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VISION360 Confidential Version 1.3

Vision360 Overview
Software Development
Testing Services
Globalization Services
Language Services
Creative Services
Multilingual Publishing
Value Proposition

VISION360 Confidential Version 1.3
Vision360 Overview
 Vision360 Globalization Services - A Software Development, Test Automation and Performance
Testing , Software Internationalization , Localization, Technical Translation Services Provider.
 Vision360 as a company follows certain work method and approach to serve its customer with
quality services. Following are our approach

 Customer First Approach

 We treat each client individually, appointing a customer manager, delivery manager for
improved communication and global monitoring of the different projects.
 Vision360 Globalization Services team has experienced and talented professionals, industry
specific engineers for Development, Testing, Internationalization and Globalization, project
managers, and QA personnel.
 The team for various deliverables delivery with passion. We deliver enormous code but
delivering of highest quality of the code, test solutions etc.,
 On time, within budget
 Our unique management approach ensures that the same translators are available to work
with you from one project to the next. This provides project continuity and greatly reduces
the learning curve, saving you both time and money. When you need extra resources for a
special project we provide reinforcements

VISION360 Confidential Version 1.3
Software Development
 Web Development
 Web applications for various verticals
 UI Interfaces and databases
 Custom web sites and CMS
 E-Learning Products
 We develop HTML-5 based pages and flow
 Adobe projects conversion into HTML-5 technology
 Specialization in developing CBT/self paced online training products
 Technical Competence Areas
Vision 360 specializes in building web based products and software services using the
latest technologies considering best fit into client needs.
 OSs Windows, Linux, Mac OS
 Languages HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, C/C+, .NET, xml, Java, ruby on Rails
 Databases MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostegreSQL

VISION360 Confidential Version 1.3
Testing Services
 Our Approach
 Vision 360 provides enterprise testing services that are designed to meet an organization's
specific business objectives.
 Test Advisory
 Vision360 Test Advisory services provide a clear vision of an organization's testing maturity
against industry best practices.
 To ensure an end-to-end quality management approach.
 We transform processes by integrating testing into the software development lifecycle.
 Test Automation
 Develop an effective Test Automation strategy and reusable test automation framework,
 Implement automation tools across the development lifecycle and automating many manual
processes that are already in place.
 Performance Engineering
 Through Performance Testing, Vision360 enables our clients to identify potential performance
bottlenecks early.
 Detailed test reports - pinpoint the source of problem areas and identifies opportunities for

VISION360 Confidential Version 1.3
Globalization Services
 Globalization (G11N)
 Globalization has two prats together known as Globalization
 If you're looking to sell in global markets, we can help you find the right way to develop
multilingual content and product management. Our consultants will help you prepare for the
complexity of technical and cultural realities overseas.
 Internationalization (I18N)
 Process of generalizing a product during the development process to enable it to handle multiple
languages and cultural conventions.
 Vision360 has specialization to make product designed at this stage effectively without
necessitating redesign.
 Localization (L10N)
 Customize internationalized product/software into a specific region/language.
 Vision360 uses its specialization end to end from translation to product envision to a specific
locale (locale development build) and localizability and localization testing.
 Analogous as follows
 Internationalization is like Generalization
 Localization is like Customization
 Globalization = Internationalization + N x Localization
VISION360 Confidential Version 1.3
Globalization Services (continued)
 Typical blueprint developed by Vision360 as part of Globalizing any software product
 Planning and Strategy implementation as part product development OR Retrofit the existing
English products.
 Various stages of 118N and L10N testing

VISION360 Confidential Version 1.3
Language Services
Vision360 offers translation services in more than 150 languages. Customers can choose from
common language bundles such as FIGS, CCJK or customize a bundle of any size to meet project
Interpreting is a crucial service for many organizations operating in an increasingly multicultural
society, and in a global marketplace. We can help you in a variety of sectors like Financial, Insurance,
Health Care, IT and Technology Engineering etc.
 Voice Over Services
Vision360 offers voice over services in Multilingual audio recording, Multilingual Voice Over
(Dubbing), Multilingual Subtitling, and Transcription.
 Transcription & Transcribing
We provide high quality transcriptions of audio and video files. The source material can be anything
from a telephone call, a corporate video, legal proceedings or main stream media footage. We offer
different variations of this service, all of which will result in a text document containing the
dialogue from the source audio or video file.
 Language Review / Proof Reading
When it comes to translations, quality is critical. After all, your company's reputation is on the line.
It is essential that brand, message and product consistency are maintained across all languages and
that your existing translation suppliers are delivering high quality translations to meet your needs..

VISION360 Confidential Version 1.3
Creative Services
 Design Services
 Professional design helps your company gain a competitive edge, and helps you tackle some of
the challenges of growth and marketing. It plays a key role in branding, brings in professionalism
and authority to your creative, and attracts customers to your products and services.
 Our team has vast experience in using leading design tools and technology, including Adobe
Illustrator, Macromedia Flash, CorelDRAW, Adobe Photoshop, and more..
 Artwork Services
 Vision360 can transform your rough sketches and layouts into professional artwork that will
look good aesthetically. Vision360 has a team of expert designers are adept at converting pencil
sketches into clear images with the help of Adobe Photoshop. They are also skilled in vector
 Illustration Services
At Vision360, we believe that for every product, a story, or text, illustrations must effectively
enhance the visual experience. We offer the following illustration services to our diverse clients:
Story board drawings for ads and movies
Product support illustrations
Digital cartoon drawings for animations
Drawings and illustrations for newspapers, text books, stories, comics, children's books
Technical drawings, diagrams, and graphics
Hand drawings
Photo illustrations and manipulations
Visual depictions for e-Learning courses
Vector image conversion of illustrations
VISION360 Confidential Version 1.3
Creative Services (continued)
 Image Clipping Services
 Outsourcing image clipping services to Vision360 can help you utilize your productive time in a
better way. By outsourcing image path fixing services, you can take advantage of our expertise
and advanced technologies without having to make any investments. Apart from making
significant cost savings, you can also spend your valuable time on your core competencies.

VISION360 Confidential Version 1.3
Multilingual Publishing
 Desktop-Publishing (DTP)
Multilingual publishing represents a significant component of most translation projects, and
increasingly, represents the delivery channel or interface with the end user.Vision360 production
team offers capabilities in technical document creation, documentation analysis and translation kit
preparation, creation of screen captures, and output generation of final language documentation.
The multilingual publishing group plays an integral role within a project, following a formal work and
communication process that synchronizes with the goals of the greater Vision360 team.
The production team at Vision360 receives ongoing training in several tools to facilitate fast and
accurate updates of multilingual sites. Vision360 has the localization expertise to adapt content
technically and culturally, further ensuring the acceptance of websites in new target markets.

VISION360 Confidential Version 1.3
Project Management Methodology
 Project Management with single objective Business benefits to client.
 Systematic approach in our project management and client deliverables
 PMP/Prince2 Certified project managers to manage projects professionally

VISION360 Confidential Version 1.3
Value Proposition

End to End Partner for all testing needs

One stop shop
Engagement Models like T&M and FPP

Take complete ownership and responsibility of project

Reduced Customer Provide dash board reports with 100% visibility for
continuous evaluation
Free up customer resources to concentrate on their core

Process build on ISO compliant quality system

Process Continuous improvement

Adhere quality delivery with no schedule deviation

Customer touch point at multiple levels of hierarchy
Project Management
Well defined escalation mechanism

VISION360 Confidential Version 1.3
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