi (H) Kash-a-woosh-ah see Kassovo Kata Kiowa (BE)
Kar-gwan-ton see Kagwantan Kashawooshah see Kassovo Kataba see Catawba
Kargwanton see Kagwantan Kashawooshah see Nim Ka-ta-ge-ma-ne see Katagemane
Karhadage [Can] (H) Kashaya [CA] Pomo (LC) Katagemane Piegan (H)
Karhagaghrooney [Q] (H) Kashinaua see Cashinawa Kataghayekiki see Aleuts
Karhaski see Kaskaskia Kashinawa see Cashinawa Katagottine (BE) see also Chin-
Karib see Carib Kashiniti [Br] Pareci (O) tagottine (BE)
Kariban see Cariban [Lang] Kashkekoan [AL] Tlingit (H) Katagottine (H) see also Kawchot-
Karigouistes [Can] (H) Kashuyana [Lang] East-West tine (LC)
Karijona see Carijona Guiana Carib (UAz, v.28) Ka-ta-gottine see Kawchottine
Kariko Tonkawan (BE) Kasihta Muskogee (BE) Kata-got-tine see Kawchottine
Karia [Lang] Galibi (UAz, v.28) Kasispa [WA] Palouse (BE) Katagottine [AK] Kawchodinne
Karia [Lang] Western Carib Kaska [BC] Nahana (LC) (H)
(UAz, v.28) Kaskaias see Kiowa Apache Katagwadi [AK] Tlingit (H)
Karia [VE, Br] (O) Kaskaisas see Kaskaskia Katahba see Catawba
Karinya (LC) see also Carib (LC) Kaskaiska see Kaskaskia Katahka see Apache
Karinya see Karia Kaskakia see Kaskaskia Ka-ta-ka see Kiowa Apache
Karipuna [Br] Panoan (O) Kaskakies see Kaskaskia Kataka see Kiowa Apache
Karipuna [Br] Tupi (O) Kaskakoedi Tlingit (H) Katake see Kiowa Apache
Kariri [Br] (LC) Kaskaroren see Tuscarora Katalamet see Cathlamet
Kariri-Sapuya see Sapuya Kaskascia see Kaskaskia Kataubah see Catawba
Karitiana [Br] (LC) Kaskasia see Kaskaskia Katawba see Catawba
Karkadia see Kaskaskia Kaskaskey see Kaskaskia Katawian [Br, Sur] (O)
Karkin [CA] (H) Kaskaskia [IL] (LC) Katawishi see Catoquina
Karkin [Lang] Northern Costonoan Kaskaskian see Kaskaskia Katawishi see Katawixi
(CA-8) Kaskaskies see Kaskaskia Katawixi [Br] Cataquina (O)
Karkinonpois see Kakinonba Kaskasquia see Kaskaskia Kataxka see Kiowa Apache
Karmowong see Kaumauangmiut Kaskaya see Kiowa Apache Katca [CA] Northern Pomo (Pub,
Karnijo see Fulnio Kaskia see Kiowa Apache v.40, no.2)
Karo see Gyazru Kaskiha (O) see also Guana (LC) K atcade see Katchadie
103 Katcade Ka-waik

Katcade see Katchadi Katlamat see Cathlamet Kauvuyas see Cahuilla

Katce see Siksika Katlaminim see Kathlaminimin Kauwerak Bering Strait Eskimos
Katchadi [AK] Tlingit (H) Katlammet see Cathlamet (Hdbk5)
Katchadi Kake (H) Katlamoik [OR] Chinookan (H) Kauwetseka see Akawantcaka
Katchan see Yuma Katlaportl see Cathlapotle Kauwetseka see Tuscarora
Katchekakuashiueu see Eskimos Katlawewalla see Clowwewalla Kau win-wu see Kau
Ka-tcho-gottine see Kawchogot- Katluchtna [Clan] Knaiahkhotana Kau wunwu see Kau
tine (H) Kau wunwu see Kau
Katchogottine (PC) see also Kaw- Kat nas hadai see Kaadnaas- Kau-yai-chit see Cahuilla
chogottine (BE) hadai Kau-yai-chit see Kawia [Luiseo]
Katchogottine [AK, Can] Kaw- Katnashadai see Kaadnaas-hadai Kau-yai-chit see Las Vegas
chodinne (H) Kato [CA] (LC) Kauyaichits (PC) see also Cahuilla
Katcho-Ottine see Kawchogot- Kato [CA] Kuneste (H) (LC)
tine Kato [Lang] [CA] Wailaki (He) Kauyaichits (PC) see also Kawia
Kat-chu see Katsalgi Ka-to pomo see Kato [Luiseo] (H)
Katchu see Katsalgi Katowa see Cherokee Kauyaichits (PC) see also Las
Ka-tci-na see Kachina Katsalgi [Clan] Creek (H) Vegas (Hdbk11)
Katcina see Kachina Katschadi see Katchadi Kauyaichits [CA] Chemehuevi (BE)
Ka-tci-na nyu-mu see Kachina Katsey [Can] Stalo (BE) Kauzau see Kansa
Katcina nyumu see Kachina katshekuashueu see Eskimos Kavagan see Kouyam
Katcina win-wu see Kachina Ka-tshik-otin see Katshikotin Kavayo see Cahuilla
Ka-tci-na wunwu see Kachina Katshikotin [AK] Han (BE) Kavayo see Kawia [Luiseo]
Katcina wunwu see Kachina Katskil see Catskill Kavea see Kuviagmiut
Katditalhu [Br] Southern Nam- Katskill see Catskill Kaveak see Kaviagmiut
bicuara (O) Kattahawkee see Kitkehahki Kavechia see Cahokia
Kate see Kake Kattanahaw see Kutenai Kavelchadom [Lang] [AZ] Yuman
Katenuaka see Katenuaka Kattarbe see Catawba (Hdbk10)
Katenuaka [NC] Tuscarora (BE) Kattaupa see Catawba Kaveltcadom see Kavelchadom
Katepoisipi-wiinuuk [Can] Katteka see Kiowa Apache Kaverong Mutes see Kaviagmiut
Paskwawininiwug (BE) Kattera see Tutelo Kaviacks see Kaviagmiut
Katezie see Katsey Katuhano (Hdbk10) Kaviagamute see Kaviagmiut
Kathagi see Kansa Katukina see Catoquina Kaviagmiut [AK] Eskimos (BE)
Kathlamet see Cathlamet Katukina do Bia/Jutai see Cato- Kaviagmut see Kaviagmiut
Kat-hlamet see Cathlamet quina Kaviagmute see Kaviamiut
Kathlaminimin [OR] Multnomah Katukino see Catoquina Kaviagmyut see Kaviagmiut
(BE) Katuku see Chastacosta Kaviaks see Kaviagmiut
Kathlamit see Cathlamet Kau (W) see also Kansa (LC) Kaviatam see Serrano
Kathlamut see Cathlamet Kau [Clan] Hopi (H) Kaviawach (BE) see also Paru-
Kathlapootle see Cathlapotle Ka-uay-ko see Laguna sanuch (Hdbk11)
Kathlaram [BC] Salish (H) Kauayko see Laguna Kaviawach [UT] (BE)
Kathlarem see Kathlaram Kauia (H) see also Kawia [Yokuts] Kaviazagamute see Kaviazagmiut
Kathlemit see Cathlamet (BE) Kaviazagemut see Kaviazagmiut
Katihcha see San Felipe [Keres] Kauia see Kau-i-a Kaviazagmiut Kaviagmiut (H)
Katio see Catio Kau-i-a Yokuts (Contri, v.3, p.370) Kavixi see Kabixi
Ka-ti-ru see Katiru Kauitchin see Cowichan Kavvachia see Cahokia
Katiru [CA] Shasta (H) Kaul-daw see Kauldaw Kavvchia see Cahokia
katisca see San Felipe [Keres] Kauldaw [BC] Kitksan (H) Kavvkia see Cahokia
Ka-tish-tya see San Felipe [Keres] Kau-lits see Cowlitz Kavwaru-Maup see Cahuilla
Kat-ish-tya see San Felipe [Keres] Kaulits see Cowlitz Kavwaru-maup see Kawia
Katishtya see San Felipe [Keres] Kaumainsh see Comanche [Luiseo]
Kat-ist-ya see San Felipe [Keres] Kaumanang see Kaumauangmiut Kaw see Kansa
Katistya see San Felipe [Keres] Kaumauangmiut see Kau- Kawa see Kiowa
Ka-ti-tya see San Felipe [Keres] mauangmiut Kawaaisu [Lang] Ute-Chemehuevi
Katitya see San Felipe [Keres] Kaumauangmiut Labrador Eski- (H)
Ka-ti-ya-ye-mix see Kutaiimiks mos (H) Kawahib [Br] (O)
Katiyayemix see Kutaiimiks Kaus see Coos Kawahyb see Kawahib
Katkaayi [AK] Tlingit (H) Kausas see Kansa Kawahykaka see Laguna
Katlagakya see Watlala Kautanohakau see Tuscarora Kawaibatunya [Clan] Hopi (H)
Katlagakya see Cascades Kauvuya (H) see also Kawia Kawaihkaa see Laguna
Katlagakya [Self-designation] see [Luiseo] (H) Kawaiisu [CA] (LC)
Shahala Kauvuya [Lang] Southern Califor- Kawaik see Laguna
Katlagulak [OR] Chinookan (H) nia Shoshonean (Pub, v.4, no.3, Ka-waik [Self-designation] see
Katlamak see Cathlamet p.131) Laguna
Ka-waika Keeche 104

Ka-waika see Laguna Kaxi see Crow Keasas see Kiyuksa [Oglala]
Kawaika see Laguna Kaxinaw see Cashinawa Ke-at see Koso
Kawaikama see Laguna Kaxinawa see Cashinawa Ke-at see Panamint
Kawaikame see Laguna Kaxiniti see Kashiniti Keat see Koso
Kawaik-ka-me see Laguna Kaxiniti see Pareci Keat see Panamint
Kawaikkame see Laguna Kaxuiana [Br] (O) Keawa see Kiowa
Kawaiko see Sitsime Kaxuyama see Kaxuiana Keawah see Kawia [Yokuts]
Kawaikome see Laguna Kaxuyana see Kaxuiana Keawaw see Kiawaw
Kawapabikunikag see Gawababi- kaxwan see Kahwan Keaway see Kiowa
ganikak Kayabi [Br] (LC) Keawe see Keyauwee
Kawapatu see Apache Kayackidetan see Kayashkidetan Keawee see Kayauwee
Kawapatu see Apache Kayackidetan see Kayashkidetan Kea-wit-sis see Tlauitsis
Kawarakis Pitahauerat (BE) Kayagua see Kiowa Keawitsis see Tlauitsis
Kawarakish see Kawarakis Kayaligmiut [AK] Eskimos Ke-ax-as see Kiyuksa [Oglala]
Ka-was see Kawas (Hdbk5) Kebiks see Montagnais-Naskapi
Kawas [Family] Haida (H) Kayamaici [TX] (BE) Kecapo see Kickapoo
Kawa-Tapuya [Col] Wakuenai (O) Kayapo see Cayapo Kecchies see Kichai
Kawatskin see Cowichan Kayapwa see Zaparo Kecha see Kichai
Kawchodinne see Kawchottine Kayashkidetan [AK] Tlingit (H) Kecha see Kichai
Kawchogottine [Can] Kawchottine Kayaway see Kiowa Kechayi [CA] (BE)
(BE) Kayjatin see Kaihatin Kechayi [Lang] Northern Foothill
Kawchottine [Can, AK] (LC) Kaykovskie see Kake Yokuts (BE)
Kaweach see Cahuilla Kaynaguntl Apache (H) Kechayi [Lang] Northern Valley
Kaweah see Cahuilla Kayo-kath see Kyuquot Yokuts (Anthro, v.11, no.3)
Kaweisa see Kawaiisu Kayokath see Kyuquot Kech-eel see Kechayi
Kawelitsk see Cowlitz Kayokuaht see Kyuquot Kecheel see Kechayi
Kawesqar [Lang] see Alacaluf Kayomasho [Phratry] Laguna (H) Kechegummewininewug [MN]
Kawia (BE) see also Cahuilla (LC) Kayouse see Cayuse Chippewa (BE)
Kawia (BE) see also Gawia (CA) Kayouuik see Cayuse Kechekame Wenenewak see
Kawia (H) see also Cahuilla (LC) Kayova see Caingua Kitchigumiwininiwug
Kawia [CA] Luiseo (H) Kayova see Kaiova Kechemeche [NJ] Delaware (H)
Kawia [Lang] [CA] Luiseo Kayowa see Kiowa Kechepukwaiwah [MI, WI]
(Kawia) (H) Kayowe see Kiowa Chippewa (H)
Kawia Yokuts (BE) Kayowgaw see Cayuga Ke-che-se-be-win-in-e-wug see
Ka-wi-a-suh see Ta-hi-cha-pa- Kayowu see Kiowa Kitchisibiwininiwug
han-na Kay-tzen-lin see Kaihatin Kechesebewininewug (PC) see also
Ka-wi-a-suh see Kawaiisu Kaytzenlin see Kaihatin Kitchisibiwininiwug (H)
Kawiasuh see Ta-hi-cha-pa-han- Kayua see Caingua Kechesebewininewug [MI]
na Kayugua see Kiowa Chippewa (BE)
Kawiasuh see Kawaiisu Kayugueonon see Cayuga Ke-che-se-be-win-o-wing see
Kawichen see Cowichan Kayul see Cayuse Kitchisibiwininiwug
Kawillary see Cabiyari Kayuse see Cayuse Kechesebewinowing see Kitchisi-
Ka-wi-na-han see Siksika Kayuse Creek see Cayoosh Creek biwininiwug
Kawinahan see Siksika Kayuwa see Kiowa Kechi see Luiseo
Kawirimomowi Guahibo (O) Kayuwa see Kiowa Kechies see Kichai
Kawishm see Kawaiisu Kayuxes see Cayuse Kechipauan Zuni (Hdbk9)
Kawita Creek Confederacy (H) Kce-qwuc tunne see Siuslaw kechipa-wa see Kechipauan
Kawitchen see Cowichan Kchegagonggo [Gens] Abnaki (H) Kechis see Kichai
Kawitshin see Cowichan Kche-sepi-ack see Chesapeake Kechtawangh see Kitchawank
Kawitskin see Cowichan Kchesepiack see Chesapeake Kechua see Quechua
Kawiyeri see Cabiyari Kchick-aham-min-nough see Kecopes see Kickapoo
Kawkawling [MI] Chippewa (H) Chickahominy Kecotan see Kecoughtan
Kawki (O) see also Jaqaru (O) Kchikcahamminnough see Kecoughtan [VA] Powhatan (BE)
Kawki [PE] (O) Chickahominy Kedada [Br] Pira-Tapuyo (O)
Kawkia see Cahokia Kcop-tagui see Jicarilla Apache Kedalana see Keda-lana
Kaws see Kansa Kcu-quictunne see Siuslaw Keda-lana [BC] Hagi-lana (H)
Kaw-sa see Kansa Kcuquictunne see Siuslaw Kee see Arikara
Kawsa see Kansa Kcuqwictunne see Siuslaw Kee-ark-sar see Kiyuksa [Yank-
Kaw-za see Kansa Kdhun [Gens] Osage (H) tonai]
Kawza see Kansa Ke (H) see also Kekin [Kansa] (H) Keearksar see Kiyuksa [Yank-
Kaxanawa see Cashinawa Ke [Clan] Pueblo Indians (H) tonai]
Kaxarari [Br] (O) Kea [Clan] Tewa (H) Keeawawe see Keyauwee
Ka-xi see Crow Kealedjii [AL] Muskogee (BE) Keeche (PC) see also Kitzeesh (H)
105 Keeche Ke-noushay

Keeche [CA] (LC) Kehons see Kake Kenabe see Norridgewock

Keeche-gumme-winine-wug see Keiauwee see Kayauwee Kenabe see Kennebec
Kitchigumininiwug Keimanoeitoh see Kitlope Kenabeca see Norridgewock
Keechers see Kichai Kein [Subgens] Omaha (H) Ke-na-big see Kenabig
Kee-ches see Kitzeesh Keinouche [MI] Ottawa (BE) Kenabig [Clan] Chippewa (H)
Keechi see Kichai Keiscatch-ewan see Cree Kenai see Knaiakhotana
Keechies see Kichai Keiskatchewan see Cree Kenaian see Athapascan
Kee-chis see Kitzeesh Kei-u-gue see Cayuga Kenaies see Knaiakhotana
Keechis see Kitzeesh Keiugue see Cayuga Kenai-tena see Knaiakhotana
Kee-chum-a-kai-lo see Kitzim- Ke-jawn see Yuma Kenaitena see Knaiakhotana
gaylum Kejawn see Yuma Kenaitses see Knaiakhotana
Keechumakailo see Kitzimgay- Kek see Kake Kenaitze see Knaiakhotana
lum Ke-ka-alns see Kikiallu Kenaiyer see Knaiakhotana
Kee-chum akarlo see Kitzimgay- Kekaalns see Kikiallu Kenaiyut see Knaiakhotana
lum Kekapo see Kickapoo Kenaize see Knaiakhotana
Keechumakarlo see Kitzimgay- Kekapou see Kickapoo Kenaizen see Knaiakhotana
lum Kekaupoag see Kickapoo Kenaizer see Athapascan
Keechy see Kichai Kekayeken [Can] Songish (BE) Kenajer see Knaiakhotana
Kee-hat-sa see Crow Kekchi [Gua, Bel, MX] (LC) Kenaken see Okinagan
Keehatsa see Crow Kekchian [Lang] Mayan (O) Kenas see Knaiakhotana
Keeheet-sa see Creek Kekch-kon see Kake Kenath tui ex see Kinuhtoiah
Kee-kat-sa see Creek Kekerannonrounon see Nipiss- Kenathtuiex see Kinuhtoiah
Keekatsa see Creek ing Kenay see Knaiakhotana
Keek heat la see Kitkala Kekies see Kichai Kenayern see Knaiakhotana
Keekheatla see Kitkala Ke-kin see Kekin [Kansa] Kenayzi see Knaiakhotana
Keen-ath-toix see Kinuhtaoiah Kekin [Clan] Kansa (H) Kendawa [Clan] Miami (H)
Kee-nip-saim see Kenipsim Kekin [Gens] Osage (H) Kenebecka see Kennebec
Keenipsaim see Kenipsim K-ek-kenox see Kyekykyenok Kenebecke Indians see Norridge-
Kee-nip-sim see Kenipsim Kekkenox see Kyekykyenok wock
Keenipsim see Kenipsim Kekowhatan see Kecoughtan Kenebeke see Norridgewock
Keeowaw see Keyauwee Kek-pa see Hekpa Kenehawa see Conoy
Keeowee see Keyauwee Kekpa see Hekpa Kenekun see Kainah
Keequotancke see Kecoughtan Kekuvskoe see Kake Kenesti see Wailaki
Kee-tah-hon-neet see Tongass Kelamouche see Comanche Ken-es-ti [Self-designation] see
Keetahhonneet see Tongass Kelatl [BC] Cowichan (H) Wailaki
Keet-heat-la see Kitkala Kelatl [Can] Stalo (BE) Ke-nikaci-ka see Kenikashika
Keetheatla see Kitkala Kele (H) see also Karankawa (LC) Kenikacika see Kenikashika
Keethratlah see Kitkala Kele [Can] Hopi (H) Kenikashika [Clan] Quapaw (H)
Keetoowah Society (AI, pp.505- Ke-le-nyu-muh see Kele Ke nika-shing-ga see Kekin
506) Kelenyumuh see Kele [Kansa]
Keetsas see Kichai Ke-le win-wu see Kele Kenikashingga see Kekin [Kansa]
K-eetse see Katsey Kele winwu see Kele Kenim Lake [BC] Shuswap (H)
Keetse see Katsey Kelewinwu see Kele Ke-nip-sim see Kenipsim
Kee-uke-sah see Kiyuksa [Yank- Keliopoma [CA] Pomo (H) Kenipsim [Can] Cowichan (BE)
tonai] Kelistenos see Cree Ke-nish-te-no-wuk see Cree
Keeukesah see Kiyuksa [Yank- Kellamuck see Tillamook Kenishtenowuk see Cree
tonai] Kellespem see Kalispel Kenisteno see Cree
Keew-ahomomy see Tuscarora Kel-seem-aht see Kelsemaht Kenistenoag see Cree
Ke-ga-boge see Kickapoo Kelseemaht see Kelsemaht Ke-nis-te-noag see Cree
Kegaboge see Kickapoo Kel-sem-aht see Kelsemaht Kenistenoo see Cree
Kegarnie see Kaigani Kelsemaht [Can] Nootka (BE) Kenk see Southern Tehuelche
Ke-gi see Kegi Kelsey see Makhelchel Kenka see Ken-ka
Kegi [Clan] Tewa (H) Kelta (Contri, v.3) Ken-ka [CA] Patwin (Pub, v.29,
Kegiizhi see Papago Keltakkaua [Clan] [BC] Nuhalk no.4)
Kegiktowrigemiut Unaligmiut (H) (H) Kenkateye [Br] Canella (O)
Kegiktowrigemut see Kegik- K-eltsma-ath see Kelsemaht Kennebec (LC) see also Norridge-
towrigemiut Keltsmaath see Kelsemaht wock (LC)
Kehabou see Kickapoo Kel-ut-sah see Kilutsai Kennebec Eastern Abnaki (Hdbk15)
Keh-chen-wilt see Quaitso Kelutsah see Kilutsai Kennebeki see Norridgewock
Kehchenwilt see Quaitso Kemahwivi see Chemehuevi Kenneck Indians see Norridge-
Kehk (H) see also Kake (BE) Kemanks [BC] Salish (H) wock
Kehk [Can] Sitka-kwan (Contri, Kena see Kainah Kenondadie see Wyandot
v.1, p.38) Kena see Kainah Ke-noushay see Kenozhe
Kenoushay Kha-ta-ottine 106

Kenoushay see Kenozhe Ketahn-hah-mwits [Lang] Chu- Kewaughtchenemach see Ke-

Kenowiki see Conoy mash (JCB, v.4, no.2, pp.222- waughtohenenmach
Ke-no-zha see Kenozhe 232) Ke-waught-chen-naugh see Ke-
Kenozha see Kenozhe Ketahto Comanche (BE) waughtohenemach
Ke-no-zhe see Kenozhe Ket a Mat see Kitamat Kewaughtchenunaugh see Ke-
Kenozhe [Clan] Chippewa (H) Ketamat see Kitamat waughtohenemach
Ke-nunctioni see Iroquois Ket-an-dou see Kitunto Kewaughtohenemach [WA] Oki-
Kenunctioni see Iroquois Ketandou see Kitunto nagan (H)
Keo Haade see Aokeawai Ketawauga see Cherokee Kewawee see Kayauwee
Keomee see Keyauwee Ketchegamins see Kitchigami Keweah see Kawia [Yokuts]
Keope-e-no see Koprino Ketchewaundaugenink [MI] Kewevikopaya [AZ] Yavapai (BE)
Keotuc [KS] Potawatomi (H) Chippewa (H) Keweyipaya see Southeastern
Keowewallah see Clowwewalla Ketcheyes see Kichai Yavapai
Keoxa see Kiyuksa Ketchies see Kichai Keya [Clan] [NM] Pueblo Indians
Kepatawangachik [Q] (H) Ketchigamin see Kitchigami (H)
Kepikeriwat see Kepikiriwat Ketchigumiwisuwugi [Gens] Sauk Keyauwee [Lang] Eastern Siouan
Kepikiriwat [Br] (O) (H) (H)
Kepo see Quepo Ketcifamiwisuwagi see Ketchitu- Keyauwee [NC] (LC)
Keq! see Kake miwisuwugi Keyawee see Keyauwee
Kequoughtan see Kecoughtan Ketcifamiwisuwagi see Ketchigu- Keycchies see Kichai
Kera see Keres miwisuwugi Keyche see Kichai
Keralite see Eskimos Ke-tdoa see Ke Keychies see Kichai
Keran see Keres Ketdoa see Ke Keyes see Kichai
Keras see Keres Ketehigamins see Kitchigami Keyeshees see Kichai
Kerchi see Kichai Keteta see Shanwappom Keys see Kichai
Kerechun [Subgens] Winnebago Ketetas see Kittitas Keyuse see Cayuse
(H) Ketgo hit tan see Ketgohittan Keze Sisseton (H)
Kerem-eeos see Keremeus Ketgohittan [Subclan] Nanyaayi Kfwetragottine [Can] Kawchottine
Keremeeos see Keremeus (H) (BE)
Keremen [TX] (H) Ket-ka-kesh see Kitkehahki Kha-a see Cheghita
Keremeus Similkameen (H) Ketkakesh see Kitkehahki Kha-a see Khra
Keremyauz see Keremeus Ketlahi see Pima Khaa (PC) see also Cheghita (H)
Keres see Keres Ketlane see Kitlani Khaa (PC) see also Khra (H)
Keres [Lang] (BE) Ketlaynup [Can] Salish (H) Khaa [Clan] Oto (H)
Keres [NM] (LC) Ketlitk-Kutchin see Unakhotana Khaamotene [CA] (H)
Keres Indians see Keres Ketnas-hadai [Sub-family] [AK] Khaap [BC] Ntlakyapamuk (H)
Keretsa see Navajo Yaku-lanas (H) Khabenapo [CA] Pomo (H)
Kerimen see Keremen Ke-to-wa see Ke Khagan-taya-khunkhin (H) see
Kern River (BE) see also Tubatu- Ketowa see Ke also Aleuts (LC)
labal (LC) Ketschetnaer see Ahtena Khagan-taya-khunkhin [AK]
Kern River [CA] Shoshone (H) Ketschet-naer see Ahtena Unungun (Contri, v.1)
Kerokia see Cahokia Ketsi see Katsey Khaguach see Agua Caliente
Keroopinough see Koprino Ketsi see Katsey Khahitan Pueblo Indians (H)
Kershaw see Catawba Ketsilind [NM] Jicarilla Apache Khahkhahton see Chippewa
Kertani see Lower Kutenai (BE) Khaibhai see Santa Clara [NM]
Kesagami Lake [Can] Sakawinini- Kettle Band see Oohenonpa Khaibhai see Santa Clara [NM]
wug (BE) Kettle Falls see Colville Khai-ler-te-tang see Qailertetang
Kesale see Hueyhueyquetzal Kettle Indians see Colville Khailertetang see Quailertetang
Kescacon see Kishkakon Ket-wilk-ci-pa see Kitwilksheba Khakhaton see Chippewa
Keseruma [Lang] Makusi (UAz, Ketwilkcipa see Kitwilksheba Khakhatonwan see Chippewa
v.28) Ketyagoos see Kittizoo Khakupin see Agua Caliente
Keshase see Kitzeesh Kevalingamiut [AK] Eskimos (BE) Khalam see Clallam
Keshok [WI] Menominee (BE) Kevalinye Mutes see Ke- Khaltso [Clan] Navajo (H)
Keshwa see Quechua valingamiut Khana [CA] (H)
Keso see Keshok Kevalinyes see Kevalingamiut Khanukh see Goch
Keso see Keshok Kevalinyes see Kivalinigmiut Kha-po-o see Santa Clara [NM]
Ke-spi-cotha see Kispokotha Kevilkivashala [Can] Salish (H) Khapoo see Santa Clara [NM]
Kespicotha see Kispokotha Kevil-kwa-sha-lah see Kevilki- Khapoo see Santa Clara [NM]
Kespoogwit [Can] Micmac (BE) vashala Kharatanumanke see Horatamu-
Kessler see Makhelchel Kevillerchini see Cathlamet make
Kes-whaw-hay see Keres Kewatsana [TX] Comanche (BE) Khashhlizhni [Clan] Navajo (H)
Keswhawhay see Keres Ke-waugh-tchen-emach see Ke- Khaskankhatso [Clan] Navajo (H)
Keswick [Lang] Wintu (CA-8) waughtohenemach Kha-ta-ottine see Kawchottine
107 Khataottine kiditikadi

Khataottine see Kawchottine Khuya [Clan] Kansa (H) Kichamkuchum see Kamia
Kha-tcho-gottine see Kaw- Khuyeguzhinga [Subgens] Kansa Kichamkwangakh see Diegueo
chogottine (H) [Lang]
Khatchogottine see Kawchogot- Khwaishtunnetunne see Wishte- Kichaoneiak see Kishkakon
tine natin Kichaoueiak see Kishkakon
Khecham see Luiseo Khwakhamaiu [CA] Pomo (H) Kichapac see Kickapoo
Khech-am see Luiseo Ki-a-a see Pueblo Alto Kiche see Kichai
Khekhu see Kake Kiaa see Pueblo Alto (H) Kiche see Quiche
Khemnichan [MI] Matantonwan Kiabaha [TX] Kichean see Quichean
(H) Kiaboha see Kiabaha Kichesipiiriniouek see Kich-
Khenipsim see Kenipsim Kiackennneck see Qairnirmiut esipirini
Kheyataotonwe [MI] Mdewakan- Kiaffess see Kuasse Kichesipirini [Can] Algonkin (BE)
ton (H) Kiahl [Clan] Pecos (H) Kichesipiriniwek see Kich-
Kheyatawichasha (H) see also Kiahoba see Kiabaha esipirini
Upper Brule (BE) Kiaini see Kinaani Kichis see Kichai
Kheyatawichasha [NE] Brule (H) Kiakatsmovi see Kyakotsmovi Ki-chi-tcac see Kichai
Khidh [Clan] Quapaw (H) Kiakichomovi see Kyakotsmovi Kichitcac see Kichai
Khidhenikashika [Gens] Quapaw kiakima see Kiakima Kichiyali (H)
(H) Kiakima Zuni (Hdbk9) Kichkagoneiak see Kishkakon
Khionontatehronon see Tionon- kiakime see Kiakima Kichkankoueiak see Kishkakon
tati Kiaknukmiut see Kinipetu Kicho see Quijo
Khionontateron see Tionontati Kiaknukmiut see Qairnirmiut Kichtages see Illinois
Khionontateronon [Self-designa- Kiakotsmovi see Kykotsmovi Kichtawan see Kitchawank
tion] see Wyandot Kialdagwuns [Subclan] Haida (H) Kichtawanc see Kitchawank
Khionontaterrhonon see Tionon- Kianamara see Gallinomero Kichtawanck see Kichtawank
tati Kia-na-wa see Kechipauan Kichtawanghs see Kitchawank
Khitanumanke (H) see also Ki- Kianawa see Kechipauan Kichtawons see Kitchawank
tanemake (H) Ki-a-ni see Kegi Kichtewangh see Kitchawank
Khitanumanke Mandan (H) Kiani see Kegi Kichtowanghs see Kitchawank
Khlel-ta see Kelta Kianosili see Kianusili Kichwa see Quechua
Khoghanhlani [Clan] Navajo (H) Kianusili see Kianusili Ki-ci-ku-cuc see Wichita
Khometwoli see Hometwoli Kianusili [Clan] Haida (H) Kicikucuc see Wichita
Khomtinin [CA] Yokuts (H) Kiapaha see Quapaw Ki-ci-tcac see Kichai
Khonagani [Clan] Navajo (H) Kiaskusis [Clan] Cree (BE) Kicitcac see Kichai
Khoonkhwuttunne [CA] Tolowa Kiasses see Kuasse Kickakon see Kishkakon
(H) Kiasses-chancres see Kuasse Kickapo see Kickapoo
Khootznahoo see Hutsnuwu Kiatagmiut [AK] Eskimos (BE) Kickapoo (H) see also Kispokotha
Khosatunne [CA] Tolowa (H) Kiatagmute see Kiatagmiut (BE)
Khosminin (H) Kiataro see Coyotero Apache Kickapoo [OK, MX, WI] (LC)
Khoso see Hopi Kiataw see Coyotero Apache Kickapoos of the Prairies see
Khotachi [Clan] Iowa (H) Kiatenes see Kiatagmiut Prairie Kickapee
Khotana (LC) see also Koyukon Kiatenses see Knaiakhotana Kickapoos of the Vermilion see
(LC) Kiatero see Coyotero Apache Vermilion
Khotana [AK] (H) Kiawa (H) see also Kiowa (LC) Kickapou see Kickapoo
Khra [Subclan] Iowa (H) Ki-a-wa see Kiowa Kickatanck see Accomac
Khrahune [Subclan] Iowa (H) Kiawa [SC] Cusabo (BE) Kickatanck see Kiquotank
Khrahune [Subclan] Iowa (H) Kiawaw [SC] Cusabo (H) Kicked-in-their-bellies see Erara-
Khrakreye [Subclan] Iowa (H) Kiaway see Kiowa pio
Khrapathan [Subclan] Iowa (H) Kiawetni see Ki-a-wet-ni Kick in the Belly Crow (H)
Khu-a nika-shing-ga see Khra Ki-a-wet-ni Yokuts (Contri, v.3, Kickipoo see Kickapoo
Khuanikashingga see Khra p.370) Kickotank see Assateague
Khube [Subgens] Omaha (H) Kiawpino see Koprino Kick-sa-tee see Kiksadi
Khudhapasan [Subgens] Osage (H) Kicapoo see Kickapoo Kicksatee see Kiksadi
Khuilchan see Kulchana Kicapou see Kickapoo Kicktages see Illinois
Khuilchana see Kulchana Kicapoux see Kickapoo Kicktawanc see Kitchawank
Khulpini (H) Kicapu see Kickapoo Kickuallis see Kikiallu
Khundjalan [Subgens] Kansa (H) Kicara see Arikara Kicoagoves see Kickapoo
Khundtse [Subgens] Osage (H) Kiccapoo see Kickapoo Kicoapou see Kickapoo
Khung [Clan] Santa Clara (H) Kicha see Luiseo Kicopoux see Kickapoo
Khuntdoa see Kun Kichae see Kichai Kicquotank see Accomac
Khuntdoa see Kun Kichai [TX, OK] (BE) Kictawanc see Kitchawank
Khustenete see Kwaishtunne Kichamguchum see Diegueo Kidelik see Kidnelik
Khutsno see Hutsnuwu Kichamkochem see Kamia kiditikadi see idutokado
kidjisa Killinermiut 108

kidjisa see Chiricahua Apache Kiimilit see Eskimos Kilataks see Kilatika
Kidnelik (H) see also Copper Es- Kij see Gabrielino Kilatica see Kilatika
kimos (H) Kijataigmjuten see Kiatagmiut Kilatika [IL] Miami (H)
Kidnelik [Can] Central Eskimos (H) Kijataigmuten see Kiatagmiut Kilauwitawinmium see Kunmiut
Kidutokado Northern Paiute Kijaten see Kiatamiut Kilawalaks see Kitlakdamix
(Hdbk11) Kik [Clan] Hopi (H) Kil-cah-ta see Kitkahta
Kiechee see Kichai Kikabeux see Kickapoo Kilcahta see Kitkahta
Kienketons see Sisseton Kikabon see Kickapoo Kilemoka [BO] (O)
Kieoux see Cayuse Kikabou see Kickapoo Kilgat see Tsimshian
Kiequotank see Kiquotank Kikaboua see Kickapoo Kilgonwah see Kitwingach
Kietsash see Kichai Kikabu see Kickapoo Kilikunom [CA] Witukomnom (H)
Ki-e-wah see Kiowa Kikanona see Karanakawa Kilingmyut see Kilinigmiut
Kiewah see Kiowa Kikapau see Kickapoo Kilinigmiut [Can] Suhinimiut Es-
Ki-gaktagmyut see Kigiktagmiut ki-kapo see Kickapoo kimos (H)
Ki-gal-twa-la see Cascades kikapo see Kickapoo Ki linig myut see Kilinigmiut
Kigaltwala see Cascades Kikapoes see Kickapoo Kilisteno see Cree
Ki-gal-twal-la see Cascades Kikapoo see Kickapoo Kilistinaux see Cree
Ki-gal-twal-la see Watlala Kikapou see Kickapoo Kilistino see Cree
Kigaltwalla see Cascades Kikapoux see Kickapoo Kilistinon see Cree
Kigaltwalla see Watlala Kikapouz see Kickapoo Kilistinon Alimibegouek see Al-
Kigamies see Kaigani Kikapu see Kickapoo imibegouek
Kigani see Kaigani Kikasta see Crow Kilistinons of the Nipisiriniens
Kigarnee see Kaigani Kikatsik see Kikatsik Cree (H)
Kigenes see Kaigani Kikatsik [CA] Shasta (H) Kilistinous see Cree
Kighahnixons see Patuxent Kikealans see Kikiallu Kilitika see Kilatika
Kighetawkigh Roanu see Illinois Kikhtagmiut see Chugach Kiliu see Trio
Kighigu see Atka Kikhtagmiut see Koniag Kiliwa [BaC, MX] (LC)
Kightages see Illinois Kikhtagyuk see Qikiqtagrungmiut Kiliwa [Lang] California Yuman
Kightewangh see Kitchawank Kikhtogamut (Contri, v.1, p.15) (Hdbk10)
Kightowan see Kitchawank Kikhtogamut (H) see also Ei- Kiliwatsal see Kalawatset
Kigi see Cogui whuelit (BE) Kiliwatshat see Kalawatset
Kigikh-khun see Atka Kikialli see Kikiallu Kiliwee see Kiliwa
Kigikhkhun see Atka Kikiallu [WA] Skagit (H) Kiliwi see Kiliwa
Kigiktagmiut [Can] Labrador Es- Kik-i-allus see Kikiallu Kil-kat see Tsimshian
kimos (BE) Ki-kia-loos see Kikiallu Kilkat see Tsimshian
Kigiktagmyut see Kigiktagmiut Kikialoos see Kikiallu Killacinga see Quillacinga
Kigirktarugmiut [Can, AK] Kikialos see Kikialos Killamook see Tillamook
Mackenzie Eskimos (BE) Kikialos [WA] Swinomish (BE) Killamouck see Tillamook
Kiglacka see Kiglashka Kikialtis see Kikiallu Killamouk see Tillamook
Kiglashka Hunkpapa (H) Kikima see Halyikwamai Killamox see Tillamook
Kiglaska see Kiglashka Kikitagmyut [Can] Inuit (Quebec) Killamuck see Tillamook
Kiglinirmuit [Can] Central Eski- (Hdbk5) Killamuk see Tillamook
mos (BE) Kikitamkar see Kitanemuk Killawat see Kalawatset (H)
Kiguel see Mishikhwutmetunne Kikitanum see Kitanemuk Killaxthocle (H) see Killaxthokle
Kigukhtagmyut see Kigiktagmiut Kikkapoo see Kickapoo Killaxthokl see Killaxthokle
Ki-gu-ksa see Kiyuksa [Mde- Kikotanke see Kiquotank Killaxthokle [WA] Chinookan (H)
wakanton] Kikpouz see Kickapoo Kil-laxt-ho-kles T see Killax-
Kiguksa see Kiyusksa [Mde- Kiks-adi see Kiksadi thokle
wakanton] Kiksa-di see Kiksadi Killaythocle see Killaxthokle
Kihigouns see Unalaska Kiksadi [AK] Tlingit (H) Kill Close By see Nitotsiksis-
Kihnatsa see Crow Kiksan see Kitksan staniks
Ki-hu see Kegi Kiktagamute see Qikiqtagrung- Killemook see Tillamook
Kihu see Kegi miut Killernoux see Tillamook
Ki-hua see Santo Domingo Kikua [Moiety] Miwok (Pub, v.11, Killestinoes see Cree
Kihua see Santo Domingo no.5, p.293) Killewatsis see Kalawatset
Kiiataigmiuty see Kiatagmiut Kik-wunwu see Kik Killikmiut [AK] Interior North
[Rus] Kikwunwu see Kik Alaska Eskimos (Hdbk5)
Kiiataigmiuty [Rus] see Kiatag- Kilamook see Tillamook Killimoucks see Tillamook
miut Kil a mox see Tillamook Killimous see Tillamook
Kiiatemfsy see Kiatagmiut Kilamox see Tillamook Killimux see Tillamook
Kiiatenfsy [Rus] see Kiatagmiut Kilamuke see Tillamook Killinek [Can] Inuit (Quebec)
kiikaapoa see Kickapoo Kilamute see Tillamook (Hdbk5)
Kiimilit see Eskimos Kilat see Tsimshian Killinermiut [AK] Eskimos (BE)
109 Killini Ki-o-a-me

Killini see Cree Kinaitze see Knaiakhotana Kinistinoes see Cree

Killiniq see Copper Eskimos Kinaitzi see Knaiakhotana Kinistinons see Cree
Killinirmiut see Copper Eskimos Kinaizi see Knaiakhotana Kinistinuwok see Cree
Killinunmiut [Can] Labrador Es- Kinajut see Knaiakhotana Kiniwa see Kiowa
kimos (BE) Kinakanes [WA] Okinagan (H) Kin-Kash see Kinkash
Killirmiut [AK] North Alaska Kin-a-roa-lax see Kitlakdamix Kinkash [IN] Potawatomi (H)
Coast Eskimos (Hdbk5) Kinaroalax see Kitakdamix Kin Klechini see San Juan [NM]
Killisnoo Tlingit (Ye) Kinawa see Kiowa Kinklechini see San Juan [NM]
Killisteneaux see Cree Kin-a-wa-lax see Kitlakdamix Kin Klekai Ni see Santo Domingo
Killistenoes see Cree Kinawalax see Kitlakdamix Kinklekaini see Santo Domingo
Killistinaux see Cree Kinbaskets (Hdbk12) see also Kin-krash see Kinkash
Killistini see Cree Shuswap Band (Hdbk12) Kinkrash see Kinkash
Killistinoer see Cree Kinbaskets [BC] Upper North Kinlitcini see Kinhlitshi
Killistinoes see Cree (LC) Thompson (Hdbk12) Kinlitsi (H) SE Kinhlitshi (H)
Killistinon (H) see Cree Kinebikowininiwak see Northern Kinlitsidine see Kinhlitshi
Killistinous see Cree Shoshone Kin Naazti see Shongopovi
Killistins see Cree Kinebikowininiwak see Shoshone Kinnaazti see Shongopovi
Killiwashat see Kalawatset Kinegans see Kinugumiut Kin-nas-ti see Shongopovi
Killiwatshat see Kalawatset Kine-ne-ai-koon see Kainah Kinnasti see Shongopovi
Kill-on-chan see Kilutsai Kineneaikoon see Kainah Kinnat see Knaiakhotana
Killonchan see Kilutsai Kinep see Kingep Kin-nato-iks see Kinuhtoiah
Killoosa see Kilutsai kine-piko-nini see Shoshone Kinnatoiks see Kinuhtoiah
Killowitsa see Kilutsai kinepikonini see Shoshone Kinnats-Khotana see Kna-
Killsmaht see Kelsemaht Kineuwidishianun see Kineu iakhotana
Killumucks see Tillamook widishianun Kinnatz-kokhtana see Kna-
Killutsar see Kilutsai Kineu widishianun [Phratry] iakhotana
Kilootsa see Kilutsai Menominee (H) Kinnebeck Indians see Norridge-
Kil-pan-hus see Kilpanlus Kingeega-mut (H) see also Kin- wock
Kilpanhus see Kilpanlus ugumiut (BE) Kinnepatoo see Qairnirmiut
Kilpanlus [Can] Cowichan (BE) Kingeega-mut [Can] Kaviag-mut Kinnepatu see Kinipetu
Kilsamat see Kelsemaht (Contri, v.1, p.16) Kinnewoolun see Kitlakdamix
Kilshaidagai see Kils-haidagai Kingep Kiowa (BE) Kinngarmiut [Lang] Eastern
Kils-haidagai [BC] Kagials- Kingigumute Bering Strait Eski- Canada (Hdbk5)
kegawai (H) mos (Hdbk5) Kinnipetu see Kinipetu
Kilstlai-djat-takinggalung Klga- Kingikmiut see Kinugumiut Kinnipiak see Quinnipiac
hetgu-lanas (H) King Island Bering Strait Eskimos Kin Nodozi see Sandia
Kilusiktomiut [Can] Central Eski- (Hdbk5) Kinnodozi see Sandia
mos (BE) Kingnaitmiut [Can] Central Eski- Kinnstoucks see Kinuhstoiah
Kil-utsai see Kilutsai mos (BE) Ki-no see Kainah
Kilutsai [BC] Tsimshian (H) Kingnaitmiut [Can] Okomiut Es- Kino see Kainah
Kim [Clan] Isleta (H) kimos (H) Kinoga [Clan] Chippewa (H)
Kim [Clan] Tigua (H) Kings River see Kings River Kinojan see Kenozhe
Kimmooenim see Kamiah Kings River [CA] (H) Kinonchepiirinik see Keinouche
Kimnepatoo see Kinipetu Kings River [Lang] Foothill Yokuts Kinonchepirinik see Keinouche
Ki-mni-can see Khemnichan (CA-8) Kinongeouilini see Nameuilini
Kimnican see Khemnichan Kinguamiut (H) Kinouche see Keinouche
Kimoenim see Kamiah Kinguamiut see Kinguamiut Kinouchebiiriniouek see
Ki-moo-e-nim see Kamiah Kinhlitshi [Clan] Navajo (H) Keinouche
Kimooenim see Kamiah Kinibeki see Kennebec Kinounchepirini see Keinouche
Kimsquit [Can] Bella Coola (BE) Kinikinao (O) see also Tereno (O) Kinse see Cayuse
Kim-tainin see Kim Kinikinao [Br] Guana (O) Kinstenaux see Cree
Kimtainin see Kim Kinik Mute see Kinugumiut Kinstinaux see Cree
Ki-na see Kainah Kinimia see Guayabero Kintlitci see Kinhlitshi
Kina see Kainah Kinipetu (Hdbk5) see also Kinugmut see Kinugumiut
Kinaani see Kinaani Qairnirmiut (Hdbk5) Kinugumiut [AK] Eskimos (BE)
Kinaani [Clan] Navajo (H) Kinipetu Central Eskimos (H) Kinugumiut North Alaska Coast
Kinabik see Kenabig Kinipissa see Acolapissa Eskimos (Hdbk5)
Kinaetzi see Knaiakhotana Kinishtinak see Cree Kinugumut see Kinugumiut
Kinaghi see Kaniagmiut Kinishtino see Cree Kinuhtoiah [BC] Tsimshian (H)
Kinahi-piako see Tonkawa Kinisquit [BC] Bella Coola (H) kinya-inde see Jicarilla Apache
Kinahipiako see Tonkawa Kinisteneaux see Cree kinya-ini see Jicarilla Apache
Kinai see Knaiakhotana Kinistinaux see Cree Kio [Clan] Jemez (H)
Kinaitsa see Knaiakhotana Kinistineaux see Cree Ki-o-a-me see Santo Domingo
Kioboba Kitchigamick 110

Kioboba see Kiabaha Kiscapocke see Kispokotha Kispapoou see Kickapoo

Kiochs Tribe [BC] Salish (H) Kischigamins see Kitchigami Kispayaks see Kispoix
Kiocsies see Kiyuksa Kisch-pach-la-ots see Kishpach- Kispiax see Kishpiyeoux
Kiohican see Kiowa laots Kispiyox see Gitksan
Kiohuan see Kiowa Kischpachlaots see Kishpachlaots Kispococoke see Kispokotha
Kiohuhahan see Kiowa Kiscopoke see Kispokotha Kispogogi see Kispokotha
Kioose see Cayuse Kisgagas see Kitgargas Kispoix [Can] Kitksan (BE)
Kiotsaa see Kio Kis-ga-gas see Kishgagass Ki-spo-ko-tha see Kispokotha
Kiouahaa see Kiowa Kisgagas see Kishgagass Kispokotha [TN] Absentee
Kious see Dakota Kisgegos see Kishgagass Shawnee (BE)
Kiova see Kiowa Kis-go-gas see Kishgagass Kispyaths see Kishpiyeoux
Kiowa [KS] (LC) Kisgogas see Kishgagass Kispyox see Kishpiyeoux
Kiowa Apache (LC) Kishai see Kichai Kissah see Coosa
Kiowah see Kiowa Kishakevira see Hupa Kissgarrase see Kishgagass
Kiowan [Lang] (H) Kishey see Kiski Kiss-ge-gaas see Kishgagass
Kiowan Indians see Kiowa Kish-ga-gass see Kishgagass Kissgegaas see Kishgagass
Kiowa-Tanoan (Hdbk10) see also Kishgagass [BC] Kitskan (H) Kisteneaux see Cree
Tanoan (LC) Kishgahgehs see Kishgagass Kitaesches see Kichai
Kiowa-Tanoan [Lang] (BE) Kishi [Clan] Caddo Confederacy Kitaesechi see Kichai
Kioway see Kiowa (H) Kitaheeta see Hitchiti
Ki-o-wummi see Santo Domingo Kishkako see Kishkakon Kitalaska see Kitzilas
ki-padikadi see Kupadokado Kishkakon [MI] Ottawa (BE) Kitamah see Kitamat
kipadikadi see Kupadokado Kishkallen [WA] Chehalis I (H) Kitamaht see Kitamat
Kipawa [Can] Algonkin (BE) Kishkat [OK] Wichita (BE) Kitamat [Can] Bellabella (LC)
Kipea [Br] (O) Kishkawbawee [MI] Chippewa (H) Kitamatt see Kitamat
Kipea [Lang] Kariri (O) Kishke-gas see Kishgagass Kitamet see Kitamat
Kipikavvi see Pepikokia Kishkipquis [Society] Sauk Kitami see Kitami
Kipikawi see Pepikokia (His/T, v.2, p.357) Kitami [Clan] Menominee (H)
Kipikuskvvi see Pepikokia Kishkoa [Gens] Sauk (His/T, v.2, Kit-an-doh see Kitunto
Kipisakia Winiwiwuk [WI] p.147) Kitandoh see Kitunto
Menominee (BE) Kishpachlaots [BC] Tsimshian (H) Ki-ta-ne-make see Khitanumanke
Ki-pomas see Kato Kish-pi-yeoux see Kishpiyeoux Kitanemake Mandan (H)
Kiqatsa see Crow Kishpiyeoux [BC] Kitksan (H) Kitanemuk [CA] Serrano (CA)
Kiquotank Accomac (Hdbk15) Kish-pi-youx see Kishpiyeoux Kitanemuk [Lang] Serrano-
Kiratika see Kilatika Kishpiyoux see Kishpiyeoux Gabrielino (Hdbk10)
Kirauash (H) see also Querecho (H) Kishpochalots see Kishpachlaots Kit-an-maiksh see Kitanmaiksh
Kirauash (Hdbk10) see also Kishpootwada [Society] Niska (H) Kitanmaiksh [BC] Kitksan (BE)
Apache (LC) Kishqra [Clan] Cochiti (H) Kitans see Gituns
Kirauash [NM] (H) Kishqra-hanuch see Kishqra Kitanweliks see Kitanwilksh
Kirhawguagh Roanu see Karha- Kisinahi see Kiowa Apache Kitanwilksh [Can] Niska (BE)
gaghrooney Kiskacoueiak see Kishkakon Kitash see Kichai
Kirikiri [OK] Wichita (BE) Kiskagahs see Kishgagass Ki-tatash see Kittitas
Kirikirigoto [Br, Sur] Tiriyo (O) Kiskakon see Kishkakon Kitatel see Kitkala
Kirikuru see Wichita Kiskakonk see Kishkakon Kitaunlhu [Br] Southern Nam-
Kiriri [Br] (LC) Kiskakoumac see Kishkakon bicuara (O)
Kiriri-Sapuya see Sapuya Kiskakoun see Kishkakon Kitcathla see Kitkala
Kirishana see Yanoama Kiskapocoke see Kispokotha Kitcha see Kichai
Kirishkitsu Wichita (H) Kiskey see Kiski Kitch-a-clalth see Kitsalthlal
Kiristinon see Cree Kiski [CA] Maidu (H) Kitchaclalth see Kitsalthlal (H)
Kirokikhoche [Subgens] Iowa (H) Kiskiack see Chiskiac Kitchatlah (H) see Kitkala
Ki-ro-ko-qo-tce see Kirokokche Kiskiak see Chiskiac Kitchawanc see Kitchawank
Kironnona see Karankawa Kiskieck see Chiskeac Kitchawank [NY] Wappinger
Kironomes see Karankawa Kis Kies see Kiski (BE)
Kironona see Karankawa Kiskies see Kiski Kitchawonck see Kitchawank
Kiruhikwak see Yurok Kiskokan see Kishkakon Kitchawong (Hdbk15)
Kisalas see Kitzilas Kiskuskia see Kaskaskia Kitche kla la see Kitsalthlal
Kisambaeri [Lang] [PE] Harakm- Kisky see Kiski Kitcheklala see Kitsalthlal
bet (O) Kislistinons see Cree Kitchemkalem see Kitzimgaylum
Kisambaeri [PE] (O) Kis-pa-cha-laidy see Kishpach- Ki-tchesh see Kichai
Kiscacon see Kishkakon laots Kitchies see Kichai
Kiscacones see Kishkakon Kispachalaidy see Kishpachlaots Kitchigami [WI] (H)
Kiscakon see Kishkakon Kispachlohts see Kishpachlaots Kitchigamich see Kitchigami
Kiscakou see Kishkakon Kispaioohs see Kishpiyeoux Kitchigamick see Kitchigami
111 Kitchigamiwinniwak Kittralchla

Kitchigamiwinniwak see Kitkehahki [Pawnee] (BE) Kit-se-lai-so see Kitzilas

Kitchigumininiwug Kitkehahki ov [NE] Republican Kitselaiso see Kitzilas
Kitchigumiwininiwug [MI, WI, Pawnee (Oregon) Kitselassir see Kitzilas
MN] Chippewa (H) Kit-ke-hak-i see Kitkehahki Kitsellase see Kitzilas
Kitchimkale see Kitzimgaylum Kitkehaki see Kitkehahki Kitsenelah see Kitzegukla (H)
Kitchisibi-wininiwak see Kitchis- Kit-khall-ah see Kitkala Kitsequahla (PC) see Kitzegukla
ibiwininiwug Kitkhallah see Kitkala Kit-se-quahla see Kitzegukla
Kitchisibiwininiwug [MN] Kit-khatla see Kithala Kit-se-quak-la see Kitzegukla
Chippewa (H) Kitkhatla see Kithala Kitsequakla see Kitzegukla
Kitchtawanghs see Kitchawank Kitksan see Kitksan Kits-ge-goos see Kishgagass
Kitchu lass see Kitzilas Kitksan [BC] (LC) Kitsgegoos see Kishgagass
Kitchulass see Kitzilas Kitksan [Lang] Chimmesyan (H) Kits-go-gase see Kishgagass
Kitcigamiwininiwag see Kit-ksum see Kitksan Kitsgogase see Kishgagass
Kitchigumiwininiwug Kitksum see Kitksan Kitsigeukle see Kitzegukla
Kitcoonsa see Kitwingach Kit-ksun see Kitksan Kitsiguchs see Kitzegukla
Kite see Crow Kitksun see Kitsan Kitsiguhli see Kitzegukla
Kitegarent [Can] Eskimos (H) Kitlacdamax see Kitlakdamix Kits-iisch see Kitzeesh
Kite Indians see Staitan Kitlach-damak see Kitlakdamix Kitsiisch see Kitzeesh
Kites see Staitan Kitlach-damax see Kitlakdamix Kitsis see Kitzeesh (H)
Kitestues see Kittizoo Kit-lak-damix see Kitlakdamix Kitsoss (H) see Kichai
Kitgargas [Can] Kitksan (BE) Kitlakdamix [BC] Niska (H) Kitspayuchs see Kishpiyeoux
Kitgigenik [Can] Niska (BE) Kitlan see Kitlani Kits-pious see Kishpiyeoux
Kitha-ata see Kitkahta Kitlani [BC] Tsimshian (H) Kits-piouse see Kishpiyeoux
Kithaata see Kitkahta Kitlan Kilwilpeyot see Kitlani Kitspiouse see Kishpiyeoux
Kithateen see Kitkahteen Kitlatamox see Kitlakdamix Kitspioux see Kishpiyeoux
Kithateh [Can] Niska (BE) Kitlermiut see Killirmiut Kits-piox see Kishpiyeoux
Kithatla see Kitkala Kitloop see Kitlope Kitspiox see Kishpiyeoux
Kithigami see Kitchigami Kitlop see Kitlope Kitspukaloats see Kishpachlaots
Kithkatla see Kitkala Kit-lope see Kitlope Kits-pyonks see Kishpiyeoux
Kitigaru see Kitegareut Kitlope [BC] Kwakiutl (H) Kitspyonks see Kishpiyeoux
Kitigaru see Kitegareut Kitlope [Lang] Haisla (BE) Kits-se-quec-la see Kitzegukla
Kit-ih-shian see Kitksan Ki-tona-qa see Kutenai Kitssequecla see Kitzegukla
Kitihshian see Kitksan Kitonaqa see Upper Kutenai Kitsu see Kichai
Kitikitish see Wichita Kitonaqa [Lang] Kitunahan (H) Kitsumkalem see Kitzimgaylum
Kitimat see Kitamat Kitoonitza see Kitkala Kitswingachs see Kitwingach
Kitimat see Haisla Kitqata Southern Coast Tsimshian Kitswinscolds see Kitwinskole
Kitinah see Kitanmaiksh (Anthro, v.9, no.3, p.159) Kit ta maat see Kitamat
Kitistzoo see Kittizoo Kitrauaiiks [BC] Tsimshian (H) Kittamaat see Kitamat
Kitisu Southern Coast Tsimshian Kits-ach-la-alch see Kitsalthlal Kittamark see Kitamat
(Anthro, v.9, no.3, p.159) Kitsagas see Kishgagass Kit-ta-muat see Kitamat
Kititas [WA] (Ye) Kitsagatala see Kitsalthlal Kittamuat see Kitamat
Kit-ka see Kitkehahki Kitsahlaalch see Kitsalthlal Kittando see Kitunto
Kitka see Kitkehahki Kitsaiches see Kichai Kitte-ga-reut see Kitegareut
Kitka-ata see Kitkahta Kitsalas see Kitzilas Kittegareut see Kitegareut
Kitkaata see Kitkahta Kitsalass see Kitzilas Kitte-garroe-oot see Kitegareut
Kitkada see Kitkahta Kitsallas see Kitzilas Kittegarroeoot see Kitegareut
Kitkadusshade Haida (H) Kitsalthlal [BC] Tsimshian (H) Kit-te-ga-ru see Kitegareut
Kitkaet see Kitkahta Kitsanaka Haidu (H) Kittegaru see Kitegareut
Kit-ka-gas see Kishgagass Kitsaoi see Kichai Kittegaryumiut [AK] North Alaska
Kitkagas see Kishgagass Kitsash see Kichai Coast Eskimos (Hdbk5)
Kitkahaki see Kitkehahki Kitsash [Self-description] see Kittegaryumiut [Can] Mackenzie
Kitkahoets see Kitkehahki Kichai Eskimos (BE)
Kitkaht see Kitkahta Kitsash [Self-designation] see Kittimat see Kitamat
Kit-kahta see Kitkahta Kichai Kit-tist-zu see Kittizoo
Kitkahta [BC] Tsimshian (H) Kitsasi see Kichai Kittistzu see Kittizoo
Kitkahteen Can [Niska] (BE) Kits de Singes see Kichai Kittitas see Kitates
Kitkahtla Southern Coast Tsim- Kitseesh see Kitzeesh Kit-tizoo see Kittizoo
shian (Anthro, v.9, no.3, p.159) Kitseguecla see Kitzegukla Kittizoo [BC] Tsimshian (H)
Kitkala [BC] Tsimshian (H) Kitsegukla (BE) see also Kittlean see Kitlani
Kitkathla see Kitkala Kitzegukla (H) Kittlope see Kitlope
Kitkatla see Kitkala Kitse-gukla see Kitzegukla Kit-too-nuh-a see Kutenai
Kit-kats see Kithkahta Kitsegukla [Can] Kitksan (BE) Kittoonuha see Kutenai
Kitkats see Kitkahta Kitsei see Kichai Kittralchla see Kitkala
Kittumark Klatskanie 112

Kittumark see Kitamat Kivalhioqua see Kwalhioqua Klahinks see Yakutat

Kittuwa see Cherokee Kivalinag-miut see Kevalingmiut Klah-oh-quaht see Clayoquot
Kituanaha see Kutenai Kivalinagmiut see Kivalinigmiut Klahohquaht see Clayoquot
Kituanahan see Kutenai Kivalinigmiut [AK] Kotzebue Klahoose see Clahoose
Kituhwagi see Cherokee Sound Eskimos (Hdbk5) Klahoquaht see Clayoquot
Kituitsach-hade [BC] Haidu (H) Kive-za-ku see Kivezaku Klahosaht [Can] Nootka (BE)
Kitunaha (H) see also Kutenai (LC) Kivezaku [AZ] Yuman (H) Klahose see Clahoose
Kitunahan see Kutenai Kivome see Santo Domingo Klahous see Clahoose
Kitunahan [Lang] (H) Kivualinagmyut see Kivalinig- Klah-wit-sis see Tlauitsis
Kitunana see Kutenai miut Klahwitsis see Tlauitsis
Kitunaxa see Kutenai Kivuse see Cayuse Klaizart see Makah
Kitunto [BC] Tsimshsian (H) Ki-wa see Santo Domingo Kla-iz-zar see Makah
Kitwancole see Kitwinskole Kiwaa see Kiowa Klaizzar see Makah
Kit-wan-cool see Kitwinskole Kiwahka Mosquito-Sumo (BE) Klakalama see Thlakalama
Kitwancool (PC) see also Kitwin- Kiwaw see Cayuse Klakamat see Clackamas
skole (H) Kiwefapawa see Kickapoo Klakatack see Klikitat
Kitwancool [BC] Kitksan (LC) Kiwigapawa see Kickapoo Klakimass see Clackamas
Kitwanga [Can] Kitksan (BE) Ki-wo-mi [Self-designation] see Kla-kwul-lum see Cloquallam
Kit-wang-agh see Kitwingach Santo Domingo Klakwullum see Cloquallam
Kitwangagh see Kitwingach Kixmi see Kinugumiut Klalakamish [WA] Lummi (H)
Kitwanger see Kitwingach Kiyahami [Clan] Apache (H) Klallam see Clallam
Kitwilgioks [BC] Tsimshian (H) Ki-ya-hanni see Kiyahani Klamac see Klamath
Kitwilksheba [BC] Tsimshian (H) Ki-ya-jani see Kiyahani Klamak see Klamath
Kit-will-coits see Kitwilgioks Kiyataigmeuten see Kiatagmiut Klamat see Klamath
Kitwillcoits see Kitwilgioks Kiyataygmyut see Kiatagmiut Klamath (LC) see also Yurok (LC)
Kitwillquoitz see Kitwilgioks Kiyatentsy see Kiatagmiut Klamath [OR] (LC)
Kit-will-su-pat see Kitsilksheba Kiyis see Kiyis Klamath Lake Indians see Kla-
Kitwillsupat see Kitwilksheba Kiyis [MN] Piegan (BE) math
Kitwinga see Kitwingach Ki-yu-ksa see Kiyuska [Mde- Klamath River [Lang] [CA] Shasta
Kit-win-gach see Kitwingach wakanton] (CA-8)
Kitwingach [BC] Kitksan (H) Kiyuksa [MN] (LC) Klamatk see Klamath
Kitwinshilk [Can] Niska (B) Kiyuksa [MN] Brule (H) Klamet see Klamath
Kit-win-skole see Kitwinskole Kiyuksan see Kiyuska [Mde- klamet see Klamath
Kitwinskole (LC) see also Kitwan- wakanton] Klameth see Klamath
cool (LC) Kiyuska Mdewakanton (H) Klamoix see Katlamoik
Kitwinskole [BC] Kitksan (H) Kiyuska [SD] Oglala (H) Klamoix see Katlamoik
Kit-wulg-jats see Kitwilgioks Kiyuska Upper Yanktonai (H) Klanoh-klatklam see Kalispel
Kitwulgjats see Kitwilgioks Kizh see Gabrielino Klantlala see Kwatami
Kitwulkesebe see Kitwilksheba Kjotsuni see Uru Klaokwat see Clayoquot
Kit-wulkse-be see Kitwilksheba Kkasawi see Kowasayee Kla-oo-qua-aht see Clayoquot
Kit-wunkool see Kitwinskole Kkoestayle-kle see Athabasca Klaooquaaht see Clayoquot
Kitwunkool see Kitwinskole Kkra-lon-Gottine see Kraylon- Kla-oo-quate see Clayoquot
Kityagoo see Kittizoo gottine Klaooquate see Clayoquot
Kitzeesh [BC] Tsimshian (H) Kkwakum see Kukwakum Klarkino see Klaskino
Kitze-gukla see Kitzegukla Klaamen see Sliammon Klashoose see Clahoose
Kitzegukla [BC] Kitksan (H) Klaat-sop see Clatsop Klas-kaino see Klaskino
Kitzegulka (H) see also Kitsegulka Klaatsop see Clatsop Klaskaino see Klaskino
(BE) Klabalpom [CA] Wintu (BE) Klaskino [Can] Koskimo (BE)
Kit zilas see Kitzilas Klachatah see Klikitat Klasset see Makah
Kitzilas [BC] Tsimshian (H) Klackama see Clackamas Klass-ki-no see Klaskino
Kit-zilass see Kitzila Klackamat see Clackamas Klasskino see Klaskino
Kitzilass see Kitzilas Klackamu see Clackamas Klatanar [BC] Cowichan (H)
Kit-zim-gay-lum see Kitzimgay- Klackamus see Clackamas Klatawar see Klatanar
lum Klackamuss see Clackamas Klat-ol-klin see Katshikotin
Kitzimgaylum [BC] Tsimshian (H) Klackarpan see Thompson Indi- Klatolklin see Katshikotin
Kiua [Self-designation] see Santo ans Klatolseaquilla see Tlatlasikoala
Domingo Klackarpun see Ntlakyapamuk Klatrap see Clatsop
Kiu-ahs-dee see Shongopovi Klackatack see Klickitat Klatsap see Clatsop
Kiuahsdee see Shongopovi Klackatat see Klikitat Klatscanai see Tlatskanai
Kiuaten see Kiatagmiut Klackatuck see Klikitat Klatskanai see Tlatskanai
Kiukusweskitchimi-uk see Male- Klagulaq see Katlagulak Klatskanai see Clatskanie
cite Klagulaq see Katlagulak Klatskania see Tlatskanai
Kiuses see Cayuse Klahars see Klahosaht Klatskanie see Clatskanie
113 Klatskanie Ko-chi-ti

Klatskanie see Tlatskanai Klo-kke-Gottine see Klokegot- Knisteneau see Cree

Klats-kanuise see Tlatskanai tine Knisteneaux see Cree
Klatskanuise see Tlatskanai Klokkegottine see Klokegottine Knisteneux see Cree
Klatsonis see Tlatskanai Klo-kke-ottine see Klokegottine Knisteno see Cree
Klatsop see Clatsop Klokkeottine see Klokegottine Knistenoo see Cree
Kla-wit-sis see Tlauitsis Kloven Koutcchin see Tukkuth- Knistinaux see Cree
Klawitsis see Tlauitsis kutchin Knistineaux see Cree
Kla-wi-tsush see Tlauitsis Klo-ven-Kouttchin see Tukkuth- Knistino see Cree
Klawitsush see Tlauitsis kutchin Knives see Ntlakyapamuk
Klawmut see Klamath Kloven Kuttchin see Tukkuth- Knives see Thompson Indians
Klaychala see Thlingchadinne kutchin Knou see Knou
Klay-cha-la-tinneh see Klo-ven-Kuttchin see Tukkuth- Knou [Clan] Potawatomi (H)
Thlingchadinne kutchin Koa see Koi
Klay quoit see Clayoquot Klowanga see Bloods [Sarsi] Koaagaitoka (Hdbk11) see also
Klayquoit see Clayoquot Klowitshis see Tlauitsis Yahandeka (Hdbk10)
Klay-tinneh see Thlingchadinne Kltlassen [Can] Songish (BE) Koaagaitoka see Koaagaitoka
Klaytinneh see Thlingchadinne Kluck-hait-kwee see Kluck- Koaagaitoka Northern Paiute
Klbalt [WA] Puyallup (BE) haitkwu (Hdbk11)
Kleketat see Klikitat Kluckhaitkwee see Kluckhaitkwu Koaantel see Kwantlen
Klemook see Tillamook Kluckhaitkwu [WA] Okinagan (H) Koaantel see Kwantlen
Kleyne Siconese see Little Siconese Kluck-ulium see Kwaiailk Koahualla see Cahuilla
Klicatat see Klikitat Kluckulium see Kwaiailk Koahualla see Kawia [Luiseo]
Klickataat see Klikitat Kluckwaton see Klochwatone Koaia [Br] (O)
Klick-a-tack see Klikitat Kluckwatone see Klochwatone Koaikar see Cuaiquer
Klickatack see Klikitat Klugadacayn see Klokadakaydn Koakia see Cahokia
Klickatat see Klikitat Kluka-tat see Klikitat Koakotsalgi [Clan] Creek (H)
Klickatates see Klikitat Klukatat see Klikitat Koakramint see Koksoagmiut
Klickitat see Klikitat Kluk-ha-tat see Klikitat Koala see Hoya
Klikalat see Klikitat Klukhatat see Klikitat Koanalalis [Gens] Nimkish (H)
Klikatat see Klikitat kluk-nachadi see Tluknahadi Koaratira see Amniape
Kliketan see Klikitat kluknachadi see Tluknahadi Koas [AK] (H)
Kliketat see Klikitat Klumaitumsh [WA] Chehalis I (H) Koasaota see Koasati
Klikitarik (Hdbk5) see also Qikiq- kmike see Seri Koasati [AL] Potawatomi (LC)
tagrungmiut (Hdbk5) Knacsitare see Gnacsitare Koassati see Koasati
Klikitarik Bering Strait Eskimos Knaiakhotana (BE) see also Aleuts koatoava see Cochiti
(Hdbk5) (LC) Kobena see Cubeo
Klikitat [WA] (LC) Knaiakhotana (BE) see also Kobeua see Cubeo
Klimmim [WA] Chehalis (H) Tanaina (LC) Kobewa see Cubeo
Klinget see Tlingit Knai-a-kho-ta-na see Kna- Kobuk (Hdbk5) see also Kuuvang-
Klinquit (H) iakhotana miut (Hdbk5)
Klin-tchanpe see Lintchanre Knaiakhotana [AK] Tinne (H) Kobuk [CA] (CA)
Klintchanpe see Lintchanre Knaiakhotans see Knaiakhotana Kobukmiut [AK] Eskimos (Ye)
Klin-tchonpeh see Lintchanre Knaina see Knaiakhotana (H) Kochayli see Ayticha
Klintchonpeh see Lintchanre Knaiokhotana (H) see Kna- Koche see Camsa
Kliquital see Klikitat iakhotana Kocheche Wenenewak see Koje-
Klistinaux see Cree Knatsomita [Society] Piegan (H) jewiniewug
Klistinon see Cree Kneestenoag see Cree Kocheyali (BE) see also Ayticha
Klistinos see Cree Knife Indians see Ntlakyapamuk (CA)
Klo-a-tsul-tshik see Tutchone Knife Indians see Esbataottine Kocheyali [CA] Yokuts (BE)
Kloatsultshik see Tutchone Knife Indians see Thompson In- Kochi see Camsa
Klochwatone [Family] Tlingit (H) dians Kochimberi Mashco (O)
Klodesseottine [Can] Etchaottine Knife Lake [MI, WI] Chippewa Ko-chi-mi see Cochimi
(BE) (H) Kochimi see Cochimi
Klogi [Clan] Navajo (H) Knights Landing [CA] (BE) Kochinakwa see Havasupai
Klogicine see Klogi Knights Landing [Lang] [CA] Kochinish [Clan] Acoma (H)
Klogidine see Klogi River Patwin (BE) Kochinish-yaka [Clan] Laguna (H)
Klogni see Klogi Knik Knaiakhotana (H) Kochinish-yaka [Subclan] Laguna
Klokadakaydn Pinal Apache (H) Knikamut see Knik (H)
Klokadakoydn San Carlos Apache Kniktagemiut Kaviagmiut (H) Kochinish-yaka-hanoch see Ko-
(H) Kniktagemut see Kniktagemiut chinish-yaka
Klokegottine [Can] Nahane (H) Knisteaux see Cree Kochinishyaka-hanoqch see Ko-
Klo-ke-ottine see Klokegottine Knistenaus see Cree chinish-yaka
Klokeottine see Klokegottine Knistenaux see Cree Ko-chi-ti see Cochiti
Kochiti Kollahuaya 114

Kochiti see Cochiti Koho (H) see also Tanaha (H) Kokoheba (Pub, v.4, no.3, p.119)
Kochiyali see Kocheyali Koho [Clan] Caddo Confederacy see also Holkoma (BE)
Kochonino see Havasupai (H) Kokoheba [CA] Mono (Pub, v.4,
kochutikwe see Cochiti Kohoaldje see Sihvwits no.3, p.119)
Ko-cke see Cochiti Kohoaldje see Southern Paiute Kokokiwak see Crow
Kocke see Cochiti Kohohlte see Taos Kokomcar [Lang] [CA] (Pub, v.8,
Koco see Hopi Kohohlte see Taos no.1, p.1)
Kodalpa-Kinago see Dakota Kohonino see Havasupai Kokomish see Skokomish
Kodenees see Kutenai Koht-ana see Knaiakhotana Kokonino see Havasupai
Kodhell-ven-Kouttchin see Kohtana see Knaiakhotana Kokop (H) see also Kokob (H)
Kwitchakutchin Kohuana (BE) see also Coano (BE) Kokop [Phratry] Hopi (H)
Kodiak [Lang] Koniag (Hdbk5) Kohuana (BE) see also Cowina (BE) Ko-ko-pa see Cocopa
Kodjaksky see Kaniagmiut Kohuana (BE) see also Kahwan Kokopa see Cocopa
Koeats [NV] Ute (H) (Hdbk10) Ko-kop nyu-mu see Kokop
Koechies see Kichai Kohuana [AZ] (BE) Kokop nyumu see Kokop
Koeetenays see Kutenai Kohuana [Lang] [CA] Yuman (He) Kokop winwu see Kokop
Koekoaainok [Clan] Kwakiutl (H) Kohun see Yuma Ko-kop-wunwu see Kokop
Koeksotenok [Can] Kwakiutl (BE) kohwailce see Southern Paiute Kokop wunwu see Kokop
Koeracoenetanon see Coiracoen- Koi [CA] Southeastern Pomo (Pub, Kok-o-ro-tu-yu see Pecos
tanon v.36, no.6) Kokorotuyu see Pecos
Koes see Cowasuck Koi [Phratry] Chickasaw (H) Kokoskeeg (H)
K-oetas see Koetas koi-awwe-ek see Northern Kokraimoro [Br] Cayapo (O)
Koetas [Family] [AK] Haida (H) Paiute Kokraymoro see Kokraimoro
Koetenais see Kutenai koiawweek see Northern Paiute Koksilah [Can] Cowichan (BE)
Koetenay see Kutenai Koienkahe see Karankawa Koksoagmiut [Can] Sukinimiut
Koetenok [Clan] Bellabella (H) Koikahtenok [Can] Kwakiutl (H) Eskimos (H)
Koeton see Nassauaketon Koikpagamute see Ikogmiut Koksoagmyut see Koksoagmiut
koets see Koso Koiks see Laguna [NM] Koksoak Innuit see Koksoagmiut
Kofan see Cofan Ko-in-chush see Koinchush Koksoakmiut [Can] Labrador Es-
Kofane see Cofan Koinchush [Clan] Chickasaw (H) kimos (BE)
Kogaahl-lanas [Subfamily] [BC] Ko-intchush see Koinchush Koksoak River People see Kok-
Haida (H) Kointchush see Koinchush soagmiut
K-og-angas see Kogangas Koiotero see Coyotero Apache Koksoak River People see
Kogangas [Family] [BC] Haida (H) Ko-i-yak see Coos Kokyan
Koggaba see Kagaba Koiyak see Coos Koktu see Coto
Kogholaghi see Unalaska koi-yu-wak see Northern Paiute Kokvontan see Kagmantan
Kogi see Kagaba koiyuwak see Northern Paiute Kok-wai-y-toch see Kokaitk
Kogloktogmiut [Can] Central Es- Ko-je-je-win-in-e-wug see Koje- Kokwaiytoch see Kokaitk
kimos (BE) jewininewug Kokwapa see Cocopa
Kogohue Green River Snakes (Ye) Kojejewininewug [MN] Chippewa Kokwiat [BC] Bellabella (Anthro,
Kogui (H) (BE) v.9, no.3, p.159)
Kogui see Kogui Kokaitk [BC] Bellabella (H) Kokyan [Clan] Hopi (H)
Kogui (LC) see also Kagaba (LC) Kok-aitq see Kokaitk Ko-kyan-a see Kokyan
Kogui Kiowa (BE) Kokama see Cocama Kokyana see Kokyan
Kogui [SA] see Cogui kokeeeit see Flathead Kokyan winwu see Kokyan
Kohadk [Lang] Papago (Hdbk10) kokeeeit see Flathead Ko-kyunuh wunwu see Kokyan
Kohai see Kuhaia Kokenukke see Okinagan Kokyunuh wunwu see Kokyan
Kohai (PC) see also Kuhaia (H) Kokesailah see Koksilah Kolapissa see Acolapissa
Kohai [Clan] Keres (H) Kok hit tan see Kokhittan Kolash see Tlingit
Kohaia [Clan] Laguna (H) Kokhittan [Social group] Tlingit Kolatica see Kilatika
Kohaia-hanoch see Kuhaia (H) Kolchaina see Hankutchin
Kohai-hano see Kuhaia Kokh-lit-innuin see Yuit Kolchaina see Kutchakutchin
Kohaio see Kuhaia Kokhlit innuin see Okiogmiut Kolchan see Kulchana
Kohani [TX] (BE) Kokhlitinnuin see Okiogmiut Kolchane see Kulchana
Kohatk see Quahatika Kokhlitinnuin see Yuit Kolchina see Kulchana
Kohatsoath [Sept] Toquart (H) Kokhuene see Cajuenche Kolimsi see Sabane
Ko-ha-yo see Kuhai Kokhwaiu see Luiseo Kolina see Culina
Kohayo see Kuhaia Kokmalect see Numukmiut Koliugi see Tlingit
Kohenin see Yavapai Koknas-hadai [AK] Haida (H) Koljuches see Tlingit
Kohkang see Kokyan Kokob (H) see also Kukuch (H) Koljuschen see Tlingit
Kohkannanmu see Kokyan Kokob [Clan] Hopi (H) Koljush see Tlingit
Ko-hni-na see Havasupai Ko-koc see Coos Kolla see Colla
Kohnina see Havasupai Kokoc see Coos Kollahuaya see Callahuaya
115 Kollasuyo koonzi

Kollasuyo see Callahuaya Komoks see Comox Kon-kau see Konkow

Kollina see Culina Ko-mookhs see Comox Konkau see Konkow
Kolloshians see Tlingit Komookhs see Comox Konkhandeenhronon see
Kolnit see Skilloot Ko-mo-yah see Kamia Conkhandeenrhonon
Koloches see Tlingit Komoyah see Kamia Konkone see Tonkawa
Kolodai see Kolodi Ko-moyue see Komoyue [Gens] Konkonelp [WA] Sinkaietk (BE)
Kolodi [Lang] Papago (Hdbk10) Komoyue [Gens] [BC] Kueha (H) Konkow [CA] Maidu (BE)
Ko-lo-ma see Koloma Komoyue [Sept] Kukwakum (H) Konkow [Lang] Maiduan (CA-8)
Koloma [CA] Nishinam (H) Komoyue [VanI] Kwakiutl (H) Ko-nlo see Konglo
Kolomi [AL, FL] Muskogee (BE) Kompabi-anta see Kiowa Konlo see Konglo
Kolomisi [Self-designation] see Kompabianta see Kiowa Konoatinno see Kanohatino
Sabane Kompago see Kiowa Konomihu [CA] (LC)
Koloshes see Tlingit Kompago see Kiowa Konomihu [Lang] [CA] Shasta
Koloshi see Tlingit Komparia see Campa (CA-8)
Koloshians see Tlingit Komseka-Kinahyup see Arapaho Konoshioni see Iroquois
Kolouches see Tlingit Komseka-Kinahyup see Arapaho Konossioni see Iroquois
Kolshani see Kulchana Komuk see Comox Konowiki see Conoy
Kolshina see Ahtena Ko-muni-tup-i-o see Nez Perce Konsa see Kansa
Kolshina see Hankutchin Komunitupio see Nez Perce Kon-ses see Kansa
Kolshina see Tinne Komux see Comox Konses see Kansa
Kolsid (H) see also Colcene (H) Komux see Comox Kontalyui see Kongtalyui
Kolsid [WA] Twana (BE) Konagen see Kaniagmiut Kontareahronon Huron (H)
Kolsin see Colcene Konages see Kaniagmiut Konungzi Oniga see Iroquois
Kol-sin see Kolsid Konagis see Kaniagmiut Konya see Kongya
Kolsin see Kolsid Konakegawai see Kona-kegawai Konya-tdoa see Kongya
Koltchane see Kulchana Kona-kegawai [Family] Haida (H) Konza see Kansa
Koltschane see Kulchana Konasgi see Kaniagmiut Kon-za see Kanze [Omaha]
Koltschaner see Kulchana Konatine see Kanohatino Konza see Kanze [Omaha]
Koltshan see Kulchana Konaz see Kansa Ko-o see Koo
Koltshane see Kulchana Konce see Kansa Koo [Clan] Tewa (H)
Koltshanen see Kulchana Konea see Arapaso Kooagamute see Kowagmiut
Koltshani see Kulchana Ko-ne-a kun see Comiakin Kooagomute see Kunmiut
Koltshany see Kulchana Koneakun see Comiakin Koo a sah te see Koasati
Koltsiowotl [VanI] Nanaimo (H) Kone-Konep see Konekonep Kooasahte see Koasati
Koluschan (LC) see also Tlingit Konekonep [WA] Okinagan (H) Koo-cha-koo-chin see Utcha-
(LC) Konekonlp see Konekonep kutchin
Koluschan [Lang] (H) Konekotay [NJ] Delaware (H) Koochakoochin see Kutcha-
Kolush see Tlingit Kongigamiut see Kangigmiut kutchin
Kolwa see Koroa Kongigamut see Kungugemiut Koo-chee-ta-kee see Kotsoteka
Kolyuzhi see Tlingit Kongigamute see Kungugemiut Koocheetakee see Kotsoteka
Ko-ma-cho see Komacho Kong-lo see Konglo Koo-che-ta-ker see Kotsoteka
Komacho [CA] Pomo (H) Konglo [Clan] Hano (H) Koochetaker see Kotsoteka
Komantsu see Comanche Konglo [Clan] Tewa (H) Koochin see Kutchin
Komaplix [WA] Okinagan (BE) Kongtalyui Kiowa (BE) Koo-chi-ta-ker see Kotsoteka
Komats see Comanche Kongya [Clan] Tesuque (H) Koochitaker see Kotsoteka
Kom-bo see Yana [CA] Koni (Pub, v.6, no.1, p.353) see Koogmute see Kunmiut
Kom-bo see Yahi also Amador (Pub, v.6, no.1, Ko-oh-lok-ta-que see Kalokta
Kombo see Yana [CA] p.353) Koohloktaque see Kalokta
Kombo see Yahi Koni [CA] Miwok (H) Kooji (H)
Komenok [BC] Lekwiltok (H) Koniag [Lang] Pacic Yupik Kook-a-tee see Hokedi
Komenoq see Komenok (Hdbk5) Kookatee see Hokedi
Komiutis see Komkyutis Koniaga see Koniag Kook-koo-oose see Coos
Komiutis see Komkyutis Koniagi see Kaniagmiut Kookkoooose see Coos
Komiuvedo see Witoto Koniagi see Koniag Kookotlane [BC] Bella Coola (H)
komkak see Seri Koniagmute see Kaniagmiut Kookpovoros see Kukpaurung-
Komkome see Tonkawa Konino see Havasupai miut
Komkutis see Komkyutis Konithlushuamiut [Can] Kook-wai-wai-toh see Kokaitk
Komkyutis see Komkyutis Labrador Eskimos (BE) Koolsaticara see Kotsoteka
Komkyutis [Sept] [[BC] Kwakiutl Konjagen see Eskimauan Koolsatik-ara see Kotsoteka
(H) Konjagen see Koniagmiut Koolsatikara see Kotsoteka
Kom-maidum see Achomawi Konjagen see Koniag Koo-nah-mich see Koonahmich
Kommaidum see Achomawi konkaak [Self-designation] see Koonahmich [BC] Salish (H)
Komoks see Comox Seri koonzi see koonzi
koonzi Kotsoteka 116

koonzi Western Shoshone (Hdbk11) Ko-pe-li see Kopeli Kos-keemoe see Koskimo
Koo-og-ameut see Kowagmiut Kopeli [Clan] Hano (H) Koskeemoe see Koskimo
Kooogameut see Kowagmiut Kopeli [Clan] Tewa (H) Kosk-emoq see Koskimo
Koopowro Mutes see Kukpau- Kopeli-towa see Kopeli Kos-ki-mo see Koskimo
rungmiut Kopin [Clan] Tewa (H) Koskimo [Lang] [Can] Kwakiutl
Koopowromutes see Kukpau- Kopin-tdoa see Kuping (BE)
rungmiut Koprino [BC] (BE) Kos-ki-mu see Koskimo
Kooq Mute see Kunmiut Koprino [Lang] Koskimo (BE) Koskimu see Koskimo
Kooqmute see Kunmiut Kop-tagui see Jicarilla Apache Koskoquim see Kuskwogmiut
Kooqotlane see Kookotlane Koquieightuk see Kokaitk Koskumo see Koskimo
Koosharem Ute (Hdbk11) Koquitan see Coquitlam Ko-s-o see Hopi
Kooskimo see Koskimo Koracocnitonon see Coiracoen- Koso (LC) see also Panamint (LC)
Koos-koo see Kooskoo tanon (H) Koso [CA, NV] (CA)
Kooskoo [Clan] Abnaki (H) Korakoenitanon (H) see Coira- ko-son see Hopi
Koossawin [Chippewa] (H) coentanon koson see Hopi
Koot see Got Korebahu see Coreguaje Ko-so-o- see Hopi
Koo-tames see Kutenai Korekaru see Baniwa Kosoo see Hopi
Kootames see Kutenai Korekin see Karkin Ko-stete see Laguna [NM]
Kootamies see Kutenai Korenkake see Karankawa Kostete see Laguna
Kootanaes see Kutenai Koretau see Baniva Kosumnes see Cosume
Kootanay see Kutenai Koripako see Curripaco Kosunato (BE) see also Uintah
Kootanie see Kutenai Korkone see Tonkawa Ute (H)
Koo-tche-noo see Kutsnuwu Koroa [MS] (BE) Kosunato [UT] Ute (BE)
Kootchenoo see Hutsnuwu Koronk see Karankawa Kotaba see Catawba
Koo-tchin see Kutchin Koru [CA] Patwin (Pub, v.29, Kotakoutouemi see Otaguot-
Kootchin see Kutchin no.4) touemin
Koo-tdoa see Koo Ko-ru-si see Korusi Kot-a-Kutchin see
Kootdoa see Koo Korusi [CA] (H) Kutchakutchin
Kootenai see Kutenai Kosalektawi see Kosalektawi Kotakutchin see Kutchakutchin
Kootenaies see Kutenai Kosalektawi [CA] Achomawi Kotch-a Kutchin see
Kootenaise see Kutenai (Pub, v.23, no.5) Kutchakutchin
Kootenay see Kutenai Ko-sa-tehan-ya see Koasati Kotchakutchin see
Kootenia see Kutenai Kosatehanya see Koasati Kutchakutckin
Koote-nuha see Kutenai Koseallakte see Ko-se-al-lak-te Kotchitchi-wininiwak see Koje-
Kootenuha see Kutenai Ko-se-al-lak-te [CA] Achomawi jewininewug
Kootones see Kutenai (BE) Kotedia see Guanano
Kootoonais see Kutenai Ko-se-a-ne-nyon see Cayuga Kotemoka see Pakaanova
Kootsenoo see Hutsnuwu Koseanenyon see Cayuga Ko-te-yi-mik see Kutaiimiks
Kootsnahoo see Hutsnuwu Kosetah [CA] (H) Koteyimik see Kutaiimiks
Kootsnovskie see Hutsnuwu Koshkiemo see Koskimo Kotiria [Self-designation] see
Kootznoo see Hutsnuwu Koshkogemut [AK] Chnagmiut Guanano
Kootznov see Hutsnuwu Eskimos (H) Kotite see Cochiti
Kooukopai see Koou-kopai Kosho see Apache Kotitia see Guanano
Ko-o-u-kopai [AZ] Walapai (BE) Kosho see Hopi Kot-ji-ti see Cochiti
Koo-wa-ho-ke see Koowahoke Kosho see Koso Kotjiti see Cochiti
Koowahoke [Subclan] Delaware Kosho see Shikaviyam Kotlenok [Gens] Kwakiutl (H)
(H) Kosh-sho-o see Gashowu Kotlschanen see Kulchana
Kopa see Creek Kosh-sho-o see Kassovo Koto see Orejon
Kopaalk [BC] Salish (H) Koshshoo see Gashowu Ko-toh-spi-tup-i-o see Salish
Kopagmiut (H) see also Mackenzie Koshshoo see Kassovo Kotohspitupio see Salish
Delta Eskimos (Hdbk5) Kosimo see Koskimo Kotsaa see Kio
Kopagmiut [Can] Eskimos (H) Ko-si-pa tu-wi-wa-gai-yu see Kotsaa [Clan] [NM] Pecos (H)
Kopag-mut see Kopagmiut Kosipatuwiwagaiyu Kotsai [TX] Comanche (BE)
Kopag-mut see Kopagmiut Ko-si-pa tu-wi-wa-gai-yu see Kotsava (H) see also Kutsavi-
Kopagmut see Kopagmiut Toedokado dokado (Hdbk11)
Kopang-meun see Kopagmiut Kosipatuwiwagaiyu (PC) see also Kots-ava see Kotsava
Kopang-meun see Kopagmiut Toedokado (Hdbk11) Kots-ava see Kutsavidokado
Kopangmeun see Kopagmiut Kosipatuwiwagaiyu [NV] Paviotso Kotsava [CA] Mono (H)
Kopano [TX] (BE) (H) Kotsento see Navajo
Ko-paya see Tulkepaia Koskedi see Koskedi Kotsokhotana see Kungugemiut
Kopaya see Tulkepaia Koskedi [Clan] Tlingit (H) Kotso-te-ka see Kotsoteka
Ko-pe see Copeh Koskedi [Social group] Huna (H) Kotso-teka see Kotsoteka
Kope see Copeh Koskeemo see Koskimo Kotsoteka Comanche (BE)
117 Kot-ta Ktlaeshatlkik

Kot-ta see Kotta Kowalitsks see Cowlitz Koyukukhotana [AK] Koyukon

Kotta [Clan] Mohave (H) kowame see Santa Clara [NM] (BE)
Kotuiti see Cochiti Kowang-meun see Kowagmiut Koyukun see Koyukukhotana
Kotu-ti see Cochiti Kowangmeun see Kowagmiut Koyukuns see Koyukukhotana
Kotyit see Cochiti Kow-a-sah see Kawaiisu Koyukunskoi see Koyukukhotana
ko-tyit see Cochiti Kowasah see Kawaiisu Koyungmiut (H)
Ko-tyi-ti see Cochiti Kowasayee [OR] Tenino (BE) Ko-za-bi-ti-kut-eh see Kutsavi-
Kotyiti see Cochiti Kowavi see Tulkepaia dokado
Kotze see Camsa Kowelits see Cowlitz Kozabitikuteh see Kutsavidokado
Kotzebue Sound Eskimos [AK] Kowelitsk see Cowlitz Ko-za-bi-ti-kut-teh see Kotsava
(Hdbk5) Kowes see Coos Kozabitikutteh see Kotsava
Kouan see Kohani Kowes Bay see Coos Kozarene [Br] Paressi (O)
Kouas see Kawas Kowitchan see Cowichan Kozarini see Kozarene
Ko-uavi see Tulkepaia Kowitsin see Cowichan kpuspat see Northern Paiute
Kouavi see Tulkepaia Kowlith see Wiyot Kqlo-qwec tunne see Siuslaw
Kouayan see Kouyam Kowlitz see Cowlitz Kqlo-qwec tunne see Coos
Kouayon see Kouyam Kowmook see Comox Kqlo-qwectunne see Kalawatset
Kouchnas-hadai [Subfamily] Kowrona see Koroa Kqoptlnik see Colville
Haida (H) Kowsis [CA] (H) Kraho see Craho
Kouera see Koroa Kowwassayee see Kowasayee Kranhacarore see Kreen-Akarore
Kouerakouitenoux see Coira- Kowwassayes see Kowasayee Krayiragottine [Can] Etchaottine
coentanon Ko-ya-ta see Koyeti (H)
Kouivakouintanouas see Coira- Koyata see Koyeti Kraylongottine [Can] Nahane (H)
coentanon Ko-ya-te see Koyeti Krazlongottine (H)
Koukhontan see Kagwantan Koyate see Koyeti Kreakarore see Arara
Kouksoarmiut see Koksoagmiut Koyeti [CA] Yokuts (BE) Kreakarore see Arara
Ko-un see Tonto Apache Ko-ye-to see Koyeti Kree see Cree
Koun see Tonto Apache Koyeto see Koyeti Kreek see Creek
Koun see Tulkepaia Ko-yet-te see Koyeti Kreen-Akarore see Kreen-Akrore
Koun see Tulkepaia Koyette see Koyeti Kreen-Akrore [Br] (LC)
Kounaouons [MA, ME] (H) Koyoang kaui see Konkow Kreluits see Skilloot
Koungmiut (H) see also Kuung- Koyoangkaui see Konkow Kremye see Krem-ye
miut [Paallirmiut] (Hdbk5) koyo-iyemise see Northern Krem-ye [Br] Timbira (O)
Koungmiut [Can] Eskimos (H) Paiute Krenak [Br] Botocudo (O)
Kourouas see Koroa Ko-yo-konk-ha-ka see Cayuga Krenje see Krem-ye
Kourova see Koroa Koyokonkhaka see Cayuga Krenkataje see Canella
Kouse see Coos Koyona winwu see Koyonya Krenkateye [Br] (O)
Koushca Kouttchin see Ko-yo-no wunwu see Koyonya Kren-ye see Krem-ye
Kutchakutchin Koyono wunwu see Koyonya Krenye see Krem-ye
Koushcakouttchin see Koyonya [Clan] Hopi (H) Kretan see Kretan
Kutchakutchin Koyoukon see Koyukukhotana Kretan [Subclan] Missouri (H)
Koushnou see Hutsnuwu Koyoukouk-kouttanae see Kreye see Krem-ye
Kouskokhantse see Kuskwogmiut Koyukukhotana Kricho see Creek
Koutaines see Kutenai Koyu see Kuiu Krie see Cree
Koutani see Kutenai Koyugmiut [AK] Malemiut (H) Krieq see Cree
Ko-utchan see Yuma Koyugmut see Koyugmiut Krihk see Creek
Koutchan see Yuma Koyuhkhotana Tinne (H) Krikati [Br] Eastern Timbira (O)
Koutonais see Kutenai Ko-yu-hon see Atsakudoka tuvi- Krinkati see Krikati
Koutzenoo see Hutsnuwu warai Kriq see Cree
Koutznou see Hutsnuwu koyuhon see Atsakudoka tuvi- Kris see Cree
Kouyam [TX] (H) warai Krishana see Yawaperi
Kouyou see Kuiu Ko-yu-how see Koyuhow Kristenaux see Cree
kowacdikni see kowacdikni Ko-yu-how see Atsakudoka tu- Kristeneaux see Cree
kowacdikni [OR] Klamath (BE) viwarai Kristinaux see Cree
Kowagmiut [AK] Eskimos (LC) Koyuhow (PC) see also Atsaku- Kristino see Cree
Kowag-mut see Kowagmiut doka tuviwarai (Hdbk11) Krixana see Yawaperi
Kowagmut see Kowagmiut Koyuhow [NV] Paviotso (H) Ksalokul [VanI] Nanaimo (H)
Kowai see Salmon River Koyuk Bering Strait Eskimos ksanka [Self-designation in MT]
Kowailchew (H) see also (Hdbk5) see Kutenai
Cowichan (LC) Koyukon [AK] (LC) Ksapsem [VanI] Songish (BE)
Kowailchew [Can] Coast Salish (H) Koyukukh-otana see Tinne Ktata see Shanwappom
Kow-ait-achen see Cowichan Koyu-kukh-otana see Ktatas-lema see Shanwappom
Kowaitachen see Cowichan Koyukukhotana Ktlaeshatlkik [WA] Cathlamet (H)
ktunaxa Kukwakum 118

ktunaxa [Self-designation] see kudi-q see Eskimos Kuishkoshyaka [Clan] Acoma (H)
Kutenai kudi-q see Eyak Kuishkoshyaka-hanoqch see
Ku [Clan] Tewa (H) kudiq see Eskimos Kuishkoshyaka
Ku [NI] Sumo (BE) kudiq see Eyak Kuishtiti see Kuishtitiyaka
Kua [Clan] Taos (H) Kud-witcaca see Kutawichasha Kuishtitiyaka [Clan] Acoma (H)
Ku-agmut see Kowagmiut Kudwitcaca see Kutawichasha Kuishtitiyaka-hanoqch see
Kuagmut see Kowagmiut Kueha see Komoyue Kuishtitiyaka
Kuahadi see Kwahari Kueha (PC) see also Komoyue (H) Kuitarei see Pawnee
Kuahadi see Kwahari Kueha [BC] Lekwiltok (H) Kuitarei see Pawnee
Kuaiath Seshat (H) Kuehe see Komoyue Ku-itc see Kuitsh
Kuaja see Kwahu Kuenyugu-haka see Cayuga Kuitc see Kuitsh
Kuakumchen [BC] Squawmish (H) Kueqa see Komoyue Kuitsh [OR] (LC)
Kuakumtcen see Kuakumchen Kueqa see Kueha Kuiu (PC) see also Kuiu (Contri,
Kuakumtcen see Kuakumchen Kueqa see Komoyue v.1, p.38)
Kuangmiut see Kowagmiut Kueqa see Kueha Kuiu [AK] Tlingit (BE)
Kuasse [TX] (H) Kuexa see Komoyue Kuiu Sitka-kwan (Contri, v.1,
Kua-taiina see Kua Kuexa see Komoyue p.38)
Kuataiina see Kua Ku-ga see Kokop Kuiva see Cuica
Kuato see Kuato Kuga see Kokop Kuivaduka see Smith Creek Val-
Kuato Kiowa (H) Kugapakori see Cogapocori ley
Kuaua Tigua (H) Kugaramiut [AK] Malemiut Eski- Kuiwanva [Clan] Hopi (H)
Kubakhye see Kawaiisu mos (H) kixpymiut see Kuigpamiut
Ku-baratpat see Penateka Kugmiut (H) see also Kunmiut Kuiyaduka see Smith Creek Val-
Kubaratpat see Penateka (BE) ley
Kubenbrankegn see Kuben- Kugmiut [AK] North Alaska Coast Kuiyuitikadu see Kuyuidokado
Kran-Kegn Eskimos (Hdbk5) Kuiyuitikadu see Kuyuidokado
Kubenbranken see Kuben-Kran- Kuhaia [Clan] Keres (H) Kuizan see Yuma
Kegn Kuhaia-hanuch see Kuhaia Kuizan see Yuma
Kuben-Kamrekti see Asurini I Kuhinedi [AK] Tlingit (H) Kujeedi see Kuyedi
Kubenkamrekti see Asurini I Kuhinedi [Clan] Henya (H) Kukalaya Mosquito-Sumo (BE)
Kubenkragmotire see Kuben Kuhkweai see Laguna [NM] Kukanish [Clan] Acoma (H)
Kragmotire Kuhlanapo [CA] Eastern Pomo (H) Kukanis-hyaka-hanoqch see
Kuben Kragmotire [Br] Cayapo (O) Kuhn see Tulkepaia Kukinishyaka
Kubenkrankegn see Kuben Krag- Kuhnauwantheew see Conoy Kukanishyakahanoqch see
motire Kuhni kwe see Havasupai Kukinishyaka
Kuben-Kran-Kegn [Br] Cayapo Kuh-nis see Havasupai Kukapa see Cocopa
(O) Kuhnis see Havasupai Kukettan see Kokhittan
Kubeo see Cubeo Kuhns see Tonto Apache Kukhpagmiut see Kopamiut
Kubeu see Cubeo Kuh-pat-ti-kut-teh see Kuhpat- Kukinishyaka [Clan] Acoma (H)
Kubewa see Cubeo tikutteh Kukinish-yaka [Sub-clan] Laguna
Kubewana see Cubeo Kuh-pat-ti-kut-teh see Ku- (H)
kucadikadi see Kutsavidokado padokado Kukinishyaka-hanoch see
kuccuntikka see Lemhi Kuhpattikutteh see Kupadokado Kukinishyaka
kuccuntikka [Self-designation] Kuhpattikutteh [NV] Paviotso (H) Kukittan see Kokhittan
see Pohogwe Kuhtche-tecka see Kotsoteka Kukkuiks [Society] Piegan (H)
ku-che-sa see Chiricahua Apache Kuhtchetecka see Kotsoteka Kukoak [VanI] Songish (BE)
Kuchiana see Yuma Kuiba see Cuiva Kukparungmiut [AK] Eskimos (BE)
Ku-chi-bich-i-wa-nap Pal-up see Kuicha see Komoyue Kukra see Sumo
Pahkanapils Kuigpagmiut [AK] Eskimos Kukuch [Clan] Hopi (H)
Ku-chi-bich-i-wa-nap Pal-up see (Hdbk5) Kukulek [VanI] Songish (BE)
Tipatolapa Kuikni see Molala Kukunski see Koyukukhotana
Ku-chi-bich-i-wa-nap Pal-up see Kuikuro see Kuikuru Ku-ku-tci see Kukuch
Tubatulabal Kuikuru [Lang] [Br] Bakairi- Kukutci see Kukuch
Kuchibichiwanap Palup see Nahukwa (LC) Kukutc winwu see Kukuch
Pahkanapils Kuilchana Tinne (H) Kukuth-kutchin see Takkuth-
Kuchibichiwanap Palup see Kuilka see Kaskaskia kutchin
Tipatolapa Kuille-pate see Quileute Kukuthkutchin see
Kuchibichiwanap Palup see Tu- Kuillepate see Quileute Takkuthkutchin
batulabal Kuin-ae-alt see Quinault Kukuts see Kukuch
Kuchichiwininiwug Kojejewinini- Kuinaealt see Quinault Kukutsi see Kukuch
wug (His/T, v.1, p.346) Kuin-ruk see Kuinruk Kukuyana (O) see also Tiriyo (O)
Kuchin see Kutchin Kuinruk [AK] Knaiakhotana (H) Kukuyana Pianokoto (O)
Kuchnikwe see Havasupai Kuishkosh [Clan] Acoma (H) Kukwakum see Kukwakum
119 Kukwakum Kus

Kukwakum [Gens] [VanI] Kwaki- Kumadha [Clan] Mohave (H) Kunna-nar-wesh see Arapaho
utl (H) Ku-man-i-a-kwe see Comanche Kunnanarwesh see Arapaho
Kukwil see Mishikhwutmetunne Kumaniakwe see Comanche Kunnas-hadai [Family] Haida (H)
Ku-kwil tunne see Mishikhwut- Kumaya ay see Kamia Kunniwunneme [OR] (H)
metunne Kumayaay see Kamia Kunpi-tdoa see Kungpi
Kukwiltunne see Mishikhwut- Kumayena [Lang] Trio (UAz, v.28) Kunqit see Gunghet-haidagai
metunne Kumbatkni see Kumbatuash Kunri-tainin see Kurni
Ku-kwil-tun tunne see Kumbatuash [CA] (H) Kunta-witcaca see Kutawichasha
Mishikhwutmetunne Kumbatuashkni see Kumbatuash Kuntdoa see Kun
Kukwiltuntunne see Kumbatwash see Kumbatuash Kuntsa-tdoa see Kungtsa
Mishikhwutmetunne Kum-cutes see Komkyutis Kuntsei-tdoa see Kungtsei
Ku-la Kai Pomo see Keliopoma Kumcutes see Komkyutis Kuntsoa-tdoa see Kungtsoa
Kulakai Pomo see Keliopoma (H) Kumeyaa see Kamia Kunuana see Kunuhana
Kulanapan [Lang] [CA] Kumeyaay see Kamia Kunuhana [VE] Yecuana (O)
Kulanapan (LC) see also Pomo (LC) Kumkewtis see Komkyatis Kunu-hayanu see Potawatomi
Kulanapo see Pomo Kumnom see Nuimok Kunuhayanu see Potawatomi
Kulanapo see Pomo kumo-its see Cedar Kununah see Tahltan
Kulanopo see Kuhlanapo Ku-mu see Kunipalgi Kununah see Tahltan
Kulchana [AK] Ahtena (BE) Kumumbar see Cumumbah Kunwicasa see Kutawichasha
Kuldo (H) see also Kauldaw (H) Kun (BE) see also Yuma (LC) Kunya [Clan] Tewa (H)
Kuldo [Can] Kitsan (BE) Kun (H) see also Tulkepaia (H) Kunya-tdoa see Kungya
Kuldoe see Kauldaw Kun [Clan] Pueblo Indians (H) Kunyil see Kamia
Kuldoe see Kuldo Kuna see Cuna Kunza see Kanze [Omaha]
Ku-lees see Kulleets Kunaii-tdoa see Kungaii Kunza see Kanze Omaha
Kulees see Kulleets Kunailanas see Kuna-lanas Kuoolt-e see Kwantlen
Ku-leets see Kulleets Kunak-e-owai see Kona-kegawai Kupa see Cupeo
Kuleets see Kulleets Kuna lanas see Kuna-lanas Kupadokado Northern Paiute
Kul-hul-atsi see Kadohadacho Kuna-lanas [Family] Haida (H) (Hdbk11)
Kulhulatsi see Kadohadacho Kunana see Nahane Kupi [Clan] Santa Clara (H)
Kulias Palus see Kalispel Kunechin [BC] Seechelt (BE) Kupin see Kuping
Kuliaspalus see Kalispel Kuneste [CA] (H) Kuping [Clan] Tewa (H)
Kulina see Culina Kuneyil see Kamia Kupin-tdoa see Kuping
Kulino see Culina Kunfetdi-tdoa see Kungfetdi Kupi-tdoa see Kuping
Ku-lis-kitc hitclum see Taltush- Kungaii [Clan] San Ildefonso (H) Kupkipcock see Caposepock
tuntude Kungeeg-ameut see Kun- Kupondirideri Mashco (O)
Kuliskitchitclum see Taltushtun- gugemiut Kupunmium see Kopagmiut
tude Kungfetdi [Clan] Tewa (H) Kura see Bakairi
Kulkuisala see Koksilah Kungmiut see Kuungmiut [Paal- Kuraintu-kwakats see Kwaiantik-
Kulleets [VanI] Cowichan (BE) lirmiut] wokets
Kullespelm see Kalispel Kungpi [Clan] Tewa (H) Kurina see Culina
Kullespen see Kalispel Kungtsa [Clan] Tewa (H) Kuripako see Curripaco
Kullyspell see Kalispel Kungtsei [Clan] Tewa (H) Kurni [Clan] Tigua (H)
Kulmeh see Kul-meh Kungtsoa [Clan] Tewa (H) Kuroskiana see Yabarana
Kul-meh [CA] Maidu (Contri, Kungugemiut [AK] Malemiut (H) Kurrim [Self-designation] see
v.3, p.282) Kungugemut see Kungugemiut Curripaco
Ku-lo-mum see Kulomum Kungya [Clan] Tewa (H) Kurripako see Curripaco
Kulomum [CA] Maidu (H) Kungye see Kungya Kurso see Moro
Ku-lon-to-wa see Konglo Kungyi [Clan] Nambe (H) Kursu see Moro
Kulontowa see Konglo Kunhittan Tlingit (H) Kurts [Clan] [NM] Keres (H)
Kul-pa-ki-a-ko see Kretan Kunimia see Guayabero Kurts-hanoqch see Kurts
Kuls-wa see Kulswa Kuni-palgi see Kuniopalgi Kurtshanoqch see Kurts
Kulswa [Clan] Miami (H) Kunipalgi [Clan] Creek (H) Kurtsi [Clan] Laguna
Kulua see Koroa Kunistunne see Alsea Kurtsihanoch see Kurts
Kulumi see Kolomi Ku-nis tunne see Alsea Kurtz see Kurts
Ku-lu-shut see Kulushut Kunistunne see Alsea Kuruaya [Br] (O)
Kulushut [AK] Ahtena (BE) Kunisunne see Alsea Kurugmiut [Can] Mackenzie Eski-
Kuma see Kunipalgi Kunisunne see Alsea mos (BE)
Kumachisi [CA] Yokuts (CA) Kunivadeni see Dani Kurukuru see Paumari
Kumachisi [Lang] Poso Creek Kun lanas see Kuna-lanas Kuruparia see Campa
(CA-8) Kunmium see Kunmiut Kurvik see Kopagmiut
Kumadamnainai [VE] Wakuenai Kunmium see Kunmiut Kus see Miluk
(O) Kunmiut [AK] Eskimos (BE) Kus see Coos
Ku-mad-ha see Kumadha Kunmudlin see Kangmaligmiut Kus see Okuwa
Kusa Ku-ux-aws 120

Kusa see Abihka Kuskowagamiut see Kukquq- Kutenabu [Br] (O)

Kusa see Coos vagmiut Kutenae see Kutenai
Kusa see Creek Kuskuske see Kaskaskia Kutenaekwan see Kutenai
Kusan (LC) see also Coos (LC) Kuskutchewak see Kuskwogmiut Kutenai [MT, BC] (LC)
Kusan [Lang] (BE) Kuskutshewak see Kuskwogmiut Kutenay see Kutenai
Kuscarawaok see Cuscarawaoc Kuskwogmiut (Hdbk5) see also Kutia-Diapa see Catoquina
Kuscarawock see Cuscarawaoc Kusquqvagmiut (Hdbk5) Kutia-Diapa see Katukina
Kusch-ke-ti see Koskedi Kuskwogmiut [AK] Eskimos (BE) [Panoan]
Kuschketi see Koskedi Kuskwogmut see Kuskwogmiut Kutish (Oregon)
Kusch-kuk-chwak-mut see Kuskwogmut see Kuskwogmiut Kutjaam see Ashluslay
Kuskowogmiut Kus-metunne see Coos Kutjaam see Yitaa
Kuschkukchwak-muten see Kusmetunne see Coos Kutneha see Kutenai
Kuskwogiut Kuspelu see Kutenai Kutona see Kutenai
Kusesh [Clan] Acoma (H) ksquafymiut see Kusquq- Kutonacha see Kutenai
Kuseshyaka [Clan] Acoma (H) vagmiut Kutonaqa see Kutenai
Kuseshyaka-Hanoqch see Kuse- Kusquqvagmiut [AK] Eskimos Ku-towa see Ku [Tewa]
shyaka (Hdbk5) Kutowa see Ku [Tewa]
Ku-shap Ok-la see Kushapokla Kusso [SC] (LC) Kutqakutqin see Loucheux
Kushapokla [Phratry] Choctaw (H) Kussoe see Coosa Kutqakutqin see Loucheux
Kushiksa [Clan] Choctaw (H) Kustenau see Kutenabu Ku-tqin see Kutchin
Kush-Kish see Usal Kustsheotin [Can] Northern Car- Kutqin see Kutchin
Kushkish see Usal rier (BE) Kuts [Clan] Cochiti (H)
Kushkukkhvakmiuty see Kuta [Clan] [NM] Santo Domingo Kutsavidokado Northern Paiute
Kusquqvagmiut (H) (Hdbk11)
Kushokwagmut see Kuskwogmiut Kut-ai-im-ik see Kutaiimiks Kutsha-Kutshi see
Kushpelu see Kalispel Kutaiimiks [MN] Piegan (BE) Kutchakutchin
Kusikia [BO] (O) Kut-ai-sot-si-man see Kutaisotsi- Kutshakutshi see Kutchakutchin
Kusi-pah see Kosipatuwiwagaiyu man Kutshamakin [MA] Massachuset (BE)
Kusi-pah see Toedokado Kutaisotsiman [MN] Piegan (BE) Kutshamaquin see Kutshamakin
Kusipah see Kosipatuwiwagaiyu Kutaki see Chippewa Kuts-hano see Kurts
Kusipah see Toedokado Ku-taki see Ottawa Kutshano see Kurts
kusitta see Gosiute Kutaki see Ottawa Kutshi see Kutchin
Kusi-Utahs see Gosiute Kutana see Kutenai Kutshin see Kutchin
Kuskaranaocke see Cuscarawaoc Kutani see Kutenai Kutshittan [Family] Tlingit (H)
Kuskarawack see Cuscarawaoc Kutawichasha [Clan] Brule (H) Kutshundika see Kutsshundika
Kuskarawaokes see Nanticoke Kuta-witcaca see Kutawichasha Kutshundika see Kutsshundika
Kusk-edi see Koskedi Kutawitcaca see Kutawichasha Kutsnovskoe see Hutsnuwu
Kuskedi see Koskedi Kutcan see Yavasupai Kutssemhaath [Can] Nootka (H)
Kuskeiskee see Kaskaskia Kutchaa Kuttchin see Kutcha- Kutsshundika [ID] Bannock (BE)
Kus-ke-mu see Koskimo kutchin Kuttelspelm see Kalispel
Kuskemu see Koskimo Kutchakut-chin see Tinne Kuttoowauw see Cherokee
Kusko kuax tana see Kuskwog- Kutchakut-chin see Kutcha- kutuaiua see Kutenai
miut kutchin Kutuhano [MX] (Hdbk10)
Kuskokuaxtana see Kuskwogmiut Kutch-a kutchin see Kutcha- Kutzan see Yuma
Kuskokvigmiuty see Kusquq- kutchin Kuuanguala see Pecos
vagmiut Kutch a Kutchin see Kutcha- kuugaalimmiut [Can] Inuit (Que-
Kuskokvigmyut see Kusquq- kutchin bec) (Hdbk5)
vagmiut Kutcha-kutchin see Kutcha- Kuungmiut [AK] Eskimos (Hdbk5)
Kuskokvimtsy see Kusquq- kutchin Kuungmiut Kotzebue Sound Eski-
vagmiut Kutchakutchin [AK] (LC) mos (Hdbk5)
Kuskokwagmut see Kuskwog- Kutchamakin see Kutshamakin Ku-usha see Muskogee
miut Kutchan see Yuma Ku-u-sha see Creek
Kuskokwigmjuten see Kuskwog- Kutchia-Kuttchin see Kutcha- Kuusha see Creek
miut kutchin Kuusha see Muskogee
Kuskokwig-mut see Kuskwog- Kutchiakuttchin see Kutcha- Kuuts [Clan] Keres (H)
miut kutchin Kuuts-hano see Kurts
Kuskokwim (H) see also Kulchana Kutchi-kutchi see Kutchakutchin Kuuvangmiut Kotzebue Sound Es-
(BE) Kutchikutchi see Kutchakutchin kimos (Hdbk5)
Kuskokwim Yupik Eskimos (LC) Kutchin [AK] Tinne (LC) Kuuvanmiit Eskimos (LC)
Kuskokwimer see Kuskokwim Kutchin [Lang] Athapascan (BE) Kuuvaum Kangianigmiut Kotze-
Kuskokwimjut see Kuskokwim Kutcitciwininiwag see Kojejew- bue Sound Eskimos (Hdbk5)
Kuskokwimtsi see Kuskwogmiut ininewug Ku-ux-aws see Kiyuksa [Yank-
Kuskoquimer see Kulchana Ku-tdoa see Ku [Pueblo] tonai]
121 Kuuxaws Kwaw-kewlth

Kuuxaws see Kiyuksa [Yank- Kwaaymii see Kamia Kwakukemalenok [Clan] Koskimo
tonai] kwacan [Self-designation] see (H)
Kuvahaivima see Serrano Yuma Kwakukemlaenok see
Kuvahaivima see Gitanemuk Kwachelanokumae [Gens] Kwaki- Kwakukemlenok
kuvahya see Kawaiisu utl (H) Kwakwaka-wakw (NPeos, v.7,
Kuvakhye see Kawaiisu Kwadsakbiuk see Kwadsakbiuk no.2, p.12)
Kuvugmiut North Alaska Coast Kwadsakbiuk [WA] Swinomish Kwakwakawakw see Kwakwaka-
Eskimos (Hdbk5) (BE) wakw
Ku-wa-ku-che see Koakotsalgi Kwagul see Kwakiutl Kwa-le-cum see Saamen
Kuwakuche see Koakotsalgi Kwa-gutl see Kwakiutl Kwalecum see Saamen
Kuwaltisk see Cowlitz Kwagutl see Kwakiutl Kwalhiokwa see Kwalhioqua
Ku-we-ve-ka pai-ya see Yavapai Kwahadi (BE) see also Kotsoteka Kwalhioqua [WA] (BE)
Kuwevekapaiya see Yavapai (BE) Kwalinsadndesu [Br] Southern
Kuwhaia [Clan] Acoma (H) Kwahadi see Kwahari Nambicuara (O)
Kuwhaia-hanoqch see Kuwhaia Kwahadi (PC) see also Kwahari Kwaliokwa see Kwalhioqua
Kuwichpackmuten see Ikogmiut (BE) Kwan [Clan] [Hopi] (H)
Kuwunmium see Kowagmiut Kwahadi Comanche (BE) Kwan-le-cum see Saamen
Kuwunmium see Kowagmiut Kwahadk see Quahatika Kwanlecum see Saamen
Kuxinedi see Kuhinedi Kwahare tetchaxane see Kwahari Kwantlen see Kwantlen
Kuyakinchi see Koyukukhotana Kwahari (BE) see also Kotsoteka Kwantlen [Can] Stalo (BE)
Ku-yan-we see Kuyanwe (BE) Kwantlin see Kwantlen
Kuyanwe [Clan] Pueblo Indians (H) Kwahari see Kwahari Kwantlum see Kwantlen
Kuyanwe-to-wa see Kuyanwe Kwahari [TX] Comanche (BE) Kwantlun see Kwantlen
Kuyawa see Kiowa Kwahkewlth see Kwakiutl Kwan wiwu see Kwan
Kuyedi [Social group] [AK] Kuiu Kwahlaonan [Subclan] Tewa (H) Kwan wu-wu see Kwan
(H) Kwahnt-len see Kwantlen Kwapa see Quapaw
kuyeti see Koyeti Kwa-hu see Kwahu kwapa [Self-designation] see Co-
Kuyo [CA] Southern Valley Yokuts Kwahu [Clan] Hopi (H) copa
(BE) Kwahu winwu see Kwahu Kwapa Cegiha see Quapaw
kuyudikka see Kuyuidika Kwa-hu wunwu see Kwahu Kwapa-Dhegiha see Quapaw
Ku-yu-i-di-ka see Kuyuidika Kwahu wunwu see Kwahu Kwapahag Abnaki (H)
Ku yu-i-di ka see Kuyuidokado Kwai-ailk see Kwaiailk kwasan see Yuma
Kuyuidika (PC) see also Kwaiailk [Lang] [WA] Salishan kwasa-nt see Yuma
Kuyuidokado (Hdbk11) (BE) kwasant see Yuma
Kuyuidika [NV] Paviotso (H) Kwai-an-ti-kwok-ets see [NM] Kwashi Comanche (BE)
kuyuidikado see Kuyuidokado Kwaiantikwokets (PC) see also San Kwashila see Goasila
Kuyuidokado Northern Paiute Juan [NM] (Hdbk11) Kwashilla see Goasila
(Hdbk11) Kwaiantikwokets [AZ] Paiute (H) Kwa-ta-me tunne see Kwatami
Kuyuitkuht [NV] Northern Paiute Kwai-an-ti-twok-ets see Kwa- Kwatametunne see Kwatami
(NVAP) iantitwok-ets Kwatami see ALso Quahtomah
Kuyuitukede see Kuyuidokado Kwaiantitwokets see Kwaiantit- Kwa-ta-mi see Kwatami
Kuyuitukede see Kuyuidokado wok-ets Kwatami [OR] Tututni (BE)
kuyui-yekade see Kuyuidokado Kwaiantl see Quinault Kwat-kewlth see Kwakiutl
kuyuiyekade see Kuyuidokado Kwaiker see Cuaiquer Kwatkewlth see Kwakiutl
Kuyukantsi see Koyukukhotana Kwaikmut see Kwaik-mut Kwatsei [Clan] Tewa (H)
Kuyuku-haga see Cayuga Kwaik-mut Kaviagmiut (Contri, Kwatsei-tdoa see Kwatsei
Kuyukuhaga see Cayuga v.1, p.16) Kwat-se-no see Quatsino
Kuyukuks see Koyukukhotana Kwaishtunne [OR] Tututni (BE) Kwatseno see Quatsino
Kuyukunski see Koyukukhotana Kwaitlen see Kwantlen Kwatsenoq see Quatsino
Kuyut-koe see Kuiu Kwakina Zuni (Hdbk9) Kwatsenoq see Quatsino
Ku-yu-wi-ti-kut-teh see Kwakiool see Kwakiutl Kwatsino see Quatsino
Kuyuidokado Kwa-kiutl see Kwakiutl Kwatumati-tene see Kwatami
Kuyuwitikutteh see uyuidokado Kwakiutl BC (LC) Kwat-zi-no see Quatsino
Kvikhlyuagmyut see Kayaligmiut Kwakiutl [Lang] Wakashan (An- Kwatzino see Quatsino
Kvikhpagmyut see Kuigpagmiut thro, v.9, no.3, pp.157-158) Kwauaenoq see Guauaenok
Kvikliuagmiuty see Kayaligmiut Kwakok-ul see Kwakokutl Kwa-wa-ai-nuk see Guauaenok
Kvikpagmute see Ikogmiut Kwakokul see Kwakokutl Kwawaainuk see Guauaenok
Kwa see Kwahu Kwakokutl [Gens] Kwakiutl (H) Kwawaanuk see Guauaenok
Kwaak-sat see Hoh Kwakoom see Kukwakum Kwawaanuk see Guauaenok
Kwaaymi (LC) see also Diegueo Kwakowenok [Gens] Kwakiutl (H) Kwaw-kelch see Kwakiutl
(LC) Kwakowenox see Kwakowenok Kwawkelch see Kwakiutl
Kwaaymi [CA] (MM, Sun. 1995, Kwa-kuhl see Kwakiutl Kwawkewklth see Kwakiutl
pp.8-9) Kwakuhl see Kwakiutl Kwaw-kewlth see Kwakiutl
Kwaw-ma-chin Kwuda 122

Kwaw-ma-chin see Quamichan Kwichana [Self-designation] see kwinaduvaa see Atsakudoka tuvi-
Kwawmachin see Quamichan Yuma warai
Kwawshela see Goasila Kwichljuamjuten see Ikogmiut Kwinaith see Quinault
Kwaw-she-lah see Goasila Kwichpacker see Ikogmiut Kwinaitl see Quinault
Kwawshelah see Goasila Kwichpagmjuten see Ikogmiut Kwinaiult see Quinault
Kwawt-se-no see Quatsino Kwichpak see Ikogmiut Kwinaiutl see Quinault
Kwawtseno see Quatsino Kwichyana [Self-designation] see kwi-napa-ti Owens Valley Paiute
Kwa-yo see Kwayo Yuma (Hdbk11)
Kwayo [Clan] Hopi (H) kwiciti see Cochiti kwinapati see kwi-napa-ti
Kwayo wiwu see Kwayo Kwick-so-te-no see Koeksotenok Kwin-eek-cha see Kwineekcha
Kwa-yo wu-wu see Kwayo Kwi-en-go-mats see Las Vegas Kwineekcha [Subclan] Delaware
Kwa-zackmash see Kwazackmash Kwiengomats (PC) see also Las (H)
Kwazackmash [WA] (H) Vegas (Hdbk11) Kwingyap [Clan] Hopi (H)
Kwe-ah-kah see Komogue Kwiengomats [NV] Paiute (H) Kwi-nobi see Kwingyap
Kweahkah see Komogue Kwigunts [UT] Paiute (H) Kwinobi see Kwingyap
Kwe-ah-kah-Saich-kioie-tachs see Kwi-ha see Kueha kwi-nodiba see Atsakudoka tuvi-
Kueha Kwiha see Kueha warai
Kweahkahsaichkioietachs see Kwikapa see Cocopa kwinodiba see Atsakudoka tuvi-
Kueha kwikapat see Cocopa warai
Kwe-dee-tut see Quileute Kwikhluagemut see Kwikluag- kwinodub see Atsakudoka tuvi-
Kwedeetut see Quileute miut warai
Kweet see Quaitso Kwikhpagemut see Ekogmut kwinodub see Atsakudoka tuvi-
Kwehtl-ma-mish see Kwehtl- Kwikhpagemut see Kwikpag- warai
mamish miut kwin-yap wu-wu see Kwingyap
Kwehtlmamish [WA] Salish (H) Kwikhpagemut see Ekogmut Kwinyap wunwu see Kwingyap
Kwehts-hu see Quaitso Kwikhpagemut see Kwikpagmiut Kwinyil see Kamia
Kwehtshu see Quaitso Kwikh-pag-mut see Ikogmiut Kwis-aese-kees-to see Kwisaese-
Kwek-sotenoq see Koeksotenok Kwikhpagmut see Ikogmiut keesto
Kwelech see Mohawk Kwikluagmiut [AK] Ikogmiut (H) Kwisaesekeesto [Clan] Delaware
Kwenaiwitl see Quinault Kwikoaenok [Gens] Kwakiutl (H) (H)
Kwe-net-che-chat see Makah Kwikoaenox see Kwikoaenok Kwitanemum see Cahuilla
Kwenetchechat see Makah Kwikoaenox see Kwikoaenok Kwitara-a see Pawnee
Kwe-net-sath see Makah Kwikotlem see Coquitlam Kwitchakutchin [Can] Kutchin (H)
Kwenetsath see Makah Kwikpagmiut (Hdbk5) see also Kwitcha-Kuttchin see
Kweniogwen see Cayuga Kuigpagmiut (Hdbk5) Kwitchakutchin
Kweniogwen see Cayuga Kwikpagmiut [AK] Ikogmiut (H) Kwitchakuttchin see
Kwent-le-ah-mish see Kweht- Kwikpagmut see Kwikpagmiut Kwitchakutchin
mamish Kwiksotenoq see Koeksotenok Kwitchia-Kutchin see
Kwentleahmish see Kwehtl- Kwik-so-tino see Koeksotenok Kwitchakutchin
mamish Kwikwitlem see Coquitlam Kwitchiakutchin see
Kweres see Keres Kwikwitlem see Coquitlam Kwitchakutchin
Kwesh Tonkawa (H) Kwikwulit see Cascades Kwitchluagemut see Kwikluag-
Kwetah see Holkoma Kwikwulit see Hood River Indi- miut
Kwetela see Tsimshian ans Kwitcyan see Yuma
Kwetela see Tsimshian kwilegii see San Felipe Kwitcyana see Yuma
Kwetso see Quaitso Kwille-hate see Quileute Kwithluagemut see Ekogmut
Kwevakapai see Kweva-kapai Kwillehate see Quileute Kwitqakutqin see Loucheux
Kweva-kapai [AZ] Walapai (BE) Kwille-hiut see Quileute Kwitqakutqin see Loucheux
Kwevkpaya see Kewevikopaya Kwillehiut see Quileute Kwi-um-pus see Beaver
Kwewu [Clan] Hopi (H) Kwilleut see Quileute Kwiumpus (PC) see also Beaver
Kwe-wu-uh wu-wu see Kwewu Kwilleyhut see Quileute (Hdbk11)
Kwewuuh wunwu see Kwewu Kwilleyute see Quileute Kwiumpus [UT] Paiute (H)
Kwewu wunwu see Kwewu Kwilluchini see Cathlamet Kwohatk see Quahatika
Kwexa Kwakiutl (Anthro, v.9, Kwilsieton [OR] Chasta (H) Kwok-woos see Coos
no.3, p.158) Kwimguchum see Cahuilla Kwokwoos see Coos
Kwi-ah-kah see Komogue Kwimkwangakh see Cahuilla Kwoneatshatka [VanI] Nootka (BE)
Kwiahkah see Komogue [Lang] Kwoshonipu see Chimariko
kwican see Yuma kwinaduva see Atsakudoka tuvi- Kwo-to-a see Kwotoa
Kwichag-mut see Kwichagmut warai Kwotoa [CA] Maidu (H)
Kwichagmut (H) kwinaduva see Atsakudoka tuvi- Kwowahtewug see Mandan
Kwichagmut (H) see also Kiatagiut warai Kwtsaan see Yuma
(BE) kwinaduvaa see Atsakudoka tu- Kwuda see Kiowa
Kwichan see Yuman viwarai Kwuda see Kiowa
123 kwukwokwum Lake

kwukwokwum [Clan] Kwexa (An- Kyspyox see Kishpachlaots Lac la Pluie Indians see Kojejew-
thro, v.9, no.3, p.158) Ky-u-kaht see Kyoquot ininewug
Kwulseet see Colcene Ky-uk-aht see Kyoquot La Concepcion de Quarac see
Kwun Lennas see Kuna-lanas Kyukaht see Kyoquot Quarai (H)
Kwusatthlkhuntunne see Cosut- Kyu-kutchitclum see Takelma La Dalle (H) see Dalles
theutun Kyukutchitclum see Takelma Lacopseles see Tlascopsel
Kwu-teh-ni see Kwaiailk Kyungan-tdoa see Kyunggang Lac qui Parle see Mdeiyedan
Kwutehni see Kwaiailk Kyunggang [Clan] Tewa (H) Lacquiparle see Mdeiyedan
Kwuts see Koso Kyunu [Clan] Pueblo Indians (H) Lac Traverse Band see Kahra
Kxagantaiahouhin see Aleuts Kyunuash see Kyunu Laenukhuma [Gens] Quatsino (H)
Kyacks see Kake Kyunuash see Kyunu La Feuilles band see Kiyuksa
Kyaishi-ateuna [Phratry] Zuni (H) Kyunutsaah see Kyunu [Medewakanton]
Kyakiima see Kiakima Kyunutsaah see Kyunu Lagana see Laguna
Kyakotsmovi Hopi (Hdbk9) Kyu-nutsa-ash see Kyunu Laghkeak [Social group] Niska (H)
Kyakyali [Clan] Zuni (H) Kyunutsaash see Kyunu Laghkepo [Social group] Niska (H)
Kyakyali-kwe see Kyakyali Ky-wk-aht see Kyoquot Lagoons see Tolowa
Kyalish see Kyiahl Kywkaht see Kyoquot Lagouna see Laguna
Kyalishi-ateuna see Kyalishi-ate- Ky-yoh-quaht see Kyoquot La Gran Quivira see Tabira (H)
una Kyyohquaht see Kyoquot La Grue (H) see Atchatchakan-
Kyana [Clan] Zuni (H) gouen
Kyana-kwe see Kyana Laguna [CA] Pomo (H)
Kyanamara see Gallinomero Laguna [NM] (Hdbk11) see also
Kya-na-thlana-kwe see Laguna Timpanogots (Hdbk11)
Kyanawe see Kechipauan -L- Laguna [NM] (Hdbk11) see also
Kyanusla see Kianusili Timpanogots (Hdbk11)
Kyanusla see Kianusili Laalaksentaio [Clan] Guetela (H) Laguna [NM] (LC)
Kyaukev see Tillamook Laalaqsentaio see Laalaksentaio Laguna [NM] (LC) see also
Kyaukw see Tillamook Laalaxsentaio see Laalaksentaio Tatagua (H)
Kyaway see Kiowa Laalaxsentaio see Laalaksentaio Laguna [NM] (LC) see also Tim-
Kychtagmytt see Chugach Laaluis see Tlaaluis paiavats (H)
Kychtagmytt see Koniag Laaluis see Tlaaluis Lagune see Laguna
Kycu-cut see Kyoquot La-aptin see Nez Perce Lagunero [MX] (BE)
Kycucut see Kyoquot Laaptin see Nez Perce Lagunian see Laguna
Kyekykyenok [Gens] Kwakiutl (H) Labrador [Can] Eskimos (BE) La haguna see Laguna
Kyemuse see Cayuse Labrador Eskimo [Lang] Eastern Lahaguna see Laguna
Kye-use see Cayuse Canada (Hdbk5) Lahama see Lahanna
Kyeuse see Cayuse Labrador Inuttut [Lang] see Lahanna (H)
Kyewaw see Kiawaw Labrador Eskimo [Lang] La-hanna see Lahanna
Kygani see Kaigani Labradormiut see Inuit Lahayikqoan see Yakutat
Kyganies see Kaigani [Labrador] Lahayikqoan [Self-designation]
Kygany see Kaigani Labrodaor Inuit [Self-designa- see Yakutat
Kygargey see Kaigani tion] see Inuit [Labrador] Lahtoh see Methow
Kygarney see Kaigani Lacandon [Gua, MX] Mayas (LC) Laich-kwil-tacks see Lekwiltok
Kyiahl [Clan] Jemez (H) Lac Court dOreille see Lac Laidukatuwiwait [NV] Paviotso
Kyiahlash see Kyiahl Court Oreilles (H)
Kyiahlash see Kyiahl Lac Court Oreilles [WI] Betonu- Lai-ku-ka-tu-wi-wait see
Kyialtkoangas see Kialdagwuns keengainubejig (H) Laidukatuwiwait
Kyialtkoangas see Kialdagwuns Lac Court Orville see Lac Court Laimon [BaC] (H)
Kyiataash see Kiahl Oreilles Laitanes see Ietan
Kyiataash see Kyiahl Lac Coutereille see Lac Court Lak see Clear Lake Indians
Kyiksade see Kiksadi Oreilles Lakamello see Clear Lake Indians
Kyiksade see Kiksadi Lac des Quinze [Can] Algonkin (BE) La Kar see Ietan
Kyis see Kichai Lac du Flambeau Chippewa La Kar see Ietan
Kyisapang see Sanapana (Char, v.2, pt.1, p.23) Lakar see Ietan
Kykhtagmiut see Chugach La-ches see Tachi Lake [Can] Upper Lillooet (BE)
Kykhtagmiut see Koniag Laches see Tachi Lake Calhoun Band see Khey-
Kyktagagmiut see Qikiqtagrung- Lack-Bows see Sans Arcs ataotonwe
miut Lack-que-libla see Lekwiltok Lake Camedu Dakota (BE)
Kyoma see Angaite Lackquelibla see Lekwiltok Lake Division (Hdbk12) see also
Kyoose see Cayuse Lac la Hache (Hdbk12) see also Shuswap Lake Division
Kyo-penoq see Koprino Williams Lake Band (Hdbk12) (Hdbk12)
Kyopenoq see Koprino Lac la Hache [BC] Lake Sushwap Lake Division [BC] Shuswap
Kyoquot [Can] Nootka (BE) (Hdbk12) (Hdbk12)
Lake Lawrence 124

Lake Indians (BE) see also Senijex- La litanes see Ietan La Pong see Ponca
tee (BE) Lalitanes see Ietan La Porcelaine see Metoac
Lake Indians (H) Lalkutnom [CA] Yuki (CA) La Posta [CA] Mission Indians (H)
Lake Indians (H) see also Lal Linches see Dalinchi Lapototot see Lopotatimini
Dwamish (LC) Lallinches see Dalinchi Laptambif [OR] Calapooya (H)
Lake Indians (H) see also Lower Laloalgi see Hlahloalgi La Purisima de Zuni see Zuni
Kutenai (BE) Laloalgi see Hlahloalgi Lapwewe [ID] Nez Perce (BE)
Lake Indians (H) see also Timpa- Lama [PE] (O) Laqkyebo see Lakyebo
iavats (H) La-malle see Chelamela Laqloukst see Lakloukst
Lak!elak see Clatsop Lamalle see Chelamela Laqloukst see Lakloukst
Lakelak see Clatsop Lamancus [Lang] [CA] (Pub, v.8, Laqse see Haailakyemal
Lak!elaq see Clatsop no.1, p.6) Laqseel see Lakseel
Lakelaq see Clatsop Lamano see Lama Laqseel see Lakseel
Lake Lillooet [BC] Upper Lillooet La Mar see Omaha Laqskiyek see Lakskiyek
(Hdbk12) Lamar Culture (LC) Laqtiak tl see Laktiaktl
Lake Miwok [CA] Miwok (BE) Lamasconson [MD] Patuxent (H) Laqtiaktl see Laktiaktl
Lake Miwok [Lang] [CA] Western Lamasket see Namasket Laquyip see Lakweip
Miwokan (CA-8) Lamatan see Huron Laquyip see Lakweip
Lake Northern Pomo [Lang] [CA] Lameco see Chiaha Laramari see Tarahumare (LC)
(Pub, v.6, no.1, pp.155-159) Lamika see Rancoca Larapihu (Oregon) see Arapaho
Lake Patwin [Lang] Wintuan Lamista see Lama Lari [Pan, CR] Terraba (BE)
(CA-8) Lamisto see Lama Larihta see Comanche
Lake People see Min-i-shi-nak- lamma-we see Goose Lake Modoc Larihta see Comanche
a-to Lamoine see Laimon Lar-li-e-lo see Spokan
Lakes [BC, WA] (Hdbk12) Lamparack see Ditsakana Larlielo see Spokan
Lake Wappo see Lileek Lamtama [ID] Nez Perce (BE) Lartielo see Spokan
Lake Winnipeg band see Nibow- Lana see Tano Lar-ti-e-tos Nation see Spokan
isibiwininiwak Lanachaadus see Lana-chaadus Lartietos Nation see Spokan
Lakhamute see Ugalakmiut Lana-chaadus [Family] [BC] Las Candelas [Col] Yuko (O)
Lakisamni [CA] Northern Valley Haida (H) Lasqenox see Klaskino
Yokuts (BE) Lanagukunhlin-hadai [Sub-fam- Lasqenox see Klaskino
Lakloukst [BC] Niska (H) ily] Haida (H) Las-sik see Lassik
Lakmiuk see Luckiamute Lanaguqantimxadai see Lassik [CA] [(CA)
Lakmiut see Luckiamute Lanagukunhlin-hadai Lassik [Lang] [CA] Wailaki (He)
Lakonde [Br] Northern Nam- Lana gu qan-tin xada-i see Lastekas see Texas
bicuara (O) Lanagukunhlin-hadai Lastikas see Texas
Lakota (BE) see also Sioux (LC) Lana tca-adas see Lana-chaadus Last-Lodge see Kanze [Kansa]
Lakota (LC) see also Teton Indi- Lana tcaadas see Lana-chaadus Las Vegas Southern Paiute (Hdbk11)
ans (LC) Lanatcaadas see Lana-chaadus La-ta-ca see Modoc
Lakota [Self-designation] (BE) la Nation du Sault see Saulteaux Lataca see Modoc
Laksamshu [Phratry] Carrier Indi- Lance see Shemaukan La-ta-da see Dhatada
ans (Bull133) Land Pitches see Sanpet Latada see Dhatada
Lakseel [BC] Niska (H) Lanecy see Lipan Apaches Late-Comedu Dakota (H)
Laksilyu [Phratry] Carrier Indians Lanegado see Anegado Latgaawa see Upper Takelma
(Bull133) lAnguille see Eel River Latgaawa see Upper Takelma
Lakskiyek [Clan] Chimmesyan (H) Lanos see Manso Latgawa [OR] (BE)
Laktiaktl [BC] Niska (H) Laousteque see Texas Latilentask see Adirondack
Laktsemelik [BC] Niska (H) La Paddo see Comanche Lati-u see Molala
Lakus [Hon, NI] Sumo (BE) Lapaho see Arapaho Latiu see Molala
Lakweip [AK, BC] (BE) Lapahogi see Arapaho La-tiwe see Molala
Lakyebo [Clan] Chimmesyan (H) Lapan see Lipan Apache Latiwe see Molala
La-la-ca see Modoc Lapana see Lipan Apache latiwi [Self-designation] see
lalaca see Modoc Lapane see Lipan Apache Northern Molola
Lalachsentaio see Laalaksentaio Lapanne see Lipan Apache Latsop see Clatsop
Lalasiqoala see Tlatlasikoala Lapienes House Indians see Latunde [Br] Northern Nam-
Lalasiqoala see Tlatlasikoala Takkuth-kutchin bicuara (O)
Lalasiqwala see Tlatlasikoala Lapienes House Indians see Lauitsis see Tlauitsis
Lalasiqwala see Tlatlasikoala Takuthkutchin Lawokla [Clan] Choctaw (H)
Lalauilela see Lalauitlela La Plais see Comanche Lawrence, St. see Picuris
Lalauilela see Lalauitlela LaPlais see Comanche Lawrence Iroquois, Saint
Lalauitlela [Gens] Tlatlasikoala (H) La Play see Comanche (Hdbk15)
Lalelamin see Tlatlelamin La Playes see Comanche Lawrence Islanders, Saint Asiatic
Laleshiknom see Kato La Plurisima de Zuni see Zuni Eskimos (Hdbk5)
125 Lawrence Li-kat-u-it

Lawrence Island Yupik, Saint see Leliotu Hopi (H) Leonopy see Leni Lenape
Yuit Le-li-o-tu wunwu see Leliotu Leons Creek see Lions Creek
Laxse see Haailakyemae Leliotu wunwu see Leliotu Lepan see Lipan Apache
Laxse see Haailakyemae Lelqet see Tletket Le Panis see Lipan Apache
Layamon see Laimon Lelqet see Tletket le Pe see Peoria
Layano [Par, Br] (O) Lelqete see Tletket Lepeguanes see Tepehuan
Layma see Laguna Lelqete see Tletket Le Plays see Comanche
Laymi [Br] (O) Lematlca see Lilmalche Leqem see Tlekem
Laymon (H) see also Laimon (H) Lemerlauans see Paouites Leqem see Tlekem
Laymon [MX] Cochimi (BE) Lemhi Northern Shoshone (Hdbk11) Les Caribou (H) see also Attikirin-
Laymona see Laimon Lemitas [NM] (H) iouetch (H)
Laymones see Laimon LeMotte see Le Motte Les Folles see Menominee
Lazars see Illinois Le Motte [WI] Menominee (BE) Les Fols see Menominee
La Zoto see Oto Lemparack see Ditsakana les Moines see Moingwena
Lctamectix see Seamysty Lenahuon [CA] (H) Les Noire Indians (H)
Ldaldji tama-i see Tlduldjitamai Lenais see Leni Lenape Les Paisans see Seneca
Leachers see Oto Lenalenap see Leni Lenape Les pancake see Kansa
Lean Bear Sioux (BE) Lenalenape see Leni Lenape les peuples de Mississagu see
Leapers see Chippewa Lenalinepies see Leni Lenape Mississauga
Lecatuit (H) SE Likatuit (H) Lenap see Leni Lenape les Pez see Peoria
Lecawgo see Secawgo Lenape [Self-designation] see Lespoama [MX] (Hdbk10)
Lecha see Gachwechnagechga Leni Lenape Les Pongs see Ponca
Leclecuks see Spokan Lenape [Self-designation] see Les Radiqueurs see Shoshoko
Leclecuks see Spokan Leni Lenape Lesser Osage see Utsehta
Leco [Lang] [BO] (O) Lenapegi see Leni Lenape Les Souliers see Amahami
LEcoree see Ecorce Lenappe see Leni Lenape Letaiyo [Clan] Hopi (H)
Lee-Biches see Shivwits Lenappy see Leni Lenape Letaiyo winwu see Letaiyo
Leebiches see Shivwits Lenawpe see Leni Lenape Le-tai-yo wunwu see Letaiyo
Lee-ha-taus see Ietan Le-nay-wosh see Tenawa Letaiyo wunwu see Letaiyo
Leehataus see Ietan Lenaywosh see Tenawa Let-e-nugh-shonee see Iroquois
Lee-kwin-a-i see Leekwinai Lenbaki see Lelengtu Letenughshonee see Iroquois
Leekwinai [Subclan] Delaware (H) Lenca [ES, Hon] (LC) Letniki-Takaiak see Takaiak
LEEL-wat see Lillooet Lencan [Lang] [ES, Hon] (Bull44) Letniki-Takaiak see Takaiak
Lee Panis see Lipan Apache Lenedi see Tlenedi Let-tegh-segh-nig-egh-tee see
Leepanis see Lipan Apaches Lenedi see Tlenedi Onondaga
Lee Pawnees see Lipan Apache Lenekee see Seneca Letteghseghnigeghtee see
Leepawnees see Lipan Apaches Lenelenape see Leni Lenape Onondaga
Leequeeltoch see Lekwiltok Lenelenoppe see Leni Lenape Letuama see Yahuna
Left Hand see Assiniboin Lenepee see Leni Lenape Letuama see Letuana
Lehigh Indians see Gachwech- Lengua [Par] (LC) Letuana [Col] (O)
nagechga Lengua-Mascoi [Lang] [Par] (LC) Lewis River Band see Klikitat
Lehu [Clan] Hopi (H) Lengua-Maskoy see Lengua- Leyva Tigua (H)
Le-hu wunwu see Lehu Mascoi Lezar see Illinois
Lehu wunwu see Lehu Lengya [Clan] Hopi (H) Lgalaiguhl-lana [BC] Haida (H)
leilliuit see Lillooet Leni Lenape Delaware (BE) Lhtaten see Nahane
Leja-ga-dat-cah see Lejagadatcah Leni-Lenape [Self-designation] Lhtaten see Sekani
Lejagadatcah Miniconjou (H) (H) see also Leni Lenape (BE) Lia see Sia
Lekahtewutke see Marin-Bodega Lenna-lenape see Leni Lenape Liahtan Band see Ietan
Lek-amel see Nicomen Lennape see Leni Lenape Liards see Etchieridiegottine
Lekamel see Nicomen Lennapewi see Leni Lenape Liard Slaves see Etcheridiegottine
Lekulk see Sokulk Lenni-lappe see Leni Lenape LIatan see Ietan
Lekwiltok [BC] Kwakiutl (BE) Lennilappe see Leni Lenape Liaywas (H)
Lekwiltoq see Lekwiltok Lenni Lenape see Leni Lenape Li-ay-was see Liaywas
Lekwiltoq see Lekwiltok Lennilenape see Leni Lenape Libby Band [MN] Kutenai (BE)
Lelacha see Lelaka Lenni-Lennape see Leni Lenape Licatiut [CA] Gallinomero (H)
Lelacha see Lelaka Lenno Lenapee see Leni Lenape Lichagotegodi [SA] Caduveo (O)
Lelaka [Gens] Nakomgilisala (H) Lenno Lenapi see Leni Lenape Lienkwiltak see Lekwiltok
Lelek [Can] Songish (BE) Lenno-Lennape see Leni Lenape Liew-kwil-tah see Lekwiltok
Lelengtu [Clan] Hopi (H) Lenopi see Leni Lenape Li-hit see Ponca
Lelentu winwu see Lelengtu Lenoppea see Leni Lenape Lihit see Ponca
Lelewagyila [Gens] Kwakiutl (H) Lentes Tigua (H) Li-icks-sun see Tateke
Le-le-wa-you see Lelewayou Lenya see Lenguya Liickssun see Tateke
Lelewayou [Subclan] Delaware (H) Leonopi see Leni Lenape Li-kat-u-it see Likatuit
Likatuit Locomo 126

Likatuit [CA] Olamentke (H) Lions Creek [BC] Salish (H) Little Rapids see Inyancheyaka-
Like-Big-Fish see Hoke Lipajen-ne see Lipan Apache atonwan
lik-si-yu see Cayuse Lipajenne see Lipan Apache Little River Band of Ottawa
liksiyu see Cayuse Lipallanes see Lipillanes [newly recognized Oct. 94]
likwaamai see Halyikwamai Lipan Apache [TX, NM] (LC) (IndT, Oct.1994, p.4)
likwaamai see Halyikwamia Lipane see Lipan Apache Little Robes see Inuksiks
Li-kwil-tah see Lekwiltok Lipanes see Lipan Apache Little Rock Band (H)
Likwiltah see Lekwiltok Lipanes Abajo [NM, TX] Lipan Little Sand Dune people see
Likwiltoh see Lekwiltok Apache (BE) Suamakosa Tusininiu
Lileek see Lileek Lipanes de Abajo see Lipanes Little Shushwap Lake [BC]
Lileek [CA] Wappo (BE) Abajo Shuswap (H)
lillewaite see Lillooet Lipanes de Arriba [TX] Lipan Little Siconese Delaware (Hdbk15)
lilliwhit see Lillooet Apache (BE) Little Six see Taoapa
Lillooet [BC] Salish (LC) Lipanes del Norte see Lipanes de Little Spokan see Upper Spokan
Lillooet [BC] Upper Lillooet Arriba Little Taensa see Avoyel
(Hdbk12) Lipanes del Sur see Lipanes Little Talasse see Tali
Lillooet River [Can] Lower Lil- Abajo Little Tioux see Tiou
looet (BE) Lipanes Llaneros see Lipan Little Tohome see Naniaba
Lilmalche [Can] Cowichan (BE) Apache Lituya [AK] Huna (H)
Lilooet see Lillooet Lipanis see Lipan Apache Live Oak People see
lilooitt see Lillooet Lipanjenne [TX] Lipan Apache Kaichichekaiya
Lilowat see Lillooet (BE) Liver Eater Band see Tanima
Lilshiknom [CA] Round Valley Lipanos see Lipan Apache Liwahali see Hothliwahali
Yuki (H) Lipau see Lipan Apache Li-woch-o-nies see Tawakoni
Lilshimnom see Lilshimnom Lipaw see Lipan Apache Liwochonies see Tawakoni
Lilshimnom Grindstone Creek Lipillanes Llaneros (H) Lizarva Achagua (O)
Wintu (Pub, v.29, no.4) Lipiyan see Lipillanes Lkumen see Songish
liluet see Lillooet Lipiyanes see Lipillanes Lkumen see Songish
liluet see Lillooet Lippan see Lipan Apache Lkungen see Songish
lilwat see Lillooet Lisguegue see Iliguigue Lkungen see Songish
lilwat see Lower Lillooet lIsle de Sancte Marie see Ekaen- Lkungen see Songish
lilwatut [BC] Lower Lillooet toton Lkungen [Self-designation] see
(Hdbk12) Litanes see Ietan Songish
Lima [PE] (O) Litltle Shuswap Band [BC] Llagua see Yagua
Limanu see Alabama Shuswap Lake Division Llakwash [Self-designation] see
Limitas see Lemitas (Hdbk12) Lama
Limonies see Laimon Little Bainoa [HA] Guaccaiarima Llamparica see Ditsakana
Linapi see Leni Lenape (BE) Llanero (H) see also Guhlkainde
Linapiwi see Leni Lenape Little Diomede Bering Strait Eski- (H)
Lingua Geral Amazonica see mos (Hdbk5) Llanero (H) see also Kwahari (BE)
Nheengatu Little Dogs [Can] Paskwawinini- Llanero Apache (H)
Liniouck see Illinois wug (BE) Llegeeno see Diegueo
Linkinse see Sinkiuse Little Falls Band see In- Lleni-lenape see Leni Lenape
Linnelinopies see Leni Lenape yancheyaka-atonwan Lleta see Isleta
Linneways see Illinois Little Foolish Dogs see Ho- Llieta see Isleta
Linni linapi see Leni Lenape sukhaunukarerihu Lliguno see Diegueo
Linnilinopes see Leni Lenape Little Forks [MI] Chippewa (H) Llinkit see Tlingit
Linnope see Leni Lenape Little Girl Assiniboines see Llinkit see Tlingit
Lin-ok-lu-sha see Linoklusha Itscheabine Ll-mache see Lilmalche
Linoklusha [Clan] Choctaw (H) Little Hats see Manso Llmache see Lilmalche
Linpoilish see Sanpoil Little Kitkehahki Pawnee (BE) Ll-mal-che see Lilmalche
Linslow see Siuslaw Little Klamath [OR, CA] Modoc Llmalche see Lilmalche
Lintcanre see Lintchanre (BE) Loaiza [PR] (BE)
Lint-canre see Thlingchadinne Little Klamath Lake [CA] Modoc Loasau [CA] Buena Vista Yokuts
Lintcanre see Thlingchadinne (Oregon) (BE)
Lin-tchanpe see Lintchanre Little Lakes see Mitomkai Locaguiniguara [MX] (Hdbk10)
Lintchanpe see Lintchanre Little Mingo see Huron Lock-wearer see Tsishusindt-
Lin-tchanre see Lintchanre Little Osage (H) see also Utsehta sakdhe
Lintchanre [Can] Thlingchadinne (H) Lo-co see Tonto Apache
(BE) Little Osage [MO] Osage (BE) Loco see Tonto Apache
Linways see Illinois Little Ossage see Utsehta Locollomillo see Clear Lake Indi-
Lion Eaters see Tanima Little Prairie Indians see Ma- ans
Lions Creek see Lions Creek couten Locomo see Locono
127 Locono Lower

Locono [Ve, Guy, Sur, FrG] (LC) Loomnears see Tumna Louchioux see Kutchin
Lodge-in-the-rear see Kanze Loo-nika-shing-ga see Lu- Louchioux Proper see
[Kansa] nikashinga Tukkuthkutchin
Lodges charged upon see Ahacik Loonikashingga see Lunikashinga Louchoux see Kutchin
Lodges without horses Crow (H) Loos see Mahican Loud Voices Band see
Lodovic, San see Sevilleta Loos see Skidi Pawnee Katepoisipi-wiinuuk
Lo-him see Lohim Lopas see Tolowa Louis Indians, San see Luiseo
Lohim Northern Paiute (Hdbk11) Lopillamillo see Clear Lake Indi- Loup (BE) see also Leni Lenape
Lohim [OR] (BE) ans (BE)
Loh-whilse see Quaitso Lopotalimne see Lopatatimni Loup (BE) see also Mahican (LC)
Lohwhilse see Quaitso Lopotatimne see Lopotatimni Loup (BE) see also Pawnee (LC)
Loka [Clan] Navajo (H) Lopotatimni [CA] Miwok (H) Loup (H) see also Catskill (BE)
Loka-dine see Loka Lopstatimne see Lopotatimni Loup [Lang] Algonquian
Loko Northern Paiute (Hdbk11) Loque see Zoque (Hdbk15)
Loko [NV] Paviotso (H) Loquilt Indians see Lillooet Loupelousa see Opelousa
Lokono see Locono Lorenzan [Lang] [SA] Arawakan Loupes see Skidi Pawnee
Lo-kuilila see Komkyutis (LC) Loupitousa see Opelousa
Lokulk see Sokulk Lorenzan Indians see Amuesha Loup Pawnees see Skidi Pawnee
Lolangkok Sinkyone [Lang] [CA] Lorenzano see Moxo Loups see Mahican
Wailaki (He) Lorenzo see Amuesha Lowako (H)
Lold-la see Lolsel Lorenzo de los Picuris, San see lo-wa-ni see Miami
Loldla see Lolsel Picuris lowani see Miami
Lo-lon-kuk [CA] (Contri, v.3, p.113) Lorenzo de Pecuries, San see Pi- Lowaniwi see Lowako
lolowakamux see Nicola curis Lowanuski see Lowako
Lol-sel see Lolsel Lorenzo de Picuries, San see Pi- Lower Brule (BE)
Lolsel [CA] Patwin (H) curis Lower Brule (H) see also
Lomotugua [MX] Coahuiltecan Lorenzo de Tezuqui, San see Kutawichasha (H)
(Hdbk10) Tesuque Lower Brusle see Kutawichasha
Lone Eaters see Nitawyiks Lorenzo Tezuqui, San see Lower Chehalis [WA] Salish (H)
Lo-ne-ka-she-ga see Lu- Tesuque Lower Chinook [WA] (H)
nikashinga Loreto [BaC, MX] Cochimi (BE) Lower Coquille see Miluk
Lonekashega see Lunikashinga Loretronon see Huron of Lorette Lower Coquille see Nasumi
Long Haired Indians see Crow Lorica see Yorica Lower Creek (BE) see also Semi-
Long Island Indians see Metoac Lorretto see Canelo nole (LC)
Long-isle see Eel River Los Angeles Mission Indians see Lower Creek (H)
Long Lake [MI, WI, Ont] Pecos Lower Dhegiha (H)
Chippewa (H) Los Coyotes (Pub, v.26) see also Lower Gens de fou see Han-
Longo [EC] (O) Mountain Cahuilla (BE) kutchin
Long People see Western Choctaw Los Mechos see Comanche Lower Indians see Tatsakutchin
Longs Cheveux see Nipissing Los Mecos see Comanche Lower Inlet [AK] Tanaina (BE)
Long Sioux [SD] Dakota (BE) Lost Lodges see Ashinadea Lower Kalispel [ID, BC] (BE)
Long Swamp Indians see Mika- Lost River Valley [OR, CA] Lower Karok [CA] (BE)
suki Modoc (BE) Lower Kootanai see Lower Kute-
Long Swamp Indians see Semi- Lotlemaga [Gens] Nakomgilisala (H) nai
nole Lotlemaq see Lotlemaga Lower Kootanie see Lower Kute-
Long Tom see Chelamela Lototen see Tututni nai
Long Tom Creek Indians see Lou see Skidi Pawnee Lower Kootenay see Lower Kute-
Chelamela Louches see Tukkuthkutchin nai
Long-tongue-buff see Laptambif Louchetchouis see Uzutiuhi Lower Kutenai (H) see also Aqko-
Long-ush-har-kar-to see Loucheux (BE) see also Nakotcho- qtlatlqo (H)
Longushharkarto kutchin (BE) Lower Kutenai [MN, ID, BC] (BE)
Longushharkarto [Sub-clan] Loucheux (Contri, v.1, p.31) see Lower Kvichpaks see Magemiut
Delaware (H) also Vuntakutchin (LC) Lower Lake Division [Lang]
Long Valley Paiute [CA] Paiute Loucheux (Contri, v.1, pp.30-31) Northern Moquelumnan (Pub,
(Pub, v.33, no.2) see also Natsitkutchin (LC) v.6, no.1, pp.317-318)
Long-wha see Tonkawa Loucheux (LC) see also Kutchin Lower Lake Pomo Southeastern
Longwha see Tonkawa (LC) Pomo (Pub, v.29, no.4)
Loo-choos see Kutchin Loucheux [AK] (BE) Lower Lillooet [BC] Lillooet (BE)
Loochoos see Kutchin Loucheux [Lang] Athapascan (BE) Lower Nez Perce (W)
Loo-coo-rekah see Tukuarika Loucheux-Batards see Batard Lower Okinagan (Ye)
Loocoorekah see Tukuarika Loucheux Lower Oraibi see Kyakotsmovi
Looking-like-Ghosts see Tu- Louchieux Proper see Takkuth- Lower Pend dOreille see Lower
wanhudan kutchin Kalispel
Lower Ma-an-greet 128

Lower Pima see Pima Bajo Lu see Lunikashinga Lummi [BC, WA] (LC)
Lower Piman [Lang] [MX] Tepi- Lucayan [Bah] (LC) Lummi [Lang] Coastal Salishan
man (Hdbk10) Luccumi see Arawak (Oregon)
Lower Quarter Indians [NC] (H) luch see Paloos Lummie see Lummi
Lower Rogue River Indians see Lu-chih see Ruche Lummi-neuk-sack see Lummi
Tututni Luckamiut see Luckiamute Luna see Tunebo
Lower Sauratown see Cheraw Luck-a-mi-ute see Luckiamute Lungs see Chagu
Lower Similkameen [BC, WA] Luckamiute see Luckiamute Luni see Zuni
(BE) Luckamuke see Luckiamute Lunikacinga see Lunikashinga
Lower Sioux see Santee Luckamute see Luckiamute Lunikashinga [Clan] Kansa (H)
Lower Sisseton see Miakechakesa Luckiamut see Luckiamute Lupaca [PE] Aymara (O)
Lower Spokan (H) see also Luckiamute [OR] (BE) Lu-pa-yu-ma see Clear Lake In-
Skaischiltnish (H) Luckimiute see Luckiamute dians
Lower Spokan [WA] (BE) Luckimute see Luckiamute Lupayuma see Clear Lake Indians
Lower Thompson [BC] Ntlakya- Luck-ton see Luckton Lupies see Pawnee
pamuk (BE) Luckton [OR] (H) Lupilomi see Clear Lake Indians
Lower Umpqua [Lang] (Bull40) Lugare see Mataco Lu-pi-yu-ma see Clear Lake In-
Lower Umpqua Indians see Lugh-se-la see Sanyakoan dians
Kuitsh Lughsela see Sanyakoan Lupiyuma see Clear Lake Indians
Lower Umpwua see Kuitsh Lugplapiagulam Coahuiltecan Lurcee see Sarsi
Lower Wahpeton see In- (Hdbk10) Lushootseed [Lang] [WA]
yancheyaka-atonwan Lugua-mish see Suquamish (Hdbk12)
Lower Wakpeton see In- Luguamish see Suquamish Lusolas see Susolas
yancheyaka-atonwan Luisah see Cupan Lute-ja see Rukhcha
Lower Yakima see Shallattoo Luis de Seuilleta, San see Sevil- Luteja (PC) see also Rukhcha (H)
Lower Yakima see Skaddal leta Luteja [Clan] Oto (H)
Lower Yakima see Squannaroo Luisenian, San see Luiseo Lutmawi see Modoc
Lower Yancstons see Yankton Luiseo, San see Luiseo Lutnami see Lutuamian
Lower Yanctonai see Hunkpatina Luiseo [CA] (LC) Lutuam see Modoc
Lower Yanctonnai see Luiseo [Lang] Cupan (Hdbk10) Lutuami see Modoc
Hunkpatina Luiseo [Lang] Luiseo-Cahuilla Lutuami see Lutuamian
Lower Yanktonai (H) see also (Pub, v.4, no.3, p.145) lutuami see Modoc
Hunkpatina (H) Luiseo [Lang] Luiseo-Kawia (H) Lutuamian [Lang] [CA, OR]
Lower Yanktonai [SD] (BE) Luiseo-Cahuilla [Lang] Southern Shapwailutan (LC)
Lower Yanktonnai see California (Pub, v.4, no.3, Lutuani see Lutuamian
Hunkpatina p.97) Lutumani see Lutuamian
Low-him see Lohim Luiseo-Kawia [Lang] Southern Luturim see Lutuamian
Lowhim see Lohim California (H) lutwa-mi [isc] see Tule River
Lowland Brule see Kutawichasha Luisieno, San see Luiseo Modoc
Lowland Cree see Mamikinini- Luis Obispo, San [Lang] [CA] lxalexamux see Lillooet
wug Chumashan (H) Lyach-sun see Tateke
Lowland Dogs see Thlingcha- Luis Obispo Sevilleta, S. see Se- Lyachsun see Tateke
dinne cilleta Lyacksum see Tateke
Lowlanders see Kaiyuhkhotana Luis Rey, San see Luiseo Lytton Band [BC] Thompson In-
Low-landers see Kutchakutchin Lukahs see Succaah dians (Hdbk12)
Lowlanders see Kutchakutchin Luk-a-tat see Klikitat Lytton Band [BC] Upper Thomp-
Lowland Guarijio [Lang] Guarijio Lukatat see Klikitat son (H)
(Hdbk10) Luk-a-tatt see Klikitat
Lowland Mayan see Mayoid Lukatatt see Klikitat
Lowland People see Lukatimux see Ntlakyapamuk
Kutchakutchin Lukatimux see Thompson
Lowland People see Mamikinini- Lukemayuk see Luckiamute -M-
wug Lukhselee see Sanyakoan
Lowland Pima [Lang] (Hdbk9) Lukisamni (CA) Ma [Br] Cinta Larga (O)
Lowland Takelma see Takelma Lukton see Luckton Maak [Clan] Potawatomi (H)
Lowushkis see Lowako Lulak see Lulakiksa Maakoath see Maakoath
Ltaoten see Tautin Lu-lak Ik-sa see Lulakiksa Maakoath [Sept] Nootka (H)
Ltautenne see Tautin Lulakiksa [Clan] Choctaw (H) Ma-am see Maam
Ltavten see Tautin Lule [Arg] (LC) Maam [Social group] Pima (H)
Lthyhellun Kiiwe see Hleilung- Lumano see Jumano Maamtag-ila see Maamtagyila
keawai Lumbee [NC] (LC) Maamtagila see Maamtagyila
Ltsxeals see Nisqually Lume see Hume [TX] Maamtagyila [BC] Kwakiutl (H)
Ltuiskoe see Lituya Lummas see Lummi Ma-an-greet see Maangreet
129 Maangreet Macusi

Maangreet [Subclan] Delaware (H) Machaves see Mohave Maco see Piapoco
Maapiguara [MX] (Hdbk10) Mac-ha-vis see Mohave Macoa [Lang] Motilon (UAz, v.28)
Maaqua see Mohawk Machavis see Mohave Macoas see Macoita
Maarmiut [AK] Eskimos (Hdbk5) Machecous see Muskogee Macocoma [Coahuiltecan] (BE)
Maastoetsjkwe see Hopi Machegamea see Michigamea Macoita [VE] Yukpa (O)
Maawi [Clan] [NM] Zuni (H) Machemeton see Mechemeton Macomala [MX] Coahuiltecan
Maawi-kwe see Maawi Machemni [CA] Miwok (H) (Hdbk10)
Mabenaro [Lang] [BO] Tacanan Machepungo (Hdbk15) see also Macomile see Menominee
(O) Machapunga (BE) Maconabi see Mishongnovi
Mabila see Mobile Machepungo Accomac (Hdbk15) Maconagua see Mayoruna
Mabile see Mobile Macheye see Mayeye Maconi see Masacali
Mabodamaca [PR] (BE) Macheyenga see Machiganga Macono see Nacono
Ma-buc-sho-roch-pan-ga see Machias Tribe see Pas- Macoraena [MX] Coahuiltecan
Northern Shoshone samaquoddy (Hdbk10)
Mabucshorochpanga see North- Machichac see Mequachake Macorajora see Macuarera
ern Shoshone Machicui see Lengua-Mascoi Macorix [HA] Caizcimu (BE)
Mabucshorochpanga see Machicuy see Toba-Maskoy Macorixe [Cu] (BE)
Shoshone Machies Tribe see Pas- Macoryzes [SanD, HA] Hubabo
Ma-buc-sho-roch-pang-ga see samaquoddy (BE)
Shoshone Machigama see Michigamea Macos see Piaroa
Maca see Matsaki Machigamea see Michigamea Macoushi see Macusi
Maca [Br] Payagua (O) Machiganga [PE] Campa (LC) Macouten see Mascouten
Maca [Par, Guy, Arg] (LC) Machiguenga see Machiganga Macoutin see Mascouten
Macaca [CU] (BE) Machingan see Mahican Macoyahui [MX] (BE)
Macachusetts see Massachuset Machkentiwomi see Mechken- Macqs see Mohawk
Macacuy [MX] Coahuiltecan towoon Macquaas see Mohawk
(Hdbk10) Machkoutench see Mascouten Macquaaus see Mohawk
Macaguaje [Col, EC] [Angotero] Machkoutenck see Mascouten Macquaejeet see Beothuk
(O) Machkouteng see Mascouten Macquas see Mohawk
Macaguane see Makaguane Machkoutenk see Macquaus see Mohawk
Macahua see Mazahua Machoatick see Matchotic Macques see Mohawk
Macanabi see Mishongnovi Machoeretini see Conestoga Macquess see Mohawk
Macanas see Tawakoni Machui [BO] Araona (O) Ma-cqui see Matsqui
Macanas see Tonkawa Machuvi [BO] Araona (O) Macqui see Matsqui
Macanipa see Omagua Maciguara [MX] Coahuiltecan Macquis see Mohawk
Macapao Coahuiltecan (BE) (Hdbk10) Macquiss see Mohawk
Macapaqui [MX] Coahuiltecan Macilenya winwu see Masilengya Macro-Chibchan [Lang] (O)
(Hdbk10) Macjave see Mohave Macro-Otomangue [Lang] (BE)
Macapiras [FL] (BE) Mackacheck see Mequachake Macro-Penutian (LC) see also
Macaque see Matsaki Mackah see Makah Penutian (LC)
Macatiguin [MX] (Hdbk10) Mackanotin [OR] Tututni (H) Macro-Penutian [Lang] (BE)
Macatiguire see Macatiguin Mackasookos see Mikasuki Mactcingeha see Ute
Macatu [MX] Coahhuiltecan Mackensie Eskimos see Macken- Mactcigeha wain see Ute
(Hdbk10) zie Delta Esksimos Mactotata see Oto
Macau see Makah Mackenzie [Can] Eskimos (BE) Macu [Br, Col] (LC)
Ma-caw see Makah Mackenzie Delta Eskimos [AK] Macuarera [MX] Coahuiltecan
Macaw see Makah (Hdbk5) (Hdbk10)
Maccaw see Makah Mackenzie Flats Kutchin see Macu-Bara [SA] Macu (O)
Maccazina [HA] Bainoa (BE) Nakotcho-kutchin Macu-Bravos [SA] Macu (O)
Maccoa [SC] (H) Mackenzie River Delta [Lang] Macuchy see Macusi
Maccou see Maccoa Inuit-Inupiaq Eskimo (Hdbk5) Macu de cubes see Cacua
Macetuchet see Massachuset Mackenzie River Eskimo see Macu de desano see Cacua
Macetusete see Massachuset Kopagmiut Macu de guanano see Cacua
Machachac see Mequachake Mackenzies River Louchioux see Macu de tucano see Jupda
Machachee see Shawnee Nakotcho-kutchin Macueque see Hopi
Machaculi see Masaculi mackoke see Muskogee Macuna [Br, Col] (LC)
Machakandibi see Michacondibi Mackuchi see Macusi Macuni see Masacali
Machandibi see Michacondibi Mackuke see Muskogee Macurap see Makurap
Machantiby see Michacondibi Mackwaes see Mohawk Macusari [Self-designation] see
Machapunga [NC] (BE) Mackwasii see Mohawk Jivaro
Machateege see Accomac Mackwes see Mohawk Macushi see Macusi
Machateego see Matchapunga Maclatzinca see Ocuiltec Macusi [Br, Guy, VE] (LC)
Mac-ha-ves see Mohave Maco see Macoita Macusi [Lang] Carib (UAz, v.28)
Macusy Mahingans 130

Macusy see Macusi Magimuten see Magemiut Maharmar see Amahami

Macuxi see Macusi Magirona see Mayoruna Ma-har-o-luk-ti see Maharolukti
Madaha see Anadarko Magmiut see Magemiut Maharolukti [Subclan] Delaware
Madan see Mandan Magmiut see Maarmiut (H)
Madaouaskairini see Magmjuten see Magemiut Mahas see Skidi Pawnee
Matawachkarini Magmute see Magemiut Mahaton see Manhattan
Mad-a-wakantoan see Mde- Magmuti see Magemiut Mahaukes see Mohawk
wakanton Mago see Mayo Mahauvies see Mohave
Madawakantoan see Mdewakan- Magrias see Tano Mahaw see Omaha
ton Maguana [HA] (BE) Mahawha see Amahami
Madawakanton see Mdewakan- Maguano [Cu] (BE) Maha-wi see Mohave
ton Maguas see Tano Mahawi see Mohave
Ma-da-weh-soos see Madaweh- Maguck see Shawnee Mahckander see Mahican
soos Magueck see Mequachake Mahegan (BE) see also Mohegan
Madawehsoos [Clan] Abnaki (H) Ma-guh-le-loo see Maguhleloo (LC)
Maddy Band see Chemapho Maguhleloo [Clan] Abnaki (H) Mahegan (H) see also Mahican
Madehsi [CA] Achomawi (LC) Magui see Hopi (LC)
Madeqsi see Puisu Maguiaqui [MX] Varohio (H) Mahegan [CN] (BE)
Madesi see Madehsi Maguipamacopini see Maquispa- Maheigan see Mahican
Madesi see Madehsi macopini Mahekander see Mahican
Madesiwi [Lang] Achomawi (CA- Ma-gwa (H) see also Magwa (H) Maherin see Meherrin
8) Magwa (PC) see also Ma-gwa (H) Maherine see Meherrin
Madhinka-gaghe see Mandhink- Ma-gwa [Clan] Shawnee (H) Mahering see Meherrin
agaghe Magwa [Clan] Shawnee (H) Maherries see Meherrin
Madiha see Culina Maha (BE) see also Omaha (LC) Maherrin see Meherrin
Madija [Self-designation] see Maha (PC) see also Ma-ha (H) Maherring see Meherrin
Culina Ma-ha [Clan] Mohave (H) Maherron see Meherrin (BE)
Madnussky see Mednovskie Maha [Clan] Mohave (H) Maheye (H) see Mayeye
Madoc see Modoc Ma-ha-bit-tuh see Petenegowats Mahhekaneew see Mahican
Madocteg see Medoctec Mahabittuh see Petenegowats Mahibarez see Nambicuare
Madowesians see Dakota Mahacks see Mohawk Mahican [Lang] [NY] Eastern Al-
Mad River Indians see Batawat Mahacqs see Mohawk gonquian (Hdbk15)
Maechachtinni see Seneca Mahacu see Macu Mahican [NY] (LC)
Maechibaeys see Mohawk Mahaer see Omaha Mahican Confederacy (BE)
Ma-etsi-daka see Mitcheroka mahaguaduka Western Shoshone Mahicander see Mahican
Maetsidaka see Mitcheroka (Hdbk11) Mahicanni see Mahican
Mag-a-bo-das see Putetemini Mahah see Omaha Mahiccan see Mahican
Magabodas see Putetemini Mahah see Skidi Pawnee Mahiccani see Mahican
Magagmiut see Maarmiut Mahaha see Amahami Mahiccon see Mahican
Magagmjuten see Magemiut Mahaitin [HA, WInd] Cahibo (BE) Mahicon see Mahican
Magag-mut see Magemiut Mahak see Mohawk Mahigan see Catskill
Magalibo see Maguhleloo (H) Mahakan see Mahican Mahigan see Mahican
Magamute (H) see Magemiut Mahakander see Mahican Mahiganathicoit see Mahican
Magatch see Maca Mahakas see Mohawk Mahigan-Aticois see Mahican
Magatch see Payagua Mahakes see Mohawk Mahiganaticois see Mahican
Magayuteshni (BE) see also Mahakinbaas see Mohawk Mahigane see Mahican
Maghayuteshni (H) Mahakinbas see Mohawk Mahiganiouetch see Mahican
Ma-ga-yu-tesh-ni see Maga- Mahakobaas see Mohawk Mahiggin see Mahican
yuteshni Mahakuaas see Mohawk Mahik see Mahican
Magayuteshni Mdewakanton (BE) Mahakuase see Mohawk Mahikan see Mahican
Maga-yute-sni see Magayuteshni Mahakuasse see Mohawk ma-hi-kan see Mahican
Magayutesni see Magayuteshni Mahakwa see Mohawk Mahikander see Mahican
Magemiut (Hdbk5) see also Mahamomowi Guahibo (O) ma-hi-kani-w see Mahican
Maarmiut (Hdbk5) Mahan see Comanche mahikaniw see Mahican
Magemiut [AK] Eskimos (BE) Mahan see Omaha Mahikaune [CA] Pomo (Pub,
Magemut see Magemiut Mahana see Comanche v.40, no.2)
Magemut see Magemiut Mahane see Klikitat Mahikkander see Mahican
Magemute see Magemiut Ma ha os see Mohave Mahillendras see Mahican
Magenesito see Yagenechito Mahaos see Mohave Mahinacu see Mehinacu
Maghai see Mayeye Mahar see Omaha Mahingan see Mahican
Maghayuteshni [MN] Matanton- Maharha see Omaha Mahinganak see Mahican
wan (H) Maharim see Meherrin Mahinganiois see Mahican
Magimut see Magemiut Maharineck see Meherrin Mahingans see Mahican
131 Mahingaus Ma-kotch

Mahingaus see Mahican Maidnorskie see Ahtena Makadewana-ssidok see Siksika

Mahle-Mat see Malemiut Mai-du see Maidu Makagmut see Ekogmut
Mahlemoot see Malemiut Maidu [CA] (LC) Makaguane [Col] (O)
Mahlemut see Malemiut Maiduan [Lang] [CA] Penutian Makah (H) see also Omaha (LC)
Mahlemute see Malemiut (CA-8) Makah [Lang] Nootka (LC)
Mah-ma-lil-le-kulla see Ma- Maiece see Mayeye Makah [Lang] Wakashan (Oregon)
malelekala Maieye see Mayeye Makah [WA] (LC)
Mahmalillekulla see Ma- Maii Deeshgaiizh see Jemez Makaitserk see Klamath
malelekala Maii Deeshgiizh see Jemez makaitserk see Modoc
Mah-ma-lil-le-kullah see Ma- Maii Deeshgiizhnii see Jemez Makamitek see Makomitek
malelekala Maii Deeshgiizhnii see Jemez Makamotcemei [CA] Southern
Mahmalillekullah see Ma- Maikan see Mahican Pomo (Pub, v.40, no.2)
malelekala Maiken see Mahican Makan (H) see also Makah (LC)
Mahmatilleculaat see Ma- Mailam-ateuna [Phratry] Zuni (H) Makan [Clan] Ponca (H)
malelekala Maima see Miami Makan [Clan] Wazhazhe (H)
mah-nah-tse-e see Washo Maina see Mayna Makandwawininiwag see Pil-
mahnahtsee see Washo Maingan see Mahican lagers
Mahna-Narra see Mandan Maingcong see Yecuana Makandwawininiwag see Pil-
Mahnanarra see Mandan Mainland Cuna [Pan] Cuna (O) lagers
Mahnewsheet see Malecite Mainu [Self-designation] see Ji- Makandwewininiwag see Pil-
Mahnomoneeg see Menominee varo lagers
Mahnomonie see Menominee Maiongcong see Yecuana Makapu [ID] Nez Perce (BE)
Mahoc see Manahoac Maiongking see Yecuana Makatapi (H)
Mahock see Manahoac Maiongkong see Yecuana Makatawimeshikakaa see Mke-
Mahogs see Mohawk Maiongong see Yecuana tashshekakah
Mahohivas [Society] Cheyenne (H) Maipure [Lang] [SA] (O) Makatawimeshikakaa see Mke-
Mahongwis see Iroquois Maipurean [Lang] [SA] (O) tashshekakah
Mahora see Tamaroa Maipuridjana see Okomoyana Ma-ka-tce see Makache
Ma-ho-yum see Mahoyum Maises see Manso Makatce see Mackache
Mahoyum [SD] Cheyenne (BE) Maisi [Cu] (BE) Makaw see Makah
Mahpiyamaza Mdewakanton (H) Ma-i-sin-as see Sans Arcs Makha see Makah
Mahpiyato see Arapaho Maisinas see Sans Arcs Makha-v see Mohave
Mahpiyawichasta Mdewakanton Maisqui see Matsqui Makhe [Clan] Quapaw (H)
(H) Maitheshkizh [Clan] Navajo (H) Makh-el-chel see Makhelchel
Mah sihkku ta see Masikota Maitho [Clan] Navajo (H) Makhelchel [CA] (H)
Mahsihkkuta see Masikota Maitiff see Mixed bloods Makhenikashika (H) see also
Mahsolamo [VanI] Salish (H) Maito see Maitho Wakantaenikashika
Mahta [NJ] Unalachtigo (BE) Maitodine see Maitho Makhenikashika [Gens] Quapaw
Mah-tah-ton see Matantonwan Maitsi see Yecuana (H)
Mahtahton see Matantonwan Maiyakama see Wappo Makhpiyamaza [MN] Matanton-
Mah-tee-cetp see Matilpe Maiyakma see Makoma wan (H)
Mahteecetp see Matilpe Maiye [Cu] (BE) Maki see Hopi
Mahtilpi see Matilpe Majabos see Mohave Makicander see Mahican
Mahtulth-pe see Matilpe Majanale [MX] Coahuiltecan Makihander see Mahican
Mahuame see Siaguan (Hdbk10) Makimane see Mahican
Mahuames [MX, TX] (H) Majanani see Mishongnovi Makingan see Mahican
mahuopani see Apwurage Majave see Mohave Makiritare see Yecuana
Mahwawa see Moah Majubim see Paranawat Makka see Maca
Mahwukes see Mohawk Majur see Zoro Mak-kah see Makah
Mahycander see Mahican Majuruna see Mayoruna Makkah see Makah
Maiaguarite [HA] Bainoa (BE) Maka see Makah Maklak see Lutuamian
Maiaiu see Mai-ai-u Maka see Maca Maklaks see Klamath
Mai-ai-u [CA] Yokuts (Contri, Maka see Maca maklaks see Klamath
v.3, p.370) Makache [Clan] Oto (H) Maklaks [Self-designation] see
Maicander see Mahican Ma kadawagamitigweya-winini- Modoc
Maico see Maitho wag see Mekadewagamitig- Makoateeaukee see Kaskaskia
Maiconeras [MX] Lagunero (BE) weyawininiwak Makoma [CA] (H)
Mai-dec-kiz-ne see Jemez Makadawagamitigweyawininiwag Makomitek [WI] Algonquian (H)
Maideckizne see Jemez see Medakewagamitigweyaw- Makostrake see Mequachake
Mai-deh see Maidu ininiwak Makostrake see Shawnee
Maideh see Maidu Ma kadawagamitigweya-winini- Ma-ko-ta see Dakota
Maideskiz see Maitheshkizh wug see Mekadewagamitig- Makota see Dakota
Maideskizni see Maitheshkizh weyawininiwak Ma-kotch see Makache
Ma-kotch Mamite 132

Ma-kotch see Mankoke Malechite see Malecite Mals-sum see Malssum

Makotch (PC) see also Makache Malecite [ME, Can] (LC) Malssum [Clan] Abnaki (H)
(H) Malegmjuti see Malemiut Maltshokamut [AK] Kna-
Makotch (PC) see also Mankoke Maleigmjuten see Malemiut iakhotana (H)
(H) Maleimioute see Malemiut Mal-tsho-qa-mut see Maltshoka-
Makotch [Clan] Oto (H) Maleku [CR] (O) mut
Makou see Makoua Maleleqala see Mamalelekam Maltshoqamut see Maltshokamut
Makoua [WI] (H) Maleleqala see Mamalelekam Maluche see Araucanian
Makoucoue see Makoukuwe Malemiut [AK] Eskimos (BE) Malukander see Mahican
Makoueoue see Makoukuwe Malemuke see Malemiut Malungeons see Melungeons
Makoukuwe [WI] (H) Malemut see Malemiut Mam [Hon] Mosquito (BE)
Makoumoue see Makoukuwe Malemutes see Malemiut Mam [MX, Gua] (LC)
Makouten see Mascouten (LC) Malesite see Malecite Mama see Omaha
Makoutensak (H) see Mascouten Maleygmyut see Malemiut Mamainde [Br] Northern Nam-
Makquas see Mohawk Malhomin see Menominee bicuara (LC)
Maksav see Mohawk Malhoming see Menominee Mamaine see Mamainde
Makskouteng see Mascouten Malhomini see Menominee Mamaitum [Clan] Serrano (Pub,
Maktlaiath see Maklaiath Malhominy see Menominee v.26)
Maktlaiath (PC) see also Makla- Malhomme see Menominee Mamakans Apeches see
iath (H) Malhommi see Menoiminee Mescalero Apache
Maktlaiath [Sept] [Can] Nootka Maliacones [TX] (H) Mamakatawana-sitaak see Sik-
(H) Malibu [Col] (O) sika
Maku see Macu Malicans see Maliacones Mamakitce-wiinuuk [Can]
Maku-Bara see Macu-Bara Malicete see Malecite Paskwawininiwug (BE)
Maku-Bravos see Macu-Bravos Malicite see Malecite Mamaleilakitish see Ma-
Makuhadokado Northern Paiute Malicococa [MX] Coahuiltecan malelekala
(Hdbk11) (Hdbk10) Mamaleilakulla see Mamalelekala
Makuna see Macuna Maliconas see Maliacones Mamalelek-ala see Mamalelekala
Makunabodo see Macu Malicones see Maliacones Mamalelekala [BC] Kwakiutl (BE)
Makundwawininiwug see Pil- Maliegmut see Malemiut Mamalelek-am see Ma-
lagers Ma-li-ka (H) see also Malika (H) malelekam
Makundwawininiwug [Self-des- Malika see ASLO Ma-li-ka Mamalelekam [Gens] Ma-
ignation] see Pillagers Ma-li-ka [Clan] Mohave (H) malelekala (H)
Makurap [Lang] [Br] Tupi (O) Malika [Clan] Mohave (H) Mamaleleqala see Mamalelekala
Makushi see Macusi Malimiut Indians see Malemiut Mama-lil-a-cula see Ma-
Makusi see Macusi Malimiut Inupiaq [Lang] [AK] malelekala
Makuxi see Macusi Inupiaq (Hdbk5) Mamalilacula see Mamalelekala
ma-kwa see Makwa Malimuten see Malemiut Ma-ma-lil-li-kulla see Ma-
Makwa see Mko Malimyut see Malemiut malelekala
Makwa (PC) see also Mko (H) Malinchenos [MX] Tamaulipec Mamalillikulla see Mamalelekala
Makwa [Clan] Mahican H) (BE) Mambare see Paressi
Makwaes see Mohawk Maliseet [Self-designation] see Mambe see Nambe
Ma-kwis-so-jik see Makwisuchigi Malecite Mambo see Nambe
Makwissojik see Makwisuchigi Maliseet-Passamaquoddy [Lang] Mambyara see Nambicuara
Makwisuchigi [Clan] Fox (H) [NB] (Hdbk15) Mambyuara see Nambicuara
Ma-kwisutcig see Makwicuhigi Malisit see Malecite Mamean [Lang] [MX, Gua]
Makwisutcig see Makwisuchigi Malleye see Mayeye Mayan (O)
Malacite see Malecite Mallopeme [TX] Coahuiltecan Mamekoting [NY] Esopus (BE)
Malaguita Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) (BE) Ma-me-li-li-a-ka see Ma-
Malaka [CA] Patwin (H) Malmiut see Malemiut malelekala
Ma-lak-ka see Malaka Malnombre see Mal Nombre Mameliliaka see Mamalelekala
Malakka see Malaka Mal Nombre Coahuiltecan Mamelute see Malemiut
Malakut [Can] Cowichan (BE) (Hdbk10) Ma-me-o-ya see Mameoya
Malakyilatl see Spukpukolemk Malockese [OH] (H) Mamikininiwug [Can] Paskwaw-
Malakyilatl see Spukpukolemk Malomeni see Menominee ininiwug (BE)
Malamech see Marameg Malomimi see Menominee Mamikiwininiwag see
Malana see Marameg Malomine see Menominee Mamikininiwug
Malaque see Matsaki Malominese see Menominee Mamikiyiniwok see Mamikinini-
Malataute see Oto Malomini see Menominee wug
Malayo [Col] (LC) Malouin see Menominee Mam-il-i-li-a-ka see Ma-
Malayo [Lang] see Chibchan Maloumine see Menominee malelekala
Malbala see Mataco Malouminek see Menoiminee Mamililiaka see Mamalelekala
Malecete see Malecite Malowwack see Metoac Mamite Concho (BE)
133 Mamiwis Manohahsaht

Mamiwis see Miami Manchinere see Maxineri Manhattae see Manhattan

Mamiwis see Miami Manchineri see Piro [Peru] Manhattan (Hdbk15) see also
Mammapacun see Menapacunt Manchokatous see Mdewakanton Munsee (LC)
Ma-mo an-ya-di see Alabama Mancinka-gaxe see Mandhinka- Manhattan [NY] Wappinger Con-
Mamoanyadi see Alabama gaghe federacy (LC)
Ma-mo han-ya see Alabama Mandahuaca see Mandawaka Manhattanese see Manhattan
Mamohanya see Alabama Mandals see Mandan Manhattes see Manhattan
Ma-mo ha-yan-di see Alabama Mandam see Mandan Manhattons see Manhattan
Mamohayandi see Alabama Mandan [Lang] Siouan (H) Manhikan see Mahican
Mamskey see Matsqui Mandan [ND] (LC) Manhikani see Mahican
Mamtum [VanI] (H) Mandane see Mandan Manhingan see Mahican
Mamungitunai [Sub-family] Mandani see Mandan Maniabon [Cu] (BE)
[BC] Haida (H) Mandanne see Mandan Maniataries see Hidatsa
Mamuqui Coahuiltecan (BE) Mandaus see Mandan Maniba see Baniva
Man [Lang] [CA] (Pub, v.8, no.1, Mandawaka [VE, Br] (O) Manicheneri see Maniteneri
p.4) Mandawakanton see Mdewakan- Manico [TX] Coahuiltecan (BE)
Manabaho [HA] Cahibo (BE) ton Manieneri see Maniteneri
Manabaxao [HA] Guaccaiarima Mande see Manta [NJ] Manikan see Mahican
(BE) Manden see Mandan Manilla see Mobile
Manabusho see Manabusho Mandeouacanton see Mde- Manimapacan see Inapanam
Manabusho [WI] Menominee wakanton Manipo [BO] Araona (O)
(BE) Mandhinkagaghe [Gens] Omaha manise see Ommunise
Manacica [BO] (LC) (H) Manissing see Minisink
manacts see Washo Mandian see Mandan Manitaries see Hidatsa
Managog see Manahoac Mandin see Mandan Maniteneiri see Maniteneri
Managua see Cashibo Mandinga (O) see also San Blas (O) Maniteneri (LC) see also Piro
Manahoac [Lang] Monacan (H) Mandinga Cuna (BE) [Peru] (LC)
Manahoac [VA] (LC) Mandoages see Nottoway Maniteneri [Br] (O)
Manahoac Confederacy [VA] (H) Mandon see Mandan Mani-ti see Maniti
Manahoack see Manahoac Mandong see Nottoway Maniti Sisseton (H)
Manahoak see Manahoac Maneater Indians see Tonkawan Manitineri see Maniteneri
Manahock see Manahoac Tribes Manitou Place people see Mani-
Manahoke see Manahoac Man eaters see Attacapa towuk Tusi-niniwug
Manairisu [Br] Nambiguara (O) Man-eaters see Tonkawa Manitowuk tusininiwug see
Manajo see Amanaye Man-Eaters see Mohawk Manitowuk Tusininiwug
Manam [TX] Coahuiltecan (BE) Manessings see Minisink Manitowuk Tusininiwug [WI]
Manamabobo see Sipibo Maneteneri see Maniteneri Menominee (BE)
Manamabobo see Sipibo Manetineri see Maniteneri Manitsawa [Br] (O)
Mananye see Amanaye Manetore see Hidatsa Maniuk see Choroti
Manapacumter see Menapacunt Maneus see Malecite Maniva see Baniva
Manaries see Machiguenga Manewquesend see Conoy Maniwaki [Can] Algonkin (BE)
Manasica see Manacica Mangakekias see Mengakonkia Manjuy Chorote (O)
Manaskson Assateague (Hdbk15) Mangakekis see Mengakonkia Mankato [MN] Mdewakanton (H)
Manastara [Lang] Motilon (UAz, Mangakokis see Mengakonkia Mankikani see Mahican
v.28) Mangakonkia see Mengakonia Man-ko-ke see Mankoke
Manatahqua [MA] Massachuset (BE) Mangeurs de cariboux see Mankoke [Clan] Iowa (H)
Manathane see Manhattan Etheneldeli Mankutquet [MA] Wampanoag
Manathanes see Manhattan Mangoac see Nottaway (BE)
Manathen see Manhattan Mangoack see Nottaway Mannahannock see Manahoac
Ma-na-to (H) see also Manato (H) Mangoag see Nottaway Mannahoack see Manahoac
Ma-na-to [Clan] Shawnee (H) Mangoak see Nottaway Mannahoag see Manahoac
Manato [Clan] Shawnee (H) Mangoako see Nottaway Mannahoak see Manahoac
Manaure [Col] Yuko (O) Mangoang see Nottaway Mannahock see Manahoac
Manava see Sipibo Mangon [Cu] (BE) Mannahoke see Manahoac
Manaxo see Amanaye Mangue [CR, NI] (LC) Mannanokin see Pocomoke
Manaye see Amanaye Mangus Colorados Band see Mannature see Hidatsa
Manazewa see Amanaye Mimbreno Apache Manna-wousut see Manosaht
Mancantequut see Maquantequat Manhanset see Manhasset Mannawousut see Manosaht
Manche (LC) see also Mopan (LC) Manhasset [NY] Metoac (BE) Mannissing see Minisink
Manche [Hon] (BE) Manhassett see Manhasset Manoa (O) see also Panobo (O)
Manchester Pomo Pomo (J/An- Manhate see Manhattan Manoa [Lang] Maipurean (O)
thro, v.1, no.1, Winter 1974, Manhates see Munsee Man-oh-ah-saht see Manosaht
pp.206-219) Manhatesen see Manhattan Manohahsaht see Manosaht
Manoita Maquois 134

Manoita see Setebo mantoue see Mantoueck Mapollo see Mapoyo

Manokin [MD] Nanticoke (BE) Mantouek Southeastern Ojibwa (H) Maporcan Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Manomanee see Menominee Mantu [Clan] Quapaw (H) Mapoyo [Lang] Carib (UAz)
Mano-meh see Menominee Mantuenikashika [Clan] Quapaw Mapoyo [VE] (O)
Manomeh see Menominee (H) Mapuche [CH] Araucanian (O)
Manomine see Menominee Man-tu-we see Mento Mapudungu see Mapuche
Manominik see Menominee Mantuwe see Mento Mapudungun see Mapuche
mano-miniwa see Menominee Manua [PE] Campa (O) Mapulcan Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
manominiwa see Menominee Manuk Chorote (O) Mapumary [BO] Araona (O)
Manomoy [MA] Nauset (BE) Man-um-aig see Marameg Maqa see Mohawk
Manoomina see Menominee Manumaig (PC) see also Marameg Maqaise see Mohawk
Manosaht [VanI] Nootka (LC) (H) Maqe-nikaci-ka see
Manos Coloradas see Manos Manumaig [Clan] Chippewa (H) Makhenikashika
Colorados Manunejo [MX] Coahuiltecan Maqenikacika see
Manos Coloradas Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Makhenikashika
(BE) Manuquiari [PE] Toyeri (O) Maqkuanani (PC) see also
Manos de Perros [TX] Coahuilte- Manwarno see Galibi Maqkuanani (H)
can (BE) Manworne see Galibi Maqkuanani [Clan] Menominee
Manosit see Manosaht Manxo see Manso (H)
Manosprietas see Manos Prietas Manyateno Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Maqkuanani [Clan] Menominee
Manos Prietas [MX, TX] Many Beasts see Ahkotashiks (H)
Coahuiltecan (BE) Many Horses see Tashunkeota maqlaqs [Self-designation] see
Manostamenton see Menosta- Many Horses Band see Young Klamath
menton Buffalo Robe Maqpiato see Arapaho
Manrhoat see Kiowa Manyika [Clan] Kansa (H) Maq-piato see Arapaho
Manrhout see Kiowa Manyikakhthi [Subgens] Iowa (H) Maqua see Mohawk
Mansa see Manso Ma-nyi-ka-qci see Manyikakhthi Maquaa see Mohawk
Manses see Manso Manyikaqci see Manyikakhthi Maquache (Hdbk11) Moache (LC)
Manshkaenikashika [Clan] Qua- Manyikazhinga [Subclan] Kansas Maquache see Moache
paw (H) (H) Maquache Utes see Moache
Manso [NM, TX, MX] (BE) Manyinka [Clan] Kansa (H) Maquaes see Mohawk
Manta see Mantaes Manyinkagaxe see Manyika Maquaese see Mohawk
Manta [EC] (LC) Manyinkainihkashina [Social Maquahache see Moache
Manta [NJ] Delaware (H) group] Osage (H) Maquais see Mohawk
Mantaa see Manta [NJ] Manyinkainiukacina see Maquaise see Mohawk
Mantachuset see Massachuset Manyinkainihkashina Maquamticough (H) see also
Mantaes (H) see also Manta [NJ] Manyinka iniykacina see Maquantequat (H)
(H) Mayinkainihkashina Maquamticough Choptank
Mantaes Delaware (Hdbk15) Manyinkatanga [Subclan] Kansa (Hdbk15)
Mantaesy see Manta [NJ] (H) Maquasas see Mohawk
Mantanes see Mandan Many Lodge Poles see Ahkwon- Maquase see Mohawk
Mantantan see Matantonwan istsists Maquash see Mohawk
Mantanton see Matantonwan Many Lodges see A caraho Maquass see Mohawk
Mantanton Scioux see Matan- Manzana see Mishongnovi Maquasse see Mohawk
tonwan Maon (H) Maquatequat [MD] (H)
Mantantous see Matantonwan Maopidian see Maopityan Maqude see Iowa
Mantaquak see Nanticoke Maopidian see Mapidian Maque see Mohawk
Mantautous see Matantonwan Maopityan (O) see also Mapidian Maquems Coahuiltecan (BE)
Mantaw see Manta [NJ] (O) Maquez see Mohawk
Mante see Manta [NJ] Maopityan [Br] Atorai (O) Maqui see Hopi
Mantera see Cherokee Maouila see Mobile Maquiapem Coahuiltecan
Manteran see Cherokee Mapanai [Lang] Maipurean (O) (Hdbk10)
Manteses see Manta [NJ] Mapaniguara [MX] Coahuiltecan Maquichee see Mequachake
Manteses see Mantaes (Hdbk10) Maquinna Mooachaht (H, p.804)
Mantinacock see Matinecock Maparina see Aguano Maquiritare [Lang] Carib (UAz,
Mantinecock [NY] Montauk (BE) Mape see Bari v.28)
Manto see Manta [NJ] Mapes see Motilon Maquiritare Indians see Yecuana
Manton see Mandan Mapeshana see Wapisiana Maquis see Mohawk
Manton see Mento Mapeya see Sandia Maquispamacopini [MX]
Mantonumanke see Matonu- Mapicopa see Maricopa (Hdbk10)
manke Mapidian [Br] Wapisiana (O) Maquoas see Mohawk
Mantopanatos see Assiniboin Mapili [MX] Coahuiltecan Maquoche Utahs see Moache
Mantotin see Santotin (Hdbk10) Maquois see Mohawk
135 Maquot Mascontenec

Maquot see Pequot Marinahua see Marinawa Marsapeague see Massapequa

Maraca [Col] Yuko (O) Marinahua see Sharanahua Marsapege see Massapequa
Maraca [Lang] Motilon (UAz, Marinawa (LC) see also Sha- Marsapequa see Massapequa
v.28) ranahua (LC) Marsepain see Massapequa
Maracano (O) see also Cahuarano Marinawa [Br, PE] Sharanahua (O) Marsepeack see Massapequa
(O) Marin-Bodega [Lang] [CA] Marsepeake see Massapequa
Maracano [PE] Iquito (O) Miwok (Pub, v.9, no.3, p.293) Marsepequa see Massapequa
Maracasero see Malayo Marineoueia see Piankashaw Marsepin see Massapequa
Marachie see Malecite Maringayam see Serrano Marsepinck see Massapequa
Maracho see Pianokoto Maringayam see Morongo Marsepingh see Massapequa
Maracopa see Maricopa Maringints see Serrano Marsepyn see Massapequa
Maragua see Maue Maringints see Morongo Marsey see Massapequa
Marahtxo see Pianokoto Mariposa (LC) see also Yokuts (LC) Marshpang see Mashpee
Marahua see Mayoruna Mariposa [Lang] [CA] Miwok Marshpee see Mashpee
Maraka see Yuko (Pub, v.6, no.3, p.353) Marsh Village Dakotas see Sisse-
Marameg Chippewa (H) Mariposa-Chowchilla [Lang] ton
Maramoskee see Machapunga Southern Sierra Miwok (BE) Marsh Villagers see Sisseton
Marangakh see Serrano Mariposan [Lang] see Mariposa Marthas Vineyard Indians [MA]
Marangakh see Morongo Mariposan Indians see Yokuts (H)
Marani [BO] Araona (O) Marisiz see Malecite Mar-til-par see Matilpe
mar-an-sho-bish-ko see Dakota Marisizi see Malecite Martilpar see Matilpe
maranshobishko see Dakota Maritise see Manta Martin see Maratin
Maraquites Coahuiltecan (BE) Mariusa [Guy] Warrau (O) Martinez [CA] (H)
Marashite see Malecite Markiritare see Yecuana Martinne houck see Matinecoc
Maraso see Pianokoto Marlain see Staitan Maru [BO] Araona (O)
Maraticund see Moratico Marlin see Staitan Maruba [Br] (LC)
Maratin Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Mar-ma-li-la-cal-la see Ma- Marubo see Maruba
Maratino see Maratin malelekala Marychkenwikingh see Canarsee
Maraughquaick Assateague Marmalilacalla see Mamalelekala Mary River see Chepenafa
(Hdbk15) Mar-ma-sece see Marmasece Marys River Indinas see Chepe-
Marawa [Lang] Maipurean (O) Marmasece [WA] (H) nafa
Marayam see Serrano Marmusckits see Machapunga Marysville see Chepenafa
Marayam see Morongo Maroa see Tamaroa Masa see Matsaki
Marayo see Bora Maroba see Maruba Masa see Macuna
Marcpeeah Mahzah see Makh- Marobo [Lang] Panoan (O) Masacali [Br] (LC)
piyamaza Marocasero see Malayo Masacara see Kamakan
Marechite see Malecite Marohans see Tamaroa Masacuajulam Coahuiltecan
Marechkawieck see Canarsee Marona [CA] Serrano (Pub, v.26, (Hdbk10)
Marecopa see Maricopa 1929) Masagnebe see Mishongnovi
Mareschite see Malecite Maronge see Morongo Masagneve see Mishongnovi
Marguerite, Ste. see Oumamiwek Maronge see Serrano Masaka see Aikana
Marho see Navajo Maroni River Carib [Lang] Galibi Masanais see Mishongnovi
Maria, Santa [EC] Secoya (O) (UAz, v.28) Masanani see Mishongnovi
Mariames (BE) see also Muruam Maropa see Maruba Masapequa see Massapequa
(BE) Marospinc see Massapequa Masaqueve see Mishongnovi
Mariames [TX] Coahuiltecan (H) Marossepinck see Massapequa Masathulet see Massachuset
Marian (H) see also Mariames (H) Marota see Tamaroa Masatibu [BO] Araona (O)
Marian Huron (H) Maroumine see Menominee Masawomekes see Iroquois
Mariana see Bora Marova see Maruba Mascalero see Mescalero Apache
Marianes see Mariames Ma-rpi-wi-ca-xta see Kheyatao- Mascautins see Mascouten
Mariarves see Mariames tonwe Mascelero see Mescalero Apache
Mariate [Lang] Maipurean (O) Marpiwicaxta see Kheyataotonwe Maschongcong see Yecuana
Maribichicoa-Guatajigiala [ES] Ma-rpi-ya-ma-za see Makhpiya- Maschongkong see Yecuana
(BE) maza Masco see Mashco
Maricheet see Malecite Marpiyamaza see Makhpiyamaza Mascoaties see Mascouten
Maricopa [AZ] (LC) Marracou [FL] (H) Mascoi see Lengua-Mascoi
Marien [HA, DR] (BE) Marraganeet see Narraganset Mascoi see Toba-Maskoy
Mariguan see Mariguanes (LC) Mascoian (LC) see also Lengua-
Mariguanes [MX] Tamaulipec (BE) Marraugh tocum (Hdbk15) see Mascoi (LC)
Marin [Lang] [CA] Coast Miwok Moratico Mascoian [Lang] [Par] (O)
(CA-8) Marricoke see Merric Mascontan see Mascouten
marina [Clan] Serrano (Pub, v.26, Marsapeag see Massapequa Masconten see Mascouten
1929) Marsapeage see Massapequa Mascontenec see Mascouten
Mascontin Massorite 136

Mascontin see Mascouten Mashukhara see Shasta Masquikoukiouek see Maskegon

Mascontire see Mascouten Masi [Clan] Hopi (H) Masquitamis see Fox
Mascordin see Mascouten Masiassuck see Missisquoi Masrodawa see Masronhua
Mascotain see Mascouten Masichewsett see Massachuset Masronhua Jaminaua (O)
Mascoten see Mascouten Ma sih kuh ta see Masikota Massa-adchu-es-et see Massa-
Mascotin see Mascouten Masikot see Masikota chuset
Mascouetech see Mascouten Masikot see Masikota Massaca see Huari
Mascoutech see Mascouten Masikota see Masikota Massacara see Kamakan
Mascouteins Nadouessi see Masikota [SD] Cheyenne (BE) Massachewset see Massachuset
Teton Masilengya [Clan] Hopi (H) Massachisan see Massachuset
Mascouten (Hdbk15) see also Fox Ma-si-len-ya wunwu see Massachuselt see Massachuset
(LC) Masinlengya Massachuset [Lang] Eastern Algo-
Mascouten Peoria (BE) Masilinya wunwu see Masin- nquian (Hdbk15)
Mascouten [WI] Potawatomi (LC) lengya Massachuset [MA] (LC)
Mascoutin see Mascouten Masipa (PC) see also Ma-si-pa (H) Massachusett see Massachuset
Mascoutons see Mascouten Ma-si-pa [Clan] Mohave (H) Massachuseuk see Massachuset
Mascoy see Toba-Maskoy Masipa [Gens] Mohave (H) Massachusiack see Massachuset
Ma-seip-kih see Kadohadacho Masi winwu see Masi Massachusuk see Massachuset
Ma-seip-kih see Kadohadacho Ma-si wunwu see Masi Massaco [CT, NY] Wappinger (BE)
Confederacy Ma-si wunwu see Masi Massacoe see Wappinger
Maseipkih see Kadohadacho Masiwunwu see Masi Massadchueset see Massachuset
Confederacy Mas-ka-gau see Maskegon Massadzosek see Massachuset
Masep see Kadohadacho Maskagau see Maskegon Massajoset see Massachuset
Masep see Kadohadacho Maskasinik (H) see also Massakiga see Arosaguntacook
Masepeage see Massapequa Achiligouan (H) Mas-sang-na-vay see Mishong-
Ma-se-sau-gee see Missisauga Maskasinik [Can] Ottawa (H) novi
Masesaugee see Missisauga Maskco see Mashco Massangnavay see Mishongnovi
Masetuset see Massachuset Maskego see Maskegon Massapeag see Massapequa
masgalen see Mescalero Apache Maskegon (LC) see also Cree (LC) Massapee see Mashpee
Mashacali see Masacali Maskegon [Cree] (BE) Massapege see Massaspequa
Mashantucket (LC) Maskegonehirini see Maskegon Massapequa Delaware (Hdbk15)
Mashantucket (LC) see also Pe- Maskegous see Maskegon Massapequa [NY] Metoac (H)
quot (LC) Maskegowuk see Maskegon Massapequa [NY] Monatauk (BE)
Mashapeag see Massapequa Maskigoes see Maskegon Massasagues see Missisauga
Masha-Peage see Massapequa Maskigonehirini see Maskegon Massasauga see Missisauga
Mashawatoc Accomac (Hdbk15) Maskoge see Muskogee Massasoiga see Missisauga
Mashco [PE] (LC) Maskoge see Muskogee Massasoit [MA] Wampanoag (BE)
Mashcouqui see Muskogee Maskogi see Muskogee Massassuk see Missiassik
Ma-she-ma-tak see Mashematak Maskokalgi see Muskogee Massathuset see Massachuset
Mashematak [Gens] Sauk and Fox Maskokalgi see Muskogee Massatuchet see Massachuset
(H) Maskoke see Muskogee Massatusitt see Massachuset
Mashgale see Mescalero Apache Maskoki see Creek Massauwu see Masi
Mashgalende see Mescalero Maskoki see Mucsogee (BE) Massauwuu see Masi
Apache Maskoki Hatchata see Muskogee Massawamacs see Iroquois
Mashgalene see Mescalero Maskoutech see Mascouten Massawomacs see Iroquois
Apache Maskouteck see Mascouten (LC) Massawomecks see Iroquois
Mashgali see Mescalero Apache Maskoutein (H) see Mascouten Massawomees see Iroquois
Mashikuhta see Masikota Maskouten see Mascouten Massawomeke see Iroquois
Mashkegon see Maskegon Maskoutench see Mascouten Massawomekes see Iroquois
Mashkegonhyrinis see Maskegon Maskoutenek see Mascouten Massawonacks see Iroquois
Mashkegous see Maskegon Maskoutens-Nadouessians see Massawonaes see Iroquois
Mashkotens see Potawatomi Teton Massechuset see Massachuset
Mashkoutens see Mascouten Maskoutin see Mascouten Massepeake see Massapequa
Mashongcong see Yecuana Maskouting see Mascouten Massesague see Missisauga
Mashongkong see Yecuana Maskoy see Toba-Maskoy Massetuset see Massachuset
Mashongnavi see Mishongnovi Maskutick see Mascouten Mas-si kwa-yo see Massikwayo
Ma-shong-ni-vi see Mishongnovi Masnipiwiniuuk [Can] Paskwaw- Massikwayo [Clan] Hopi (H)
Mashongnivi see Mishongnovi ininiwug (BE) Massinacac [VA] Monacan Con-
Mashoniniptuovi see Mishong- Masonah see Nasumi federacy (H)
novi Maspeth [NY] (H) Massinacack see Massinacac
Mashpeage see Massapequa Masphi see Mashpee Massinague see Missisauga
Mashpee [MA] (LC) Masquachki see Muskogee Massinnacack see Massinacac
Mashpege see Mashpee Masquikoukiak see Maskegon Massorite see Missouri
137 Massoritte Matowack

Massoritte see Missouri Matathusett see Massachuset Ma-tilhpi see Matilpe

Massourite see Misiouri Matatiquiri [MX] Coahuiltecan Matilhpi see Matilpe
Massowomeks see Iroquois (Hdbk10) Ma-tilpe see Matilpe
Masstachusit see Massachuset Matatoba Dakota (H) Matilpe [Sept] [BC] Kwakiutl (H)
Mastanahua [PE] Sharanahua (O) Matauwake see Metoac Matilpis see Matilpe
Mastanawa see Mastanahua Matavakopai see Matava-kopai Matilpis see Matilpe
Ma-stoh-pa-ta-kiks see Mastoh- Matava-kopai [AZ] Walapai (BE) Matinecoc (H) see also Manti-
patakiks Mataveke-paya see Hualapai necock (BE)
Mastohpatakiks [Society] Siksika (H) Matawachkarini [Can] (H) Matinecoc [NY] (H)
Mastutc-kwe see Hopi Matawachwarini see Matinecock see Matinecoc
Mastutckwe see Hopi Matawachkarini Matinecocke see Matinecoc
Masut [CA] Northern Pomo (Pub, Matawang see Mattawan Matinecogh see Matinecoc
v.40, no.2) Matawin see Mattawan Matineocock see Matinecoc
Matabantowaher see Matanton- Matchagamia see Michigamea Matinicock see Matinecoc
wan Matchapango see Machapunga Matiniconck see Matinecoc
Matabesec see Mattabesec Matchapongo see Machapunga Matinnekonck see Matinecoc
Matabezeke see Mattabesec Matchapungo see Machapunga Matipu [Br] (O)
Matachuses see Massachuset Matchedach see Matchedash Matipuhy see Matipu
Matachuset see Massachuset Matchedash [Ont] Missisauga (H) Matis see Matses
Mataco [Arg, BO, Par] (LC) Matchemne see Machemni Ma-tis-ab-its see Panaca
Matacoan [Lang] [Par, Arg] (O) Mat-che-naw-to-waig see Iro- Matisabits see Panaca
Matagalpa [EC, NI, Hon, ES] quois Mat-jus see Chemehuevi
Sumo (LC) Matchenawtowaig see Iroquois Matjus see Chemehuevi
Matagalpan [Lang] Misumalpan Matchepungo see Machapunga Matkawatapa [AZ] Walkamepu
(BE) Matchinadoaek see Iroquois (BE)
Matage see Kiowa Apache Matchitashk see Matchedash Matkitwawipa [AZ] Yavepe (BE)
Mataguaya see Mataco Matchoatick see Matchotic Matlaltzinca see Matlatzinca
Mataguayo see Mataco Matchopungo see Machapunga Matlame [Lang] [MX] Matlatz-
Matahuinala Coahuiltecan Matchotic [VA] Powhatan Con- inca (BE)
(Hdbk10) federacy (H) Matlame [MX] (BE)
Mataitaikeok [Can] Cree (BE) Matcsuamako Tusininiu see Matlazahua see Mazahua
Matakila see Maamtagyila Matc Suamako Tusininiu Matninicongh see Matinecoc
Matakila see Maamtagyila Matc Suamako Tusininiu [WI] Mato [CA] Northern Pomo (Pub,
Matako see Mataco Menominee (BE) v.40, no.2)
Matakwarapa see Haka-whatapa Matebeseck see Mattabesec Matokatagi see Oto
Matambu [CR] (O) Matechitache see Matchedash Matolagua Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Matamusket see Machapunga Mateiros see Txakamekra Matole see Mattole
Matanakons [NJ] Delaware (H) Matelpa see Matilpe Mato-Mihte see Matonumanke
Matantonwan [MN] Mdewakan- Matelthpah see Matilpe (H) Matomihte see Matonumanke
ton (H) Matetiguara (Hdbk10) see Mata- Matomkin Accomac (Hdbk15)
Mataouachkarinien see Mata- tiquiri Matompkin see Matomkin
wachkarini Mat-hat-e-vatch see Chemehuevi Ma-to-no-make see Matonu-
Mataouakirinouek see Mata- Mathatevatch see Chemehuevi manke
wachkarini Mathatuset see Massachuset Matonomake see Matonumanke
Mataouchkairinik see Mata- Mathatusitt see Massachuset Matontenta see Oto
wachkarini Mat-haupapaya (BE) see also Matonumake see Matonumanke
Mataouchkairiniouek see Mata- Wikutepa (BE) Mato-Numangkake see Matonu-
wachkarini Mathaupapaya see Mat-haupa- manke
Mataouchkairni see Mata- paya Matonumangkake see Matonu-
wachkarini Mat-haupapaya [AZ] Yavepe (BE) manke
Mataouchkarini see Mata- Mathesusete see Massachuset Ma-to nu-man-ke see Matonu-
wachkarini Mathiaca [FL] Timuqua (H) manke
Mataouiriou see Mattawan Mathiaqua see Mathiaca Matonumanke Manda (H)
Mataovan see Mattawan Mathkoutench see Mascouten Ma-toosh-ats see Gunlock
Matapaman see Mattapanient Mathomeni see Menominee Matooshats see Gunlock
Matapan [MX] Tehueco (H) Mathomini see Menominee Matora (H) see also Mento (H)
Matapeake [MD] (H) Mathue [MD] (H) Matora [AR] (H)
Matapi (LC) see also Yecuna (LC) Math-wa (H) see also Mathwa (H) Matotante see Oto
Matapi [Col] (O) Mathwa (PC) see also M-ath-wa Matou-ouescarini see
Matapoll see Mattapony (H) Matawachkarini (H)
Matarango [CA] (H) M-ath-wa [Clan] Shawnee (H) Matoua (H) see Mento
Matascuco [MX] Coahuiltecan Mathwa [Clan] Shawnee (H) Matoutenta see Oto (LC)
(Hdbk10) Maticones see Maliacones Matowack (H) see Metoac
Matowepesack Mayeguara 138

Matowepesack see Mattabesec Matueswi skitchunuuk see Mic- Mawakhota Two-Kettle (H)
Matox see Matchotic mac Ma-waqota see Mawakhota
Matpanient see Mattapanient Matuime Coahuiltecan (BE) Mawaqota see Mawakhota
Matses [PE, Br] see Nomat- Matuimi see Matuime Ma-wa-ta-dan see Mandan
siguenga Matuku [CA] Pomo (CA) Mawatadan see Mandan
Matsishkota see Masikota Mat-ul-pai see Matilpe Mawatani see Mandan
Matsishkota see Masikota Matulpai see Matilpe Ma-wa-tanna see Mandan
Matsqui [BC] Cowichan (H) Matuwack see Metoac Mawatanna see Mandan
Mattabeeset see Mattabesec Maubedan Coahuiltecan (BE) Maw-dan see Mandan
Mattabesec [CT] Wappinger (BE) Maubela see Mobile Mawdan see Mandan
Mattabeseck see Mattabesec Maubila see Mobile Mawe see Maue
Mattabesett see Mattabesec Maubile see Mobile Mawhakes see Mohawk
Mattabesicke see Mattabesec Maubileans see Mobile Mawhauog see Mohawk
Mattacco see Mataco Maubilians see Mobile Mawhaw see Omaha
Mattachucett see Massachuset Maucu see Macu Mawhawkes see Mohawk
Mattachusett see Massachuset Maudaus see Mandan Mawkey see Hopi
Mattachussett see Massachuset Maudowessies see Dakota Mawmee see Miami
Mattacuset see Massachuset Maue [Lang] [Br] Tupi (LC) Mawooshen see Abnaki
Mattanawcook see Mattinacook Mauguawog see Mohawk Mawques see Mohawk
Mattapament see Mattapanient Mauhauk see Mohawk Maw-soo-tah see Mawsootah
Mattapament see Mattapony Mauhe see Maue Mawsootah [Subclan] Delaware
Mattapanian see Mattapanient Mauilla see Mobile (H)
Mattapanient [MD] Conoy (BE) Mauitzi see Yecuana Mawtawmauntowah see Mde-
Mattapany see Mattapony Maukquogges see Mohawk wakanton
Mattapeaset see Mattabesec Mauliapeno see Mayapem Maxa-bomdu see Putetemini
Mattapomen see Mattapony Maulieni [Lang] [AZ] Maipurean Maxabomdu see Putetemini
Mattapoment see Mattapony (O) Maxacali see Masacali
Mattaponies see Mattapony Maume see Miami Maxakali see Masacali
Mattapony [VA] Powhatan Con- Maumee see Miami Maxaruna see Mayoruna
federacy (BE) Maumie see Miami Maxa-yute-cni see Magayuteshni
Mattasoon see Amahami Mau-os-aht see Manosaht Maxayutecni see Magayuteshni
Mattassin see Mistassin Mauosaht see Manosaht Maxe see Kdhun
Mattathusett see Massachuset Mauquaoys see Mohawk Maxe see Kdhun
Mattatusett see Massachuset Mauquas see Mohawk Maxineri (O) see also Piro [Peru]
Mattaugwessawacks see Dakota Mauquauogs see Mohawk (LC)
Mattawa see Mattawan Mauquaw see Mohawk Maxineri [Br, PE] (O)
Mattawan [Ont] Chippewa (H) Mauquawog see Mohawk Maxirona see Mayoruna
Mattawoman Conoy (Hdbk15) Mauquawos see Mohawk Maxubi see Arikapu
Mattebeseck see Mattabesec Mauques see Mohawk Maxuki see Arikapu
Mattehatique see Matchotic Mauraigan see Mahican Maxuruna see Mayoruna
Matthiaqua see Mathiaca Mauraygan see Mahican Maya (H) see also Mayo (LC)
Mattikongy see Naraticon Maure see Baure Maya [Br] (O)
Mattinacock (H) see also Mausand see Mishongnovi Mayacma see Makoma
Matinecoc (H) Mauscouten see Mascouten Mayaguex [PR] (BE)
Mattinacook [ME] Penobscot (H) Mauthaepi [Q] Montagnais (H) Mayaguiguara Coahuiltecan
Mattinnekonck see Matinecoc Mauton see Mento (Hdbk10)
Mattinnicock see Matinecoc Mauvais Monde (H) see also Mayaintalap see Serrano
Mattinnicock see Matinecoc Etchaottine (H) Mayaintalap see Gitanemuk
Mattinnicoek see Matinecoc Mauvais Monde Nehaunee (Con- Mayain-talap see Gitanemuk
Mat-Toal see Mattole tri, v.1, p.33) Mayajuanguara [MX] Coahuilte-
Mattoal see Mattole Mauvais Monde des Pieds-Noirs can (Hdbk10)
Mattole [CA] (CA) see Sarsi Maya-Mopan see Mopan
Mattole [Lang] [CA] [Athabas- Mauvila see Mobile Mayan [Lang] [MX, Gua, ES,
can] (He) Mauvilians see Mobile Bel] (LC)
Mattououescarini see Mauviliens see Mobile Mayan Indians see Mayas
Matawachkarini Mauyga Coahuiltecan (BE) Mayapem Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Mattouwacky see Metoac maviatem [Clan] [CA] Serrano Mayas [MX, BrH] (LC)
Mattowax see Metoac (Pub, v.26) Mayasquere see Cuaiquer
Mattpament see Mattapanient Mavila see Mobile Mayawaug [MA] Pocomtoc (BE)
Matucapam Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Mavilians see Mobile Maye see Mayeye
Matucar Coahuiltecan (BE) Mavilla see Mobile Mayece see Mayeye
Matu-es-wi skitchu-nu-uk see Ma-wahota see Mawakhota Mayee see Mayeye
Micmac Mawahota see Mawakhota Mayeguara Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
139 Mayekander Medewakanton

Mayekander see Mahican McGilvery [MS] Chickasaw (BE) Meatwho see Methow
Mayeye [TX] Tonkawan (BE) McGrath [AK] Ingalik (BE) Mebengokre see Cayapo
Mayganathicoise see Mahican Mdawakonton see Mdewakanton Mecawa see Pesawa
Mayimeuten see Magemiut Mdawakontonwan see Mde- Mech-cha-ooh see Tooksetuk
Mayintalap see Serrano wakanton Mechchaooh see Tooksetuk
Mayiruna see Mayoruna Mday-wah-kauntwan Dakota Mechecauki see Fox
Maykander see Mahican see Mdewakanton Mechecouaki see Fox
maykis oob see Highland Pima Mdaywahkauntwan Dakota see Mechegame see Michigamea
maymiut see Maarmiut Mdewakanton Mechemeton [MN] Sisseton (H)
Mayna (O) see also Maina (O) Mday-wah-kauntwaun see Mde- Mechemiton see Mechemeton
Mayna [Lang] [EC, Pe] Jivaro (LC) wakanton Mechkentiwoom see Mechken-
Mayna [Lang] [PE] Quecha (O) Mdaywahkauntwaun see Mde- towoon
Mayndeshkish [Clan] San Carlos wakanton Mechkentowoon [NY] Mahican
Apache (H) Mdaywakanton see Mdewakan- Confederacy (BE)
Mayne Island [Sept] [VanI] ton Mechuouaki see Fox
Sanetch (BE) Mdaywakanton see Mdewakan- Meco (LC) see also Chichimeca-
Maynoa [JA] (BE) ton Jonaz (LC)
Mayo (O) see also Maya [SA] (O) Mdaywawkawntwawn see Mde- Meco [Lang] [MX] (BE)
Mayo [Lang] [MX] Cahita wakanton Mecontin see Mascouten
(Hdbk10) Mdaywawkawntwawn see Mde- Mecosukee see Mikasuki (LC)
Mayo [MX] (LC) wakanton Mecoutin (H) see Mascouten
Mayoahc see Kiowa Mdeiyedan (H) see also Mde- Me-dama-rec see Bidamarek
Mayoid [Lang] Choloid (BE) wakanton (LC) Medamarec see Bidamarek
Mayonggong see Mayongong Mdeiyedan [MN] Wahpeton (H) Medaquakantoan see Mdewakan-
Mayongong [Br] (O) Mde-wahantonwan see Mde- ton
Mayoruna [Br, PE] (LC) wakanton Medawah-Kanton see Mde-
Mayu see Maya [SA] Mdewahantonwan see Mde- wakanton
Mayu see Mayoruna wakanton Medawahkanton see Mdewakan-
Mayuca [FL] Seminole (Ye) Mdewakanton see Mdewakanton ton
Mayupi [BO] Araona (O) Mdewakanton see Mdewakanton Med-a-wakan-toan see Mde-
Mayuzuna see Mayoruna Mdewakanton [Lang] Dakota- wakanton
Mazahua (H) see also Omaha (LC) Assiniboin (H) Medawakantoan see Mdewakan-
Mazahua [MX] (LC) Mdewakanton [MN, WI, SD] ton
Mazames see Mazapes (LC) Med-a-wa-kanton see Mde-
Mazapes [NM. TX] (BE) Mde-wa-kan-ton-wan see Mde- wakanton
Mazaque see Matsaki wakanton Medawakanton see Mdewakan-
Mazaqui see Matsaki Mdewakantonwan see Mde- ton
Ma-za-ro-ta see Magayuteshni wakanton Medawakantwan see Mdewakan-
Mazarota see Magayuteshni Mde-wakan-towwan see Mde- ton
Mazatec [MX] (LC) wakanton Me-da-we-con-tong see Mde-
Mazateco see Mazatec Mdewakantowwan see Mde- wakanton
Mazatzal Southern Tonto Apache wakanton Medawecontong see Mdewakan-
(BE) Mdewakantwan see Mdewakan- ton
mazipskoi see Missisquoi ton Medaykantoan see Mdewakanton
mazipskoiak see Missisquoi Mdewakantwan see Mdewakan- Med-ay-wah-kawn-twaron see
mazipskoik see Missisquoi ton Mdewakanton
Mazpegnaka Sans Arc (H) Md-Wakan see Mdewakanton Medaywahkawntwaron see Mde-
Mbaia see Mbya Mdwakan see Mdewakanton wakanton
Mbaya [Arg, Par] (LC) Mdwakantonwan see Mdewakan- Medaywakanstoan see Mde-
Mbaye see Mbya ton wakanton
Mbia see Kaiwa Meade and Ikpikpuk River Eski- Med-ay-wa-kan-toan see Mde-
Mbia see Mbua mos Interior North Alaska Eski- wakanton
Mbia see Mbya mos (Hdbk5) Medaywakantoan see Mde-
Mbia [Self-designation] see Meadow Indians see Mascouten wakanton
Sirono Meame see Miami Medaywokantwan see Mde-
Mbocobi see Mocobi Me-a-me-a-me see Miami wakanton
Mboyo see Mapoyo Meameame see Miami Me-de-wah-kan-toan see Mde-
Mbua [Br] (O) Meami see Miami wakanton
Mbwiha see Mbya Meamskinisht [Can] Kitksan (BE) Medewahkantoan see Mde-
Mbya [Br] Guaycuru (LC) Meamuyna see Bora wakanton
Mbya Guarani see Guarayo Meandan see Mandan Medewakantoan see Mdewakanton
McCloud River [Lang] [CA] Meantaukett see Montauk Medewakanton see Mdewakan-
Wintu (CA-8) Meat-who see Methow ton
Mede-wakan-twan Menetaree 140

Mede-wakan-twan see Mde- Meherrin [VA, NC] (BE) Memottins see Memoggyins
wakanton Meherring see Meherrin Memramcook [Can] Sigunikt (BE)
Medewakantwan see Mdewakan- Meherron see Meherrin Memwaylaka [Lang] River Nom-
ton Mehethawa see Cree laki (CA)
Medicine see Hanga Mehihammer see Mahican Menache see Moache
Mediwankton see Mdewakanton Mehinacu [Br] (LC) Menamenies see Menominee
Mednofski see Ahtena Mehinaku see Mehinacu (LC) Menanque see Menenquen
Mednofski see Mednovskie Mehinkaku (LC) see Mehinacu Menanquen see Menenquen
Mednoftski see Mednovskie Meh-ko-a see Mehkoa Menapacunt [VA] Algonquian
Mednovskie [Lang] Eskimo (BE) Mehkoa [Clan] Abnaki (H) (Hdbk15)
Mednovtze see Mednovskie Mehta see Carapana Menapacute see Menapacunt
Medocktack see Medoctec Meidoo see Maidu Menaquen see Menenquen
Medockteck see Medoctec Meihite see Mayeye Menatopa see Otaopabine
Medoctec [NewB] Abnaki (H) Meinaco see Mehinacu Mencami see Miami
Medoctek see Medoctec Meipontsky (H) see also Chris- Menchaerink see Menherrin
Medoctet see Medoctec tianna Indians (H) Menchokatonx see Mdewakan-
Medocthek see Medoctec Meipontsky [VA] (H) ton
Medoktek see Medoctec Meipoutsky see Meipontsky Menchokatouches see Mde-
Medostec see Medoctec Mejeraja [Clan] Oto (H) wakanton
Medsigamea see Michigamea Mejia Piro (H) Menchon see Huron
Medwakantonwan see Mde- Mejia Tigua (H) Mencouacanton see Mdewakan-
wakanton Mekadewagamitigweyawininiwak ton
Meeches see Michigamea [MI, WI] Chippewa (H) Mendawahkanton see Mde-
Me-em-ma see Chimariko Mekasousky see Mikasuki wakanton
Meemma see Chimariko Mekem [Br] (O) Men-da-wa-kan-ton see Mde-
Mee-ne-cow-e-gee see Minicon- Mekka see Witoto wakanton
jou Mekoateeaukee see Kaskaskia Mendawakanton see Mdewakan-
Meenecowegee see Miniconjou Mekrangnonti see Mekranoti ton
Meesee Contee see Amaseconti Mekranoti [Br] Cayapo (LC) Mendeouacanton see Mdewakan-
Mee-see-qua-guilch see Miseek- Mekrononty see Mekranoti ton
wigweelis Mekronotire see Mekranoti Mendeouacantous see Mde-
Meeseequaguilch see Miseekwig- Mekusuky see Mikasuki wakanton
weelis Melchora [NI] Chibchan (BE) Menderink see Meherrin
Mee-shom-o-neer see Mishong- Melecite see Malecite Mendewacantong see Mde-
novi Melemisimok-ontilka see Coast wakanton
Meeshomoneer see Mishongnovi Yuki Mende Wahkan toan see Mde-
Meesucontu see Amaseconti Meletecunk [NJ] Unami (BE) wakanton
Meethcothinyoowuc see Kainah Melhominy see Menominee Mendewahkantoan see Mde-
Meewa see Miwok Melicete see Malecite wakanton
Meewie see Miwok Melicite see Malecite Mende-Wakan-Toann see Mde-
Meewoc see Miwok Meli-lema see Tenino wakanton
Megancockia see Mengakonkia Melilema see Tenino Mendewakantoann see Mde-
Megesiwisowa see Mikissioua Meliquenes [PE] Aguano (O) wakanton
Megezi see Mgezawa Melisceet see Malecite Mendica [TX] (H)
Megezi see Mgezewa Melomelinoia see Menominee Mendoerink see Meherrin
Meghay see Mayeye Melominee see Menominee Mendouca-ton see Mdewakanton
Meghey see Mayeye Melukutz [OR] Kusan (H) Menduwakanton see Mdewakan-
Meghty see Mayeye Melungeons (LC) ton
Me-giz-ze see Omegeeze Memaconjo see Miniconjou Mendwrink see Meherrin
Megizze see Omegeeze Memankitonna [DE] Unalachtigo Menearo [PE] Campa (O)
Me-gizzee see Omegeeze (BE) Meneca [Col, PE] Witoto (O)
Meguak see Mohawk Membrenos see Mimbreno Menekka see Witoto
Megual see Mohawk Apache Menekutthegi see Mequachake
Meguatchaiki see Shawnee Membres culture (LC) see also Menenquen [TX] Coahuiltecan
Megue see Mohawk Mogollon Culture (LC) (BE)
Meguenodon see Tututni Memeoya [MN, Can] Kainah (BE) Me-ne-sharne see Itazipcho
Megwe see Mohawk Memesoon see Comanche Menesharne see Itazipcho
Me-ha-shunga see Mehashunga Memi see Miami Menesikns see Minisink
Mehashunga [Gens] Kansa (H) Memilounioue see Miami Menesouhatoba Dakota (H)
Meherin see Meherrin Me-mogg-ins see Memoggyins Menessinghs see Minisink
Meherine see Meherrin Memoggyins [Clan] Koeksotenok Menetare see Hidatsa
Meheron see Meherrin (H) Me-ne-ta-ree see Hidatsa
Meherries see Meherrin Memonomier see Menominee Menetaree see Hidatsa
141 Me Messesago

Me ne tar re see Hidatsa Mepayaya [TX] (H) Meshkwa kihugi see Fox
Mene tar re see Hidatsa Mepene Abipone (LC) Meshkwakihugi see Fox
Menetarre see Hidatsa Mepontsky (BE) see also Ont- Meshkwakiwug see Fox
Mengakonkia [IL] Miami (H) ponea (BE) Meshon see Methow
Mengala [Gua] (O) Mepontsky [VA] (BE) Me-shong-a-na-we see Mishong-
Mengua see Iroquois Mequa see Mohawk novi
Mengues see Iroquois Mequachake (H) see also Spitotha Meshonganawe see Mishongnovi
Menguy see Iroquois (H) Meshongnavi see Mishongnovi
Mengwe see Nottaway Mequachake [TN] Shawnee (BE) Meshsunganawe see Mishong-
Mengwe see Iroquois Mequashake see Mequachake novi
Mengwee see Iroquois Meracock see Merric Me-shung-a-na-we see Mishong-
Mengwi see Iroquois Meracouman [TX] (H) novi
Menherring see Meherrin Meraquaman see Meracouman Me-shung-ne-vi see Mishong-
Menheyricks see Meherrin Merced [CA] (H) novi
Menian see Kamakan Mercedes see Merced Meshungnevi see Mishongnovi
Men-i-cou-zha see Miniconjou Merced-Yosemite [Lang] Southern Mesigameas see Michigamea
Menicouzha see Miniconjou Sierra Miwok (CA-8) Meskemau see Meshkemau
Menien see Kamakan Mereo see Emerillon Meskigouk see Maskegon
Menisink see Minisink Mereyo see Emerillon me-?ko-te-waki see Peoria
Menissinck see Minisink Merguan see Menenquen meskotewaki see Peoria
Menissing see Minisink Merhuan see Menenquen Me-skwa-da-re see Meskwadare
Menissinges see Minisink Mericock see Merric Meskwadare [Clan] Chippewa (H)
Menissins see Minisink Mericoke see Merric Meskwaki see Fox
Menitegow [MI] Chippewa (H) Merikoke see Merric Meskwakiag see Fox
Menkranotire see Mekranoti Merocomecook see Rocameca Meskwakiag see Fox
Menkrononty see Mekranoti Meroke see Merric Mesoamerican (LC)
Mennissinck see Minisink Merriack see Merric Meso-American see Mesoameri-
Mennominee see Menominee Merric [NY] Montauk (BE) can
Men of the Wood see Nopeming Merricocke see Merric Mespacht see Maspeth
Menomene see Menominee Merrimac see Pennacook Mespadt see Maspeth
Me-no-me-ne-uk see Menomi- Merrimack see Pennacook Mespaetches see Maspeth
nee Mersapege see Massapequa Mespat see Maspeth
Menomeneuk see Menominee Mertowack see Metoac Mespath see Maspeth
Menomienies see Menominee Mesasagah see Missisauga Mespaths Kill see Maspeth
Menominee [MI, WI] (LC) Mescal see Mescales Mespat Kil see Maspeth
Menomini see Menominee Mescaler see Mescalero Apache Mespatkil see Maspeth
Menominny see Menominee Mescalere see Mescalero Apache Mespats-kil see Maspeth
Menomoee see Menominee Mescalero Apache [MX, NM, Mesquabuck see Mesquawbuck
Menomone see Menominee TX] (LC) Mesquaki see Fox
Menomonee see Menominee Mescales [MX] Coahuiltecan (BE) Mesquakie see Fox
Menomonei see Menominee Mescallaro see Mescalero Apache Mesquawbuck Potawatomi (H)
Menomoni see Menominee Mescalo see Mescalero Apache Mesquita see Mesquite
Menomonies see Menominee Mescaloro Apaches see Mescalero Mesquite [MX] Concho (BE)
Menomony see Menominee Apache Mesquittes see Mesquite
Menonomee see Menominee Mescalos see Mescalero Apache Messachusett see Massachuset
Menonomies see Menominee Mescaluro see Mescalero Apache Messachusiack see Massachuset
Menoquets Village [MI] Mescata see Mescales Messagnes see Missisauga
Chippewa (H) Mescate see Mescales Messague see Missisauga
Menostamenton Dakota (BE) Mescatera see Mescalero Apache Messasaga see Missisauga
Menowa Kautong see Mde- Mescato see Mescales Messasagies see Missisauga
wakanton Mescolero see Mescalero Apache Messasagoes see Missisauga
Menowa Kontong see Mde- Meshal (Hdbk12) see also Mishal- Messasagues see Missisauga
wakanton pam (Hdbk12) Messasaugues see Missisauga
Mententon see Matantonwan Meshal [WA] Southern Coast Sal- Messassaga see Mississauga
Mento (H) ish (Hdbk12) Messathusett see Massachuset
Menton see Mento Me-she-ka see Mesheka Messawomes see Iroquois
Mentonton see Matantonwan Mesheka [Clan] Chippewa (H) Messcothin see Mascouten
Mentou see Mento Meshingomesias band see Miami Messenack see Fox
Mentuktire [Br] Cayapo (O) Meshkemau Ottawa (H) Messen-Apaches see Navajo
Menunkatuck [NY, CT] Wap- Meshkwaki see Fox Messenecqz see Fox
pinger (BE) Meshkwakihug see Fox Messesagas see Missisauga
Menunkatuk see Wappinger Mesh-kwa-kihug [Self-designa- Messesagnes see Missisauga
Meosigamia see Michigamea tion] see Fox Messesago see Missisauga
Messesagues Miciqwat 142

Messesagues see Missisauga Mexica see Aztecs Miccosuki see Mikasuki

Messessagues see Missisauga Mexican Diegueo see Bajino Michacondibi Algonquian (H)
Messiasics see Missiassik Diegueo Michael, St. Bering Strait Eskimos
Messinagues see Missisauga Mexican Diegueo see Tipai (Hdbk5)
Messisaga see Missisauga Mexicano see Nahuas Michaha see Michahai
Messisage see Missisauga Meye see Mayeye Michahai [CA] Kings River Yokuts
Messisague see Missisauga Meyemma see Chimariko (BE)
Messisauga see Missisauga Meynomeney see Menominee Michahay see Michahai
Messisauger see Missisauga Meynomeny see Menominee Miche Michequipi see Metsmet-
Messissaga see Missisauga Meynominey see Menominee skop
Messissauga see Missisauga Meyo [Clan] Laguna (H) Michemichequipi see Metsmetskop
Messissauger see Missisauga Meyo-hano see Meyo Miche-Miche-Quipy see
Messorite see Missouri Meyo-hanock see Meyo Metsmetskop
Messthusett see Massachuset Mezcal see Miscal Michemichequipy see Metsmet-
Mestigo see Mestizo Mezcalero see Mescalero Apache skop
Mestizo (H) Mezquites see Mesquite Mich-en-dick-er see Fox
Metaharta see Hidatsa Meztitlanec [MX] (BE) Michendicker see Fox
Metapawnien see Mattapanient Meztitlaneca see Meztitlanec Michesaking see Missisauga
Metchagamis see Michigamea Meztizo (H) see also Mixed bloods Michiaba [MX] Coahuiltecan
Metchigame see Michigamea (LC) (Hdbk10)
Metchigamea see Michigamea M-ge-ze-wa see Mgezewa Michiagamias see Michigamea
Metchis see Mechigamea Mgezewa [Clan] Potawatomi (H) Michibousa (H)
Met-cowe see Methow Mhikana see Mahican Michif [Lang] Cree (LC)
Metcowwe see Methow Mi [Clan] Quapaw (H) Michigamas see Michigamea
Metcowwee see Methow Miahao see Kreen-Akrore Michigamea [AR] Illinois Confed-
Me-te-ah-ke see Meteahke Mi-ah-kee-jack-sah see Mi- eracy (BE)
Meteahke Mandan (H) akechakesa Michigamias see Michigamea
Metehigamis see Michigamea Miahkeejacksah see Mi- Michigamis see Michigamea
Meteowwee see Methow akechakesa Michigania see Michigamea
Meterries see Meherrin Mi-ah-ta-nes see Mandan Michiganians see Michigamea
Metesigamias see Michigamea Miahtanes see Mandan Michigans see Michigamea
Methau see Methow Mi-ah-wah-pit-siks see Miah- Michigourras see Michigamea
Methew see Methow wahpitsiks Michikamau [Can] Montagnais-
Methom see Methow Miahwahpitsiks [MN] Piegan (BE) Naskapi (BE)
Met-how see Methow Mia Kechakesa see Miakechakesa Michilimackinac [MI, WI]
Methow [WA] Salish (BE) Miakechakesa [MN] Sisseton (H) Chippewa (H)
Metis (H) Mialat [Br] Kawahib (O) Michilimackinac People (BE) see
Metis (H) see also Mixed bloods Miame see Miami also Menominee (LC)
(LC) Miamee see Miami Michilimackinac People (BE) see
Metkuyak-ontilka see Coast Yuki Miami [OK, IN] see Bora also Misinimak Kimiko
Metoac [NY] (H) Miankish see Piankashaw (LC) Wininiwuk (BE)
Metoctire see Mentuktire Miarra [Br] Michinipicpoets see Etheneldeli
Me-too-ta-hak see Mandan Mi-aw-kin-ai-yiks see Miawki- Michipicoten [Ont] Chippewa
Metootahak see Mandan naiyiks (BE)
Metotire see Mentuktire Miawkinaiyiks Piegan (BE) Michirache [Clan] Iowa (H)
Metotonta see Oto Miayuma see Mahoyum Michisagnek see Missauga
Metouscepriniouek (H) Micacoupsiba [MN] Dakota (BE) Michisaguek see Mississauga
Metouwack see Metoac Mi ca cu op si ba see Mi- Michiskoui see Missiassik
Metowack see Metoac cacuopsiba Michiskoui see Missisquoi
Metsahamomowi Guahibo (O) Micai see Mical Michoacana see Tarascan
Metsepe see Maspeth Mical [WA] Pshwanwapam (BE) Michonguave see Mishongnovi
Metsigameas see Michigamea Micasukey see Mikasuki Michopdo see Mich-op-do
Metsmetskop (H) Micasukies see Mikasuki Mich-op-do Maidu (Contri, v.3,
Metstoasath see Metstoasath Micasukys see Mikasuki p.282)
Metstoasath [Sept] Nootka (H) Mi-caw see Makah Michuacana see Tarascan
Metsupda [Lang] Konkow (CA-8) Micaw see Makah Mi-ci-kqwut-metunne see
Metuktire see Mentuktire Micawa see Misshawa Mishikhwutmetunne
Metutahanke see Mandan Miccasooky see Mikasuki Micikqwutmetunne see
Meviras [MX] Lagunero (BE) Miccosaukie see Mikasuki Mishikhwutmetunne
Mewah see Miwok Mic-cosooc-e see Mikasuki Mi-ci-qwat see Mishikhwut-
Mewan (LC) see also Miwok (LC) Miccosooce see Mikasuki metunne
Mewan [Lang] (CA-8) Miccosukee see Mikasuki Miciqwat see Mishikhwut-
Mewko see Plains Miwok Miccosukee see Seminole metunne
143 Mickasauky Mille

Mickasauky see Mikasuki Miduusky [AK] Ahtena (BE) Mikaunikachinga see Mikau-
Mickasukian see Mikasuki Miednoffskoi see Mednovskie nikashinga
Micka Sukle see Mikasuki Miednofskie see Mednovskie Mikaunikashinga [Subgens] Kansa
Mickasukle see Mikasuki Miembre see Mimbreno Apache (H)
Mickmak see Micmac Miembrenos see Mimbreno Mikechuse [CA] (H)
Micksucksealton Kalispel (H) Apache Mikikiwoman Conoy (Hdbk15)
Micksucksealton Tushepaw (H) Mie-missouks see Miemissouks Mikikoues see Nikikouek
mickyashe see Shoshone Miemissouks [WA, BC] (H) Mikikouet see Nikikouek
Mi-Clauq-tcu-wunti see Kliki- Mi-em-ma see Chimariko Mikinak see Mikonoh
tat Miemma see Chimariko Mikinak see Mikonoh
Miclauqtcuwunti see Klikitat Mienbre see Miembreno Apache Mi kinakiwadshiwininiwag see
Micmac [Can] Central Algonquian Mi enikacika see MIenikashika Mikinakwadshiwininiwak
(LC) Mienikacika see Mienikashika Mikinakiwadshiwininiwag see
Micognivi see Mishongnovi Mienikashika [Gens] Quapaw (H) Mikinakwadshiwininiwak
Mi-con-in-o-vi see Mishongnovi Migichihiliniou (H) Mi kinakiwadshiwininiwug see
Miconinovi see Mishongnovi Migichihilinious see Migichi- Mikinakwadshiwininiwak
Miconovi see Mishongnovi hiliniou Mikinakiwadshiwininiwug see
Mictawayang see Mishtawayaw- Mi-gisi see Omegeeze Mikinakwadshiwininiwak
ininiwak Migisi see Omegeeze Mikinakwadshi-wininiwak see
Middle Assiniboin see Opposite Migisiwininiwug see Migichi- Mikinakwadshiwininiwak
Assiniboin hiliniou Mikinakwadshiwininiwak [MN,
Middle Blackfeet Siksika (H) Migiziwininiwug see Migichi- ND, SD] Chippewa (H)
Middle Cherokee [Lang] [NC] hiliniou Mikissioua [Gens] Sauk and Fox (H)
(H) Migmac see Micmac Mikissoua see Mikissioua
Middle Columbia River [WA] Miguel, San [CA] Salinan (BE) Mikkesoeke see Mikasuki
Salish (Hdbk12) Migueleo [Lang] [CA] Salinan (CA) Mikmakiques see Micmac
Middle Columbia Salish (LC) see Miguelio see Migueleo Mikonah [Clan] Chippewa (H)
also Sinkiuse-Columbia (LC) Miguel Taxique, San see Tajique Mik-o-noh see Mikonoh
Middle Columbia Salish [WA] Miguel Ures, San see Ures Mikonoh [Gens] Chippewa (H)
(UW) Miheconder see Mahican Mikonotunne see Mackanotin
Middle Creek (BE) see also Tal- Mihicander see Mahican Mikonotunne see Mikono tunne
lapoosa (BE) Mihtukmechakick [MA] (H) Mikono tunne [OR] Tututni (BE)
Middle Creek [AL] Creek (H) Miitsr [Clan] Keres (H) Mikouachakhi see Miskouaha
Middle Indians see Tangeratsa Miitsr-hano see Miitsr Mikouest see a Mikouest
Middle Inlet [AL] Tenaina (BE) Mije see Mixe Mikouest see Amikwa
Middle Mewuk see Tuolumne Mika-ati see Northern Shoshone Mikowa see Mehkoa
Middle-Settlement Indians [GA, mika-ati see Shoshone Mikowa see Mehkoa
NC] Cherokee (H) Mikaati see Northern Shoshone Mikwak see Micmac
Middle Spokan (LC) see also mikaati see Shoshone Mikwanak see Micmac
South Spokan (BE) Mikadeshitchishi see Nez Perce Mikyashe see Northern Shoshone
Middle Spokan [WA] Spokan (LC) Mikakh [Clan] Quapaw (H) Mikyashe see Shoshone
Middle Spokane see Middle Mikakhenikashika [Gens] Qua- Mikyashe see Northern Shoshone
Spokan paw (H) Mikyashe see Shoshone
Middle Spo-ko-mish see Sin- Mika nika-shing-ga see Mikau- Mil-a-ket-kun see Milakitekwa
tootoolish nikashinga Milaketkun see Milakitekwa
Middle Spokomish see Sin- Mikanikashingga see Mikau- Milakitekwa [WA] Okinagan (H)
tootoolish nikashinga Milakitewa see Similkameen
Midewakanton see Mdewakan- Mikaqe nikacika see Milaug-tcu-wunti see Klikitat
ton Mikakhenikashika Milbauks-chim-zi-an see
Midewigan see Midewiwin Mikaqenikacika see Tsimshian
Midewigan see Midewiwin Mikakhenikashika milena see Navajo
Midewiwin see Midewiwin Mikaqlajinga see Mikau- Milicete see Malecite
Midewiwin [Society] Ojibwa (An- nikashinga Milicite see Malecite
nual, v.7, 1885/86) Mika qla junga see Mikau- Milijae see Milijaes
Midinakwadshiwininiwak [ND] nikashinga Milijaes [MX, TX] Coahuiltecan
Chippewa (BE) Mikasaukies see Mikasuki (BE)
Miditadi see Hidatsa Mikasi [Subgens] Omaha (H) Milkemaxituk see Similkameen
Midnookies see Mednovskie Mikasi-unikacinga see Mand- Millbank Indians see Bellabella
Midnooski see Mednovskie hinkagaghe Millbank Sound Indians see
Midnoosky see Mednovskie Mikasuki [FL] (LC) Bellabella
Midnovtsi see Mednovskie Mikasuky see Mikasuki Mill Creek culture [IA] see Yana
Midnusky see Mednovskie Mika unikachinga see Mikau- Mille Lac Band see Misis-
Midu see Maidu nikashinga agaikaniwininiwak
Milli-hhlama Minnetaree 144

Milli-hhlama see Tenino Minghaska [Subgens] Osage (H) Minissens see Minisink
Milowack see Metoac Minghaskainihkashina [Subgens] Minissingh see Minisink
Miluk [OR] (BE) Osage (H) Minissinks see Minisink
Miluk Coos see Miluk Ming-ko see Mingko Ministeneaux see Cree
Mimbre see Mimbreno Apache Mingko [Clan] Chickasaw (H) Minisuk see Minisink
Mimbrenas see Mimbreno Mingo (H) see also Mingko (H) Minitare see Hidatsa
Apache Mingo [PA] Iroquois (LC) Minitaree see Hidatsa
Mimbreno Apache [AZ] Gileos Mingwe see Iroquois Minitare of the Prairie see Atsina
(LC) Mingwe see Mingo Minitari see Miniaterree
Mimbrereos see Mimbreno Mingwee see Mingo Minitari see Hidatsa
Apache Miniamies see Menominee Minitari see Hidatsa
Mimbres (H) see also Mimbreno Miniaterree (BE) Minkekhanye [Subgens] Iowa (H)
Apache (LC) Mini-cala see Itazipcho Minkeyine see Minkeyine
Mimbres culture (LC) Minicala see Itazipch Minkeyine [Subgens] Iowa (H)
Mimetari see Hidatsa Minicau see Piniquu Min kin see Minkin
Mimiola Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Minicau see Manico Minkin [Gens] Kansa (H)
Mimvre see Mimbreno Apache Mini-con-gsha see Miniconjou Minkin [Gens] Osage (H)
Mina [Clan] Keres (H) Minicongsha see Miniconjou Minnake-nozzo see Min-
Minacaguapo [MX] (Hdbk10) Mini-Conjou see Miniconjou nakineazzo
Minaco see Mehinacu Miniconjou [Lang] Teton (H) Minnakenozzo see Min-
Minacu see Mehinacu Miniconjou Teton (LC) nakineazzo
Mina-hano see Mina Minicoughas see Miniconjou Min-na-kine-az-so see Minicon-
Minas [NS] Micmac (H) Minikaniwininiwuk see jou
Minatare see Hidatsa Minikani Wininiwuk Minnakineazzo (PC) see also
Minataree see Hidatsa Minikani Wininiwuk [WI] Miniconjou (LC)
Minatari see Hidatsa Menominee (BE) Minnakineazzo Miniconjou (H)
Minatories see Hidatsa Mini-kan-jou see Miniconjou Minnecarguis see Miniconjou
Minchumina Lake [AK] Tanana Minikanjou see Miniconjou Minnecausha see Miniconjou
(BE) Minikanjzu see Miniconjou Minnecogoux see Miniconjou
Minckquas see Iroquois Minikan oju see Miniconjou Minnecojou see Miniconjou
Minckus see Conestoga Minikanoju see Miniconjou Minnecongew see Miniconjou
Mincquaas see Iroquois Minikanyes see Miniconjou Minnecongou see Miniconjou
Min-da-war-car-ton see Mde- Minikanye wozupi see Minicon- Minneconjon see Miniconjou
wakanton jou Minneconjos see Miniconjou
Mindawarcarton see Mdewakan- Minikiniad-za see Miniconjou Minne Conjoux see Miniconjou
ton Minikomjoos see Miniconjou Minneconjoux see Miniconjou
Mineamies see Menominee Minikonga see Miniconjou Minnecoujos see Miniconjou
Mineamies see Miami Minikongaha see Miniconjou Minnecoujou see Miniconjou
Minecogue see Miniconjou Mininihkashina [Subgens] Osage Minne-cousha see Mininconjou
Minecosias see Miniconjou (H) Minnecousha see Miniconjou
Minecougan see Miniconjou Min-in-kanjzu see Miniconjou Minnecowzue see Miniconjou
Mi-ne-kanjzus see Miniconjou Minipata see Minnepata Minneh-sup-pay-deh see Mine-
Minekanjzus see Miniconjou Mini-sala see Itazipcho setperi
Mineoes see MIngo Minisala see Itazipacho Minnehsuppaydeh see Mineset-
Minesepere see Minesepere Min-i-sha see Itazipcho peri
Minesepere [MN] Crow (BE) Min-i-sha see Minisha Minnekonjo see Miniconjou
Mine-set-peri see Minesetperi Minisha (PC) see also Itazipcho (H) Min-ne-pa-ta see Minnepata
Minesetperi Crow (H) Minisha [SD] Oglala (BE) Minnepata Hidatsa (H)
Minesuperik see Minesetperi Minishinakato see Min-i-shi- Minnessinck see Minisink
Minetaire see Hidatsa nak-a-to Minnetahree see Hidatsa
Minetare see Hidatsa Min-i-shi-nak-a-to [MN] Assini- Minnetahse see Hidatsa
Minetaree see Hidatsa boin (BE) Min-ne-ta-re see Hidatsa
Minetare of the Prairie see Atsina Minishupako see Dakota Minnetare see Hidatsa
Minetari see Hidatsa Minishupsko see Dakota Minnetaree see Hidatsa
Minetaries see Hidatsa Minisincks see Minisink Minnetaree Metaharta see Hidatsa
Minetarre see Hidatsa Minising see Minisink Minnetaree of Fort de Prairie see
Minetarries see Hidatsa Minisink [NY, NJ, PA] Munsee Atsina
Mingaes see Iroquois (LC) Minnetaree of Fort Prairie see
Mingan [Can] Montagnais- Miniskuyakichun [Brule] (H) Atsina
Naskapi (BE) Miniskuyakitchun see Minnetaree of Knife River Hi-
Minghakokia see Mengakonkia Miniskuyakichum datsa (H)
Minghasanwetazhi [Subgens] Miniskuya-kitcun see Minis- Minnetaree of the Plains see
Omaha (H) kuyakichum Atsina
145 Minnetaree Miskwa-ka

Minnetaree of the Prairies see Minxaska see Minghaska Mishonginovi see Mishongnovi
Atsina Minxaska see Minghaska Mi-shong-no-vi see MIshong-
Minnetaree of the Willows see Minxaska iniykacina see novi
Hidatsa Minghaskainihkashina Mishongnovi see Mishongnovi
Minnetaroes see Hidatsa Minxaskainiykacina see Ming- Mishongnovi Pueblo Indians (BE)
Minnetarre see Hidatsa haskainihkashina Mishongop-avi see Mishongnovi
Minneways see Illinois Miook see Miwok Mi-shon-na-vi see Mishongnovi
Minnicongew see Miniconjou Miopacoas [MX] Laguenero (BE) Mishonnavi see Mishongnovi
Minnikan-jous see Miniconjou Mipacma see Makoma Mishtawaya-wininiwak see
Minnikanye Wozhipu see Mini- Mipegoes see Winnebago Mishtawayawininiwak
conjou Miqkano see Miqkano Mishtawayawininiwak [Ont]
Minnishupsko see Dakota Miqkano [Clan] Menominee (H) Chippewa (H)
Minnisink see Minisink Miqui see Hopi Mishumash [CA] Chumash (H)
Minnissincks see Minisink Miquiaguin see Moquiaguin Misiassins (Petits) see Mistassin
Minnissingh see Minisink Miquira [PE] (O) Misiassuck see Missiassik
Minnissinke see Minisink Miracopa see Maricopa Misinimak Kimiko Wininiwuk
Minnitaree see Miniaterree Miragua see Miraa see Misinimak Kimiko
Minnitaree see Hidatsa Mirami see Miami Wininiwuk
Minnitaree Metaharta see Hidatsa Miraa [Col] (O) Misinimak Kimiko Wininiwuk
Minnitaree of the Willows see Miraa-Carapana-Tapuyo see [WI] [Menominee] (BE)
Hidatsa Bora misis see Omisis
Minntaree see Hidatsa Miranha see Miraa Misis see Omisis
Minokantong see Mdewakanton Mirania see Miraa Misisagaikani-wininiwak see Mi-
Minominee see Menominee Mirao see Miraa sisagaikaniwininiwak
Minominies see Menominee Miranya see Miraa Misisagaikaniwininiwak [MN,
Minomonee see Menominee Mirayo see Miraa ND, SD] Chippewa (BE)
Minoniones see Menominee Miriti see Miriti-Tapuya Misisagakaniwininiwak [MN]
Minoomenee see Menominee Miriti-Tapuya [Col] Tucano (O) Kitchisibiwininiwug (H)
Minoosky see Mednovskie Mirocopa see Maricopa Misisagas see Missisauga
Minowakanton see Mdewakan- Mirrachtauhacky see Montauk Misisagas see Missisauga
ton Mirrica see Manico Misisagey see Missisauga
Minowa Kantong see Mde- Misalla-Magun [CA] Gallinomero Misiskoui see Missiassik
wakanton (Contri, v.3, pp.183-186) Misiskuoi see Missisquoi
Minowakantong see Mdewakan- Miscal (Hdbk10) see also Mescales Misitague see Missisauga
ton (BE) Mis-kai-whu see Miseekwig-
Minowas see Iowa Miscal [MX] (Hdbk10) weelis
Minoway-Kantong see Mde- Miscalero see Mescalero Apache Miskaiwhu see Miseekwigweelis
wakanton Miscothins see Mascouten Mis-Keeges see Maskegon
Minow Kantong see Mdewakan- Miscotins see Mascouten Miskeegoes see Maskegon
ton Miscouaguis see Fox Mis-ke-toi-i-tok see Hupa
Minowkantong see Mdewakanton Miscouaqui see Fox Misketoiitok see Hupa
Min-qe qan-ye see Minkekhanye Miseekwigweelis Skagit (H) Miskigula see Pascagoula (LC)
Minqeqanye see Minkekhanye Mishalpam [WA] (Hdbk12) Miskito [NI, Hon]
Minqua [Lang] Iroquois (BE) Mi-shan-qu-na-vi see Mishong- Miskito (O) see also Mosquito (LC)
Minquaa see Conestoga novi Miskitu see Miskito
Minquaas see Iroquois Mishanqunavi see Mishongnovi Miskogonhirini see Maskegon
Minquaes see Conestoga Mishara see Yagua Miskouaha [Q] Nippising (H)
Minqua Indians see Conestoga Mishbul-ontilka see Coast Yuki Misku-Gami-Saga-igananishin-
Minquaos see Conestoga Mishigamaw see Michigamea abeg see Miskwagamiwigaigan
Minquas see Iroquois Mishikhwutmetunne [OR] (BE) Miskugamisagaiganinishinabeg
Minquase see Conestoga Mishisagaiganiwininiwag see Mi- see Miskwagamiwigaigan
Minquays see Conestoga sisagaikaniwininiwak Mis-kut see Hupa
Minque see Conestoga Mishkei-ontilka see Coast Yuki Miskut see Hupa
Minquino see Conestoga Mishkemau see Meshkemau Miskwadasi see Meskwadare
Minquosy see Conestoga Mishkeunontilka see Coast Yuki Miskwa-gamiwi-saga-igan see
Minsi see Munsee Mi-shong-i-niv see Moshong- Miskwagamiwisagaigan
Mintou see Mento novi Miskwagamiwisagai-i-gan see
Minusing see Minisink Mishonginiv see Mishongnovi Miskwagamiwisagaigan
Minusky see Mednovskie Mi-shong-i-ni-vi see Mishong- Miskwagnmiwisagaigan [MN]
Minxa-san-wetaji see Ming- novi Chippewa (BE)
hasanwetazhi Mishonginivi see Mishongnovi Miskwa-ka Mewe Sagagan Wene-
Minxasanwetaji see Mingasanwe- Mi-shong-in-ovi see Mishong- newak see Miskwagamiwis-
tazhi novi agaigan
Misk Moadokado 146

Miskwakamewesagaganwene- Mississageyes see Missisauga Mithouies see Methow

newak see Miskwagamiwis- Mississagez see Missisauga Mi-til-ti see Hupa
agaigan Mississagies see Missisauga Mitilti see Hupa
Miskwikeeyuk see Fox Mississagua see Missisauga Mitiuhana [Self-designation] see
Misonk see Mietmissouks Mississague see Missisauga Karine
Misouri see Missouri Mississagura see Missisauga Mi-toam Kai Po-mo see Mito-
Misquachki see Fox Mississaki see Missisauga mkai
Missada see Missisauga Mississaque see Missisauga Mitomkai [CA] Pomo (H)
Missage see Missisauga Mississauge see Missisauga Mitom Pomo [CA] Northern
Missasaga see Missisauga Mississauger see Missisauga Pomo (Pub, v.40, no.2)
Missasago see Missisauga Mississaugies see Missisauga Mitsita see Wichita
Missasague see Missisauga Mississaugue see Missisauga Mitua [Self-designation] see
Missasauga see Missisauga Mississgua see Missisauga Guayabero
Missassago see Missisauga Mississippian culture (LC) Miuneconjou see Miniconjou
Missassuga see Missisauga Mississippi bands see Kitchisibi- Miuxsen see Tonkawan
Missaugee see Missisauga wininiwug Mivera see Quivira
Missequek see Missisauga Missitague see Missisauga Mi-wa see Miwok
Missesaga see Missisauga Missogkonnog [MA] (H) Miwa see Miwok
Missesagoes see Missisauga Missoori see Missouri Mi-wi see Miwok
Missesague see Missisauga Missounta see Missouri Miwi see Miwok
Missesaque see Missisauga Missouri [Lang] Chiwere (LC) Mi-wok see Miwok
Mis-sha-wa see Misshawa Missouri [MO, IA, KS] (LC) Miwok [CA] (LC)
Misshawa [Clan] Potawatomi (H) Missouri [OK] (W) see also Oto Miwokan [Lang] Utian (CA-8)
Missiago see Missisauga (LC) Miwokan Indians see Miwok
Missiassik [VT] Abnaki (BE) Missouria see Missouri Miwuk see Miwok
Missinasague see Missisauga Missourian see Missouri Mixe [Lang] [MX] Zoquean (LC)
Mission [BC] Seaton Lake Lillooet Missourien see Missouri Mixed bloods (LC)
(H) Missouries see Missouri Mixed bloods (LC) see also Mes-
Mission [BC] Squamish (H) Missouri River Souk see Sauk tizo (H)
Mission [BC] Upper Lillooet (H) Missourita see Missouri Mixed bloods (LC) see also Metis
Mission Indians [CA] (LC) Missourite see Missouri (H)
Mission Iroquois see Caugh- Missoury see Missouri Mixed Shoshones Bannock,
nawaga Misstassin see Mistassin Tukuarika (H)
Mission Valley [BC] Salish (H) Missuri see Missouri Mixtec [MX] (LC)
Missiosagaes see Missisauga Missurier see Missouri Mixteca Alta [MX] (BE)
Missiouri see Missiouri Missurys see Missouri Mixteca Baja [BaC, MX] (BE)
Missiqueck see Missisauga Mistapnis see Mistassin Mixtecan [Lang] Mixtecan (BE)
Missisaga see Missisauga Mistasiniouek see Mistassin Mixteco see Mixtec
Missisagaes see Missisauga Mistasirenois see Mistassin Miyami see Miami
Missisage see Missisauga Mistasirinin see Mistassin Miyi see Mayeye
Missisagi see Missisauga Mistassin [Q] Algonquian (LC) Mizocuavean (BE)
Missisago see Missisauga Mistassini see Mistassin Miztecan [MX] (BE)
Missisague see Missisauga Mistassinni see Mistassin Mkatewetiteta see Siksika
Missisaguez see Missisauga Mistassirinin see Mistassin Mke-tash-she-ka-kah see Mke-
Missisaguy see Missisauga Mistissinnys see Mistassin tashshekakah
Missisak see Missisauga Misumalpan [Lang] [CAm] (BE) Mketashshekakah see Mke-
Missisaki see Missisauga Misuri see Missiouri tashshekakah
Missisaque see Missisauga Mitahawiye see Kitkehahki Mketashshekakah [Gens] Sauk
Missisaquees see Missisauga Mitaoam Kai Pomo see Mito- and Fox (H)
Missisauga [Ont] Chippewa (LC) mkai Mko see Mko
Missisauge see Missisauga Mitaui see Methow Mko [Clan] Potawatomi (H)
Missisco see Missisquoi Mitawit see Mitawit Mkwa see M-kwa
Missiscoui see Missiassik Mitawit [Society] (Annual, v.14, M-kwa [Clan] Shawnee (H)
Missiscoui see Missisquoi pt.1) Mnakho-tana see Unakhotana
Missisiga see Missisauga Mitchagami see Michigamea Moache [Col, NM] Ute (LC)
Missiskouy see Missiassik Mit-che-ro-ka see Mitcheroka Moacks see Mohawk
Missisque see Missisquoi Mitcheroka [Clan] Hidatsa (H) moadika-a see Agaipani-
Missisquoi (IndL, nos.27-28) see Mitchif see Michif nadokado
also Missiassik (BE) Mitchigamea see Michigamea Moadoc see Modoc
Missisquoi [VT, Q] Abnaki Mitchigamias see Michigamea Mo-a-dok see Modoc
(Hdbk10) Mitchitamou see Mistassin Moadok see Modoc
Mississaga see Missisauga Mi-tcu-mac see Chumash Moadokado see Agaipani-
Mississaget see Missisauga Mitcumac see Chumash nadokado
147 Moadokkni Mohikan

Moadokkni see Modoc Mococo [FL] (BE) Mohaes see Mohawk

Moadok Maklak see Modoc Mocorito [MX] (BE) Mohag see Mohawk
Mo-ah see Moah Mocovi see Mocobi Mohagg see Mohawk
Moah [Clan] Potawatomi (H) Mocquages see Mohawk Mohahue see Mohave
Moahtockna see Modoc Mocquayes see Mohawk Mohak see Mohawk
Moak see Mohawk Moctobi [MS, LA] (BE) Mohansick see Manhasset
Moan-au-zi see Northern Paiute Moctoby see Moctobi Mohaokx see Mohawk
Moanauzi see Northern Paiute Modanks see Modoc Mohaq see Mohawk
Moanauzi see Mono Modesse see Madehsi Mohaqe see Mohawk
Moanunts [UT] Ute (Hdbk11) Modoc [CA, OR] (LC) Mohaques see Mohawk
Mo-apa see Moapa Mo-docks see Modoc Mo-har-a-la see Moharala
Moapa Southern Paiute (Hdbk11) Modocks see Modoc Moharala [Subclan] Delaware (H)
Moapan see Mopan Modoes see Modoc Mohauck see Mohawk
Moapariat [NV] Paiute (H) Mo-dok see Modoc Mohaug see Mohawk
Mo-a-pa-ri-ats see Moapariats Modok see Modoc Mohaukes see Mohawk
Mo-a-pa-ri-ats see Moapa Mo-dokish see Modoc Mohauks see Mohawk
Moa-pariats see Moapa Modokish see Modoc Mohauog see Mohawk
Moapariats (PC) see also Moapa Mo-dokni see Modoc Mohauvies see Mohave
(Hdbk11) Modokni see Modoc Mohave [CA, AZ] (LC)
Mo-a-pats see Moapa Modokni maklaks see Modoc Mohave Apache see Yavapai
Moapats see Moapa Mo-dok-us see Modoc Mohavi see Mohave
Moasham see Abnaki Modokus see Modoc Mohavies see Mohave
Moasson see Abnaki Modook see Modoc Mohawa see Mohave
Moassone see Abnaki Mo-e-ka-ne-ka-she-ga see Mohawa [Clan] Miami (H)
Moatakish see Modoc Manyika Mohawck see Mohawk
Moatokgish see Modoc Moekanekashega see Manyika Mohawe see Mohave
Moatokni (H) see also Modoc (LC) Mo-e-kwe-ah-ha see Chedunga Mohawk [NY, Can] Iroquois (LC)
Moatokni [CA] (BE) Moekweahha see Chedunga Mohawk [OR] Luckiamute (H)
Moavinunts see Moanunts Moencopi see Moenkopi Mohawkes see Mohawk
Mo-a-wa-ta-ve-wach see Tabe- Moenkapi see Moenkopi Mohawques see Mohawk
guache Moenkopi Hopi (Hdbk9) Mohaws see Mohawk
Moawatavewach see Tabeguache Moennitarri see Hidatsa Moheakanneew see Mahican
Moawk see Mohawk Moeno see Mashco Moheakenunk see Mahican
Mobeluns see Mobile Moeroahkongy see Meletecunk Moheakounuck see Mahican
Mobilas see Mobile Mo-e-twas see Palaihnihan Moheakunnuk see Mahican
Mobile [AL] (LC) Moetwas see Palaihnihan Mohecan see Mahican
Mobileans see Mobile Mogall see Mogollon Moheckon see Mahican
Mobilian (H) see also Creek (LC) Mogallones see Mogollon Moheconnock see Mahican
Mobilian [Lang] (LC) Mogeri see Hopi Mo-heegan see Mahican
Mobilian Indians see Mobile Mogin see Hopi Moheegan see Mahican
Mobiliens see Mobile Mogogones see Mogollon Moheg see Mohawk
Mobima see Movima Mogoll see Mogollon Mohegan [CT, NY] (LC)
Moca see Hopi Mogollon Gileos (LC) Mohekennuk see Mahican
Mocama [Lang] Timucuan (H) Mogollon culture (LC) Mohekin see Mahican
Mocama Indians see Timucua Mogollone see Mogollon Mo-he-kune-uk see Mahican
Moccasin-with-Holes see Ban- Mogollones see Mogollon Mohekuneuk see Mahican
nock Mogosnae see Mocobi Mohekunuh see Mahican
Mochda [Tucanan] [Self-designa- Mogoyones see Mogollon Mohemencho [Lang] Monacan (H)
tion] see Carapana Moguache see Moache Mohetan (BE)
Moche see Mochica Moguachi see Moache mohiatniyum [Clan] Serrano
Mochgonnekonck see Shinnecock Moguachis see Moache (Pub, v.26)
Mochgonnekouck see Shinnecock Moguex [Col] (LC) Mohican see Mahican
Mochi see Hopi Moguex [Lang] (LC) see also Mohican see Mohegan
Mochica (LC) see also Yunca (LC) Chibchan (LC) Mohicand see Mahican
Mochica [PE] (LC) Moguez see Moguex Mohicander see Mahican
Mochies see Hopi Mogui see Hopi Mohiccon see Mahican
Mocho [Lang] Mayan (LC) Moha see Moxo Mohickan see Mahican
Mochomes see Delaware Mohaakx see Mohawk Mohickander see Mahican
Mo-cko-ki see Muskogee Mohace see Hopi Mohicken see Mahican
Mockoki see Muskogee Mohack see Mohawk Mohickon see Mahican
Mockway see Mohawk Mohacqs see Mohawk Mohigon see Mahican
Mocoa see Camsa Mohacques see Mohawk Mohiguara Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Mocobi [Arg] (LC) Mohacs see Mohawk Mohikan see Mahican
Mohikander Monsee 148

Mohikander see Mahican Moje see Hopi monahk see Northern Paiute
Mohikon see Mahican Mojeno see Baure Monahoac see Manahoac
Mohikonder see Mahican Mojo see Moxo Monakin see Manokin
Mohineyam (H) see also Serrano Mojose see Hopi mo-na-mus-se see Northern
(LC) Mokahoki see Okahoki Paiute
Mohineyam [CA] (Pub, v.4, no.3, Mokahoki see Okahoki monamusse see Northern Paiute
pp.139-140) Mokaich [Clan] Keres (H) Monan Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10)
Mohingan see Mahican Mokalumne see Plains Miwok monasa see Waho
Mohingaus see Mahican Mokaus see Mohawk monasa see Washo
Mohino see Ese Ejja Mokawkes see Mohawk Monaton see Manhattan
Mohinyam see Mohineyam Moke see Hopi Monatun see Manhattan
Mohkach [Clan] Cochiti (H) Mokee see Hopi Monaxo see Masacali
Mohkuh [Clan] Ponca (H) Mokhaba see Mohave mon-ay-a see Mono Lake North-
Mohoakk see Mohawk Moki see Hopi ern Paiute
Mohoc see Mohawk Mo-ki see Hopi Moncoca [BO] (O)
Mohocander see Mahican Mokoit [Self-designation] see Mondaque see Anadarko
Mohoce see Hopi Mocobi Monde [Br] (O)
Mohocks see Mohawk Mokozumne see Plains Miwok Mondorocu see Mundurucu
Mohog see Mohawk Mokumiks [MN] Piegan (BE) Monecoshe see Miniconjou
Mohogan see Mahican Mokushi see Macusi Mon-eka-goh-ha see Mandhink-
Mohoges see Mohawk Mokwats [CA] Chemehuevi (BE) agaghe
Mohogg see Mohawk Molafoka see Mola-foka Monekagohha see Mandhinka-
Mohok see Mohawk Mola-foka (Pub, v.29, no.4) see gaghe
Mohokander see Mahican also Lower Lake Pomo (Pub, Moneton [WV, VA] (BE)
Mohokes see Mohawk v.29, no.4) Mong [Clan] Chippewa (H)
Mohoqui see Hopi Mola-foka [CA] (Pub, v.29, no.4) Mongwa [Clan] Miami (H)
Mohose see Hopi Molala [OR] (LC) Monhauset see Manhasset
Mohotlath [Sept] Opitchesaht (H) Molale see Molala Monhigg see Mohegan
Mohotze see Hopi mo-lalis see Molala Moni see Menominee
Mohoukes see Mohawk Molalis see Molala Monichi [Self-designation] see
Mohowaugsuck see Mohawk Molalla see Molala Muniche
Mohowauuck see Mohawk Mo-lal-la-la see Molala Monkee Indians see Hopi
Mohowawog see Mohawk Molallala see Molala Monkoka see Moncoca
Mohowk see Mohawk Mole [Lang] see Mor Mon-mish see Samamish
Mohox see Mohawk Molel see Molala Monmish see Samamish
Moh-tau-hai-ta-ni-o see Ute Molia see Pomuluma Monnato [Clan] Miami (H)
Mohtauhaitanio see Ute Molibal see Tubatulabal Monnesick see Minisink
Mohtawa see Kansa Molina Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Mono [CA] (CA)
Moh-ta-wa-ta-ta-ni-o see Sihas- Mollala see Molala Mono [Lang] Western Numic
apa Mollalla see Molala (Hdbk11)
Mohtawatatanio see Sihasapa Molma [CA] Maidu (H) mo-nok see Northern Paiute
Mohuache see Moache Molsem see Malssum monok see Northern Paiute
Mohuache Utahs see Moahce Moluche [CH] see Araucanian Mono Lake Northern Paiute
Mohuache Utes see Moache Moluche [EC] see Huao (Hdbk11)
Mohuccon see Mahican Molxave see Mohave Monomeni see Menominee
Mohuccories see Mahican Momi [Subclan] Missouri (H) Monomin see Menominee
Mohuck see Mohawk Momobi [Clan] Hopi (H) Monomonee see Menominee
Mohuhache see Moache Momon Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Monomoy see Manomoy
moieomini tan see Shoshone mona see Mono Monomunies see Menominee
Moi-ka nika-shing-ka see Monacan [Lang] Eastern Siouan mo-no-ni-o see Mandan
Manyika (H) mononio see Mandan
Moika nikashingka see Manyika Monacan [VA] (LC) Mono-Paviotso [Lang] (Hdbk11)
Moingoena see Moingwena mo-na-che see Mono see also Mono-Bannock
Moingwena Illinois (Hdbk15) monache see Mono (Hdbk11)
Moins see Illinois Monachi see Mono Mono-Paviotso [Lang] Western
Moiseyu [SD] Cheyenne (BE) Monaci see Northern Paiute Numic (Hdbk11)
Moja see Moxo Monaci see Northern Paiute Monoponson Choptank (Hdbk15)
Mojaoes see Mohave Monadji see Mono Monosho see Masacali
Mojaris see Mohave Monahassano see Nahyssan Monozi see Northern Paiute
Mojave (Hdbk10) see also Mohave Monahassanugh see Nahyssan Monqui [BaC, MX] Waicuri (BE)
(Hdbk10) Monahegan see Mohegan Monquoi see Hopi
Mojave Fort Mojave and Colorado Monahiganeuck see Mohegan Mons [Clan] Menominee (H)
River (Hdbk10, p.69) mo-nahk see Northern Paiute Monsee see Munsee
149 Monsey Mossa

Monsey see Munsee Mooshongeenayvee see Mishong- Morbah [Clan] [NM] Pecos (H)
Monshoro see Zoro novi Morbanas Coahuiltecan (BE)
Monsonabi see Mishongnovi Moo-song-na-ve see Mishongnavi Mor [BO, Br] (O)
Monsonavi see Mishongnovi Moosongnave see Mishongnavi Moreno [Gua] (O)
Monsoni [Can] Upeshipow (H) Mo-o-tza see Hopi Morerebi [Br] (O)
Mons widishianun see Mons Mootza see Hopi Morhicans see Mohegan
widishianun Mopan [Gua, Bel, BrH] (LC) Moriwene [Lang] Maipurean (O)
Mons widishianun [Phratry] Mopanero see Mopan Mormon Lake Northern Tonto
Menominee (H) Moq see Hopi Apache (BE)
Montagnais (H) see also Moqni see Hopi Moro [BO, Par] (LC)
Chipewyan (LC) Moqtavhaitan see Moq- Moroba see Maruba
Montagnais (H) see also Nahane tavhaitaniu Morochoco see Morochucan
(LC) Moqtavhaitaniu [SD] Cheyenne (BE) Morochucan [PE] (LC)
Montagnais [Q] Montagnais- Moqua see Hopi Morochuco see Morochucan
Naskapi (LC) Moquache see Moache Morocosi [Lang] see Moxo
Montagnais-Naskapi [Can] (BE) Moquaches see Moache Morongo (Pub, v.4, no.3, p.133)
Montagnards Tinne (H) Moquaes see Mohawk see also Serrano (LC)
Montagne see Onondaga Moquakues see Mohawk Morongo [CA] (CA)
Montagnees see Chipewyan Moquas see Mohawk Morotico see Moratuc
Montagnes see Chipewyan Moquase see Mohawk Morotoco see Moro
Montagnese see Mikinakwadshi- Moquat Paiute (H) Morqui see Hopi
wininwak Mo-quats see Las Vegas Moruba see Mayoruna
Montagneurs see Onondaga Moquats see Las Vegas Morumsce Pocomoke (Hdbk15)
Montagnez see Chipewyan Moquauks see Mohawk Morunahua [PE] (O)
Montagues see Onondaga Moquawes see Mohawk morzhumae see Navajo
Montauk [Lang] Eastern Algo- Moque see Hopi morzhumae see Navajo
nquian (Hdbk15) Moquelemne see Moquelumnan Mosanais see Mishongnovi
Montauk [NY] (LC) Moquelumnan [CA] (LC) Mosanis see Mishongnovi
Monterey [CA] Costanoan (BE) Moquelumnan [Lang] [CA] Mosasnabi see Mishongnovi
Montese see Caingua Costanoan (H) Mosasnave see Mishongnovi
Montochtana [Clan] Kna- Moqui see Hopi Mosca see Chibcha
iakhotana (H) Moqui see Mohawk Moscalara see Mescalero Apache
Mon-to-to see Nutunutu Moquiaguin [MX] Coahuiltecan Moscama see Mocama
Montoto see Nutunutu (Hdbk10) Mosco see Miskito
Montowese [CT] Mattabesec (H) Moquian Pueblo see Hopi Moses Band see Sinkiuse
Mooachaht [Can] Nootka (BE) Moquin see Hopi Moses-Columbia [WA] Sinkiuse-
moo-dus-sey see Navajo Moquina see Hopi Columbia (BE)
moodussey see Navajo Moquino see Hopi Mosetene see Mosetenos
Moohag see Mohawk Moquitch see Hopi Mosetene see Chimane
Mookwungwahoki [Subclan] Moquois see Hopi Mosetenos [BO] (LC)
Delaware (H) Moquy see Hopi Moshaich [Clan] Acoma (H)
Moo-lal-le see Molala Moqwaio [Clan] Menominee (H) Moshanganabi see Mishongnovi
Moolalle see Molala Moqwaio widishianun [Phratry] Moshi see Mor
Moon-calves see Menominee Menominee (H) Moshkos see Fox
Mooncalves see Menominee Morahicander see Mahican Moshkos see Mascoutens
Mooncha (H) see also Tunanpin Moraigane see Mahican Moshome see Navajo
[Oto] (H) Moraigun see Mahican Moshongnave see Mishongnovi
Moon-cha see Tunanpin [Oto] Moraleos Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Mosi see Hopi
Mooncha [Clan] Oto (H) Morales Coahuiltecan (Hdbk10) Mosicha see Hopi
Moonhartarne [Sublan] Delaware Morargan see Mahican Mosilian [NJ] (H)
(H) Moratico [VA] (Hdbk15) Moskoky see Muskogee
Moonpidenne see Maopityan Moratik see Moratuc Mosnala [CAm] Concho (BE)
Moonsee see Munsee Morato [Lang] see Candoshi Mosobiae see Mocobi
Mooqui see Hopi Moratok [NC] (BE) Mosopelea [OH] Ofo (BE)
Moor see Nanticoke Moratuc (Hdbk15) see also Mora- Mosquagsett see Mohawk
Moose Factory Band [Can] tok (BE) Mosquies see Hopi
Sakawininiwug (BE) Moratuc [NC] Algonquian Mosquitans see Mascoutens
Moosehead Lake [ME] Penobscot (Hdbk15) Mosquito [Hon, NI] (LC)
(H) Moraughtacund [VA] Powhatan Mosquitoan [Lang] Misumalpan
Mooshahneh see Mishongnovi (BE) (BE)
Mooshkaooze [Clan] Chippewa (H) Moravian Indians (LC) Mosquitos (H) see also Mascouten
Mooshongae nayvee see Mishon- Moravian Indians (LC) see also (LC)
gnovi Christian Indians (LC) Mossa see Moxo
Mossanganabi Mu-cin-ta tunne 150

Mossanganabi see Mishongnovi Mountain Indians see Tutchone Mowatsi see Moache
Mossi see Mor Mountain Indians see Mowhak see Mohawk
Mossonganabi see Mishongnovi Chipewyan Mowhakes see Mohawk
Moszasnani see Mishongnovi Mountain Indians see Etagottine Mowhakues see Mohawk
Motahtosiks Piegan (BE) Mountain Indians see Ten- Mowhaug see Mohawk
Motantee see Oto ankutchin Mowhauk see Mohawk
Motarctin see Mascouten Mountain Indians Intermedidate Mowhawk see Mohawk
Motawa see Kansa Denes (H) Mowhawkes see Mohawk
Motawa see Kansa Mountain Maidu Northeastern Mowhoake see Mohawk
Moteawaughkin Assateague Maidu (Pub, v.29, no.4) Mowhok see Mohawk
(Hdbk15) Mountain Men see Ten- Mowill see Mobile
Moterequoa see Pauserna ankutchin Mowquakes see Mohawk
Mother People see Tukkuthkutchin Mountain People see Xebina Mow-shai-i-na see Mishongnovi
Motilon [Col, VE] (LC) Mountain People see Xenaton- Mowshaiina see Mishongnovi
Motilon [Lang] (UAz, v.28) wan Moxa see Moxo
Motilone see Motilon Mountain People see Atai- Moxainabe see Mishongnovi
Motilones Bravos see Bari Kutchin Moxainavi see Mishongnovi
Motilon of the North see Yukpa Mountains see Chipewyan Moxeo see Moxo
Motochintlec see Mocho Mountain-Sheep-Eaters see Moxi see Hopi
Motochintlec see Motozintlec Tukuarika Moxionavi see Mishongnovi
Motomkin see Matomkin Mountain Sheep Men see Abba- Moxitae see Moxo
Mototzintlec see Mocho totine Moxo (LC) see also Ignaciano (LC)
Mototzintlec see Motozintlec Mountain Shoshone see Moxo [BO, Br, Par] (LC)
Motozintlec (LC) see also Mocho Tukudeka Moxonaui see Mishongnovi
(LC) Mountain Snake see Shoshone Moxonavi see Mishongnovi
Motozintlec [MX] (LC) Mountain Stoneys see Tshantoga Moyana [BO] Araona (O)
Motozintleca [Lang] (Bull44) Mountain Ute (JCB, v.11, no.1, Moyaoncer see Conoy
Motozintleca Indians see Motoz- 1989, pp.35-49) Moyave see Mohave
intlec Mount Currie Lillooet [Lang] In- Moyawance [MD] Conoy (BE)
Mo-ts see Hopi terior Salish (Hdbk12) Moyma see Movima
Mots see Hopi Mourigan see Mahican Moyoack see Nottoway
Motsai [TX] Comanche (BE) Mouskouasoak see Malecite Moyowance see Conoy
motse-heone-tane see Apache Mousonee [Phratry] Chippewa (H) Mozan see Mishongnovi
Mo-tsi see Hopi Moustiquais see Miskito Mpoyo see Mapoyo
Motsi see Hopi Moustiques see Miskito Msepase see M-se-pa-se
Motsonitanio see Woksihitanio Mouuache Utes see Moache (LC) M-se-pa-se [Clan] Shawnee (H)
Moturicu see Mundurucu Mouvill (H) see Mobile Mshkudannik see Prairie Band
Motutatak see Oto Mouvilla see Mobile of Potawatomi
Motwainaiks [MN] Piegan (BE) Mouville see Mobile Mshkudannik see Prairie Band of
Mouache see Moache Movas [MX] Pima Bajo (Bull44) Potawatomi
Mouaches see Moache Move (LC) see also Guaymi (LC) Mtlakapmah see Thompson
Mougui see Hopi Move [Pan] Northern Guaymi (BE) Mtom-kai see Mitomkai
Mouhak see Mohawk Moviats [CA] Chemehuevi (BE) Muache see Moache
Moukou see Mohkuh Movila see Mobile Muahuache see Moache
Mouloubis see Moctobi Movill see Mobile Mu-apots see Moapa
Mound-builders (LC) Movima [BO] (LC) Muapots see Moapa
Mountain Assinaboins see Movina see Movima muappa see Moapa
Tschantoga Moving Lodges Ahacik (H) muappacimi see Moapa
Mountain Cahuilla [CA] (BE) Movwiat Paiute (H) Muares see Moache
Mountain Cahuilla [Lang] (CA-8) Mo-vwi-ats see Las Vegas Muatokni see Modoc
Mountain Comanche see Apache Movwiats (PC) see also Las Vegas Muatokni see Modoc
Mountain Crow (H) (Hdbk11) Muca see Hopi
Mountain Diegueo [Lang] [CA] Mowa [AL] Choctaw (IT, v.24, Mu-ca-la-moes see Mescalero
Yuman (He) no.4, p.19) Apache
Mountainee see Montagnais Mowack see Mohawk Mucalamoes see Mescalero
Mountaineer see Chipewyan Mowakes see Mohawk Apache
Mountaineer Indians see Mon- Mowaks see Mohawk Muchalat [Can] Nootka (BE)
tagnais Mowatak see Modoc Muchimo [PE] Muniche (O)
Mountaineers see Onondaga Mo-wata-k see Modoc Much-quanh see Makwa
Mountain Eskimos Interior North mowataviwatsiu see Uncompah- Muchquanh see Makwa
Alaska Eskimos (Hdbk5) gre Much-quauh see Makwa
Mountain Indians see Tsethaot- Mowatchi see Moache Muchquauh see Makwa
tine Mowatodkni see Modoc Mu-cin-ta tunne see Coos
151 Mucintatunne Muscolgee

Mucintatunne see Coos Muk-im-dua-win-in-e-wug see Mundua see Mantouek

Muck-aluc see Klamath Pillagers Mundua see Mantouek
Muckaluc see Klamath Mukimduawininewug see Pil- Munduka [Br] Southern Nam-
Muckaluck see Klamath lagers bicuara (O)
Muckhekanies see Mahican Mukkekaneaw see Mahican Mundurucu [Br] (LC)
Muckleshoot [WA] (LC) Mukkudda Ozitunnug see Sik- Munduruku see Mudurucu
Mucoco see Mococo sika Mungwas see Iroquois
Mucogulgee see Muskogee Mukkundwas see Pillagers (H) Muniche [PE] (O)
Muddy Creek Paiute see Moapa Mukkwaw (H) see Makwa Munichi see Muniche
Muddy River Indians see Piegan Muk-kwaw see Mawka Munichino see Muniche
Mudjetire see Surui II Muklasa [AL, FL] (BE) Munitsche see Muniche
Muellama [Col] (O) Muklasalgi [Clan] Creek (H) Munku see Iranxe
Muenane see Muinane Muk-me-dua-win-in-e-wug see Munnawtawkit see Montauk
Mu-gua see Hopi Pillagers Munnoamin-nee see Menomi-
Mugua see Hopi Mukmeduawininewug (PC) see nee
Mugulasha (BE) see also also Pillagers (H) Munnoaminnee see Menominee
Quinipissa (BE) Mukmeduawininewug [MN] Munominikasheenhug [WI, MN]
Mugulasha [LA] (BE) Chippewa (BE) Chippewa (BE)
mugunuwu see Kawaiisu Muk-ud-a-shib see Sheshebe Munque concabe see Moenkopi
Muhekannew see Mahican Mukudashib see Sheshebe Munsee [NJ, NY] Delaware (LC)
Muhheakunneuw see Mahican Mukundua see Pillagers Munsey see Munsee
Muhheakunnuk see Mahican Muk-undua-win-in-e-wing see Munsy see Munsee
Muhheconnew see Stockbridge Pillagers Munxar see Zoro
Muhheconnuk see Stockbridge Mukunduawininewing see Pil- Muoi [Pan] Northern Guaymi
Muhheeckanew see Mahican lagers (BE)
Muh-hee-kuneew see Mahican Muk-undua-win-in-e-wug see Muqui see Hopi
Muhheekuneew see Mahican Pillagers Muqui concabe see Moenkopi
Muhhekaneew see Mahican Mukunduawininewug see Pil- Mura [Br] (LC)
Muhhekaneok see Mahican lagers Mura [Lang] [Col] Paezan (LC)
Muhhekanew see Stockbridge Mukundwa see Pillagers Muracumane see Meracouman
Muhhekaniew see Mahican Muk-wah see Makwa Muradicos see Shoshoko
Muhhekanneuk see Mahican Mukwah see Makwa Murato (O) see also Candoshi (LC)
Muhhekanok see Mahican Mula [Clan] Zuni (H) Murato [PE] (O)
Muhhekenow see Mahican mulalis see Molala Murire (LC) see also Guaymi (LC)
Muhhekunneau see Mahican Mulatos Coahuiltecan (BE) Murire [Pan] Northern Guaymi
Muhhekunneyuk see Mahican mule-lis see Molala (BE)
Muhhowekaken [Subclan] Muleye see Mayeye Muro see Moro
Delaware (H) Mulian see Pomuluma Mur til par see Matilpe
Muhkarmhukse [Subclan] Mulknomans see Mutlnomah Murtilpar see Matilpe
Delaware (H) Multnomah [OR] (LC) Muru see Moro
Muhkrentharne [Subclan] Mum-i-o-yiks see Mameoya Muruam see Muruam
Delaware (H) Mumioyiks see Mameoya Muruam [TX] Coahuiltecan (BE)
Muhuache see Moache Mummapacune [VA] Powhatan Murui [Col] Witoto (LC)
Muhwao Sepeo Wininiwuk (BE) Murzibusi [Clan] Hopi (H)
[WI] Menominee (BE) Munangomo see Mayongong Mus [Clan] Mohave (H)
Muinane [Col] (LC) Munangone see Mayongong Musagulge see Muskogee
Muinane [PE] Witoto (O) Munan-ne-qutunne see Klicki- Musalero see Mescalero Apache
Muinyan [Clan] Hopi (H) tat Mu-sal-la-kun see Missalla
Muisca see Chibcha Munannequtunne see Klickitat Magun
Muite [Pan] (BE) Munapume [MX] Coahuiltecan Musallakun see Misalla Magun
Mujetire see Surui II (Hdbk10) Muscagee see Muskogee
Muk (H) Muncey [Ont] Munsee (BE) Muscagoes see Maskegon
mu-ka kyula see Navajo Munchies see Hopi Mus-ca-lar-oes see Mescalero
mukakyula see Navajo Munchirache see Tunanpi Apache
Muk-a-luk see Klamath Muncie see Munsee Muscalaroes see Mescalero
Mukaluk see Klamath Muncu see Manico Apache
Mukanti (H) see also Molala Mundaywahkanton see Mde- Muscalero see Mescalero Apache
(LC) wakanton Muscallaro see Mescalero Apache
Mukanti [OR] Molala (BE) Munday Wawkanton see Mde- Muscogee see Creek
Mu-ke see Hopi wakanton Muscogee see Muskogee
Muke see Hopi Munde see Aikana Muscogeh see Muskogee
Mukickan see Mahican Mundruca see Mundurucu Muscogulge see Muskogee
Mukickkaneew see Mahican Mundrucu see Mundurucu Muscolgee see Muskogee
Musconoge Naamhock 152

Musconoge see Maskegon Muskogee [AL, FL] (BE) mu-ti-cimi see Moapa
Musconogee see Maskegon Muskoghe see Mascouten muticimi see Moapa
Muscoten see Mascouten Muskogolgee see Muskogee Mutilones see Motilon
Muscoutan see Mascouten Muskohge see Muskogee mu-ti-nukkinti see Moapa
Muscow see Muskogee Muskohgee see Muskogee mutinukkinti see Moapa
Musgogee see Muskogee Muskoke see Muskogee Mutsen [CA] (CA-8)
Mu-shai-e-now-a see Mishong- Muskoke see Muskogee Mutsen [Lang] [CA] Northern
novi Muskoki see Muskogee Costonoan (CA-8)
Mushaienowa see Mishongnovi Mus-koo-gee see Muskogee Mutsiana-taniu see Kiowa
Mu-shai-i-na see Mishongnovi Muskotanje see Mascouten Apache
Mushaiina see Mishongnovi Mus-ko-ta-we-nuk see Mutsianataniuw see Apache
Mushangene-vi see Mishongnovi Paskwaniniwug Muvinabore [TX] Comanche (BE)
Mushangnevi see Mishongnovi Muskotawenuk see Paskwanini- Muwa see Miwok
Mushangnevy see Mishongnovi wug Muwach see Moache
Mu-shang-newy see Mishong- Muskrat see Malecite Muwekma [CA] (CA)
novi Muskrat Indians see Malecite Muwekma Ohlone [CA] (News,
Mushangnewy see Mishongnovi Muskulthe see Mascouten Fall 1997, pp.8-9)
Musha-ni see Mishongnovi Muskutawa see Mascouten Muxtawatan see Ute
Mushani see Mishongnovi Mus-kwa-ka-uk see Fox Muxtsuhintan see Apache
Mushauguewy see Mishongnovi Muskwakauk see Fox Muynku see Irantxe
Mush-codesh see Mascouten Muskwake see Fox Muysca see Chibcha
Mushcodesh see Mascouten Muskwaki see Fox Muzo [Col] (LC)
Mushkeag see Maskegon Muskwakiwuk see Fox Mwawa see M-wa-wa
Mushkodain see Mascouten Muskwoikakenut [Can] Cree (BE) M-wa-wa [Clan] Shawnee (H)
Mush-ko-dain see Mascouten Muskwoikauepawit [Can] Cree Myacma see Makoma
Mush-ko-dains-ug see Mas- (BE) Myacomap see Makoma
couten Musqua see Muskogee Myami see Miami
Mushkodainsug see Mascouten Musquabuck see Mesquawbuck Myamick see Miami
Mushongnovi see Mishongnovi Musquacki see Fox Myanamak see Manumaig
mushshailekwe see Mishongnovi Mus-quack-ki-uck see Fox Myeengun [Clan] Chippewa
Musica see Chibcha Musquackkiuck see Fox
Muskagoes see Maskegon Musquake see Fox
Muskagowuk see Maskegon Musquakee see Fox
Mus-ka-g-wuk see Makegon Musquakie see Fox
Mus-ka-le-ra see Mescalero Musquakkink see Fox -N-
Apache Musquaro [Can] Montagnais-
Muskalera see Mescalero Apache Naskapi (BE) N. Seora del Socorro see So-
Mus-ka-lero see Mescalero Musquattamies see Fox corro del Sur
Apache Musquattamies see Mascouten Na. Seora del Socorro see So-
Muskalero see Mescalero Apache Musquawkee see Fox corro del Sur
Muskantin see Mascouten Musqueam [Can] Stalo (BE) Na [Clan] Tewa (H)
Muskeegoo see Maskegon Musqueten see Mascouten Naaance see Nehane
Muskeg see Maskegon Musqueton see Mascouten Naaance see Nahaunee
Muskeggouck see Maskegon Musquetoon see Mascouten Naa-anee see Nahane
Muskegoag see Maskegon Musquiakis see Fox Naaanee see Nahane
Muskegoag see Nopeming Musquitan see Mascouten Naabeeho see Navajo
Muskegoe see Maskegon Musquitoes see Mascouten Na-ah-ma-o see Naahmao
Muskegon see Maskegon Musquiton see Mascouten Naahmao [Clan] Mahican (H)
Muskegoo see Maskegan Musscovi see Missouri Naai see Naai
Muskego Ojibway see Maskegan Mussisakies see Missisauga Na-ai see Nahane
Muskelera see Mescalero Apache Mussundumnis [Clan] Chippewa Naai (PC) see also Nahane (LC)
Muskelero see Mescalero Apache (H) Naai [Clan] Navajo (H)
Musketoons see Mascouten Mustassin see Mistassin Naa-icine see Naai
Musketoous see Mascouten Mustee see Mestizo Naaicine see Naai
Muskhogean [Lang] (LC) Mustegan see Maskegan Naaidine see Naai
Muskhogean Indians see Musko- Musten see Mutsen Naaidine see Naai
gee Musteses see Mixed bloods Naaketlahi see Pima
Muskigo see Maskegon Musu see Moxo Naalem see Nehalem
Muskigok see Maskegon musumi see Navajo Naalgus-hadai [Subclan] Haida
Musk-keeg-oe see Maskegon Musutepes [CAm] Suman (BE) (H)
Muskkeegoe see Maskegon Mutea see Carapana Na-al-ye see Naalye
Muskoge see Muskogee mu-ti-ci see Moapa Naalye [OR] Skoton (H)
Muskogean see Muskhogean mutici see Moapa Naamhock see Amoskeag
153 Naamhok Nadatcho

Naamhok see Naumkeag Nabeidacho see Nabedache Nachitock see Natchitoches

Naamkeek see Amoskeag Nabeidatcho see Nabedache Nachitooches see Natchitoches
Naamkeke see Naumkeag Nabeidtacho see Nabedache Nachitos see Natchitoches
Na-ane see Nahane Nabejo see Navajo Nachittoo see Natchitoches
Naane see Nahane nabe li see Navajo Nachittos see Natchitoches
Na-ane-ottine see Nahane Nabeli see Navajo Nachizh-o-zhin see
Naaneottine see Nahane Nabesna [AK] (LC) Dechizhozhin
Naan-ne see Nahane Nabesnatana (LC) see also Tanana Nachodoches see Nacogdoches
Na anne see Nahane (LC) Nachtichoukas see Natchitoches
Naanne see Nahane Nabesnatana [AK] Tenankutchin Nachvlke see Natchez
Naansi [TX] Hasinai Confederacy (H) Nachy see Natchez
(BE) Nabeyeyxa [TX] Hasinai Confed- Nacisi [LA, TX] (H)
Naantucke see Niantic eracy (BE) Nacitos see Natchitoches
Naa-nu-aa-ghu see Nanyaayi Nabeyxa see Nabeyeyxa Nac-nanuc see Tapuya
Naanuaaghu see Nanyaayi Nabidachos see Nabedache Nacnanuc see Tapuya
naapeexwoh see Navajo Nabihos see Navajo Naco see Chamelcon
Naas see Chimmesyan Nabil-tse see Hupa Nacoches see Nacachau
Naashashi see Santa Clara [NM] Nabiltse see Hupa Nacochtant see Nacotchtank
Naashashi see Tewa Nabiri [TX, AR] (H) Nacocodochy see Nacogdoches
Naashgali see Mescalero Apache Nabites see Nabiri Nacocqdoxez see Nacogdoches
Naashtezhi see Zuni Nabiti see Namidish Nacodissy see Nacogdoches
Naaskaak see Naasumetunne Nabiti see Nabiri Nacodocheets see Nacogdoches
Naas River Indians see Niska Nabittse see Hupa Nacodoches see Nacogdoches
Naass see Chimmesyan Nabobish [MI] Chippewa (H) Nacodochitos see Nacogdoches
Na-a-su metunne see Naasume- Nabochi see Napochi Nacogdoches [TX, LA] Hasinai
tunne Nabojas see Navajo Confederacy (BE)
Naasumetunne [OR] (H) Nabojo see Navajo Nacogdochet see Nacogdoches
Naaticoke see Nanticoke Nabovu winwu see Nabowu