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Greed and Power Are the Truest Evils

By Rafael Guerrero

Greed and power are the truest evils. Many times, war is a cause of greed and the
desire for power. Stronger nations will attack a weaker nation in the hope of gaining
more power or status… and usually in the hope of getting spoils of war. Spoils of war
can be gaining land, business contracts (the Iraqi War), reparations, and control of a
nation through a puppet government. Take a look at all of the wars that have
occurred throughout history and in most of them you will find a reason (possibly
hidden by the government) that involves greed and/or power. The War of
Independence – it was all about power… the British wanted to have colonies abroad
which equals power… however the colonies wanted to become their own country
which also equals power (I’m not saying that is the only reason the colonies wanted
to become independent). The Civil War- the Southern states ceded from the Union,
which caused the war. The Union did not want to lose their power like that and so the
war began. The Spanish-American War, the war which helped the US get recognized
as a major power. That war was all about power and greed because the US kept the
Philippines and “freed” Cuba (although Cuba remained under US influence for
decades after). The war in Afghanistan- yes, it was about terrorism, however, the US
gained plenty of influence there since we now have a US-friendly president and
troops stationed there. The Iraqi War- I know many will disagree with me here, but
it’s hard to deny that the war had anything to do with oil when US companies are
enjoying millions of dollars in revenue due to oil contracts. We also have a US-friendly
president in Iraq and thousands of troops stationed there… how’s that for influence in
the Middle East?

Famine is attributed to abusive governments, imperialism, and a lack of resources.

Abusive governments do not care about their population. Saddam Hussein’s people
were starving and suffering from a lack of resources while he had numerous palaces
and millions of dollars. Imperialism, which is not as obvious now as it was a hundred
years ago, still exists. Powerful countries extract resources from weaker countries…
this is done either forcefully or by other means. Some countries also have a lack of
natural resources. Imperialism is the reason why Africa is so poor. During the
colonization era Africa was the most exploited part of the world. Europeans were
building colonies in Africa and taking their rubber and minerals.

Hatred stems from what I have mentioned above. The US has many enemies because
of its imperialism. Famine, abusive regimes, etc. have caused unrest in countries. All
of these things lead to bloodshed. Intolerance is also a very important reason why
there is so much hatred. Countries with different governments cannot stand each
other. Religions are not tolerant of each other. Many wars, too many, have been
fought over religion. This intolerance leads to war… the winner is then the most
powerful…? My opinion is that this form of choosing the most powerful is barbaric.
Greed and power are the truest evils.