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Commented [JC1]: Call for ball

Transcription and coded data – Jack Crispin Commented [JC2]: Bad shot
Week 2 Commented [JC3]: Bad shot
Warm up - Commented [JC4]: Call for ball
Commented [JC5]: Encouragement
:51 “Yeah Lee” Commented [JC6]: Team vs group
1:08 “Oh yep”
Commented [JC7]: Call for ball
1:11 “Eww”
Commented [JC8]: Call for ball
1:27 “Yuck”
1:29 “Yeah back again” Commented [JC9]: Disbelief in missed shot
2:02 “Shot” Commented [JC10]: Team vs group
2:20: Jackson “do you miss” Commented [JC11]: Joking about not knowing novice
Me “Nah not really ahah” ques
2:35 “Yah” Commented [JC12]: Encouragement
2:40 “Yah”
Commented [JC13]: Encouragement
2:45 “Ohhh”
3:05 Angela “Do you know what a layup is?” Commented [JC14]: Call for ball

Me “Nah, yeah yeah sorry ahah” Commented [JC15]: Encouragement
3:10 “yeah Luke” Commented [JC16]: Encouragement
3:25 “Shot, ohh bad luck, yeah luke, yep yep” Commented [JC17]: Call for ball
3:35 “Oh bad luck Lee”
Commented [JC18]: Encouragement
3:38 “Yes Jackson”
3:40 “ yeah yep” Commented [JC19]: Encouragement
3:55 “Jackson” Commented [JC20]: Encouragement
3:59 “Sorry? Oh yep” Commented [JC21]: Encouragement
4:10 “Oh bad luck”
Commented [JC22]: Team vs group
4:11 “Shot Luke”
Commented [JC23]: Encouragement
4:27 “Oh yeah Jackson, boom”
4:35 “Yeah boys, oh yep” Commented [JC24]: Encouragement
4:55 ‘Yeeeahh” Commented [JC25]: Encouragement
4:07 “Niiceee” Commented [JC26]: Call for ball
5:10 “Good Lee, nice Ange, Yo”
Commented [JC27]: Encouragement
5:24 “Bad Luck Lee”
5:26 “Oh bad luck” Commented [JC28]: Encouragement

5:30 “Yep” Commented [JC29]: Call for ball
5:40 “Go Lee” Commented [JC30]: Encouragement
5:43 “Shot”
Commented [JC31]: Encouragament
6:05 “Yea”
Commented [JC32]: Call for ball
6:12 “Oh sorry bro”
6:25 “Yep” Commented [JC33]: Call for ball
6:30 “Oh” unhappy with shot Commented [JC34]: Unhappy with shot
6:47 “Bad luck” Commented [JC35]: Encouragement
6:57 “Lee, yeah boy, YEAH!” clapping
Commented [JC36]: Encouragement
7:00 “Nice”
7:05 “Yep” Commented [JC37]: Encouragment

7:11 “Felt good, felt good” on free throw Commented [JC38]: Call or ball
7:30 “Yep” replying to Sam Commented [JC39]: Happy with shot
7:37 “Alright, feel good, Ohhh, kinda got put off there by Luke, he’s put me off ahah” Commented [JC40]: Team joking around
7:55 “Come back, ohhh bad luck” Commented [JC41]: Encouragement
8:00 “Oh yeah, oh yeah, nice”
Commented [JC42]: Encouragement
8:10 “sorry”
8:32 “Yes Lee! Beautiful mate, looking mint off the hands” Commented [JC43]: Encouragement
8:43 “For the win, Oh yeah”
8:52 “Go black team” Commented [JC44]: Encouragement
9:09 “Do you reckon we should do like, nothing in the paint, no layups, because I don’t think many of
them can shoot” Commented [JC45]: Leadership
9:21 “I reckon man on man but just like stay back a bit”
9:29 “Yeah” replying to “front court man?” by Ange
9:31 “Yeah, just get on Duncan, because he’s a gun” Commented [JC46]: Recognition of good players
9:35 “Ill guard, I mean you can guard him yeah, yeah give it a crack man. Just lock him down ahah”
9:47 “Who do you want to get?”
9:50 “Alright I’ll get Jack”
9:54 “Let’s go Jackson yeh c’mon”
10:10 “Oh, shot” talking to opposition
10:26 “Yep”
10:31 “Nice Luke take that” Commented [JC47]: Encouragement
10:37 “Get boards, yes Luke, ohh” Commented [JC48]: Basketball slang
10:40 “I got ball”
Commented [JC49]: Basketball slang
11:02 “Can you pause it?”
11:07 “Still run it? Alright”
11:19 “Bad luck” to opposition player
11:28 “Shot” to opposition player
11:40 “I got a pick” Commented [JC50]: Basketball
11:58 “Get ball get ball get ball”
12:26 “Shot” to opposition player
11:30 “Oh yeah” Commented [JC51]: Forgot I was dribbler
11:40 “I got a pick for you, yes with the block” Commented [JC52]: Basketball Slang
11:42 “Yes Ange”
Commented [JC53]: Encouragement
11:54 “Oh bad luck Luke”
13:04 “Oh I have Jack” forgot who I was guarding Commented [JC54]: Encouragement
13:20 “Yep I got Jack” Commented [JC55]: Forgot who I was guarding
13:27 “Shoot it” to opposition team
13:36 “Oh my shoes untied” “Oh my bad” “Sorry” Commented [AM56]: loss of focus
14:00 “Use that, Oh”
14:08 “Bad luck Luke, good effort” Commented [JC57]: Encouragement
14:29 “Good luke, YES, go!, man on man on” Commented [JC58]: Encouragement
14:35 “Yes take that, shot! Great work Ang” Clapping
14:43 “Spread the defence nicely” Commented [JC59]: Expert
14:45 “I got ball”
15:10 “Alright what are we thinking”
15:19 “Yep”
15:35 “Get those rebounds Lee, get in that good spot” Commented [JC60]: Mentoring
15:47 “Had a couple of opportunities that were gettable”
15:55 “Yeah” Agreeing to Lee
16:00 “Yeah” Agreeing to Luke
16:04 “Who wants to go out? I can go out if you want?”
16:07 “Nah that’s alright I’ll do it”
16:10 “Let’s go guys” Commented [AM61]: peer instructional cue


On Bench
00:19 “Let’s go Ang, run the point” Commented [JC62]: Basketball slangg
00:30 “hit luke” (reffering to passing it to Luke”
00:41 “Nice, bad luck” Commented [JC63]: Encouragement
00:49 “Good Jacko” Commented [JC64]: Encouragement
00:55 “Hold it up, hold it up, take your time, chill, chill”
Commented [AM65]: calming team down
1:10 “Let’s go Jacko”
1:18 “Nice Lee!” Commented [JC66]: Encouragement
1:23 “Lee good pass there mate, good pass” Commented [JC67]: Encouragement
2:04 “You want to sub? Okay, well done man” Commented [JC68]: Encouragement
On court
2:30 “Let’s go get those rebounds, box out” Commented [JC69]: Basketball slang
2:40 “Yep, yep” Commented [AM70]: team instructional cue
2:46 “Screen”
Commented [JC71]: Call for ball
2:48 “Nice, set a nice block for Ange there, good layup”
2:56 “I got ball, I got ball” Commented [JC72]: Basketball slang
3:10 “Oh! Frustration in that call, feet were still, didn’t even do anything” Commented [JC73]: Knowledge of rules
3:43 “Good Jacko, good, oh bad luck, just take your time a bit” Commented [JC74]: Encouragement
3:57 “I got Jack”
Commented [JC75]: Mentoring
4:10 “yep yep, yeah Jacko”
4:22 “Post up post up, go ball Lee go ball Commented [JC76]: Positive reinforcement

4:40 “Yeaahhhh! Nice” Commented [JC77]: Encouragement

rd Commented [JC78]: Basketball slang
5:04 “Ummm, well were losing ahaha” Commented [JC79]: Encouragement
5:10 “yeah”
5:15 “Be confident”
5:22 “Alright, yeah, probably better than turning it over, like better than forcing the inside ball”
5:30 “Get a couple points up”
5:47 “Yeah, just come in with him and yeah”
5:42 “Alright, yeah help, help defense” Commented [JC80]: Basketball Slang
6:20 “Boards, yours, yours luke” Commented [JC81]: Basketball slang
6:27 “Man on, man on Luke”
7:00 “Man on man on, take your time”
7:05 “I got ball, good Lee!” Commented [JC82]: Encouragement
7:10 “Yeah Luke” Commented [JC83]: Encouragement
7:32 “Oh foul, ahah”
8:15 “Yeah Jacko” Commented [JC84]: Encouragement
8:20 “Felt good, ahh who’s got ball” Commented [JC85]: Happy with shot
8:28 “I got ball”
8:58 “Boards! Our ball”
9:15 “Shoot that” Commented [JC86]: Trust in team
9:27 “Good Lee! Nice” Commented [JC87]: Encouragement
9:56 “Yeap, Luke”
Commented [JC88]: Call for ball
10:02 “Yep, yep”
10:08 “Nice” Commented [JC89]: Call for ball

10:30 “Get that Lee, our ball black ball” Commented [JC90]: Encouragement
11:00 “Ohh stuff that bounce”
11:11 “That it?”
11:22 Good games to all opponents
11:28 “Quick debrief, what do you reckon”
11:48 “Yeah, yeah, yeah”
12:00 “Overall I think it was pretty good, we talked alright”
12:20 “Have some fun”

Week 3
Warm up
00:30 “Yeah Ange”
00:30 “Oh” disbelief in miss
00:45 “Yep”
1:00 “Yew”
1:28 “Shot Ange”
1:50 “Eww Yuck”
2:10 “Yeah Jackson, yeah boy”
2:49 “Alright, don’t tell anyone but I have a sore thumb, so I can only use my right side” Commented [AM91]: loss of focus
2:55 “Footy last night”
3:07 “7”
3:11 “Is Luke off? I’ll come off in the middle”
3:23 “Yeah alright, man?”
3:32 “Yeah yeah”
3:38 “Did you want to guard Mack? I’ll guard Theo”
3:44 “Yeah boy, get that rebound boy”
3:51 “Ohh yeah, if you want”


3:58 “Get one, cmon Jackson” Commented [JC92]: Encouragement
4:03 “Ohh he just dominates, I got ball, I got ball, I got ball”
4:12 “Yeah nice, man on man on man on, oh bad luck” Commented [JC93]: Encouragement
4:22 “go ball go ball go ball, you got him Jackson, good!” Commented [JC94]: Encouragement
4:30 “Yep, ohhh bad luck”
5:10 Drew the player, pass to Ang to try and get her open Commented [JC95]: Basketball knowledge
5:15 made open layup “felt good, felt real control with the ball”
5:35 “Take it” Commented [JC96]: Trust in team mates
5:46 “Yeah Lee, ohh” Commented [JC97]: Encouragement
6:30 “Yean Lee”
Commented [JC98]: Encouragement
6:35 “Black ball?”
6:45 “Take it”
6:47 “nice movement” referring to Angelas moving without the ball to get possession of the
basketball Commented [JC99]: Basketball knowledge
6:51 “Foul” Commented [JC100]: Basketball knowledge
6:59 “I got ball, I got ball
7:18 “Go go go
7:30 “Nice Jackson” Commented [JC101]: Encouragement
7:59 “Yeap” Commented [JC102]: Call for ball
8:10 euro step to get past Mack, didn’t say anything, felt in a state of FLOW and was in the zone
Commented [JC103]: Basketball knowledge
8:15 “Yeah I got Theo, I got ball”
8:50 “Yeah nice” Commented [JC104]: Encouragement
9:15 “Whoo, I’m buggered”
9:26 “Yeah”
9:35 “Yeah, he’s doing alright, yeah deny ball for sure” Commented [JC105]: Basketball slang
“(Yep X5)”
10:05 heavy breathing “I’m spent” referring to my lack of fitness level compared to normally
10:13 “Yeah, was a pretty good quarter like, just had a couple that didn’t drop”
10:37 “Yeah you got ball, you got ball”
10:42 “Yep, yep” Commented [JC106]: Call for ball
10:58 “Yeah Luke, yeah take that, yeah Luke” Commented [JC107]: Trust in team mate
11:05 “Travel, Yeah nice, yeah Luke”
Commented [JC108]: Encouragement
11:10 “Slow it down, slow it down. On it, on it.
11:15 “Yes Luke! Jump ball” Commented [JC109]: Basketball knowledge
11:28 “Just here bro” Commented [JC110]: Expert player decision
11:28 “Our ball, our ball” Commented [JC111]: Encouragement
12:30 “Yew”
Commented [JC112]: Call for ball
12:35 regain breath, “felt good, thought I’d take him on”
Commented [JC113]: Expert player decision making
12:43 “felt good, felt the ball in my hands nicely, took my time”
12:56 “I got Theo, I got Theo”
13:07 “Yeah yeah, pass it, nice” Commented [JC114]: Telling to pass to team mate
13:11 “Great work guys, great work” Commented [JC115]: Encouragement
13:15 “Alright I got Theo”
13:20 “Good help” Commented [JC116]: Encouragement
13:28 “Good Luke, yeah Luke, oh yeah, yeah man on. Yes Luke Commented [JC117]: Executing Angela’s plan to double
13:50 “Yeah, Black Ball! Nice work, great pressure”
Commented [JC118]: Encouragement
14:04 “Yeah Luke, jump ball, jump ball”
14:10 “Alright let’s go, let’s go Luke” Commented [JC119]: Encouragement
14:25 “Yep” Commented [JC120]: Encouragement
14:47 Drew in defenders passed ball out to open Angela who drained the shot nicely Commented [JC121]: Encouragement
14:53 “shot! nice work” then high five to Angela for making shot
Commented [JC122]: Basketball knowledge
15:05 ”Boards”
Commented [JC123]: Encouragement
15:15 “Boards, yep, Luke”
14:37 “Ohhh, ahaah Yeah I know aha” Commented [JC124]: Team vs group
15:50 “Yeah” Commented [JC125]: Basketball slang
15:56 “I think we controlled the ball heaps better then, like limiting turnovers and diving that’s Commented [JC126]: Basketball slang
heaps good”
Commented [JC127]: Call for ball
16:24 “good composure”
16:30 “Yeah, yeah, not being afraid to take that person on it’s good”
16:40 “Like when you take that person on and beat them, it just makes people free like”
16:50 “Trust your shooting”
17:00 “Lets go Jackson cmon boy” Commented [JC128]: Encouragement
17:30 “Nice defence, good Luke” Commented [JC129]: Encouragement
17:47 “Yeah I got your pick”
Commented [JC130]: Basketball slang
17:53 “Nice Luke”
18:05 “Shoot it, I got ball” Commented [JC131]: Basketball knowledge
18:20 great team play and dive by Luke “Yes, good pass, nice work man, pass felt good, little far but, Commented [JC132]: Encouragement
just tried to lead him” Commented [JC133]: Encouragement
18:45 “Foul, alright, I got Theo, I got Theo”
Commented [JC134]: Basketball knowledge
19:10 Passed the ball to Duncan (referee) thinking that I had too in order to inbound the ball, this is
where my lack of basketball experience led me to do something amateur
“Yeah Duncan” Commented [JC135]: Lack of basketball playing
19:31 “Pause the time” knowledge
19:45 “How’d that feel Luke, talk to yourself”
20:00 “Foul on me”
20:01 Jackson and I both didn’t talk and I didn’t go ball when I was supposed too, again another
amateur mistake
“Oh yeah I got ball” Commented [JC136]: Lack of basketball knowledge
20:32 “yeah boy, nice” to Angela replies with “girl” bit of team banter Commented [JC137]: Encouragement
12:48 “wooo” Amazed by made shot”
Commented [JC138]: Team vs group
21:44 “Hold it hold it”
22:01 “Yeap”
22:20 “Good game to everyone”
22:20 “game big dog” referring to Theo especially because he was my direct opponent for most of
the game
22:30 “Yeah I think it was good, I think we did everything we were supposed to do”
22:36 “Yeah, yeah for sure, woo, well done guys” Commented [JC139]: Encouragement