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Part 1

Ouestions 1-5
Here are some sentences about the lilm director Steven Spielberg.
For each question, complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first.
Use no more than three words.
Write only the missing words on your answer sheet.
You may use this page for any rough work.

-l Example:

0 Spielberg was born in Cincinnati in the USA.

Spielberg comes Cincinnati in the USA.

ctory I
/ever, Answer: 0 from

Spielberg is one of Hollywood's most famous directors.

:'" I Spielberg is more famous many olher Hollywood directola'

Spielberg made his first film in the late 1950s.

Spielberg has made films the late 1950s.

Spielberg writes films as well as directs them.

Spielberg not directs films but also writes them.

In many of Spielberg's films, ordinary people do oidraordinary things'

Many ol Spielberg's films are about ordinary people

extraordinary things.

Spielberg directed the lilm EL

The film 8f ................ by Spielberg.

Iest t

Questlon 6
You went to a concert last night which you enjoyed.

Write an email to your British friend, Charlie. In your email, you should:

. tell Charlie who played at the concert last night

. explain why you enjoyed it
. invite Charlie to go to another concert with you

Write 3H5 wotds on your answer sheet.


Part 3

Write an answer to one of the questions (Z or A) in this part.

Write your answer in about 100 words on your answer sheet.
Mark the question number in the box at the top ot your answer sheet.

Question 7
. This is part of a letter you receive from an English friend.

I hod o greof fime with my friends losi Sofurdoy. Did you hove
fun lost weekend? Where did you 9o2 Who did you see? Tell me
whoi you did.

. Now write a letter lo your triend about last weekend.

. Write your letter on your answer sheet.

Question I
. Your English teacher wants you to write a story.
. Your story must begin with this sentence:

I openedthefront, door andNhe poalman handed me a lar7e parcel.

. Write your story on your answer sheet.


t. 25
Iest t

PAPER 2 LISTENING TEST approx 35 minutes

(including 6 minutes transJer time)

Part 1

Questions 1-7
There are seven questions in this part.
For each question there are three pictures and a short recording'
For each question, choose the correct answer A, B or C'

Example: Where is the girl's hat?

What will the bov's mother add to her shopping list?



What is the first programme after the news?

What should the students take with them tomorrow?

C/ ,g
What can the boy eat when he arrives home?


Which musicians are playing tonight?

Test 1

6 What did the girl enjoy most?

Which sDort is recommended lor young holiday-makers?


Part 2

Ouestions 8-13
You will hear a man called Jeremy phillips talking about his career as
a dancer and actor.
For each question, choose the correct answer
A, B, or C.

I Jeremy has appeared in the TV series three years.

five years.
C seven years.

9 Jeremy became interested in dance went to see a ballet with his

wnen ne grandmother.

saw a ballet on television.

@went to classes with a friend.

10 Jeremy was encouraged to be a dancer by -.r @ his sister.

B his parents.
C his dance teacher.

t 1 Jeremy says he gave up dancing because A he often injured himself.

B he didn't want to teach.

\J ne olonf have any tree time.


Iest t

job was A in an advert.

12 Jeremy's tirst television
B in an education Programme'

\ d)in a ptay.

to t A buy a house'
13 In the future' Jeremy is planning
appear in another series ol Hospital'
C travel around the world'


Part 3
Ouestions 14-19
You will hear a teacher telling his class about a school trip.
For each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space.


School trip
Where to meet on Friday moming: the tr+l -Q*.9.*.T99-Y\

What to bring with you for lunch: only a (15) -d't;""14

First place we'll visit: the 6s1 .\,:.:).Ag^i n\\,.v)4.^ivY\

. t,\ "
Good souvenirs to buy: (18) ...P$b.K9$\$l-)hey're quite cheap

Time the coach leaves: Otl . ..\.S,....$Sn\

Iesf 1

Ouestions 20-25
Look at the six sentences for this part.
You will hear a woman, Sarah, talking to her son, Luke, about visiting his grandmother.
Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.
lf it is correct, choose the letter A for YES. lf it is not correct, choose the letter B for NO.


20 Luke would preter to play hockey rather than visit his grandmother .at ,.E
2'l Luke's mum thinks he should visii his grandmother more often. A e
22 Luke thinks his grandmother is expecting him tomorrow. @ B

23 Luke is confident that his grandmother will be pleased with her present. u B

24 Luke dcides to cycle to his grandmother's home. A

25 They agree to travel home together after the visit. A tB


About the Speaking test

rhe speaking test
rasts about 1o to 12 minutes. you
take the test wrrh another student.
room' one examiner There are
;"""Hli:tJilie talt<s to vou ani tn"Lr'",
risrens ro you. Both

Part 1

fhe examiners introduce themselves

and then one examiner asks
t .;::*?ffiJ* *e, mem. inislaminer *ren asr<s fou il#;::1,,":ff"t?::,?TT::,;iil,
Part 2
'he examiner asks you to talk about something together
and gives you a drawing to help you.
Part 3
. ,/cu each have
a chance to talk by yourselves. The
examiner gtves you a colour photograph
ook at and asks you to tark abori to
iiwn"n y* ;;;";;"; Lrr<ing, tne examiner gives your
rartner a ditferent photograph to look at
ani to talt< aooui.

Part 4
The examiner asks you and
vour oartner to say more about the subject
Part 3 You may be asked to give your of fhe photographs in
opinion or to tatt< aooui sorrcthing that has happened to
Test 2
PAPER 1 READING AND WRITING TEST (1 hour 30 minutes)

Part 1

Questions 1-5
Look at the text in each question
What does it say?
Mark the correct letter A, B or C on your answer sneel'

What does NlkiS mum want Nikl

A cook somo tood

B come home early

iwgvt"rg tc krc I
,tv ,can C prepare the vegetables
yor'+ luttT.C lt/c, wflre Mtu
ar z i al"ro8 Dwr wwU
atowrtb vgcratles, ill h
thosc wh'ew rgcr taaL
LrvC, M^*1\

Answet: 0 ABC

Motorcyclists can try out the ra'

courso between 10.30 and 11 .l
Under 16s motorbike race
Be at the race track at 10 00 to re8istel Motorcyclists do not need to b
The course oPens for Practice from
10.30 for an hour and the actual race
track until 12.00.
starts at 12.00.
Motorcyclists must be ready to
tirst race at 10.00.


A The club secretary will help memDers

complete their entry form for the
national competition.

B Members musl fill in a form for every

event they enter in the competition.

C All members should take their enrry

forms with them when they attend the

A Remember to lock the gate behind you

when entering or leaving the scnoot.

B Only the main door should be used bv

visitors when the school is open.

C Children must not go through the main

entrance during school hours.

JE 6@ A Jane is inviting Roxanne and Sarah to

a go to the cinema with her.

SaEh -Roxanne,s asked me to B Roxanne wants to know if Sarah can

go to the cinema tonight.
join Jane and her at the cinema.
Want to toin us?

Jane C Sarah can go to the cinema with

Roxanne and Jane if she wants to.

TEEMGE MUSIC FESWAL It you want to go to this event, you

OUTSIDE SCHOOT OFRCE A write your name down.

B apply to the school office.

c buy some tickets.

Test 2

Questions 6-10
The young people below are looking for a book to read.
On the opposite page there are eight book reviews from this month's Teenbooks website.
Decide which book would be the most suitable forthe following people.
For questions 6-10, mark the correct letter (A-H) on your answer sheet.

Jess is fascinated by travelling in different countries an'

she wanis to read something about a family living in th(
past. She especially likes reading books written by youl

Fr6do enjoys reading biographies about people who an

ambitious and show courage in ditficult situations. He
finds books about the lives of sportsmen and women
most interesting of all.

Chas enjoys reading stories about ordinary young peop

who enjoy life's challenges and about people who do wl
in the world of work.

Dina enjoys learning about other countries and likes

non-fiction books that are funny and full of excitement k
She's also interested in how people get along with
each other.

Leona orefers to read fiction. She likes stories that are n

too long but full ol surprises. She especially likes readinl
about f riendships between ordinary teenagers.

Teenbooks - This wcek's top eight rcads

Results by Trudi Bayer B And Then by Patay Yatej
Carla is in high school and planning When two talented teenagers design a
to go to university but a funny text computer game where people travel the
message brings an unexpected world and find adventure, they can't
change that could make or break her begin to imagine what will hapPen to
future plans. Will she recognise the their families. If you're a fan of science
value of her classmates and do the fiction and like long books, this is great,
right thing? This short story will keep and it will make you smile.
you guessing until the very end.

Wfiat? by Bill lane Wc, ,o Go by Nathan Roberts

This long novel is about Russ, the Perfect You've heard of people entering 50km races
A-grade student and captain of the soccer but, at twelve, Dean broke records in long-
team, whose life changes when he sees a distance running and at thirty, ran 400km
photograph of himself on a poster under over a period of four sleePless nights desPite
the heading 'missing'. As a result, he dargers of sand storms. This is the true
questions his family's past and discovers account of the experiences, hopes and fears of
some surpnsrnS answers. an intemational athlete.

Stuft by Rob Durrington fhis cndThot by Terry Wooden

Set in Africa, this is the real-life Terry was a high school basketball coach who
advenlure experienced by two students trained young Players in the l990s His book is
who decide, over-ambitiously, to ride full of advice on how to balance your sPorting
their motorbikes across the Kalahari ambitions with your studies and family life.
Desert. On their iourney they learn a lot
about the importance of friendship. You'll
lall out of your chair laughing!

Accaat W rghmaal Alvrrcz Findirg your Fccf by Arnondo Fox

This is a novel about four Jenno leaves school ond gets o iob in
sisters dealing with the o smoll shoe foctorY. She struggles
excitemenL and problems of to leorn new skills ond shows couroge
a major change in their ond ombition as she ond her elderlY
1ives. set in the nineteenth employer fi9ht to keep the business
.entury, the family moves from running despite strong comPetition.
a Spani sh- speaking island Winner of Best Teen Fiction.
:o mainland USA. Written bY
junior author of the year,
:-C's a greaE read.

Test 2

Part 3
Questions 11-20
Look at the sentences below about the Young Photographer Compelition.
Read the text on the opposite page to decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect.
ll it is correct, mark A on your answer sheet.
It it is not correct, mark B on your answer sheet.

11 The photographic competition is held every year.

12 Entries sent electronically must be received by 22"d September.

13 You are allowed to send in photographs of three different subject areas.

14 lt is important to photograph people and things which are very familiar to you.

15 Most of the past winners were very experienced photographers.

16 lt is possible to take good photographs of insects using only an ordinary camera.

17 Young photographers seem to have similar problems every year.

18 lt is strongly recommended that you email your entry for the competition.

19 Winners can select the prize they would like to have.

20 The judges will explain their final decisions on tne Young Photographer website.