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Faith Agsalud

Mrs. OKeefe

English IV

May 31, 2017

Why Do We Daydream?

I asked why do we daydream, because I was curious about our purpose daydreaming 24/7. Also

I have experience of daydreaming whether it is realistic or unrealistic and would wonder if other

people daydream as well. Like I would question myself of why do I daydream about something

that is going on my life or something that I wished would happen but never did happen.

Before I research about daydreaming, I knew that daydreaming was realistic and

unrealistic image everytime we all stare into space. The reason behind daydreaming was

because I daydream a lot when I listen to music or am really bored in class when I got nothing

to do. So Ive been wondering of why do we all daydreaming and what is the point of

daydreaming when we would waste out time in reality and stare to space for something

unrealistic. Like I thought to myself if I was the only person who would daydream something

unrealistic in my daily life and also be wandering if people in the world would feel the same as I

am when I daydream 24/7.

So when I began my research, I came upon a video from TED Talk. The title of this

video from TED Talk was The power of daydreams: 4 studies on the surprising science of

mind-wandering. This video was talking about the different types of mind-wandering that affect

our emotions. The source was publicated by November 5, 2012 and the author of this video is

Matt Killingsworth. A quote from the video says Mind-wandering might also play a vital
function in helping us form memories. This quote may mean that when we daydream, it would

help us form our memories from our childhood or a important memory that I would forgotten

about when I keep on moving forward in my life. The quote also show that I would always

daydream all the time of something realistic and unrealistic and I would be thinking about

whether if it was real or not. Another quote from Matt Killingsworth says that Mind-wandering

appears to be correlated with unhappiness. This quote mean that we would be daydreaming,

because we are unhappy with our life and we would wanna get out of reality and just be in our

own world without any problems to solve.

Unhappiness is one of the reasoning of why we would daydream and that we would

wanna waste our time till the next lifetime. But what is daydreaming overall and what is the

meaning and point of daydreaming in our life. Another source we going to look at is video from

Youtube and the title is called What is Daydreaming? What does Daydreaming mean? This

video was talking about the reasoning of why we daydream and would compared it to reality and

the dreams itself. A quote from the video the Youtuber Audiopedia says, A person contact with

reality is blurred and partially substituted by visionary fantasy. This quote mean that people

who seen reality was being blurred and was being replaced by a fantasy vision of what the

person who is daydreaming would be thinking of and would wanna change it to something they

wished that happened. Sometimes we would think to ourself and wonder if these daydreams are a

kind of memory or just a dream that didnt really happen in reality.

Since we would wonder if daydreaming are a kind of memory or just a dream that didnt

really happen. We will be looking at another Youtube video and the title of this video is called

Dreaming, daydreaming, and creativity. This video talks about how daydreaming are in the
past of people creating images in paintings or finding drawings in caves that we drawn by the

ancestors of humans. A quote from this video the Youtuber Human Givens says, Art suddenly

appeared, without any visible evolution. This quotes means that art are being shown from our

mind and then we draw or paint them out to show an imagery of something unrealistic even

though we never seen anything realistic about the imagery. People in the past may have a

realistic or unrealistic image that they drawn for the people in the future and would people

nowadays would be thinking about these images as they were actually real or fake based on what

they seen. People would say that daydreaming is something that would be unrealistic and would

be a problem for them to face with when going through a lot in their life.

People face problems when they are in anxiety or depression on their life. But people

would also face problems with daydreaming when they are wasting time in their life and cant

focus on the importance in their life. We will be looking at a source from the Student Resources

in Context and the title of this source is called Maladaptive daydreaming: When fantasies

become a nightmare. The author of this source is Karla Pequenino from CNN and the quote

from this source says, Waite describes her daydreams as a painful addiction, just like a drug,

that make it hard for her to keep a job or a relationship. This quotes shows that people would

have a problem with daydreaming in their daily life. Like people couldnt handle themself from

daydreaming and they cannot focus on what they are doing when they are at their job, interview,

chatting with friends/family, going to places, or at school. Another quote from this source from

Karla Peqenino says, She now knows that her daydreams aren't real, but it does not make life

any easier. This quote shows that people who daydream understand that their daydreams arent

real and it basically one of the things that keep people from facing problems in reality. People
who wanna get rid of daydreaming have to go through it or find a kind of cure to escape

themselves from daydreaming and focus on reality.

There are many reasons of why people wanna stop from daydreaming, but one reason

would be in this source Im about to talk about which will be a problem for people who

daydream. This source is from the Student Resources in Context and the title of the source is

Guided Imagery from the World of Health. So when looking at this source, it shows some

issues when we daydream and one of the reason that the author Gale mention is that Thoughts

or images can affect heart and breathing rates, as well as other involuntary functions such as

hormone levels, gastrointestinal secretions, and brain wave patterns. This quote shows that

people who daydream would have their heart and breathing rates affective, since they be

daydream almost all the time without know what they are doing and they wont be focusing on

their breathing and heartbeat when they are daydreaming. When people are daydreaming, they

are daydreaming without any worries and just dont focus on what they do but be focusing on

something they have in mind. People would tell others to keep on daydreaming, because

sometimes their unrealistic imagery would make them happy than a realistic image of their life.

People think about if daydreaming would ever make yourself happy. Well the source I

am going to talk about is from the Student Resources in Context and the title of this source is

called Dont Stop Daydreaming: Why a Wandering Mind is Good for You. When people think

about daydreaming, they think that daydreaming would sometimes be good because it help us

think of a solution of a problem in our daily life. A quote from this source from Elizabeth

Picciuto says, I don't think that mind wandering is inherently good or bad. Its likely to be quite

beneficial--whether for personal problem solving, planning for the future, imagining life's
possibilities, or simply escaping the realities of the here-and-now. This means that daydreaming

would be helpful for people with personal problems when it comes to relationships, family

matters, friendship, etc.., but also that daydreaming would help people plan out what they wanna

do for their future. Relating this source to my life is that whenever I daydream, I daydream

about my life on what I wanna do in my life, what I hope for my future, and also solving my

problems that are happening at the moment. So now we are going to look over my experience

and as well of other people experiences of daydreaming.

First of all is my experience of daydreaming. What I usually do before I daydream is that

I would sometimes be listen to music and have images inside my mind to wonder about my life.

When I first daydreamed, I daydreamed about something unrealistic that I wished or sometimes

dont wished to happen in my life which would related to my family and friends. Whenever I

daydream, I sometimes feel upset about what I am thinking about like when I am thinking about

a person that I like and I would sometimes wished to be with that person though in reality is that

the person would be dating somebody else. My daydreams are also real, because I would be

sometimes think back to the past of what happened in my life or have a memory about

somethings I was happy, scared, or depressed in my life that I would have remembered as a child

or somewhere as I was growing up.

Now it is other people experiences of daydreaming. So I made a poll for the Chicago

Academy students and staff members to answer. In the results of which gender daydreams the

most are the females than the males. There are more yes answers than no answers from the

students and teachers whether they daydream or not. In the results, the students and staff

members say that daydreaming makes them feel relax than feeling stressed out or emotional. The
students and staff members mostly say that their daydreams are mostly both realistic and

unrealistic, but there are more unrealistic daydreams that they have than realistic daydreams. The

last question for the students and staff members was Do they ever wanna stop daydreaming?

and the students and staff says No, because they wanna continue daydreaming just to pass time

by and it makes them relax whether they are at home, on a road trip, on a plane, or at

school/work when they got nothing to do.

What I learned when I was researching about Why do we daydream? was that I found

out that there are issues when we daydream and also why people would wanna stop daydream or

why people wanna keep on daydream. As I look deeper in my research, I learned that there are

people would wanna stop daydreaming because they would get distracted easily and would

forget about what they are suppose to be doing at their job or at school. Another thing I learned is

that people daydreams are very personal when it comes about their life with their family, friends,

or relationships and that people daydreams would be either realistic or unrealistic.

What I still wanna know is of why do people continue to daydream even when they all

know that they are being distracted on what they are doing. I would like to look deeper of what is

the point for everyone to daydream and also why dont most of us dont daydream at all. Another

thing I would wanna know if it is true about that daydreaming would make everyone happen

about their life. Like knowing much about daydreaming based on my research from the sources I

have, but I would look deeper from both perspective of people who wanna continue

daydreaming, stop daydreaming, they do daydream, they dont daydream, etc..

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