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Interactive Learning Activities

Websites Name Websites URL Description of the Interactive Learning

Nourish Interactive This activity allows students to interact by
interactive-food-pyramid-five-food-groups reading the given clue and having to pick
letters which spell the correct answer.
Kitses This digestion activity allows students to
see how different foods are broken down in
the body when digested.
Cashmancuneo[1].swf Cardiovascular system. This activity
allows students to understand the
importance of the cardiovascular system.
Sheppard software Food group game. This will allow students
groupsgame.html to correctly Identify the correct food
groups for foods.
Bbc Keeping Healthy. This allows students to
_healthy_fs.shtml visualy see the effects of certain actions to
the heart.
Resources wales Healthy Eating. Helps students realize the
roduction/Plenary.htm effects of eating healthy.
Learn Alberta Hand washing. This activity can help a
rue student understand how germs are spread.
Food fact of life This activity helps a student understand
4284ac32ac30.swf how to create a well-balanced plate to eat.
Edu place This activity is physics based for a student
unitf.html to learn change in energy.
Angelo edu This activity allows a student to understand
print-Web.swf the effects of a persons environmental
footprint which correlates to living healthy.