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This checklist is designed to assist the Project Manager in conducting data collection for the

Lessons Learned and Best Practices Report. It offers guidance and a variety of questions that
may be asked to determine which elements of the less optimal project experiences should be
avoided in the future, and what contributors to project success should be repeated in future
projects. The following checklist can be used any time there is a need for lessons learned and
best practices to be identified for a project. This exercise can be initiated at any time, but is most
commonly executed during the Closure phase of PMAP. Other times when it may be useful to
execute this exercise is for large projects, at the completion of each PMAP phase. This will
ensure that participants interviewed still have a fresh memory of what worked well and where
improvement is needed, and the results should be more accurate and useful. Please refer to the
PMAP Guidebook for further guidance on this activity.

This checklist is intended to assist the project manager in gathering the data needed to produce
the Lessons Learned and Best Practices Report.

Practice Guidance Questions

Communication and This practice includes the following Throughout the project there
Client Partnership PMAP activities: were various
1) Document Work Request communications vehicles
2) Communicate Project status, used, i.e. Almanac,
3) Develop and Execute brochures, Direct Emails, The
Communications Plan Bottom Line, BEN Reps-
4) Capture Lessons Learned which vehicle did you feel
and Best Practices. was the most effective?
How effectively were the
The purpose of this Practice is to project status meetings
build a partnership with the conducted?
projects clients and to meet the How effectively were
project information needs of all the stakeholders involved in the
parties affected by the project in an project?
accurate, comprehensive and timely Was communication with
manner. stakeholders adequate?
How well were your
expectations met regarding
the frequency and content of
information conveyed to you
by the Project Manager?
How well was project status
communicated throughout
your involvement in the
How well did the Project
Practice Guidance Questions
Manager respond to your
questions or comments
related to the project?
How well was project status
communicated throughout
your involvement in the
How useful was the format
and content of the Project
status Report to you?
Scope Definition & This practice includes the following Were there resource
Management PMAP activities: constraints that prevented
1) Develop Project Proposal appropriate responsiveness
2) Determine Project Scope to the development of a
3) Manage Project Scope. Project Proposal?
What were the challenges in
The purpose of this practice is to get development of a Project
an agreement and buy-in from all Proposal?
parties on what exactly the project How effective was the
will produce, and maintaining that Project Proposal in providing
agreement throughout the project sufficient information to
life cycle. initiate the Planning Phase?
Was there sufficient
participation from key
stakeholders or subject
matter experts in the
development of the Project
Did the scope deliverables
provide sufficient and
accurate definition of the
Were the scope documents
managed and controlled?
Were the scope deliverable
documents baselined?
How well did the final scope
of the project match what
was defined in the Project
How effectively were the
Practice Guidance Questions
changes to scope managed?
How satisfied were you with
your involvement in the
agreement on Project Scope
during Project Definition and
Were the objectives and
scope of this project clear?
Schedule and Budget - This practice includes the following As project performance beat
Definition & PMAP activities: or challenged estimates,
Management 1) Develop and Manage Project were the estimates
Schedule effectively revised and the
2) Develop and Manage Project current and future tasks re-
Budget scheduled?
3) Release Resources How closely does the initial
Project Schedule compare
The purpose of this practice is to with the final schedule?
build a comprehensive and realistic Were Project Team members
schedule and budget for the project, available to perform their
and to manage schedule and budget tasks according to the
projections accurately throughout schedule?
the project life cycle. Were Phases, Activities and
Tasks clearly laid out?
How did the estimated
Project Budget compare with
the total actual expenditure?
Were resources released in a
timely manner?
Overall, how effective was
budget and schedule
management on this
Was the Team structure clear
(i.e., who was responsible for
Did the project team have a
clear knowledge of the
project goals and objectives?
Were the right people part
of the team, and were they
brought on the team at the
Practice Guidance Questions
right time?
How well did the Project
Team understand the
expectations of their specific
roles and responsibilities?
How well were your
expectations met regarding
the extent of your
involvement in the project
(effort time commitments
How effective was each
Project Team member in
fulfilling his/her role?
How effective was team
member training?
Did you have adequate tools
to support the development
of this product?
If there was a vendor
involved, were the
communications Plans, roles
& responsibilities, schedules
and deliverables clearly
Commitment This practice includes the following Were Scope, Schedule and
Management PMAP activities: Budget baselined, and was
1) Establish and Manage Project that done at an appropriate
Commitments. time during the Planning
The purpose of this practice is to Was the Commitment
track the commitments made to the Change process properly
project, whether in terms of agreed- invoked to manage changes
upon baseline scope, schedule and to Scope, Schedule, or
budget, or in terms of previously Budget?
accepted deliverables, and to Were changes to Scope,
manage commitment variances. Schedule, or Budget
effectively managed?
When changes to Scope,
Schedule or Budget were
accepted, were these project
Practice Guidance Questions
parameters re-baselined?

Project Issue This practice includes the following How well were project issues
Management PMAP activities: communicated throughout
1) Manage Project Issues. your involvement in the
The purpose of this practice is to project?
document, track and quickly How effectively were issues
resolved all project issues, especially tracked on the project?
the ones that threaten to impact the How effectively were issues
project baseline. resolved before escalation
was necessary?
If issue escalation was
required, how effectively
were issues resolved?
How effectively were issues
able to be resolved without
impacting the Project
Schedule or Budget?
Project Information This practice includes the following How useful and complete
Management activities: was the project repository?
1) Set up and Manage Project How effectively was version
Repository control managed?
2) Perform Administrative Closeout Has time tracking against the
project been stopped?
The purpose of this practice is to
collect, store and manage data
generated by and about the project,
and to capture historical data in the
repository for future use or analysis.
Project Governance This practice includes the following How effective were the
and Acceptance activities: Phase Gate reviews?
Management 1) Develop Phase Gate Were the required Phase
Recommendations (for each phase), Gate participants available to
2) Develop, Manage, and Complete participate?
Deliverable Approval Plan. Was the project schedule
The purpose of this practice is to jeopardized by Phase Gate
apply project governance to phased bottlenecks or delays?
approval of the project and to the Was the phase gate review
deliverable approval process. process appropriately
focused on the needs of
each phase?
Practice Guidance Questions
Which phase gate reviews
were more/less effective?
How effective was the
acceptance management
Was the approval process for
each deliverable clearly
How well prepared were you
to receive project
How well defined was the
acceptance criteria for
project deliverables?
Was sufficient time allocated
to review project
How complete / effective
were the materials you were
provided in order to make a
decision to proceed from
one project life cycle phase
to the next? If materials
were lacking, please
Product Effectiveness Product Effectiveness is not a When initially implemented,
project management practice, but a how well did the product of
place to capture lessons learned and the project meet the stated
best practices associated with the needs of the client
development of the projects organization?
ultimate deliverable: its product, After turnover to Operations,
whether a new computer system or how well does the product of
a new infrastructure installation. the project meet the stated
needs of the client
How well does the product
of the project deliver the
benefits outlined in Project
What is your overall
assessment of the outcome
Practice Guidance Questions
of this project?