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Student's name: ar,"Lei ilorrr/-rlh f'rJa-rr-L"
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rIBr col{prTroryAr
Put the verb into the correct first condional form:

1.lfl go (go)outtonight, I rt( ?a (go)tothecinema.

2. If you
--Aef (get) back late.I Cq,- L e (be) angry.

3. If we d*' { S eg (not i see) each other tomorrow, \4e , t t see .

(see) each other next week.

4. If he c-'oYvte- (come), I rl{ r (be) surprised.

5. If we uai t (wait) here. we ' i{ } e fte) late.

6. If we _ I{ _ (go) on holiday this summer, we ' l/ ,q o (go)

to Spain.

7. If tlre weather d,oe-S

"t T.)qFvtnot / improve), we
^t t h""( (not /

have) a picnic"

8. If I M* (not / go) to bed early, r ttu; tl h< 'brLd (be) tired


9. If we ec- f (eat) ail this cake, *s t

I I F. ee [ (feel) sick.

I0. tlyou d*-',' t wcu*t (not i want) tc, go out, I :11 cao (cook)

dinner at home.

ll.I wti ll am e _ (corne) early if you WC,,4t (want).

12. They j1t_*_l , Go) to the part,v if'they b< (be) invited.

13" She ' I I s fou she

gcf-s * (get) a job.
(stay) in London if

14. He
',-r't g s,t (not / get) a better job if he d .n' f pa.? (not I pass)
that exam.
U pA i tentrn de *diomas fl
tS.t '- t^r', tl buY - guy) a new dress if t - ln *ve (have) enough

16. She trl (,t bo K (cook) dinner if you Q ,o _ (go) to the


17. 'they ' I 3? (go) on holiday if they (have) time"

18.V/e 'll b<- *" d or( I t*W

(be) late it (not / hurry).

19. She t ll *a< (take) ataxiifit ra)^ts (rain).

2g.1 wqtt* gp _ (not I go) if you lrn' f cgr"- (not / come) with me.

Lsnk at thess *ntsnses flbsut

th* futur*" Fut the v*rbs in
th*os* th* e*rrect w*rds.
brackets ir the rGrrEEt frrrn. 1 tf t@F firrd yaur i,nal*t, I f*xf/
'/l fexf yu,
tf I see {a*e frirr, I 'ff giu*
igivei hm the ffiessa*, x, We don't@tbuy it lf it's/@
When .ine g er
{get) honre,
vsry expensive.
1 or t ktl (teltfnrm yau cailed. s f rtloni*@@*on'f get here
lwiV pto,< iphon*i b*fore I soon, I cal@er mobile.
T g, {#a} t* tvrrk. 4 ryhqt do@-ilffou do if you
W* w,f ?. {not ga} *ut if ymu
a*t w<{Rol r*nrc} uuith us.
@tmthe plane
I r^ni{ ro inrl gri 1* th tri 1..,+-.
I.: I j
:,^.-. ...-. ,
! "'F i.'r't ..' -,+.i
unless ymu qre {**mei ta*.
As s**n *s I ?,qrh {flni*h} this
l y*r:Qhtlj 1i l*/l rrry frrther, frr*
*n"raii, I wll hdr {hetpiyou" ri!r.,'
,' .:J
Vde * t twaiti here untii you

'f frr:d a j*h s*fi,

t4 3ct {U*t} hac*<.
lf nc4 {need} any help, f* *eil rfiy ffir"
w& wi tl
igivel ycu a call.
Cerrtrs rle ilirmas
Make one sentence from the two short ones. The sentence in italics should become the relative
clause. The relative pronoun is the subject of the relative clause.

1. She worked for a man. The rnan used to be an athlete.

9k. wb/e-c/ who us<-,( tD L< h a-lALlc
2. They calied a lawyer. The lawyer lived nearby.
Ce,ilul q, /a*, a4 wt4'o l;r<-?/ lk trcab
3. I sent an email to my brother. My brother lives in Australia.
g,mtt' rrd I rpo iltr.l i, &,r.t 1,(Ant
4. T'he customer liked the waitress. The waitress was very triendlv.

+1"-(. c^**oy'ry ti.4 ttr- Wa,tl'reer wt"D v-ar

5. We broke the computer. The computer belonged to my father.
We brpr< fl< ar,gda *t,r dt'-d!d b r*'f fufu-t
6. I dropped a glass. The glass \4'as new.

7. She loves books. The books have happ-v endings.

8. They live in a city. The city is in the north of England.

fiof Nc ^,. ;fi/ -/t,of / i", rt< ry'e"*h af ^J/J

9. The man is in the garden. The rnan is wearing a blue.iumper.
I h ,t1A4 y|/eh,n )- {A orl*,
10. The girl warks in a bank. The girl is from India"
llr to'r/ Nlr,ct) l--^ h,.l"a ,vot<- i", " A*"r
1 1. My sister has three children. My sister lives in Austraiia.

-f,y *V f * ,** t v" q

_--T_- 4ro -#n t dq,ifu-o4
12, The waiter w=as rude. The lvaiter was w'earing a blue shirt.

4a< w*'/q .l/ho n-a- we*^'r4 o lte or'!* ,*oJ r*

13. 'Ihe money is in the kitchen. The money belongs to John"
'/'k ny.+v+h.* br.{.rus ta Joho, ir i.n -l, prte"'r"
14. The table got broken. The table was m,v grandmother's.
-fl^e @k *,ul wo ,,^," fr-,/,*f/'.''l .1./ hnox'*l
15. The television was stolen. The television was bought 20 years ago.
*n< le4, r,; **,t- u/a-/ Uat tiler