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Miss Possehl
A PowerPoint that encompasses the best things
teachers do!
To handle children you need many things

You need characteristics such as:


You, personally, will need to be organized to some extent as well, but

understand the students, no matter what age will not be organized.
These above are things that encourage a good atmosphere, but
doesnt show application in the setting. Reading on you will read about
some of the best practices I have seen over the course of my
education and internship.
There are different kinds of students you will work with

There are:
Inclusion students these are a group of students with special educational

Elementary school students typically holds preschool through 5th grade

Middle school students 6th grade through 8th grade

Highschool students 9th through 12th graders (aka. Freshmen, sophomore,

junior, senior)
Inclusion Students

These Students Include: Best Practices:

Students with IEPs (Individualized
Education Programs) Giving them a interactive toy
or doll to keep them from
disturbing themselves or
Dyslexia others


And many other barriers or disorders

that alter the psychological state of a
student or disable them from getting
the most fulfilled education
Elementary Students

Activities Assessments Behavior

The charts AMAZING! You never
Make them fun interactive; at have to yell; you give a look and
this age they get preoccupied Projects dont make school if they dont turn their behavior
and need things to spark seem like a big test make it around you kindly tell them to
interest. Interactive games and captivating move their clip down. When they
videos are great. are doing well you can have
them move them up. (:

Let kids handle issues to an

extent they are growing out of
Do you know it quizzes
Group work this is a major their toddler stage and some
amazing for younger kids and it
stepping stone for socialization about to go to middle school
is just a typical quiz that just
to form and create a better and let them have a little more
gives a better idea where each
brighter future for kids freedom each year. If not, they
student and class stands
will be lost when others do not
baby and prioritize them.
Middle School Students

Activities Assessments Behavior

Become more constructive Projects dont make
allow plenty of structure but school seem like a big test
also include metacognitive make it captivating as well
strategies allowing them to as balancing the summative
Let kids handle issues to
work and plan things out on and formative assessments
an extent. Do not let them
their own leaving good validity
try to over power you or
be your best friend. Be
there for them but they
Allow them to create and need to know there place
Group work this is a as an adolescent so it
use study guides on
major stepping stone for never goes out of line.
assessments this teaches
socialization to form and
responsibility and
create a better and brighter
accountability for the work
future for kids
and grade they deserve.
High School Students

Activities Assessments Behavior

Finals. This is great but study
guides are key. Make an outline,
Group work is great, but this is
rubric, or supply a syllabus that
when they need a great variety to
entails what the final should consist
prepare them for college and or the
of then assign them to make and
real world. Relate as much as you
study their guide. MLA format in any
can to the real world.
typed manner; if done correctly they
can use on their exam. Become more lenient. Make
established rules first. Establish
dominance and then be fun and
creative. They will have respect for
you if you establish the path for
Make it educational to the point Labs and projects are great for this
you teach the lesson but discreet age group and provides reasoning
enough that they need to establish and ideas of how to work with real
understanding and connections life people outside of the classroom
through writing in a work setting.
Best Practice Overall

Love your
students and
understand who
they are,
because they
make you who
you are. Dont
you want to
know the people
who shape you