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USF Elementary Education Lesson Plan Template: EDE 4943

Name: Emily and Elisa Date of Lesson: 5/18/17

HOST Activity Block (circle one): Creative Arts / Outdoor Time / Read Aloud / Homework
Purpose/Objective - What skill(s) are Listening skills are developed within this activity. The student must pay careful attention to the cues being
you developing in this lesson? What called in order to remain in the game.
do you want students to practice, or
be able to do?

Connection to the Cornett I felt like I could connect this activity to the SEED activity from the book, Follow the Leader
Text-What chapter/art medium are Pantomime Seed Strategy
you using in your lesson and how are Chapter 9 Page 379
you applying it? Page # activity?

Materials Needed- (What does N/A

HOST already have & what do you
need to collect yourself?)

Step-by-Step Plan-(What exactly Bring students outside

do you plan to do in teaching this Give directions to students: We are all going to line up on the line. When you are on the line that
lesson? Be thorough. Act as if you is considered at shore when we tell you ship you must hop forward from the line. If at anytime
needed a substitute to carry out the you hear someone say Captains coming you must salute and remain saluting until you hear us say
lesson for you.) at ease. You need to pay careful attention to the commands because if at any point you are not in
the correct position you will be out. The last one standing gets to become the director!
Where applicable, be sure to Teacher will give the signals for the first round
address the following: The last student standing will then become the commander
How will materials be
How will students transition
between activities?
What will you as the teacher
What will the students do?
What student data will be
collected during each phase?
What are other adults in the
room doing? How are they
supporting students learning?
What model of co-teaching
are you using?

Differentiation-How did you Lower grade levels: Take away the captains coming command and only give them ship and shore.
engage in differentiation between Higher grade levels: Add on an additional command to make the game more challenging.
different grade levels? Make
connections to differentiation by Differentiation can also be made in regards to the speed of the commands based off the grade levels.
content, process, and product?

Evaluation--How will you know After each student has been able to participate in a few rounds before getting out of the game.
your students have met your

Back-up SEED Activities from Heads, shoulders, knees, and toes (Pg 436) Dance and movement strategies. During this activity
Cornett Text the teacher can rearrange the order of the song heads, shoulders, knees, and toes to allow for
Please list and write a brief the students to follow the song. For example the teacher may say shoulder, shoulders, knees.
description of SEED activities Whoever fails to listen to directions is out!
(including page number from text)
you can use if you finish your block
early, have time during transitions,
etc. **Please note these activities
can be used across several day.
Reflection Notes-- What was So for my outside lesson we only had two students because we go outside at the end of the program and
effective about your step-by-step the rest of the students in my group left home. However, the lesson went good the students understood
plan? What might need to be the rules of the activity. I think they had fun one student said they still wanted to keep doing the activity
adjusted in your step-by-step when when we finished doing the activity. So both students were engaged in the activity and I didnt have no
using this plan in the future? problems with this lesson.