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Story of bawang putih dan bawang merah

Once upon a time in Sumatra, there was a village lived a family, they had a
beautiful teenage girl named Bawang Putih. They were a happy family. Although Bawang
Putih dad just ordinary traders, they lived in harmony and peace. But after her mother
was death its change. Bawang Putih and her father was sad.
In the other village lived a girl named Bawang Merah. When bawang putih was
sad, Bawang Merahs mother visited to the house of Bawang Putih. hellow, good
morning, im your neightbor, ihear hmm.. your wife was death, so I and my daughter's
last visit in here said bawang merahs mother
oohh yeah, thanks for your atention, youre so good said father
She brought a food, helped cleaning the house and accompanied Bawang Putih. Bawang
putihs dad like with her. Finally Bawang Putihs dad thought that might be better if he
married with her,two days later he excuse to merry her, and was excep by her, after they
merried, bawang putihs live change be lonely.
Father of bawang putih have a work, before father of bawang putih go to the
other country however, the mother of bawang merah plan to control bawang putihs
house then she whispered with the bodyguard in the front yeard home lets you kill
him, i dont want to know, he MUST death! the bodyguard except that, because a
much money form step mother. After several week leters the police come to the house
and told about their father was death. All of people in house is so sad except her step
mother and bawang merah ahhh .. darling why did you go so fast ?, i not belive it!
Why..why..why?? said step mother yeah father why you go reply bawang merah
Bawang putih is so shock to hear about her father was death what? My father was
death?it is not funny pliss dont be kidding!, oh god plis let me know whats the reall i not
belive it said bawang putih . its not kidding bawang putih, look at that! Your father
was death! reply the bawang merah with pointing the create. After that bawang putih
belive and she feel lonely and very sad.
Two days laters bawang merah and her mother like be a qeen at the bawang
putih home, they enjoin she like a helper ,,putih cook a food, putih sprey a blouse,putih
grow up wash a plate and yeah like helper. Bawang putih is agood girl and patient.she
want to do it . one day the step mother want to go with bawang merah , she enjoin
bawang putih to wash that blouse but however the blose is losting in river.
Basic! Ugly! careless! Snapped her stepmother. I do not want to know, you
have to look for the clothes! And do not dare to go home if you have not found it.
Bawang Putih was forced to obey her enjoin,She directly down the river where she
washed before. Sun began to set, but the Bawang Putih had not find the clothes. She put
up her eyes she search where she washed the clothes, may be she could find there.
After stepping away and the sun was leaning to the west, Bawang Putih saw a the house
and knocked.
Excuse me ! Said Bawang Putih. An old woman opened the door.
Who are you, girl? Asked the old woman.
My name is Bawang Putih, Grandma. Now Im just looking for my mothers clothes were
washed away. And now it was benighted. Can I stay here tonight? Asked Bawang Putih.
Sure, girl. Are you looking for clothes that are red? Asked the grandmother.
Yes Grandma. Did grandmother find it? Asked Bawang Putih.
Yes I Do. The clothes had been stuck in front of my house. Unfortunately, even
though I liked the clothes, said the grandmother. Well Im going to return it, but you
must first join me here for a week. I have not been talking to anyone, how? Asked the
During the week Bawang Putih lived with the grandmother. Every day Bawang Putih
helped to do housework. Of course grandmother was happy. Until finally even been a
week. Grandma gave Bawang Putih pumpkin but she must choose one of them. Finally
Bawang Putih choose the smallest pumpkin. Im afraid not bring a big one, she said.
Grandma smiled and delivered Bawang Putih up to the front of the house.
At home, Bawang Putih give her stepmothers red shirt to her step mother, while
she went to the kitchen to split the yellow pumpkin.Surprise, when Bawang Putih gourd
split, it contained the gold very much. She was so excited this magical thing to tell her
stepmother and Bawang Merah. But they greedy grab the gold .They forced Bawang
Putih to tell them how she could get the prize. Bawang Putih also told that. Heard
Bawang Putihs story, Bawang Merah, and her mother reply what putih do, but this time
the Bawang Merah that would do it. Same like bawang putih doing she excuse to life at
there, Unlike Bawang Putih, Bawang Merah during the week just lazing and not helping
Finally after a week Bawang Merah want to go. Grandmother, you must give me a
pumpkin as a gift because accompany you during the week? Asked Bawang Merah. The
old woman order it Bawang Merah choose one of two pumpkins on offer. Quickly
Bawang Merah take a big one and without say thanks she walked away.
At home, Bawang Merah immediately to her mother and happily showed pumpkin. Then
they could not wait to cut the pumpkin. They in hurry cut it. But unfortunately, it was not
gold or any diamons in the pumpkin, but the animals such as snakes, scorpions, and
others. The animals were immediately attacked Bawang Merah and her mother. They
cried and screamed. But no one helped them. That moment make them death .yeah That
is the reward for who are greedy. The end.